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08 June 2015 @ 09:59 am
MI6 accused of supporting terrorists in court  
Terror Trial Collapses: Suspect Accused of Supporting Syria Fighting Groups Backed by British Intelligence MI6
By Stuart J. Hooper Global Research, June 06, 2015
21st Century Wire
This may very well be the biggest news story of the year so far, yet hardly anyone is talking about it.
A terror trial taking aim at a Swedish national named Bherlin Gildo, has suddenly collapsed at the Old Bailey British court.
The suspect’s defence argued that British intelligence service MI6 was supporting the same groups that the suspect was supposedly fighting for, including the not-so-moderate ‘Free Syrian Army’ by providing them with both weapons and “non-lethal aid.”
Watch a video of this report here:

The Guardian reports that Gildo was accused of attending a terrorist training camp and receiving weapons training between 31 August 2012 and 1 March 2013 as well as possessing information likely to be useful to a terrorist.
On the 8th March 2013 The Guardian published an article stating that the West was training rebel fighters in Jordan to fight against the Assad regime in Syria, which was even cited by the defence team.
What an embarrassment it would have been to have this come out during a trial, where hard evidence would have been presented truly exposing the British operation for all to see.
Henry Blaxland QC for the defence of Gildo stated that “if it is the case that HM government was actively involved in supporting armed resistance to the Assad regime at a time when the defendant was present in Syria and himself participating in such resistance it would be unconscionable to allow the prosecution to continue”. He even went as far to say that the continuation of the trial would be an ‘affront to justice‘.
Gildo’s personal attorney Gareth Peirce said: “Given that there is a reasonable basis for believing that the British were themselves involved in the supply of arms, if that’s so, it would be an utter hypocrisy to prosecute someone who has been involved in the armed resistance”.
So are these fighters friends or foes of the British government? (Photo)

Despite being ‘photographed standing over dead bodies with his finger pointing to the sky’, the British government did not feel comfortable pursuing a trial against Gildo and the case subsequently collapsed. Along with citations from The Guardian, the defence team also cited theNew York Times and London Review of Books, all of which must then be rooted in factual reality or the British government, with its near endless legal resources, would have had no problem challenging the claims.
Despite some claims that climate change caused the conflict in Syria (seriously), this tangible, Western support for rebel fighters is far more likely the true cause. The British, however, are not alone in providing this support, as numerous reports now document both American and Israeli support and coordination with these terrorist groups.
How would the wider public react to the knowledge, backed by hard and irrefutable evidence, that their government has been responsible for the support and rise of terrorist groups like ISIS? We are likely never to know the answer to that question, as long as these trials continue to collapse.
In a world of hegemonic international relations, those on top continue to quite literally get away with murder: .
The prosecution of a Swedish national accused of terrorist activities in Syria has collapsed at the Old Bailey after it became clear Britain’s security and intelligence agencies would have been deeply embarrassed had a trial gone ahead, the Guardian can reveal.
His lawyers argued that British intelligence agencies were supporting the same Syrian opposition groups as he was, and were party to a secret operation providing weapons and non-lethal help to the groups, including the Free Syrian Army.
Bherlin Gildo, 37, who was arrested last October on his way from Copenhagen to Manila, was accused of attending a terrorist training camp and receiving weapons training between 31 August 2012 and 1 March 2013 as well as possessing information likely to be useful to a terrorist…(The Guardian, emphasis added)
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clothcapclothcap on June 8th, 2015 10:03 am (UTC)
In my opinion
An embarrassment to the terrorism creating and supporting zionist led HMgov of occupation and its (Bilderbergerg's) instrument of destabilisation of countries around the world, most notably Africa, Middle East, Balkans, UA, Russia aligned countries and Asia.
Intelligence services do the dirty work of orchestrating death and destruction, the private global banking octopus does the financial terrorism, particularly the CIA-zio run IMF that imposes austerity to destabilise, central banks to plunder. HSBC looks after laundering terrorist financing and apparently the BIS is no stranger to this either.
Profiteering by the hierarchy of participants from the imposed chaos is manifest as demonstrated here -

