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14 September 2015 @ 11:36 am
MI6 ISIS Rat Line & The Threat To India  
by Shelley Kasli
While the British Justice has established the support of the MI6 to ISIS, the British government has warned his Indian counterpart about a possible attack by ISIS. Shelley Kasli, the editor of the new Great Game India quaterly review, returned here on the use of terrorism by the colonial powers.
Voltaire Network, Bangalore (India) 10 September 2015

The prosecution of a Swedish national accused of terrorist activities in Syria has collapsed at the Old Bailey after it became clear Britain’s security and intelligence agencies would have been deeply embarrassed had a trial gone ahead, the Guardian reported [1].
Bherlin Gildo was due to stand trial at London’s Old Bailey accused of attending a terrorist training camp between 2012 and 2013 and possessing information likely to be useful to a terrorist. But the case against him was dropped and he was cleared of the charges after a wrangle between lawyers and the British and Swedish security services.
On 1st June 2015, writes Seumas Milne the trial in London of a Swedish man, Bherlin Gildo, accused of terrorism in Syria, collapsed after it became clear British intelligence had been arming the same rebel groups the defendant was charged with supporting.
The prosecution abandoned the case, apparently to avoid embarrassing the intelligence services. The defence argued that going ahead withthe trial would have been an “affront to justice” when there was plenty of evidence the British state was itself providing “extensive support” to the armed Syrian opposition. That didn’t only include the “non-lethal assistance” boasted of by the government (including body armour and military vehicles), but training, logistical support and the secret supply of “arms on a massive scale” [2].
Reports were cited that MI6 had cooperated with the CIA on a “rat line” of arms transfers from Libyan stockpiles to the Syrian rebels in 2012 after the fall of the Gaddafi regime [3].
Interestingly, a recently declassified secret US intelligence report [4], written in August 2012, uncannily predicts – and effectively welcomes – the prospect of a “Salafist principality” in eastern Syria and an al-Qaida-controlled Islamic state in Syria and Iraq. In stark contrast to western claims at the time, the Defense Intelligence Agency document identifies al-Qaida in Iraq (which became Isis) and fellow Salafists as the “major forces driving the insurgency in Syria” – and states that “western countries, the Gulf states and Turkey” were supporting the opposition’s efforts to take control of eastern Syria.
Raising the “possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality”, the Pentagon report goes on, “this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran)” [5].
However this is only the latest in a string of such cases.
Psychological Warfare – How MI6 Controls ISIS
For months it was in the news that 400 Britons had joined the jihadis in Syria. Foreign Secretary William Hague himself said so. However, the number of these British jihadis is much larger and it has been revealed that some of them were trained to be Sunni jihadists by a jihad-seeking Saudi mullah in a British mosque under the watchful eyes of the MI6.
The Independent in June 2014 reported Birmingham MP Khalid Mahmood saying at least 1,500 Britons, if not more, have joined the terrorist-led jihad in Syria and Iraq [6], rejecting the 400 figure handed out by Hague, and 500 such jihadis referred to by U.K.’s anti-terror chief Sir Peter Fahy [7]. “I imagine 1,500 certainly would be the lower end. If you look across the whole of the country, there’s been a number of people going across,” Mahmood said.
What is even more revealing is the report that some of these jihadis were trained by a Saudi preacher operating from within a Cardiff mosque.
The Daily Mail in June 2104 pointed to Mohammed al-Arifi, who has called for holy war to overthrow Bashar al-Assad’s regime, spoke at the Al Manar center in Cardiff, Wales [8]. Although banned from entering Switzerland because of his extremist views, al-Arifi has visited the U.K. several times. A Sunni Muslim, he has been accused of stirring up tensions with Shi’a Muslims, reportedly calling it evil and accusing adherents of kidnapping, cooking and skinning children. A source close to the Yemeni community in Cardiff told Mail Online:
“These boys were groomed [at Al Manar] to fight the Shi’as, fight these people, fight those that’s where it started. The teaching [at Al Manar] helped the people recruiting. If someone tried to recruit me, I wouldn’t go unless I’m convinced. But once they’re groomed, all it takes is someone to say ‘come and I’ll take you.’”
This reminds us of the teenage jihadist schoolboy from Coventry ‘fighting alongside ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria’ dubbed ‘Osama Bin Bieber‘ [9].
