October 6th, 2010

CCNet news, Roundup

In today's newsletter from CCNet (Dr B Peiser, GWPF) as well as directing us to reports about the 10.10 gang-green snuff movie, Dr Peiser deemed the following articles worth noting in view of current events such as the UN IPCC seeking a new reason to justify its existence (see D.L. Hoffman below) as the weather, climate, science and successive scandals conspire to cause most to wonder why Houghton, Strong, the WMO and the CoR, etc. created it the first place.

Solar Boom Drives Up German Power Prices
UPI, 5 October 2010
Stephan Nicola

The ongoing solar energy boom in Germany is pushing up power prices, an energy industry group claims. Prices for electricity rose by 2.1 percent in Germany during the first half of this year, the German Association of the Energy and Water Industries, or BDEW, said Monday.
The energy industry lobby group credited mainly the billions of dollars in levies paid by German taxpayers for roof-mounted solar panels as responsible for the hike.
"Taxes and levies have climbed to a record high and now make up 41 percent of people's electricity bills," BDEW Director Hildegard Mueller said in a statement.
The German government through the Renewable Energy Law, or EEG, regulates the feed-in-tariff aimed at boosting power production from renewable energy sources. Paid by German taxpayers via their electricity bill and guaranteed for 20 years, the levies vary from 21 cents per kilowatt-hour for offshore wind turbines to 46 cents per kw/h for roof-mounted solar panels.
Tariffs paid for wind, solar and hydro power will rise to $11.3 billion by the end of this year, up from $7.3 billion in 2009, the BDEW warned. Together with subsidies for the modernization of Germany's aging energy grid, the total bill of taxes and levies this year will rise to $23.4 billion -- a seven-fold increase since 1998, the group claims. /Full story

[Whilst in the UK "Why I fear the lights will go out in Britain", "Households face £2,000-a-year energy bills if Britain FAILS to meet green targets" ]

UN Climate Talks Going Nowhere
Reuters, 6 October 2010 Chris Buckley

The United States said on Wednesday U.N. climate talks were making less progress than hoped because of a rift over poorer nations' emission goals, and that other avenues might be needed to tackle climate change.
Negotiators from 177 governments are meeting this week in the north Chinese city of Tianjin trying to agree on the shape of the successor to the current phase of the Kyoto Protocol, the key U.N. treaty on fighting global warming, which expires in 2012.
There is less agreement than one might have hoped to find at this stage," said Jonathan Pershing, the United States Deputy Special Envoy for Climate Change and lead U.S. negotiator in Tianjin.
"It's going to require a lot of work to get to some significant outcome by the end of this week, which then leads us into a significant outcome in Cancun," he told reporters, referring to the main round of talks at the end of the year in Mexico.
Fraught climate negotiations last year failed to agree on a binding treaty and climaxed in a bitter meeting in Copenhagen, which produced a non-binding accord that later recorded the emissions pledges of participant countries.
More than 110 nations that backed the accord also agreed to limit warming to below two degrees Celsius but the United Nations says the pledges aren't tough enough to meet this goal.
Developing nations say wealthy countries need to do more because they've emitted the bulk of mankind's greenhouse gas emissions since the start of the Industrial Revolution.
Fearing deadlock, the United Nations and Mexico have been pushing for agreement on less contentious issues such as a scheme to protect carbon-absorbing rainforests, a deal to share clean energy technology with poorer nations and to help them adapt to the impacts of climate change.
But Pershing repeated the U.S. stance on wanting a full package to be agreed. /Full story
[So much hot air from the specialists in verbal compost but little else.]

And Finally: Global Cooling Hysteria
Wesley J Smith

Apparently Polish scientists think Europe will have the coldest winter in 1000 years, and that we may even be on the verge of another ice age. The Russians seem to be taking the forecast seriously.

From the story:
Forecasters say this winter could be the coldest Europe has seen in the last 1,000 years. The change is reportedly connected with the speed of the Gulf Stream, which has shrunk in half in just the last couple of years. Polish scientists say that it means the stream will not be able to compensate for the cold from the Arctic winds. According to them, when the stream is completely stopped, a new Ice Age will begin in Europe.
So far, the results have been lower temperatures: for example, in Central Russia, they are a couple of degrees below the norm. “Although the forecast for the next month is only 70 percent accurate, I find the cold winter scenario quite likely,” Vadim Zavodchenkov, a leading specialist at the Fobos weather center, told RT. “We will be able to judge with more certainty come November. As for last summer’s heat, the statistical models that meteorologists use to draw up long-term forecasts aren’t able to predict an anomaly like that.” In order to meet the harsh winter head on, Moscow authorities are drawing up measures to help Muscovites survive the extreme cold.

Oh no! Back to the SUVs!

I guess we should call this global cooling hysteria.  Which raises a question: Why does everything involving weather and climate have to be described in apocalyptic terms?  Perhaps the Poles just wanted to validate the wisdom of the new Obama global warming hysteria slogan,   "global climate disruption".
I am extremely skeptical about this, although a harsh winter is also predicted for the UK.  But I am putting down this marker so that six months from now we can check. /First Things, 5 October 2010

Talking of organisations that "cry wolf", that shout "fire" in a crowded venue when a match is struck, that deceive to further agendas...
On UN fabricated, sponsored, proselytised and propagandised false alarms at taxpayers' expense with the product of enormous, unwarranted cost to the public, the needy, western civilisation and nature -

Biodiversity: Manufacturing a Crisis
Doug L. Hoffman
With the UN trying to promote diminishing biodiversity as the NEXT BIG CRISIS it is interesting to note the chaos among diversity researchers. It is hard to make definitive statements regarding loss of diversity when science can not even tell us how many different creatures there are on the planet. Nevertheless, the UN has launched the International Year of Biodiversity, warning that the ongoing loss of species around the world is affecting human well-being. Yet another UN generated “science based” crisis to keep the world's citizens in a frenzy—shades of the failed global warming crisis, which the UN is rather hoping we all will forget. 

