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07 October 2015 @ 04:58 pm
Cameron's Coup In Libya  
The Libyan intelligence service had aided the IRA in its struggle for a united Ireland free of UK oppression. For this, MI6 that was also involved in the IRA group had tried to assassinate Gaddafi several times using a CIA asset, Belhadj, an army deserter that formed the LIFG terrorist gang for the purpose.
Two false flags were blamed on the Libyans, Lockerbie and the shooting of PC Yvonne Joyce Fletcher. These were to enable a military response against Libya.
Cameron is/was allegedly an MI6 employee.
Gaddafi was leading the way to a united Africa with its own public owned central bank. The currency was to be a gold backed dinar. Oil was to be sold for gold. This threatened the dollar as the currency of exchange for oil. It also threatened the Rothschild headed cartel's central bank hegemony. Also the Fed Res desperately needed gold.
Goldman Sachs lost all of a very large investment of Libyan funds brokered by Blair. Sarkozy was said to be involved in the defrauding of Libya. Lawyers were pursuing compensation.
Sarkozy had taken kickbacks for the construction of nuke reactors. Documents proving this were held by the Libyans.
Libya is an oil and gas rich country.
The Libyan government had contained the human trafficking and drugs trade. The jewish mafia was/is deeply involved in both.
The Libyan government had completely suppressed Islamic terrorism. Terrorists were needed for the regime change proxy wars as documented by a US military manual.
The success of Libyan participatory democracy was a threat to the top to bottom corrupt Western representative democracy.
These are the main reasons for the illegal action by the central bank run nations of the West.
Side benefits were the abundance of children available for kidnapping and trafficking and an abundance of corpses for the illegal body parts trade that the jewish mafia was/is deeply involved in.
Bilderberg agreed to the contrivance of the "intervention" at a meeting before the famous pair of Libyan airforce deserters were touted as evidence that Gaddafi was bombing civilians. He was targetting a terrorist uprising, (likely pre-arranged). Cameron was aware of this.

I can't believe that this has been around for 2 years and no one has called NATO and (Bilderbergers) Cameron, Sarkozy, Berlusconi and Obama and to account.

