May 23rd, 2011

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CCNet  - 20 May 2011

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Next Energy Revolution?

Sequestering CO2 To Extract Methane Hydrate

They’ve done it in a laboratory: Scientists have injected carbon dioxide into the kind of methane ice that underlies vast tracts of permafrost in the Arctic and lurks beneath the deep seafloor throughout the world. In that experiment, the carbon dioxide exchanged with the methane molecules. While the CO2 was sequestered inside the ice, the scientists extracted an energy source that may exist in nature in greater volume than all other fossil fuels combined. Now DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory, in partnership with Conoco Phillips, will try to repeat that success on the North Slope of Alaska. --Jeff McMahon, Forbes, 19 May 2011

Construction of China's national deep-sea base is expected to begin this year in eastern Shandong Province, officials there said Monday. Scientists believe that the area's seabeds hold abundant deposits of rare metals and methane hydrate, a solidified form of natural gas that may serve as a new source of energy. --Xinhua News Agency, 16 May 2011

A reliable and efficient energy source, natural gas is also the least carbon-intensive of the fossil fuels. Production of domestic conventional and unconventional natural gas cannot keep pace with demand growth. The development of new, cost-effective resources such as methane hydrate can play a major role in moderating price increases and ensuring adequate future supplies of natural gas for American consumers. --U.S. Department of Energy

Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Europe’s largest oil company, said a $19 billion investment in Qatar may prove that abundant natural gas coaxed from shale rocks across the U.S. could be converted into diesel and jet fuel. --Bloomberg, 19 May 2011

As April sales figures roll in, gas prices seem to be having an effect. But they are pushing customers into gas-powered compacts, not electric ones. --Henry Payne, Planet Gore, 3 May 2011

US President Barack Obama will focus on energy cooperation, including shale gas development, when he visits NATO partner Poland for the first time next week, a US diplomat said Wednesday in Warsaw. "Energy is a pillar of Polish-American relations and it is sure to be the subject of discussions when President Obama visits Warsaw next week," US ambassador Lee Feinstein told delegates to a shale gas conference here. Global fuel giants are exploring Poland's shale gas deposits, which a recent US study pegged as having a potential 5.3 trillion cubic metres of natural gas which could last Poland some 300 years. --AFP, 18 May 2011

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Libyagate: NATO assisted embargo breaching

The insurgents’ navy was formerly known as NATO’s embargo enforcement fleet. Here is clear evidence of justification for the Libyan forces mining Misurata harbour and firing on it. Put simply for lawyers wishing to bring charges against NATO, the embargo fleet in dereliction of its duty is assisting blatant gun running.

Sealift Extends Lifeline to a Rebel City in Libya

Combining the talents of those who procure a city’s wartime needs with those of merchant mariners and fishermen, rebels have organized about two dozen fishing vessels and former Qaddafi-controlled tugboats into an impromptu fleet that has provided Misurata with a lifeline of supplies. The fleet sails with NATO’s approval and support. (Rebels and organizers in both Benghazi and Misurata spoke openly of the smuggling effort, but asked that certain locations and shipping schedules not be disclosed.)
At a basic level, it has assumed missions of both mercy and war. The mixed cargo — baby formula and medicine beside crates of ammunition — has helped civilians survive and equipped Misurata for its fight.

NATO aiding Benghazi insurgents to deliver arms from where? An Italian ship anchored out to sea? There were claims of shortages in Benghazi itself so they can’t be coming from there.
This is no longer a legal operation by any stretch of the imagination. NATO as outlaws helping bandits and terrorist with EC approval.

NATO To Deploy Attack Helicopters For Libyan War Reuters
To assist with the transfer of weapons from the EU to the illegal insurgency?

Italians are no strangers to crime
Berlusconi ‘paid £300,000 protection money to Mafia’
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi paid Mafia leaders £300,000 a year in protection money, a mobster informant has told a court.

Proof that the law of the wild west is being foisted on the world:
NATO’s campaign in Libya rumbles on, two months after it started. The U.S., which led the operation, is still highly engaged without official consent from Congress. According to the Constitution, America’s military action over Libya is now illegal. But as RT’s Lauren Lyster reports, few on Capitol Hill seem concerned.
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Congress Proposes Bill to Allow Worldwide War
Many are disgusted that Obama got us into a war in Libya without Congressional authorization.
But as the ACLU noted yesterday, Congress is going even further … proposing handing permanent, world-wide war-making powers to the president – including the ability to make war within the United States

“A Spanish colleague tells me that this week he also visited the Plaza Verde, a gaddafi stronghold in absolute tranquility, when there was a phone call from his family, extremely worried because the broadcast media in Spain informed that that place had just raised the flag of the monarchy and demonstrators were being violently repressed.”