In the near future as more and more jobs are done by non human means, computers, robots, machines the numbers of unemployed will grow with a rapidity that is not yet considered by normal people. The corporation leaders and parasitic elites' answer is depopulation by any and all means including war (controlled military and terrorists), oppression (controlled police), poverty (banks and governments), starvation (UN, controlled charities), disease (big pharm), drought (weather control by HAARP and chemtrails), drugs (CIA, other intelligence services), and radiation by arranged and uncontrolled leaks, underground storage of waste near water tables, use of waste in bombs, shells and bullets, nuclear bombs and through ELF and microwave frequency induced suicide and murder.
Taxes have paid for underground cities of which there is ample evidence. The poor, working and middle classes are not invited.
There is right now enough food produce for 12 billion. The planet can support at least 14 bil with present day farming methods that GMO is vandalising. It is the greed of the few that want a tenth of the present day population remaining to support their feudal ambitions.
Taking down the parasite regimes like Cameron's individually is to invite failure. It has to be co-ordinated internationally.
Once those countries led by non participants of the NWO see that the zionist oppressed West is fighting back in an organised manner I'm certain there will be major support.

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clothcapclothcap on June 8th, 2015 11:14 am (UTC)
Is Washington Planning “Operation Barbarossa 2.0″? War against Russia?
By Stephen Lendman Global Research, June 07, 2015
On June 22, 1941, Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet Union – perhaps the largest ever invasion force by one country against another involving up to four million combat and support troops.
His ambition to conquer the Soviet Union, acquire Lebensraum, its resources and enslave its people failed. So did Napoleon 130 years earlier against Tsarist Russia.
Does Washington plan repeating their mistakes?
Anti-Russian hostility and saber rattling should scare everyone. US-NATO military exercises on Russia’s doorstep are provocative.
They repeat with disturbing regularity. BALTOPS is the latest.
On June 5, NATO said “(s)cores of ships and aircraft from 17 countries are taking part in Baltic Sea naval drills as part of exercise BALTOPS which started on Friday, 5 June 2015 and runs until 20 June.”
“Allied participation demonstrates NATO’s resolve to defend the Baltic region, and will hone the ability of Allies and partners to work together.”
“Fourteen NATO Allies are joined this year by NATO partners Finland, Georgia and Sweden. Overall, 5,600 troops will be involved.”
NATO Commander of Naval Striking and Support Forces Admiral James Foggo said “(t)his exercise represents an important opportunity for our forces, as allies and partners, to enhance our ability to work together and strengthen capabilities required to maintain regional security.”
Washington orchestrates NATO war games – anti-Russian/Chinese/Iranian exercises at a time no threat from these country exists, when America, its rogue NATO allies and Israel alone threaten world peace.
A previous article asked if US-dominated NATO planned war on Russia – the madness of potential nuclear confrontation if launched.
Mounting evidence should give everyone pause for concern. Provocative US-dominated military exercises near Russia’s borders suggest preparation for war.
So does irresponsible Russia bashing – a regular drumbeat of Big Lies. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf is paid to lie.
“Russia bears direct responsibility for what’s happening in Ukraine,” she says – despite no evidence suggesting it, plenty pointing fingers at Washington and its rogue allies.
Continues http://www.globalresearch.ca/is-washington-planning-operation-barbarossa-2-0-war-against-russia/5453930
clothcapclothcap on June 8th, 2015 11:43 am (UTC)
This could be a flashpoint
Poroshenko promises to do all in his power to liquidate the Transnistrian Republic
RUPosters June 5, 2015
Translated from Russian by Tom Winter
The president of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko promised that Ukraine will do everything possible to restore the territorial integrity of Moldova. This was reported by BNN.
"We have no obligation to let there be Russian troops in Transnistria. And we will not do that. We have no obligation to endorse the Russian presence in Transnistria in this or any fashion. But in the 5 + 2 format Ukraine, for my part, perhaps with my participation, will do everything to restore the territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova ... " said Poroshenko.
He noted that the lack of a common border of Transnistria with the Russian Federation will help to "restore order" in the area. A few months earlier, at a meeting with the Romanian president, Poroshenko said that Transnistria should become part of Moldova.
Earlier [May 21 --tr], Ukraine and Moldova almost simultaneously impeded access to the Russian troops in the territory of the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldovan Republic. According to the deputy prime minister of Transnistria Nina Shtanski, Ukrainian Armed Forces encampments began to appear on the border after the appointment of Mikhail Saakashvili as governor of Odessa region. Experts believe that a war could start in the territory of Transnistria.
Translator comment:
The breakup of the Soviet Union left a huge mess: A Soviet Socialist Republic could declare independence. Oblasts also declared independence. Throughout the Caucasus and the Black Sea regions, there are warring shibboleths: "territorial integrity" on one side versus "self determination" on the other. In many such cases, "territorial integrity" would sanctify the whim -- or the malice -- of Joseph Stalin (Abkhazia, Nakhichevan, Ngorno-Karabakh...).

