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23 June 2015 @ 09:21 pm
America’s Missed Opportunity In Syria  
19.06.2015 Author: Gordon Duff

We begin with two issues that have come to light in the last week. The first involved the CIA Syria destabilization program that congress is voting to partially defund. It seems that the CIA has been operating with a $5 bn budget to arm separatist groups fighting the Damascus government.
Until this was published in last week’s Washington Post, nobody had heard of any of it.
There are several problems with this, in reality more than several. To begin with, official US policy is to only support groups fighting against ISIS. This is because, officially as of February 2015, there were no acceptable anti-Assad rebels to support. All groups had either dematerialized and joined al Qaeda/al Nusra or ISIS or had become inactive. The Free Syrian Army some love to talk about no longer exists yet we are giving “it” billions of dollars for heavy weapons including thousands of advanced TOW missiles which are showing up with ISIS and al Nusra.
Yet the CIA, despite the policies outlined by regional commander General Allen before the Atlantic Council last March, continues to fund fighters knowing they are also fighting against Iraq, are perpetrating a genocide against both Syrian and Lebanese Christians and attacking America’s close allies, the Kurds.
Quite literally, the CIA is arming the groups the US Army is vetting and arming a military force to fight against. The CIA openly admits running clandestine training facilities in Jordan but sources also have located CIA camps, run by Google Idea Groups and L3 Communications in Hatay Province of Turkey.
It is in no way speculation that CIA and other US based factions are with ISIS.
During recent days, ISIS has, believed at CIA request, withdrawn from areas, allowing Kurdish forces to move into regions with key oil and water assets. There are several potential reasons for this, with hypotheses including suspicions held in some quarters of Kurdish President Barzani has entered into a secret protocol with ISIS, the CIA, Israel and Turkey. This is, of course, speculation though speculation widely accepted.
Our second issue involved President Obama’s “go to” guy on the Middle East expert, Vice President Joe Biden. Biden is supporting a policy that would create a separate Kurdish nation out of parts of Iraq and Syria, parts much larger and more extensive than many realize.
Biden’s plan would establish a Kurdistan as a hedge against Turkish influence, in the wake of Turkey’s own Kurds winning 13% of the popular vote in the recent election. America is planning for a “pos-Erdogan” Turkey. The question here is “which America,” the Obama version or the CIA version?
Biden’s “Kurdish Republic” would not only follow ethnic lines but would move south toward Baghdad, encompassing the Kirkuk oil fields. Mind you, there is reason for the Kurds to covet Kirkuk, a city that has a long Kurdish tradition.
However, a Kurdish Republic that would encompass much of the available fresh water and oil reserves of both Syria and Iraq will eventually be at war with Syria and Iraq.
Toward that end, it is a clandestine policy of the US to destroy both Syria and Iraq, Balkanizing them in order to create a Kurdish state heavily influenced by Israel, Sunni controlled, rich with oil and water but clearly “overgrown” by Biden’s own hubris into an entity no neighbor will abide.
Biden’s Kurdish Republic would spread from the Turkish and Iranian borders to the North to Jordan and Saudi Arabia on the South. Imagine the oil and gas pipelines that could transit the new Kurdish nation, pouring oil and gas through Jordan into Israel perhaps?For those who think a Kurdish Anbar is an impossibility, we only state that time will tell.

Misjudging Syria
As much as the media parrots disastrous news about Syria, the Damascus government is winning the war. This week, the Syrian Army took Dier en Zur on the Euphrates River. This cut off ISIS in Syria from all supplies from Mosul and Anbar and isolated ISIS forces in Palmyra, cutting off the only road.
ISIS has been bisected and can only be supplied by air or through Turkey.
This major victory, making President Obama’s move against Mosul, now long passed its promised “due date,” possible has escaped the press.
Two weeks ago, the Syrian Army took two key intersections in Hasakah to the north, cutting off Raqqah, the ISIS military center of operations in Syria. To the East, Kurdish forces took Tal Abyad on the Syria/Turkish border.
Near Aleppo, al Nusra is in full retreat, Hezbollah has crushed ISIS in Qualamon and in Daraa, the Syrian
Army has inflicted major defeats on ISIS.
ISIS has gained no new territory and has lost 2500 square miles in 30 days to Syria, Iraq and Perg Mersha forces with no help from the US.
Yet, the American media says Syria is facing defeat. This is what Colonel Jim Hanke, US Army Special Forces (ret) told me yesterday:
“The US has long reported that the Syrian Army has been degraded by at least 50%. If this is true, as I have been told, the combat effectiveness of the Syrian Army reflects well on its discipline and command. No other army, the US Army in particular, Israel included, could manage this level of successful combat operations if diminished to the extent the US claims.”
Years of war, hundreds of thousands dead and long debunked stories about chemical weapons use and massacres, all now easily traced to CIA fronts such as the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, are quickly dispelled.