Last year German officials in an operation raided two containers passing through Hamburg Port and seized 14,000 documents establishing that Osama bin Laden was funded by UK Queen’s bank Coutts, which is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland.
Following the accusations Daily Mail in it’s 23 June 2014 report titled Queen’s bank forced to deny that Osama Bin Laden had an account there after 14,000 documents seized from Cayman Islands branch reports that the Queen’s bank has denied claims in European newspapers that Osama Bin Laden ever held an account with the organisation [10].
In 2012, Coutts was fined £8.75million for ‘serious and systematic’ failings when handling money from suspected criminals or foreign despots.
ISIS Leader a Psychological Operation
Hamid Dawud Mohamed Khalil al Zawi, most commonly known as Abu Abdullah al-Rashid al-Baghdadi was the leader of umbrella organizations composed of eight groups and its successor organisation, the Islamic State of Iraq – ISIS. However, in July 2007, the U.S. military reported that al-Baghdadi never actually existed. The detainee identified as Khaled al-Mashhadani, a self-proclaimed intermediary to Osama bin Laden, claimed that al-Baghdadi was a fictional character created to give an Iraqi face to a foreign-run terror group, and that statements attributed to al-Baghdadi were actually read by an Iraqi actor [11].
According to Brigadier General Kevin Bergner, Abdullah Rashid al-Baghdadi never existed and was actually a fictional character whose audio-taped declarations were provided by an elderly actor named Abu Adullah al-Naima as a form of psychological warfare as reported in the New York Times. Brigadier General Kevin Bergner currently serves with the National Security Council staff as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Iraq [12]. Prior to this assignment, he served as the Deputy Commanding General for Multi-National Forces in Mosul, Iraq. He also served as the Director for Political-Military Affairs (Middle East) on the The Joint Staff in the Department of Defense.
What about the ISIS threat to India?
At the Indo-UK Counter Terrorism Joint Working Group meeting held in London on January 15-16 this year the British officials warned their Indian counterparts of a possible terror attack by ISIS on Indian soil [13].
Than on July 28, USA Today revealed the end-of-days as according to the Islamic State (ISIS) [14]. The newspaper sourced a 32-page doomsday document to some “Pakistani citizen with connections inside the Pakistani Taliban.”
An investigative story published by the USA Today and reported by American Media Institute refers to a 32- page Urdu document obtained from a Pakistani citizen with connections inside the Pakistani Taliban.
“The document warns that ‘preparations’ for an attack in India are underway and predicts that an attack will provoke an apocalyptic confrontation with America,” the report said. The document, according to the report, was independently translated into English by a Harvard scholar and verified by several serving and retired intelligence official.
The document was reviewed by three US intelligence officials, who said they believe the document is authentic based on its unique markings and the fact that language used to describe leaders, the writing style and religious wording match other documents from the ISIS, USA Today added.
However, India’s Ministry of Home Affairs termed “rubbish” the alleged ISIS document which hinted that the terror group was preparing to attack India to provoke confrontation with the US. “It’s rubbish,” Joint Secretary, Internal Security-I, MA Ganapathy told reporters said [15].
If indeed the document was a fraud it raises serious questions given the MI6 & CIA links to ISIS; considering that the doomsday threat and the attack plan both emanated from the same source that is alleged to have created the threat in the first place. However, no explanation was provided by the Home Ministry as to why they chose to term it ‘rubbish’ nor an explanation sought from the western governments, intelligence agencies or the media for publishing such a sensitive and false report that took the entire global media in a whirl.
On the other hand last month, India’s Home Ministry announced it was working on a national anti-ISIS strategy [16]. Many intelligence inputs followed after the publication of those reports and arrests made all across India. Reportedly, the appeal of ISIS radicalism had ramped up in ten Indian states.
Last month a British doctor was arrested in Jammu & Kashmir for planting IEDs [17]. Police said Baba who is a physiotherapist has lived in London since 2006. He returned to the valley three months ago.
Why is it that from Al Qaeda to ISIS to terrorists in J&K, all links end up in Britain? More importantly, why such leads are not pursued by Indian Intelligence Agencies? Surprisingly enough even the intelligence inputs we so actively act upon are also provided by the same countries. How could we formulate a strategy to orient our security agencies to counter a threat that we choose to ignore or do not even attempt to understand?
