July 24th, 2011

Libyagate: NATO, in a hole, still digging

Summary of proceedings up to date. July 17
NATO’s Debacle in Libya Counterpunch, Alexander Cockburn
After three and a half months of bombing and arms supply to various rebel factions, NATO’s failure in its efforts to promote “regime change” in Libya is now glaring. Obviously NATO’s commanders are still hoping that a lucky bomb may kill Gaddafi, but to date the staying power has been with the Libyan leader, whereas it is the relevant NATO powers who are fighting among themselves.
The reports from Istanbul of the deliberations of  NATO’s Contact Group have a surreal quality, as Secretary of State Clinton and British foreign minister Hague gravely re-emphasize their commitment to regime change and the strengthening of ties to the Transitional Council in Benghazi, while the humiliation of the entire NATO expedition is entering the history books as an advertisement of the dangers of political fantasy in the service of “humanitarian interventionism”,  appalling intelligence work, illusions about bombing and air power, and some of the worst press coverage in living memory.
Take British prime minister David Cameron. He can thank Rupert Murdoch, even the wretched Andy Coulson for one ironic blessing. His appalling misjudgment and obstinacy in hiring former News of the world editor Coulson has so dominated British headlines these past days that an equally staggering misjudgment in the international theater is escaping well-merited ridicule and rebuke.
When Cameron vied with French president Sarkozy in early March in heading the charge  against Qaddafi, no murmur of caution seems to have disturbed the blithe mood of confidence in Downing St. It was as though Blair’s blunders and miscalculations in Iraq, endlessly disinterred in subsequent years, had never been.
Cameron, like Sarkozy, Clinton and Obama  presumably had intelligence  assessments of the situation in Libya Did any of them say that Gaddafi might be a tougher nut to crack than the presidents of Tunisia or Egypt, might even command some popular support in Tripoli and western Libya, historically at odds with Benghazi and the eastern region? If they did, did they pay any attention? /more

Recent assessment
Qaddafi attacks western rebels to improve his bargaining position for ending war DEBKAfile 15 July
Hillary Clinton announced US recognition of the rebel National Transitional Council (TNC) “until a fully representational interim government can be established,” Muammar Qaddafi declared “We aim for victory – not compromise!” and launched his troops on a new operation against rebels in the west.  Clinton’s announcement to the 30-nation Libya Contact Group meeting in Istanbul, July 15, offered the key to eventually unlocking more than $34 billion in frozen assets.
debkafile reports: Qaddafi’s latest offensive began as he and his sons engaged in secret talks with the US – through Moscow – and with France and Italy – through Berlin. It was a maneuver to improve his bargaining position in the talks for ending the war against him.
The real business for terminating the war is taking place in that quiet forum, which does not include Britain and NATO, and only reflected in the deliberations of the Istanbul gathering.
Those talks were kicked off by the phone call US President Barak Obama made Thursday, July 14 to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev assigning Moscow the task of negotiating an end to the conflict based on Qaddafi’s consent to step down and hand power to an interim administration in Tripoli.
debkafile’s intelligence sources sum up the situation on the Libyan battlefield on Friday, July 15:
They dismiss the government spokesman’s charge that pro-Qaddafi forces are under rebel and NATO ground, air and naval attack in the eastern oil region of Brega as a red herring to disguise the transfer of an expanded government armored brigade from Brega to fight a separatist insurgency in the western Nafusa Mountains.
They also discount the rebel complaint that with enough arms on the western front they could have been standing now at the gates of Tripoli.
In fact, the rebels have suffered another defeat. The Libyan ruler was only stopped from moving in and taking their last strongholds around the western town of Zintan by fear that NATO would bomb his forces.
That Qaddafi felt able to move a division-sized force from eastern Libya to the west indicates that he no longer fears rebel advances around Brega in the east or Misrata in the west. Neither is he concerned about them capturing Sirte on the road to Tripoli – or even laying this key town to siege. In all the five months of their NATO-backed offensive against the regime, they never came close to that objective.
Qaddafi went on the offensive additionally to show the 30-member Libya Contact Group which army holds the upper hand on the Libyan battlefield and underscore NATO’s failure to turn the tide against him.
In recognition of that reality, the Istanbul meeting was informed by the US Secretary: “The TNC has offered important assurances today, including the promise to pursue a process of democratic reform that is inclusive both geographically and politically.” It will be recognized only “until an interim authority is in place” This means that the TNC was not recognized by the US as Libya’s legitimate government.
The formula specified by Clinton in a prepared statement was based on the understanding previously accepted by Qaddafi and sons as the basis for negotiations during their informal contacts with Washington, Paris and Rome. It is part of a political package that includes “a ceasefire to halt the civil war.”
(This development is the sequel to debkafile’s earlier story of July 14, 2011)

