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20 October 2015 @ 07:32 pm
On the Brink: Stopping the Vatican  
[Holy Paedophilia Vat. man]

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Kanata Republic Sep 14, 2015
In an historic broadcast, Kevin Annett calls for and recognizes a spiritual movement to unseat the Vatican and reclaim the world for all its people. Posted 14 September, 2015, on the brink of Jorge Bergoglio's USA tour and the planned ritual killing of children by the catholic 9th circle cult.


We are on the Brink: A Time for Understanding and Reclamation
Kevin D. Annett September 14, 2015
On September 22, the world’s oldest lie and its greatest crime is coming to the heartland of America. The aim of this power is to enlist Americans in its plan to establish a single tyranny over humanity: not a one world government, but a global corporatocracy of one master and many slaves. The mask worn by this power is the Church of Rome and its ruler, Jorge Bergoglio.
For many years I have helped to document and expose the murderous nature of this power called the Vatican, and to prosecute it for its crimes against children and so many others. In so doing, we have pulled back its deceptive mask and shown it for what it is, in all of its corruption, ritual sacrifice and murder. And as we have done so, we have revealed how cowardly this entity is: how it in fact has no true power, but flees from our exposure of it, and hides behind its lies so as to continue to confuse humanity, now that we can see it for what it is.
And so, despite our exposure of this oldest enemy of mankind, its hold over the minds and hearts of many people continues. Because of our success in exposing and confronting it, this power in Rome has donned a new, deceptive mask in the form of a smiling old man in a white robe, who speaks of compassion while he honors and names as a “saint” a mass murderer of Indians; who calls for “saving the planet” while funding and profiting off GMO companies, Big Pharma and the arms industry; and who presents himself as a new hope for mankind while hiding his own trafficking and murder of innocent children. And very soon, this smiling lie calling itself Pope Francis will be meeting with the United States government and the United Nations to enlist their help in imposing a new global tyranny over mankind.
To those with understanding, we have no need to explain the demonic nature of the Vatican and its imprisoned followers. But whether or not we share this understanding, we are united with many men and women around the world in our determination to stop the crimes of the Vatican and abolish its power in the world. And we have learned from hard won experience that we can in fact halt and undermine this thing called the Church of Rome, despite all of its apparent power: but only if we use the weapons of God and our own humanity to nullify the authority of Rome and its puppet governments and laws.
This past week, we have demonstrated once again how even a few of us standing in the power of truth can force the Vatican to back away from its plans. For when Jorge Bergoglio learned that some of our people plan to confront and stop the child trafficking event known as the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, he changed his itinerary to avoid the most public aspect of that event. Bergoglio knows his own guilt and the crimes of his church, and that guilt makes him weak and defensive; for he knows too how our same efforts have forced the removal of his predecessor, Joseph Ratzinger, and that Jorge Bergoglio himself faces a standing citizen arrest warrant because of his own violation of children.
The truth itself is God’s own revealed power, but it needs men and women to wield it. We cannot act alone. It is now time for everyone of conscience to stop this global criminal power in Rome: everyone, starting with the police and the judges and the soldiers who are the peace keepers of America, who can and must defend our children and our liberties against the openly murderous church of Rome – especially now that the United States government is aiding and abetting its crimes, and thereby is committing crime itself, in your name and with your tax money.
As a convicted criminal, and as the head of a body whose policies of protecting child rapists is a clear threat to the children, the laws and the sovereignty of the United States of America, Jorge Bergoglio needs to be prevented from entering America, and deported if he does arrive. That is simply the law. Bergoglio must be confronted, and exposed, for we know that children will die at the hands of him and his followers when he is in America. If we do not act, and confront these child killers in church robes, at least four innocent children will die brutally in Ninth Circle sacrificial rituals that will be conducted in catholic churches in Washington DC on September 23, and in Philadelphia on September 26.Two of these children are Indians, a boy and a girl, who were taken from the Gila reservation in Arizona.
But even as we fight for the lives of these children, and as in any exorcism we name and banish the evil in our midst, our real power over this entity lies not in attacking it but in our active nullifying of its authority and legitimacy; and in our replacing of that power with a new authority: the law of God alone. And so even as some of us chosen for the task will take on and confront this Beast, the majority of Americans and people everywhere must publicly demonstrate their denial of it by boycotting Jorge Bergoglio and his visit. Turn off your TV and internet, and ignore the news coverage of his trip. Surround catholic churches and call on its people to stay out of them and to stop funding the murderous church of Rome. Refuse to do anything during the five days of his visit to America, and fast and pray for the evil to depart. For by such a public lamentation and shunning of Bergoglio and his lies, we are weakening that Lie and nullifying its power to deceive and violate and murder.
But even more importantly, by our turning our collective back on the entity of Rome in this way we are embodying a divine reality, which is the source of our power and our hope: the reality that in the face of the abomination in Rome and its centuries of crimes against God and humanity, God has nullified the false church of Rome and all of the worldly authority that serves it. For we are on the brink of a new world: not the tyranny being concocted by global elites, but the reign of God’s law as a new covenant with humanity.
And so now we each must make a simple choice, concerning what power we will serve: lies or truth; life or mass murder; the global corporatocracy, or the new, common law covenant of free people that stands over and above our allegiance to all governments, all laws, and all religions.
We will be demonstrating our allegiance to this new covenant in the days and the years ahead. We invite you to join us – for the children, and our future as people under only one authority: that of God, and our Godly conscience, as a Republic of Equal and Sovereign people.