As is the case with any of the terrorist group many of these groups are controlled not only by the states that sponsor terrorism but by the nations that sponsor the states that sponsor terrorism too. So though all evidence eventually leads to North Western frontier of India, we do not attempt to learn about who instigates these groups, their actions, their mode of acting and the previous track record that should guide us in doing what we as third neutral sovereign country should do. We totally ignored this angle and even the most rudimentary of forensic investigation in our approach to the Mumbai Train Blasts (a sequel to Spanish Train Bombings and the beginning of the 26/11 Mumbai Attacks) [18]. We hope we do a beginning in this new direction.
By the later years of the Reagan regime, a preferred nomenclature suited to U.S. interests became standardized for the Third World. In the case of nations to be rolled back (e.g., Nicaragua), governments were called terrorist and the insurgents were labeled democratic. In the case of countries to be supported against “communist” insurgencies (e.g., El Salvador and the Philippines), the governments were called democratic and the insurgents were labeled terrorists.
from the book Rollback by Thomas Bodenheimer and Robert Gould

One recent phenomenon emerging since dissolution of soviet era is, if there is more than one geo-political player involved in any target nation say Nigeria or Indonesia or India; then the turf war between the geo-political players is spilling in to the target countries. Just like in case of East India Companies whenever their parent countries (England, France, Holland etc) went to war in Europe, their representatives in African and Indian colonies also went to war. So whenever one geo-political player feels their turf is violated in any target countries then they do not hesitate to eliminate the others or their supporters in the target countries.
Depending on the theatre of concern these sabotage operations are called by various names and many governments in order to prevent them do various preventive actions. Unfortunately in India there is no comprehensive study of terrorism keeping the above perspective. Our excessive determination and focus on Islamic or Jihad terrorism though suits our emotional need it only comprises of less than one fourth of terrorist acts perpetuated on the soil of India since more than three decades. Subversion, sabotage, assassinations, abductions, facility bombings, symbolic target bombings though done by all terrorist groups we are confined and concerned only about Jihadi terrorism which is making our response to over all terrorism and its prevalence in India ineffective.
Shelley Kasli
Source http://www.voltairenet.org/article188650.html
Great Game India (India)
clothcapclothcap on September 14th, 2015 11:39 am (UTC)
The preparation for Russian military deployment in Syria continues
by Thierry Meyssan Voltaire Net
A campaign has been launched by the opponents of the agreement between the United States and Iran accusing Russia of intending to annex Syria by military force, as it had done in Crimea. In reality, Moscow is applying UNO resolutions and preparing an operation against the jihadists, and will go ahead with or without the consent of Washington. Already, the White House has organised a joint operation by the international Coalition and Syria. France is attempting to jump on the bandwagon, hoping at the same time to sabotage the US / Iran reconciliation.
Voltaire Network 14 September 2015
Image - On the fringes of the Economic Forum in Vladivostok on the 4th September 2015, President Vladimir Putin confirmed his intention to intervene in Syria against the jihadists.
The preparation for Russian military deployment in Syria continues, provoking the anger of the West. The announcement that I made in my weekly chronicle for Al-Watan [1] - which concerned the creation of a Joint Syro-Russian Military Commission, the transmission of Russian satellite intelligence, the arrival of numerous Russian experts, and the delivery of weapons which are more sophisticated than in previous deliveries - caused a storm when it was confirmed by the Israeli sites Ynet [2] and DebkaFile [3]. I later added the modernisation and extension of Lattakia airport [4].
However, yet again, the Israeli journalists have distorted reality. They led the reader to suppose that Russia was going to deploy its aviation and its infantry to defend a Syrian government which was close to defeat. Certain commentators, noting the possible transfer from Sebastopol of the 810th Brigade of the Russian Marines, mentioned the example of Crimea, and spoke of a possible Russian military annexation of Syria [5].
Numerous Atlantist TV channels broadcast a video of the combats in Lattakia, in which we apparently hear officers of the Syrian Arab Army speaking Russian. According to Yuri Artamonov, analysis of the background noise of gunfire validates the conclusion that these voices are not those of Syrian troops, but the jihadists they are fighting [6]. We have long noted that most of the officers of Daesh communicate by walkie-talkie in Turkish and Russian, and not in Arab.
So all this, of course, is a lie. The Russian Federation continues to seek a political solution to the inter-Syrian conflict by organising a dialogue between the government and its opposition, thus applying the Geneva Communiqué of the 30th June 2012 [7].