"Lessons from Libya: How Not to Intervene"
Policy Brief, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School
September 2013
Author: Alan Kuperman, Former Research Fellow, International Security Program, 2000–2001
Belfer Center Programs or Projects: Quarterly Journal: International Security
This policy brief is based on "A Model Humanitarian Intervention? Reassessing NATO's Libya Campaign," which appears in the Summer 2013 issue of International Security.
• The Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong. Libya's 2011 uprising was never peaceful, but instead was armed and violent from the start. Muammar al-Qaddafi did not target civilians or resort to indiscriminate force. Although inspired by humanitarian impulse, NATO's intervention did not aim mainly to protect civilians, but rather to overthrow Qaddafi's regime, even at the expense of increasing the harm to Libyans.
• The Intervention Backfired. NATO's action magnified the conflict's duration about sixfold and its death toll at least sevenfold, while also exacerbating human rights abuses, humanitarian suffering, Islamic radicalism, and weapons proliferation in Libya and its neighbors. If Libya was a "model intervention," then it was a model of failure.
• Three Lessons. First, beware rebel propaganda that seeks intervention by falsely crying genocide. Second, avoid intervening on humanitarian grounds in ways that reward rebels and thus endanger civilians, unless the state is already targeting noncombatants. Third, resist the tendency of humanitarian intervention to morph into regime change, which amplifies the risk to civilians.
Many commentators have praised NATO's 2011 intervention in Libya as a humanitarian success for averting a bloodbath in that country's second largest city, Benghazi, and helping eliminate the dictatorial regime of Muammar al-Qaddafi. These proponents accordingly claim that the intervention demonstrates how to successfully implement a humanitarian principle known as the responsibility to protect (R2P). Indeed, the top U.S. representatives to the transatlantic alliance declared that "NATO's operation in Libya has rightly been hailed as a model intervention." A more rigorous assessment, however, reveals that NATO's intervention backfired: it increased the duration of Libya's civil war by about six times and its death toll by at least seven times, while also exacerbating human rights abuses, humanitarian suffering, Islamic radicalism, and weapons proliferation in Libya and its neighbors. If this is a "model intervention," then it is a model of failure.
The conventional account of Libya’s conflict and NATO’s intervention is misleading in several key aspects. First, contrary to Western media reports, Qaddafi did not initiate Libya’s violence by targeting
peaceful protesters. The United Nations and Amnesty International have documented that in all four Libyan cities initially consumed by civil conflict in mid-February 2011—Benghazi, Al Bayda, Tripoli, and Misurata—violence was actually initiated by the protesters. The government responded to the rebels militarily but never intentionally targeted civilians or resorted to “indiscriminate” force, as Western media claimed. Early press accounts exaggerated the death toll by a factor of ten, citing “more than 2,000 deaths” in Benghazi during the initial days of the uprising, whereas Human Rights Watch (HRW) later documented only 233 deaths across all of Libya in that period.
Further evidence that Qaddafi avoided targeting civilians comes from the Libyan city that was most consumed by the early fighting, Misurata. HRW reports that of the 949 people wounded there in the rebellion’s initial seven weeks, only 30 were women or children, meaning that Qaddafi’s forces focused narrowly on combatants. During that same period, only 257 people were killed among the city’s population of 400,000—a fraction less than 0.0006—providing additional proof that the government avoided using force indiscriminately. Moreover, Qaddafi did not perpetrate a “bloodbath” in any of the cities that his forces recaptured from rebels prior to NATO intervention—including Ajdabiya, Bani Walid, Brega, Ras Lanuf, Zawiya, and much of Misurata—so there was virtually no risk of such an outcome if he had been permitted to recapture the last rebel stronghold of Benghazi.
The conventional wisdom is also wrong in asserting that NATO’s main goal in Libya was to protect civilians. Evidence reveals that NATO’s primary aim was to overthrow Qaddafi’s regime, even at the expense of increasing the harm to Libyans. NATO attacked Libyan forces indiscriminately, including some in retreat and others in Qaddafi’s hometown of Sirte, where they posed no threat to civilians.
Moreover, NATO continued to aid the rebels even when they repeatedly rejected government cease-fire offers that could have ended the violence and spared civilians. Such military assistance included weapons, training, and covert deployment of hundreds of troops from Qatar, eventually enabling the rebels to capture and summarily execute Qaddafi and seize power in October 2011
The biggest misconception about NATO’s intervention is that it saved lives and benefited Libya and its neighbors. In reality, when NATO intervened in mid-March 2011, Qaddafi already had regained control of most of Libya, while the rebels were retreating rapidly toward Egypt. Thus, the conflict was about to end, barely six weeks after it started, at a toll of about 1,000 dead, including soldiers, rebels, and civilians caught in the crossfire. By intervening, NATO enabled the rebels to resume their attack, which prolonged the war for another seven months and caused at least 7,000 more deaths.
[C. From ppl I know and the reports that came through during the assault ]
The best development in postwar Libya was the democratic election of July 2012, which brought to office a moderate, secular coalition government—a stark change from Qaddafi’s four-decade dictatorship. Other developments, however, have been less encouraging. The victorious rebels perpetrated scores of reprisal killings and expelled 30,000 mostly black residents of Tawerga on grounds that some had been “mercenaries” for Qaddafi. HRW reported in 2012 that such abuses “appear to be so widespread and systematic that they may amount to crimes against humanity.”  Ironically, such racial or ethnic violence had never occurred in Qaddafi’s Libya.
Radical Islamist groups, suppressed under Qaddafi, emerged as the fiercest rebels during the war and refused to disarm or submit to government authority afterward. Their persistent threat was highlighted by the September 2012 attack on U.S. facilities in Benghazi that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three of his colleagues. Even more recently, in April 2013, a vehicle bomb destroyed half of the French embassy in the capital, Tripoli. In light of such insecurity, it is understandable that most Libyans responding to a postwar poll expressed nostalgia for a strong leader such as Qaddafi.
Among neighboring countries, Mali, which previously had been the region’s exceptional example of peace and democracy, has suffered the worst consequences from the intervention. After Qaddafi’s defeat, his ethnic Tuareg soldiers of Malian descent fled home and launched a rebellion in their country’s north, prompting the Malian army to overthrow the president. The rebellion soon was hijacked by local Islamist forces and al-Qaida, which together imposed sharia and declared the vast north an independent country. By December 2012, the northern half of Mali had become “the largest territory controlled by Islamic extremists in the world,” according to the chairman of the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Africa. This chaos also spurred massive displacement of hundreds of thousands of Malian civilians, which Amnesty International characterized as “Mali’s worst human rights situation in 50 years.”
Sophisticated weapons from Qaddafi’s arsenal—including up to 15,000 man-portable, surface-to-air missiles unaccounted for as of 2012—leaked to radical Islamists throughout the region. NATO’s intervention on behalf of Libya’s rebels also encouraged Syria’s formerly peaceful protesters to switch to violence in mid-2011, in hopes of attracting a similar intervention. The resulting escalation in Syria magnified that country’s killing rate by tenfold.
Full brief belfercenter.ksg.harvard.edu/publication/23387/lessons_from_libya.html
PDF belfercenter.ksg.harvard.edu/files/Kuperman%20policy%20brief%20published%20version%202.pdf

