February 18th, 2011

Gang green death spiral, CCNet update, Coal gasification, Patchy propaganda

Note to would be revolutionaries, protesters and or rioters, such action is an open invitation to EC Gestapo intervention and would be welcomed by the apparatchik and their UK puppets. Do the less obvious. Stop paying the government to harm the UK. Start by withholding council tax until the council produces a legally binding contract. If it proves as legal to do so with VAT receipts and income tax, withhold them too. Such action en masse would force a general election. A zero vote for all 3 parties would show them the same contempt we have been treated with by the tripartite coalition of globalist puppets. This is something effective the middle classes can do as most are loathe to confrontation.
Simple and effective actions like the above can be used against other UK-detrimental interests like banks. Wherever possible stop using them. Then they can't use you.
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Save the planet? They can't even save the CO2 scam spin-off boondoggles
As the robbing hoods in the seat of power lose the ability to stiff the consumers for money to create the white elephants whose existence is an offence against the natural order, civilisation, nature and the climate, unprincipled private investors content to soak up the blood of the nation cunningly drained by the globalist parasites run for the hills as the scam starts to go belly up.
The carbon credit fraud is already on life support (public funds), evidenced by the CCX collapse and misbegotten globalist beneficiaries like politicos and gov't advisors complicit with the UN, EC, the media, Schwarzenegger and banks like Deutsche propagandising and scheming furiously to keep the fraud that is an unjustifiable global carbon dioxide tax alive and profitable.

Thanks to Dr Peiser, GWPF for:
CCNet – 17 February 2011
The Climate Policy Network

Green Policies Pose Growing Risk To Investors, Government Budgets & Credit Ratings

Uncertainty around climate policy is a significant source of portfolio risk for institutional investors to manage over the next 20 years. The economic cost of climate policy for the market to absorb is estimated to amount to as much as approximately $8 trillion cumulatively, by 2030. -- Climate Change Scenarios - Implications for Strategic Asset Allocation, February 2011

1) Green Investment Bank Poses Serious Risk To Britain's Credit Rating - The liabilities of a Green Investment Bank would have to go on the national balance sheet, Treasury officials argued, and so the UK would lose its triple AAA rating. -- Allegra Stratton, The Guardian, 17 February 2011

2) Investors May Pull Unreliable Solar Funds - Ingenious Investments, the UK private equity and alternative investment manager, is considering pulling its solar venture capital fund in response to the British government’s decision to review subsidies for solar and green energy projects. In a press briefing, Ingenious chief executive James Clayton said the regulatory uncertainty was forcing the firm to consider withdrawing the fund, which was launched in November last year. --Kiel Porter, Financial News, 17 February 2011

3) Investor Confidence 'Reeling' Over Feed-In Tariff Review - 24dash News, 16 February 2011

4) Chancy Climate Policies May Cost Green Investors Trillions - The risk to financial portfolios in the Mercer report is entirely due to climate policies and not the effects of "the physical impact of changes to the climate."  Of course, a news story that begins -- "Climate change policies could put trillions of investment dollars at risk" -- doesn't really have the same ring to it. –Roger Pielke Jr, 16 February 2011

5) Manufacturers Urge Treasury To Rethink Carbon Price Floor - UK manufacturing industry has called for a re-think of potentially damaging proposals for a Carbon Price Floor. UK manufacturing industry is rapidly reaching a tipping point where companies who are internationally mobile will say enough is enough. –The Manufacturer, 15 February 2011

6 ) U.S. Republicans Want To Ax Renewable Energy And EPA Budgets - International Business Times, 16 February 2011

7) And Finally: Japan Wasted $78 Billion On 'Fruitless' Global Warming Projects - None of the Japanese government's 214 biomass promotion projects — with public funding coming to ¥6.55 trillion ($78 Billion) — over the past six years has produced effective results in the struggle against global warming, according to an official report released Tuesday. –Kyodo News, 15 February 2011

Also - in the same vein, "The money is leaving the room" (Joanne Nova)

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US Coal to Gas Switching
Update here from Reuters that confirms what some in the UK say isn't happening:  Coal to gas switching:

A narrowing gap between coal prices and cleaner natural gas is accomplishing in the short-term what U.S. regulators hope to achieve in the long-term -- forcing more power plants to burn gas instead of coal.

Coal prices hit a 26-month high last month as natural gas struggled to break $5 per million British thermal units, putting the two fuels at cost parity for U.S. Southeast power plants -- an unprecedented incentive to burn gas in the middle of the winter, when frigid weather normally makes coal the clear choice.
We had first seen this in 2009, but the trend fell back in 2010.  But this winter, the economics are compelling:

Extraction of massive U.S. shale gas reserves promise decades of abundant supply, boosting industry confidence that low natural gas prices are not a fleeting aberration.

"We believe coal-to-gas switching will be taking advantage of that price level driven by the increasing domestic production and overall U.S. supply in 2011," says Brannin McBee, an energy analyst with Bentek Energy, an arm of Platts.

Changing the narrative
One of the key themes from the European Unconventional Gas Summit earlier this month, was the risk that the nascent European shale gas industry was under threat simply by not getting hold of the narrative of shale. The demonstration the second day highlighted how the narrative of the industry in the media is getting hijacked by environmentalists getting hold of the media. This isn't so much that the media is sympathetic or not to shale, but that the industry isn't getting the message across.
Nothing to do with globalist control of media reporting due to the threat it poses to the gang green agenda? Beating up enviro cranks is like kicking a horse for pulling a cart.

