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14 November 2015 @ 09:17 pm
Who Profits?  
Commiserations to all those that suffered.

More restrictive laws will be passed as a prelude to martial law.
I have no doubt that plans to introduce martial law are long standing, just waiting for the event.
Why martial law?
Russia in demonstrating its battlefield superiority has backed NATO and the Pentagon into a corner.  Only the owned suicidalists in the zionist controlled camps will trigger a war. Israel has tested the water in bombing near Damascus. Russia has moved their latest tech missiles into Syria. The next illegal Israeli bombing run will be a one way trip. Israel will say it was an act of war, Israel firster controlled nations will rush to its aid.
As I've said for a good while, Israel became expendable. There are those in the US and Israel that actively seek its destruction seeing it as following historical predictions. And of course those that would capitalise on those beliefs.
To those that seek to control the planet, no price seems to high. As long as they retain control of the currency it doesn'tmatter who wins, nor whether there are only cavemen left afterwards.
A nuclear war will trigger a nuclear winter that will precipitate ice age conditions for an extended period, decades to centuries, maybe a full blown iceage that is long overdue will ensue, millenia of the Arctic circle extending south into Europe.
I think it is getting close to the time for someone(s) to cut the currency crooks' neocon politicians loose by whatever method. Only a united front will succeed peacefully, no class, race, religious conflict within. Look how easily the puppeteers got the terrorists fighting each other. Jabat al Nusra is an AQ (NATOCIA) terrorist gang on a par with ISIS with an equally contemptible list of atrocies from deliberatetely targetting civilians, torture, beheadings, kidnap, theft, drug trafficking, using banned weapons, yet the US admin wants to call them moderate and is certainly getting advance weapons to both gangs.
Why has the US refused to give Russia details of "moderate" fighters? There are very, very few genuine rebels and a great many mercenaries.

Attack in Britain "highly likely": Cameron
Yahoo UK News today
British Prime Minister David Cameron says the threat level in the U.K. is at "severe" following attacks in Paris that killed well over 100 people, and adds that Britain can expect casualties from the assaults. Rough Cut (no reporter narration)
Video https://uk.news.yahoo.com/video/attack-britain-highly-likely-cameron-131434115.html
MI5-6 tipped him off?
clothcapclothcap on November 14th, 2015 09:31 pm (UTC)
So who will the politicians award the credit to?
Hollande said he knows who is responsible but will he tell the truth?
Osama dunnit? Nope, he's dead, on 2 or 3 occasions.
Assad? Nope. All his resources are occupied.
That leaves Putin or ISIS.
Putin if the media propagandised demonisation is insufficient for the public to back attacking Syria otherwise ISIS as a way to justify bombing more of the Syrian infrastructure and to get boots on the ground.
My guess is the same people behind the Charlie atrocity are behind this one.
And don't forget Netanyahu wasn't happy on behalf of his sponsors about having to stop labelling illegal exports from occupied territories as from Israel.
clothcapclothcap on November 15th, 2015 12:44 am (UTC)
A warning about the Paris terror attacks

Dear friends,
While it is way too early to come to any conclusions about what really happened in Paris, I want to share the following thought with you: President Hollande has just declared that what took place was an act of war. This, in turn, means that the entire NATO alliance could be called in to respond to this (under Article 5). As for the attackers, already one Syrian passport was found, and witnesses say that one of them screamed “for Syria” before opening fire. In other words, this attack has just given NATO a pretext to intervene in Syria. Last, but not least, the only French aircraft carrier was schedule to leave its port this Wednesday. For the Middle-East, precisely.


You tell me.

The Saker

Comments http://thesaker.is/a-warning-about-the-paris-terror-attacks/
Anonymous on November 14, 2015 · at 2:32 pm UTC
Mate,the stage is set for US led intervention in syria, full scale attack is next, with israel and turkey, being syrias neighors, god help syria.. the reason to start a ww3 is here “9/11 paris ” attack” would I say. From the begining it was to crush syria, the bring down the “regime” and the they would have a freeeway to a big prize.. It was always the tehran the big prize, the want iran..in that way tjey would encircle russia.. plus vas natural resources.. there are many factors but the main is still ” the great israel” which goes from river nile to south eastern turkey, and also more than 50% of iraqs teritory. God help us all. Peace from KOSOVO.