In the July 2, 2010, issue of Science, Robert M. May from the Zoology Department, University of Oxford, offered a perspective on Earth's species count. In “Tropical Arthropod Species, More or Less?” May notes that scientists began systematically naming species just a little over two centuries ago. His best estimate is 1.6 to 1.7 million, with an additional 15,000 new species identified each year. Here is how he opened his article:
If some alien version of the Starship Enterprise visited Earth, what might be the visitors' first question? I think it would be: "How many distinct life forms—species—does your planet have?" Embarrassingly, our best-guess answer would be in the range of 5 to 10 million eukaryotes (never mind the viruses and bacteria), but we could defend numbers exceeding 100 million, or as low as 3 million.

With, of course hypothesised ocean acidification waiting in the wings to be elevated to imminent disaster status.

The Enemy Within (See earlier posts for Common Purpose info) (Mostly of the hippy mindset, useful to the eco fascist globalist cause)
Via http://www.smalldeadanimals.com/
Britain is the home of a surprising number of environmental-activist groups. If you follow the links to the "partners" of British climate-doom website One Hundred Months ("We have 100 months to save our climate") you'll start to grasp the extent of it. One organization, Plane Stupid, ("Bringing the aviation industry back down to earth!") demands a ban on domestic flights and aviation advertising; another protests against renewable (bio) fuels, while another suggests we can get "free energy from air."
If you spend enough time tooling around these sites it becomes apparent that in many, if not most cases, the activists' concern for the environment pales in comparison to their level of self-righteousness and self-obsession. This recycling, eco-village-building whiz (gallery here), who describes herself – in the third person – as someone whose "life is organized on a logical basis," and who "tends to control life, organising systems and people," is fairly typical of those for whom environmental activism is essentially a tool used to draw attention to their too-too special selves.
When you look at the middle-or-upper class "activists" on display here and here, you have to wonder: if they honestly and truly believed that their actions were being undertaken in the interest of saving the planet - the baby animals, and the third-world poor - from a looming climate apocalypse, would they be acting so amused, and having so much giggly fun? If they were instead protesting, say, an ongoing genocide, would there be so much celebratory, "look-at-me" merrymaking.

Population 'will soar to 70m by 2027': Official figures reveal full impact of migrant influx
[...] At 180,000 annual net migration, a 70million population will be reached in 2029, the projections said. The further 16,000 added each year, if net migration remains at last year’s level, will mean an extra 300,000 in the population between 2008 and 2027.
Another 300,000 extra will be added by natural increase, and possibly more because newly-arrived migrants tend to have higher birthrates than long-standing residents. /Read on.

Considering housing, jobs, benefits, schools, religion, I wonder, will natives and residents continue to be treated as 2nd class?

Gods bless CO2 - Indian summer for Britain as temperatures are set to soar to 22C this weekend - except CO2's influence on climate/weather is immeasurably small, e.g.:
Icecap Oct 06, 2010
New Zealand NIWA Capitulates on Temperature Record

Back in August we reported that the high court of New Zealand was asked to invalidate the weather service’s (NIWA’s) manipulated temperature record. In the story, it was reported:

The New Zealand Met Service record shows no warming during the last century, but NIWA has adopted a series of invariably downward adjustments in the period prior to World War 2. Because these move the old temperature records downwards, the 7SS NZTR shows a huge bounce-back of over 1C in the first half of the century” said Mr Leyland. “Although this is out of line with dozens of other records, and has been the subject of sustained questioning by both the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition and the ACT party, NIWA refuses to accept that there are serious problems with the adjustments. In fact, no one has been able to explain exactly how they were arrived at.”

Enlarged here.

In this new story, NIWA has capitulated, stating they were not responsible for the national temperature record (NZTR). /here
Perhaps the Australian BoM will follow suit and check their stations' data against homogenised products. Jo Nova found large discrepancies in what the world was being told by alarmist science and actual measurements.

Jo's latest post: http://joannenova.com.au/2010/10/is-the-western-climate-establishment-corrupt-part-2/

Motl - BBC interviews Nobel prize winner Lindzen about being a denier

Via Junk Science: 
Enron had seven profit centers tied to regulating carbon dioxide (CO2)
. What ‘Enrons’ are involved in the climate scare today?
The death of climate legislation I highly commend to you Ryan Lizza's new New Yorker piece on why the climate-change legislation died. It's fairly long, but worth the time: you will really see how this stuff works on Capitol Hill.
Greenhouse Gases Help Us Live Longer (C02 Prevents Heart Attacks)

Recommended Reading – “What Can We Learn From Climate Models?” By Judy Curry
[At last someone is looking at the climate impact of wind energy. They warm in the night and cool in the day:]

I notice that the PEHI site with a bio of Maurice F Strong (of Kyoto, UN, Agenda 21, oil for food fraud etc. infamy) has gone.
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