Even this brief doesn't tell the full truth but goes a lot further towards it than anything seen in the shameful MSM at any time.
clothcapclothcap on October 7th, 2015 06:57 pm (UTC)
Russian operation in Syria revealed the real sponsors of terrorism to the world
Fort Russ October 6th, 2015 Translated by Kristina Rus
Source http://www.nakanune.ru/news/2015/10/6/22416533
McCain and ISIS

Russian operation in Syria started less than a week ago, but the first results are in. Losses of terrorists number in the thousands, infrastructure is destroyed, and in addition, Russia has shown the entire world who are the sponsors of global terrorism, say the experts to Накануне.RU.
The military operation of Russian troops in Syria against ISIL militants started less than a week ago, however, even in that short time happened a number of landmark events. First of all, we are talking about a joint statement by the seven countries – France, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the UK and the USA, that they are concerned about the strengthening of Russia in the region. A number of countries, primarily the USA, has made some pretty aggressive statements about the Russian mission in Syria.
"It is early to make conclusions, but the emphasis is clear. Here's the point: in fact, all the statements of the USA have confirmed that ISIL is a nonstructural subdivision of that country. This terrorist army was created in order to bypassing resistance forces (particularly nuclear forces) to conduct operations in different places of the globe. As soon as the Russian air force began to inflict serious blows, Americans threw a tantrum first, because ISIL militants appealed for help. When we intervened, U.S. actions have shown who provides the "cover" and who needs this terrorist cancer. The whole world saw the face of global sponsors of terror and saw that a coalition led by the United States – is a sham on the backdrop of the world stage," commented to Накануне.RU military expert, Colonel Alexander Zhilin.
He noted that up to this point, ISIL's advance in Iraq and Syria was due largely to the fact that no one put up resistance to the fighters , and they had at their disposal the American space, intelligence, and military-technical exploration. Even the official missions of the anti-ISIL coalition resembled a simulation, striking insignificant targets, or the desert. Amid last week's events efforts of the American pilots in the fight against terrorism look laughable, when the raids took out two ISIL excavators.
A separate reason for the aggressive reaction from the U.S. was the unexpectedly high technical level of the Russian units.
"I'll give you one example. More than 50 aircraft were transported to Syria. More than 2 thousand people transported via transport aircraft. And not one of the vaunted NATO radars in Turkey, Bulgaria and other countries could record it. Today, the Americans don't see our guys working. We have developed such a system of technical cover that the Pentagon is just going crazy – we can see them, but they can not see us. It is clear that all their plans had failed," - explains the expert.
As for the losses of militants, as a result of Russian air strikes, even the "conservative" figures for such a short time are very impressive. Zhilin cited figures of the Israeli and American intelligence, citing his own sources. According to these data, during the first five days of the operation more than 2 thousand 173 fighters were liquidated. Against the background of repeated statements by Barack Obama about the "inefficiency" of the Russian military-space forces, these figures may be understated.
According to political analyst, Professor Igor Panarin, by October 5, the number of killed, wounded, missing and deserted is 9 389 thousand people. The expert explains this avalanche by the number of deserters - about half of the total numbers, "deserters fleeing to Iraq,Turkey, Jordan".
More http://fortruss.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/russian-operation-in-syria-revealed.html
clothcapclothcap on October 7th, 2015 07:00 pm (UTC)
Any Brits embedded in ISIS killed? Dave wouldn't say if there were.
How many died in Libya? Unknown but a fair few. Disguised as casualties in other countries is what I was told.
clothcapclothcap on October 7th, 2015 07:16 pm (UTC)
Suicide is painless, so the song says
Brzezinski: CIA assets in Syria struck by Moscow
Fort Russ October 6, 2015
Source Press TV
US foreign policy expert Zbigniew Brzezinski says the United States should retaliate if Russia does not stop bombing its assets in Syria.
Brzezinski, the national security adviser for former President Jimmy Carter, advised President Barack Obama to attempt to disarm the Russians if they keep attacking the CIA-trained militants in Syria.
"The Russian naval and air presences in Syria are vulnerable, isolated geographically from their homeland," Brzezinski wrote in an article published by the Financial Times on Sunday. "They could be 'disarmed' if they persist in provoking the US."
"But, better still, Russia might be persuaded to act with the US in seeking a wider accommodation to a regional problem that transcends the interests of a single state," he added.
[Russia will not join the illegal US coalition - FR]