Porky obviously is not doing this of his own volition. NATO is in the Ukraine advising. US, UK and other NATO countries are there "training". Some NATO countries are providing advanced weapons to the Ukraine, especially to the neo nazi forces such as AZOV.

Edited at 2015-06-08 11:46 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on June 8th, 2015 12:06 pm (UTC)
Transnistria: Another front in the civil war? The blockade, and Saakashvili's assignment
yurasumy, politrussia.com June 5, 2015 Translated from Russian by Tom Winter
The analyst "yurasumy" gives the background of the Transnistria War, the Blockade, and Saakashvili's appointment.
Transnistria counts as one of the oldest conflicts in the territory of the former Soviet Union. In the 1990s "information war" and "color revolution" didn't exist yet, but if you look at the chain of events that led Transnistria to the current state, you can see a lot of familiar features, which we have repeatedly seen in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan. The new escalation of the conflict is happening at the very moment when the struggle for Ukraine is at a critical stage.
The Plot
The war in Transnistria has already become history. More than 20 years ago, this narrow area along the Dniester River was the scene of a war, in which citizens of the newly collapsed empire began to kill each other. Because of the newness it wasn't understood yet, but all the attributes of the classic color revolutions in the former Soviet Union were there in Moldova: nationalism, the language issue, Russophobia. In like manner, the newly-formed nationalist movements tried, with promptness and even cruelty, to clear out those with differing viewpoints (June 19, 1992 in Bender)
The cleansing of the cities (19 June 1992, Bender), the elimination of militia-related families, the violent attempt Romanianize. It's all familiar, isn't it? On the other hand, the same "Voentorg" (then it was called the 14th Army), the Cossacks, volunteers and, and the consequent defeat of the attackers. Too familiar? There was even a "Minsk" in Transnistria, which froze the war more than 20 years. But the problem was not resolved. The bloody wound never healed, and as soon as the signal was given from the brain center for escalation the cycle of opposition began anew, dragging in new participants on its way.
New variables
In Moldova, the Communist Party was very strong, and at the end of the 1990s was able to become an influential force in the country, and even to form a government in 2001. Under communism, that is, until 2009, Moldova was calm. But in that last year, the Communist party lost its majority, and the country passed through a series of early elections, and up to 2014 was actually in a state of anarchy. And in May 2014 (a coincidence?), thanks, in particular, to the massive rigging (all too familiar) at the next elections, the nationalists came to power ... and headed for confrontation.
It was in the shadow of the events in Ukraine. But for the careful observer the similarities in the way the situation developed were plain to see.
[...] Finally, two things,
(1) Saakashvili's appointment as head of the Odessa Regional State Administration and
(2), the coherence of the Moldovan and Ukrainian nationalists, confirm once again that it's no war of liberation for the Ukrainian and Moldovan (and other) peoples. Instead there is one big civil war in the Former Soviet Union, which, like last time (1917-1921)*, is initiated from abroad, conducted with foreign money, and done for the sake of foreign interests. And, in fact, from the same playbook.