Uncle Bob 1 on November 14, 2015 · at 9:21 pm UTC
The US wants to invade Syria.But under what excuse? Now they have that excuse.Poor,savaged,France.Attacked by the “vile terrorists,what is to be done”? The only “obvious” choice is to invade Syria,and “free” that country from “terrorism” oh,and by the way,”remove Assad” as well.The plot has been clear for at least a week now.The only problem was what act would they need as the excuse for their dirty deed.We now know the answer to that.The question now is if Russia and the World will allow them to.If I was Putin I wouldn’t go near the G20 meeting.What even better for the US than those “vile terrorists” killing him there.Throwing Russia into confusion,and probably allowing the US to do whatever they want in Syria without Russia opposing them.
clothcapclothcap on November 15th, 2015 01:13 am (UTC)
Fox News: Intel about a 'two-hour timer' uncovered in Russian jet crash investigation

November 13, 2015
Intel on 'two-hour timer' uncovered in Russian jet crash investigation
Catherine Herridge
Investigators analyzing the deadly crash of a Russian jet in Egypt uncovered intelligence about a “a two-hour timer,” though it is not clear whether the reference came from intercepted communications between known terrorist operatives, or physical evidence, a source familiar with the investigation told Fox News.
A separate source, also not authorized to speak on the record, said that based on the facts so far, one of the working theories is that a bomb was planted at or near the fuel line or where it attaches to the engine, with the fuel burning off the explosive. This theory would explain the apparent lack of residue immediately found, the source says.
Fox News was told both scenarios point to an "airport insider."
"If proven accurate, if ISIS did put a bomb on this aircraft which I believe to be true, it's a new chapter with respect to ISIS," Texas Republican Rep. Mike McCaul told Fox News. McCaul -- who receives regular briefings -- cannot discuss classified information, but said the Obama administration has consistently underestimated ISIS by emphasizing its focus on gaining territory, rather than expanding its reach to global plots.
"We always assumed Al Qaeda had this capability but now if ISIS has this capability, the threat to American airlines as well and our homeland, I think is very significant."

clothcapclothcap on November 15th, 2015 01:14 am (UTC)
Putin to pursue sponsors of terrorism