Simultaneously, responding to the appeal by the Syrian Arab Republic within the framework of the pertinent resolutions of the Security Council, the Russian Federation is considering following the example set by the US-led Coalition against Daesh, and launching its own operation against the jihadists
Continues http://www.voltairenet.org/article188680.htm

Edited at 2015-09-14 11:41 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on September 14th, 2015 12:07 pm (UTC)
EU approves military action against people smugglers in Mediterranean - reports
RT 14 Sep, 2015 08:30
The European Union has approved military action against human traffickers in the Mediterranean Sea, AFP reported, citing sources. The authorities plan to seize and destroy vessels to break up networks operating out of war-torn Libya.
In June, the EU launched European Union Naval Force Mediterranean (EUNAVFOR Med) “to undertake systematic efforts to identify, capture and dispose of vessels and enabling assets used or suspected of being used by migrant smugglers or traffickers.” Now it will be allowed to stop and if necessary destroy boats which are used to carry illegal migrants.
"The conditions have been met" to launch the new phase of the military operation, one European diplomat told AFP.
However, the second phase of the operation, which was approved Monday, still restricts EU NavFor Med to action in international waters. The third phase would involve military action against people smugglers inside Libyan territorial waters, aiming to destroy their boats and networks before they set sail, AFP reports.
NATO attack dog off the leash again. How many civilians this time?
One has to wonder, with various regimes such as the UK carrying out military operations without permission, has the sinking of refugee/migrant/terrorist transport been ongoing?
clothcapclothcap on September 14th, 2015 12:15 pm (UTC)
12 killed, 10 injured in tourist convoy as Egyptian forces ‘hunting ISIS’ shoot Mexicans by mist
RT 14 Sep, 2015 11:19
At least 12 people were killed and 10 injured when a convoy transporting Mexican tourists through Egypt’s Western Desert was mistakenly attacked by the military. The tourists were taken for Islamist militants, whom the forces had been pursuing, Cairo said.
“A joint force from the police and military, whilst chasing terrorist elements in the oasis area of the western desert tonight, accidentally engaged four four-wheel drives belonging to a Mexican tourist group,” Egypt’s Ministry of Interior said in a statement on Monday. “The incident resulted in the death of 12 Mexicans and Egyptians and the injury of 10 others who have been transferred to hospitals.”
At least two of the victims are Mexican nationals, Mexico’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed in a statement. An unspecified number of Egyptian guides were accompanying the tourists.
More http://www.rt.com/news/315224-egypt-mexican-tourist-convoy-shot/
clothcapclothcap on September 14th, 2015 12:35 pm (UTC)
If 9-11 happened last year, Russia would have been the culprit as the terrorist state du jour.
"Putin dunnit" Would have been the headlines of all the complicit MSM and the BBC.

Will Putin ever release the sat pics of the time of the WTC atrocity?
clothcapclothcap on September 14th, 2015 12:48 pm (UTC)
Flipped reality in the pursuit of a deep divide between RU and the EU
‘We're not interested in a fair fight’ – US army commander urges NATO to confront Russia
RT 19 Apr, 2015
US army commander in Europe says Russia is a “real threat” urging NATO to stay united. The alliance is not interested in a “fair fight with anyone” and wants to have “overmatch in all systems,” Lieutenant-General Frederick "Ben" Hodges believes.
“There is a Russian threat," Hodges told the Telegraph, maintaining that Russia is involved in ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine.
A key objective for NATO is not to let Russia outreach it in terms of capabilities, the general said.
"We're not interested in a fair fight with anyone," General Hodges stated. "We want to have overmatch in all systems. I don't think that we've fallen behind but Russia has closed the gap in certain capabilities. We don't want them to close that gap,” he revealed.
“The best insurance we have against a showdown is that NATO stands together,” he said, pointing to recent moves by traditionally neutral Sweden and Finland to cooperate more closely on defense with NATO.
Moscow has expressed “special concern” over Finnish and Swedish moves towards the alliance viewing it as a threat aimed against Russia.
More http://www.rt.com/news/250981-russian-threat-nato-hodges/
clothcapclothcap on September 14th, 2015 12:56 pm (UTC)
Fascists under the bed
Anti-Trade Union Bill: Tory attacks on right to strike ‘like under Franco’s Spain’
RT 14 Sep, 2015
Confronted with Parliament’s second reading of the Conservative government’s Trade Union Bill on Monday, the leaders of organized labor have pledged to fight the plan tooth and nail.