Is it not possible for the Free Mason branch P2 to find someone that is without sin to sit on the throne? Or would such a person were they to exist express revulsion at the thought?
clothcapclothcap on October 20th, 2015 06:34 pm (UTC)
Marcinkus: silent witness to Calvi mystery
SF IndyMedia.org
http://sf.indymedia.org/news/2006/02/1724868.php (Deceased)
Freemasonry Watch Feb. 21, 2006
The Mafia, the Vatican heavyweight, the 'suicide' of God's Banker 25 years ago. the secrets that will be taken to the grave.
By Don Mackay
"GOD'S Banker", Roberto Calvi, was found hanging from a River Thames bridge nearly 25 years ago after apparently taking his own life.
But in one of the biggest scandals to hit the Vatican, a murder trial in Italy has linked the Holy See, the Mafia, freemasonry and money-laundering to the financier's death.
Prophetically, Calvi was quoted just before he died as saying: "The only book you've got to read is The Godfather... That's the only one that tells how the world is really run."
MOST of the flock at Mass in a church on the desert fringes regard the elderly priest in his crimson robes as a kindly soul full of humour.
The tall, balding man will tend to his parishioners and read the lesson in a drawling Chicago accent at St Clement of Rome church in Arizona's Sun City.
Then he will drive back to his white cinderblock house on the edge of a golf course fairway after chatting to the congregation and patting children on the head as they leave the service.
But what few know is the priest, named on the church notice-board only as "retired clergy assisting", holds the secrets to a scandal which has rocked the Vatican to its core.
He once stood at the shoulders of three successive popes and controlled untold billions as the head of the Vatican's own bank, the Institute of Religious Works.
As he hangs up his vestments, the former Archbishop Paul Marcinkus will remain as tightlipped as he has always done over the links between the Vatican bank, the Mafia and the death of Roberto Calvi, found swinging under Blackfriars Bridge in 1982.
Despite attempts by criminal prosecutors in Italy, Switzerland and America, the 84-year-old clergyman, bodyguard to the late Pope John Paul II, has kept a vow of silence behind the security of a Vatican diplomatic passport. He has not been questioned over claims of drug money laundering, shell companies, the collapse of an international bank, alleged murders - or the death of Calvi, dubbed "God's Banker" because of his closeness to the Vatican.
Calvi is said to have been introduced to the high echelons of the church by members of masonic P2, branded a "state within a state" by his Banco Ambrosiano mentor, Sicilian Michele Sindona.
SINDONA was jailed for the murder of an Italian magistrate probing his bank's dealings and died in prison in 1986 after drinking a cup of poisoned espresso coffee.
Now a court in Rome has been told Calvi, who took over as president of the bank, was murdered on the orders of the Mafia.
He had fled Banco Ambrosiano's Milan HQ as it teetered on the verge of collapse with debts over £800million - most in dummy loans to Latin American companies set up with the Vatican bank or based on letters of credit from the church state - a major shareholder.

More below
clothcapclothcap on October 20th, 2015 06:35 pm (UTC)