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ
14th November, 2015
Today took place the meeting between the head of the presidential administration, Sergey Ivanov, and the head of an international organization which is engaged in the fight against money laundering, Shin Jae Young. The main topic of discussion was the problem of the financing of terrorism, and primarily, the terrorist organization ISIL. It seems that there is anticipation for what will be Russia's response to the blown up plane over the Sinai Peninsula.
After the information from the black boxes of the fallen plane had been decrypted, there was no doubts that the plane was blown up. The evacuation of about 80 thousand of our citizens from Egypt and the exportation of Luggage separately from passengers is underway. All this immediately after receiving the first data from the flight recorders.
An interesting point is that ISIS has already claimed responsibility for the bombing, but officials dismissed these statements, so they fell on deaf ears. This happened not only because it was too early to make any statements, but also because everyone understands that terrorists can't plan such an attack by themselves without intelligence, isn't it possible that ISIS had help? They are created by intelligence, and supported and financed by specific countries. Our intelligence services knew all that, like many reasonable people, but have to play by the rules in force in the international arena.
We have long suffered by turning a blind eye to the atrocities taking place in Syria, and the imaginary rivalry between the U.S. and the coalition of 60 countries, this "world of evil" created by their own hands. Even by joining the Syrian war, we still continued to play by the rules and even tried with the organizers of all this lawlessness to establish "cooperation". But now, after more than a month, the coalition still consists of the same friendly countries of Syria that have supported her throughout the conflict. New candidates were not and are not expected in the future...
The probability that the plane over the Sinai was shot down in response to the Russian operation in Syria is very high. We can say 90% that this is so. And such an act from the "world elites", in fact, automatically negates some of the earlier rules, which Russia adhered to. More specifically, the closing of eyes to the project of these elites, under the name of "ISIS”.
Read carefully what was said today by Sergey Ivanov:
"At the initiative of the United States of America and the Russian Federation, a study has been conducted on the sources of ISIS’ financing . It would be nice if such a study was not the final point of collaboration, but was, on the contrary, the impetus for further and practical actions to identify particular States, individuals and legal entities engaged in the financing of ISIL.”
So, point by point:
1. Russia is conducting a study of funding sources in cooperation with the United States. Why? Why not by yourself, because we now all sources are known, why do we need the United States? The United States is, in fact, the organizers of the project "ISIS" and most likely downed the plane.
Let's talk about the organizers of the project called "ISIS": the US and the UK. Other major financial backers are Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Maybe the UAE and Kuwait could also take part in it, because the pipeline via Syria and Iraq would benefit all countries of the Arabian Peninsula.
The Emir of Kuwait recently visited Russia at the invitation of President Putin. The negotiations lasted more than two hours. It seems that they "agreed", perhaps, and their participation in the support and financing of terrorism has not been as active. This visit, incidentally, serves as another confirmation of the fact that the eyes of the Kremlin is now facing the Arabian Peninsula.
Why did Ivanov makes this statement:
"At the initiative of the United States of America and the Russian Federation has already conducted a study on the sources of financing ISIS..."
More http://fortruss.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/putin-to-pursue-sponsors-of-terrorism.html
clothcapclothcap on November 15th, 2015 01:19 am (UTC)
(Too important to just link to)
Why did Ivanov makes this statement:
"At the initiative of the United States of America and the Russian Federation has already conducted a study on the sources of financing ISIS..."
Here are two options: 1) "playing the fool", they say let's be "partners”; 2) Direct agreement, you do not interfere with us, we introduced you to the organizers and financial backers of ISIS. I lean more towards the first option because the second follows from it and the US "will understand"...
2. Analysis of the second part:
"It would be nice if such a study....was, on the contrary, the impetus for further and practical actions to identify particular States, individuals and legal entities engaged in financing the ISIL"
I.e. the question about ISIL and its relationship to the “world of evil” and the need to fight it is not put on the agenda . Putin and his team need to know who stands over ISIS and who finances it. Regarding the organizers, based on the fact that one of these "organizers" participated with us in "the investigation", we can conclude that we are talking about Arab countries.
The second point, the phrase: "to identify particular States, individuals and legal entities engaged in financing the ISIL", says that all is already known! Yes, indeed, and always was known. And we are not talking about some corporations, international organizations, and entire countries but with specific individuals and legal entities, which certainly is one of the highest leadership positions in these States.
Looks like the game is up for the Sheiks. Their brazen behavior and sense of impunity has allowed them almost openly fund terrorism, killing hundreds of thousands of people. Often they were generous with threats against Russia. Why? Because they were funded by the USA. But the trouble is that the United States has now become a "partner" of Russia in the "investigation". Here's the thing:
In a week, there will be a G20 summit in Turkey and Sergey Ivanov made a statement that:
"... leaders will seriously discuss the issues related to the financing of terrorism, and above all financing ISIL".
For Sergei Ivanov, there is also a bone to pick with the Arab countries. In 2014, in the UAE, his son drowned. It may, of course, have been an accident, but who knows... But Ivanov, I think, knows exactly what happeneda…
What about the USA and its relations with allies in the Arabian Peninsula? Firstly, they are interested in creating "controlled chaos" across the Middle East. Secondly, the era of petrodollars is about to end. Soon they can be safely be thrown in the trash. But Russia now puts US in certain positions. They have no other choice.
Putin's silence is never just silence - it is time to understand Western "colleagues". I feel that soon something will begin...
clothcapclothcap on November 15th, 2015 01:42 am (UTC)
MoD comments on S400 story in the Daily Mail

By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ
13th November, 2015
Originally posted on the Ministry of Defence Facebook page
The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation comments on the statement of the British Daily Mail concerning allegedly deployed S-400 air defence missile system at the ‎Hmeymim airbase:
“Certain statements regarding our airbase, which regularly come up in foreign publications, are at the very least confusing, if not laughable. We would like to believe that these fairy tales are published for the sake of self-advertisement.
Before scaring the British and the whole world by talking about the deployment of our S-400 AA missile system, they should have looked the system up on Wikipedia or the Ministry of Defence website. Then the editors of this agency would know how many elements this missile system comprises and how much space it would have taken to deploy it.
We have been working together with the journalists at the Hmeymim airbase for three days now. They have been given an opportunity to see everything here for yourselves, including air defence means of the base. There has never been S-400 AA system here. This is a clear misinformation.
We have brought you here to understand the real situation and to uncover this and other rumours, and we intend to continue inviting foreign journalists to our press-tours in future.”
clothcapclothcap on November 15th, 2015 01:50 am (UTC)
Assad on the Paris terror attack: It's happening to Syria for 5 years

