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Are We Being Culled?

"Deadly Deceit, Low-Level Rad., High-Level Coverup," It's Not Too Late

Examining low-level radiation effects of nuclear bomb tests/reactors
7 Dec 1992 Organization: Silicon Graphics, Inc.
(Dave Ratcliffe)
This 1991 book, "Deadly Deceit" provides a wealth of information about the the reality of low-level radiation created in the fallout from nuclear bomb detonations and from nuclear reactors, and how exposure to such material via the food chain may have done far more damage to humans and other living things than previously thought.  The possibility of continued operation of civilian and military nuclear reactors will do irreversible harm to future generations as well.  The chief findings in this book revolve around statistical estimates of excess deaths that have never before been part of the public debate on the dangers of low-level radiation.  The information is "out there."  The question is, are we willing to study it and act upon its implications?  Or are we "too busy"?
Excerpts follow from Chapter 11, (included in its entirety below) examining some of the consequences of "an almost complete absence of serious debate in American scientific and medical journals about the effect of ingested or inhaled fission products on the hormonal and immune systems. -- ratitor
There has been an almost complete absence of serious debate in American scientific and medical journals about the effect of ingested or inhaled fission products on the hormonal and immune systems.  A distinction should be made between the nuclear scientists who permitted national security to take precedence over unwanted truths, and the majority of scientists and physicians who have been unaware of the evidence that free radical-induced biological damage may be thousands of times more efficient at low doses of radiation than at high ones. . . .
These scientists would have been hard pressed to envision the perverse nature of the food chain that causes certain ingested fission
products to accumulate in much higher concentrations than naturally occurring isotopes.  For example, when cows graze over large exposed areas, the radioactive iodine will concentrate in them.  When people ingest contaminated milk, water, root vegetables, or fruits, the adverse effects continue to multiply as the radioactive substances concentrate in organs such as the fetal thyroid or the bone marrow of young women prior to pregnancy.  Finally, who could have expected the perverse supra-linear nature of the dose response, with lower levels of radiation potentially being hundreds to thousands of times more efficient in producing the free radicals that penetrate and destroy the blood cells of immune systems?
If this knowledge is deemed subversive and is thus excluded from established scientific journals, physicians will never consider the
potential effect on the immune systems of their patients. . . . The cost to dispose of all nuclear facilities in the next century
will at least be on the same order of magnitude as the cost of constructing them.  A rough estimate of four decades of defense
expenditures earmarked for nuclear weapons and three decades of federal subsidies to the civilian nuclear industry yields a figure in
the range of two trillion dollars.  And right now, when one considers the associated drain on scientific manpower and other human resources, it becomes clear why our deficit-ridden economy can no longer compete with the demilitarized economies of Japan and West Germany.  A recent {New York Times} editorial traced American economic ills to diminishing productivity growth since 1965, at a cost, ironically, of two trillion dollars.[191] . . .
It may be more than a mere coincidence that U.S. productivity gains have sagged just as the damage to immune systems of the baby-boom generation appeared to emerge among young adults.
Concludes: Even if you made an agreement to abolish all nuclear weapons, but you left established power structure in the U.S. and the USSR, they'd go on to research mind control or some chemical or biological thing.  My view is, there exists a
group of people in the world that have a disease.  I call it the "power disease."  They want to rule and control other people.  They are a more important plague than cancer, pneumonia, bubonic plague, tuberculosis, and heart disease put together.  They can only think how to obliterate, control, and use each other.  They use people as nothing more than instruments to cast aside when they don't need them any more. . . .
In my opinion, what we need is to move toward being nauseated by people who want to be at the top, in power.  Can you think of anything more ridiculous than that the Chinese, Russian, and American people let their governments play
with superlethal toys and subject all of us to these hazards?  The solution is not to replace one leader with another or to have more government.  Society has to reorganize itself. The structure we have now is, the sicker you are socially, the more likely it is that you'll come out at the top of the heap.
--Dr. John W. Gofman
Full "Nuclear Witnesses, Insiders Speak Out" 1982

Glow in the dark food and humans
It has been posited that an ambition of the proponents for a global regime is to cull the workforce to less than a billion. The preferred method being radiation. There have been reactor meltdowns, Fukushima is ongoing. Chernobyl continues to be hazardous. There may be another Chernobyl in the Ukrain's biggest reactor which is close to Donbas where rumours of a plan by federalists to use a dirty bomb are being mongered in the zio controlled W. MSM. In the UK Windscale was renamed after a series of accidents left the public in no doubt about the hazards of nuclear energy production. The Irish Sea has been its waste disposal site since construction. All reactors leak radiation. There are already plans with funding to make thousands of new reactors on a production line to replace coal. Not a good idea.

Which is more horrific, the bombs or the radiation they leave?
Then we have ongoing nuclear bomb testing. Use of nukes in conflict has been practiced since the war crime committed by the US against Japan at the end of WWII. The Israeli regime has developed, been given or stolen tech to make small nuclear bombs and uses them, notably on Syrians and allegedly on Palestinians. Then we have the practice of weaponising depleted uranium as a means of disposing of waste in foreign countries both by making the tips of bombs, shells and bullets from the metal and by creating dirty bombs. The US destruction of Iraq left so much depleted uranium that radiation caused deformities in new borns is an ongoing major disaster.

Taxpayer Funded Underground Cities
Underground US Government Bases Exposed
Hal Turner Apr 27, 2009
At great personal danger, fans of the Hal Turner Radio Show have successfully infiltrated and taken photos of vast, underground government facilities. When government decides to ":cull the herd" and by intentionally infecting us with bio-weapons, they plan on being protected while we are killed. My thanks to the countless men who risked their lives and their freedom to surreptitiously obtain this vital information.

Proof Something is Going Down
strongtower0914 Jan 12, 2013
Ozarks Jesse Ventura Show

Global nuclear war or is that a fallback if the asteroid scam fails?

Don't Be Fooled it's A Fake Asteroid to Hit Sep! My Thoughts
Joanne Steen

The constant in all that is going down is confusion and stress in the W. and chaos and terror in the MENA region, increasing loss of freedom, health and wealth is the product for normal people.

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