In the wake of Calvi's death, the Vatican's bank, headed by Marcinkus, paid out £150million to Banco Ambrosiano creditors, but denied wrongdoing. As the bank collapsed, the seismic shock was felt not only by the Vatican but also by the Mafia - or more dangerously, the Sicilian Cosa Nostra.
Calvi shaved off his moustache and headed towards the Austrian border, some say to try to raise the cash to fill the "black hole" of Mafia money he was given to launder.
On bail pending an appeal against a jail term for currency offences, he never travelled with fewer than a dozen bodyguards. But he flew into Britain from Innsbruck on a private jet with only one recently hired protector, small-time smuggler Silvano Vittor. He was taken to a safe house in Chelsea Cloisters, West London, said to have been organised by businessman Flavio Carboni.
But within a week his body was found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge - his pockets full of bricks and £10,000 in mixed currency.
Conspiracy theorists claim the bricks were a sign of secret Catholic masons and the bridge was picked for its reference to the Dominican order of Black Friars.
Nearly 25 years on, Carboni and Vittor are on trial for Calvi's murder in a heavily fortified courtroom in Rome. But not even Mario Puzo - who echoed Calvi's death in The Godfather Part III - could have penned a plot to match the labyrinthine mix of religion, politics and criminality that has emerged. The first inquest in London ruled that Calvi committed suicide. But many believe it would have been impossible for pot-bellied, unfit Calvi, who suffered from vertigo, to get from either of the Thames's muddy banks to the point where his body was found swinging.
The rope was tied to scaffolding under the bridge's central arch, but tests showed no sign of paint or zinc on his clothes from the piping.
The suicide verdict was later quashed and Chief Justice Lord Lane granted an appeal to Calvi's widow Clara, son Carlo - himself now a banker in Montreal - and daughter Anna for a new hearing.
The judge asked: "If Signor Calvi was intent on killing himself, why should he make his way... four and a half miles from his eighth-floor flat to almost invisible scaffolding, to use a piece of rope, present seemingly only by chance, in order to hang himself? It was a perilous trip... There were plainly quicker, more convenient and less chancy methods available if he was bent on self-destruction."
A new inquest brought in an open verdict, leading the way for the City of London Police to reopen their investigation and now the trial in Rome.
A post mortem using forensic techniques not available in the 80s showed Calvi had been strangled before the orange rope was placed round his neck. There was no brick dust on his hands or under his nails, no bruises, no tears in his clothing. But there were traces of petrol on his trousers, suggesting he was taken to the spot by boat. The rope was of the sort used by Thames rivermen. Son Carlo said as the trial opened: "We are trying to ensure we get to the bottom of things and show my father was not simply the victim of Mafia hoods."
Jailed Mafia hitman and heroin smuggler Francesco Marino Mannoia testified by video link just days ago that he had twice been told Calvi died in a Cosa Nostra-ordered hit. He was on the run when another Mafia man told him Calvi had been murdered.
HE added: "He was no longer considered a reliable and trustworthy person by the Cosa Nostra.
"He had been given drugs money and money from contraband cigarette sales and he should have laundered it via his bank, but failed."
A former head of the Mafia's British organisation, Francesco Di Carlo, 61, said the accused Carboni had sent word he was looking for him to do a job. But by the time he answered the Mafia call he was told: "It has been taken care of."
clothcapclothcap on October 20th, 2015 07:22 pm (UTC)

Di Carlo, known as "Frankie the Strangler", said the request had come from Carboni as well as Sicilian Mafia boss Pippo Calo. Calo, Carboni and Vittor are on trial for murder, along with Carboni's Austrian girlfriend and businessman Ernesto Diotallevi. But even if they are found guilty, theories will still abound about who was really behind Calvi's death.
The murky world of Vatican politics and Mafia black arts even surrounds the death of John Paul I after only 33 days as Pope.
After he was elected he ordered the Vatican bank books to be opened up and pledged to end corruption and fraud. He officially died of a heart attack - but rumours still persist he was poisoned with a bedtime drink.
Eventually the Italian authorities issued arrest warrants for Marcinkus, but the church used its diplomatic immunity to keep investigators outside its walls and Marcinkus inside them for seven years, untouchable.
After he was allowed to "retire" to Chicago - where he was born in the 20s era of Al Capone - he moved to the Arizona parish where he still helps out, visiting the sick and the elderly.
At least two Popes took what they knew to their graves.
It looks as if Marcinkus will as well.

MAY 1981: Roberto Calvi is jailed for four years but released pending an appeal for breaking Italian currency laws and smuggling untold millions out of the country.
JUNE 11 1982: Bank boss Calvi flees his Milan business headquarters as it collapses with £800million debts, including Mafialaundered drugs money. Later that week his secretary throws herself from the fourth-floor office.
JUNE 15 1982: Calvi secretly arrives in London by private jet and hides in Chelsea safe house.
JUNE 18 1982: The body of "God's Banker" is found hanging from underneath the City of London's Blackfriars Bridge. His pockets are full of bricks and stuffed with cash.
JULY 23 1982: An inquest rules that pot-bellied Calvi, 62, committed suicide after per forming "Spiderman-like" gymnastics to hang himself from the bridge.
MARCH 1983: The High Court quashes the suicide verdict and orders a new coroner's inquiry.
JULY 1983: Second inquest brings in an open verdict, saying Calvi did not take his own life. The City of London Police keep their file open.
JULY 1991: Ex-Mafia hitman Francesco Mannoia tells Rome prosecutors he knows Calvi was murdered by the Cosa Nostra. The supergrass's whole family is murdered when he starts co-operating with the authorites.
DECEMBER 2002: Italian prosecutors formally open a murder investigation into Calvi's death.
OCTOBER 2005: Four alleged Mafia men and a woman go on trial in Rome for Calvi's murder. Trial expected to last at least two years.
DECEMBER, 2005: Jailed Mafia British head tells trial he was asked to "do a job" on Calvi in London, but was later told it "had been taken care of".
FEBRUARY 2006: Supergrass Mannoia tells court he was told twice Calvi had been murdered on Cosa Nostra orders.