November 14th, 2015 -
Life News - translated by Joaquin Flores for Fort Russ -
"In France, what happened yesterday is what's been going on in Syria for five years" - were reportedly the words of the Syrian leader, according to radio station Europe1.
On the night of Friday November 13th, in several districts of Paris, the terrorists opened fire on civilians, and near the stadium "Stade de France", where a match between the football teams of France and Germany was being held, were three explosions, two of which were organized suicide bombers.
Militants took hostages from the audience who came to the concert hall "Bataclan" to listen to the American rock band 'Eagles of Death Metal'. Several hours later, the French police conducted storming the building, eliminating the three militants. At the same time during the operation killed at least ten civilians.
Responsibility for the incidents were claimed by the terrorist group ISIS. Its supporters celebrated the attack by the terrorists, spreading social networking news of the terrorist attacks in Paris with the hashtag "Paris in flames." It is said that the series of terrorist attacks was a response to the elimination of the main ISIS executioner Jihadi John.
clothcapclothcap on November 15th, 2015 03:36 pm (UTC)
Half of all British jobs could be replaced by robots, warns Bank of England’s chief economist

By Peter Spence Nov 12, 2015
15m jobs in the UK are "at risk of automation" over the next two decades, according to Andy Haldane
As many as 15m jobs are under threat of replacement by smart machines, the Bank of England’s chief economist has warned.
Andy Haldane has said that new generation of increasingly creative robots could replace “at risk” jobs over the next 20 years, such as those held by accountants and sales people.
“Occupations most at risk including administrative, clerical and production tasks,” he said, noting that “those most at risk from automation tend, on average, to have the lowest wage”.
There are presently 33.7m jobs in the UK , meaning that the number at threat represents close to half of all positions. In the US, he estimates that up to 80m jobs are “at risk of automation”.
Speaking at Trades Union Congress in London, Mr Haldane said that rapid technological improvements would make it “risky” to raise the Bank’s interest rates from their historical lows of 0.5pc.
The Bank official said it was a “fallacy” to assume that the total number of jobs in the economy was fixed.
• In pictures: the jobs that are being taken over by robots
He highlighted historical evidence that suggested automation can create new job opportunities. “There is essentially no evidence to suggest technology has damaged jobs and plenty to suggest it has boosted wages,” he said.
However, this time may be different. Mr Haldane pointed to concerns that middle income jobs could be “hollowed out” by the rise of machines, leaving only low-paid and high-paid jobs behind.
Mr Haldane’s estimates suggested that the growing use of intelligent robots “could act like a regressive income tax on the unskilled”, which could cause inequality to rise.
“Technology appears to be resulting in faster, wider and deeper degrees of hollowing-out than in the past,” he said, as machines no longer substitute only for manual tasks, but also for ones that have required thinking and creativity.
More https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/half-british-jobs-could-replaced-170037211.html
Finally a bureaucrat opens an eye.
Tax the robots. Pay it into a community leisure fund. Local communities distribute it to those that need it. Only owned politicians stand in the way.
clothcapclothcap on November 15th, 2015 04:08 pm (UTC)
Re: Half of all British jobs could be replaced by robots, warns Bank of England’s chief economist
I'll miss the receptionists at my local GP.
Doctors aren't safe. A touch screen can replace professional medical advice and dispense prescriptions and comforting platitudes.
Surgeons and assistants are affected. Take conveyor belt laser eye surgery, requires something like 80% less professionals that aren't balanced by engineering and admin increases.
Apply this to any employment situation.
I expect Mr Haldane's estimates are extremely conservative given the acceleration in technological advance.