America’s Political Blunder
What should the US have done when Syria, a nation long tied to Russian influence, went through a political realignment? President Assad, a pro-western liberal moderate and longtime friend of Secretary of State John Kerry is hardly a legitimate target for “regime change,” particularly based on America’s track record, having reached an absolute low point with the Fascist dictatorship that the US installed in Kiev.
With strong inroads into Iran and a political realignment in Washington away from disastrous “Israel first” policies, Syria would have been a natural partner were it not for some greater and unseen regional agenda involving war, balkanization and destabilization along with manipulated oil and commodity markets.
Syria and Lebanon have long been tied to France and have suffered greatly as American analysts know little of that nation, her history, traditions and Syria’s very different version of socialism than either Israel of Saddam’s Iraq.
Even during wartime, it is easier by far to get into Syria than Bulgaria, Turkey, Nigeria or Israel. You can stay with friends, travel anywhere you won’t be killed or kidnapped, a problem in more and more nations every day.
Syria looks more like America than Sofia, Bulgaria does or even Bratislava.

Russian Stand Down in Syria
The real wild card against ISIS or in support of Assad’s continued rule in Syria is Vladimir Putin. Russia has promised Syria advanced weaponry to handle upcoming offensives as operations between Iraq and Syria become increasingly coordinated.The question many are asking is this, can Russia continue to support Syria and other vital national interests and increasingly develop financial interdependence with nations complicit in CIA moves against Russian allies?

Is America serving her own interests? How can CIA interests vary from US policy? Are CIA interests American interests?
Will the second round of Middle East wars be a bloated Kurdish super-state against the war-torn remnants of Syria and Iraq for control of nearly a quarter of the world’s oil?
NEO http://journal-neo.org/2015/06/19/america-s-missed-opportunity-in-syria/

(Anonymous) on June 23rd, 2015 08:39 pm (UTC)
"Disgraceful"question a quarter million people want answered

I agree with the commenter there who says it is disgraceful that there is a need to ask the question in the first place and the other one who thinks it is disgraceful that he doesn't answer it.

Is this on a power with Bill Clinton's "inside job? How dare you",

How dare any of the people question these shills. Maybe we should dare instead to oust them from their cosy little perches?

clothcapclothcap on June 24th, 2015 09:07 am (UTC)
Re: "Disgraceful"question a quarter million people want answered
Duncan Smith is a very unpleasant specimen. Wiki surprisingly gives a little of the dirt -
"On 1 April 2013, Iain Duncan Smith claimed he could live on £53 per week as Work and Pensions Secretary, after a benefits claimant told the BBC he had £53 per week after housing costs.[35] Subsequently a petition was started on change.org for him to do so for a year; it reached 300,000 supporters by 7:30 P.M. the next day, with further names added that evening at a rate of 12,000 per hour. The petition was handed in one week later with 460 thousand signatures.[36] Iain Duncan Smith has, so far, refused to prove his claim."
And there's more.
Re: "Disgraceful"question a quarter million people want answered - (Anonymous) on June 24th, 2015 05:28 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Re: "Disgraceful"question a quarter million people want answered - (Anonymous) on June 25th, 2015 07:01 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Re: "Disgraceful"question a quarter million people want answered - (Anonymous) on June 24th, 2015 08:39 pm (UTC) (Expand)
clothcapclothcap on June 23rd, 2015 09:16 pm (UTC)
‘Espionnage Élysée’: WikiLeaks claims NSA spied on Hollande, Sarkozy and Chirac
RT Breaking news 15:10
S. Yemen clashes leave 39 killed, dozens wounded
At least 39 people were killed and dozens wounded in 24 hours of clashes in the southern Yemeni cities of Aden and Dhaleh, AFP reported. In Aden, seven civilians died and 94 were wounded after Shiite Houthi rebels fired rockets on neighborhoods controlled by troops loyal to exiled President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, the city’s health chief Al-Khader Laswar said on Tuesday. Further north in Dhaleh, fierce clashes between Houthi fighters and loyalist troops reportedly killed 24 rebels and eight in the pro-Hadi camp, including a local commander. Heavy weapons were used after the rebels attacked pro-government positions in the northern and eastern areas of the city.