Did it all start when the Vatican opened the doors to Freemasonry? Does the Vatican need an outside influence to explain what it is?
clothcapclothcap on October 20th, 2015 07:33 pm (UTC)
Masons in the Vatican?
(Fuente: © Rodríguez, P. (2006). Masonería al descubierto. Barcelona: © Temas de Hoy, capítulo 21, pp. 377-385)
Nota: en este texto no se incluyen las notas a pie de página del libro original.
Text by Pepe Rodríguez
Translated by: Amravin2008
The secrecy surrounding the operations of the Vatican power apparatus, both in terms of the scope of the church as of their economic and political management, as well as the questionable human quality of many of their remarkable men, has led-and surely will lead-to creating all sorts of theories, hypotheses, legends and Chinese stories about what is happening, or what is supposed to be happening inside the very alleged home of Peter.
One of the most successful conspiranoic literary legends during the last four decades, aims to show the infiltration of Freemasonry at the highest levels of the Vatican, a process that would reach up to its summit, with the progressive Paul VI -accused of being a Mason, of course, to end up falling irremediably down with ultra-conservative Pope John Paul II.
The first question that should be asked by any amateur criminologist could be, what would Masonry win by infiltrating under the skirts of cardinals and others of that same species? For those who know the Freemasons and the Catholic Church, the answer would be, nothing at all! In the case that "Freemasonry" would be devoted to such games, the Freemasons would miserably waste their time, money and efforts.
But for those who imagine the Freemasons and the Catholic Church for what they are not, have never been, and never will be, the answer would point to the opposite extreme, to an excessive craving for achieving the control of the world, falling in the stupidity of believing that those with a real capacity to influence events and certain sectors of society can not do without wearing an apron or without belonging to something very hidden and named in some sophisticated way. In what handbook of the high degrees of cretinism is it said that to conspire, one needs to put on an embroidered uniform? Conspiring seems certainly more literary while dressed in black in a lodge located in a basement of the Vatican; but people who are dedicated to this ancient art prefer to remain in the Bermudas, by their own pool, sharing a good lobster on the table. They may be conspirers, but no fools.
Continues http://www.pepe-rodriguez.com/Masoneria/Vatican_and_Masons.htm
Doesn't answer questions but clarifies them.
clothcapclothcap on October 20th, 2015 07:53 pm (UTC)
Bolshevik revolution
Do Americans Face a Red Terror?
An edited version of this article is posted on Dr. Henry Makow’s site at http://henrymakow.com/2014/03/do-americans-face-a-red-terror.html
The murderous Bolshevik Revolution made communism a political reality. Alarming similarities to today’s political climate invite comparison.
Czar Nicholas II abdicated in March 1917. Since Bolshevik leaders Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky weren’t even in Russia then, how did they gain control of it by November 1917? Western analysts uncovered parts of this mystery, but much remained unknown due to the Soviet government’s stranglehold on its history – as Orwell said, “Who controls the present controls the past.” With glasnost, archives creaked open. Perhaps no one has collated the information better than Juri Lina, whose out-of-print Under the Sign of the Scorpion can be found online until his new edition is released this April.
The Rothschild-Illuminati axis, through their network of banksters and Freemasons, controlled the Bolshevik operation.
• In February 1917, an artificially induced bread shortage accompanied orchestrated rioting in Petrograd (then Russia’s capital). In a “false flag,” the mobs were machine-gunned from hidden positions; the casualties were blamed on the Czar.
• British agents bribed Russian soldiers to mutiny and join the rioting. White Russian General Arsene de Goulevitch wrote: “I have been told that over 21 million rubles were spent by Lord Milner in financing the Russian Revolution.” 33rd degree Freemason Alfred Milner was a Rothschild front man.
• Several Russian generals were Freemasons who betrayed the Czar under Masonic instructions.
• Russians thought the provisional government, established under Alexander Kerensky after the Czar’s fall, meant future democracy. But Kerensky, Grand Secretary of Russia’s Grand Orient, was “phase one” of communist takeover. His government pardoned all political exiles – green light for return to Russia of fellow Freemasons Lenin and Trotsky.
• Jacob Schiff and Federal Reserve founder Paul Warburg ran Kuhn, Loeb & Co. – the Rothschilds’ New York banking satellite. Schiff supplied $20 million in gold to Trotsky, who sailed from New York with 275 other terrorists on a passport obtained through pressure the bankers put on the Wilson administration.
• In Germany, Warburg’s brother Max helped persuade the government to provide millions to Lenin and allow him to cross Germany with other revolutionaries in a special train. The Germans agreed because the Bolsheviks promised to remove Russia from the raging First World War after taking power.
• The Bolsheviks succeeded because they had what other revolutionaries (e.g., Mensheviks) lacked – limitless cash. By May 1917, Pravda already had a circulation of 300,000.
• It is a myth that Kerensky and the Bolsheviks were adversaries. Kerensky received $1 million from Jacob Schiff. During summer 1917, when it was revealed the Bolsheviks were on Germany’s payroll – treason during wartime – Kerensky protected them. When the Bolsheviks moved to seize power that autumn, he declined the option of requesting troops to preserve the government. Lenin and Trotsky gave Kerensky money and safe passage out. He died wealthy in 1970 in New York, where the Russian Orthodox Church refused him burial services.
• Postwar Britain sent the Bolsheviks rifles and ammunition for 250,000 men. With this and other Western assistance, the Reds crushed the White opposition. Loans and technology from Western capitalists poured in for decades, as documented in such books as Antony Sutton’s Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution and Joseph Finder’s Red Carpet.
In 1992, the newspaper Literaturnaya Rossiya estimated that, including starvation and civil war, Soviet communism left 147 million dead. Even accepting the more moderate claim of Harvard University Press’s Black Book of Communism – that communism murdered “only” 100 million worldwide – what these numbers represent is beyond comprehension. Stalin reportedly said:
More http://jamesperloff.com/tag/bolshevik-revolution/

I've seen various POV as to who was responsible. But there is little doubt that there was jewish and freemason involvement.

