March 25th, 2011

Civilians killed by the insurgents?

Rough justice in the alleged style of Gadaffi!

Libya: it wasn't supposed to be like this in free Benghazi
"It wasn't supposed to be like this in free Benghazi. After throwing off the shackles of Gaddafi's brutal rule, Libya's young opposition movement is rounding up suspected opponents and delivering its own brutal form of justice in a city living in fear that they have been penetrated by a fifth column of government loyalists.
Rebel leaders admit that dozens of Gaddafi supporters have been arrested or killed."

Uprising, civil war or tribal power grab attempt? This Guardian article suggests the latter.
Libya's biggest tribe joins march of reconciliation to Benghazi
"All Libyans are related, especially the Warfalla," said Mbrak Ibrahim, a British-educated telecoms engineer. "It means that we have family everywhere. We will be happy if we can open our hearts and stop this bloodshed."
The tribes are also politically important. Gaddafi's tribe, the Gadadfa, is allied with the far larger Megarha, whose stronghold is in Sebha on the edge of the Sahara. Its members dominate the air force and other security branches. The Tarhuna, another large western tribe, has reaffirmed its support for the regime after an apparent wobble last month.

Warfalla, Megarha, Gadadfa, Tarhuna, that must be half the country or more behind Gaddafi. The coalition appears to be supporting a minority.

Turkish support allows NATO to take over military command of Libya campaign
"All of Turkey's concerns, demands on the issue have been met.”
Although Turkey has been assisting with the naval blockade of Libya, and also agreed in principle with the imposition of the no fly zone over the country, Ankara earlier expressed reservations about NATO taking over operational command of the theatre.
Turkey, one of 28 members of NATO, also demanded assurances that the operation would be confined to the protection of civilians, the enforcement of an arms embargo and a no-fly zone, and the offer of humanitarian aid. /full article

Time line From the beginning to modern times. (Weekend reading with a couple of bottles of Sauvignon and brandy when finished to aid digestion.)

Final Warning: A History of the New World Order
Illuminism and the master plan for world domination
-- by David Rivera, 1994 source: View From the Wall
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Table of Contents

MHP Editors Preface
About this book
1: The Birth of Tyranny
The Freemasons, the Illuminati, and the House of Rothschild
1.1: The Freemasons
A brief history of the Freemasons in England and America
1.2: The Order of the Illuminati
The development of the Order of the Illuminati, and their infiltration of the Masonic Lodge
1.3: The Illuminati in America
The Illuminati organization spreads from Europe to America
1.4: The Rothschilds
The formation of the Rothschild banking dynasty and their support of the Illuminati program
2: Financial Background
The history of U.S. central banking, the income tax, and the private foundations of the elite
2.1: The Bank of the United States
European financial interests attempt to recapture the United States
2.2: Creation of the Federal Reserve System
Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg, Jekyll Island and the creation of the Fed
2.3: The Federal Reserve System Begins Operation
Theft of the gold, fiat currency, inflation, and debt slavery
2.4: The Federal Income Tax
Collecting the interest payments for the owners of the Federal Reserve
2.5: Tax-exempt Foundations
How the elite protects their wealth while controlling education, research and public policy
3: World War I and the League of Nations
War profiteering, the League of Nations, and the seal of the Illuminati
4: Communism and Racial Tension
Promoting racial tension to destabilize American society
5: Elite Political Organizations
The Fabian Socialists, the Round Table and the Council on Foreign Relations
5.1: The Fabians, the Round Table, and the Rhodes Scholars
The Rhodes-Milner group continues the Illuminati program
5.2: The Council on Foreign Relations
The origin and goals of the elite U.S. policy organization
5.3: CFR Influence in Government, Media and Business
The pervasive influence of CFR members over all aspects of society
5.4: The Rise and Fall of Richard Nixon
Nelson Rockefeller, the CFR, and their role in the Nixon Presidency
6: World War II
How the Illuminati engineered the war to further the world government program
6.1: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
A document of dubious origin that reveals the Illuminati program of control
6.2: World War II and the Buildup of Communism
The rise of Adolf Hitler, the financing of German industry, and the buildup of Soviet Communism
6.3: The Pearl Harbor Deception
Roosevelt intentionally provoked Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor
7: The Spread of Communism
The origin and worldwide spread of Communism
7.1: The Origins of Communism
Socialist and communist experiments during the 1700s and 1800s
7.2: Marx, Engels and the Socialist International
Karl Marx, the Communist Manifesto, and the rise of Socialism in Europe
7.3: Lenin, Trotsky and the Bolshevik Revolution
The Soviet Union is formed with the financial support of the Western oligarchs
7.4: Stalin and Western Support of the Soviet Union
Stalin takes power, the Soviets fight the Nazis, and the bankers control both sides
7.5: Communist Revolutions in China and Asia
Communists allowed to take over China, Korea, South Asia and Vietnam
7.6: Communist Revolution in Cuba
Fidel Castro takes power in Cuba with U.S. support, leading to a showdown with the Soviets
7.7: The Soviet Challenge to America
Soviet rhetoric, subversion, military preparation, and deception
8: Moving Towards Global Government
The United Nations, the European Union and other global organizations
8.1: The United Nations
The founding of the U.N. and the push for a Socialist world government
8.2: The European Union
European cooperation after WW2 and the formation of the European Union
8.3: The Bilderberg Group
The origins and influence of the premier international policy planning group
8.4: The Seven Sisters
OPEC, the Seven Sisters, and control of the petroleum industry
8.5: The Club of Rome and Population Reduction
The Club of Rome, the Limits to Growth, and the AIDS epidemic
8.6: International Trade Agreements
The globalisation of the economy via GATT, NAFTA and the WTO
9: Consolidating Government Power
The Trilateral Commission, the Federal government, and the rise of the police state
9.1: The Trilateral Commission
The Trilateral Commission, the CFR, and control of the White House
9.2: Centralization of Government Power
Federal districts, Executive orders, replacing the U.S. Constitution
9.3: The Rise of the Police State
Social instability, military police, gun confiscation, and detention camps
List of Source Documents
Sources referenced in Final Warning

