February 1st, 2011

Mouldy old dough, green don'cha know, dovetailed fraud and deceit

John O'Sullivan in an insightful mood wrote a piece, an extract follows, that spotlights what he terms "the cancer of corruption";
John O'Sullivan: BBC and Met Office Caught in Ponzi Scam over Winter Forecast Fiasco
[...] In the UK the size of public sector pension liabilities has been estimated at £770bn by the Treasury and £1.18 trillion by actuaries Towers Watson. Peter Tomkins, Commission chairman and Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries, warns that: "The Government has hidden behind costings which pretend that the unfunded schemes earn a return well above [market rates] ... Like an unstable Ponzi scheme.”
The carbon trading centers in Europe and Chicago have lately come unstuck, as investors are more keenly aware of the swindles being perpetrated from within.
Chicago's Climate Exchange (CCX) shut down last October and last week the European Climate Exchange was forced to close on fears of widespread fraud.
In on the racket is Chairman of the Met Office,
Robert Napier - the same Robert Napier who is Chairman of the Carbon Disclosure Project.
Napier is as hard core green as it gets. He also ran the UK branch of the WWF- an NGO that managed to infiltrate the UN’s IPCC AR4 Report with a swath of bogus non peer reviewed WWF papers exaggerating a host of environmental claims.
That cancer of corruption long ago afflicted the BBC that, like the Met Office, is governed by those with a strong financial motive to sustain the beleagured climate conspiracy.
I first reported on their insidious back story last year (February 12, 2010) in my article, ‘
Follow the money: BBC exposed in biggest climate racket on planet'. We saw how the United Nations green machine via a consortium known as ‘UNEP FI’ has been sucking up trillions of dollars of investments from pension funds around the world.
UNEP FI admits that they engage in a “complex relationship” between environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, core insurance operations, and the insurance industry.
From that you decipher the root of the problem – a Ponzi pension plan that motivates stakeholders to sing from the same hymn sheet and all augmented from the HQ of global warming alarmism - the United Nations itself.
The BBC pension scheme is just one of 180 major international funds invested in UNEP FI. Then add to the mix the fact that the head of the BBC’s pension fund is none other than Peter Dunscombe – the same Peter Dunscombe who headed the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (tied with UNEP FI).

The IPCC dances to the tune called by UNEP. UNEP is strongly influenced by think tanks like CoR (Rockefeller, Strong, Soros, Blair, etc, list here) and CoR looks to be closely aligned with the Rockefeller's CFR. Needless to say anything to do with ecofascist globalism inevitably traces back to Rockefeller and royalties' bankster Rothschild family.

The "head up their ass" perspective is portrayed quite clearly in the former banker CoR chairman's speech to the UN - here. The CO2 fraud that they are guilty of strongly promoting is a means that they refuse to step back from despite that the fraudulent nature of the myth itself is widely understood and the negative benefit to the general population of both the penal financial impositions and the "profit the few" proposed and implemented fixes have no chance of curing the CO2 problem because it doesn't exist and the instruments are without exception of negative benefit to humanity and to the climate and nature. Extensive exacerbation of financial difficulties at domestic, national and international levels is another negative product of CoR, UN and camp follower proselytisation of the CO2 myth in pursuit of their blinkered solutions to their idealogue sourced mental problems - and then there is power and wealth lust that always corrupts.

The gap between the rich and the poor widely spoken of in authoritarian circles as the "haves and the have nots" is more correctly termed the "takers and the taken from". The money-grubbers see their ability to finagle money from the poor, even those on less than a dollar a day, as giving them the right to dictate to the world, humans being no more than commodities that benefit or don't benefit them. Their solutions to problems they perceive and invent naturally involve their retaining and increasing their wealth and power which of course means increasing poverty and decreasing freedom. A solution to poverty and population expansion that raised the global living standards to western levels would cause them loss of power and wealth and is as taboo to them as bare naked ladies playing in a mosque. That is the true evil behind the self-serving globalists and their cowardly string pullers. An honest court would find the people behind the DDT, CFC, CO2 and medicine scams guilty of mass manslaughter approaching genocide in DDT's case and they would be breaking rocks for the rest of their misbegot lives. Instead they are allowed by elected "representatives" to carry on as if they were the saviours of humanity.
A real solution is the issuance of debt free currency, preferably supported by something of value, metal. A proposer would need mass public support with a necessary threat to bankster, camp follower and royalty's well being if their illegal intervention was suspected.