Libyan fighters killed trying to retake Brega Al Jazeera 16 July
A Libyan medical official says 10 opposition fighters have been killed and 172 more wounded in an attack on a strategic eastern oil town controlled by forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader. Mohammed Idris said on Saturday that fighters entered the frontline town of Brega the night before and that government shelling and land mines killed the men. He also said opposition forces had captured four government soldiers. Brega, nestled at the southeastern tip of the Gulf of Sirte, has changed hands multiple times during Libya’s civil war, which soon will enter its fifth month. It was unclear whether any other government troops were killed and whether the fighting had advanced the opposition frontline. “We are told that the bulk of the opposition fighters are some 20km outside of Brega, kept at bay with Grad rockets fired by Gaddafi’s fighters,” Al Jazeera’s Anita McNaught, reporting from rebel-held Benghazi, said.
Brega’s vast oil refinery and storage facilities could provide fuel and a much-needed income stream for the rebels. A victory would also provide a major boost for rebel morale, which has been sagging amid months of stalemate.
Heavy clashes also broke out on Saturday at the frontline in the Western Mountains town of Bir Ghanam. Anti-Gaddafi fighters hold the high ground on the outskirts of the town, their closest position to Tripoli, just 80km away. But the civil war has fallen into a stalemate, with the opposition forces unable to make significant advances, even while NATO bombs Gaddafi’s troops under a UN mandate to protect civilians. /more

Is Debkafile right? The coalition/NATO may have run out of bombs and money for them but the US has a carrier with an invasion force parked at Italy, the Frenchman Juppe is straining at the bit and the bank clerks in the UK will do whatever they are told. So an invasion is certainly a strong possibility. Depending on how the battle goes against French special forces (and a few mercs and tribesmen) in the mountains south of Tripoli the government forces will either consolidate and reinforce positions at Brega or proceed to Benghazi.
How is an invasion likely to proceed? The government has armed its citizens. Tribes from both sides of the conflict are almost unanimously against boots on the ground. Invading a country where almost the entire population is hostile is just the kind of adventure we could expect from Cameron, Hague and Fox. High cost in life and money, low return.

The uprising was not spontaneous, France shipped arms to the insurgents before the event. Cameron lied. The evidence was falsified, a video purporting to be a protest against Gaddafi had been edited, possibly by Qatari Al Jazeera. When the full video is seen it is clearly a pro Gaddafi rally. The insurgency comprises elements of terrorist organisations such as GIA and AQIM who are thought to be mainly responsible for the atrocities seen since the start of the conflict. It also includes fighters that had recently been shooting at allied soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, probably Pakistan too.
The facade reason for the intervention was to protect civilians. Rasmussen, the local head of NATO is being tried in absentia in Tripoli for killing (so far) 1108 and injuring 4500. What actually transpired was that NATO performed and is performing as the insurgency airforce. As far as the forbidden boots on the ground goes, information suggests that the main body of the insurgency is made up of French, Qatari, British and US forces and mercenaries such as Blackwater with Libyans being in the minority, dragged along to legitimise the coup attempt.

This action is one of the most contemptible of recent times with deceit, murder and mayhem being the stock in trade of NATO and the coalition. The UN has been shown to be a whore. The real reasons for the intervention are many. Oil, replacement of the state bank with a cartel central bank (theft of their gold) and avoidance of a supported African currency, Goldman Sachs and Sarkozy have big legal problems with Libya that victory for NATO would cause to disappear, strategic location for Africom and Israel (the latter has already signed a 30 year lease with the NTC) and then there is access to the Libyan multi billions that the NTC would quite happily sign over. The vast reservoirs of water underneath the country are not to be discounted and are included under “strategic”. Arms sales must also be included, the embargo has been a popular joke amongst dealers.
The African Union is so disgusted with the UN that it is to form its own, independent of bank cartels. Clinton et al dismissed it to a nonentity position by forming the Libya contact group of 30 (out of 180) countries.

I hope an invasion takes place. It would guarantee the disintegration of the insurgency. Perhaps in that event Rasmussen could be seconded to be Libyan premier.

Addendum. NATO gave Tripoli 30 humanitarian aid bombs last night. The reasons are thought to be 2. The disinfo put out about Gaddafi intending to blow up the capital was put out by the CIA. NATO was “taking out” Gaddafi’s ability to blow the place up – by blowing it up, go figure. The other reason is that Rasmussen is pissed off that he’s being tried for bombing civilians.

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Libyagate: NATO against Democracy

Corporation Smash and Grab Update (List of names here)
Demonstrations against the corporations’ NATO, against the coalition’s Transitional Council, against the insurgency and for Gaddafi.


Tripoli July 1

Sabha July 7

Ajelat July 14

Zliten July 15

Zawia July 16


The Truth Behind the US/NATO War on Libya

Voltaire Network tells the story
Part 1: The war on Libya and the coming imperial re-division of Africa
Part 2: The media misinformation campaign behind the war
Part 3: The Secret NATO Ground War
Part 4: The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed
More from Voltaire here.

