May 1st, 2011

Libyagate: Assassination using NATO

Nato strike 'kills Gaddafi's youngest son'
Libyan official says son and three of Libyan leader's grandsons killed in air strike, but NATO is yet to confirm deaths.

Saif al-Arab Gaddafi, the youngest son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, and three of his grandchildren have been killed in a NATO air strike, a Libyan government spokesman said.
Gaddafi and his wife were in the Tripoli house of his 29-year-old son, Saif al-Arab Gaddafi, when it was hit by at least one missile fired by a NATO warplane late on Saturday, according to Libyan government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim.
"The house of Mr Saif al-Arab Gaddafi was attacked tonight with full power. The leader with his wife was there in the house with other friends and relatives.
"The leader himself is in good health, he wasn't harmed," the spokesman said, adding that Gaddafi's wife was also unharmed but other people in the house were injured.
"This was a direct operation to assassinate the leader of this country. This is not permitted by international law. It is not permitted by any moral code or principle.
"What we have now is the law of the jungle," Ibrahim told a news conference.
"We think now it is clear to everyone that what is happening in Libya has nothing to do with the protection of civilians." /continues

If the report is confirmed then NATO has been used for assassination. More than that it did so in a civilian area and also killed innocent children. That is not only illegal it is beyond belief. The leaders and all the members that voted for this need to be locked up.

Video here.

Libyagate: Libyagate: Tribes united against Misurata insurgents. NATO banditry.

Whilst waiting for reports of the killing of Gaddafi's relatives by a NATO strike on a civilian area to be confirmed:

Pro-Gaddafi tribes tell rebels to return to fold
Libyan tribes loyal to Muammar Gaddafi called on rebels on Saturday to 'return to the fold' and stand united with their leader against NATO airstrikes they likened to Italy's colonial rule.
The call came in a meeting of leaders representing some 420 tribes to which Gaddafi's government brought the foreign media it has permitted in Tripoli. Those journalists operate under close supervision from government minders.
"The Zawarah tribes call on our brothers in the east and in the Western Mountains to ... return to the fold of other Libyan tribes," said Mohammed al-Mansouri, speaking on behalf of tribes from the Zawarah area in the west of Libya.
"Libya's soil is the graveyard of invaders. Ask the fascist Italians what happened to them when they invaded Libya in 1911."
[...] Nasreddine Abu Amaid said the tribes would try to negotiate an end to the fighting, provided NATO airstrikes stopped, but were ready to fight the rebels if necessary.
"We will go. Our guys are ready. In my town we have 15,000 who are ready to cleanse Misrata," he said, referring to Aziziya, southwest of Tripoli, where the meeting took place.
"We wanted the army to retreat. We will take over. We are really fed up, especially from NATO. If NATO did not enter it would not have happened like this."
Asked if he was worried that such a move would spark a full-blown civil war, Abu Amaid said: "We are ready for that if they don't want to stop."
Virtually all those who spoke at the conference pledged allegiance to Gaddafi, a blown-up photograph of whom was placed at the front of the hall. Tribesmen in white robes rose and burst into pro-government chants in the middle of speeches.
Mahmoud al-Bahloul spoke on behalf of 34 clans numbering around 200,000 people he said constituted a protective belt around the capital. Other speakers represented other groupings.
"We say Libyans are one and Libyan soil will not be divided," Omar Tantoush, a coordinator of the meeting, told the assembled tribesmen. /more

15,000 from one town, that outnumbers the armed insurgents in Misurata by a considerable amount. It would be wise for the Misuratans to negotiate.

US anti war status report, Paul and Kucinich lead the charge
Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s Address to Congress on the War in Libya
[...] We are not naïve about the existence of forces in the world which work against peace and against human security, but it is our fervent wish that we shall never become like those whom we condemn as lawless and without scruples. For it is our duty as members of a democratic society to provide leadership by example, to not only articulate the highest standards but to walk down the path to peace and justice with those standards as our constant companions. Our moral leadership in the world depends chiefly upon the might and light of truth and not shock and awe, and ghastly glow of our 2,000 lb bombs.
[...] The power to declare war is firmly and explicitly vested in the Congress of the United States under Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution.
Let us make no mistake about it, dropping 2000 lb bombs and unleashing the massive firepower of our air force on the capital of a sovereign state is in fact an act of war and no amount of legal acrobatics can make it otherwise.
It is that same arrogance of power which the former Senator from Arkansas, J. William Fulbright, saw shrouded in the deceit which carried us into the abyss of the war in Vietnam. We determined we would never again see another Vietnam. It was the awareness of the unchecked power and arrogance of the executive which led Congress to pass the War Powers Act.
The Congress through the War Powers Act provided the executive with an exception to unilaterally respond only when the nation was in actual or imminent danger; to “repel sudden attacks.”
Today we are in a constitutional crisis because our chief executive has assumed for himself powers to wage war which are neither expressly defined nor implicit in the Constitution, nor permitted under the War Powers Act.
This is a challenge not just to the Administration, but to Congress itself:
The President has no right to wrest that fundamental power from Congress – and we have no right to cede it to him. /much more

(Dennis Kucinich Interview Transcript: on Libya and Obama's Impeachability (April13 podcast) here.)

Dark politics
tells us that Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich attack Obama’s illegal war in Libya
and recommends an On Docket interview on vid here
After revealing the Fed Res increased US debt by 3.3 trillion (12 zeros) to rescue banks around the world - secretly, On Docket asks Kucinich and Paul "Why are we dropping bombs on Libya?"

Obama Doctrine Allows for Regime Change by Assassination
by Dennis J. Kucinich + NATO Kills Gaddafi’s Son & Three Grandchildren video  (the video gives collaborating evidence for the assassination claims)

Intel Agencies: ‘No evidence’ of Viagra-fueled Libyan rape campaign
There are conflicting reports out of Libya as to whether or not troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi have been engaging in systematic rape-sprees fueled by the prescription anti-impotency drug Viagra. Thursday, the U.S. envoy to the United Nations, Susan Rice reported to the Security Council that rape is increasingly being used as a weapon against women in rebel areas.
On Friday, diplomats and other U.S. military and intelligence officials denied the claim, citing a lack of evidence. The allegation was first reported by a British newspaper. If it is true that troops have been issued Viagra and urged by their commanders to rape and brutalize women and children in rebel areas, it constitutes a war crime.
However, a report from NBC News states that diplomats questioned about the allegations indicated that Rice provided no evidence for the Viagra allegation, which they said "was made in an attempt to persuade doubters the conflict in Libya was not just a standard civil war but a much nastier fight".

Cameron has a "tell" when he lies.
Nato strike 'kills Saif al-Arab Gaddafi', Libya says
China and Russia within the Security Council have concerns that the alliance has gone beyond the mandate of the UN resolution authorising "all necessary measures" to protect civilians.
But UK Prime Minister David Cameron said Nato's targeting policy was "in line with the UN resolution".

Libya disabled children school hit in NATO strike (Reuters)
Shattered glass litters the carpet at the Libyan Down's Syndrome Society, and dust covers pictures of grinning children that adorn the hallway, thrown into darkness by a NATO strike early on Saturday.

As far as I can learn, NATO jets continue to bomb the supply line to Brega where the army is defending the town from insurgent attacks. How is this protecting civilians?