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ZH: Paul Craig Roberts: "America Is A Gulag"

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/21/2015 - 22:00
America is a gulag. We are ruled by a government that is devoid of all morality, all integrity, all compassion, all justice. The government of the United States stands for one thing and one thing only: Evil. You are part of the new Captive Nation.
Submitted by Paul Craig Roberts.

America’s First Black President is a traitor to his race and also to justice.
Obama has permitted the corrupt US Department of Justice (sic), over which he wields authority, to overturn the ruling of a US Federal Court of Appeals that prisoners sentenced illegally to longer terms than the law permits must be released once the legal portion of their sentence is served. The DOJ, devoid of all integrity, compassion, and sense of justice, said that “finality” of conviction was more important than justice.

Indeed, the US Justice (sic) Department’s motto is: “Justice? We don’t need no stinkin’ justice!”
Alec Karakatsanis, a civil rights attorney and co-founder of Equal Justice Under Law, tells the story here:
See also here:

The concept of “finality” was an invention of a harebrained Republican conservative academic lionized by the Republican Federalist Society.
In years past conservatives believed—indeed, still do—that the criminal justice system coddles criminals by allowing too many appeals against their unlawful convictions. The appeals were granted by judges who thought that the system was supposed to serve justice, but conservatives demonized justice as something that enabled criminals. A succession of Republican presidents turned the US Supreme Court into an organization that only serves the interests of private corporations. Justice is nowhere in the picture.
Appeals Court Judge, James Hill, a member of the court that ruled that prisoners did not have to serve the illegal portion of their sentences, when confronted with the Obama/DOJ deep-sixing of justice had this to say:

“A judicial system that values finality over justice is morally bankrupt.”

Obama’s DOJ says that there are too many black prisoners illegally sentenced to be released without upsetting the crime-fearful white population.
According to Obama’s Justice (sic) Department, the fears of brainwashed whites take precedence over justice.
Judge Hill said that the DOJ “calls itself, without a trace of irony, the Department of Justice.”
Judge Hill added: We used to call such systems as people sitting in prison serving sentences that were illegally imposed “gulags.” “Now we call them the United States.”
America is a gulag. We are ruled by a government that is devoid of all morality, all integrity, all compassion, all justice. The government of the United States stands for one thing and one thing only: Evil.
It is just as Chavez told the United Nations in 2006 referring to President George W. Bush’s address to the assembly the day before: “Yesterday, at this very podium, Satan himself stood speaking as if he owned the world. You can still smell the sulfur.”

If you are an American and you cannot smell the sulfur, you are tightly locked down in The Matrix. God help you. There is no Neo to rescue you. And you are too brainwashed and ignorant to be rescued by me.

You are part of the new Captive Nation.

With the Cameron regime in hot pursuit of the same target.

Here's some comments I lifted:
philipat 6454634
I like PCR and agree with most of his views but he has really gone OTT since he was denied (By TPTB) a role in the CFR? In this piece, it should have been noted that the Gulag is of the self-imflicted variety? The American people have stood by and allowed this to happen, to their great discredit.
Implied Violins 6454699
He's one of the 'White Hats.' Probably a closet CFR member. They took that stuff underground after Allen and Abraham blew the lid off of it in the 70's. PCR's role is to point out the insanity of the west, and damned if he isn't right on with everything he writes...but, that's the plan. Make the west look demonic, and the East (and the BRICS) start looking mighty fine in comparison...
Lore 6454755
Maybe so, maybe not.  His points resonate regardless. I'm reminded of one of President Obama's campaign rallies, where he was asked about some scandal or other, and he responded to the effect that "Everything that was done is PERFECTLY LEGAL."  That bothered me a lot and still does.  The thing that differentiates us from psychopaths is MORALITY, NOT LAW.

HardAssets 6455585
@ violins - Yes, anyone pointing out the corruption is probably an undercover agent of the NWO. That includes all whistle blowers who are/were on the inside.
That includes any (even slightly) negative comments on ZH. /s
Are you insane ?
Or just a product of USA inc 'schooling' ?

Implied Violins 6456001
No, I actually took the time to read through this long thread and verify by checking his links just to make sure before I passed judgment:
There's some esoteric stuff there, but also some pretty damning information. But it took time coming to grips with this information first before I could start making sense of it:
There's some esoteric stuff there, but also some pretty damning information. But it took time coming to grips with this information first before I could start making sense of it.
The globalists are playing a game that goes far above the heads of even the brightest people. It takes some time to really research this stuff and keep an open mind about the fact that we all may have bought a huge lie about how our world really works, before we can truly understand the game. So my question is: are you willing to do some actual research and have a sound basis for your position, as I have done, or will you continue to react emotionally and spout garbage based on lies that you (and many, many others) bought into?
HardAssets 6456682
I started going through the links. I found examples of thin evidence & faulty logic, but will investigate deeper before coming to any conclusions.