Edited at 2015-10-20 08:01 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on October 20th, 2015 08:39 pm (UTC)
Propaganda Due (P2) Membership List
Freemasonry Watch: Propaganda Due
P2 is the common name for the Italian Freemasonic lodge Propaganda Due (Italian: Propaganda Two). P2 came to public light with Michele Sindona's inculpation and the Banco Ambrosiano scandal, in which the Vatican Bank had many shares. P2 has been involved in Gladio's strategy of tension - Gladio was the name of the secret "stay-behind" NATO paramilitary organizations. Between 1965 and 1981, it tried to condition the Italian political process through the penetration of persons of confidence to the inside of the magistracy, the Parliament, the army and the press. Beside Italy, P2 was also active in Uruguay, Brazil and especially in Argentina's "Dirty War" (with Raúl Alberto Lastiri, Argentina's interim president from July 13 1973 until October 12 1973; Emilio Massera, who was part from 1976 to 1978 of the military junta led by Jorge Rafael Videla; and José López Rega, minister of Social Welfare in Perón's government and founder of the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance ("Triple A") as members).
The lodge was founded in 1877, under the Grande Oriente d'Italia ("Grand Orient of Italy"), as a lodge for visiting members unable to attend their own lodges. In the mid 1960s it only had 14 permanent members, but when Licio Gelli took over in the 1960s and 1970s, he rapidly expanded the membership to over 1000 (most of whom were prominent and elite Italians) within a year. The expansion was almost certainly illegal, as Italian civil servants are generally forbidden from joining secret societies.
In 1976, Masonic authorities withdrew the lodge's charter and expelled Gelli from Freemasonry.
"Banker of God" Roberto Calvi's connections with the Worshipful Master Licio Gelli became a particular focus of press and police attention, and caused the lodge (then secret) to be discovered. A list of adherents was found by the police in Gelli's house in Arezzo in March 1981, containing over 900 names, among which were very important state officers, some important politicians (4 ministers or former ministers, and 44 deputies), and a number of military officers, many of them enrolled in the Italian secret services. Notably, the then future Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was on the list, although he had not yet entered elective politics at the time. Another famous member was Victor Emmanuel, Prince of Naples, the current head of the House of Savoy. A document was also found in the possession of Licio Gelli titled "Piano di Rinascita Democratica" (Democratic Rebirth Plan) which amounted to a declaration of the lodge's intent; essentially, Gelli's goal was to form a new political and economical elite to lead Italy towards a more authoritarian form of democracy, in an anti-communist perspective. "The objective of the division of the trade-union must be a priority," the Plan stated, in order to re-unify it with members sensitive to the Plan's objectives La loggia massonica P2 (Loggia Propaganda Due) (Italian) .
Then-prime minister Arnaldo Forlani was forced to resign, causing the fall of the Italian government. Giovanni Spadolini of the Republican Party (PRI) was then appointed, leading a center-left coalition. Spadolini was the first Italian prime minister not belonging to the Democrazia Cristiana ("Christian Democrats") party. All the secret services' heads, among whom Vito Miceli, had to resign.
Criminal organization?
Parliamentary commission directed by Tina Anselmi
More http://www.freemasonrywatch.org/propaganda.due.p2.membership.list.html
clothcapclothcap on October 20th, 2015 10:52 pm (UTC)
Rather than responding to the whole array of criticism of Masonry on religious grounds, let us take the one that generated much of the heat in recent debate, the ritual of the Royal Arch Degree. He contends that in the ritual, "The name of the Great Architect of the Universe is revealed as JAH-BUL-ON - not a general term open to any interpretation an individual Freemason might choose, but a precise supernatural being - compound deity composed of three separate personalities fused in one.

Knight explains JAH-BUL-ON as follows: Jah (or Jahweh) is identified as the God of the Hebrews, Bul (or Baal) as the Canaanite fertility God and On as the Egyptian god Osiris....

