clothcap (clothcap) wrote,

Mr Cameron. Why does your regime borrow currency when it can create it?

I can't expect even those that aren't part of the corrupt system to ask that question because the appearance is that the bank cartel installs its own Bilderberger freemasons at the top (Cameron, Osborne, Juncker, Rompuy, Hollande, Merkel etc.) rather than corrupting the people's choice.

The transfer of wealth upwards, wealth concentration, creates poverty as this regime continues the legacy of suppressing democracy.

As an example, in the British Isles the cost of tobacco is approximately 170 times its manufacturing cost, allegedly due to the burden it creates on the NHS. The NHS doesn't benefit, it is being privatised. The poor countries producing the raw tobacco don't benefit. The manufacturers don't benefit. Who does? The bank cartel's Civil Service conveys half the finagled tax to the shareholders of the privately owned BoE to repay the interest charged on the sale of pretty paper to the government by the BoE. The rest is disappeared by the regime in expenses, pay rises, junkets, inquiries, fees, 10 billion per year  (or more?) to the public funded privately controlled IMF more billions to military industrial complex and so on (while the most vulnerable saw Osborne reduce benefits by 12 billion) and countless billions disappear in Bilderberg's EU regime. Is DFID still paying Rothschilds' GEF 100mil pa? Does anyone that isn't sucking the life blood of the poor and lower middle classes believe this mafia system, a protection racket (pay up or go to jail) is better than democracy?

How much does the BoE pay for the paper we call cash? 50p per 50,000 BoE bank notes to a private printer? Less if it is just typed into computer. The regime that is complicit in the scam pays the BoE the full value the paper is given when it is released as currency. Plus interest. That is how the Crown, Rothschilds and the rest of the BoE shareholders, (guessing, other royals, bank families, Saudis, other wealthy Arabs, corp'n heads, drug barons) have become so obscenely wealthy.

Why is it the BoE is never publicly audited and its shareholder details are hidden? It is a criminal organisation with the Crown and successive regimes giving it legitimacy. Very little doubt that top politicians are owned. They do not serve their employers, us. Brown's fire sale of 400 tons of the public's gold, pure or legalised theft, was very likely at the behest of the BoE. The excuse was "to avoid the collapse of the (fraudulent) global currency system." I read that it was used to rescue GS and JPM that are part of the Rothschild banking cartel and NWO agenda. Brown's biggest crime was in not asking our permission to steal from his official employers, us. His 2nd biggest was in the conspiracy to sell it. His 3rd was being the instrument of the action. The plod is controlled (freemasonry, Special Branch), he'll never face justice. If he did, the justice system is controlled (freemasonry, intelligence services), he would be let off like any number of fraudsters in the banks and of course the VIPaedos like Smith (freemason) and more recently Janner (freemason) who will now have to disappear or be offered as a sacrifice to public outrage for his crimes.

Freemason Cameron is a Bilderberger. The destruction of Libya was decided at a Bilderberg meeting before Cameron pretended Gaddafi was bombing civilians, he wasn't bombing anyone.  The Libyan army, not the airforce was attacking terrorists embedded in Benghazi. Cameron knew this because he was told repeatedly not least by Saif Gaddafi. Surrender was offered. Cameron refused. NATO bombed and murdered all over Libya and flattened Sirte, Gaddafi's hometown. The atrocities committed by the West in Libya were under the pretext of a humanitarian intervention and led to the sarcastic renaming by stunned onlookers to 'humanitarian bombing'.

Our corrupt administration system is enabled by representative democracy. It is a ridiculously easy system to corrupt from the top down. On the other hand participatory democracy is really difficult to corrupt.

Participatory democracy is difficult to corrupt.
The Libyans had particpatory democracy before the representive democracy pretenders destroyed the Libyan government and the Gaddafi family. Spanish woken-ups are attempting to have it implemented in Spain. The pretenders are doing their maximum to suppress the attempt, batons, tear gas, establishment supplied troublemakers, the usual methods. Controlled Western press in the US and UK is silent. The public urgently needs to get their media out of zionists' total control.

The public, whether through dumbing down through education, radio waves, chemicals in food and water, brainwashing through news and entertainment is not too keen on a revolution and guillotining (nor me). How about a public zoo full of the people from the British Isles that are right now violently stealing the world with our help? We could call it the London Square Mile Retirement Home For Inhumans. Bags of coca leaves could be supplied to visitors to feed to the specimens in return for anecdotes of how they terrorised, screwed and murdered us for generations.

The public is being thrust deeper into debt slavery by each successive regime of fifth columnist freemasons and Israel firsters we vote in.
Why? To make us easier to control, and to cull (euthanise) when surplus to cartel requirements.

Mr Cameron, for once, can you open your mouth without lying?

Why does your regime borrow when it can create the currency itself?

In my opinion and that of many others, the Cameron regime is criminal. And genocidal.

Beautifully modelled. (Source)

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