Much of this I've learned from various other sources. It is good to see it as an easily referenced site.

Present times
The A6YP looks to have been co-opted into the current globalist stage of western world socialist governance and then stuffed. 70% of Egypt's population is muslim. Posters went up announcing that the uprising was carried out by rich kids and idealist  students steering the popular vote towards an islamic gov't. I wonder how the insurgents in Libya and Tunisia  will be sold out? An "arrangement" between the globalists and the islamics is seeming increasingly apparent.
Coalition of Clinton, Rice and Power Swayed Decision to Bomb Libya

Clinton made the case that U.S. support for a no-fly zone was conditioned on Arab participation and leadership. In Paris Clinton met with her counterparts in town for a meeting of the Group of 8 foreign ministers and with Abdullah bin Zayed, the foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates. Even as she criticized the UAE for its recent decision to send forces to quell a rebellion in Bahrain, Clinton pressed him to send planes to Libya.
As Clinton traveled to Cairo and Tunisia seeking Arab buy-in for the resolution, officials said Rice built support in New York for the resolution. Samantha Power, an adviser to Obama on the National Security Council and a human rights activist, was also urging the president to intervene.
Clinton's alliance with Rice and Power in pushing for intervention put her at odds with Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who had publicly argued against a no-fly zone. Sources said Vice President Joe Biden was also more cautious, arguing for the smallest possible U.S. involvement in any military action.
How "Deep Politics" Successfully Corrupts A Non-Violent Protest Movement
What concerns me here is that power corrupts, and the power of a few in America to quietly help make a nonviolent revolution in Egypt seems to have led very swiftly to heavy missile attacks against Libya. /more
Libya, the West and the Narrative of Democracy
Of course, as with other countries, there was a massive divergence between the narrative and what actually happened. Certainly, that there was unrest in Tunisia and Egypt caused opponents of Gadhafi to think about opportunities, and the apparent ease of the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings gave them some degree of confidence. But it would be an enormous mistake to see what has happened in Libya as a mass, liberal democratic uprising. The narrative has to be strained to work in most countries, but in Libya, it breaks down completely. /more
The Secret Rally That Sparked an Uprising
Cairo Protest Organizers Describe Ruses Used to Gain Foothold Against Police; the Candy-Store Meet That Wasn't on Facebook (WSJ free subscrip)

Naming Names: Your Real Government
Comprehensive list of the globalist aides without whom the advancement of their agenda through mayhem could not take place.
More interesting posts at the same blog - Land Destroyer

More names named, the Tavistock inst. discussed and more here (June 2010)

concerns, demands on the issue have been met.”

Although Turkey has been assisting with the naval blockade of Libya, and also agreed in principle with the imposition of the no fly zone over the country, Ankara earlier expressed reservations about NATO taking over operational command of the theatre.

Turkey, one of 28 members of NATO, also demanded assurances that the operation would be confined to the protection of civilians, the enforcement of an arms embargo and a no-fly zone, and the offer of humanitarian aid.

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