*Translator's comment: Churchill, while the White Army and the Red were fighting, was Minister for War, and wanted Bolshevism "to be strangled in its cradle." In 1919 the Lloyd George government sent "volunteers" from all three services to help the Whites, and supplies to the value of 100,000,000 pounds sterling. They called it "The Intervention." The US, Canada, Italy, and Japan all piled on. Plus ce change...
Full http://fortruss.blogspot.be/2015/06/transnistria-another-front-in-civil-war.html
clothcapclothcap on June 8th, 2015 12:14 pm (UTC)
Putin makes his first reference to DPR/LPR autonomy
June 6, 2015 By Russkiy_Malchik
Translated from Russian by J.Hawk
"Naturally, the first step should be a constitutional reform that would ensure the autonomous rights to the corresponding territories of the non-recognized republics. The Kiev authorities don't want to call it autonomy--they prefer other terms, such as decentralization. As to our European partners--and it is they who introduced that language into the Minsk Agreements--they already have deciphered what decentralization ought to mean: it's the right to own language, cultural identity, border trade. Nothing special, nothing that goes against civilized norms of what is the natural due of national minorities in a European country. One must adopt a law on carrying out municipal elections on these territories, and likewise a law on amnesty. All of that should be done, that's what the Minsk Agreements say, in coordination with the Donetsk People's Republic and the Lugansk People's Republic, with those territories."
In a big interview with the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, Vladimir Putin probably issued the first public and clear description of the ultimate objective of the Minsk Agreements--autonomous rights of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics (and with those designations!) as part of Ukraine. And something tells me that Poroshenko had a similar understanding with France and Germany, namely that Russia is fine with preserving the appearance of Ukraine's unity but with the broadest possible autonomy of DPR/LPR and a de-facto recognition of its current leadership by Kiev and the West. That was the intended solution to the problem of cooling down the conflict in a way that would preserve Donbass' interests and that would constitutionally "reformat" Ukraine, which can exist as a russophobic entity only if it is a unitary state.
So far it didn't work out that way. But this is a major development. Which ought to put to rest any discussion of Putin "flushing" Novorossia down the tubes.