Climate Change Drives Instability, U.N. Official Warns (JS)
The United Nations’ top climate change official said on Tuesday that food shortages and rising prices caused by climate disruptions were among the chief contributors to the civil unrest coursing through North Africa and the Middle East. (Green)
This obvious mental aberrance induced by the fear of globalism's gang green agenda collapse and forced plot consolidation with consequent income and power loss due to incredulity and AGW alarmism imposts causing bigger disasters than any credited to imaginary human caused catastrophic climate change. The food crisis and consequent riots against the "elite" supported crooked regimes that have kept the poor in their "proper place" in N. Africa and the UAE has everything to do with the "elite" imposed toxic biofuel boondoggle subsidies and compulsory toxic biofuel use that in the US has forced corn prices by 89% in a year. The US price controls world price. If public funded deception was a prisonable offence the UN’s AGW propaganda chief injun (a patchy) would be serving several life sentences.

Seems Britmet wishes to reduce visibility of the central England temperature time series. Here is the new URL.

(Bear in mind that most of the above anomalies represent a reduction in the depth of cooler temps from 1880 on rather than an increase in the height of warmer temps.)

Solar influence on the weather and climate

Steven Wilde wrote a very reasonable explanation as follows (read in conjunction with "How The Sun Could Control Earths Temperature" - pdf) of how the jet stream influences the climate (see comment here - Climate Realists):

It has been clear to me for ten years now that the jetstreams had begun reversing the poleward drift that went on during the late 20th century warming spell.
AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) theory having invested so much in the assertion that a warming world produced more zonal/poleward jets the reversal of trend has led to increasing panic and thrashing about in confusion as the reversal became more pronounced over the past ten years and especially since 2005.
Then the extended very low solar minimum has ‘coincided’ with a very negative AO (Arctic Oscillation) with much more equatorward jets.
We can also see from the records that the more positive (poleward jets) era of AO was roughly in tune with the high solar cycles 21, 22 and 23 and that AO was generally more negative (equatorward jets) during slightly weaker cycle 20.
The exceptions to the solar fit would be occasions when opposing oceanic cycles such as ENSO (El Nino/La Nina)affected the width of the tropical air masses from below sometimes opposing and sometimes supplementing the top down solar influence.
The jets just get bounced around between the polar and tropical air masses as the polar(solar) and oceanic influences interact.
The trend in ocean heat content will be found to be closely linked to the degree of cloudiness and global albedo and they will be found to be dictated by the behaviour of the jets at any given time.
Thus around 2003 the jets became sufficiently meridional (equatorward) for ocean heat content to begin to fall.
Needless to say AGW had nothing to do with those poleward shifts and had nothing significant to contribute to the present situation either.
Similarly the evidence is becoming overwhelming that there is some sort of top down effect on the vertical temperature profile of the atmosphere which appears to correspond to changes in the mix of wavelengths and particles as the level of solar activity varies.
In a sense it is primarily a matter of internal system variability BUT such internal variability is provoked by small external changes. An internal amplifier no less.
The amplification arises from albedo changes as the jets switch between poleward/zonal and equatorward/meridional behaviour. The former produces significantly less global cloud cover than the latter as evidenced by the Earthshine project which reveals a change in trend for both albedo and cloudiness in the late 90s which is around the same time that the poleward shift of the jets went into reverse.
I don’t think that this is good news for Svensmark either. On that basis the cosmic ray variations would just be a proxy for solar variability with no necessary climate effect although there may be some.


Me. A change of 1.8 ± 1.0% in the UV-A (320–400 nm) spectrum and 2.4 ± 1.9% in the visible (400–600 nm) spectrum over the course of a solar cycle was observed at the South Pole Amundsen-Scott Station (See this paper -
Solar irradiance at Earth surface varies up to 24 times more than expected). If the same is true for the Arctic then this is a major top down influence. Throw in the variability due to UV B and C that regulates and is regulated by ozone and oxygen reinforcing and moderating the influence of the other wavelength variations and the funeral for the AGW by CO2 hypothesis can be carried out without further procrastination.
Further amplifiers cascade. The influence of lower stratospheric air currents (dictated by the temperature difference between the equatorial and polar temperatures) on the trade winds that strongly influence the ENSO oscillation mood and strength is enhanced and moderated by the jet stream strength and position.
I've looked hard for the main cause of the slow recovery of lower stratospheric temperatures following major eruptions. My tentative suggestion for this lies in the concentration of water vapour and its phase change to ice crystals. As vapor H2O is a strong absorber of IR both from the atmosphere below and incoming from the Sun, hence a warming influence that I suggest is amplified temporarily by the injection of significant volumes of WV and dark aerosols due to penetrating eruptions. Dispersal by air currents and rapid formation of ice crystals due to the volume of aerosols on which the WV can condense and accumulate not only removes dark particles from the action but also reverses the warming influence of the WV phase to cooling due to high albedo. Due to their mass ice crystals precipitate out of the stratosphere, removing a cooling influence and allowing temperatures to slowly rise to the level dictated by ozone volume and UV emissions as well as NOx influence.

Erl Happ has written extensively about the stratosphere - troposphere relationship, his blog writings are
here and guest posts at WUWT:
Something topical
Earth’s changing atmosphere