The NATO hyenas destroyed the civilian radar at Tripoli airport
Because of technical limitations, it is difficult to convert civilian radars to target aircraft in the same way as military radars. But civilian radars can be used to monitor the airspace and provide general information on the speed and altitude of intruders.
Civilian radars cannot track and target aircraft like military radars and it’s against the international law to attack them.
A NATO official argued that this made the antenna a legitimate military target. /full story (PressTV)

Apparently the French/Qatari/Blackwater/SAS/CIA invaders (and some Libyan insurgents) are so frustrated at being unable to advance that they are pretending, claiming to have taken Brega. As of today Brega remains under government control. Were it to be lost NATO would still have a problem, it is supplied by pipeline from Zliten that is also under government control. (Story here)

Wall St Journal poll

Should the U.S. have granted legitimacy to the Libyan rebels?
31.1%  3371 votes say yes
68.9%  7458 votes say no
If you wish to add your vote, go here -

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Libyagate: Invasion forces attacking Brega and news roundup

Press TV:
The man in charge of play-station murderers is wanted
The relatives of US drone victims in Pakistan have filed a complaint seeking an international arrest warrant for a former CIA official, John Rizzo.
The complaint lodged with police in the capital Islamabad calls on the Interpol and the US to issue an international arrest warrant against Rizzo over civilian deaths.
“We have lodged the complaint for (issuance) of international arrest warrants for John A. Rizzo, a CIA official, over the killings of civilians,” AFP quoted the lawyer of the victims as saying.
Several human rights activists and the relatives of drone victims want the CIA official tried. Rizzo was in charge of approving the targeted killings by CIA drones in Pakistan while in office. /more

The West is not going to hand over Libya’s frozen assets to the Transitional National Councils (TNC), but instead will ‘loot’ the country’s national treasury, an analyst says.
“I don’t believe for one minute that those tens of billions of dollars are going to be handed over to the TNC forces,” Abayomi Azikiwe, an editor of Pan-African News Wire, told Press TV. United States has pledged to free frozen assets belonging to the country, and hand it over to TNC since it is running low on funds in its fight to ouster Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi. Azikiwe believed that this is just “a cover” to “loot the country’s national treasury and to loot their foreign assets.”
Former central bank Chief Farhat Bengdara told Bloomberg that Libya has about $168 billion in frozen assets.
More than 30 countries attended the so-called Libya Contact Group meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, in June agreed to recognize the TNC. However, the NATO alliance is breaking up in regard to this war and is seeking for a way out, the editor added. This is the only reason why they gave recognition to the TNC. /more

Libyan long-time ruler Muammar Gaddafi says he will continue fighting against the NATO and the revolution, vowing to retake the lost areas from anti-regime forces.
“This war was imposed on us, and our only choice is to fight — men, women and children — with all our weapons to liberate (the rebel strongholds) of Benghazi, Misratah and Al-Jabal Al-Gharbi (the Nafusa mountains southwest of the capital),” Gaddafi was quoted by AFP as saying on Tuesday. “We will march on the cities controlled by the traitors and mercenaries of NATO to retake them. NATO’s bombs do not scare us,” Gaddafi added. Gaddafi’s speech was broadcast over loudspeakers to supporters in al-Aziziya, 50 kilometres (30 miles) west of the capital, Tripoli. The Libyan ruler said “millions” of people will fight with him to defend their honor as well as the country’s oil resources. However, White House spokesman Jay Carney said on Tuesday that the “situation is moving against Gaddafi.” “He controls less territory and the opposition is on the offensive in a variety of areas of the country,” Carney said. /more

Libyan revolutionaries have accused NATO of failing to defend them against ruler Muammar Gaddafi’s forces as fighting rages on in the North African country between the opposition and the regime’s forces.
Revolutionary forces say their patience is growing thin as the Western military alliance has ignored the eastern front, where Gaddafi’s soldiers continue to kill ordinary civilians, a Press TV correspondent reported. The report comes as beleaguered Gaddafi said on Tuesday that he would continue fighting against the NATO and the revolution. /more

Mine, all mine

Forces loyal to Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi have killed at least nine revolutionaries in the city of Brega in northern Libya and wounded 113 others, a report says.
Gaddafi forces and the opposition groups engaged in fierce fighting in the port city on Tuesday, Xinhua reported. Opposition military spokesman Ahmed Bani said that most of the casualties were killed in land-mine explosions. According to the media, government forces had allegedly laid some 40,000 anti-tank and anti-infantry mines outside Brega. /more

Voltaire Network:
Who Controls Brega?
The international press has widely reported the announcement by the CNT Libyan Brega taking a highly strategic port for the trade of hydrocarbons. The journalists in the Arab world were immediately able to verify that this ad was a hoax, simply by watching television that broadcast live from Brega. Yet they chose to say nothing. /more