J.Hawk's Comment: As I wrote earlier, it is also consistent with the notion of Poroshenko fighting a two-front war against both Russia and the West, with only a weak, tentative, and sporadic (and, after Sochi, possibly non-existent) US support. Poroshenko's failure to implement the political provisions of Minsk-2 is not only an act of defiance aimed at Russia, but the West as well.
clothcapclothcap on June 8th, 2015 12:36 pm (UTC)
Big thanks to the many alternative media outlets such as Fort Russ - J. Hawk, GR and of course the twitter stars for news and article links and the constant updates on the machinations of the luciferians that include the Vatican, Pilgrims, Black Nobility and Freemasonry that UK royalty is at or next to the top of, UN, NATO, the various zio led regimes, Bilderberg and of course the banksters.
Around 20% of those in Israel that call themselves jewish are not luciferian and do not support the zionist ambitions. Those of like mind in the US abhor what the zionists are doing.
clothcapclothcap on June 8th, 2015 12:46 pm (UTC)
US/Saudi Genocide in Yemen
By Stephen Lendman
Global Research, June 07, 2015
Yemen is Obama’s war. It was planned and orchestrated long before naked aggression began.
It’s conducted by Saudi-led proxies and Israel.
An entire country is being raped and destroyed – thousands of its people murdered, mainly civilians, thousands more maimed for life.
On June 5, London’s Guardian headlined “Saudi-led naval blockade leaves 20m Yemenis facing humanitarian disaster” – 80% of the population. Lack of sanitation alone risks spreading life-threatening diseases to epidemic levels.
Millions of Yemenis are “in urgent need of” virtually everything necessary to sustain life and welfare – including food, clean water, medical supplies and fuel oil needed for electricity.
“Cooking gas is almost impossible to find,” said the Guardian. Queues in Sanaa to refill gas cylinders with what little is available last over a week.
Cars are abandoned for lack of petrol. Millions of severely food insecure Yemenis go for days without eating.
Terror-bombing and blockade caused humanitarian crisis conditions nationwide. Hospitals in 18 of Yemen’s 22 governorates either closed or aren’t able to provide proper treatment.
Over 150 health centers providing food for almost half a million at-risk children shut down – as well as 158 outpatient clinics for children under age five.
An epic humanitarian disaster is unfolding in plain sight – because of US orchestrated, Saudi-led naked aggression as well as naval and air blockade preventing all but a small, woefully inadequate, amount of aid from arriving.
Human suffering is extreme. Millions of Yemenis are at risk of perishing. Blockade isn’t about preventing weapons arriving for Houthi fighters.
It’s willfully inflicting extreme pain and suffering on millions of Yemenis in a futile attempt to force Houthi surrender.
Yemen depends on imports for 90% of its food alone. A small fraction of what’s needed is arriving. According to Oxfam’s Nuha Abdul Jabber:
“Hospitals are shutting down…people are dying of simple diseases. It is becoming almost impossible to survive.”
Cholera and other infectious diseases are spreading. A dengue fever outbreak was reported in Aden.
More http://www.globalresearch.ca/ussaudi-genocide-in-yemen/5453924
clothcapclothcap on June 8th, 2015 01:19 pm (UTC)
We are the propagandists:
The real story about how The New York Times and the White House has turned truth in the Ukraine on its head
A sophisticated game of manipulation is afoot over Russia: power, influence and money. U.S. hands are not clean
Jun 3, 2015 Patrick L. Smith
A couple of weeks ago, this column guardedly suggested that John Kerry’s day-long talks in Sochi with Vladimir Putin and his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, looked like a break in the clouds on numerous questions, primarily the Ukraine crisis. I saw no evidence that President Obama’s secretary of state had suddenly developed a sensible, post-imperium foreign strategy consonant with a new era. It was force of circumstance. It was the 21st century doing its work.
This work will get done, cleanly and peaceably or otherwise.
Sochi, an unexpected development, suggested the prospect of cleanliness and peace. But events since suggest that otherwise is more likely to prove the case. It is hard to say because it is hard to see, but our policy cliques may be gradually wading into very deep water in Ukraine.
Ever since the 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, reality itself has come to seem up for grabs. Karl Rove, a diabolically competent political infighter but of no discernible intellectual weight, may have been prescient when he told us to forget our pedestrian notions of reality—real live reality. Empires create their own, he said, and we’re an empire now.
The Ukraine crisis reminds us that the pathology is not limited to the peculiar dreamers who made policy during the Bush II administration, whose idea of reality was idealist beyond all logic. It is a late-imperial phenomenon that extends across the board. “Unprecedented” is considered a dangerous word in journalism, but it may describe the Obama administration’s furious efforts to manufacture a Ukraine narrative and our media’s incessant reproduction of all its fallacies.
At this point it is only sensible to turn everything that is said or shown in our media upside down and consider it a second time. Who could want to live in a world this much like Orwell’s or Huxley’s—the one obliterating reality by destroying language, the other by making historical reference a transgression?
Language and history: As argued several times in this space, these are the weapons we are not supposed to have.
Ukraine now gives us two fearsome examples of what I mean by inverted reason.
One, it has been raining reports of Russia’s renewed military presence in eastern Ukraine lately. One puts them down and asks, What does Washington have on the story board now, an escalation of American military involvement? A covert op? Let us watch.
Two, we hear ever-shriller charges that Moscow has mounted a dangerous, security-threatening propaganda campaign to destroy the truth—our truth, we can say. It is nothing short of “the weaponization of information,” we are provocatively warned. Let us be on notice: Our truth and our air are now as polluted with propaganda as during the Cold War decades, and the only apparent plan is to make it worse.
O.K., let us do what sorting can be done.
Charges that Russia is variously amassing troops and materiel on its border with Ukraine or sending same across said border are nothing new. They are what General Breedlove, the strange-as-Strangelove NATO commander, gets paid to put out. These can be ignored, as most Europeans do.
But in April a new round of the escalation charges began. Michael Gordon, the New York Times’ reliably obliging State Department correspondent, reported in a story with a single named source that Russia was adding soldiers and air defense systems along its border.
The sources for this were Marie Harf, one of State’s spokespeople, and the standard variety of unnamed officials and analysts. Here is how it begins:

Continues under
clothcapclothcap on June 8th, 2015 01:20 pm (UTC)
Re: We are the propagandists:
In a sign that the tense crisis in Ukraine could soon escalate, Russia has continued to deploy air defense systems in eastern Ukraine and has built up its forces near the border, American officials said on Wednesday.
Western officials are not sure if the military moves are preparations for a new Russian-backed offensive that would be intended to help the separatists seize additional territory.
“Could,” “has continued,” “not sure,” “would be.” And this was the lead, where the strongest stuff goes.
Scrape away the innuendo, and what you are reading in this piece is a whole lot of nothing. The second paragraph, stating what officials are not sure of, was a necessary contortion to get in the phrase “new Russian-backed offensive,” which was the point of the piece. As journalism, this is so bad it belongs in a specimen jar.
Context, the stuff this kind of reporting does its best to keep from readers:
By mid-April, Washington was still at work trying to subvert the Minsk II ceasefire, an anti-Russian assassination campaign was under way in Kiev and the Poroshenko government, whether or not it approved of the campaign, was proving unable, unwilling or both to implement any of the constitutional revisions to which Minsk II committed it.
A week before the April 22 report, 300 troops from the 173rd Airborne had arrived to begin training the Ukrainian national guard. The Times piece acknowledged this for the simple reason it was the elephant in the living room, but by heavy-handed implication it dismissed any thought of causality.
Given the context, I would not be at all surprised to learn that Moscow may have put air defense systems in place. And I am not at all sure what is so worrisome about them. Maybe it is the same reasoning Benjamin Netanyahu applied when Russia recently agreed to supply Iran with air defense technology: It will make it harder for us to attack them, the dangerous Israeli complained.
Neither am I sure what is so worrisome about Russians training eastern Ukrainian partisans—another charge Harf leveled—if it is supposed to be a mystery why American trainers at the other end of the country prompt alarm in Moscow.
Onward from April 22 the new theme flowed. On May 17 Kiev claimed that it had captured two uniformed Russian soldiers operating inside Ukraine. On May 21 came reports that European monitors had interviewed the two under unstated conditions and had ascertained they were indeed active-duty infantry. This gave “some credence” to Kiev’s claim, the Times noted, although at this point some is far short of enough when Kiev makes these kinds of assertions.
clothcapclothcap on June 8th, 2015 05:25 pm (UTC)
The greenpeace corp'n has gone over to the dark side and now backs Monsanto GM.
GM and its roundup fertiliser create super weeds amongst the other hazards.
clothcapclothcap on June 8th, 2015 06:15 pm (UTC)
Activist Post
Vaccines: The Battle for Informed Consent: http://www.naturalblaze.com/2015/06/vaccines-battle-for-informed-consent.html
Cash-Strapped Kansas Moves to Limit ATM Withdrawals for Residents on Welfare http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2015-06-05/cash-strapped-kansas-moves-to-limit-atm-withdrawals-for-residents-on-welfare
The Truth Is Still Suppressed Out There http://www.activistpost.com/2015/06/the-truth-is-still-suppressed-out-there.html
Network: Howard Beale, the last sane man in the world http://po.st/wI8gOW
Peer-to-Peer Microgrid System Brings Power Sharing to Rural Villages http://www.techswarm.com/2015/06/peer-to-peer-microgrid-system-brings.html
Overstock has announced it will utilize colored coins to issue what it calls a "digital corporate bond" http://coinde.sk/1FA66cK
Anonymous 4thEstate
BBC's Abused Kids; Mysterious Deaths http://ow.ly/NXB3O

Harry Fear
VIDEO: Tens more police cars roaming in convoy around G7 Bavaria. Security makes NATO Summit Wales ‘14 look weak.
Americans actually think USAFreedomAct gives them freedom https://youtu.be/xqZzrTYFqfk
Hungary becomes 1st EU country to join China’s Silk Road project http://on.rt.com/4xrao7
3,500 migrants picked up in Italian coast guard operation http://rt.com/in-motion/265591-migrants-caught-mediterranean-italy/
Police use force during anti-G7 rallies in Germany http://rt.com/in-motion/265615-germany-stop-g7-protests/
Violent clashes erupt between far-right and anti-fascist activists in Vienna http://rt.com/in-motion/265573-austria-antifa-nationalists-clashes/

Saudi princes have fled to France & Britain as Yemen's missiles hit Suadi military base. Various Reports.
Run mother fuckers. Yemen is coming.