The controversial bill, which seeks to limit trade unions’ ability to organize legal strikes, is being championed by Conservative business secretary Sajid Javid and will have its second reading Monday afternoon.
The bill will include legislation that requires a minimum of 50 percent of union members to vote yes in strike ballots before action can take place.
It would also introduce fines of up to £20,000 for unions whose members do not wear identifying armbands when picketing and would allow employers to use strike-breaking temporary workers.
Buoyed by the election of socialist Jeremy Corbyn as Labour party leader on Saturday, however, unions have pledge to fight the bill.
At the week-long Trades Union Congress (TUC) annual conference, which began Sunday, general secretary Frances O'Grady is expected to argue that while “nobody would deny that strikes can be inconvenient” the right to take action to defend wages and conditions is “fundamental.”
“The public are with us,” she will argue. “Because that’s exactly what this government is doing. Attacking the very principle of the right to strike. This bill threatens the basic right to strike.”
O’Grady added: “It will allow employers to bus in agency temps to break strikes and will bring in big new restrictions on picketing and protests during a strike, including unions having to tell the police and employers what they will post on Facebook or Twitter two weeks in advance.”
Perhaps surprisingly, the bill also faces opposition from within the Conservative party’s ranks.
Somnambulant jobsworth reps finally opening their eyes to the zio fascist disease infecting the MI6 led UK regime?
clothcapclothcap on September 14th, 2015 01:07 pm (UTC)
So What's Fabian Fascism?
First I need to define Fascism.
Fascism is a term first applied to an Italian form of socialism as implemented by Mussolini.
In Socialism, the government owns the assets of a society, and uses them for the common good of the population. The government owns the factories the banks, the businesses, and does what is best for the masses -- the best common good.
In Fascism, the assets are left in the hands of the private sector. But the government makes rules and laws about the use of those assets, such that the benefit of the assets is used for the common good. It is socialism without changing the ownership of the assets.
Tax the assets and use the money for common good. Pass laws that the owners of the private assets must use the assets for certain purposes and in certain ways. The government controls the business and assets, but by rules and laws, not by direct ownership. So now you understand what I meant by Fascism: the control of society and business and property by the government through laws, rules and regulations and court decisions.
It's still the loss of freedom; it's just by a more subtle method.
So then what is Fabian Fascism? Fascism that has a mellow voice?
The term Fabian comes from the name of a Roman General by the name of Fabius Maximus. Fabius Maximus was famous for his battles against the armies of Hannibal. Instead of a major frontal battle, Fabius beat him by small debilitating skirmishes that ate him one bite at a time -- small incremental wins; not a sudden overwhelming victory.
His name was used when the Fabian society was formed in England in 1884. This was a society to cause the British society to gradually change to Socialism, not by revolution, but by evolution: slow, unnoticeable, incremental steps.
Like boiling a frog. You can put a frog in a pan of cool water, and put it on slow heat. If you put him in hot water, he would jump right out. But in the cool water he is content to feel the warmth as the heat is added gradually. He never does jump out. The water finally reaches boiling, and the frog dies before he realizes what happened.
So when I say that our freedom is being slowly eroded by Fabian Fascism, I mean that the government is slowly, almost imperceptibly taking control, not by confiscating the assets, but by making rules and laws and court decisions to take control of society and of our freedoms, including the freedom to practice religion as we choose.

Also see
clothcapclothcap on September 14th, 2015 01:18 pm (UTC)
SNP manifesto to pledge 2nd Scottish independence referendum
RT 14 Sep, 2015
One year after Scotland narrowly rejected independence, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon reveals the Scottish National Party (SNP) will set out a timetable for another possible referendum in its 2016 Holyrood election manifesto as it “might be appropriate.”
The SNP leader, who previously said last year’s referendum was a “once in a generation” moment, will allow the people of Scotland to decide whether they want another vote on independence.
The party’s election manifesto will include a list of possible events which the party feels would warrant calling another referendum, such as the United Kingdom voting to leave the EU in 2017 against the wishes of Scotland.
But the list of “triggers” that could prompt another poll by 2021 has been criticized by opposing parties, who say the SNP is threatening “uncertainty and division.”
More http://www.rt.com/uk/315261-snp-scottish-independence-referendum/
MI5 permitting...