USA and “Contact Group” – full powers to the NTC Benghazi
Orwellian meeting in Istanbul: a “contact group” self-proclaimed adopted a plan for the future of democracy in Libya. Thus, foreign powers, mainly Western, they have trampled on the sovereignty of the Libyan people while posing as protectors of that sovereignty.
The fourth attempt by the Contact Group to get rid of Qaddafi and solve the pesky Libyan crisis began yesterday (15th) in Istanbul. Present: representatives of forty countries and organizations, among which the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen and responsible for foreign affairs of the European Union (while it exists!), the British Baroness Catherine Ashton. Absentees Russia and China, which after many invitations declined the offer, being extremely critical of the interpretation of resolution 1973 the Security Council. The Contact Group and Clinton have taken the step announced for quite some time: the recognition of the NTC, the National Transitional Council of Benghazi, as the sole legitimate representative of the new Libya is going to be (but is not yet) A formal not very consistent with specific effects in that it will make the release of Libyan sovereign wealth funds (frozen by the UN resolution) in favor of the insurgents. /more
[The contact group has taken it upon itself to supplant UN authority. Why is the UK still funding Ban ki's UN fraud with £2-3 bn if the both the outfit and its rules are wholly ignored?]

I strongly suspect the motive behind granting the al Qaeda terrorists full recognition goes further than liberating funds for use by the bankster cartel, I think it is so that a full invasion can take place by invitation. The folly of such an act is indescribable considering the whole country including most of the rag tags is opposed to such a move.
I also suspect Gaddafi is doing more than just chest beating when he says the government will retake the towns and cities taken over by NATO’s ground forces of various nationalities (Brits in Misurata, French, Brit, Qatari in Benghazi, French in the Nafusa mountain area, mixed with mercs and Libyans). When the Libyan army attacks it first calls on the insurgents to lay down their arms and surrender and gives non combatants time to get out. This has cost the army time and casualties. If instead they go straight in with no warning there will be no advantage to the insurgents and a rout will be inevitable. There is no point in holding back, they have been tried and found guilty by the banksters, their private court and their media. There is nothing to lose, Goldman Sachs, the US and EU are already plundering Libya’s wealth based on permission granted by a majority of a tenth of the world’s countries. I think the videos in yesterday’s post amply demonstrated that the NTC is in no way representative and that Clinton and the gang of bank clerks she commands in the “contact grope” have been shown as no more than enablers of theft and murder against the desire of an overwhelming majority of Libyans.

In a New York Times editorial, “Terrorism and the Law” where the case of Mr. Warsame was discussed “…not accused of any actual terrorist acts, just “material support” of Al Qaeda and its alleged Somali affiliate, the Shabab” I posed a question in the comments:
“Will Hillary Clinton be impeached for providing material aid to known terrorists or is the law just for little people?”

Leanor in Libya http://leonorenlibia.blogspot.com/ tells us “At the moment the armed rebels in the area of road Ajdabyia – Al Brega consist al Qaeda, French, and English people of Qatar [Blackwater mercs rented by Qatar?] Helicopters are constantly picking up the wounded French and English.
The Libyan army has captured many rebels who are people of Qatar, but say they are French or English to be claimed by these governments.
I guess I will remember that the great movement of Libyans [non army, assumedly tribes] to the Nafusa Mountains was stopped by the Libyan government that told them to return to their homes as it was not yet the time.
Today they have started again to move to the mountains Nafusa, a lot of Libyans to thoroughly clean every house, every cave and every place of the armed rebels / alkaeda / extremist / NATO group. Libyans have now started to clean up the country all foreign invaders.
The difference between Cameron and Gaddafi is that Gaddafi is fighting for his nation’s sovereignty while “call me dave” is aiding and abetting the theft of UK sovereignty.

A decent piece from Voltairenet discusses Syria and gives brief news about the other Arab lands.
The West and Syria
Unlike other Arab leaders confronted to a protest movement such as former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak or Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad launched a wide political reform program coupled with a reasonable timetable extending until the end of 2011 at the most. This change which was initiated by Mr. Al-Assad extended beyond the demands of the vast majority of the people and aims at leading Syria out of an archaic and controversial system which prevailed throughout fifty years towards a modern and democratic state. /continues

Addendum for the attention of parliamentarians that are not “in the know”.
Libya- how to stir up the rebellion and fool people into intervention (video)

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Libyagate: The Law. NATO cracked