Joe Nocera NYT believes the housing bubble that caused strife in many countries was caused by delusionals in finance houses going orgasmic over the rise in profit potential
"There is a telling moment in the commission’s report, when some A.I.G. executives are questioning whether they should stop insuring triple-A tranches of C.D.O.’s, which have become increasingly risky. In search of answers, they visit a housing analyst at Bear Stearns. One A.I.G. consultant later recalled that “the analyst was so optimistic about the housing market that they thought he was ‘out of his mind’ and ‘must be on drugs or something.’ ” But of course he wasn’t on drugs [was he?]. His hallucinogen was the housing bubble."
That brings questions to my mind.
Were the supervisors also out of their mind?
Has the gov't been able to close down asylums by moving delusionals to finance houses, gov't treasury depts and think tanks?
A more serious question, which cartel companies were common to the initiation of the (quietly underwritten by gov'ts') bubble (BoE, Goldman Sachs, Barclays etc?) and how closely involved were the gov'ts such as the globalists' Blair-Brown-Cameron,  Bush-Obama and the monkey-on-back EC?
The PIIGSUK plight didn't just suddenly happen, it was incremental, foreseen by many and warned against. The derivatives driven bank crash can be attributed to investment without due care and attention and crazy gov't borrowing. The only way for economies to gain stability is to close central banks and remove control of debt currency issuance from private hands, i.e. outlaw fractional reserve banking that is tantamount to counterfeiting and issue debt free currency under the control of public authorities. At present the system forms an alliance of bankster and politicians to defraud the public by charging interest on every note created by private interests. These private interests don't lend existing money, they print it. Every bank that gives loans using the fractional reserve method is counterfeiting currency and is complicit in the politico-financial fraud.
Expecting the high priests of the fraud, almost all finance columnists, to call the bread and butter of their discipline fraud based is like asking a funded climate modeller to categorically state the truth that human CO2 is harmless to the climate and they'd been lying since 1995.
Another serious question, are bubbles contrived for a fast buck at the expense of the commodity end user, currency crashes and the oil spike come to mind as an examples of the kind of manipulation people like Soros are capable of.
Possible motivation for the destruction of economies is the desire of the globalists to institute a world fiat currency under the Rothschild cartel controlled IMF. Around 430 banksters recently called for such using the plight of the PIIGSUK and the dollar caused by the same banksters as the reason.
Believe me, if it is good for the banksters it is bad for your wallet and western civilisation.

A search brought up 59,000 results, here are the first few.
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And of course it is common knowledge that Goldman Sachs advised the Greek gov't on their "over-easy on truth" application to join the euro, the globalist EC blinded by expansionist ambition waved them in without a cursory check of eligibility, probably advised by GS partners in crime such as the IMF or WB.

Bad news for the bankers, Heroin use in UK halves in three months after failure of Afghanistan poppy crop. If it was the Russians, thanks.
What is Hannan, a useful idiot, a euro-outtakers' trojan horse, an outtaker movement infiltrator or a butterfly? Dan Hannan and Douglas Carswell Propose Winding Up BOO Withdrawalism’s pantomime horse does the splits and Cameron’s useful idiots, Hannan and Carswell
Stirring it up WRT nuclear waste, Will giant mixers keep nuclear waste stable?
And a bottomless pit for wind turbines and solar panels, Inside China's secret toxic unobtainium mine
Godz bless the Chinese for their contribution to crop yield increases and the recovery of forests, World carbon dioxide emissions data by country: China speeds ahead of the rest. I only wish CO2 could keep us warm too because the water vapour that has been doing the job is fading away as solar-ocean driven cooling gets up to speed on the down side of the cyclic climate change. Still, free plant food ain't so bad, perhaps wanting it to warm us is asking a little too much of the transparent miracle molecule.
Osborne exploits more ways to drive money away from the UK with a Celebrities' tax probe.

The CIA is said to be run by globalists. If wikileaks is a CIA psyops it isn't difficult to understand why Bilderberger owned media are promoting it.

If Pachauri is the straw man that brought about the potential UN back-breaking US committee hearing, for jeeb's sake don't let him be sacked.

Scientist: Climate changes are not caused by greenhouse gases
Dr. van Andel on Hockey Schtick
Dr. Noor van Andel, former head of research at Akzo Nobel, has a new paper out showing the available data to date contradicts the notion of greenhouse gas induced global warming or ‘climate change.’ He notes that while there have been extensive efforts to ‘prove’ the ‘greenhouse’ warming theory by bringing computer models and observations into agreement, this has been done “strangely only by adjusting the measurements instead of adjusting the models,” in other words, via unscientific means. Dr. van Andel instead finds that ocean oscillations and the cosmic ray theory of Svensmark et al best explain climate changes.

...more CO2 has a cooling effect rather than a warming effect.
GCR's still need hard data as to the extent of their influence. At present there is only correlation and proof of nucleation, not impact of GCR variation on cloudiness. Do cloud fluctuations coincide with other factors that vary due to the intensity of the same solar emissions that affect GCR volume, such as ozone that is influenced by solar wind variation and GCRs, UV at the surface (maybe isoprenes captured in ice could be a proxy), dust storms etc?
I like the "increase in deep convection" observation, it makes sense.