May 23rd, 2009

CO2 drives warming. Politicians don't lie.

There is no evidence that CO2 is harmful to climate yet an abundance of evidence that it isn't. The people that benefit from CO2 being seen as harmful include certain modellers who assert they are climate experts, (status, funding) the IPCC, the EU, politicians, (power, status) green business, (money) financial organisations, (money) and environmentalist human haters such as Greenpeace (membership and funding) not forgetting the crackpot world government wannabes. And China (trade advantage, cash handouts and free tech.). Who pays? Us and the poorest.

The climate. We had warming as we emerged from the Little Ice age, that was interrupted by a cool period from mid 1940s to late 1970s. The upper level (surface temperature) of the Pacific cooled at the start of the cooling and reversed in 1976 with a one degree C warming in one year. The atmosphere warmed a little later, the warming was sustained until 1998 (some say a year to 3 years later than that). Then the climate reached equilibrium and remained stable until 2007. Warming was at fairly constant rate. There was no acceleration with increasing levels of CO2.

This century in one year the global temperature fell losing almost all the warming gained in the 20th century. Strangely enough the Pacific cooled at the start of the climate cooling. Even more strangely, solar emissions climbed from the end of the LIA throughout last century until from the late 1990s, then solar activity declined. Ozone that blocks ultraviolet radiation decreased at least from the 1960s. Then it stopped decreasing in 2006.

It is truly amazing how CO2 controls the Sun, the oceans and ozone. That it is a part of the planet response to the factors that caused us to emerge from the LIA is inconceivable. To experts.

How have the merciless proselytisers of human induced climate change responded to cooling? They tell us warming has stopped temporarily but will resume after they are retired so we must continue to reward them for not having a clue what the climate will do next while suffering deprivation ourselves.

There is a finite limit to the infrared the "experts" have decided is the cause of warming. Once it is fully utilised there can be no more warming. It is very close to fully utilised.

Information about the benefits of additional CO2 has been suppressed as it doesn't support the alarmism.

Science and opinion that conflicts the "humans are guilty" dogma is suppressed.

The warming potential of CO2 has been lied about and greatly exaggerated. The uncertainty of its warming abilities has been concealed.

CO2 drives warming? Nope, the climate itself is my witness.

What got us into the Little Ice Age? It is not fully understood but known factors include major volcanic eruptions (Laki, Mayon, Tambora etc.) and a cooling Sun.
What caused the ice to retreat? It is not fully understood but known factors include a warmer Sun and warmer oceans.
Why are we cooling? It is not fully understood but the Sun has entered a perhaps prolonged period of inactivity and oceans have cooled. We recently had a big volcanic eruption and planet wide volcanic activity is at a recent centuries' high with an eruption almost daily.

Or human emission of CO2 at much less than a third of all emissions (all=1.87 parts per 1,000,000 per year average) is doing it.

Control the climate with a fraction of 1 part per million per year? Must admit it is a good con.

Save the planet. Sack the IPCC. Sack the EU.

Proof that misanthropists are ruling the roost. After mass death from malaria (over a million a year) directly attributable to DDT being banned for no reason other than to please green misanthropy, it was unbanned in 2006. Now, seemingly realising their mistake the UN plans to advocate a return to the genocide. I find it increasingly believable that this organisation is run by the Club of Rome.
This non governmental organisation misspending public money should be behind bars.
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Be green. Support the UN  world government wannabe sickos and support death.