The Church of England echoed Knight's contentions with the headline, "Aspects of Masonic ritual condemned as blasphemous." (Church Times, London: G. J. Palmer & Sons, No. 6488, p. 1). The working group appointed to study Freemasonry for the General Synod concluded, inter alia, "that JAHBULON, the name or description of God which appears in all the rituals is blasphemous."
They contended that the name of God must not be taken in vain or combined with those of pagan deities. Their data and conclusions are both mistaken...
Thomas E. Weir, Grand High Priest, Maryland, USA
TheFreemason.com: Feature of the Week

Now the Vatican suddenly realized Fremasonry was still a perfect vehicle for conspiracies against Church and State. 'Times change,' the English bishops had said in 1974. They failed to say that Freemasonry remains the same. The P2 scandal was 1738 and 1848 all over again. 'Men of goodwill' in Britain, France and Italy would bluster that P2 had nothing to do with 'regular' Freemasonry, but this was a lie and those who uttered it were either fools or knaves. P2 was a recognized part of the 'regular' Grand Orient of Italy - itself recognized by the Grand Lodge of England in 1972 - and three successive Italian Grand Masters were up to their necks in the conspiracy.
Chapter 33 - 'Spooks in Aprons'
Inside the Brotherhood, by Martin Short
Harper Collins, 1990, 1993, 1997

Freemasons Ford, Rumsfeld, and Cheney: 'A column of mutual support'
'The whole philosophy of the Masonic fraternity is to be a leader in your community'...
[Common Purpose trained]

"The first duty of the reader of this Synopsis is to obey the edicts of his Grand Lodge. Right or wrong, his very existence as a Mason hangs upon obedience to the powers immediately set above him. Failure in this must infallibly bring down expulsion, which, as a Masonic death, ends all. The one unpardonable crime in a Mason is contumacy, or disobedience."
Webb's Freemasons' Monitor, p. 196

"The first duty of every Mason is to obey the Mandate of the Master…The order must at once be obeyed; its character and its consequences may be matters of subsequent inquiry. The Masonic rule of obedience is like the nautical, Imperative: "Obey orders, even if you break owners."
Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, page 525

The Scottish Rite Third-Degree Master Mason Oath
This commits the occult initiate to commit murder, if necessary:
I do promise and swear upon the Holy Bible never to reveal where I have received this degree . . . and in failure of this I consent to have my body opened perpendicularly and to be exposed for eight hours in the open air, so that the venomous flies may eat my entrails, my head to be cut off and put on the highest pinnacle of the world, and I will always be ready to inflict the same punishment on those who shall disclose this degree and break this obligation. So may God help and maintain me. Amen.
Later if he 'advances' in his Masonic career he will learn the secret identity of the God of the Lodge.


clothcapclothcap on October 20th, 2015 10:54 pm (UTC)
Mackey's Scotch Rite Masonry Illustrated
"The Complete Ritual of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Profusely Illustrated by a Sovereign Grand Commander, 33~"
Published by the Powner Company, Chicago Illinois
"A company from which Masons may order with confidence from a firm which has continuously served the craft since 1867"
Q. Does the Masonic organization have specified goals for influencing or controlling various Christian churches? How does the influence of Freemasons corrupt Christianity?
A. You have asked some very good questions. Masonry does not directly tell its members to go out and influence, or control, churches. What it does do is to encourage its members to attend churches.
The practical effect is much more far reaching. Many churches are literally controlled by Masons. Many, many Southern Baptist Churches are controlled by deacons who are masons. The majority of pastors are willing to settle for a nice comfortable job. Seldom do they take a stand for truth at any substantial cost. I am not saying that all pastors are like this, but more than half are.
The basic problem between Freemasonry and Christianity is that Christianity holds that Jesus is everything, while Masonry teaches that He is nothing. Freemasonry has a plan of salvation which is based on imitation of their savior, "Hiram Abiff".
A Christian Activist

In the book, Ecumenism, written by a Freemason in 1908, it says "the goal is no longer the destruction of the Church but rather to make use of it by infiltrating it."
Bishop Graber
St. Athanasius, pg. 64-65