WikiLeaks 'Saudi Cables': Gulf States were willing to pay $10bn for Mubarak's release
The Gulf States were willing to pay $10 billion for the release of deposed Egyptian President Mubarak, according to the so-called 'Saudi Cables' released by WikiLeaks. The whistleblowing site has published 60,000 top-secret documents from these cables.
Details http://rt.com/news/269110-wikileaks-saudi-cables-mubarak/

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah (R) chats with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.
Reuters. Fahad Shadeed June 23, 2015
WikiLeaks 'Saudi Cables': Gulf States were willing to pay $10bn for Mubarak's release
The Gulf States were willing to pay $10 billion for the release of deposed Egyptian President Mubarak, according to the so-called 'Saudi Cables' released by WikiLeaks. The whistleblowing site has published 60,000 top-secret documents from these cables. 80

Greek debt crisis LIVE UPDATES
Greece and its lenders have been gridlocked in talks over its €240-billion debt for about six months. Fears of Greece defaulting are causing a run on the banks, with people withdrawing record amounts of deposits. RT will report on the latest developments.

'Totally betrayed': Greek pensioners protest against austerity deal
Angry pensioners have hit the streets of the Greek capital, protesting against the reports of a new austerity plan being ushered onto them. It comes as Greece and its lenders debate the nation's €240 billion debt

770k tons on landfill by 2040: Old Japanese solar panels may harm environment
Japan’s drive towards creating green energy could come at significant environmental cost. The country’s Environment Ministry says that 770,000 tons of solar panels will end up on the scrap heap in two decades, potentially releasing harmful chemicals.
clothcapclothcap on June 23rd, 2015 09:24 pm (UTC)
'F**k US imperialism': Germany's ex-finance minister slams defense secretary's Europe visit
June 23, 2015
Left-wing German politician and former finance minister Oskar Lafontaine has some harsh language message for US on its politics concerning Russia and Ukraine. He has also called on the EU to oppose Washington.
In a Facebook post which cannot be quoted fully quote due to strong language, Lafontaine, whose latest political post was co-chairman of the democratic socialist party The Left, called US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter the "Secretary of War", and Washington's policies "imperialism."
Translation Oskar Lafontaine
"Fuck the US Imperialism" - US "defense" so -Kriegsminister in Berlin
The US Secretary of War calls on Europeans to confront the Russian "aggression". The Europeans have every reason to oppose the US aggression. The Grand Master of US diplomacy George Kennan described the eastward expansion of NATO as the biggest mistake of the US foreign policy after the Second World War, because they have resulted in a new Cold War.

