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02 May 2015 @ 10:57 am
Syria demands Security Council take immediate deterrent steps against Turkish government  
28 April 2015

Damascus, SANA – The Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry sent two identical letters to the head of the Security Council and the UN Secretary-General on the Turkish government’s continuing illicit involvement in providing support to terrorist organizations.

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said the recent terrorist attacks on the city of Jisr al-Shughour and the town of Eshtabraq, and before that on Idleb, Kasab, and Aleppo, were carried out under logistic support and intense fire cover from the Turkish army, which constitutes a direct Turkish aggression against Syria and proves the open involvement of the Turkish government in supporting terrorism and violating the sovereignty of a UN member country in blatant violation of the UN Charter and Security Council resolutions on counterterrorism.

The Ministry said that following up on prior letters on the indirect Turkish involvement in supporting terrorist organizations and these organizations’ criminal activities that target Syria’s stability and security, Syria would like to relay to the Security Council and the UN Secretary-General information of the utmost gravity about the Turkish government’s clear and open support that allowed hordes of terrorists to infiltrate the cities of Idleb and Jisr al-Shughour and the town of Eshtabraq two days prior to this date.

The letters said that terrorist organizations, including Jabhet al-Nusra which was provided with training and weapons by the Turkish government, committed massacre two days ago in Eshtabraq in the countryside of Jisr al-Shughour, with terrorists slaughtering around 200 civilians, most of them women and children, leaving the victims’ bodies lying around in farmlands in the open, showing not only the barbarism of Jabhet al-Nusra, but also the barbarism of those who support them including Turkish, Saudi, and Qatari officials, adding that the Syrian government will provide information to the Security Council about those innocent civilian victims.

The Ministry went on to note that officers from Turkish intelligence agencies based in an advanced center on the Turkish-Syrian borders, with support from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, provided and managed logistic support to facilitate the infiltration of around 5,000 foreign terrorists – most of them from Jabhet al-Nusra which is listed among terrorist organizations by the Security Council – into Syrian territories, with the hordes of Jabhet al-Nusra terrorists storming Jisr al-Shughour after firing thousands of rocket shells on it for several days, running amok in its neighborhoods and murdering entire families, which caused the forced displacement of thousands of civilians.

The letters noted that the Turkish government has and continues to provide arms, funding, and training for thousands of terrorists for the purpose of destroying Aleppo city and displacing its people and occupying Idleb city, and before them the target was Kasab city, and that resulted in the murder of hundreds of Syrians, the mutilation of their bodies, and the decapitation of many at the hands of terrorists, which constitutes war crimes and entails that the sides and states that commit or fund or instigate these atrocities be held accountable.

The Ministry concluded by stating that Syria demands the Security Council exercise its authority to stop this Turkish aggression and hold its perpetrators and their supporters accountable as it constitutes a threat to security and peace in the region and the world, in addition to demanding that immediate and deterrent steps be taken against the Turkish government for its aggression against Syria and its violation of Security Council resolutions on counterterrorism, specifically resolutions no. 2170 issued in 2014, no. 2178 issued in 2014, and no. 2199 issued in 2015.

Hazem Sabbagh

Turkey is a NATO country. NATO should be in the dock alongside the Turkish admin.

Let's see whether the UNSC does anything. An honest UK regime would withdraw funding of the corrupt UN until something meaningful was done beyond making a statement and sending a letter. But the UK regime is part of the problem.

If the Syrian administration has hard evidence then the case needs to be referred to the ICC. Although the Soros sponsored ICC is generally reserved for people with dark skin, and designated NATO targets.

clothcapclothcap on May 2nd, 2015 02:24 pm (UTC)
Al-Masdar News
Prominent Free Syrian Army Commander Killed in Aleppo
By Leith Fadel on May 1, 2015
The infamous commander of the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) 16th Infantry Division, Khaled Al-Hayyani (of Anadan, Aleppo), was reportedly killed in the Al-Khalediyah Neighborhood of Aleppo City after he and his militants clashed with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on early Friday morning.
Khaled Al-Hayyani was notorious for kidnapping and then demanding ransom from civilians inside Aleppo City – he was also famous for issuing several orders to shell the civilians inside the provincial capital for not abandoning and taking up arms against the Syrian Government.
When the war broke-out in the Aleppo Governorate in the Summer of 2012, Khaled Al-Hayyani fled to Turkey in order to purchase weapons and ammunition that his militant group would later use to combat the Syrian Arab Army (SAA); these same weapons were used to terrorize innocent civilians inside of Aleppo City.
According to government sources, Khaled Al-Hayyani’s family made a fortune off of the Syrian Conflict, as they looted many of the factories in the Sheikh Najjar Industrial District, selling anything they found valuable to citizens of Turkey in order to turn a profit.