A new US intelligence assessment has found Russia has targeted militant groups backed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Syria.
The assessment, shared by commanders on the ground, has led American officials to conclude that Russian warplanes have intentionally struck CIA-backed militants in a string of attacks running for days, the Wall Street Journal reported.
Moscow's apparent decision to strike CIA’s militants "at best" reflects "Russian military incompetence," and worst, "evidence of a dangerous desire to highlight American political impotence," wrote Brzezinski.
He added that if Moscow continues to target these people, then Washington should retaliate against Russians.
"In these rapidly unfolding circumstances the US has only one real option if it is to protect its wider stakes in the region: to convey to Moscow the demand that it cease and desist from military actions that directly affect American assets," he said.
[Syria must bow to the global master - FR]
Obama administration officials are debating how the United States can come to the aid of its proxy forces on the ground without risking a broader conflict, according to the Wall Street Journal.
More http://fortruss.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/brzezinski-cia-assets-in-syria-struck.html
clothcapclothcap on October 7th, 2015 07:35 pm (UTC)
The Ukraine regime shows its colours again
Ukraine Official: Help ISIS take revenge on Russian soldiers in Syria
Fort Russ October 7th, 2015 Translated by Paul Siebert
Source rusvesna -
Member of the board of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine, former adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko on his Facebook page called on everyone to collect the data on the Russian citizens taking part in the Russian operation in Syria in order to place them on the "The Peacemaker" website, which contains information about the enemies of Ukraine.
He presented a letter allegedly from one of his followers in the social network, in which he said that the Russian television almost every day was showing support personnel servicing the Russian planes involved in the destruction of terrorists in Syria. He suggested that these people could be identified by the ISIS militants located in Russia.
After that the Ukrainian politician invited all people having information about the Russians involved in the operation against terrorists to send this information to the "Peacemaker" website.
In his opinion, this should be done, because Russia "is waging an undeclared war against the Syrian people".
The "Peacemaker" website received the notoriety after the scandal over the murder of the Ukrainian journalist Oles Buzina, whose details appeared on this website a few days before his murder.
This morning Gerashchenko, seeing the kind of reaction caused by his inadequate idea removed his account from the social network.
However, this is the typical behavior of Ukrainian statesmen — first to make something stupid and then pretend that nothing had happened.
I can only assume that the Russians continue to give the Ukraine cheap gas for humanitarian reasons.
How much UK tax is Dave giving to support the Ukrainian regime? £100 million?
How much UK VAT is the EU giving to the Ukrainian regime to pay for the gas and the war on East Ukrainians?
clothcapclothcap on October 7th, 2015 08:42 pm (UTC)
Defanging the regime change snake
Russia's Campaign To Snuff Off The CIA's Al-Qaeda Forces
MoA October 02, 2015
With some 125 strikes in three days the Russian bombing campaign continues to build. The U.S. media is now obsessed with the idea that Russia may be using "dumb bombs" instead of Syrian "barrel bombs". This is becoming a new propaganda meme. But videos from the Russian airbase show that at least some of the planes are armed with KAB-500S-E satellite (GLONAST) guided bombs which are precise "smart" bombs. (Other pictures and video from the Russian air base show a quite comfortable life including air conditioned quarters, a mess tent, Gulaschkanonen, a bakery, a laundry etc. This base is not an improvised short-term installation.)
Besides that how is it more humane to kill by a precise bomb than by a "dumb bomb" or "barrel bomb". Gaza was bombed by the Israelis with (U.S. produced) smart bombs. That did not lead to less destruction or killing. The recent Saudi (U.S. produced) bomb on the Yemen wedding that killed 130 people was also "smart" and hit right where it was targeted at.
The Russians bombed, as I earlier described, mostly in the corridor up to the Turkish border which is in the hand of al-Qaeda, Ahrar al Shams and CIA mercenaries. It also bombed Raqqa, the Syrian capital of the Islamic State and killed a dozen fighters. In response to that the Islamic State canceled Friday prayers in Raqqa seemingly out of fear that any congregation of IS fighters would now get bombed.
Funny. The U.S. claimed for a year that it was seriously bombing the Islamic State. But the Friday prayers have never be canceled before. Could it be that the Islamic State did not believe the U.S. claims but now fears that the Russians really mean business?
More http://www.moonofalabama.org/2015/10/russias-campaign-to-snuff-off-cias-al-qaeda-forces.html
clothcapclothcap on October 7th, 2015 09:24 pm (UTC)
Who do you believe? Cameron or your eyes?
26 missiles sent from the Caspian Sea, all on target. Vids at Fort Russ.

