April 1st, 2011

Libyagate: Cameron brings shame. Herbal medicine

For the war weary:
Feds Finally Recognize The Anti-Cancer Potential Of Cannabis -36 Years Too Late!
Scientific trials have for decades documented the anti-cancer properties of cannabis and its constituents.
Yet, it took until this week for the website of the National Institute of Cancer, a component of the U.S. government’s National Institutes of Health, to finally acknowledged the herb’s therapeutic utility for patients living with disease or suffering from the adverse side-effects of cancer treatment.
It’s a stunning acknowledgment, given that the NIH is a branch of the very same government that presently maintains that the cannabis plant and all of its naturally-derived components have ‘no accepted medical use’.
Yet it also begs the question: Where has the National Institute of Cancer been all these years?
After all, the anti-tumor activity of cannabinoids were initially documented in 1975! That’s right- it’s taken 36 years for the Institute to get with the program.
Hopefully it won’t take them another 36 years to demand that the Feds finally assess whether these preclinical results are replicable in human trials.

Here is what I found a couple of years ago. Cannabinoids keep receptors open that are associated with programmed cell death. Cancer cells cause them to shut down. For people with cancer, the receptors can be opened with another drug and then maintained with a steady diet of pot.
Read the original article for further info.

Insurgents – the company they keep. Cartel banksters, cartel oil, foreign secret services, mafia, gangsters and other enemies of the people.
Gaddafi is not a nice person however he seems to be the least worst amongst a bad bunch that were easily persuaded to turn on him in word but not in deed (Arab League). Perhaps Obama’s skill in browbeating by veiled threats to aid demonstrated at Copenhagen came into play.
A failed coup is no more than a band of traitors to the victor and subject to the prevailing laws of the land. It would not look good on anyone’s CV to be associated with such.
‘Egypt ready to promote ties with Iran’
Newly appointed Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil al-Arabi has said that his country is ready to promote ties between Tehran and Cairo.
In his first press conference as the country’s foreign minister on Tuesday, al-Arabi said Cairo is ready to open “a new page with Iran,” IRNA reported.

Cameron brings shame.
Just what dirty money and trafficker backed armed thugs and convicts, criminals and co-opted youth is he associating the UK with?
BBC live:
20:37 Ali Abdul Hassan writes: “The rebels are not any more peaceful than the Gaddafi troops. The rebels came through 2 days ago, displaying great arrogance and violence. Now they are fleeing with the exact opposite emotions. These are not people that we trust”
0956: Ahmed from Sanaa in Yemen writes: “I am one of the people who started these protests early on along with a number of others. We were, and still are, calling for reforms. However, since the opposition joined these protests, with their own agenda, many independent people, including myself have left the scene and are trying to voice our opinions in complete detachment to the opposition parties. These parties do not represent us nor do they represent what we’re calling for.”

Washington Times – Former jihadist Noman Benotman, who renounced his al Qaeda affiliation in 2000, said in an interview that he estimates 1,000 jihadists are in Libya.

2007 West Point Study Shows Benghazi-Darnah-Tobruk Area was a World Leader in Al Qaeda Suicide Bomber Recruitment

Noman Benotman is a former member of the AQIM (formerly the LIFG), as is a current commander of anti Gaddafi rebels forces in Libya Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi.

In 2002 French intelligence experts revealed how western intelligence agencies bankrolled a Libyan Al-Qaeda cell controlled directly by Bin Laden to hatch a plot to kill Gaddafi that was foiled in March 1996. The cell was led by Anas al-Liby, who was with Bin Laden in Sudan before Bin Laden returned to Afghanistan.

Libya: the West and al-Qaeda on the same side Statements of support for Libya’s revolution by al-Qaeda and leading Islamists have led to fears that military action by the West might be playing into the hands of its ideological enemies.

Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, has said jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.

There are plenty more but I don’t need to inform of that. There are the intelligence services of the various enmeshed countries and Gaddafi telling the leaders. They know! They are the criminals.

Obama has given the CIA permission to assist them. Is that retroactive? Will the UK secret services be given backdated permission?

