April 13th, 2011

CCNet - Dr Jones vs Delingpole, Warmageddon Deferred, etc

CCNet – 11 April 2011

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Climategate University Loses Bid To Stifle Critic

The University of East Anglia of Climategate fame – scene of the embarrassing emails that disgraced the global warming cause – has once again been embarrassed, this time through a failed attempt to silence one of the UK’s most brilliant – and biting – global warming sceptics. In an attempt to curb James Delingpole’s blog posts, the university lodged a complaint with the UK Press Complaints Commission, an independent body. The Commission’s decision, just out, is a crushing repudiation of the university’s attempt to manage dissent that could strike a blow for free speech everywhere. --Lawrence Solomon, Financial Post, 9 April 2011

The Press Complaints Commission was satisfied that readers would be aware of the context of the columnist’s robust views – clearly recognisable as his subjective opinion – that the scientists were “untrustworthy, unreliable and entirely unfit to write the kind of reports on which governments around the world make their economic and environmental decisions”, and that their work was “shoddy” and “mendacious”. In the circumstances, it did not consider that there had been a breach of Clause 1 (Accuracy) of the Code. -- UK Press Complaints Commission, 9 April 2011

The study's findings affect both energy transfer and the sequestration and release of CO2, the climate lobby's favorite smoking gun. This bears repeating because, despite many such revelations, climate change catastrophists and ecological prophets of doom continue to base their case on outdated, disproven models. This is just the latest in a number of such findings, highlighting the inadequacy of climate models. -- Doug L Hoffman, The Resilient Earth, 10 April 2011

1) Lawrence Solomon: Climategate University Loses Bid To Stifle Critic - Financial Post, 9 April 2011

2) Climategate: University of East Anglia v The Daily Telegraph - Catalaxyfiles, 9 April 2011

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4) Peter Glover: Warmageddon Deferred, Says Joe Public - Energy Tribune, 8 April 2011

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6) James Taranto: The BBC And Salami Climatology - The Wall Street Journal, 9 April 2011

Selection from WUWT

A lot of people were hoping for great things from BEST (an acceptably accurate temp. time series) but in the end they satisfied no-one and "premature delivery" is the least of the issues.

Not Whether, but How to Do The Math

Clarification on BEST submitted to the House

Expect the BEST, plan for the worst

Pielke Sr. on the Muller testimony

Pielke Sr. on sampling error in BEST 2% preliminary results
New Hampshire House Votes to Quit Cap-and-Trade

From air to petrol
The greens worst nightmare? A CO2 to Oil process

Pretty damn awful. The data that supported the massive release of dam water that caused the tragic and extensive flooding in Queensland in January was fixed to pass blame away from bad management and onto unique weather that as it turned out was far from unique.
Model trumps observation – dam operator caught in fabrication

Guardian on the food crisis: nothing to do with global warming

They seek it here, they seek it there, the missing stored heat. Still a fiction created by "wishful thinking" models and lack of data.
ARGO-Era NODC Ocean Heat Content Data (0-700 Meters) Through December 2010

Bombshell conclusion – new peer reviewed analysis: “worldwide-temperature increase has not produced acceleration of global sea level over the past 100 years”

The Earth’s biosphere is booming, data suggests that CO2 is the cause, part 2

Climate Craziness of the Week: IPCC’s Pachauri claims 17cm of sea level rise made the Tsunami worse, but let’s check

Why have the alarmist fraternity have gone silent on Kilimanjaro snow they gleefully informed the world would soon be gone due to human CO2.
Kilimanjaro regaining its snow cap
Has someone been planting trees? Of course it is a clearly due to global warming and entirely consistent with models.

Why Bing.com is better (they don't log your IP, don't employ Gore etc.)
Open letter to Gorgle

Libyagate: Unravelling into "Iraq the sequel"

Note the opinions here unless otherwise attributed are mine alone and in no way am I connected with the host Google.

A full public inquiry into the justification and prosecution of the Libyan war should be held BEFORE it unravels into another Iraq.

China’s increasing influence and foreseeable domination of foreign participation in Africa’s development has made the US and EC uneasy as the puppeteers intend a war against China in the long run and having their domination in Africa is not a welcome factor (massive population to call on in support and endless resources). An aspect of the war waged against the Libyan gov’t by the coalition is to establish a foothold in Africa where the US has a presence, that necessarily entails a puppet gov’t. There is also the question of the immense debt the EC and the US have run up with China, a war would zero it so there are a lot of pluses from the cartels’ POV. The US has been intimidating N. Korea with its state owned bank mercilessly but so far China has restrained it from attacking the south, Confucius says let the US be the aggressor, so in the wrong.