David Cameron accuses Putin of backing the 'butcher' Assad in Syria as Russian jets launch more attacks in the war-torn country
Cameron says Putin is 'not discriminating between ISIS and other forces'
In doing so, he is 'backing the butcher' Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
Prime Minister says Russia's air strikes are 'making the situation worse'
Comes as Kremlin has launched a new wave of air attacks across Syria
Officials claim nine ISIS targets have been struck over the past 24 hours
Yesterday, Defence Secretary said the ongoing raids are 'killing civilians'
Michael Fallon said only one in 20 strikes are on target to hit terror group
Today, it emerged at least 39 civilians had been killed since Wednesday
By Sophie Jane Evans for MailOnline 3 October 2015
More http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3258498/Russian-air-strikes-Syria-killing-innocent-civilians-says-Defence-Secretary-Michael-Fallon-UK-government-s-strongest-outburst-against-Putin-s-tactics.html
clothcapclothcap on October 7th, 2015 09:45 pm (UTC)
US will indirectly confront Russian military via KurdIShIS and other rogues.
“President Obama has decided not to directly confront Russia over its new air offensive in Syria, believing that President Vladimir Putin will soon find himself in a Syrian “quagmire,” but he has approved a new escalation of U.S. efforts against the Islamic State”
Translation- Proxy war to create the quagmire
More http://pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/us-will-indirectly-confront-russian.html
Penny is sure Kurds (Iraqi?) are a large part of IS. It's not an unreasonable claim given the Israeli regime's ties to the Iraqi Kurds and US support. But who are the Kurds attacking and being attacked by in Syria, claimed to be IS? Difficult one especially given Erdogan and MIT's apparent support for IS against Syrian Kurds.
clothcapclothcap on October 7th, 2015 09:52 pm (UTC)
If you want to keep up with the Russian POV Fort Russ is a good site to read.

Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge, however it's a finance oriented site, tends to beat the press with facts, on the occasions that the Western press can bring itself to print facts.