No Room At The Inn
Jim Shaw, the demitted 33rd degree Freemason, who resigned from Masonry after becoming a Christian wrote in his book The Deadly Deception: "there is underlying all Masonic thinking and writing, an attitude and spirit of elitism which says, "Masonry is not for everyone, just for the select few." At the same time Masonry teaches it is the only true religion and that all other religions are but corrupted and perverted forms of Masonry.
This is both elitist and contradictory, in that it leaves no hope for the non-elite to ever be able to find the "true religion." Freemasonry proudly proclaims it makes good men better; but this leaves no provision for bad men to ever be able to become good."
He continues: "It is significant, I think, that those whom Masonry rejects and excludes are the very ones Jesus sought out to accept and minister to:
The Lodge excludes and rejects the blind, for they cannot see to engage in the signs and due-guards;
it rejects the crippled and maimed, for they cannot assume the body positions necessary for the signs and due-guards.
The deaf are excluded because they cannot hear the "secret" words.
The poor are excluded, for they cannot pay the fees and dues.
The mentally challenged are rejected because they cannot memorize the correct questions and answers to be recited in rituals in order to function in the Lodge.
The emotionally ill are rejected because they cannot be trusted with the "secrets."
Historically, blacks and women have been excluded simply because they are considered unsuitable."
"Jesus, on the other hand proclaims that "whosoever will, may come" and receive His gift of redemption and that all may "take the water of life freely" (Rev. 22:17). He especially reached out to the blind, the crippled, the mentally challenged and mentally ill, the poor and the unwanted - the very ones Masonry excludes and rejects (as unworthy)."
clothcapclothcap on October 20th, 2015 10:55 pm (UTC)
The Occult Octopus
The late Dr. Walter Martin, world renown authority on comparative religion and author of the Christian classic: The Kingdom of the Cults, during a debate with a self professed "Christian Mason," on The John Ankerberg Show, referred to Masonry as "Metaphysical Satanism."
Dr. Martin also stated of Masonry that he strenuously objected to the paganism within it. Upon visiting the Masonic Temple in Los Angeles, he found there a statue of Moses, a statue of Zoroaster, one of Osiris, and statues of many Egyptian gods and goddesses. His objection was that "when you put Moses, a representative of the God of the Bible, in the midst of the pagan world, which God judged for its evil, condemning them as vile, depraved, and wicked, then you have gone beyond 'just symbols', and are playing with dangerous spiritual fire."
William Schnoebelen, former Witch and Satanist, former 32nd degree Mason, wrote in Masonry: Beyond The Light equating Freemasonry with Witchcraft. In a chapter called "The Witchcraft Connection," he lists the following occultists, witches and sorcerers who have all been high ranking Freemasons during the past century:
Arthur Edward Waite-occult writer, black magician, and Masonic historian who wrote an "Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry."
Dr. Wynn Westcott-member of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia and founding member of the occult Order of the Golden Dawn whose members introduced "Tantric" perverted ritualistic sex to western society as worship.
S. L. MacGregor Mathers-co-founder of the occultic Golden Dawn.
Aleister Crowley-master satanist of this century who was pursued in letters by pseudo-scientist Afred Kinsey for his "sexual experiences," and who founded the anti-Christ religion, Thelema. He used children in perverted sexual rituals and advocated human sacrifice.
Dr. Gerard Encausse-(Papus) masterful author, teacher of the Tarot and leader of the occult Martinistes society
Dr. Theodore Reuss-head of the O.T.O., a German occult satanic society which made Aleister Crowley its head for the British Isles
George Pickingill-the master warlock of 19th century England, leader of the "Pickingill covens"
Annie Besant-leader of the occult Theosophical society and co-Masonic hierarch
Alice Bailey-founder of the occultic New Age, Lucis (formerly Lucifer) Trust and author of The Externalization of the Hierarchy" which foretells the "New Age" or New World Order" naming 1)Freemasonry, 2)the public School System, and 3)the mainline visible apostate "Christian" church as the three organizations through which the New World Order will insidiously infiltrate the world's society as a Trojan horse - from the inside.
Bishop C. W. Leadbetter-Theosophist, mentor to the failed New Age "Christ", Krishnamurti, and prelate in the occult Liberal Catholic Church
Gerald B. Gardner-hereditary witch largely responsible for reviving Witchcraft in the modern Western world. By 1951 the last of the English laws against witchcraft were repealed and throughout the 50s into the 60s Brother Gardner published some widely read books on the rituals and traditions of his covens which became the basis of the 'New Age' occult religion 'crafted' and marketed by Masonry to the youth of the world - Wicca.
'Zealous' and 'Illustrious' Freemasons one and all.
clothcapclothcap on October 20th, 2015 10:56 pm (UTC)
Outwardly, Lemnitzer remained stiff and correct. But deep inside he was raging at the new and youthful Kennedy White House. He felt out of place and out of time in a culture that seemed suddenly to have turned its back on military tradition. Almost immediately he became, in the clinical sense, paranoid; he began secretly expressing his worries to other senior officers. A little more than a month after Kennedy took office, he sent a letter to General Lauris Norstad, the commander-in-chief of the U.S. European Command, and several other top generals. Fearful that the administration would learn of his comments, he noted, "I had considered sending this information to you by electrical means but in view of its nature, I am sending it by letter for your ...EYES ONLY.
Lemnitzer had no respect for the civilians he reported to. He believed they interfered with the proper role of the military. The "civilian hierarchy was crippled not only by inexperience," he would later say, "but also by arrogance arising from failure to recognize its own limitations.... The problem was simply that the civilians would not accept military judgments." In Lemnitzer's view, the country would be far better off if the generals could take over.
Although no one in Congress could have known it at the time, Lemnitzer and the Joint Chiefs had quietly slipped over the edge.
According to secret and long-hidden documents obtained for Body of Secrets, the Joint Chiefs of Staff drew up and approved plans for what may be the most corrupt plan ever created by the U.S. government. In the name of anticommunism, they proposed launching a secret and bloody war of terrorism against their own country in order to trick the American public into supporting an ill-conceived war they intended to launch against Cuba.
Codenamed Operation Northwoods, the plan, which had the written approval of the Chairman and every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called for innocent people to be shot on American streets; for boats carrying refugees fleeing Cuba to be sunk on the high seas; for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami, and elsewhere. People would be framed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. Using phony evidence, all of it would be blamed on Castro, thus giving Lemnitzer and his cabal the excuse, as well as the public and international backing, they needed to launch their war.
Body of Secrets
James Bamford
Doubleday, 2001

