May 12th, 2011

Libyagate: Another point of view

No negotiations; No ceasefire; No capitulation!
11/05/2011 09:19:00 (Exclusive to the Tripoli Post)

A senior adviser to Muammar Al Qathafi said today that there would be no ceasefire, or negotiations with the rebels.
“We will not talk to them, they have nothing to negotiate they are terrorists. We tried a ceasefire and they continued to attack us. We will not stop defending ourselves, and allow them to occupy our country by permitting a ceasefire that they will use to take our land.”
The adviser said that the Libyan Army is not attacking the rebel held areas, but only defending themselves when they come under fire from attacking rebel forces.
“The Army is not attacking the rebels. We want to prevent civilian casualties. The Army only acts in self-defence. The international press is lying when they say we are attacking. If we wanted to the Army could crush the rebels easily, but that would cause many deaths and injuries. So we are not doing that,” He said.
He denied that the rebels are advancing against the regimes forces. “They are not winning, they are losing badly. They do not control any cities. That is a lie”
He also claimed that the international press is engaged in a wide conspiracy to distort the truth of the rebellion in Libya.
“The international press are lying about what they say is happening in Misurata, and Benghazi. The opposite is true. The terrorists have engaged in rape and murder in the cities they have attacked.
“I have evidence of this. I met with people from Benghazi just a few hours ago, and they were witness to these crimes. They have documents, and film showing that these rapes and murders are happening and I will make them public.
“But even if the press here tells the truth, the international media will not publish it. They will not tell the truth”
He said that President Obama and the west have created a criminal enterprise, a Mafia, to occupy Libya and steal the country’s oil. “ Obama is now the head of a Mafia, a gang. You cannot negotiate with the Mafia. The western world and NATO are now just like a criminal Mafia. There is no justice with them,” he said.
He said that Col. Al Qathafi does not control the Army and is unable to stop the fighting, or to call for a ceasefire. “He would have to go to the people’s congress and ask them to decide. He has no authority to order the Army to stop defending itself. And he will not leave his country to be taken over by these criminal gangs of Mafia”

Bearing in mind that before the conflict, Italy came to an agreement with the Libyan government to prosecute human traffickers in Benghazi to slow the flow, bearing in mind that many of the traffickers were jailed, that traffickers significantly fund(ed) the insurgency, that Benghazi prison was opened at the beginning of the insurgency, read this:
Migration gates are ‘wide open’ in Libya
Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud Baghdadi has admitted the country cannot do anything to stop the rising flow of illegal immigrants reaching Malta and Italy.
The admission, made during a press conference in Tripoli, comes as suspicions grow within the EU and the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) that Libya was involved in trafficking thousands of sub-Saharan Africans to Europe.

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