In depth, aside from Penny for your thoughts we have Moon of Alabama
Saker's Vineyard

I wish I had time to keep up with their posts.
clothcapclothcap on October 7th, 2015 10:02 pm (UTC)
More on the 26
Breaking! 4 Russian Warships Launch Strikes against ISIS from Caspian Sea
Penny October 7, 2015
Looking for input here readers, please.
Four Russian Navy warships have fired a total of 26 missiles at the position of the terrorist group Islamic State in Syria, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced. The missiles were fired from the Caspian Sea.
“Four missile ships launched 26 cruise missiles at 11 targets. According to objective control data, all the targets were destroyed. No civilian objects sustained damage,” Shoigu said.
The missiles flew some 1,500 km before reaching their targets, prob(v)ing their efficiency.
RT: flight path of missiles
The missile attacks came from Russia’s fleet in the Caspian Sea, which borders Russia, Iran and three other littoral countries. The precision weapons hit all intended targets. The attacks apparently required cooperation from Iran and Iraq, as the missiles had to travel through their airspace to reach Syria.
The countries of Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran border the sea.
Russia has launched rocket strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria from its warships in the Caspian Sea, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu says.
Mr Shoigu was quoted by Russian media as saying four warships launched 26 sea-based cruise missiles on 11 targets, destroying them.
UPDATE # 2- (flight path of missiles being #1)
Interesting to note that the article is lacking in spin/perception management- however, that will come. Oh yes, that will come.
Sharply escalating its role in Syria, the Russian military launched on Wednesday medium-range missiles from nearly 1,000 miles away.
The new Russian airstrikes came amid reports of an expanding ground offensive by pro-government forces in Syria, which is taking place in coordination with Russian warplanes operating from an airfield in western Syria. That offensive will include the Syrian Army, Hezbollah forces on the ground and Russia in the air — all coordinated with Iran, according to an official with that alliance.
The targets were about 930 miles, or about 1,500 kilometers, from the Russian flotilla of four warships that launched the missiles, Mr. Shoigu said. No civilians were harmed in the strike, he said.
Mr. Putin praised the work of the military in the missile strike and in the air operations in Syria that already showed a flexing of Russia’s military muscle in the Middle East.
More http://pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/breaking-4-russian-warships-launch.html
clothcapclothcap on October 7th, 2015 10:44 pm (UTC)
Over 10,000 Attend another MASSIVE Demo against Muslim Migrant Invasion in Europe
The Washington Standard October 7, 2015
Another massive rally against the Muslim invasion of Europe. The anti-islamization movement is growing every day. It is the rational response to Chancellor Merkel’s vow to take in one million Muslim migrants in Germany alone.
This is Europe’s version of the Tea Party.
The only mainstream media report I could find was in Japan Times. The coverage is notoriously biased – which we have come to expect. But there is nothing ‘far right’ about this movement. This is a “we the people’ movement. Anyone with half a mind would oppose the destruction of their countries, economies, way of life and most of all their freedom.
Two days ago, there were huge protests against the migrant invasion of Europe.
On September 30, there was a media blackout on massive protest this invasion of Europe
September 15, there were massive anti-islamization demos in Eastern Europe
More, photos http://www.brettonwoodsproject.org/publications/summer-2015/
clothcapclothcap on October 7th, 2015 10:54 pm (UTC)
Did they see the writing on the wall?
Did they see the writing on the wall?
Pentagon’s top official on Russia, Ukraine resigning
Geopolitics Published September 29, 2015
The Pentagon official who oversees military relations with Russia and Ukraine has resigned, a senior U.S. defense official confirmed to Fox News Tuesday.
The resignation of Evelyn Farkas, a Defense Department deputy assistant secretary, was reported first by Politico.
Farkas’ resignation also comes just days after it was revealed that Gen. John Allen is stepping down this fall as point person for ISIS policy at the State Department.
H/t Alan, an MoA contributor.
clothcapclothcap on October 7th, 2015 11:11 pm (UTC)
green heart
manooch kargar
>>> @JournalNEO @Pyrrha108 lol
New Eastern Outlook
Why did Hillary Clinton arm & fund ISIS in 2012?
Chad Hale
Even those that believe the official narrative must be outraged by this hypocrisy. I mean, ESPECIALLY those!
the Lemniscat
CNN calls Al-Qaeda "our guys" in Syria. Has CNN forgotten who they blamed for 9/11?
Sotloff's family said it was "moderate rebels" backed by US govt that sold him to ISIS
New Eastern Outlook
What If Russia Is Asked to Fly Air Cover for Iraqi Forces?
Lavrov said he has asked US Secretary of State John Kerry to provide information on this group (FSA) and its leadership.
Info Terrorism
EU Commission’s Secretive Tobacco Lobby Breaches UN Rules, Ombudsman
The US has launched 6700 airstrikes on ISIS while the Russians have apparently degraded ISIS in just 60 ...
Iraq Live Update
Reports that Daesh oil-smuggling tankers 'invisible' to US jets are suddenly visible to Russian jets & were bombed
Moon of Alabama
New on MoA: Russia's Campaign To Snuff Off The CIA's Al-Qaeda Forces

