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Syria air strikes: The 236 words that will decide whether we go to war against Isis in Syria

MPs will debate the motion for 10 and a half hours in Parliament on Wednesday
Matt Dathan Online political reporter @matt_dathan
Wednesday 2 December 2015
The RAF has been bombing Isis in Iraq since last year but has yet to win backing for action in Syria Reuters
David Cameron has published the Government's motion on bombing Isis in Syria that MPs will debate for 10 and a half hours on Wednesday.
It declares that Isis poses an "unprecedented" and "direct threat" to the UK and asks MPs to support the Government and Armed Forces in "taking military action, specifically airstrikes, exclusively against Isil in Syria".
The motion pledges not to deploy UK troops on the ground in Syria and commits the Government to giving MPs progress updates every three months.
This is the Government motion on taking military action in Syria (You can read the full text below)
Ministers have stepped up their efforts to convince MPs of the need to take military action in Syria, with the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon claiming that the number of Isis-inspired terror attacks have increased tenfold over the last year.

RAF jets carry out second round of bombing against Isis in Syria

Boris Johnson disputes David Cameron's 70,000 Syria claim

Catch-up: What's good about Stop the War? The name.
John Rentoul

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