Anonymous hackers have cracked the database NATO
Anonymous hacker movement today announced that its members managed to hack into the database of NATO, by downloading it from about 1 gigabyte of classified information.
To confirm his words hackers posted online image page document entitled “NATO. For Official Use Only. ” “In the coming days, expect to see cool stuff” – reported online attackers, saying that to publish the entire archive of NATO, supposedly caught at their disposal, it would be irresponsible.
“NATO is aware that the hacker group has published on the web page of the document, which, they argue, is a private document of the organization. Security experts have launched an investigation into the Alliance – ITAR-TASS press officer of the Alliance. – We strongly condemn any leaks of secret documents that could potentially jeopardize the security of NATO allies, its armed forces and citizens. ”
The hacker group has received wide recognition at the end of 2010, when its members organized a series of attacks on websites of companies and organizations to impede the activities of the notorious resource WikiLeaks.
Activity groups have long been interested in American law enforcement agencies. On Tuesday, the FBI raided the homes of alleged members of Anonymous, arrested in different parts of the country’s 16 people.
Details: http://news.mail.ru/incident/6398410/

Cenk Exposes How Mainstream Media Controls Their Anchors  (video)

US corruption watch list (where is the UK equivalent?) corruptionwatchlist.org/

Children from an orphanage in Misurata disappeared. The last report I could find was July 13
“Social Affairs Minister Ibrahim Sharif told reporters in Tripoli on Tuesday that the government had opened an investigation into what had happened to the 52 boys and 53 girls, who were listed as resident at a state-run orphanage in Misurata.
Mr Sharif said witnesses reported seeing the children on board a Turkish boat. Other reports said the ships either Italian or French.
With Libyan antiquities apparently being stolen to order, organ trafficking and human trafficking continuing and knowing the depravity at the core of western governments and amongst the “elite” ( http://www.jesus-is-savior.com… ) it is not a great leap to fear the kids were abducted to order.
Is there any fresh news on their whereabouts?

Jibril, on behalf of the NTC that prefers to be called the gov’t of Benghazi (falsely claiming to represent the people of Libya) wants all financial contributions to aid the theft of Libya from the people to be paid to Madrid. (El Pais) [In his name?]

Here is an article that amongst its narrative gives broad details of damage to Libyan infrastructure and how the US is breaking its own national laws in arming NATO that is using the weapons against civilian structures. That ought to put the Pentagon in the dock but as the US  (like the UK and EU) is in the thrall of criminals it won’t.
Neocon Jeffrey Feltman Visits Libya Brandishing The Dahiyeh Doctrine and “The New Realities” Franklin Lamb LLM, PhD
[...] NATO bombing has disconnected areas ranging from Natol near the Tunisian–Libyan border all along the Mediterranean seaboard to the West and down south beyond Sabha and Alkufra.  Every one of these NATO attacks on civilian communications is illegal under the provisions of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Convention and a myriad of international legal standards.
Each NATO attack on Libyan civilian infrastructure is also illegal under American law including, but not limited to, the 1976 US Arms Export Control Act which strictly prohibits the transfer of American weapons to any country) or entity (exception: Israel) for use against civilians and requires the cutting off of arms and other foreign aid to violators, including NATO.
NATO’s bombing of civilian targets across Libya also violates the 1961 US Foreign Assistance Act which prohibits US supplied weapons being used against civilians. /full story activistpost.com/2011/07/neocon-jeffrey-feltman-visits-libya.html

Levantine, a regular commenter conducted an interview with a young Libyan who may be described as evacuated, but who maintains close contacts with friends that remain in Libya. The interview can be read here – inclusivedemocracy.org/journal/vol7/vol7_no1_interview_diana_libya.html

Following on from clever Clinton’s illegitimate contact group’s recognition of the NTC, US recognition has ramafications, many counterproductive to the objective of regime change.
U.S. recognition of new Libyan government raises tough legal questions
When the United States announced Friday that the Transitional National Council was the “legitimate” government in Libya, it wasn’t just a matter of semantics. And it wasn’t just a matter of ensuring that the group could get access to needed funds.
The decision had far-reaching legal implications — and that has some international law scholars concerned.
Writing for the Council on Foreign Relations this week, John B. Bellinger III, former legal adviser to the State Department, said the announcement raises “legal and practical problems,” including questions over whether Gaddafi’s government or the NTC is legally bound to respect international treaties.
The difficulty of resolving those questions might help explain why Harold Koh, the current legal adviser to the State Department, was cautious when asked about the recognition of the TNC during a Senate hearing late last month.
“As a general rule, we are reluctant to recognize entities that do not control entire countries because then they are responsible for parts of the country that they don’t control,” he said. “And we are reluctant to de-recognize leaders who still control parts of the country because then you’re absolving them of responsibility in the areas that they do control.”
In an interview, Bellinger said he suspects State Department lawyers “have been advising their policy clients of the difficult international law questions that recognizing the NTC would raise and that, nonetheless, the policy officials wanted to go ahead with this recognition.”
Continues with excerpts of the interview – washingtonpost.com/blogs/checkpoint-washington/post/us-recognition…/2011/07/19/gIQAb9BdNI_blog.html

Hat tip to mercurytraveller mercurymail.livejournal.com/

In the agreement between the Harbour “silk purses from sow’s ears” PR group and the transitional council it is revealed:
8. If the foreign principal is not a foreign government or a foreign political party:
a) …
b) Is this foreign principal:
Supervised by a foreign government, foreign political party or other foreign principal — yes
Owned by a foreign government, foreign political party or other foreign principal — yes
Directed by a foreign government, foreign political party or other foreign principal — yes
Controlled by a foreign government, foreign political party or other foreign principal — yes
Financed by a foreign government, foreign political party or other foreign principal — yes
Subsidized in part by a foreign government, foreign political party or other foreign principal — yes


Libyagate: Unjustified – Manslaughter or Murder?