Postal ballot tallies should be considered unsafe. If they affect the outcome against the will of residents they should be treated with circumspection.
clothcapclothcap on September 14th, 2015 01:27 pm (UTC)
‘US-based hackers tried to tamper with Russian polls’ – elections chief
14 Sep, 2015 10:54
A US-based company attempted to break into the web-site of the Russian Electoral Commission on the eve of the single national Election Day, the body’s chief Vladimir Churov told the press.
“Yesterday someone attempted to hack our web-site and alter the data there making 50,000 requests per minute. They failed and we have already established the culprit – it’s a company based in San Francisco,” Churov told reporters at the press conference dedicated to the national unified Election Day that took place on Sunday.
The Russian official said that documented proof of the attack would be prepared before the end of the week and forward them to law enforcement agencies in the United States.
More http://www.rt.com/politics/315257-us-based-hackers-tried-to/
clothcapclothcap on September 14th, 2015 04:03 pm (UTC)
Holding a mirror to the US - on exceptionalism, double standards & global police supra-state
RT 11 Sep, 2015 Catherine Shakdam
As the Middle East continues to descend into madness, wrecked by wars and convulsed by human tragedies, America stands at the center of it all - the grand engineer of instability, the architect of a world system which cornerstone is profoundly ademocratic.
For well over a decade now the world has been force-fed American exceptionalism; taught to believe that America knows best what the world needs, how it needs to be organized and more importantly under whose leadership countries should be allowed to function.
Any challenge to Washington's authority and its supra-national moral legitimacy have systematically been met by furious media slander and threats of sanctions - Russia, more than any other country knows what it cost to stand up to this new American political deity.
The self-appointed political world police, the US has run, dominated and of course dictated the world's media narrative, playing democratic mind games with a gullible public while pursuing violent covert agendas. The Middle East of course has stood at the epicenter of this grand play for regime change and race for control.
If you thought America' s military interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq in the wake of 9/11 only exacerbated tensions, adding more fire to the predetermined narrative of perpetual war, then what of the destruction which has rained on Libya, Syria and now Yemen? Where exactly will the drones and tanks stop? How many communities will have to be laid waste before this prodigal democratic era US politicians have so fervently talked about actually manifests itself?
We have gone so far down the rabbit hole that people have become desensitized to human rights violations, breaches in privacy laws and blatant disregard for international law, all in the name of evasive national security.
With US politicians running the rationale of fear on all platforms available, reason and logic have been labeled under temporary insanity and conspiracy. According to Washington, the world needs direction - the type of righteous direction only America can give since its very constitution stands the perfect expression of all things fiercely democratic and freedom perfect. In this Orwellian play we find ourselves stuck in, all countries have been made-to-measure to Washington's political standards and expectations. Democratic devolution you say?
I would argue this train has already left the station. We have now entered the uncharted territories of a US-run supra-national police state system, where globalism rhymes with authoritarianism. A brave new world indeed.
So Arab leaders are dictatorial and despicably abusive toward their own people, or so the US says. Well in most cases that's true enough, but that never stopped the US or other Western capitals for that matter to develop close economic and political ties with them. Funny how dutiful America only woke up to the horrors of Arab fascism when nations began clamoring for independence.
From Muammar Gaddafi to Saddam Hussein and the Shah of Iran, Washington's friends and allies have not exactly been choir boys - more the who's who of the world most violent tyrants.
But that's not even the point. The point is, when a country decides to drop names and list offenses it better make sure that its own government is not committing the very crimes it finds so revolting in others.
US officials today have justified their intervention in Syria by arguing terror militants need to be dealt with as a matter of urgency to protect Western democracies. Those same officials have, in the same breath, argued that "moderate" radicals should be used to depose Syrian President Bashar Al Assad as the latter no longer holds popular legitimacy. The rationale here is that a democratically elected head of state should be actively brought down by way of terrorism to help promote stability. I have to say, I'm confused here.
More confusing still, in recent weeks Russia was slammed for allegedly planning to actively oppose ISIS militants in Syria. You would think that Western powers would actually hail counter-terrorism efforts. Wrong! As far as Washington is concerned only it can wield military force to oppose terror -
More http://www.rt.com/op-edge/315076-us-democracy-syria-war/
clothcapclothcap on September 14th, 2015 05:50 pm (UTC)
Japan’s largest volcano Mt. Aso erupts, forces evacuation of tourists
14 Sep, 2015
Mount Aso, Japan’s largest active volcano, erupted on Monday, sending plumes of smoke 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) into the air and prompting tourist evacuations, Japan’s Meteorological Agency said.