Gabrielle Tree, PhD
Charles C. W. Cooke
I've been waiting for someone to say this, and I await the responses with genuine interest. http://nytimes.com/2015/06/07/opinion/sunday/what-makes-a-woman.html
Speaking my Mind
Seems legit!!!
Lawrence M. Krauss
Saudi courts reaffirm they are barbarian savages. Protest & boycott and remind them the civilized world is disgusted. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-33039815
Dick Mackintosh
Using psychology on the people .. It's real the shocking truth .. CIA Mind Control Video http://www.personalgrowthcourses.net/video/mind_control_history_channel
Dick Mackintosh
The USA PATRIOT Act Was Planned Before 9/11 — Global Issues http://www.globalissues.org/article/342/the-usa-patriot-act-was-planned-before-911

Robina Creaser
RT@VaccineXchange Dr. John Ioannidis: 'Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science'. SB277 http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2010/11/lies-damned-lies-and-medical-science/308269/
The people of Hasakah joyful after Syrian Army victories over ISIS

Press TV
Taliban militants capture 12 police stations in Afghanistan http://ptv.io/1tCq
[Hague's buddies]
2 injured, 5 missing following Ukraine patrol boat blast http://ptv.io/1tCw

21st Century Wire
Ann Branley
SUNDAY WIRE: ‘The Jade Helm Deception’ with guest Matt Bracken and Jay Dyer" http://21stcenturywire.com/2015/06/07/episode-87-sunday-wire-the-jade-helm-deception-with-guest-matt-bracken-and-jay-dyer/

Révolutions Info
Ukraine crisis: Outbreak of violence in Maryinka threatens to end ceasefire - The Independent: The In... http://bit.ly/1HfwY6n
Activists jailed in Azerbaijan, the house that BP built: ... http://bit.ly/1G4D2fK
clothcapclothcap on June 8th, 2015 06:15 pm (UTC)
Petri Krohn
the Lemniscat
The Viagra myth was propagated by AlJazeera & spread by almost all major Western media Libya
Anti-Russia sanctions to remain at expense of EU economies - White House http://sptnkne.ws/rZr

Tactical Things
Nicaragua : High-intensity Disinformation Warfare http://wp.me/p1GGxO-c7N
The NSA's Medical Intelligence Operations http://wp.me/p1GGxO-c7r
Leaked US Embassy in Ukraine Email Reveals Kiev Violated Ceasefire Many Times See:http://sputniknews.com/europe/20150604/1022958262.html
The Mass Deception
johnny peterson
Most Syrians back President Assad – but you'd never know from western media. Jonathan Steele http://gu.com/p/34n2n/stw

Mofeeda Al Aradi
Sarah Leah Whitson
big change: w HDP election, now minimum of 10% of Turkey government supports recognition of ArmenianGenocide & normalization w Armenia

Raja Chemayel
▓★ ★█
The Occupied Golan today 5/6/2015 , residents of Hadar village cross the borders and lift the Syrian flag.
New York Rabbi Charged with Stealing $12.4 Million from Disabled Kids http://whiteresister.com/index.php/stories/1166-new-york-rabbi-charged-with-stealing-12-4-million-from-disabled-kids

Karol en Red
TheBritishBolshevik 1d1 day ago
Today is the 73rd anniversary of the birth of Muammar al-Gaddafi

Obama called him evil....

Libya 360°
Resistance Elite Force Controls Strategic Heights in Arsal Outskirts
[+Qalamoun details]

Jamila Hanan
SaudiArabia is destroying Yemen : infrastructure, businesses, schools, ancient heritage, homes, animals, but most importantly, people.
Yemen Post Newspaper
MEDICAL SHORTAGE: Sanaa hospitals FULL with victims of Saudi airstrike as 51 Killed &110 injured today
Hussain Albukhaiti
Breakin:again Saudi has targetd Marib DamNW Yemen datin back 2 8th century BCE
Prev Attack https://twitter.com/hussainbukhaiti/status/605109050544693248