Press TV
White House: Kunduz attack not war crime
Israeli forces shoot and seriously injure a Palestinian woman in al-Quds.

Syria’s ‘moderates’ have disappeared... and there are no good guys

UK & US blocking ban on killer robots – experts
RT America
F35 deathtrap: Pentagon jet’s ejection seat could snap pilot’s neck

Carlos Martinez
WikiLeaks cables show Washington backing of regime change is a major problem
http://alj.am/4288 - must-read article from Mark Weisbrot

Scott Horton
Israel: Nation of Thieves

Karol en Red
the Lemniscat
US bombs ISIS for a year: 30,000 terrorists pour into Syria
Russia bombs for a week: "3,000 terrorists leave Syria"

Activist Post
Canadians Just Prevented Full Dairy Raid on Michael Schmidt

Net News Global
Nuland`s Suggestion of Working With Russia to Ease Tension in Syria Cynical
Lina Arabi
Erdogan wanted to establish a no-fly zone over northern Syria. Putin & Assad establish one over southern Turkey.
BREAKING Turkish military says Syria-based missile systems harassed 8 F-16 jets over Syrian border on Tuesday
More ISIS positions destroyed by Russian and Syrian airstrikes in Aleppo and Homs
Syrian Army Stages Air, Ground Assault on ISIL Positions in Damascus Countryside
Afghan Forces Kill 3 Suicide Bombers after Night Clash in Kabul
Kurdish forces intensify anti-Qaeda attacks in Aleppo
15 Militants Killed in Clashes with Syrian Army near Zabadani Region
clothcapclothcap on October 7th, 2015 11:23 pm (UTC)
The Russians are Coming, Sending Troops to Syria, Says the New York Times. It’s a Lie
Russia News Feed 07.10.2015 Stephen Lendman
This post was originally published at GR
The New York Times is an over-the-top lying machine, systematically suppressing hard truths.
Its latest misinformation piece falsely headlined “Russian Soldiers Join Syria Fight,” claiming Moscow “said Monday that its ‘volunteer’ ground forces would join the fight and NATO warned the Kremlin after at least one Russian warplane trespassed into Turkey’s airspace.”
More on the so-called air space violation below. The Times accused Moscow of “saber-rattling,” challenging Obama’s Syria agenda, ignoring its lawlessness, saying “(a) Russian ground force could fundamentally alter the conflict.”
Putin categorically ruled out using ground troops in Syria. Russian upper house Federation Council foreign affairs committee chairman Konstantin Kosachev said “(w)e would not risk getting stuck in a long conflict and threaten the lives of our troops. The operation is aerial only. Certainly, in coordination with the ground operation of the Syrian army.”
Putin called for an international anti-terrorist coalition to fight its scourge, cooperatively with Syrian armed forces, boots on the ground directly engaging ISIS and other takfiri terrorists.
Accusing Moscow of using ground troops in Syria repeats the Big Lie about nonexistent “Russian aggression” in Ukraine.
On Monday, lower house State Duma defense committee head Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov said it’s “likely that groups of Russian volunteers will appear in the ranks of the Syrian army as combat participants” – not active duty military personnel and not sent by Moscow.
He stressed the Kremlin has no plans to use ground forces in Syria. His comments came after Russian Chechnya republic head Ramzan Kadyrov expressed willingness to send Chechen forces to conduct “special operations” if Putin OKs it.
Russia’s Black Sea Fleet may block Syria’s coastline, Komoyedov added, saying:
Regarding the large-scale use of the Black Sea Fleet in this operation, I don’t think it will happen, but in terms of a coastal blockade, I think that it’s quite (possible).
The delivery of artillery strikes hasn’t been excluded. The ships are ready for this, but there is no point in it for now. The terrorists are in deep, where the artillery cannot reach.
The Times accused Russia of using troops disguised as volunteers – the same “little green men” Big Lie claim about Ukraine – “stealth tactics…using (Russian) soldiers to seize Crimea…and aid pro-Moscow rebels in eastern Ukraine,” said The Times – polar opposite clear, hard truths.
It cited unnamed US military officials, claiming hundreds of “Russian military personnel” are in Syria, preparing for many more to come.
The only “Russian military personnel” are ones Moscow publicly explained – advisors and others involved in training Syrian forces to use weapons supplied
More http://www.therussophile.org/the-russians-are-coming-sending-troops-to-syria-says-the-new-york-times-its-a-lie.html/
(Anonymous) on October 8th, 2015 11:39 am (UTC)
Re: The Russians are Coming, Sending Troops to Syria, Says the New York Times. It’s a Lie
What would silly old git Lendman know? So often this old fool gets things wrong because he has no discretion.


