August 23rd, 2011

Libyagate: NATO an ugly facet of Bilderberg

In the war of Bilderberg, its UN and ICC, its NATO, its secret services, its MSM, cartel central banks and corporations, the Idrises, the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda and 42 nations (plus Israel) versus Libya;

Gaddafi son makes surprise appearance in Tripoli
One of Gaddafi's sons, Seif al Islam, who was earlier reported to have been arrested, made a surprise appearance in Tripoli.
­He appeared at the Rixos hotel in Tripoli early Tuesday in a convoy of armored Land Cruisers. Fox News spoke with Saif Gaddafi, who said that his father and several of his sisters are indeed alive and well, and that he is still in Tripoli.
“Yes, he is in Tripoli, he is alive and well and we are winning,” he said. “The rebels have been lured into a trap and we will crush them."
There have been some more controversial reports from the Libyan capital. Journalist and anti-war activist Susan Lindauer claims that the people of Libya are “furiously angry” at NATO, and are blaming the rebels for destroying the country’s infrastructure.
“I have friends in Tripoli,” she said. “One of them rented a bicycle and traveled the streets – he said that the streets were empty.There weren’t celebrations on the streets. He said that he saw trucks driving rebels into Green Square past empty streets – people did not come out of their houses today at all. And the celebrations that you’ve seen were contained and limited to Green Square.”

Until otherwise advised I'm assuming rumours of Khamis' death have the same source as Seif's capture. Al Jazz promoted the rumour, who funds Al Jazz? The Qatari Emir. Which "think" tank advises the Emir? Take your pick. CoR, CoB, CoM, Chatham, CFR, ECFR, EC etc.

'Rebels being gathered in Tripoli for a purpose'
Independent journalist Lizzie Phelan who is in Tripoli says allowing the rebels inside the capital could well be a strategic move on the part of Libya troops who have corralled the rebels into a single location.
She argues that loyalist forces remain in de facto control of the city.
Most of the rebels who are not busy looting are now gathering on the Green Square in the center of Tripoli waving flags.
“What we have heard is that the strategy of the Libyan government and army was to permit the rebels into the city because previously they have been operating in a sneaky manner and it was very difficult to know who they were and where they were hiding, so that they could be dealt with in a direct manner,” the journalist says, adding that if this information proves true – it would be interesting to see what NATO undertakes to support the rebels on the ground.
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Libyan rebels search for Gaddafi in Tripoli as NATO continues airstrikes
Libyan rebels vowed to capture Muammar Gaddafi as NATO continued airstrikes on Gaddafi's compound in Tripoli early Tuesday.
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Only 20% of Tripoli is under rebel control - Musa Ibrahim
The authorities of Libya: the rebels control 20% of Tripoli, Gadhafi and his sons in are in Libya.
The representative of the Libyan government, Musa Ibrahim appeared on state television Al-Urubah and said that Muammar Gaddafi and his two sons are in Libya, and are well.
"The Libyan leader is very resistant, in Libya, he himself takes part in hostilities. We are under its control. His sons are also in Libya, they fight and shed their blood, "- said Ibrahim.
"The leader is doing well, his sons are doing well ... the Libyan government still exists," - said Ibrahim.

Lies about fighting in Tripoli
Some Russian Agency and newspapers, to my shame, have hurried to report false information that "the Libyan rebels captured Tripoli."
The green banner of Libyan Jamahiriya continues to be hoist over Tripoli. In the evening on Monday most parts of the capital were once again in the hands of the people's militia and the Libyan army. Although on the night of 22 August a large body of marine special forces, troopers alliance and Al-Qaida fighters were landed, they have not been able to gain a foothold in the city.
On Sunday, Libyan TV extended the  entreatment of the leader of the Jamahiriya Muammar Al-Qadhafi to the Libyan people to resist "colonizers" and "rats". Libyans responded with full mobilization of their forces and resources. Tribal leaders reiterated their support for the leader of the Jamahiriya.
This means that the Libyan Jamahiriya continues to provide and will resist the superior forces of neocolonialists and Islamists, despite enormous casualties among the peaceful population. Hospitals and clinics are overflowing with wounded. Among the injured are many children and women. Witnesses tell of terrible fighting, militia massacres of people who dare only to take up green flags.

Gaddafi forces fire Scud missile at rebel-held Misrata
US military officials say Libyan forces have once again fired a Scud missile, but it was unclear where it landed.

I read elsewhere that NATO shot it down (link). A guess tells me that the missiles are being fired as practice. Range 300km, accuracy 450m.

Whilst moths are drawn to the false light of Tripoli, Benghazi is vulnerable. Adjabiye is in army hands and an assault on the insurgency capital city, the emirate of Benghazi that is just up the road a bit must be under consideration.

NATO’s covert hand crucial in rebel advance on Tripoli
Though NATO provided only air support and instruction for the rebels’ attack on the Libyan capital, Russia’s envoy to the alliance says that despite no direct involvement in the ground fighting, NATO’s role cannot be underestimated.
During the months of fighting in Libya, NATO provided crucial assistance to the rebels far beyond air strikes on Gaddafi's key communications and weapons facilities. Surveillance, private contractors and military instructors have helped to turn rebel groups into a force able to storm Tripoli.
Moreover, the aid included logistic technicians, security advisers and forward air controllers for the rebel army, as well as intelligence operatives, damage assessment analysts and other experts, the Associated Press news agency reported, citing a diplomat at NATO headquarters in Brussels who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue.
Russia’s envoy to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, also says that though NATO forces were not involved in the storming of Tripoli and other Libyan cities, it was done with the help of military instructors and so-called “soldiers of fortune” – former NATO soldiers who are now working with some unofficial security forces and security firms.
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Russia’s envoy needs to change his advisors. NATO transported mercs, special forces and rag tags by air and sea to Tripoli. Helicopters and inflatables were used. NATO helicopters have been providing close air support with bombs, rockets and bullets, not forgetting the manned and unmanned aircraft that must also be aiding the incursion. If that isn't direct involvement... NATO is effectively running the coalition coup attempt with the aid of the CIA. NATO leadership and CIA directorship are interchangeable. Obama and Sarkozy are CIA assets. I don't know whose hand wears the Cameron sock puppet but it is not a large stretch of the imagination to guess MI5.

