February 23rd, 2011

Banksters at play, Dissing the disUN, Democracy warfare,

Standing up to EC oppression:
Ivory Coast crisis intensifies as largest bank shuts its doors
Banks with half of civil servants' accounts close down and cocoa farmers burn crop in protest against Laurent Gbagbo
Ivory Coast's largest bank has shut down, joining other international banks pulling out as the country faces an international embargo over incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo's refusal to concede that Alassane Ouattara won elections in November.
Hundreds of growers in what is the world's largest cocoa exporting country burned some sacks of their beans in symbolic protest, saying that the embargo was denying them their livelihood.
Together, the banks halting operations this week control more than half of Ivorian civil servants' accounts, and will prevent many receiving salaries. French bank Société Générale announced it was shutting its subsidiary SGBCI, after Britain's Standard Chartered, France's BNP-Paribas and America's Citibank said they were suspending operations, prompting lines of people outside branches trying to withdraw savings.
Gbgabo announced that the banks suspending their business would be nationalised. "President Laurent Gbagbo … has made a decree that the Ivorian state take control, via a total and complete stakeholding in the capital of these banks," a statement issued after a cabinet meeting said.
Ouattara's victory has been endorsed by the United States, the former colonial power France, the European Union and the African Union. He is trapped in a hotel protected by UN peacekeepers, but he has called for a ban on cocoa exports to pressure Gbagbo to cede power.
Several hundred angry farmers went to the EU office in the capital, Abidjan, with a lorry loaded with five tonnes of cocoa, and spilled half a dozen sacks on the pavement before setting them on fire. "We aren't politicians, we're farmers," said Patrick Ayemou, a farmer from the Sud Comoé region. "We own this cocoa, and the EU shouldn't confuse politicians and farmers. Because of the EU's embargo we can't live off the fruits of our labour." /continues

Ivory Coast protesters killed calling for Laurent Gbagbo to step down
Security forces react violently in support of loser of last election who will not cede power, as African leaders form a panel to try to broker peace
Ivorian troops have killed at least six protesters who were calling on Laurent Gbagbo to step down as leader, witnesses say, as African presidents charged with resolving Ivory Coast's crisis arrived in Abidjan.
A dispute over the presidential election in November paralysed the country and led to the deaths of about 300 people. /continues

Middle East Protests: Is it Time for the West to Come Clean?

Western backing for the old regimes in the Middle East and north Africa precludes any cosy narrative about popular uprisings.
There has been a tendency among western commentators during the past few weeks of popular uprising in the Middle East and north Africa to interpret the events as occurring along starkly defined fault lines.
There are the people versus the regime; Islamists versus the secular; and autocratic, corrupt rulers pitted against a popular desire for democracy, human rights and economic inclusion. All of which contains some truths, but it remains a partial picture.
In our desire to create a joined-up narrative out of the unrest, from Yemen to Iraq and Bahrain, we have ignored the specifics. In the rush of politicians such as Hillary Clinton to support the new wave of "freedom", western governments seem to be replicating the same errors they made during the "colour" revolutions, mistaking the act of revolt for the outcome of a long period of revolution, and accepting the incomplete in the name of "stability".
For, like Tolstoy's unhappy families, each of the autocracies now embroiled in popular uprisings is autocratic in its own way. What can be said about the events in Tunisia is as inapplicable to Egypt as it is to Bahrain or Yemen. /continues

After Mubarak In the case of Mubarak's resignation, the singer is gone, but the song remains.

Ray McGovern Assaulted for Silent Protest at Hilary Clinton Speech [She is party to the globalism scheme as a Bilderberg attendee]
As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave her speech at George Washington University yesterday condemning governments that arrest protestors and do not allow free expression, 71-year-old Ray McGovern was grabbed from the audience in plain view of her by police and an unidentified official in plain clothes, brutalized and left bleeding in jail. She never paused speaking. When Secretary Clinton began her speech, Mr. McGovern remained standing silently in the audience and turned his back. Mr. McGovern, a veteran Army officer who also worked as a C.I.A. analyst for 27 years, was wearing a Veterans for Peace t-shirt.
Blind-sided by security officers who pounced upon him, Mr. McGovern remarked, as he was hauled out the door, "So this is America?" Mr. McGovern is covered with bruises, lacerations and contusions inflicted in the assault. /continues

With Cameron declaring plans (strike busters) that will cause confrontation with protestors, one wonders what the gestapo security services and he are cooking up to oppress the taxpayers, attacks by the RAF Libya-Gaddafi style? How many Scanlons are aiding and abetting the bank clerks this time?