Pakistan cozies up to China
As relations with the U.S. erode, Islamabad finds a friend in Beijing
[Will India react by cozying up even more to the US or will it look east to its ally in the battle against the CO2 demented anti development freaks?]

The Libya war has also been theorised as started to be a showcase to demonstrate the effectiveness of western weaponry and boost production (irrelevantly creating a few extra jobs). Cameron likely as a cartel rep travelled to Egypt just before the conflict started accompanied by (no doubt) bankster financed arms dealers. The Libyan insurgents have been filmed with non Libyan tanks, Belgian automatic weapons, and RPGs. They seemingly have an unending supply of ammunition for these weapons despite the embargo. One wonders about the origin of the weaponry recently supplied by Qatar.
Information like this unintentionally revealed by MSM is likely the cause for the slow down (stoppage in DT’s case) of live reports, incriminating footage is now likely hitting the cutting room floor. It is evidence of the coalition ignoring international law in their frantic efforts to get Gaddafi regardless of the cost and depths of deception required. The longer the project continues, the more saintly Gaddafi appears in comparison. Not at all what the propagandist warmongers intended.

A respectable piece with a less condemnatory and accusative tone was presented at Global Research a few days ago: From Ivory Coast to Libya And Beyond: The Conquest of Africa, an excerpt:
“In reference to the mounting violence between the Western-backed Alassane Ouattara’s self-styled Republican Forces army and “Invisible Commandos” on one side and incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo’s military and security forces on the other in Ivory Coast, the AU chairman said that it should not “imply a war, an intervention of a foreign army.”
He spoke after French attack helicopters struck Ivorian military bases in the commercial capital of Abidjan and destroyed over ten armored vehicles, four anti-aircraft weapons and the broadcasting station of the state-run Radiodiffusion-Télévision ivoirienne as well as firing on the presidential building and residence. French troops took over the nation’s main airport earlier in the week. (In 2004 French warplanes destroyed the Gbagbo government’s modest air force on the ground, an action heartily endorsed by the U.S.)
President Obiang Nguema also spoke about what is now the almost three-week-long war waged by the U.S. and its NATO allies against Libya: “I believe that the problems in Libya should be resolved in an internal fashion and not through an intervention that could appear to resemble a humanitarian intervention. We have already seen this in Iraq.”
He added: “Each foreigner is susceptible to proposing erroneous solutions. African problems cannot be resolved with a European, American or Asian view.”
On the same day Russia called for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Ivory Coast and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned that recently reinforced French troops and cohorts from the United Nations Operation in Côte d’Ivoire (ONUCI) operate under a mandate that demands strict neutrality and impartiality.
The following day Lavrov expressed concerns about the U.S. and other NATO members arming anti-government insurgents in Libya, stating that such a measure “would constitute interference in the civil war.”
Comparable statements have been voiced around the world, from the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) in Latin America and the Caribbean denouncing the Libyan war to the leader of the world’s 1.3 billion Catholics, Pope Benedict XVI, referring to the violence in Ivory Coast and Libya as a defeat for humanity and issuing “a renewed and heartfelt appeal to all parties to the [conflict] to initiate a process of peacemaking and dialogue, and to avoid further bloodshed.”

Obviously the world is as awake as the western public that failed to support the pretend humanitarian aid bombing from the get-go. Germany has probably been under enormous pressure to show unity hence the offer to assist in the probably Italian led invasion. France is already scapegoating NATO for the failure to win the war, NATO dismissing Sarkozy’s empty drum banging with a few words. There has been no reduction in the number of strikes.

To a disinterested observer it would appear that not only are the Libyan generals stopping the advance of the insurgents, their government is winning the propaganda war.
In bombing the country the US and the rest of the coalition, now NATO declared war on Libya. Armed forces landing on Libyan soil regardless of the pretence of protecting aid workers, will probably be considered a legitimate target by the generals and they may have unpleasant surprises for their recent allies in Italy and the rest of the EU whose leaders until recently were pleased to kiss the figurehead of the regime. It is obvious to anyone that is not blind or a politician that the uprising does not have widespread support. It is east tribal, led by a man associated with the CIA and not even the east is fully supportive. Time is on the incumbent government’s side as the fig leaf permission of the UN was time limited. It now seems likely that the UN regs will be twisted and circumnavigated again with an occupation force that is likely to be attacked giving the US the excuse to put boots on the ground.  Funding will guide the UN’s compliance as it always does.
Benghazi will be the port of disembarkation. The force will head to dispense aid in the ghost town Ajdabiye, protected by the air force and then proceed to drive the army out of near empty Brega in the pretence of delivering aid. Oil tankers await the Brega invasion.