"The US Secretary of War calls on Europeans to confront the Russian 'aggression'," Lafontaine writes after a strongly-worded introduction. "The Europeans have every reason to oppose the US aggression."
Ashton Carter has paid a visit to Tallinn, where he pledged a new batch of 250 tanks and armored vehicles to European nations near the Russian border. His counterparts from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were eager to accept the deployment, indicating they see it as a message to Russia over what they call its "aggression."
clothcapclothcap on June 23rd, 2015 10:20 pm (UTC)
The IMF: A synchronized snub of Europe
Patrick L Young is expert in global financial markets working in multiple disciplines, ranging from trading independently to running exchanges.
June 23, 2015
The IMF moving away from supporting Greece while remaining eager to underwrite bankrupt Ukraine underlines the dramatic collapse in EU power.
It’s probably because it rolls off the tongue more easily. The phrase ‘poker face,’ I mean. The serious exponents of the art of never giving away the slightest facial tic must surely be synchronized swimmers. They have the capacity to deliver iridescent smiles with all movement appearing effortless while exercising in a chlorinated pool. Thus the IMF currently has a remarkable advantage in the stressed world of debt negotiations. The elegantly smooth, former synchronized swimming virtuoso, Christine Lagarde, presides over a development bank whose executive is simmering with frustration at past political fudges.
The IMF’s French-born chief economist, Olivier Blanchard, inferred frustrations with both sides of Greece’s crisis soon after recently announcing his retirement. The IMF has a headache which is the legacy of its former French boss, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. DSK was the champagne socialist with difficulties discerning the status of naked women and indeed ran afoul of US authorities over thresholds in hospitality service. In between exercising his libertine ways, ‘DSK’ had the IMF bend its own rules to bail out Greece in 2010 which was extended further in 2012 (under Lagarde). For the IMF is not supposed to lend money to nations with unsustainable debt burdens.
Eager to fund chaos, less eager to fund recovery.
clothcapclothcap on June 23rd, 2015 10:32 pm (UTC)
BBC Propaganda and War Criminal Tony Blair
On This Date - 21st June A Standing Ovation for Blair A Lot of Humour
By Dr. David Halpin Global Research, June 23, 2015
The propaganda tricks used by the BBC are legion and powerful. It starts with its motto – ‘Nation Shall Speak Truth unto Nation’. One conduit is ‘News Review’ on BBC Radio 4 at 5.30am. Quick fire propaganda starts with a ”news” round-up, followed by ‘On this Date’, ending with a ‘review of the papers’ – the trash that fills some mind bins in this formerly thoughtful country. The Sun, shining out of Murdoch’s fundament, is read by over 5 million thinkers. On This Date (OTD) can be powerful prop. Imagine a database of many hundreds of events and how they can be selected to stigmatise the Muslim say.
This was heard via OTD last Sunday. The BBC, or ZBC as many call it, has been promoting Blair for years. In fact it did so, to order, from early in his ascendancy after the sudden death of John Smith.
“The outgoing Labour Prime Minister, Mr Tony Blair chaired his final cabinet meeting on the 21st of June 2007. He received a standing ovation from some of his colleagues, a number of whom paid tribute to his record.
Patricia Hewitt, Mr Blair’s Health Secretary, summed up the mood. (Her recorded voice came on.) ‘It was a very emotional occasion, certainly for most of us. The PM does not do sentimentality at all, so there was quite a lot of humour, there was a lot of humour, a great deal of warmth and a real sense that we we’ve been working as part of a team from Tony Blair and John Prescott all the way through the cabinet and the government.’ ”
Sounds like the school staff room hearing gentle tributes to a much loved teacher of the classics. His warm wife of 40 years is there to take the flowers, and he the illuminated book in honour of the life long inspiration given to those many youngsters. But no, the centre for these incestuous tributes from around the long table were for a paramount psychopath and war criminal. (2) The sickly ‘standing ovation’ and all the rest was par.
A cabal of psychopaths behaves exactly like this, massaging the ego of the capo di tutti capi, submerging the many crimes in alcohol and perpetual lies. ‘Buff’ Hoon was probably in the room. He had threatened the use of nuclear weapons on Iraq if a disarmed Saddam had used WMD on the invaders. As it was, none remained, and British soldiers quickly discarded their chemical weapon suits to save themselves from heat stroke. My Lord Falconer was there. He had successfully stifled a proper inquiry into the likely assassination of Dr David Kelly, our leading biological and chemical weapons expert. So was ‘Jack’ Straw. He was central in firing the starting gun for the annihilation of Iraq and its people as per Oded Yinon. The political thug, John Reid, was probably ensuring the ovation was of the standing type.
More http://www.globalresearch.ca/bbc-propaganda-and-war-criminal-tony-blair/5457554
clothcapclothcap on June 23rd, 2015 10:40 pm (UTC)
Local MPs want Tsar’s family back in Russia, suggest Crimean palace as residence
June 23, 2015
A regional lawmaker has addressed the heirs of the Romanov imperial house with a request to return to Russia promising them a special legal status and one of historic palaces in Crimea or St. Petersburg.
Vladimir Petrov of the legislative assembly of the Leningrad Region wrote letters to Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna and Prince Dimitri Romanovich asking them to become symbols of national culture and maintaining traditions, like in many European nations that retained their monarchies to this day.
“For the whole length of its reign the Romanov imperial dynasty remained a foundation of the Russian statehood. At present Russia is undergoing a complicated process of regaining its glory and worldwide influence. I am sure that in this historical moment the Romanovs would not stay away from all processes that are taking place in Russia,” Petrov writes in his letter.
The politician suggested that this move would help to smooth political controversies within Russia and help to restore the “spiritual power” of the nation.
More http://rt.com/politics/269029-russia-imperial-house-back/
(Anonymous) on June 24th, 2015 07:20 am (UTC)
UK weather set to plunge into mini ice age