"And Stephen Lendman is an 80 year old American leftist who says exactly what other aging "America's to blame for everything" Conspiracy Theory leftists say...you can predict what he'll say about any political topic as reliably as you can predict what a right winger like O'Reilly/Hannity/Limbaugh will say about any political topic (or any topic that can be politicized).

There are bona fide investigative journalists who say things critical of the American government that should be taken seriously.

Guys like Landman, being quoted by MullahMedia, are a dime a dozen and unworthy of the effort needed for a rebuttal."

clothcapclothcap on October 7th, 2015 11:44 pm (UTC)
Another young Shia activist faces beheading in S Arabia: Rights group
Press TV Wed Oct 7, 2015
A prominent rights group has warned about the imminent beheading of another young Shia citizen in Saudi Arabia, saying courts in the kingdom keep handing down harsh sentences to the dissents in secret and unfair trials.
Reprieve, an internationally-recognized rights advocacy group based in Britain, revealed in a statement on Wednesday that a Saudi court last week had upheld an execution ruling against Dawoud Hussain al-Marhoon, a Shia man who was arrested at the age of 17 in anti-government protests east of the country in 2012.
The group said Marhoon now faces beheading only for demanding democracy and equal rights.
Remind me, which regime was it the UK helped to chair the UNHR?
clothcapclothcap on October 7th, 2015 11:48 pm (UTC)
Yemeni forces destroy Saudi warship in Bab al-Mandab Strait
Press TV Wed Oct 7, 2015
Yemeni army soldiers backed by allied popular committees loyal to Ansarullah fighters have launched a missile attack against a Saudi warship and managed to destroy it.
The warship was wrecked off the southwestern coast of Yemen on Wednesday, in the Bab al-Mandab Strait, which connects the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden, Yemen's Saba news agency reported, adding that other Saudi battleships fled the area following the attack.
According to the report, the sunken ship had repeatedly fired rockets on residential areas in the southwestern province of Ta'izz, inflicting casualties and destruction there.
Earlier on Wednesday, a Saudi soldier was killed in another retaliatory rocket attack by Yemeni forces on a military base in the kingdom's southwestern province of Jizan. The Saudi Interior Ministry has confirmed the death of the trooper.
Meanwhile, Saudi warplanes struck a wedding ceremony in Yemen's western province of Dhamar, killing at least 23 people and wounding dozens more.