The coalition and NATO, if they can read must know that the “concrete” evidence, a video has been shown as a fabrication, the claims of Libyan military bombing civilians proved false by international observers and Russian satellite and other testimony by activists and possibly coerced witnesses does not hold water. The February Zawiyah atrocity was wrongly attributed to military, multiple uncoerced witnesses proved it was terrorists. The political system in Libya has been demonstrated democratic and supported by an overwhelming majority. What NATO is doing is committing murder or at best manslaughter with no legal justification. Why are the authorities allowing NATO not just to break the law but to break it in full knowledge that the bombing campaign is wholly unjustified and unjustifiable, so totally illegal? In continuing, as leader of elected representatives in each of the three countries Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy are not just condoning but committing their nations to take part in NATO’s daily atrocities that support terrorist butchery of innocents.
Can Cameron be made to talk to the nation – honestly and explain why the blitz is continuing? Have the last shreds of decency been driven from the UK?

Leonor in Libya wrote in her post of today (via translate.google.com):
Libya at the moment. 23/07 at 01:15
At the moment NATO planes are flying over Tripoli, just bombed Tajura and continue flying.
NATO continues bombing. Today, NATO planes have entered the airspace of Libya throughout the day and are dropped leaflets on the size of a dollar with the following inscription:
Asked the army not to listen to “Ghadafi”
Ask the Libyans do not kill each other listening to Ghadafi
They put the photo of Omar Al Moktar and Ghadafi and a girl with her face covered with her hands
Today in Tripoli has been a meeting of the tribes of Misratah. The city I confirm again that it is held by Libya [government].
Some soldiers just returning from the vicinity of Misratah have captured many people of France and England who are fighting with the armed rebels.
A guy that shot at them with a  telescopic sighted weapon from far away, then they looked for him and managed to catch him firing, he was an Australian.
One even told they have arrested two women from the English army and a woman of the French army. Based on this information there are many Western mercenaries trying to invade Libyan soil with armed rebels.
There are also many mercenaries from Qatar.
Right now the Libyan army has many international prisoners of war, because Libya does not kill their prisoners as the armed rebels / NATO have been doing .
The Libyans have displayed a photo of their leader, which measures 180 meters in the Green Square Tripoli. They say that maybe this is why the NATO planes are constantly flying over the city.
Al Brega Libya remains under [government] control.
Libyan tribes that are moving in the mountains have come to Ghari Nafusa and are now in the city of Al Assaba because the rebels said they were there?? They’ll move on.

[Later on]
NATO has bombed Tripoli overnight and this morning the NATO planes bombed Tripoli and continue flying.
They bombed the vicinity of Bab Al Azizia close to the Rixos hotel home to international journalists.
As a Libyan, who  feels the planes flying over her house can bombard me as they want 100 years in a row from the air, but if they set foot in the ground die.
Al Brega, Libya controls Al Brega and the Libyan government calls the rebels families and their children to have some decency and please do not use children 13 or 14 years. How can you send children to hell as well?
The heads of the rebels have signed a contract with the Italian government in exchange for money, in which rebels will take care of African migrants who are now in Italy and will taken to the ghost town of Benghazi.
Reports in Spain say that NATO has bombed the Hotel Rixos, however from Tripoli, the people I talk to are not aware of it. Just know that they bombed Bab al Azizia which is right next door. When I was in the Hotel Rixos, NATO also bombed the same places and the dust cloud arrived, we had to open windows so the glass wouldn’t break. It seems very strange that NATO bombed the place where there are reporters from around the world, except by mistake. I hope to confirm during the morning.