Stumbled across this at the Mail. I wonder what effect the increasing particulate spraying will have. After clear blue skies at lunchtime yesterday they sprayed here all afternoon and into the evening. Today we are
skyless again. It is becoming the norm.

clothcapclothcap on June 24th, 2015 07:44 am (UTC)
Pentagon rewrites ‘Law of War’ declaring ‘belligerent’ journalists as legitimate targets
June 24, 2015
The Pentagon has released a book of instructions on the “law of war,” detailing acceptable ways of killing the enemy. The manual also states that journalists can be labeled “unprivileged belligerents,” an obscure term that replaced “enemy combatant.”
The 1,176-page “Department of Defense Law of War Manual” explains that shooting, exploding, bombing, stabbing, or cutting the enemy are acceptable ways of getting the job done, but the use of poison or asphyxiating gases is not allowed.
Surprise attacks and killing retreating troops have also been given the green light.
But the lengthy manual doesn’t only talk about protocol for those on the frontline. It also has an extensive section on journalists – including the fact that they can be labeled terrorists.
“In general, journalists are civilians. However, journalists may be members of the armed forces, persons authorized to accompany the armed forces, or unprivileged belligerents,” the manual states.
The term “unprivileged belligerents” replaces the Bush-era term “unlawful enemy combatant.”
When asked what this means, professor of Journalism at Georgetown Chris Chambers told RT that he doesn’t know, “because the Geneva Convention, other tenets of international law, and even United States law – federal courts have spoken on this – doesn’t have this thing on ‘unprivileged belligerents’.”
This means that embedded journalists, who are officially sanctioned by the military and attached to a unit, will be favored by an even greater degree than before. “It gives them license to attack or even murder journalists that they don’t particularly like but aren’t on the other side,” Chambers said.
Even the Obama Administration’s definition of “enemy combatant” was vague enough, basically meaning any male of a military age who “happens to be there,” Chambers added.
More http://rt.com/usa/269281-pentagon-war-manual-journalists/
clothcapclothcap on June 24th, 2015 09:15 am (UTC)
'Chill out', look at Falklands, Russian MP tells UK over Crimea demand
Published time: March 23, 2015
Reuters / Marcos Brindicci
Russian sovereignty over Crimea is more legitimate than the UK’s sovereignty over the Falkland Islands, the chair of the foreign relations committee in the Russian parliament said in response to Philip Hammond’s criticism of the Crimea referendum.
“London should pause and chill out. All Western opinion polls in Crimea say the absolute majority supports reunification with Russia,” Aleksey Pushkov tweeted on Sunday.
“Take notice, London. Crimea has much more reasons to be part of Russia than the Falklands to be part of Britain,” he added.
Pushkov was responding to British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, who earlier on Sunday called Crimea’s referendum to join Russia held in March 2014 a “flagrant breach of Ukrainian and international law” and demanded that Russia returned the peninsula to Ukraine.
More http://rt.com/news/243277-crimea-referendum-falkland-islands/
(Anonymous) on June 24th, 2015 09:02 pm (UTC)
Re: 'Chill out', look at Falklands, Russian MP tells UK over Crimea demanding
Tut tut, I do hope Mr Pushkov is not implying that Britain's Foreign Secretary is guilty of applying double standards.