Then we have the smoke and mirrors clown Cameron "stemming the flow of migrants" to save UK jobs for UK natives.
clothcapclothcap on November 15th, 2015 04:20 pm (UTC)

Pepe Escobar
There’s no evidence this is a false flag – at least for now. What this seems to be proving is that Daesh is a certified pro ops with badass connections.
Scouring a ton of reports, I found a Danish citizen describing one of the attackers to a Paris café; ultra-pro, black-clad head to toe, AK-47, very well trained. These are not your usual al-Zawahiri underwear bombers; these are precision killers. This one left the scene undisturbed, and contrary to French police, may not have been captured. He wore no suicide vest.
French intel swears they are monitoring at least 200 nationals who came back from “Syraq”. Talk about a lousy job. Paris is hyper-policed. The mind boggles thinking of at least 8 jihadis promenading at will on a Friday night dressed as pro killers.
For me, this is also personal. Jihad came to my hood in Paris. I left Paris last week on my usual commute back to Asia. I have always mocked Fox News describing my hood as a "no-go" area - obviously for the wrong/stupid reasons.
They picked a small Cambodian restaurant, cheap and cozy, where the habitués are young and relatively hip. This means the quartier may have been carefully researched for months.
They picked a mix of heavily symbolic venues.
You have a France-German match witnessed by the President in a stadium where all barriers - ethnic, religious – dissolve, a true symbol of multiculturalism.
You have a gig by an American band in a concert hall filled with young people.
You have your average, cool, neighborhood cafés in the 10eme and 11eme, young, hip, secular, bobo Paris hoods.
This points to a calibrated conceptual spectrum - carefully mapped out by French insiders; perhaps those “Syraq” returnees.
This also points to a monumental fail by French intel and the Ministry of Interior.
There are so many accumulated reasons for blowback; overt and covert discrimination against Muslims, leading them to feel like second-hand citizens; France’s coddling of “moderate rebels”; Sarko The First and General Hollande’s wars on Libya and Mali; the meek bombing raids in Syria; France as NATO enforcers.
Timing: crucial. Just as the US/Brits announce they “may” have evaporated with Jihad John. And a few hours before the Vienna talks are supposed to come up with an official Top Ten terrorist list in Syria (the subject of my current article on Asia Times.)
Cui bono?
clothcapclothcap on November 15th, 2015 06:04 pm (UTC)
The False Flag Link: Passport "Found" Next To Suicide Bomber Was "Definitely A Forgery"

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/15/2015
Yesterday, when we explained just how the tragic events in France over the past 48 hours unfolded precisely as we predicted they would two months ago (ironically, as per our post from September 11, 2015) we commented on the oddly fortuitous discovery of an intact Syrian passport found next to the body of one of the suicide bombers, a passport which Greece chimed in as belonging to a Syrian refugee who had entered the country at Leros on October 3, 2015 from where he subsequently travelled all the way to Paris.
Specifically, we said that "we admit to not being experts on the nuances, or even basics, of "suicide bombing for terrorists 101", but is bringing your own passport to an event that will be your last, really that crucial, especially when the passport is such a critical smoking gun?"
Full details http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-11-15/false-flag-link-passport-found-next-suicide-bomber-was-fake-claim-us-french-sources
I don't accept the argument that carrying a passport to your dispersion is relevant. Foreigners routinely carry their passport as proof of id.
A planted passport would most likely be a genuine one unless the 'services' are doing this one on the cheap.
What it does do is tell me the carrier was almost certainly not Syrian.
A joint ISIS and a certain nation's specials op?
clothcapclothcap on November 15th, 2015 06:17 pm (UTC)
Waiting for someone to notice the immediate product. Chaos.
clothcapclothcap on November 15th, 2015 06:31 pm (UTC)
House of cards
One-two, a refugee crisis to the face and a terrorism act below the belt and the pyramid retreats back to its component parts.
The zio neocons will be able to make their attack arrangements with the fragments directly rather than through Bilderberg > EC.