Complete Report from Jisr Al-Shughour: Syrian Armed Forces Retake 2 Villages
By Leith Fadel on May 2, 2015 Featured
The Syrian Arab Army’s 87th Brigade of the 11th Division – in coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF) – has countered the militants from Jaysh Al-Fatah in southern part of the Jisr Al-Shughour District, attacking a number of sites that were controlled by the armed militants over the course of six days.
Early on Friday, the 87th Brigade launched their first attack at Al-Misheek (north of Al-Ziyarah), where they were able to successfully break-through the frontlines of the Syrian Al-Qaeda group “Jabhat Al-Nusra” and capture the village after engaging the militants in fierce combat.
Following the recapture of Al-Misheek, the SAA’s 87th Brigade and the NDF attempted to retake the Al-Tanimiyah-Al-Ziyarah Checkpoint that the militants from Harakat ‘Ahrar Al-Sham captured a few days prior; however, the Islamist group was unable to maintain control over it, as the SAA seized it after retaking Al-Misheek.
With Tal Wassit captured, the 87th Brigade pushed towards the town of Qastoun in order to begin the encirclement of Al-Ziyarah; this tactic was successful, as the SAA advanced to a different flank around the village, while also, capturing part of Qastoun.
Inside the city of Jisr Al-Shughour, the militants from Jabhat Al-Nusra targeted the last remaining Syrian Government stronghold at the National Hospital, attempting a VBIED attack at the front of the building.
The vehicle operated by the Saudi Jabhat Al-Nusra leader, Misheeb Al-Shebani, was destroyed before it could reach its destination; this resulted in a large explosion that partially damaged the front of the Jisr Al-Shughour National Hospital.
For the Islamist forces that make-up Jaysh Al-Fatah, they shifted their attention to the strategic city of Ariha, where they launched a powerful assault on the National Defense Forces (NDF) positions at Ma’ar Tab’i Hill located directly north of Kafr Lata.
Fighting is still ongoing at the western flank of Ma’ar Tab’i Hill, with the Islamist forces attempting to take full control of this rural area near the city of Ariha.
At the Al-Mastouma Orchards, the SAA’s “Tiger Forces” were able to capture this area after engaging in fierce clashes with the Islamist militants on late Friday afternoon.
Clashes were also reported at the villages of Qameenas, Fayloun, Koreen, and Muqablah.
clothcapclothcap on May 2nd, 2015 02:35 pm (UTC)
12 civilians killed, including 3 children, in terrorist rocket attacks in Aleppo
2 May، 2015
Aleppo, SANA- 12 civilians were killed, including 3 children, on Saturday in new Turkish-Saudi backed terrorist rocket attacks on many neighborhoods of Aleppo city.
A source at the city police command told SANA reporter that terrorists fired rocket shells from Bani Zaid neighborhood, where they are fortified, against the neighborhoods of Al-Ashrafiya, Al-Midan, Al-Khalediya, Masaken Al-Sabeel, Al-Seryan, and Al-Jabriya.
Takfiri, Saudi backed terrorist, organizations, particularly the so called ” Badr Martyrs Brigade”, take from Bani Zaid neighborhood as their attacks’ launch pad against other city neighborhoods.
12 civilians were killed and houses, markets and cars were damaged by the terrorist attacks, the source added.
Earlier Thursday, 7 civilians were killed in similar terrorist attacks against the central park of the city.
Reem/ Barry
clothcapclothcap on May 2nd, 2015 02:39 pm (UTC)
The Army raids terrorists’ dens, kills scores of mercinaries in different areas
2 May، 2015
Provinces, SANA- The army and armed forces targeted on Saturday terrorists and their gatherings, killing tens of them and destroying their vehicles.
Units of army Special missions carried out night raids on the terrorist organizations in the surrounding of al-Kfeir town and near Sugar factory in Jisr al-Shogour, Idleb countryside, killing a number of terrorists and injuring others, a military source told SANA.
Units of the army killed terrorists of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and injured others during continuous operations in the villages of Abu Hwadeed, Mas’ada, al-Sultanieh, Rajm al-Ali, Rahoum in the eastern countryside of Homs province, a military source told SANA.