clothcapclothcap on June 24th, 2015 09:18 am (UTC)
Herbicide-Resistant Insects Are Destroying GMO Crops Like Never Before
So biotech tries to make even stronger toxic crops, chemicals
June 23, 2015 By Christina Sarich Global Research, Natural Society
Bt corn was originally created, or so Monsanto claims, to eradicate a farming nuisance known as rootworm. But as evidence from a GMO corn lab comes in, we are learning how the pests are living the lives in fields planted with GM Bt corn seed.
In 2011, a cornfield planted in Iowa with Bt corn was found to be completely decimated by rootworm. A study, just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, describes the western corn rootworm’s rapid evolution after dining on the engineered crop.
The study’s lead author, Aaron Gassmann, states that:
“The widespread planting of crops genetically engineered to produce insecticidal toxins derived from the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) places intense selective pressure on pest populations to evolve resistance.
Western corn rootworm is a key pest of maize, and in continuous maize fields it is often managed through planting of Bt maize. During 2009 and 2010, fields were identified in Iowa in which western corn rootworm imposed severe injury to maize producing Bt toxin Cry3Bb1. Subsequent bioassays revealed Cry3Bb1 resistance in these populations.
Here, we report that, during 2011, injury to Bt maize in the field expanded to include mCry3A maize in addition to Cry3Bb1 maize and that laboratory analysis of western corn rootworm from these fields found resistance to Cry3Bb1 and mCry3A and cross-resistance between these toxins.
Resistance to Bt maize has persisted in Iowa, with both the number of Bt fields identified with severe root injury and the ability western corn rootworm populations to survive on Cry3Bb1 maize increasing between 2009 and 2011.”
The authors also found that not only did the rootworm thrive in Bt corn fields, but the pest had the potential to “develop resistance rapidly” when Bt crops don’t produce a high enough level of Bt toxin, and therefore would require farmers to use more pesticides to eradicate the pest.
In short, Bt corn didn’t eradicate the pest it was meant to destroy; it only made it stronger, thereby causing even more pesticide use. Sounds like a perfect biotech creation made in cahoots with companies that sell chemicals for a living – and yet we trust them to make our food?
clothcapclothcap on June 24th, 2015 11:57 am (UTC)
WHO Says Widely-Used Dow Herbicide 2,4-D “Possibly Carcinogenic” to Humans
June 24, 2015 By Sarah Lazare Global Research, Common Dreams
“We have known for decades that 2,4-D is harmful to the environment and human health, especially for the farmers and farm workers applying these chemicals to crops,” said Mary Ellen Kustin, Environmental Working Group.
The World Health Organization revealed on Tuesday that 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic, a key ingredient of a widely-used herbicide produced by Dow, is “possibly carcinogenic” to humans—a classification that public health and environmental advocates say is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the overall dangers the chemical poses.
The International Agency for Research on Cancer—a Lyon, France-based wing of the WHO—published the findings Tuesday in The Lancet Oncology and also disclosed them in a public statement (pdf).
The agency said there is “strong evidence that 2,4-D induces oxidative stress that can operate in humans and moderate evidence that 2,4-D causes immunosuppression, based on in-vivo and in-vitro studies.”
The classification of “possibly carcinogenic” puts 2,4-D two levels above “probably not carcinogenic” but one below “probably carcinogenic.”This development did not come as a shock to public health and environmental advocates.
“We have known for decades that 2,4-D is harmful to the environment and human health, especially for the farmers and farm workers applying these chemicals to crops,” said Mary Ellen Kustin, senior policy analyst for the Environmental Working Group, in a press statement.
However, advocacy groups say that the agency’s findings come at a particularly critical time.
“Now that farmers are planting 2,4-D-tolerant GMO crops, this herbicide is slated to explode in use much the way glyphosate did with the first generation of GMO crops,” said Kustin. “And we know from experience—and basic biology—that weeds will soon grow resistant to these herbicides, making GMO crop growers only more dependent on the next chemical fix.”
More http://www.globalresearch.ca/who-says-widely-used-dow-herbicide-24-d-possibly-carcinogenic-to-humans/5457813
clothcapclothcap on June 24th, 2015 01:12 pm (UTC)
Lost in Translation, or What the BBC Cut From Their
Yanukovych Interview
The ВВС were the first Western media to interview ex-Ukrainian president Yanukovych since his overthrow in February 2014, however they inexplicably left out the most vital answers in their English translation. While keeping the parts about the ostriches, it deems to be important, it left out the key answers about Crimea and genocide in Donbass.
Here is what its English speaking readers and viewers will never learn from the story on its English language website.
Viktor Yanukovych during his interview with BBC
'Crimea is Lost for Ukraine. It is a Fact' - Yanukovych to Western Media
