September 13th, 2011

Libyagate: Selected twits, Sept 3pm - 3am UK time

twits 3pmUK -
fear beni walid can be attacked coming hours/days, bcs ilya korenev says new afghan mercs planned to attack with rat youth cannonfodder.

ZERO HOUR rebels attacked from every corner. Masses in Libya ag. Nato and their agents. rebels are alqaeda affiliates

RT_com Yemeni President agrees to negotiate power transfer

RT_com China officially recognizes Libyan NTC as Libya's 'ruling authority'

BBC News - Global stock markets down on debt fears as euro falls

Fights are everywhere - The airport - Tripoli - RasLanouf - Sirte - BaniWalid - Sebha -SAS Hq just got blow up along Nuclear research center

Anti-Gaddafi forces at checkpoint outside Bani Walid just tried to stop us from talking to residents fleeing the town. Interesting...

military source calls Libya's PM Jibril "an obstacle to the revolution" threatening to "divide the nation." crisis or political haggling?
[Follow the money.]

Sept11 After the mass killings of Zliten, passed with full impunity, it's time for Tawargha to know the same fate.

Apparently draw of Western "Democracy" & culture got to all these fat whining Libyans who HAD IT ALL BUT say life was  horrible
[Much wants more. Follow the money. Banksters are fraudsters, power crazed, armchair murderers.]

Shia dissidents from Saudi, kuwait and Ibahrain are receiving military training in Iran

In case of Libya; history is moving on. Our diplomats are unable to make changes without mass murder & killing babies. the end Egypt threatens to use live rounds in protest crackdown: Guardian | Interim military regi...

Labour: Dismiss irresponsible banks :
British Labour leader, Ed Miliband, has called for laws that would strike off irresponsible banks amid upcoming plans to publish banking reform proposals. Miliband has asserted that those bankers that behave irresponsibly should be thrown out of the profession, emphasizing that the banking sector should “take some responsibility” by striking off wrongdoers.

In a joint letter to the Sunday Times, Labour's David Miliband, Jack Straw and Margaret Beckett, and Conservative Sir Malcolm Rifkind urged Cameron to challenge President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin over their failures to protect business against corruption.

Hideous disgusting UN Ban-ki Moon says Libya is not part of Africa but part of UAE. That was the biggest mistake of Gadhafi did

Nobody cares about ethnic cleansing of blacks in Libya or Muslims in Israel. Understand: this is a religious racist USA culture
[Created by banksters via MSM]

"The pyromaniacs light another bonfire": ygurvitz on the Israeli government's massive Bedouin "resettlement" plan.

Live TV: LJBC TV, broadcasting from Libya - live streaming video powered by Livestream

Um alkhunfous Rats and SAS agents believed to be surrounded by military, However they are trying to capture the SAS elements alive.

The airport explosion is believed to be a F16 the was hit by a Grad..other sources say its a unmarked private jet.

JewishDefenceLeague recruiting militants in France. Shouldn't those militants be considered terrorists by France?

Gagged FBI & CIA Officials on 9/11 Terrorist Attack: What Really Happened on September 11th?
High-LevelOfficials Eager to Spill the Beans About What REALLY Happened on 9/11… But No One In Washington or the Media Wants to Hear

Pentagon Papers Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg Says that the Government Has ORDERED the Media Not to Cover 9/11
[So much for the "free press" illusion.]

zerohedge Can Obama please hold up the Bank of America press release it is firing 30,000 as he talks about jobs creation?

B'Tselem: Israel denies Palestinian 'right to protest' in West Bank.

Libyan army destroy an f16 and bomb the tripoli airport making a lot of damage to the SAS troops which had to protect the airport

As a result, “ ~ 1,800 were killed by NATO bombs & about 50,000 were massacred by this invasion, this aggression against Libya ” R. Segura"

The media is concentrated, too few people own too much. There's five companies that control 90% of what we read, see and hear. ~Murdoch"

Rats rouding up innocent civilians in tripoli

The War on Libya “was made possible by the lies of the mass media that reproduced an editorial line without any questioning at all” R.Segura

Tripoli airport blasts: Who destroyed one of the Military Council's arms dump, Gaddafi loyalists or the NTC?

live blog reports Gadafi lef anti-nato resistance travelled thru desert & attacked pro-nato rebels at oil refinery at Ras Lanuf

'Tectonic shift in Mid-East leaves Israel isolated'
[Except for Saudi, Qatar, UAE etc]

Hear Tarpley today, Mon. 9/12 at 1:30pm Easter on with AlexJones regarding Libya, Euro currency, and more

Libyan army take control of the hub ras lanuf after killing 50 rats , reuters is speaking about 15 rats

There Are Two Ways To Conquer And Enslave A Nation. One Is By The Sword. The Other Is By Debt.- John Adams

Bush Interview banned in America [Video]

rebels do not have coastal Eastern region under control. Ras Lanuf attack today is proof of this.