The army units also killed large number of terrorists from Jabhat aL-Nusra and destroyed all of their weapons and ammunition in al-Rastan and Talbieseh in the northern countryside of Homs.
Meanwhile, Websites affiliated to terrorist organizations reported information about the death of the terrorist Zaher Ayoub, Leader of the so called “military council” in al-Rastan.
In Daraa al-Balad neighborhood in Daraa province, a military source told SANA that an army unit carried out a special operation against gatherings of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists at Swaidan street, killing 10 terrorists at least and injuring scores, in addition to destroying a car loaded with ammunition and arms.
The source added that the army unit also carried out another special operation against terrorists’ gatherings, killing all members of a terrorist group in the surrounding of al-Thou’aila Dam to the southwest of al-Yarmouk Suburb, destroying one of their vehicles on the Dam road and killing all terrorists onboard.
Another army unit thwarted an attempt by terrorists, mostly from Jabhat al-Nusra, to infiltrate into Bosra square in Daraa al-Mahata neighborhood, killing scores of them and destroying their criminal equipment, according to the source.
In the northern countryside of Daraa, an army unit clashed with a terrorist organization in the surrounding of Ataman town, killing all of its members and destroying their ammunition and arms.
A military source said that an army unit targeted dens of the terrorist organizations, killing or injuring scores of their members and destroying their vehicles, arms and ammunition in Zamrin village to the east of Tal al-Harra.
In al-Lajat area, an army unit inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorist organizations after targeting their gatherings in al-Bay’at village, according to the source.
Meanwhile, the Takfiri terrorist organizations admitted on their pages on the social networking websites that a number of their members were killed among them terrorists Islam Zayed al-Masri, terrorist Qusai Ahmed al-Rashid and terrorist Majdi Salah al-Hariri.
clothcapclothcap on May 2nd, 2015 02:46 pm (UTC)
In Quneitra countryside, units of the army and the armed forces continued to carry out direct blows against dens of Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations.
A military source told SANA that an army unit carried out intensive operations against terrorists’ gatherings, some of whom are from the so-called “Ahrar al-Sham Movement” near the roundabout of Rasm al-Shouli village in the southern countryside of Quneitra province, killing and injuring scores of them and destroying their arms and ammunition.
The source added that an army unit clashed with Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the main square in the countryside of the province, killing or injuring scores of them and destroying their vehicles and ammunition.
Meanwhile, the Takfiri terrorist organizations admitted on their pages on the social networking websites that they had suffered heavy losses and a number of their members were killed including terrorist Husam al-Noufal al-Zou’abi.
Deir Ezzor
An army unit targeted gatherings and dens of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria “ISIS” terrorists, killing scores of them and injuring others, in addition to destroying their vehicles and dens in the countryside of the northeastern Deir Ezzor province.
A source in the province told SANA that a unit of the army targeted gatherings and dens of the ISIS terrorists in the village of Hatla to the east of Deir Ezzor city, leaving scores of them dead and others wounded.
A number of the terrorists’ vehicles and dens were also destroyed, according to the source.
The Takfiri terrorist organizations admitted the death of terrorist Khaled Hayani , leader of the so called “Bader martyrs Battalion” in Aleppo.
Websites affiliated to terrorist organizations published photos showing terrorist Hayani killed, near al-Ashrafieh neighborhood in Aleppo.
Hayani was killed in an army operation against Takfiri gatherings.
Terrorist al-Hayani is an agent for the Turkish intelligence and one of the most criminal terrorist leaders in Aleppo.
He perpetrated large number of massacres against the civilians and killed more than 300 persons.

