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These stopped me in my tracks


The Richie Allen Show on
Karen Hudes – ‘The Banking Cartel’s Domination Was Based On Secrecy And They’ve Lost It’
Friday 22 May 2015
"Dollars" are not dollars, they are (the private bank) Federal Reserve notes.
Pay attention to what Karen says about gold. Because of compound interest that has been used for centuries to screw us, the banksters screwed themselves. They owe us. Legally. There is no national debt, it is toxic and more than that it is an illusion maintained by actor politicians like Cameron and controlled media.



Veterans Truth Netowrk (5-7-15) Stew Webb, Cynthia McKinney, Scott Bennett
May 9, 2015
Stew has on Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and a new whistleblower named Scott Bennett illegally put in prison when he got too close to the ugly truth! Spread this around everywhere and donate at the new website at

TRILLIONS STOLEN!! Get It Back!! Rally At Central Banks Worldwide, June 20 #WaveOfAction
May 22, 2015
We’ve had enough of the electoral charade and endless divide and conquer propaganda. Democrats vs Republicans, conservatives vs liberals, it is all a bullshit distraction and anyone who understands economics and how real power operates knows it. Elections are a spectacle for the mentally enslaved. Our “democracy” is an illusion for propagandized minds. We have an aristocratic class of global bankers who run this planet, and it is time for all aware people to step up and do something about it.
When you understand how much wealth there is, $100 trillion in the US alone, you realize that we are witnessing deliberate systemic economic genocide. The unnecessary suffering of the masses must stop. In a time of unprecedented abundance, we are not going to passively sit back while our families are buried in debt and struggle to afford basic necessities.Our economic system is a crime against humanity!
Economic policy makes it clear that the majority of the population has been sentenced to an impoverished future. The shortsighted greed of global bankers has put us on a fast track to societal chaos and rioting. They have thrown 75% of the population overboard. That is a mathematical fact!
If we want to change things through non-violent methods, the window of opportunity is closing fast. If love and compassion are going to prevail, now is the time to STAND UP.
As all aware people already know, we are at a critical crossroad. Are we going to let our society collapse, or will a critical mass of compassionate citizens courageously stand up and guide us toward a sustainable and prosperous future?
We need bold and courageous action now.
We can use this time of crisis to drastically change course and evolve society in an extremely positive direction. We live in a technologically advanced society that has all the necessary tools to usher in a new age of enlightenment. The only thing that stands between us and unprecedented global prosperity is the shortsighted greed of global bankers.
On June 20th, we will rally at US Federal Reserve banks, the Bank of England and central banks worldwide to focus mass consciousness on the crimes against humanity perpetrated by global bankers.

If you are tired of toiling in debt and fear, join us in this Worldwide #WaveOfAction here!




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