January 29th, 2011

CCNet - Met lie nailed, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

If you were a grand child in 2100 would you be saying ....WHAT WERE THEY THINKING spending our money like that?
It is time to stop paying for gross mismanagement and or fraud against the energy users, taxpayers and the UK population in general. This gov't is merely continuing the policy of the labour gov't that has landed the UK so deep in debt that were the politicians allowed to continue profligate spending on the far from comprehensive list of boondoggles and jobs for the boyos the country would lose everything of monetary value -.
dysfunctional wind energy, neither reduces CO2 emissions (a good point) nor reduces fossil fuel consumption, enormously cost benefit negative, helps drive jobs to China, accelerates business bankruptcy and closure, deters foreign investment, increases cold deaths and has a host of other negatives, not least that it is dinosaur technology
energy infrastructure additions whose cost to the UK will be huge, that without WE would be wholly unnecessary,
100% cost benefit negative and very likely hazardous carbon capture,
solar energy whose end of life will release toxic chemicals, whose cost benefit is nearly as bad as carbon capture
carbon credits that the EC has suspended on the pretence that their fraud is being defrauded,
biofuel that is toxic to the climate and causes climate change via water vapour changes and release of methane and dark aerosols by deforestation and land use change as well as causing starvation and unjustifiable cost of living hikes,
huge amounts on gang-green pet quangos and unnecessary gang-green bureaucracy
supporting the flow of money to pet false and or fraudulent charities such as TERI and any with the gang-green tag attached
supporting the flow of money out of the country to such as the European Commission, the United Nations whose stated political agendas make them enemies of national sovereignty, whose production line legislation is an economy and standard of living killer as well as continually eroding freedom and replacing UK law with French based ideology where you are guilty until proven innocent
supporting the flow of money to Rothschild cartel banks such as the IMF, the world bank, CEB, GEF, BIS and many others whose accountability of use/distribution of the gifts is not required
supporting the flow of money to 3rd world dictators to bribe them not to use coal and gas to develop cheap energy resources effectively retarding development
There is much more, one way the money is siphoned from the taxpayers to foreigners and foreign banks is through DFID. None of the cash transfers are subject to end use accountability. Bet on it that a lot ends up in private hands and it is many billions being washed through DFID.
EC legislation is in place to force CO2 emitters (every business) to buy carbon credits at a price controlled by EC manipulation. The same credits given to China for not building and for demolishing (CO2, CFC emitting) projects and for upgrading coal-to-energy plants, gifted to EU pet businesses and organisations (where are the accounts?) so the EC fraud is perpetuated. Its fraud is furthered by forcing use of biofuel in fuel from rain forest regions and taxing it higher than from non RF regions. To avoid revelations of in-house fraud the EC fires whistleblowers before they get to see the full extent and employs accountants that are themselves under investigation for faulty accounting.
Regardless of the tsunami of cash going out of the country, because the monopoly money is "bought" from banks with interest payable for all eternity (gov't debt escalation) or created by banks as fractional reserves (inflation), the debt is unrepayable. The interest and the inflation are the items of note and are what is crippling the economy along with destructive EC and UK policy. Because the system is fraudulent the debt should be declared void. Were protests to succeed in unseating the tripartite coalition of bank and EC representatives and career (yes prime minister) politicians and a peoples gov't installed, the voiding of the national debt to banks should be a first priority. The withdrawal of armed support for US-banker colonialism in the Middle East should be the next priority.

A UK government for the people would be plundering the grotesquely gross and criminally opulent government and its clingon leeches rather than decimating the nation and its fabric. But that just isn't in the agenda. Stopping the flow of revenue to it (and deposits to banks) stops the fraud and theft game instantly.

CCNet  - 29 January 2010  The Climate Policy Network

The Met Office Winter Forecast Lie Is Finally Nailed

As Britain remains cold and snowy, an interesting little dispute has boiled up between the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) and the Met Office over the quality of longer-range weather forecasting. And this is illuminated by documents obtained by the BBC under freedom of information from the Met Office. These shed new light on the problems faced by the Met Office in its public communications and the strategies it has adopted for tackling them. --Martin Rosenbaum, BBC Open Secrets, 23 December 2011

Why didn’t the Met Office tell us that Greenland was about to swap weather with Godalming? The truth is it [The Met Office] did suspect we were in for an exceptionally cold early winter, and told the Cabinet Office so in October. But we weren’t let in on the secret. --Roger Harrabin, The Daily Telegraph, 4 January 2011