Plenty more http://www.freemasonrywatch.org/tracingboard.html
Damning at face value.
clothcapclothcap on October 20th, 2015 11:18 pm (UTC)
Major No to GMO by Majority of EU States
20.10.2015 Author: F. William Engdahl
Monsanto and the GMO agribusiness cartel have suffered a major new defeat as two-thirds of the 28 EU member states have opted for a full ban on GMO crops according to the terms of new Brussels rules allowing national decision on the toxic agro-technology. The bans across the EU greatly expand the EU acreage off-limits to GMO from the previous somewhat chaotic EU procedures.
By the October 3 deadline, the EU Commission has announced that 19 of the 28 EU member countries have filed for a full “opt-out” or ban on GMO commercial crops in their countries. Other states can still file no GMO opt-outs after October 3 on certain grounds.
The states saying fully No to GMO now include Germany (except for limited research only, not commercial planting), and France. France continues its previous ban, including for Monsanto MON810 GMO maize, the only GMO crop presently in commercial cultivation in the EU, , mainly in Spain and Portugal. In addition to Germany and France, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, and Slovenia all now have full GMO bans.
As wel there are regional bans within the UK of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, a major portion of the best UK agricultural land. The UK Cameron government however remains pro-GMO. In Belgium, the southern part, Wallonia, adjacent to France and Luxemburg, also opted to ban GMO. The decision of Ireland, which had a total ban on GMO in 2009, is at this point unclear.
New rules weaken EFSA
While many environmental groups feared the new rules would allow companies like Monsanto to “divide and conquer” by spreading its seeds in pro-GMO countries, it is clear that EU countries overwhelmingly reject the now proven dangerous GMO plants and their paired very toxic herbicides such as Monsanto roundup with glyphosate, a suspected carcinogen.
In January 2015, the European Parliament overwhelmingly approved the new opt-out rules. Previously, the notoriously corrupt European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in Brussels, where many of the scientists responsible have documented ties to the GMO industry, was the sole deciding body and all EU countries were required to permit planting unless they made difficult exceptional legal appeals.
More http://journal-neo.org/2015/10/20/major-no-to-gmo-by-majority-of-eu-states/
clothcapclothcap on October 21st, 2015 08:21 am (UTC)
Cameron and Osborne are poster boys for the zio OWG. Pro GMO, pro compulsory vaccination, pro austerity, pro genocide and population reduction, pro corporation wars, pro regime change by coup, pro chem trails, pro destruction of the social order, pro religion amalgamation under talmudic luciferianism, no doubt pro paedophilia considering how forthcoming the regime has been in coming forward with testimony and support for investigations. Pro suppression of freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of choice, freedom to protest, freedom to remove psychopaths, sociopaths and power junkies from society.

Bilderberg, the OWG creator has been acting as the world gov during the time of the covert development of the infrastructure, the EU as the model central authority, NGO ECFR as its foreign policy maker and the source for the president, ECB as the Fed Res private central bank, euro as the dollar, UN as the civil service, NATO as the global army, Interpol and eupol as the global police. Fascist Cameron has been implementing its policies with a rubber stamp and cosh.

Greater treason has no one than this, that one lay down his country's sovereignty for his and his cohorts' ambitions.

"The Satanic Georgia Guidestones must be removed," insists Conner. "The message of the Georgia Guidestones is absolutely appalling, and the residents in Elberton should be outraged and be fighting to have them removed," he says. "We have atheists and Satanists getting the 10 commandments removed from public property, yet the satanic Georgia Guidestones have stood for decades, and nobody seems to care. Well, we do."

Luciferians like to advertise their intentions in advance, their insanity convinces them this is the "gentlemanly thing to do."
NATO is a mobile abbatoir.
clothcapclothcap on October 21st, 2015 12:26 pm (UTC)
Protests of at least 100,000 people to get the current regime out and install an administration that is all about reducing central government to a part time job and decentralising EVERYTHING.

Maybe then we can clearly see what the succession of crooked regimes have been doing with UK wealth apart from stealing children for nefarious reasons.
Here's a clue. Financing a one world government.
clothcapclothcap on October 21st, 2015 01:21 pm (UTC)
America's Stonehenge
clothcapclothcap on October 21st, 2015 02:06 pm (UTC)
Reading a complimentary copy of Cosmo in a waiting room (the rest of the selection was even more uninteresting) an article mentioned that checking Facebook decreased your intelligence by 10% and contrasted it with cannabis that reduces it by 4%.
Scope for prohibition when you are not smoking while driving. But Facebook is a tool of the regimes' surveillance gangs so it will remain unregulated. So thank the gods for driverless cars and all the out of work taxi drivers that can't afford to ride them.