West love affair w/ " King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia: Slavery, Terror & Women as Property " http://mediaroots.org/saudi-arabias-yemen-war-factory-of-terror-american-bribery/
Hanan Ashrawi's Statement on the Plight of Palestinian Refugees at UNRWA http://wp.me/p2ggYY-6fw
NATO's War goal " multi-dimensional war aims to encircle Eurasia. China, Iran, and Russia are the main targets " http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-isil-is-in-ukraine-americas-agents-of-chaos-unleashed-in-eurasia/5446989
[Destabilise rather than war]
Is NATO shipping Chechen militants into Ukraine http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-isil-is-in-ukraine-americas-agents-of-chaos-unleashed-in-eurasia/5446989 to fuel destabilization?
"Agents of Chaos" How US uses Chechnya to destabilize Russia, spreading to Ukraine http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-isil-is-in-ukraine-americas-agents-of-chaos-unleashed-in-eurasia/5446989

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On Video ~~ Why Israel`s national panic about BDS https://desertpeace.wordpress.com/2015/06/06/on-video-why-israels-national-panic-about-bds/
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Interesting read on microwave radiation from a pretty lady in Australia, Nicole Bijlsma, with interesting qualifications. ND, BHScAc(HONS),
Grad Dip.OHS, Dip.Building Biology, IICRC Mould Remediator.
Mobile Phone Towers

Foil covered walls may cause signals to bounce around in the house.

There's a cell phone tower on top of a multi story in the centre of town here. There's an unusual, as far as I can tell, level of violence in the centre. Police wear knife proof jackets when they do their walk-about. Curious whether there is a connection.
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The rise of fascism. Canada, a budding police state
Canada’s Bill C-51: “A Fascist And Dictatorial Piece Of Legislation”, Creates “A Modern Day Gestapo”
Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati
By Ryan Maloney
Global Research, June 07, 2015
Huffingtonpost 1 June 2015
The US Supreme Court and "The Rule of Flaw"
The constitutional lawyer who torpedoed Stephen Harper’s pick for the Supreme Court says he will contest the government’s anti-terror legislation in court, if it passes.
Rocco Galati, who successfully challenged Harper’s choice of Justice Marc Nadon for the top bench last year, spoke out against Bill C-51 — the Anti-Terrorism Act — at a rally in Toronto on Saturday.
His speech contained some incendiary allusions to Nazi Germany and an accusation that the federal government has tapped his phone since 1999.
Appearing next to NDP MP Andrew Cash, Galati said C-51 creates “a modern-day Gestapo,” referencing the brutal, secret Nazi police force.
“No exaggeration, that’s what it creates,” he said. “It chills, censors, and criminalizes free speech, free association, and constitutional rights of assembly.”
Galati added that “German and Italian versions” of C-51 were passed in the 1930s.
The lawyer received big applause when he urged Canadians not to vote for any MP or political party supporting the controversial Tory bill. The Liberals voted in favour of its passing, but have vowed to amend the legislation if they win the next election to provide better oversight of national security agencies.
New Democrat and Green MPs voted against the bill.
“This is quite clearly a fascist and dictatorial piece of legislation and appeasement of it is unacceptable,” he said.
Galati vowed that his group, the Constitutional Rights Centre, will fight the bill in court.
Several hundred protesters gathered at Queen’s Park Saturday to call on the Senate to stop the bill, the Toronto Sun reports. Though some Liberal senators have said they will vote against C-51, it is expected to easily clear the upper chamber.
The bill has been denounced by the federal privacy commissioner, the Canadian Bar Association, First Nations groups, environmental organizations, and civil libertarians. Tories, however, have countered that the measures in the bill are needed to keep Canadians safe.
C-51 gives the Canadian Security Intelligence Service enhanced power to actively thwart terror plots, broadens no-fly list powers, and increases the exchange of federal security information. It also creates a new criminal offence of the act of encouraging someone to carry out an attack.
The bill also makes it easier for the RCMP to obtain a peace bond to restrict the movements of suspects and extend the amount of time they can be kept in preventative detention.
C-51 passed third reading in the House of Commons
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Canada’s Harper Government Provides Military Training to Neo-Nazi Ukraine National Guard