Out of over eight minutes of conversation between the former president and the interviewer about Crimea, the editors cut the responses down to several sentences, concluding with a dry “Crimea is a tragedy for the Ukrainian state.”
Here is what the former leader had to say on the issue, according to the full version of the interview posted on the BBC's own Russian language website.
More http://sputniknews.com/europe/20150623/1023739814.html
clothcapclothcap on June 24th, 2015 01:44 pm (UTC)
Germany, Italy, Japan and the UN Charter’s “Enemy State Clause”:
Obstacle to an Asian and European Peace?
June 24, 2015 By Dr. Christof Lehmann Global Research, nsnbc
The UN Charter still designates Italy, Germany and Japan as enemy states to the United Nations. In legal terms this means that any U.N. Member State can launch a “preemptive” military aggression against these nations without a declaration of war. Seldom discussed, this enemy State status is today, arguably, one of the greatest obstacles for a lasting peace in Asia and in Europe.
Since the end of WW II none of the G-4, that is China, UK, USA, and the USSR / Russia have taken steps to abolish the Enemy State Clause from the Charter of the United Nations. The UN Charter still designates Italy, Japan and Germany as enemy States to the United Nations. This fact is generally omitted from the public political discourse; that is, both in the G-4 nations as well as in Italy, Japan and Germany.
The implications and the lack of the sovereignty (e.g. the jus ad bellum) are, arguably, one of the greatest obstacles with regard to achieving a lasting Asian and European peace. A few examples should amply demonstrate why.
More http://www.globalresearch.ca/germany-italy-japan-and-the-un-charters-enemy-state-clause-obstacle-to-an-asian-and-european-peace/5457761
clothcapclothcap on June 24th, 2015 01:45 pm (UTC)
The Merging of Government and Wall Street Into One Criminal Entity:
The Rising Tide of State Fascism in the US and Canada
By Joachim Hagopian Global Research, June 23, 2015
In the dozen plus years since 9/11, the US government has rapidly moved from democracy to fascism. When government acts on behalf of a corporate oligarchy as declared by the Princeton-Northwestern study last month, state fascism is the result. And First Amendment rights in America have been obliterated in this morphing process.
Obama has declared war on whistleblowers, those individuals who recognize corporate or governmental wrongdoing and are ethical and courageous enough to tell the truth in order to try and stop it. Nobel Peace Prize nominee Chelsea Manning as Private Bradley Manning witnessed US military occupiers committing heinous war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and went public with it on Wikileaks and last year was sentenced to 37 years in prison. Last June Edward Snowden revealed the massive violation and invasion of our privacy rights perpetrated by invisible NSA occupiers in our homes and he was promptly charged with violating the espionage act and forced as a fugitive to live his life in exiled peril.
News journalists daring to accurately show the Obama administration in an unfavorable light are customarily harassed and threatened with litigation. In reality those who are standing up to evil are public heroes yet the government is bent on destroying their lives. The bold young journalist Michael Hastings who wrote unflattering Rolling Stone articles on powerful Generals McChrystal and Petraeus and was gathering evidence of wrongdoing by the FBI, CIA and NSA was more than likely assassinated by remote hacking of his crashed vehicle last June. Clearly just in this last year alone, the US government’s war against truth has been stepped up in sinister reckless abandon.
More http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-merging-of-government-and-wall-street-into-one-criminal-entity-the-rising-tide-of-fascism-in-the-us-and-canada/5382902
clothcapclothcap on June 24th, 2015 01:46 pm (UTC)
The Restructuring, Audit, Suspension and Abolition of the Debt
June 24, 2015 By Eric Toussaint and Maud Bailly Global Research, CADTM 8 June 2015
According to Eric Toussaint, debt restructuring has always been the result of economic and geopolitical calculation, rarely producing a favourable long-term outcome for the debtors; unless the creditors saw a strategic advantage for themselves in it. Sovereign debt“restructuring”, as it is now called by the IMF, the Paris Club and the big banking corporations, and more recently by the left in Greece, Portugal and Spain, is not a satisfactory expression, in fact using the actual term “restructuring” is dangerous, because the creditors have loaded it with what they want it to mean. The spokesman for CADTM International recommends that progressive governments place great importance on carrying out comprehensive debt audits (with popular participation), linked where necessary to suspension of payments. This audit must lead to the abolition of the part of the debt that is illegal, illegitimate, odious and/or ubsustainable and to imposing a reduction on the amount of the remainder. This remainder may be restructured, but in no way can a restructuring be considered, by itself, sufficient.
More http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-restructuring-audit-suspension-and-abolition-of-the-debt/5457681