Mr. Cameron is a common liar, a traitor or a total incompetent. Who are the bigger criminals, the pre NATO coalition, EC and UN or the thugs and terrorists masquerading as insurgents? Gaddafi is a saint in comparison. Contemplating the deception of the leaders and their and their puppeteers’ lack of morals makes me feel quite ill.

The following from: Bombing Libya: 1986 – 2011
So the question is, why has a revolt broken out?
The answer, which I have been intensely researching for the past month is not a simple one.
The revolt started in Benghazi in eastern Libya. A very important point not mentioned anywhere in the international media is the fact that due to geographic location, being one of the closest point to Europe from the African continent, Benghazi has over the past 15 years or so become the epicenter of African migration to Europe. At one point over a thousand African migrants a day were pouring into Libya in hopes of arranging transport to Europe.
The human trafficking industry, one of the most evil, inhumane businesses on the planet, grew into a billion dollar a year industry in Benghazi. A large, viscous underworld mafia set down deep roots in Benghazi, employing thousands in various capacities and corrupting Libyan police and government officials. It has only been in the past year or so that the Libyan government, with help from Italy, has finally brought this cancer under control. With their livelihood destroyed and many of their leaders in prison, the human trafficking mafia have been at the forefront in funding and supporting the Libyan rebellion. Many of the human trafficking gangs and other lumpen elements in Benghazi are known for racist pogroms against African guest workers where over the past decade they regularly robbed and murdered Africans in Benghazi and its surrounding neighborhoods. Since the rebellion in Benghazi broke out several hundred Sudanese, Somali, Ethiopian and Eritrean guest workers have been robbed and murdered by racist rebel militias, a fact well hidden by the international media.
Benghazi has also long been a well known center of religious extremism. Libyan fanatics who spent time in Afghanistan are concentrated there and a number of terrorist cells have been carrying out bombings and assassinations of government officials in Benghazi over the past two decades. One cell, calling itself the Fighting Islamic Group, declared itself an Al Queda affiliate back in 2007. These cells were the first to take up arms against the Libyan government.
The last, and most difficult problem that has been festering in Libya is based on well known backward cultural beliefs in Libyan society. Libyans will not take jobs they consider “dirty”. Back in 1987 the Libyan English Department students who were our escorts talked openly about this problem. Libyan youth who finish their education will not take entry level jobs that involve any menial work. They expect to have immediate employment in well paid positions with good salaries, nice apartments and new automobiles.
The Libyan government has been forced to import hundreds of thousands of guest workers to do the “dirty work” Libyans refuse to do, first from sub-Saharan Africa, and later from Asia.
The result of this is that thousands of Libyan youth are unemployed, living at home off of their families and this parasitical existence has lead to a serious social problem. Alcohol, banned in Libya, and drug abuse among the youth has been a growing problem.
All of these diverse social problems came to a head when the Arab street began its uprising against their Western supported elite’s, first in Libya’s neighbor Tunisia and then Libya’s other neighbor, Egypt. /full essay here. I’ll post the full article if permission is given.

Yet another to add to the list of (t)reasons:
Libyan War And Control Of The Mediterranean
Thoughtful piece that blames Sarkozy empire fantasies and US colonialism. Plenty of history included, worth reading.

More blame heaped on Sarkozy
Reasons and False Pretexts: Why are They Making War on Libya?
False Pretext Number One: “to protect civilians”.
The falsity of this pretext is obvious, first of all, because the UN Resolution authorizing military action “to protect civilians” was drawn up by France [??? I'll check this] – whose objective was clearly regime change – and its Western allies. Had the real concern of the UN Security Council been to “protect innocent lives”, it would have, could have, should have sent a strong neutral observer mission to find out what was really happening in Libya. There was no proof of rebel claims that the Qaddafi regime was slaughtering civilians. Had there been visible proof of such atrocities, we can be sure that they would have been shown regularly on prime time television. We have seen no such proof. A UN fact-finding mission could have very rapidly set the record straight, and the Security Council could then have acted on the basis of factual information rather than of claims by rebels seeking international aid for their cause.