Updated http://www.sana.sy/en/?p=38609
clothcapclothcap on May 2nd, 2015 03:17 pm (UTC)
Syria24 reports
Syria24 reported today:
‎Hasaka‬: the Army targets a meeting for IS’s leaders in Masaken al-Meiatayen area in the center of the city.
Confirmed from a source in ‪‎Latakia‬: - ‪‎SAA‬ has captured ‪‎Raweesa‬ Al-‪‎Ghanam‬
Army units destroyed hideouts of terrorists in Binnesh, Bzabour, Majdelia, Kfar Lata, M’arblit in the countryside of Idleb province, leaving large numbers of them killed and destroying their arms and weapons.
Army units targeted in an accurate operation a den belonging to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) where field commanders in the organization were gathered in al-Mittein area in the middle of al-Shaddadi city.
The operation resulted in the death of all terrorists inside the den.
ISIS acknowledged via twitter the death of many of its members as confirmed by local sources in the city who said most of the dead are “foreign mercenaries.”
In al-Shadadi city, a number of ISIS members were killed and their weapons and ammo were destroyed during an Army accurate strike against their gatherings in the area surrounding al-Shaddadi Hotel.
Army engineering units carried out a controlled detonation of a bike which terrorists had rigged with explosives and parked near al-Nashwa Bridge in Hasaka city, a source at Hasaka province told SANA.
In the neighboring Hama province, the army carried out a night raid in the area surrounding al-Qahira town in the countryside, killing numbers of terrorists. The units are hunting down terrorists who fled near al-Qahira and al-Enkawi.
Damascus countryside
An Army unit destroyed a vehicle and killed many terrorists in Gbeir square in Erbin town in Damascus Countryside, SANA reporter said.
Ahmad al-Wadaat, Salim Dukmak, Jamil al-Idelbi, Firas al-Sirwan and the Lebanese Mohamed Tleis were identified among the dead.
The terrorists Adeeb al-Obeidat from Jordan, Fahed al-Mzeidy from Saudi Arabia, Zuhair al-Namla from Palestine, Abdo al-Rahman and Abdo al-Shami were confirmed killed in the southern outskirts of Doma city. Three of their vehicles were also destroyed with all ammunition they were carrying.
Another Army unit targeted a terrorist group in the northern farms of Harasta, killing many terrorists, injuring others and destroying their weapons and ammo.
Army units continued their operations targeting terrorists’ hideouts in al-Misherfa, Assal al-Ward and Ras al-Maarra towns, eliminating a number of Jabhat al-Nusra members.
Units of Army carried out special operations against the gatherings of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on Thursday night and Friday morning in Arshouna, al-Midraja, Rajm al-Aly and Rajm al-Qassr villages east of Homs city, inflicting heavy losses in their ranks.
In Rahoom village on the administrative borders with Raqqa, Army operations targeted terrorists’ hideouts, causing the death of many of them and destroying their weaponry.
In Palmyra countryside, an Army unit carried out an accurate operation against ISIS’ vehicles, destroying two of them with all terrorists, weapons and ammunition on board near the oil well 105 in Mount al-Shaer area.
The Army operation in al-Shaer Mount area comes in the framework of a series of operations to protect oil and gas fields from ISIS attacks.
The army destroyed in large-scale operations several dens of terrorists, killing numbers of them, in the vicinity of the Air Force Academy, al-Lairamoun, Salah-Eddin, al-Marjeh, al-Sakhour, al-Inzarat, Qadi Askar, Bani Zaid, al-Maisar, Qubtan al-Jabal, al-Breij, al-Atareb, Daret Izza and Mare’ in the countryside and city of Aleppo.
A military source said the army units destroyed terrorists’ hideouts, killed terrorists and injured others in Andan, Bustan al-Qasr, al-Salihyeh, al-Kallaseh, Hanano, al-Sukkari, al-Sheikh Khidr, Bab al-Nasr, Old City, Karm al-Tarrab, al-Shaqif, al-Sheikh Lutfi, al-Ansari, al-Amreyeh and Aghyar in Aleppo and its countryside.
clothcapclothcap on May 2nd, 2015 03:20 pm (UTC)
Army units carried out a number of operations against terrorist groups’ gatherings and concentrations, killing and injuring scores of them and obliterating their positions and concentrations.