CIA veteran: Israel to attack Iran in fall
A longtime CIA officer who spent 21 years in the Middle East is predicting that Israel will bomb Iran in the fall, dragging the United States into another major war and endangering US military and civilian personnel (and other interests) throughout the Middle East and beyond.
more – deadlinelive.info/2011/07/21/cia-veteran-israel-to-attack-iran-in-fall/

A short Max Keiser vid On The Federal Reserveyoutube.com/watch?v=UXkY7Bus3T0

Audit: Fed gave $16 trillion in emergency loans (4.54 Trillion just to Rockefeller and Morgan)
[...] Of the $16.1 trillion loaned out, $3.08 trillion went to financial institutions in the U.K., Germany, Switzerland, France and Belgium, the Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) analysis shows.
Additionally, asset swap arrangements were opened with banks in the U.K., Canada, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Norway, Mexico, Singapore and Switzerland. Twelve of those arrangements are still ongoing, having been extended through August 2012.
Out of all borrowers, Citigroup (Rockefeller) received the most financial assistance from the Fed, at $2.5 trillion. Morgan Stanley came in second with $2.04 trillion, followed by Merill Lynch at $1.9 trillion and Bank of America at $1.3 trillion.
The audit also found that the Fed mostly outsourced its lending operations to the very financial institutions which sparked the crisis to begin with, and that they delegated contracts largely on a no-bid basis. The GAO report recommends new policies that would eliminate such conflicts of interest, and suggests that in the future the Fed should keep better records of their emergency decision-making process.
The Fed agreed to “strongly consider” the recommendations, but as it is not a government-run institution it cannot be forced to do so by lawmakers.
More here – rawstory.com/rs/2011/07/21/audit-fed-…..loans/
Also – What They Won’t Tell You about the National Debt
Text – http://zfacts.com/p/318.html
Video – youtube.com/watch?v=P1bZ-TiX8rA

A beneficiary speaks out -
Austerity and Deficit Hawks Say, “Let Them Eat Cake,” The People Will Say, “Off With Their Heads”
[...] It astounds me how people constantly debate the fiscal condition of Social Security but they never seem to notice or mention that the Social Security Trust Fund has been looted. Guess what? Between Wall Street, wars and tax breaks for multi-millionaires and billionaires, the $2.5 trillion surplus that was supposed to be used for your retirement has already been used. Forgive me for being blunt, but one-tenth of one percent of the population is giving you the finger and telling you to “suck it in and cope.”
The looting of the Social Security Trust Fund is about as funny as Wall Street executives crashing the economy and then using trillions of our tax dollars to give themselves all-time record-breaking bonuses. /full story ampedstatus.org/as-austerity-and-deficit-hawks….heads/

Freemason atrocity in Norway
(Responsibility claimed by Helpers of the Global Jihad is believed to be a false flag by opportunist secret services)
Norway: island shooting death toll rises to 84
A gunman dressed as a policeman killed 84 people at a summer camp, police have now revealed.
more – telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/…..-death-toll-rises-to-84.html
(Live report – telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/…..live-coverage.html)

Analyzing the Oslo attacks: terrorist event or false flag distraction

[...] As the sociopolitical tensions in Europe rise, the Euro falls, and the debt crisis looms, another reminder of the ever-present al Qaeda bogeymen is presented to unite the people against an outside enemy.
Right after the news breaks that an Israeli spy ring was operating in New Zealand, yet again stealing identities, the Prime Minister refuses to comment and shifts the focus towards the other kind of global terrorism. /more activistpost.com/2011/07/analyzing-…..event.html

Stating the obvious
500 Million Debt-Serfs: The European Union Is A Neo-Feudal Kleptocracy

See my.telegraph.co.uk/clothcap/clothcap/16313688 for comments and news updates

Libyagate: Grand Theft Nation by Satan's Suppositories

Negotiations have intensified between Libya and the United States to reach an agreement on a cease-fire that would allow NATO to save face. But far from giving up its ambitions to reshape North Africa, the Obama administration is already preparing the second round, reports Thierry Meyssan from Tripoli.
The consequences of the defeat had still to be drawn. That’s what Washington has quickly done without bothering to inform its allies about its sudden shift, or its new strategy.

Stealing the assets and preparing the looting
First, the White House decided to get its hands on all the Libyan assets it could, lest it had incurred expenses for nothing. Hillary Clinton was informed of this decision when she was aboard her flight to Istanbul. She had no say in the matter, just to obey.
Note that the Turks and the French were given the same treatment as the Secretary of State. They came with their own proposals which they had to leave outside the door, without even being allowed to present them.
The summit was reduced to a rubber-stamp exercise. The members of the Contact Group were informed of the White House decision to make an inventory of Libyan assets and to place them in the hands of the Libyan National Transitional Council. This applies to financial assets, as much as to the authorization to broadcast on the Nilesat satellite, or to oil exploitation in the area controlled by the Alliance. To carry out this spoliation, the members of the Contact Group that had not yet done so were asked to recognize the CNT as the sole representative of the Libyan people replacing the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya [2]. They were informed that the operation was overseen by the Libyan Information Exchange Mechanism (LIEM), whose “activation” was briefly announced at the previous meeting (Abu Dhabi, June 9).
However, no information was provided about the legal status of the National Transitional Council or LIEM. Everything suggests that the White House is setting up a device similar to the one that proved so effective in Iraq [3]
In Baghdad, Washington had first installed the Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance – ORHA, headed by General Jay Garner. It was later discovered that OHRA had been created by a secret presidential directive signed before Iraq war debate at the Security Council. Contrary to what its title might suggest, this organization was attached to the Pentagon.
In all likelihood, the same applies to LIEM although, officially, its director is an Italian.
In Baghdad, ORHA was quickly absorbed by the Coalition Provisional Authority – CPA, headed by L. Paul Bremer III, who exercised all the powers for one year. I demonstrated that the CPA was neither an international law nor U.S. law entity, but a private company. However, it still remains unclear where it was registered and who were the shareholders. The only thing we know for sure is that the CPA was engaged in the systematic looting of the country and did not withdraw until it forced the future Iraqi government to accept a spate of asymmetrical laws guaranteeing to multinationals the right to exploit the country for 99 more years.
Not surprisingly, one can expect that, once a cease-fire is in force, the LIEM will be absorbed in Benghazi by a kind of CPA.