A Snapshot of Today’s United Nations [This is absolutely no surprise to anyone that has taken even a cursory look at this fraud riddled outside-the-law self interested gang of globalist camp followers.]
Here are some vital statistics on the current crisis in the Arab and Muslim world and the role not being played by the “global leader,” the United Nations.
The UN Security Council job description (The Charter of the United Nations)
The Purposes of the United Nations are:
(1) To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace…
Number of UN Security Council presidential statements or resolutions on the current atrocities perpetrated by Arab and Muslim dictators in Iran, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia,Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain.
Number of meetings called by the Security Council to discuss and consider a possible resolution or presidential statement on any of these countries.

There is less than no excuse for continuing funding the UN and ugly sister the EC. That both organisations are unaccountable and that they are politically ambitious with the destruction of sovereignty, democracy, capitalism, industry and a huge percentage of humanity evidences that advocates in any nation providing support with taxpayer moneys are enemies to their nation. It is one thing being assaulted by an enemy, it is entirely another when a nation's own money is financing the assault. That isn't politics nor is it nations working together. It is war. A dirty one.

Mt Etna: Second Eruption in 2011

Independent (agenda free) temperature time series under construction.
Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature

Rothschild henchman Soros, a perspective:
George Soros, Nazi Obsessive
Beneath his public outrage lies an outrageous lack of conscience.

How banks screw in plain English:
(Money as debt - transcripts of DVDs - order from the site)
Intro & Goldsmith’s Tale, Part II
also Is it "Money" or is it "Credit"? What is the Difference? (4 page PDF) 
Where does Money Come From? (1 page PDF) 

Banker welfare handouts
Shockingly, banks are the most heavily subsidised businesses in the world. We give them over £130 billion in subsidies and benefits every year. Without these subsidies and benefits, the banks wouldn’t be making any profits, and they certainly wouldn’t be paying [employee] bonuses right now.

Sick, seriously sick eco insanity:
EPA discovers new mercury isotope? (Junk Science)
The federal government is taking steps to remove mercury thermometers from use, reports the Baltimore Sun.
The globalist EPA is quoted as follows:
“Due to elemental mercury’s high toxicity, EPA seeks to reduce potential mercury exposures to humans and the environment by reducing the overall use of mercury-containing products, including mercury-containing thermometers.”

This policy, however, apparently doesn’t apply to mercury-containing compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), to which the EPA has given its ENERGY STAR rating.
Although the mercury in CFLs requires a 3-page set of EPA-issued safety instructions for CFL clean-up, it is apparently a new and distinct form of mercury — i.e., a politically correct isotope. Call it HgPC.

The UN IPCC in cahoots with the EC and the BBC has fooled the world

Open Letter: Malcolm Roberts: Is this another pseudo-scientist treating the ATO as his ATM?
To federal MP's, friends, scientists, journalists.
Copied to UNSW Professor Matthew England, Co-Director of Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC).
Professor Matthew England responded to my request for real-world evidence of claims that carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by humans caused global warming. Below I reveal his complete failure.
Exposed are glaring falsities driving the government's climate fraud.
Below the summary is my detailed analysis sent to Matthew. It contains references so you can check for yourself—including what seems to be the Australian Bureau of Meteorology's corruption of temperature data.