Gaddafi loyalists and opposition clash near Tunisia border
Intense gunfire was heard near the Libyan-Tunisian border on Monday afternoon. The border has been crossed by thousands of Libyans fleeing the fierce fighting between rebels and pro-Gaddafi forces.
­Forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and the rebels clashed on Monday afternoon on the Tunisian border. The combat took place in Bokamash, about 17 kilometers from the Tunisian border. Pro-Gaddafi troops attacked the rebels in an attempt to prevent them from reaching the crossing.
There was no immediate report on casualties.
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This is recommended, it is difficult to excerpt from so just a link -

Libya: Flights of fiction and fantasy

'Second colonization of Africa underway'
NATO’s operation in Libya is a perfectly planned political spectacle which marks the beginning of the second colonization of Africa, declared former Belgian Parliament deputy speaker Lode Vanoost.
“The US and the European Union have very good professional analysts," he said. "They are not going to say it out loud, but they know perfectly well that there is not going to be a smooth and peaceful transition. That’s what they are counting on. That will give them a perfect excuse to intervene militarily on the ground."
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Is he unaware of the presence of the military-industrial complex's Africa Command throughout Africa? The Pentagon works for the cartel banksters, countries without a cartel central bank are Pentagon targets. Africa is a furrow well plowed except for Libya and in the ME, Syria and Iran. The cartel also loans out the Pentagon for missions for other orgs such as oil cartels (Iraq) and drug cartels (Afghanistan, covert Central and S. America missions).

Russian politicians: "The imperialist and Zionist conspiracy directed against all Arabs,"
The President of the Russian-Arab Friendship Vyacheslav Matuzov noted that the position of the Russian Federation is fundamentally different from the U.S. position, since Russia is looking at the situation in the Arab world from a geopolitical point of view.
He added that there is information from Western sources that the Western countries, American conservatives and the Jewish lobby in the U.S. earlier developed a destructive plan aimed against all Arabs, in order to weaken the Arab world to establish their supremacy throughout the Middle East region.
According to Matuzov, Russia considers the situation in the Middle East as an attempt by political polarization and division in the Arab world, as well as beginning to establish U.S. hegemony in the Middle East region.
According to him, Syria is at the forefront in exposing the U.S. plans in the Middle East and is the last country that supports the resistance movement in the region. He expressed confidence that the Syrian people, led by President al-Assad will be able to overcome the crisis and implement a program of comprehensive reform, without any outside interference.
As told the Russian newspaper "Pravda" Elena Bykova, the Western media are conducting an information war against the Arab world, particularly against Syria. Hostile Media in cooperation with some Arab satellite channels, in particular - "Al Jazeera" distort the facts concerning the events in Syria, - she added.
In turn, Boris Dolgov, a senior fellow of the Institute of Oriental Studies, noted that the purpose of foreign interference in the internal affairs of Syria is to try to change its direction and change the foreign policy of the country and undermine its leadership role in the Arab revolt.

What else are the anally retentive Bilderberg boneheads buggering up?

The Eurozone Crackup by Mike Whitney
"Open your eyes: the euro and Europe are on the edge of the precipice."

Perhaps a nudge would accelerate the good news, maybe this -

Hugo Chavez to take Venezuela's riches away from the West
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has decided to secretly transfer the gold reserves and financial accounts of the nation to Russia and China. The news was voiced by representatives of the Venezuelan opposition. This is not a hoax.  It goes about 11-29 billion dollars and 211 of the nation's 365 tons of gold.
Chavez's opponents refer to a certain document, which the president signed on August 12. Officials of the Venezuelan administration confirmed the intention. In the words from the President of the Central Bank of Venezuela, Nelson Merentes, the president hopes to diversify the currency reserves. The reserves are said to be invested in the markets of developing states, such as Brazil, China, India, Russia and South Africa.
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The only wonder here is what took him so long. Keeping a nation's loot where employees of the enemies of humanity can get control of it is not a good idea.
(A couple of vids may show added reason for Chavez to shift the stash; &

Talking of which, is it $5 billion in company shares that Goldman Sachs has to hand over to Libya? I wonder what nefarious agreement has been made with the transitional council puppets? (Considering GS' influence on the US gov't and Pentagon, for the banksters' part think of the NATO war against Libya as a tactical attempt to avoid settlement.)

Likely from the same DNA - "fighting like piranha"

The Scramble for Access to Libya’s Oil Wealth Begins
The fighting is not yet over in Tripoli, but the scramble to secure access to Libya’s oil wealth has already begun.

Who sold the kids? Who let them? (CIA?) This subject is studiously ignored by the criminals in power. Are they all paedophiles?
The 105 children, part of more than 1000 missing, were "kidnapped" by rebel forces as they entered Misrata and went on a killing spree, some of which has been documented by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International among other groups. There is no question that the children are no longer in their sheltered facility. But from there what became of them remains a mystery.
The Libyan government claims the youngsters were kidnapped by rebels who went on a rampage in late February. Several reports from eyewitnesses claim that the children were last seen being put onto either a Turkish, Italian, or French boat.