Another Illegal Campaign of Aggression: Stop Bombing Libya
[...] The resolution authorizes UN Member States “to take all necessary measures . . . to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, including Benghazi, while excluding a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory.” The military action taken exceeds the bounds of the “all necessary measures” authorization.
[...] There is no doubt that Muammar Qaddafi has been brutally repressing Libyans in order to maintain his power. But the purpose of the United Nations is to maintain international peace and security. The burgeoning conflict in Libya is a civil war, which arguably does not constitute a threat to international peace and security.
The UN Charter commands that all Members settle their international disputes by peaceful means, to maintain international peace, security, and justice. Members must also refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state or in any manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.
Continues by explaining how the coalition, now NATO is taking the piss using UN chapter and verse.

How Italy Forced NATO’s Hand on Libya
[...] This conflict is being seized upon to grab geopolitical and economic turf. Italy and  Libya have a despicable economic partnership and the benefits from it are what  Berlusconi is interested in preserving, nothing else. Many Libyans too want a piece of  this destructive and racist pie. The United States, France and Britain share similar goals  as the release of the Lockerbie bomber to ensure a deal for British Petroleum prove.  Hopefully it is becoming common knowledge that British Petroleum is set to construct  the largest and deepest offshore oil rig in the Mediterranean,  much like “deep  horizon”, in Libyan waters off the coast of North Africa.

Bottom line: military action in Libya is not the solution nor is it the solution in Afghanistan/Pakistan or Iraq.
The no fly zone has allowed America and the coalition forces to attack Gaddafi forces. If Gaddafi retaliates with NATO causalities this can very possibly lead to a full scale war and Libya can very quickly become the next Iraq, but even worse than Iraq and it will become a terrorist breeding ground, allowing terrorist groups to Network from Libya and attack Israel.
Ends with -Another question that needs to be asked is why America is not recognising Gaddafi’s calling for a ceasefire? And why they aren’t prepared to negotiate with him, and why it’s just back to the normal American philosophy of bombs away, think later, or is it Arab life is cheap and disposable, so lets bomb them and talk later?
Because when Israel clearly displayed its racist attitude towards Palestinian Arabs and was bombing the living daylights out of the Arab civilians in Gaza, America did nothing, why now, a sudden concern for Arab civilians in Libya?  /Full story here

Time line (continued from previous post)
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/afr... 30 March
09:44 Channel Four producer Daniel Wright tweets: “Don’t know [if] Libyan Fighting Group are now active in Libya. But if so they are banned in UK but supported by UK airstrkes.”
10:53 Joshua Landis is a must-read analyst for those interested in Syrian affairs. The director of the Centre for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma has given a cogent assessment to CNN, outlining why the winds of change won’t blow through Damascus.
17:23 Military analyst Col Mike Dewar tells the BBC the rebels are in retreat partly because they are an ad hoc group of people in family cars with missile launchers and no training – and partly due to new tactics by Gaddafi loyalists. They have abandoned their tanks, which were being hit by coalition air strikes, and are now pursuing rebels on foot, he says.
20:05Disturbing news from Human Rights Watch, which says in a new report that Col Gaddafi’s forces have been using landmines.
[Do they have nothing to say about cruise missiles targetting tripoli?]
20:37 Ali Abdul Hassan writes: “The rebels are not any more peaceful than the Gaddafi troops. The rebels came through 2 days ago, displaying great arrogance and violence. Now they are fleeing with the exact opposite emotions. These are not people that we trust”
Have Your Say http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/1156...