To federal MP's, friends, scientists, journalists.
Copied to UNSW Professor Matthew England, Co-Director of Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC).
Professor Matthew England responded to my request for real-world evidence of claims that carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by humans caused global warming. Below I reveal his complete failure.
Exposed are glaring falsities driving the government's climate fraud.
Below the summary is my detailed analysis sent to Matthew. It contains references so you can check for yourself—including what seems to be the Australian Bureau of Meteorology's corruption of temperature data.

Executive Summary
Government and Greens climate policies are based on reports by the UN's climate body, the UN IPCC.
• Each of the UN IPCC's four (4) reports to national governments and media is based on a falsity at the core of its world-wide media campaign -1990, 1995, 2001, 2007. These are revealed below;
• There is no observational (empirical), physical, theoretical or logical basis for the UN IPCC's core claim that human production of CO2 caused global warming. This is proven below.
Real-world data including that provided by the UN IPCC itself exposes the UN IPCC's claim as fraudulent;
• UN IPCC data obtained from the UN IPCC itself reveals that only five UN IPCC (5) reviewers endorsed the UN's claim that human CO2 caused warming—and there's doubt they were even scientists.
Not 4,000 scientists as publicly stated by former PM Kevin Rudd and by UN IPCC Chairman Pachauri;
• Contrary to UN claims, its reports are not peer-reviewed and are not scientific;
• The UN IPCC conducts no scientific research. It's not accountable to any national governments;
• The UN IPCC's predecessor, UNEP has been attributed with deaths from malaria of more than 30 million people due to UNEP's politicised 1970's actions contradicting science;
• The UN IPCC's claim about human CO2 relies purely on falsities and erroneous unvalidated computer models. These are based on factors that even the UN IPCC admits have low and very low levels of understanding. And on outdated 'theory' using assumptions from the 1800's that contradict reality;
• CO2 is less than 0.04% of Earth's atmosphere. Annually Nature produces 97% of Earth's CO2 production. This means that in every 33 molecules of CO2, only one is from human activity. That's 1 molecule in 85,800 molecules of air. It's impossible for that molecule to produce warming. It's insane to claim it produces warming while Nature's 32 molecules in 85,800 do not;
• No net atmospheric warming since 1958—just inherent cyclic variation in natural cooling, warming, cooling cycles;
• UN omitted 90,000 reliable measurements of CO2 levels and separately corrupted its CO2 data;
Real-world scientific evidence show Carbon Dioxide levels are a consequence of temperature not a cause. Temperature determines CO2 levels;
Thus government and Greens policies cannot have any impact on global temperature or climate;
The government and Greens climate policies are based entirely and only on fraud. No real-world scientific evidence. They contradict real-world science.
• The policy's effect on the environment is demonstrably damaging to the environment. That's proven.
• Their policy is designed to increase energy prices to reduce energy availability and use. To have any impact on energy use it has to increase the cost of energy to consumers. Claims of protecting some users is nonsense because costs are passed on. If all consumers aren't impacted, nothing happens.
• It's designed to increase the cost of living. Nowadays, energy affects every part of our lives. Raising energy prices affects every part of your cost of living. Yet can have no impact on climate because temperature drives CO2 levels. 'Energy policy' is simply a tax and a control on people's lives;
• Prof England's responses show he does not understand real-world science. Yet the government-funded ABC repeatedly broadcasts him nation-wide as an expert;
Check for yourself below—you're being deceived. Now it's clear, take action.

Plenty more evidence coming next month.

Malcolm Roberts
BE (Hons), MBA (Chicago)
Fellow AICD, MAIM, MAusIMM, MAME (USA), MIMM (UK), Fellow ASQ (USA, Aust)
Full details from Climate Realists (PDF) link

Key words. Fraud and misrepresentation.

Every MP and MEP should be compelled to read this pdf and then tested to make sure they understood the contents. The UN IPCC in cahoots with the EC, BBC, RS, CRU, Britmet, Grantham Inst. and many other pseudo honest organisations on public welfare, has fooled the world. The UN must be held to account and a refund demanded. This is one crime that will not be allowed to die a quiet death. Anything less will avoid the  opportunity for the coalition to escape accusations of complicity with the Blair-Brown governments in the perpetration of this confidence trick.