Last night the Met Office confirmed it had passed on the advice, but a spokesman denied that withholding it from the public was motivated by embarrassment. ‘We did brief the Cabinet Office in October on what we believed would be an exceptionally cold and long winter,’ she said. --Rachel Quigley, Daily Mail, 4 January 2011

The Revealed Mystery of the Mystic Met Office
Katabasis, 28 January 2011
I have just received the Met Office's "secret report" and email correspondence with the Cabinet Office from a FOI request I made three weeks ago. God knows this is an extremely serious issue and the only people who appear to have been digging into it have been the bloggers… As if the "secret" prediction wasn't awful enough, any claim that the Met Office actually warned the government of an impending harsh winter, and by implication that the government therefore did not act responsibly is a 100% complete and utter lie. --

The Met Office Winter Forecast Lie Is Finally Nailed
Autonomous Mind, 28 January 2011
We now have the truth. It is what many people have suspected since the story materialised.  It’s now time for those who engineered the deception and those who allowed it to happen to pay the price for their actions.  Over to the executive board of the Met Office and the trustees of the BBC…

Thanks to Dr Peiser, GWPF

Talking of nailing lies, a couple of CO2 lies, unsurprisingly proselytised by CRU and Brit met can be nailed too.
Those with even a modicum of knowledge know that without hypothesized positive feedbacks CO2 additions from all sources are essentially insignificant to the climate as a GHG at any volume above the base ~100 parts per million.
The pos. feedback the lying bastards pass off as fact is that CO2 continuously increases water vapour levels and so prolongs radiation residence, outgoing radiation being the planet's only cooling mechanism. The climate has cooled since 2003. Water vapour levels have fallen and outgoing longwave radiation to space has increased.

Global relative humidity 300-700 mb or 30,000 to 2,500 10,000 feet
The curve labelled 300 mb is at about 9 km altitude, which is in the middle of the predicted (but missing) tropical troposphere hot-spot. This is the critical elevation as this is where radiation can start to escape without being recaptured. The average annual relative humidity at this altitude has declined by 21.5% from 1948 to 2007. Source
Graphs showing total OLR increasing since ~1995 even in CO2 bands, see Carbon dioxide negativity.

No feedback due to CO2 increasing WV means no catastrophic warming due to CO2, alarmist propaganda and eco fascist governmental responses (penal taxes and boondoggles) are unjustifiable and their continuance is blatant fraud and deliberate deception of the electorate. Practising fraud whether intentional or not is prosecutable. That the police haven't stepped in is a strong indicator that their upper hierarchy are party to the criminal activity of politicians and their advisors.
What are Cameron's vested interests? "August 2009, RidgeWind turned on an eight-turbine wind farm at Bagmoor, which is part of the 3,000-acre estate of Sheffield, and owned by one of our bestest lords also the father-in-law of the Conservative leader, David Cameron. Estimates suggest this should generate an income of about £3.5m a year, again shared with developers." /link
The financial rape of the UK and its residents continues apace.

Why I am an Anthropogenic Global Warming Sceptic: Michael Hammer Sept 2009 [Last penultimate paragraph is prophetic]
Soon: Unique internet ID for all Americans [NWO plans to control Internet move forward]
Long-time Czech IPCC boss: adaptation to 11 °F of warming wouldn't be a problem it's nonsense to dramatically reduce emissions
Rogue storm system caused Pakistan floods that left millions homeless [NOT CO2]
States declare bankruptcy in 2011? Insolvency talks underway with Obama administration (free registration req.)
Obama nominates former RIAA lawyer for Solicitor General spot [i.e. those that won the RIAA a load using RIAA lobbyist corrupted copyright law]
Obama Names Top Crony Capitalist to Help Wreck the Economy [much in common with EC-Cameron-Brown-Blair-UN policy wise]
Bombs wipe Afghan town off map [Is this really the 21st century?]

Thanks to "break for news" and poster sasha for some of the links.

Greece, Tunisia, Egypt with Jordan next? Who knows. Perhaps the tyrants in the US and the UK may be on the menu. Anything can happen, and usually does. "Sleep with dogs wake up with fleas". When crunch time comes, those protesting they were duped should be informed of the expression.

A special message to the EC, banksters, their lackeys in the UK and alarmist liars everywhere click.

Thought of the day. Make it illegal for serving representatives to avail themselves and their family of private health care.