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/worl... 31 March
[Mouth organs relay messages from puppeteers]
0849: The international community is “united” on Libya, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has told AFP in Nairobi.
0921: EnoughGaddafi tweets: “About defections, did Gaddafi let them leave, will they negotiate for him? What is the outcome of defections?”
0956: Ahmed from Sanaa in Yemen writes: “I am one of the people who started these protests early on along with a number of others. We were, and still are, calling for reforms. However, since the opposition joined these protests, with their own agenda, many independent people, including myself have left the scene and are trying to voice our opinions in complete detachment to the opposition parties. These parties do not represent us nor do they represent what we’re calling for.”
Have Your Say http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/1156...
1017: The BBC’s Nick Springate, who is in the Libyan desert between Ajdabiya and Brega, says: “In the last few minutes, opposition forces who were travelling down the coastal road towards Brega have been hit by artillery. One round landed on their lead vehicle, destroying the vehicle, and without doubt killing those inside. The vehicles on the road have now retreated by a number of kilometres and are now parked up in the desert. There is heavy firing in the distance.”
1027: More from the BBC’s Nick Springate in the Libyan desert: “What looked like being a careful opposition plan with troops stopping, going ahead to check that the road was clear, is purely now simply a trap – and the same tactic used the other day when the rebels moved in to Bin Jawad, and then were mortared and had heavy artillery and they retreated all the way back to Ajdabiya. It looked again like there are no true tactics here, and that the rebel forces are now stuck in the desert, and will not be moving any further forward towards Brega.”
1036: A top Vatican official in Tripoli cites witnesses as saying at least 40 civilians have been killed in air strikes on the city, Reuters reports in Rome.
1132: The French defence minister has said France is not planning to arm the rebels as it would be incompatible with the terms of the UN resolution, AFP reports.
[But it's ok to do it covertly?]
1145: “I have collected several witness accounts from reliable people. In particular, in the Buslim neighbourhood, due to the bombardments, a civilian building collapsed, causing the death of 40 people,” he said. [Humanitarian aid with the coalitions' compliments. No need to thank.]
1222: Almashai, from the UK, writes: “Wake up British and American people wake up! Your governments are making another Bin Laden in Libya. Even if they kill Gaddafi, there are millions of Gaddafis in Libya.”
1257: The Scottish prosecution service, the Crown Office, has released a short statement re Lockerbie. It reads: “We continue to liaise closely with other justice authorities in relation to the ongoing investigation into the involvement of others with [Libyan Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali] al-Megrahi in the Lockerbie bombing and will make no further comment on the nature of the investigation.”
[At the time there were stories that Gaddafi accepted liability due to the overwhelming benefits and bribes offered by the UK, EU, US and various NGOs.]
1316: “Artillery bombardment resumed this morning and is still going on. The [pro-Gaddafi] brigades could not enter the town but they are surrounding it,” the spokesman, called Sami, told Reuters by telephone. About the shelling on Wednesday, he said: “Many people were wounded. Massacres\rare taking place in Misrata.”
1318: [Abbreviated] Police investigating the Lockerbie bombing have told the BBC they would very much like to speak to Moussa Koussa.
1448: Defence Secretary Robert Gates’s exact quote to the US Congress was: “I can’t speak to any CIA activities but I will tell you that the president has been quite clear that in terms of the United States military there will be no boots on the ground.”
1702: Feb17Libya tweets: “Mine experts said Gaddafi forces planted Brazilian-made anti-personnel mines and Egyptian-made anti-tank mines around Ajdabiya.”
[No mention of whether any civilians stayed behind to watch the fracas. A TV reporter said it was deserted when he arrived yesterday. I hope they keep records of where for later. Missile experts said coalition forces fired cruise missiles into cities"/sarc off]