Paris Attacks: EU's Free Movement At Risk
By Dominic Waghorn, Diplomatic Editor Sky News
Europe was already struggling to respond to the refugee crisis and the Syrian conflict that caused it.
The Paris attacks have been cynically timed to exploit divisions over both.
One of the pillars of Europe's modern way of life, the ability to move freely across the continent, was already crumbling.
But the passport free Schengen travel zone is now threatened like never before.
Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic have all introduced various forms of controls at their borders over the autumn because of the unprecedented wave of humanity sweeping across them.
A few days ago European Council President Donald Tusk said Europe was in a "race against time" to save Schengen.
A system of free, unimpeded travel across the continent can also be used to transport weapons, bombs and people trained in their use.
With a foreign army apparently deploying fighters on the streets of a European capital, there are real security reasons to reinstate border controls and keep them in place.
But the attacks have also been designed to deepen public fears about the refugee crisis.
At least one Syrian passport, possibly faked and almost certainly left deliberately, has been found near the body of at least one of the attackers.
That will play on public suspicions about migrants that became an unfortunate meme during the refugee crisis.
Those suspicions have already translated into government action.
In the wake of the attacks, Poland has said it will not accept its quota of refugees under the recently agreed European relocation plan.
More https://uk.news.yahoo.com/paris-attacks-eus-free-movement-risk-122422845.html
But the euro stands firm on the illusion it has value. Doesn't it?
Merkel has all those DMs prepared for the last anticipated collapse to fall back on. Gold to back them?
clothcapclothcap on November 15th, 2015 07:01 pm (UTC)
BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Vital Litvinenko Murder Clues Unearthed by Amateur Sherlock Fans
Citizen sleuths are on the case, and they demonstrate pretty convincingly what we've said all along. Russia is innocent, and anyone who tells you otherwise has no idea what they are talking about
Masha Gessen makes a cameo appearance - and she get's caught flat-out lying
It's just a big russophobia fest kicked up by Russia-hating western media and British politicians who follow their bidding - yes, that is you we are talking about David Cameron, you pathetic sell-out
Benedict Cumberbatchsky
Citizen sleuths like Alan Tichard are tearing the government's case to shreds
Everyone loves a good murder mystery, almost as much as a good spy story!
And everyone hates lying bastards, especially in the person of the Crown prosecution, venal neocon press lords, and cynical politicians.
Investigative citizen journalists with a sense of humor ride to the rescue!
RI has written a lot about Litvinenko, pointing out that from the beginning, the whole thing was a massive stunt to smear Putin and Russia, and that there is simply no validity to the preposterous accusations being made in the media. RI's very own William Dunkerly is an expert on the case and has written a book about it. Here are some of our headlines:
David Cameron's Litvinenko Hearings are a Silly Political Sham - by William Dunkerly
UK Litvinenko Inquiry Is Less Transparent and Less Fair than Russia's Magnitsky Trial - by Alexander Mercouris
Litvinenko Wasn't Poisoned by Putin. He Was Likely Smuggling the Polonium That Killed Him - by Ryan Dawson
This past summer, a group of Russian and UK journalists, actors, and Sherlock enthusiasts, finally decided they had had enough of the transparent lying around the Litvinenko case - particularly on the part of the Crown prosecution, and the British media which seem to work in perfect symphony, blasting one ridiculous headline after another about how Putin murdered this chap with polonium.
The latest volley occurred a month ago - it is the smear that keeps on giving whenever MI6 the obsequious UK media it controls want to whip up some anti-Russia hysteria.
First the lie: The Russians must have done it because poloniun only comes from Russia. The film humorously despatches this one by citing the appalling Masha Gessen who blathers on about this in her weirdly hateful hatchet job on Pushkin, a much beloved tome on every neocon, Russia-hating bookshelf. Fired from every job she ever held, how Gessen manages to carry on as a serious journalist is a mystery - well actually its not a mystery at all, - she keeps getting paid to spit venom by neocon media types - its as simple as that. Furthermore, this is what we mean when the western media is consciously lying. This was not a mistake by Gessen. This was a deliberate lie.
More http://russia-insider.com/en/game-over-new-clues-litvinenko-murder-found-amateur-sherlock-fans-video/ri11173
clothcapclothcap on November 17th, 2015 07:05 pm (UTC)
Re: BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Vital Litvinenko Murder Clues Unearthed by Amateur Sherlock Fans
clothcapclothcap on November 15th, 2015 07:31 pm (UTC)
More from ZH
Bernie Sanders 'Reveals' The Real Cause Of Terrorism... Climate Change
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/15/2015
Forget multiple millennia of ingrained religious zealotry, generations of ingrained hatred of 'infidel' invasions and resource exploitation, Bernie Sanders revealed, in an apparently entirely serious statement on CBS's Face The Nation that climate change will lead to terrorism, adding that the attack on Paris is an early example of this phenomenon playing out.
AGW, the con that keeps on giving to those behind the wars that drive terrorism.