Negotiating a military exit
Second, immediately after the summit, Washington opened direct talks with Tripoli, which took place in Tunis. The U.S. delegation was led by Assistant Secretary of State for the Near East, Jeffrey Feltman.
In the Empire’s vocabulary, Near East refers to all the Arab states of North Africa, the Levant and Gulf, plus Israel. And the title of Assistant Secretary of State designates a proconsul. Thus, whenever Jeffrey Feltman receives visitors in his Washington office, he is in the habit of introducing himself by a sweeping hand gesture across a wall map of the “Middle East” saying: “This is my jurisdiction.”
By initiating direct talks, Washington cut off the permanent channel of negotiations that had been opened by Paris. Since the beginning of the armed conflict, Colonel Gaddafi had kept an ongoing dialogue with President Nicolas Sarkozy and his minister Alain Juppe. Together, they had elaborated a series of plans to end the crisis, each enhanced by the promise of fabulous under-the-table deals, but each one boycotted by the White House.
Jeffrey Feltman addressed the Tunis meeting as if he had come to serve an ultimatum instead of someone who had come to take part in a diplomatic process. This is how proconsuls typically behave, but being arrogant and terse is Feltman’s second nature; it has been his way of life ever since his wife, a brilliant art historian, walked out on him.
As soon as his tough-guy performance was over, little Jeffrey Feltman quickly became more conciliatory. In fact, Washington admitted to having lost the game and feigns to be abandoning its local ambitions. The White House would apparently settle for a cease-fire in which NATO would not control Cyrenaica as a whole, but only three enclaves, including Benghazi (but probably not Misrata). NATO would consent to withdraw in favor of a United Nations peacekeeping force.
In terms of the calendar, Ramadan (which falls this year from 1 to 29 August) would be an opportunity to stop the bombing and enact the transition.
Washington’s only conditions: largesse when it comes to oil and gas concessions, and arranging for the early retirement of Libya’s leader. From the Libyan side, the first requirement can be discussed, but the second is an affront, Muammar Gaddafi having grown into the symbol of unity and resistance to the “crossed aggression.” The delegation considers that requirement as a humiliation.
In response, a Libyan whose brother was killed in action, just sold his farm to finance the erection of a huge monument to the national hero on Tripoli’s Green Square, Friday, 21 July.

Preparing the second round
Third, NATO’s withdrawal does not spell the permanent abandonment of Washington’s ambitions. The preparation of the second round is already under way. After the cease-fire takes effect, the United States will deploy an intense secret activity to reverse the political equation.
On the basis of a partial analysis made by the British, Washington was convinced that the tribes hostile to Muammar Gaddafi would rally to the National Transitional Council. Experts from the National Security Council were surprised to see them instead reconciling with the “Revolutionary Guide” and joining the struggle against foreign interference. During the ceasefire, we should therefore expect to see direct contacts being established to convince them to choose the Western camp should a new opportunity arise.
On the other hand, under the guise of humanitarian operations undertaken by supposedly “non-governmental” organizations or by those NATO states that did not participate in military operations, the CIA and the Pentagon intend to deploy agents of destabilization. As of now, there is already talk of humanitarian corridors, planes, support teams, etc. that will be as many covers for covert actions. The idea is to hijack the process of reform that Saif el-Islam el-Qaddafi had initiated before the war to foment a color revolution. This could be enough for a power takeover. And if it fails, it would provide the pretext for the resumption of military operations.
Be that as it may, Washington refuses to conform to the status quo and is preparing its revenge. By uniting together, the Libyan people have held it in check. To win, the Empire will first have to divide them.
Thierry Meyssan

[1] “NATO and the ungratefulness of the Libyan people”, by Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Network, 17 July 2011.
[2] “Fourth Meeting of the Libya Contact Group Chair’s Statement”, Voltaire Network, 15 July 2011
[3] “Who Rules Iraq? ”, by Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Network, 13 May 2004.

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