AlJ 31 March
12:55am Ahead of a NATO press conference expected tomorrow, where the 28-member military alliance will outline its operations, the office of the US secretary of defence has said:
In the last 24 hours:
– the Coalition and US have conducted a total of 188 sorties
— 102 of these were “strike” sorties (61 by Coalition; 41 by U.S.)
– the US launched 2 TLAMs [Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles]
Total Sorties:
– Coalition = 784 (489 “strike”)
– U.S. = 1206 (463 “strike”)
Total TLAM:
– Coalition = 7
– U.S. = 216
1:11am Al Jazeera’s Anita McNaught tells us that Koussa was not alone, and that there are several senior Libyan government figures waiting to fly to European capitals.
She said they include the current head of intelligence, the oil mininster, the secretary of the general peoples’ congress and a deputy foreign minister. She tells us:
“It seems the government of Gaddafi is collapsing around him tonight, and they’re running for the hills.
But its all about Cololnel Gaddafi here. The people are loyal to him, not to his ministers, so how this will be taken by the Libyan people is another matter – that’s if they know what’s going on. Today, state TV said that Moussa Koussa was going on holiday. We’ll see if they say the same for these others.”
2:24am Al Jazeera’s Anita McNaught, reporting from Tripoli, says that Moussa Koussa’s defection doesn’t necessarily mean Gaddafi will be leaving power any time soon: “Will this be seen by Gaddafi as a sign he has no friends left? Who knows? He is a law to himself. We haven’t heard from him much recently, and we’ve also not heard much from his sons.”
2:46am And the air strikes continue. Explosions have reportedly shaken an eastern suburb of Tripoli, as warplanes staged a raid on the Libyan capital, a witness has told the AFP news agency Libya’s state news agency also reported the attack.
Shortly after the aircraft flew over the east and southeast suburbs of the city, explosions could be heard in the southeast Salaheddine district, targeting a military site in the area, said the witness, speaking on condition of anonymity.
Gaddafi’s Bab al-Azizia [meaning Splendid Gate] home and compound is located in a southern suburb of the city – whch is also home to 1million people.
Jana, the official Libyan news agency, said “a civilian site in Tripoli has been the target tonight of bombing from the colonialist crusader aggressor.” They continued: “The price of any bomb or missile launched by the crusaders on the Libyans is paid for by the Qatari and Emirati governments.”
3:47am Our regular liveblog readers will remember that, at about this time yesterday, we mentioned that Nicaragua’s first lady announced that former foreign minister Miguel D’Escoto was to become the new Libyan ambassador to the United Nations.
Now Susan Rice, US ambassador to the UN, has poured cold water on the idea, saying that D’Escoto was only in the US on a tourist visa – which didn’t allow him to undertake government business.
She also said that he had been appointed by Moussa Koussa, who has since quit the administration and fled to Britain. Rice told reporters: “I think the first question is whether he’s actually been appointed in any legitimate fashion.”
D’Escoto is a Roman Catholic priest and a former Sandinista revolutionary, whose left-wing government in Nicaragua was attacked by US-funded Contra fighters during the 1980s. He once called former US president Ronald Reagan “the butcher of my people”.
He was understood to have been appointed after Gaddafi’s first choice, Ali Treki, was reportedly denied a visa to enter the United States.
[Denying the accused a voice smacks of despotism, fear of revelations or obeisance to he whose name must not be spoken.]

DT live
31 March
06.55 There are a few other major stories knocking around this morning, including the claim in the New York Times that British special forces and MI6 operatives are working alongside CIA operatives on the ground in Libya. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03...
The newspaper, citing "current and former British officials", says dozens of British agents are "directing airstrikes from British jets and gathering intelligence about the whereabouts of Libyan government tank columns, artillery pieces and missile installations".
There were seperate reports that Barack Obama had signed a secret order permitting CIA operations in Libya. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/new...
Meanwhile the argument over whether to arm rebels in Libya rumbled on, with David Cameron insisting that doing so could not be ruled out, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/new... while in the US Hillary Clinton insisted no decision had been made under strong opposition to the plan from an influential congressman.
07.08 [Abrev.] Security Correspondent Duncan Gardham reports on William Hague expelling five Libyan diplomats from Britain, while Ben Farmer in Ajdabiya describes a panicked retreat to Benghazi by rebels under the threat of Gaddafi's rockets.
07.16 An 18-month-old boy has been killed in an air strike in Libya, after a piece of debris smashed through the wall of his home, the child's family told the Associated Press. The reports on the death of Sirajuddin al-Sweisi have not been independently confirmed.
09.08 Rebels have massed outside the east Libyan town of Brega, saying their forces were still battling for control of the oil town, after ceding swathes of territory along the coast road to Gaddafi's troops yesterday.
Rebel fighter Rabia Ezela, waiting about 10 km (6 miles) outside Brega where scores of pick-ups mounted with machineguns and other vehicles had massed, told Reuters: "There were clashes with Gaddafi's forces around Brega at dawn."
Muneim Mustafa, another fighter with an AK-47 rifle slung over his shoulder, said: "God willing there will be more air strikes today, but we will advance no matter what."
09.19 Reuters reports that Gaddafi's forces have sown land mines in areas around the city of Ajdabiya, including Brazilian-made anti-personnel mines and Egyptian-made anti-tank mines.
16.30 David Cameron tonight urged Muammar Gaddafi's "henchmen" to follow the example of his former foreign minister and defect. The Prime Minister said the fact that Moussa Koussa had abandoned the dictator and fled to Britain showed the Libyan regime was "crumbling". Speaking at a press conference in Downing Street, Mr Cameron said others should now "come to their senses" and change sides. He said:
Quote "The decision by the former Libyan foreign minister to come to London to resign his position is a decision by someone right at the very top. It tells a compelling story of the desperation and the fear right at the very top of the crumbling and rotten Gaddafi regime."
18.30 Video David Cameron: 'Koussa could face Lockerbie prosecution'