Dramatic footage of the massive eruption was streamed live, with volcanic ash visibly filling a large area.
There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries, but local authorities have pushed up the danger level to three out of five.
More http://www.rt.com/news/315227-japan-aso-volcano-evacuation/
clothcapclothcap on September 14th, 2015 05:58 pm (UTC)
SANA Syria News
26 civilians killed in terrorist bombings in Hasaka
14 September، 2015
Hasaka,SANA – 26 civilians were killed and scores others were injured as the death toll from twin terrorist suicide bombings which rocked Hasaka city on Monday soared.
A source at the Hasaka Police Command told SANA’s correspondent that a suicide bomber driving a car rigged with explosives carried out the first bombing at Khashman neighborhood in the northern outskirts of the city, killing five and injuring 30, some of them women and children, and most of them sustained very severe injuries.
The source went on to say that about half an hour later, another suicide bomber, this one driving a tanker rigged with explosive, carried out the second bombing in al-Mahata neighborhood in the west of the city, claiming the lives of 12 people including a woman and her two children, and injuring 40 others.

Eight civilians injured in new terrorist mortar attack in Damascus
14 September، 2015
Damascus, SANA- Eight civilians were injured due to a terrorist mortar attack on residential neighborhoods in Damascus.
A source at the Police Command said that a mortar shell landed in al-Sofania Park in Bab Touma neighborhood, injuring six civilians.
Two girls were injured when a shell fell in al-Adawi area, while material damage was caused to civilians’ properties asfour shells fell on al-Abbasyin, Barzeh and al-Tijara neighborhoods, the source added.
Manar al-Frieh/Manal

Army kills terrorists, destroys their dens & vehicles in several areas
14 September، 2015
clothcapclothcap on September 14th, 2015 06:13 pm (UTC)
Police storm Temple Mount over feared attack on Jews
Palestine condemns Israel’s ‘aggression’ and ‘provocations’ at al-Aqsa mosque
THE IRISH TIMES Sep 13, 2015 Mark Weiss
Israeli police stormed the flashpoint Temple Mount holy site in Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday, hours ahead of the start of the Jewish new year, claiming Muslim youths intended to attack Jewish worshippers at the nearby Western Wall.
According to the Israeli police’s version of events, police forces stormed the site early on Friday morning after dozens of Palestinian suspects barricaded themselves inside the compound with the aim of throwing rocks and fireworks at Jews praying before the start of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year.
Police said pipe bombs were found at the entrance to the al-Aqsa mosque and sappers were called to the scene to neutralise them.
A handful of Muslim youths were hurt during the clashes.
A statement from Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said he “strongly condemned the aggression of the Israeli storming of al-Aqsa with troops and occupation police”.
Al-Aqsa official Radwan Amr said 32 of the mosque’s windows were completely or partially destroyed, a door was shattered and the carpet burned in 12 places.
More http://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/middle-east/police-storm-temple-mount-over-feared-attack-on-jews-1.2350358
clothcapclothcap on September 14th, 2015 06:28 pm (UTC)
CrossTalk: Migrating crisis
14 Sep, 2015
The law of unintended consequences: Europe has finally started to address a humanitarian crisis partially of its own making: the growing wave of refugees from the war-torn Middle East. As EU members grapple with binding quotas and the cost of refugee resettlement, is anyone in Brussels – or NATO, for that matter – considering ending wars of choice?
CrossTalking with Ramzy Baroud, Sabah al-Mukhtar and John Laughland.

clothcapclothcap on September 14th, 2015 06:28 pm (UTC)
Egypt activist died of barbaric torture, forensic experts say
PressTV Sep 14, 2015
Egypt’s forensic doctors have admitted that "barbaric torture” had been behind the death of an activist while he was in police custody in the capital city of Cairo, Press TV reports.
On Monday, the experts submitted their report to a Cairo court, saying Karim Hamdy had been beaten to death inside al-Matariya police station in the east of the capital in late February.
This is while the Egyptian authorities had earlier reported that Hamdy, a 28-year-old lawyer, had committed suicide in detention.
More http://presstv.com/Detail/2015/09/14/429205/Egypt-Muslim-Brotherhood-Karim-Hamdy-Morsi-Sisi-Mohamed-alAwden