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Pentagon Trained ISIS Unleashed On Russia. By Kurt Nimmo

Pentagon Trained ISIS Unleashed On Russia
Real target not Jews, Christian and Shiites
June 17, 2015 -
The Islamic State, the terror army trained by the United States in Jordan, is attempting to destabilize the former republics of the Soviet Union, according to Alexander Bortnikov, the director of the Russian Federal Security Service.
“I would like to draw attention to the process of activating and expanding the influence zone of international terrorism,” Bortnikov said during a meeting of the CIS Anti-Terrorism Center.
“The Islamic State is currently at its core. It creates cells in different regions in the world and openly states that it intends to destabilize the situation in CIS and Central Asia.”
The Kurds believe “up to 80 percent of ISIS groups in Syria are former residents of the North Caucasus and the Middle Volga.”
Bortnikov’s remarks reveal that the true target of ISIS is not the United States and Israel, but Russia.
In February the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov accused the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies of exploiting social media to recruit Russian men into the Islamic State.
Kadyrov also said “the leaders of these (terrorist) gangs (in Syria and Iraq) are agents of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and other intelligence agencies.”
It is a documented fact — albeit completely ignored by the establishment press — that the CIA along with Britain, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia orchestrated efforts to undermine the Soviet Union in its Muslim states during its occupation of Afghanistan and during the CIA spawned war.
The British MI6 asset Abu Qatada raised money for the Chechnya jihad and the notorious Finsbury Park mosque imam Abu Hamza al-Masri – an informer for two British security services in London – raised funds for both the jihad in Chechnya and bin Laden’s Darunta camp in Afghanistan.
In addition, the CIA also worked to destabilize the Balkans, a fact documented by the media in Europe but largely ignored in the United States. The effort to convert the Balkans into a “safe haven” for fanatical jihadists was aided by the CIA and the Pentagon. In 1993, CIA asset Osama bin Laden reportedly installed his number two man, Ayman al-Zawahiri, to run the organization’s operations in the Balkans.
In Iraq where it is said ISIS emerged from al-Qaeda, many Iraqis believe ISIS is a CIA construct, an accusation The New York Times has downplayed as a wild conspiracy theory.
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