1943: Sky News tweets: "Witness reports a dozen loud explosions and rocket fire in West Libyan city of Misrata"
20.03 Norway has said providing arms to support the uprising in Libya would violate the United Nations resolution authorising limited action against Muammar Gaddafi.

2107: US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said during a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee: "I am preoccupied with avoiding mission creep and avoiding having an open-ended, very large-scale American commitment in this respect. We know about Afghanistan; we know about Iraq."
Is that backdated too?

Al Qaeda was blamed for the twin towers destruction and many other atrocities. The CIA created Bin Ladin How long have they been in bed with his organisation? Mİ6? French DGSE?
Now there is open association and assistance of government heads with Al Qaeda and other criminals, some were apparently broken out of prison by the same people.
The same heads by their actions have declared war on Libya.
Cameron does not have majority support of his legal employers, the electorate.
There is no hard evidence against the Libyan government. If there was it would be all over the media.

US defence secretary Robert Gates on Thursday said it is highly unlikely for al-Qaeda to "hijack" the uprising in Libya against Gaddafi's rule.
Gates played down the threat posed by the group's regional affiliate, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, saying: "I think that the future government of Libya is going to be worked out among the principal tribes."
"So I think that for some outside group or some element of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb to be able to hijack this thing at this point looks very unlikely to me."
How does Gates envisage the tribes method of working it out? Tea and biscuits while sat on cushions inside a tent with Lawrence of Arabia theme music in the background?
E.Libya produces suicide bombers and people who have been schooled to hate the west with greater success than the brainwashing of UK kids that are schooled to believe CO2 is harmful and living like a hippie is a good thing.

23.36 Nato has made it clear that rebel forces in Libya are not impervious to bombardment if they attack civilians.
Canadian Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard, commander of the NATO operation which assumed control of Libyan airspace on Thursday, said anyone attacking civilians "would be ill-advised to continue such activities. I recommend that you cease such activities."
If it were not so serious I would be splitting my sides laughing. Civilians were threatened by the rebels at Sirte at least. NATO bombed Sirte.

18:52: Here's a full version of the Libyan Transitional Council's statement in which it rejects extremism (see 17:22).

Anyone at home in wikileaks?

