January 16th, 2011

UN & Warmists are worse than AIDS and cancer combined

The UN's answer to increasing planetary population is extermination. Many warmists overtly and covertly assist the UN in meeting its objectives. From the false alarms generated by the UN to the propaganda churned out by complicit media, the charge is genocide.
Without going into details because there is ample coverage on Internet, the methodology used by the UN is demonstrated repeatedly. The most obvious, the UN's murderous curtailment of DDT use based on anecdotal opinions led to millions dying and millions more being crippled by malaria.
The latest product of this poisonous organisation is also based on opinion because there is absolutely no evidence, CO2 is alleged to be harmful perhaps a hundred years from now. The fancy has been used to bulldoze governments into greatly harming both western and eastern civilisations by making energy very expensive by tax and by avoiding energy development in 3rd world countries. The boondoggles that have been implemented in the pretence of curing the latest fantasy problem have been extraordinarily efficient in impoverishment of the masses and murder of the poorest while enriching the few, notably banks such as Deutsche, BoE, Goldman Sachs and business such as Enron (now GE) and DuPont.
Wind farms have already increased the cost of UK energy by around 20% for a double coverage of supply at around 3%. Severe winters are causing deaths at a rate that makes heat deaths almost irrelevant and still more industrial wind farms are being built.
Biofuel production uses e.g. 20 times as much water as diesel production and manufacture uses almost as much (fosfuel) energy as it yields. The main source in bread-basket countries is corn and the result has been food price hikes that have sharply reduced the volume of food aid and caused starvation to the point that food riots were seen in Mexico and elsewhere. The knock-on effect via e.g. more expensive animal feed has seen across the board food price hikes that coupled with green levies forcing oil prices have led to a sharp increase in cost - and decline in standard of living that is causing fatalities not just in developing countries.
Nitrogen fertiliser is the UN and their equally evil aides' next target in the genocide project. The UN with its philosophical twin the EC is the worst disease this planet has seen to date. Governments enable them to carry out their excesses with our money.

By ongoing failure to fulfill its remit the UN is causing death by dehydration.
Earth's Freshwater Resources of the Past Two Millennia
What was learned
The four researchers report that "moderate water shortage first appeared around 1800, but it commenced in earnest from about 1900, when 9% of the world population experienced water shortage, of which 2% was under chronic water shortage (<1000 m3/capita/year)." Thereafter, from 1960 onwards, they say that "water shortage increased extremely rapidly, with the proportion of global population living under chronic water shortage increasing from 9% (280 million people) in 1960 to 35% (2300 million) in 2005." Currently, as they continue, "the most widespread water shortage is in South Asia, where 91% of the population experiences some form of water shortage," while "the most severe shortage is in North Africa and the Middle East, where 77% and 52% of the total population lives under extreme water shortage (<500 m3/capita/year), respectively."
What it means
To alleviate these freshwater shortages, Kummu et al. say that measures have generally been taken to increase water availability, such as building dams and extracting groundwater. But they state that "there are already several regions in which such measures are no longer sufficient, as there is simply not enough water available in some regions." And they say that "this problem is expected to increase in the future due to increasing population pressure (e.g. United Nations, 2009), higher welfare (e.g. Grubler et al., 2007) [and] production of water intensive biofuels (e.g. Varis, 2007, Berndes, 2008)." Hence, they conclude there will be an increasing need for many non-structural measures to be implemented, the first and foremost of which they indicate to be "increasing the efficiency of water use," which characteristic of nearly all of earth's plants is almost universally promoted by atmospheric CO2 enrichment, and which is therefore something that we simply cannot do without. We must continue to let the air's CO2 content rise, as a beneficent and essential byproduct of the burning of fossil fuels. /CO2Science

More: http://www.google.com/search?q=study+biofuel+threatens+water+supplies

Biofuel production subsidies must end. Governments and especially the EU (EC) and US (EPA) that pay producers and legislate biofuel use are complicit in manslaughter using public money.
Study: Biofuel threatens water supplies
Gallon of ethanol may require up to more than 2,100 gallons of water
For the new study, Sangwon Suh of the University of Minnesota in St. Paul, along with his colleagues, made a new estimate of bioethanol's impact on the water supply using detailed irrigation data from 41 states. The water requirements of the bioethanol produced in 2007 was possibly as high as 861 billion gallons of water from the corn field to the fuel pump, the researchers found. /MSNBC

The main problem is wasting money on the UN. The money that the corrupt org sucks in could build a water supply industry at both poles with container terminals for transportation and have change left over for more aid than the UN is capable of shaking a stick at.
Reactor powered desalination plants are another "tech ready" solution.

More on toxic biofuel and its misanthropic, murderous proponents
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There is a lot more to the woeful tale of EU and UN manslaughter, their pretence at peace keeping is Pythonesque. Incidents like the Bosnian genocide I'm sure are looked on positively by those that pretend to be doing something to stop them. Most of the money donated goes to fattening bank accounts, advancement of their political agenda and paying for the enormous octopus of spin-offs. A fraction reaches the needy, Haiti being the most recent demonstration of seeming deliberate incompetence. If we could rid the world of these misbegots it would be a better place to live in. Stopping funding would be a step in the right direction. The UK-UN up front money is over a billion and back door funds probably account for another 2.

At the UN web site, the tip of a growing iceberg. These are the orgs that spin offs evolve from.