IMF Greenlights Addition Of Chinese Yuan To SDR Basket: Wall Street Responds
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/15/2015
While the world was following the tragic events unfolding on Friday night in France where hundreds of innocent civilians were killed or injured, an important economic development took place at the IMF, whose staff and head Christine Lagarde, officially greenlighted the acceptance of China's currency - the Renminbi, or Yuan - into the IMF's foreign exchange basket, also known as the Special Drawing Rights. Here are the initial early responses by various Wall Street analysts.
What are the inscrutables up to? Is a Rothschild pilot steering their ship? They must know the CIA and zios run the private bank that is a tool for pillaging.
Accepted because the yuan will be a new coat peg when the last screw is undone and the dollar hat rack falls off the wall.

The Class War Has Already Started
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/14/2015
Here's what's obvious, but unacceptable: we need a new system. Not a system modified with tiny tweaks and a feeding trough filled with borrowed money--an entirely new system designed from scratch to be sustainable and with opportunities to build capital for all.

Can "SPECTRE" And Trillions In Free Money Finally Save The Global Economy?
ZH Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/14/2015
It’s certainly no secret to anyone who frequents these pages that trillions in global QE have failed to engineer a robust worldwide economic recovery. Aggregate demand is still soft and global trade is stuck in what amounts to neutral.
But the world’s central planners have a penchant for Einsteinian insanity and despite the glaringly obvious fact that QE long ago began to succumb to the law of diminishing returns, most DM central banks are ready to enact still more stimulus and persist in ZIRP (and NIRP) in what might as well be perpetuity in a race to the bottom of the effective lower bound and the top of central bank balance sheet lunacy.
In his latest missive, Grant Williams takes a look at the dynamic described above and how “SPECTRE”, “The Special Executive for Continually Trying to Resuscitate the Economy” (an amusing take on the villainous cabal from the Bond films) has gone about trying to “fix” it for going on seven years now.
* * *
From Grant Williams
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you SPECTRE - The Special Executive for Continually Trying to Resuscitate the Economy.
This shady organization operates in plain sight but wholly above the law and, though the international flavour of its executive board is consistent with Fleming’s criminal franchise, the public face of SPECTRE shifts regularly.
In short, not the sort of people you’d choose to do business with.
More http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-11-14/can-spectre-and-trillions-free-money-finally-save-global-economy
Remind me, why did Iceland jail its bank cabal representatives? Certainly not for their hostage value.
clothcapclothcap on November 15th, 2015 08:17 pm (UTC)
Putin has to be ready to raise the curtain at a moments notice otherwise the contrived headlines will push the moment where the faces of the puppeteers and actual players in the hegemony v freedom contest are unveiled past p3 and past public perception. Sooner, before direct intimidation starts seems the best course

Simple statements would be nice. Perhaps along the lines of:
UK lead actor Dameron D. Former MI6, Bilderberg steering committee, freemason, zionist, Fabian socialist (=zio commie), etc. Affiliated to Rothschild bank (by marriage?).
With evidence rather than opinion.
Something the alternative media can use to beat MSM with.

Mr P. Allay my fears. Banksters back both sides and end up winners either way. How will the eastern version of the script vary from the western version other than a cessation of violence? The debt slavery illusion is imposed as a real affliction whether enforced or coerced, whoever wins. That would make you just another actor. The currency and cruelty mafia can't abide - sharing their - leisure with the masses as a right and don't have a plan B beyond a workforce cull.
Gambling you and they won't make the N Hemi uninhabitable is a stake the cabalists are prepared to lose.

Another line of thought.
All those ill jihadist nut jobs ready to invade Russia but stymied. What is NATOCIA to do with them?
Get Merkel back in line,avoid an EU RU peace agreement? Such must require an abandonment of NATOCIA funding.

When the luxury padded cells are prepped for the megalomaniacs and ebola virus wannabes, some of them should be purple.

Edited at 2015-11-15 09:27 pm (UTC)