Reports have emerged in European media alleging that efforts by French intelligence to destabilize or topple the Libyan government of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi may have played a role in last month’s protests in Benghazi, which ultimately led to war in Libya.
The National Council, a Libyan rebel group based in Benghazi and led by ex-Gaddafi regime officials, appealed to the Western powers for military support. The US, Britain, and the French government of President Nicolas Sarkozy then launched a war against Libya on March 19.
Allegations of French intelligence involvement center on a March 23 report by journalist Franco Bechis in the right-wing Italian daily Libero, headlined “‘Sarko’ manipulated the Libyan revolt.” He highlights the strange case of Nuri Mesmari—Gaddafi’s former chief of protocol, who fled to Paris in October—and claims that Mesmari put French officials in contact with military officers and activists in Benghazi plotting against Gaddafi.
French plans to topple Gaddafi on track since last November
by Franco Bechis
According to right-wing Italian journalist Franco Bechis, plans to spark the Benghazi rebellion were initiated by French intelligence services in November 2010. As Miguel Martinez from the progressive ComeDonChisciotte website observes, these revelations which have the blessing of the Italian secret services should be interpreted as the sign of existing rivalries within the European capitalist camp.
Voltaire Network wishes to point out that Paris promptly paired up with London in its scheme to overthrow Colonel Khadafi (Franco-British expeditionary force). This plan was recalibrated in the context of the Arab revolutions and taken over by Washington, which imposed its own objectives (counter-revolution in the Arab world and landing AfriCom on the Black continent). Therefore, the current coalition arises from a diversity of ambitions, which accounts for its internal contradictions. The timeline of events which set the stage for the military intervention against Libya is presented below. (Click the link)
Where is that permitted by UN regulations?
While NATO is in combat with Libya no other country may supply arms to the 12. Another rule to be ignored?
Marginally interesting for the co-ordination indicated between the coalition air and ground forces that aren't there.

NATO neutality:
Bombs blast new front after Gaddafi forces fight back

U.S. to gather intelligence on rebel fighters 30 March

Libya: Gaddafi son says bombs were 'misunderstanding'
Libyan government bombing raids on Brega were a "big misunderstanding" designed to scare off rebels, according to Saif al-Islam, son of Col Muammar Gaddafi.

Sen. Rand Paul Takes Senate Floor and Speaks on Libya vid

The council claims to have a trained force of around 1000.

Former jihadist Noman Benotman, who renounced his al Qaeda affiliation in 2000, said in an interview that he estimates 1,000 jihadists are in Libya.
Allah akbar

Kucinich: US making Libya worse

A senior council member was seen leaving a Benghazi travel agent's shop .....
What will Putin do with all those wives? Perhaps Burlesqueoni could advise.

AlJ http://blogs.aljazeera.net/liv...
Gadadfi's forces have advanced this week - because of the weather, says the US military. Admiral Mike Mullen, the country's top military officer, told senators:
"The biggest problem the last three or four days has been weather.
We have not been able to see through the weather or get through the weather to be able to do this kind of identification of targets ...
And that has more than anything else reduced the impact... reduced the effectiveness, and has allowed the regime forces to move back to the east.
Gaddafi's forces consolidated their positions to the south of Ajdabiya and were expected to renew an offensive towards Benghazi, Mullen said."
Crowds of Gaddafi supporters have formed a human shield, gathering for another night inside the Libyan leader\s Bab al-Azizia compound in a southern Tripoli suburb, says the Reuters news agency. A teenage girl among the gathering told the agency:
"You keep talking about human rights but you keep bombing our Libyan citizens. We are here and not afraid, we are not afraid of your no-fly zone. We will always protect our leader and we have been in Libya fighting with armed gangs and terrorists."

AlJ commenter:
nato will end libya today
2000 cruise missle started
all b52 in air
komplet nato airfleet start
russia join in a second wave
all car -ferris with tanks on the way
nato and russia split libya in east and west zone
german westerwelle new president of libia (germans dont want him anymore)
nice 1 april to all

What has been striking about this war is the reportage. It has mainly been by journos embedded with the insurgent forces and from Tripoli.
There appear to have been few insurgents killed by the gov't forces or the reverse. The main killers look to be the missiles and bombs and shells from jets.
Perhaps NATO could adopt the insurgents and give them NATO uniforms. Then they could claim justification for doing the fighting for them.

The force that chased the insurgents from Sirte is regrouping outside Ajdabiya, much speculation on where next, Benghazi and settle it or the long way round via Tobruk? Perhaps -
The insurgents are regrouping outside Brega. A major battle in the offing?
Piero Piccoli [Moderator] 1 hour ago
Italian reporter on tv said that aroud brega arrived professional soldiers, former gheddafi troups and officials to aid the insurgents. That could be the reason the gheddafian are not gaining terrain. Seems the rebels are manouvering better and with more coordination.