Italy has already lost its Libyan war Voltaire net
Whatever will be the outcome of this conflict, Italy has already lost the Libyan campaign. The Italian government celebrated the 150 years of Italian unification with a stunning reversal on Libya. By joining the military aggression against its former colony, Italy is waging war against its own interests. Eurasia editor Daniele Scalea, analyzes Italy’s incredible collision course with herself to retain her Atlanticist credentials.

New EU sanctions put the squeeze on Libyan oil sector
(AFP) – The European Union added to its Libya sanctions list 26 energy firms accused of financing Moamer Kadhafi’s regime, a move that Germany said amounted to a de facto oil and gas embargo.
[...] The EU imposed an arms embargo against [west] Libya after Kadhafi used violent means to put down anti-government protests that erupted in mid-February.
Travel bans and assets freezes were also enforced against Kadhafi and 37 associates.
The assets and financial transactions of several financial entities were frozen, including the Libyan Central Bank and the sovereign wealth fund that manages oil funds. [The state bank and its 150 tons of gold is of course a target of the bank cartel]

World Bank to lend Tunisia $500 mln for budget Trust org
[Tunisia starts its slide down the slippery slope into cartel bank debt slavery.]

Why Sarkozy is no ‘Africain’ Guardian
[A fairly kind assessment of Sarkozy featuring his single-handed arrest of Gbanbo.]

Are journos paid a bonus to demonise hemp? Cameron’s illiterate stance on cannabis has been attacked. Those with a vested interest in keeping it demonised are responding in the traditional form.
Cannabis-smoking youth raped and strangled girl, 16, after social workers said they were ‘powerless’ to intervene
[The pot probably avoided him from being worse. The headline should have read "Youth with congenital behavioural problems let down by social services, commits murder.]

My guess to what this is about “The Greenest Car You’ve Never Heard Of” was H. Ford’s car built from hemp and run on hemp oil but I was wrong.
“The Leaf has a range of 62 to 138 miles (100 to 222 kilometers) depending on road conditions and takes 30 minutes to partially charge at a quick-charge station and seven to 20 hours using a standard 220 or 110 volt outlet.” A horse and cart is greener, runs on hay and water and probably gives more miles per charge with fewer CO2 emissions…

Cannabis news (your IP is not recorded)

A consequence of an EC gift presented to the UK by the tripartite alliance established under Blair and expanded by Brown and Cameron in compliance with EuroCom and Common Purose policy.
Fury as EU migrants carry out 500 crimes every week in Britain

More propaganda from government orifices:
Race fears erupt after council votes overwhelmingly for Britain’s first BNP mayor

Sacrificial goat Huhne has inherited a bigger problem than feeding the bank accounts of voracious gang-green cronies and troughites. The implementation of a nuclear plant build program with a backdrop of the Japanese disaster and the knock on that has produced this:
Government’s doomed £6bn plan to dispose of nuclear waste (Indy)
[I'd feel sorry for him if he wasn't such an ignorant, lying europhile]

I haven’t read this yet but the intro suggests it is worth the while.
The “Deep State” behind U.S. democracy In his book The Road to 9/11, now available in French, Professor Peter Dale Scott traces back the history of the “Deep State” in the United States, that is to say the secret structure that steers defense and foreign policy behind the facade of democracy. His analysis lifts the veil on the group that organised the September 11 attacks and which finances itself through international trafficking networks. Regarded as a reference book, The Road to 9/11 already features as recommended reading at military-diplomatic academies.
Begins the interview thus – VoltaireNet: Professor Scott, as your work is not as widely known as it ought to be in French-speaking countries, could you please start by defining what “Deep politics” is, and explain the distinction between what you call the “Deep state” and the “Public state”?

Back at the front:
Al Jaz 9:26am  The African Union is seeking a way to establish a ceasefire in Libya and is trying to convince rebels in the eastern city of Benghazi to join in the effort, a spokesman for the group said.
[One wonders why he is addressing the wagged rather than the wagger]

10:20am British prime minister David Cameron and French president Nicolas Sarkozy will hold talks in Paris about the military operation in Libya.
[They should know that they are generating hostility elsewhere: "The shifting zeitgeist of the 'Arab Spring' " NATO intervention in Libya sends negative messages to non-violent Arab movements across the region.]

Guardian’s live effort: guardian.co.uk/world/blog/2011/apr/13/libya-contact-group-meets-doha-live-coverage.

To whom it may concern. This blog is not about saving the apparently senile Gaddafi, I care less what his fate is. It is about spotlighting the underhanded shenanigans of the lowlifes in charge of the UK and those of the PM with the support of career politicians. The lying and deception from them is incessant. By Cameron formally declaring the action to be a war I would have to shut up. Waging it under cover of humanitarian aid  defies belief. The ground effort is on life support, i.e. NATO bombs and so discussions to end the hostilities should be directed at NATO.