clothcap (clothcap) wrote,

Who Profits?

Commiserations to all those that suffered.

More restrictive laws will be passed as a prelude to martial law.
I have no doubt that plans to introduce martial law are long standing, just waiting for the event.
Why martial law?
Russia in demonstrating its battlefield superiority has backed NATO and the Pentagon into a corner.  Only the owned suicidalists in the zionist controlled camps will trigger a war. Israel has tested the water in bombing near Damascus. Russia has moved their latest tech missiles into Syria. The next illegal Israeli bombing run will be a one way trip. Israel will say it was an act of war, Israel firster controlled nations will rush to its aid.
As I've said for a good while, Israel became expendable. There are those in the US and Israel that actively seek its destruction seeing it as following historical predictions. And of course those that would capitalise on those beliefs.
To those that seek to control the planet, no price seems to high. As long as they retain control of the currency it doesn'tmatter who wins, nor whether there are only cavemen left afterwards.
A nuclear war will trigger a nuclear winter that will precipitate ice age conditions for an extended period, decades to centuries, maybe a full blown iceage that is long overdue will ensue, millenia of the Arctic circle extending south into Europe.
I think it is getting close to the time for someone(s) to cut the currency crooks' neocon politicians loose by whatever method. Only a united front will succeed peacefully, no class, race, religious conflict within. Look how easily the puppeteers got the terrorists fighting each other. Jabat al Nusra is an AQ (NATOCIA) terrorist gang on a par with ISIS with an equally contemptible list of atrocies from deliberatetely targetting civilians, torture, beheadings, kidnap, theft, drug trafficking, using banned weapons, yet the US admin wants to call them moderate and is certainly getting advance weapons to both gangs.
Why has the US refused to give Russia details of "moderate" fighters? There are very, very few genuine rebels and a great many mercenaries.

Attack in Britain "highly likely": Cameron
Yahoo UK News today
British Prime Minister David Cameron says the threat level in the U.K. is at "severe" following attacks in Paris that killed well over 100 people, and adds that Britain can expect casualties from the assaults. Rough Cut (no reporter narration)
MI5-6 tipped him off?

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