Amnesty International works to protect human rights worldwide. Can you hear them shouting about Libya ? no neither can I
[i.e. knows which side its bread is buttered]

Rebel commander: "Tawarga no longer exists" (The Telegraph)

Al Qaeda Leader Al-Awlaki Dined at the Pentagon After 9/11- Terrorist? Or CIA Asset?

NATO terrorists butcher libyan woman What is left of the Libyan black people of Tawergha,

Former Florida Senator Graham Calls on Obama to Reopen 9/11 Investigation with Focus on Saudi Family.

Bernard Henri Lévy et des djihadistes -œuvrent- pour la disparition de la nation algérienne

militia start fighting each other in the outskirts of BaniWalid, tribal warfare has intensified
[I had a dream. Banksters infighting to the point of mutual self-destruction.]

The volunteer wth support of Libyan army take control over village Vadi Al Ahmar eastern of Sirte.Many Rats were killed.
[Aghanistan and Pakistan can spare a few more rats bought with stolen Libyan funds I imagine. Doesn't the Pak gov't object?]

General Khamis Al Gaddafi addressed the people through the frequency of radio Bani...

Abdu jalil trapped in Tripoli, heavy explosions and heavy smoke at the airport the only get-away
[Where is he hiding? Is there a price on his head?]

Libya Occupied by the NATO Invaders - globalresearch / News International

Haggard parents losses of the first explosion took place in Tripoli, killing 250 of the rats, and this from very reliable sources is very!!
[Liar Cameron: Libya is under the control of the NTC. ]

Mathaba: Ghana recognizes the NATO-led rebels as Libya's government: Ghanaian migrant workers in Libya ...
Ghanaian migrant workers in Libya have reported about robbery, torture and mass killings by the rebels. “Every black is a target”, a Ghanaian teacher who lives in Libya said last week, adding he stayed home with his wife for two weeks before risking a trip to church.

They want to send in ground troops? Wth!! We've been fighting nothing but foreigners for the past 2 weeks!

Today in Moscow President Dmitry Medredev has informed David Cameron that Russia will vote against further military action in Libya.

Fernaj was also attacked by pro-Gaddafi fighters, and areas in Zawiya still wave the green flag thanks to the resistance of Wlad Sagir For those who don't know Wlad Sagir is one of the strongest and biggest tribes in Libya

RAF Officer arrested by the Libyan Army in Ghadames ~ OZYISM:

Amnesty: Libyan rebels guilty of war crimes

Any one takes Jalil seriously? AbdulJalil says Sirte BaniWalid & Sabha are under siege by Gaddafi loyalists
[Delirium? Wound infection/loss of blood?]

Abdul Jalil in his speech thanks Nato/Bouchard/Rasmussen/Sarkozy/Cameron/Obama for helping to kill innocent children and women

Even Jalil admits that rebels are uncontrolled, can not threaten them with prosecution

Absolutely amazing, Dorda surrounded by a whole brigade and he is not afraid to speak his mind! VIVA LIBYA! VIVA DORDA!

Battles going on all around Tripoli and Zawiya!
[NTC: Puely in the interests of more effective control, you understand... Need more looted loot/mercs.]

Cairo airport crowd holding signs saying "Muslim Brotherhood welcomes Erdogan"

RT_com Nigeria denies reports of Gaddafi son’s detainment

Breaking, rebels attacked Tamanhint on their way to sabha.

NATO-led rebels hire foreign publicity firms to help cover up their slaughter of the Libyan people and destruction of Libya.

news coming today about yesterday night. Major fighting in the night yesterday in Tarhunah where 40 rats killed in Tarhunah and green flags fluttering everywhere in Tarhunah

Actually 17 dead in RasLanuf today, one is still unidentified due to severity of injury.
[The claim of 50 then is propaganda.]

Libya could fall into hands of extremists, Nato warns - Telegraph
[UNSC res. to send NATO in to exterminate...]

Libya's revolutionary leader calls for civil state via @forbes I thought it was allready a Civil State before?
[The boy stood on the burning deck]

27 rats were killed in Bani Walid earlier today and their bodies now in the hospital of Alkhumes city. Also in Tripoli after the rats declared "victory" today we had this official news from rats: Central Tripoli Hospital: 700 total deaths/injuries from celebratory fire in Tripoli alone. 700 dead in 20 days does not sound so celebratory...

Flyers are bein dropped by NATO on BaniWalid + Qatari and Rat forces more than a 1000 Trucks headed to baniWalid! This will be fun.
[I wonder how many will make it that far. Must be leaving Tripoli, Misrata open?]

