June 23rd, 2011

Libyagate: NATO, CIA using twitter is illegal

June 19, 2011
During this past week a number of articles have reported on the use of Twitter to provide Target Acquisition information to NATO:

“How social media users are helping NATO fight Gadhafi in Libya” *1)
“Libya air strikes: Nato uses Twitter to help gather targets” *2)
“NATO draws on Twitter for Libya strikes” *3)

This means NATO is using YOUR DOMAIN to target civilian sites to destroy and cause mass casualties and deaths of Libyan civilians!!!
A random check made clear NATO gets their information, i.e. latitude and longitude information of Libyan government forces and other strategic/logistic information, from tweets like these:
which information is tweeted to: @NATO, @NATOpress, @NATOlibrary, @NATOchannel, @NATOSource, @AndersFoghR, @SteveMcCluskey, @UKMilOps and/or @HMS_Nonsuch.
The war on Libya is widely regarded as ILLEGAL, both under international law and under US statutes including the War Powers Resolution. (see http://www.accuracy.org/release/libya-war-illegal/)
Therefore, anyone collaborating in acts of violence connected to this war is arguably a criminal conspirator; his/her actions are analogous to those of a gang member using online communication to inform a contract killer of the location of his victim.
Under US federal law, transmitting information containing threats of injury or death is a criminal offense:
“Whoever transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing … any threat to injure the person of another, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.”
18 U.S.C. § 875 (c)
Courts have held that this statute applies, not only to the person sending the illegal communication, but also to any Internet Service Provider that transmits the communication. See https://www2.bc.edu/~yen/ISPLiab.pdf
Simply by transmitting bombing coordinates posted by its users, therefore, Twitter may be in violation of federal criminal law.
Moreover, Twitter’s Terms of Service – the so-called “Twitter Rules” *4) – clearly state:
“You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others”
as well as
“You may not use our service for any unlawful purposes or for promotion of illegal activities.”
Therefore Twitter appears to be in VIOLATION, not only of the law, but also of its own Terms of Service.
We therefore urgently request you to take action against twitter accounts that directly contribute to the destruction of Libya and the casualties and deaths of thousands of Libyan people.



Would the various aggressors be happy to see the co-ordinates of their grand children published on twitter?

Libyagate: End It - Everyone Just Stay At Home

Something us Brits excel at, doing nothing to end the wars.
Call for a "stay at home"  for 5 days.
US, UK, France, Italy, Norway, Canada, Australia, NZ, Spain, Turkey, any other country that cares.
It has to be at the same time.
The unions may like to co-operate or it can be done without their assistance.

I suggest one week's notice to get essentials.

Countdown starting when?

Please re-tweet.

Source infowars.com

Rasmussen: NATO Will Continue Slaughter in Libya

Obama: The Baby Silencer
Dead toddlers cannot be dismissed as another Gaddafi propaganda stunt.

Libya: NATO “Celebrates” Three Months Of Bombing With Fresh Carnage

13 Libyan Civilians Killed In Latest NATO Assault; 856 Civilians Killed In All

Libyan Rebels Impose Press Censorship

Dozens of Libyan freedom fighters in jailbreak
At least 62 prisoners escaped from a prison in the southern Yemeni city of Mukalla on Wednesday, local media reported.
At least one policeman was killed in the breakout, the independent Yemen Post reported.

The enemies of truth show their teeth
PNAC Cabal Warns Congress To Back Off Over Libya
The chicken hawk neoconservatives that make up the Project For A New American Century cabal have written on open letter to House Republicans warning them not to reduce or cut funding for U.S. involvement in the military aggression against Libya or face becoming an ” irresolute” nation.
[...] “The United States should be leading in this effort, not trailing behind our allies. We should be doing more to help the Libyan opposition, which deserves our support. We should not be allowing ourselves to be held hostage to U.N. Security Council resolutions and irresolute allies.”
[This may be in response to the report on the theft of Libya from its citizens at cf2r.org/images/stories/news/2... that has caused consternation in France and Sarkozy's popularity to find new depths]

Pentagon Demands Continuation of US Surge in Afghanistan

Pentagon Demands Continuation of US Surge in Afghanistan

Sarkozy: France to follow US lead on Afghanistan withdrawal
French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Thursday that France would follow the lead given by US President Barack Obama on withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, DPA reported.
Obama announced Wednesday that 33,000 US soldiers would be withdrawn from Afghanistan by September 2012, with 10,000 of them set to be out by the end of this year

Poll: Only 3 in 10 Would Vote for Obama

[And Cameron? How on earth could anyone manage to be so significantly worse than Brown?]

Globalization And Its Consequences

Press Conference on US, NATO attack on Libya [vid below, text veteranstoday.com/2011/06/19/p...]

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