Implied Violins 6456962
Thank you for taking the time to at least read the links, that's all I can ask for. If you find some glaring inconsistencies, please list them here. Though I believe what I have said above, I am most interested in getting to the TRUTH, and if I am wrong, I want to know it.
I also understand that some of the stuff that Ken writes about in his posts is pretty esoteric, and that turns a lot of people off. For example, to understand his comment on the 'Hidden Hand' you'd need to read some history on secret societies, and most people just roll their eyes and say 'conspiracy BS' and that's it. I don't think that is necessary to make that connection with PCR though; just check his resume and see who he has worked for in the past. That should make anyone think twice - anyone who knows the history of the international banks, anyway.
I linked a book down below that you might be interested in reading too, as that book provided the springboard for Ken and Brandon's work: 'None Dare Call it Conspiracy.'
Also, here is a link to a ZeroHedge article that illustrates what is currently going on in one, brilliant graph:
Reserve currencies have a limited shelf life of between 70 to 100 years, and they change, like clockwork. Also, at the time of change, there is always a lot of international strife and warfare. But what most people don't know is that there are just a few families who have been in charge of those currencies throughout the eons - and these families ALWAYS maintain control even when their host country loses reserve status...and usually with that, they gain status as well.
What is going on now is the FINAL consolidation of these bankster elite: total control. Of everything, everywhere. A globalization plan that has been carried out now for many hundreds of years, and whose latest phase began in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve. Next step: Take down the Fed, institute the BRICS, and then issue a one world currency. Much of this is explained in the above links.
Raging Debate 6456791
Implied Violin - CFR members are public information. If he wants to be one that makes him a wannabe. I really doubt it.
As for the East it really is Russian centric publishing from him, focued on foreign policy which has failed. Are they 100% responsible, no. Any and all empires will do that. My opinion is he is attempting to pursue restraint in encroament on there borders and not push the big red button. In this regard, I agree.
The Russians and Chinese leadership were happy to take the money so they don't get a full pass. Since the American media keeps them in the dark more than they should in foreign policy, Russia is taking advantage of this. Not sure who is pulling the bait and switch between China, now over my analytic ability.
I'll say this, foreign lobbies have had there way so long along with domestic ones, they are throwing temper tantrums the free ride can't go on. In that regard. US senior leaderip has increasing failed based on in the end, hubris and greed. Happens to the best of them over time when full power is ontained based on prior success.
Also, to be more kind the world is moving faster now. What worked is now becoming too expensive to continue with certain strategy and tactics. Being good at violence is half the equation. How far to go in scale balancing violence with diplomacy is another matter.
I am no expert of course but I do understand crunching lots of data into intelligence so am not clueless either. Our potential adversaries also have certain tools that do this now too, especially China. Same goes for nuclear and advanced rocketry tech. Maybe we shouldnt have sold it too them so cheaply. Ooops.
Implied Violins 6456915
You're still buying into the false east/west dialectic. Hint: there NEVER WAS *ANY* separation between them, at the highest levels. Until you are willing to consider that there is a level above and beyond what we see in the media (98% of which is owned by six megacorporations, all with extensive interconnections with government and the military), at the level of the international banks, then you can't even begin to see it.
Here is a link to a crucial book, one that started me on my path to knowledge - a book written by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham, which I mentioned above. Gary Allen was a speechwriter for Gov. George Wallace, who was *shot* just before he was going to present a speech on the contents of this very book. This is a free downloadable PDF:
In that book is the TRUE history of WWI and WWII, with extensive documentation. ALL WARS ARE BANKER WARS...and, Russia was CREATED by the USA. The entire cold war was falsely engineered to create a 'bogey man' enemy that made many, MANY people VERY rich, and extended their control. IF you don't like that book, then go read the works of Antony Sutton and Carroll Quigley. In any case, these very same powers are creating this international fiasco now, and all the main players are ON THE SAME TEAM, when it comes to the overall goal of globalization.
As for your comment on me, all I do is read and read and read and try to make connections...and the conclusions I have come to mirror much of what Ken Stephens and Brandon Smith wrote about in the links I provided above. Could I be wrong? Sure, I actually hope I am...because if what I have come to believe is really happening, then it is of such overwhelming, all-encompassing evil that it really makes me almost give up hope.
BTW: I didn't junk you.
Raging Debate 6457236
Implied Violin - I am familiar with these works. I get it.

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