NTC fighters are not inside Bani Walid, but on its northwest outskirts in the Manasla and Douwara neighborhood

4 US military members are on ground in Libya to work with State Department team assessing security of US embassy in Tripoli

Killing rats and Qataris and taking loot "@Halawala: @MuammarLGaddafi since ur not the leader of Libya anymore how are you going to earn a dime?
[Memoirs, "How I thrashed the US, UK, France, Italy, NATO and the banksters of Bilderberg]


I had to pray for The 900 that died in GreenSqaure today! Very Sad day in Libya & about to get worse tonight.

Rats saying people died from celebration gun fire FALSE people died as soon as Grandpa rat said libya has no place for Alqaeda!!!!

Libya rebels wage media war as they lose control of their own brigades and Green Libya Free's itself from Brega to ras lanuf to zawiyah

Rats killed 12 Serbs who fought on the side of Gaddafi,and were killed in Misurata. This information was confirmed yesterday by phone for the Serbian daily newspaper "Press'.

While everyone talking about bags of cash for Chirac & Villepin, no mention of Saif Gaddafi's cash to Sarkozy

US. and its allies prepare the bombings and invasion of Syria with a long media campaign......

Only USA and UN kill American citizens. AL QAEDA is being funded in libya .. its a big family

"Freedom Fighters"? More like Fu*king Fascist FF pigs

NTC rebels Declare Blacks and Several Arab Tribes as No longer libyan. issue Continues as 8 Rebel commanders declare thmselfs leader

RacistRebels right under the nose of NATO totally depopulate a town

Alkhwazim and aldwaira got 3 hours to leave BinWalid with all there families!

IntelHub: Arrest at Ground Zero Proves Free Speech is Dead: By Aaron Dykes September 12

Mathaba: Mahdi Nazemroaya on yet another "TNC" -- this time in Algeria: Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya who rec...

September 10, 2011: Russian report: Libyan Defense Forces control Bin Walid, Sirte, and 75% of Tripoli.

Head of the Ajelat council was killed with 26 Rebels

LandDestroyer Soros' Amnesty International admits Feb17 Libya rebels are war criminals whitewashes & excuses them NATO is guilty 2

LandDestroyer Soros AI claims Feb17 Libya rebel crimes not as bad as Qaddafi - Qaddafi hasn't exiled/exterminated entire cities
[sb towns/villages]

GlobalRes: NATO's "Victory" in Libya: For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

Terrorists of the NATO have captured 1.500 children and girls, they sell them as sexual" "slaves
Scroll down this page for the report "French Leader Rushes To China, Blames US For Libyan Child Sex Slave"

NATO militias admitted they can't take over Bani Walid

From yesterday - The USA should be thankful, AlQaeda was preparing today to declare Benghazi-Tripoli as alQaeda states, My military intelligence prevented it
[states sb emirates]

Libyagate: Letter asking UN to stop the Libya gang bang

Letter to the delegates of the UN regarding the war on Libya
by Bodhibrian Souter on Monday, 12 September 2011 at 14:06
Hello Delegates to the UN, I and many others around the world, have been following events in Libya with grave alarm, since the illegal war against the sovereign state began back in March. By now you have all seen it turn from a reputed Responsibiity To Protect (R2P) civilians project to open war on the Libyan people and their society and a genocide against black african peoples there. We have been  observing the war crimes committed there by NATO in allegience with a violent and racist league of insurgents from Libyas east, mercenaries from Qatar and alqaeda elements, and have documented evidence of their crimes. None of these have the support of the mass of Libyan peoples. And now purges are taking place against those people who do support the chosen libyan leader Muammar Qadafi.

In this regard:



• to put an end to the misuse of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 to influence the internal affairs of Libya through warfare, by revoking it, and

• to press for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Libya, backing the African Union's central role in this context. We thank those countries that have tried, and are still trying, to work towards peace. Our appeal is based on the following:

• the military intervention in Libya undertaken by some NATO members has now gone far beyond the provisions of Security Council Resolution 1973, and is based on hyped-up accounts of defenseless citizens being massacred by their government, while the truth is that, in Libya, there is an on-going and intense internal armed conflict;

• we are aware of the economic and geo-strategic interests that lie behind the war in Libya and, in particular, behind NATO support of one of the two armed factions;

• NATO military intervention in Libya has killed (and is continuing to kill) countless civilians, as well as harming and endangering the civilian population, including migrants and refugees, in various other ways;

• the belief, at this stage, that only non-belligerent countries -- and particularly those with U.N. Security Council voting rights -- can successfully bring a peaceful end to the conflict through negotiations and by implementing the opening paragraph of UNSC Resolution 1973, which calls for an immediate ceasefire.

Respectfully yours,
Brian Souter

taxpayers of US and EU never gave their permission that there tax money be used to wage war by NATO on the Libyan people. Its a blatant example of misuse of funds that were meant to benefit the citizens through public works.