A military source told SANA that the army targeted terrorists in a number of areas in Daraa al-Balad, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their weaponry and vehicles.
An army unit targeted terrorists’ hideouts in al-Lujat in Daraa countryside, killing and injuring a number of terrorists.
Syria 24 was informed that Mohammad Seraj the leader of Shohadaa Badr brigade who is known as “Khaled Hayani”, was killed by a ‪‎SAA‬ sniper in al-Khaledia neighborhood, Shohadaa badr was the first brigade to fight the IS in ‪‎Aleppo‬ city, and it is the responsible of targeting areas under Government's control in Aleppo with shells and mortars which led to the death of 568 civilians including 130 children in 2014.
Syrian‬ Arab Army kills in ‪‎Douma‬ ‪‎Saudi‬ Fahd Mazidi, ‪‎Jordanian‬ Adib Obeidat & ‪‎Palestinian‬ Zuheir Namleh
6 h Clashes between the ‪‎SAA‬ Syrian army and armed groups in the east of ‪‎Damascus‬ ‪‎Jobar‬ neighborhood
Clashes between the ‪‎SAA‬ Syrian army and the ‪‎Daash‬ in ‪‎Jufrah‬ in the village in the countryside of Deir al-Zour.
‎SyAAF‬ airstrikes on Saraqib ‪‎Idlib‬
Syrian‬ Arab Army kills in ‪‎Douma‬ ‪‎Saudi‬ Fahd Mazidi, ‪‎Jordanian‬ Adib Obeidat & ‪‎Palestinian‬ Zuheir Namleh
‎FSA‬ Islam Zayed Al-Masri was killed by ‪‎SAA‬ in outskirts of ‪‎Daraa‬
FSA‬ Mohamad Ibrahim Al-Ammar was killed in ‪‎Yalda‬ ‪‎Damascus‬
SyAAF‬ targets Castello Rd, Bani Zayd and Al-Ashrafieh ‪‎Aleppo‬
airstrikes on ‪‎IS‬ positions in ‪‎YarmoukCamp‬ and Hajar Aswad ‪‎Damascus‬
SAA‬ repel ‪‎IS‬ attack on Al-Seqman village (near Tell Brak) killing and wounding all militants ‪‎Hasakah‬
Clashes in surroundings of Arba'een Mt near ‪‎Ariha‬
Military source: An army unit kills ten terrorists and destroys a car loaded with weapons in Sweidan Street in Daraa al-Balad neighborhood in the southern province of ‪‎Daraa‬.
Deir Ezzor, SANA- An army unit on Friday targeted gatherings and dens of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria "ISIS" terrorists, killing scores of them and injuring others, in addition to destroying their vehicles and dens in the countryside of the northeastern Deir Ezzor province.
A source in the province told SANA that a unit of the army targeted gatherings and dens of the ISIS terrorists in the village of Hatla to the east of Deir Ezzor city, leaving scores of them dead and others wounded.
A number of the terrorists' vehicles and dens were also destroyed, according to the source.
SAA still controls ‪‎Jisr_Shughour‬ hospital
Jaish_Fateh‬ Abo Salim was killed by ‪‎SAA‬ in ‪‎Idlib‬ countryside
14 terrorists of the ‪‎Nusra‬ Front killed around the national hospital in Jeser al- Shagour ‪‎Idleb‬
5 h SAA‬ captured the village of ‪‎Ghmam‬.This former insurgent stronghold is located on strategic M4 Highway.
3 h Army kills scores of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in ‪‎Quneitra‬ and Daraa countryside, destroys their supply routes
Daraa, Quneitra, SANA- Units of the army on Saturday continued to target the fortifications and the supply routes of the Takfiri terrorist organizations through carrying out special operations against them in the countryside of the southern Daraa and Quneitra provinces.
More https://www.facebook.com/syria24english/posts/850355158333601
Homs, SANA- Units of the army and armed forces killed terrorists of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and injured others during continuous operations in the villages of Abu Hwadeed,
Mas'ada, al-Sultanieh, Rajm al-Ali, Rahoum in the eastern countryside of Homs province, a military source told SANA.
The army units also killed large number of terrorists from Jabhat aL-Nusra and destroyed all of their weapons and ammunition in al-Rastan and Talbieseh in the northern countryside of Homs.
Meanwhile, Websites affiliated to terrorist organizations reported information about the death of the terrorist Zaher Ayoub, Leader of the so called military council in al-Rastan.
EXCLUSIVE - ‪‎FSA‬ Division 101 calling for help from Jaysh al-Fatah after ‪‎Nusra‬ attacked one HQ in N-‪‎Idlib‬. --- Trouble In Paradise lol
clothcapclothcap on May 2nd, 2015 03:26 pm (UTC)
Protests in Turkey in support of Syrians and against Erdogan-backed terrorism
1 May، 2015
Ankara, SANA – Unions, civil society organizations, and political parties in Turkey organized a protest in Taksim area in Istanbul on Friday to express solidarity with the Syrian people and to denounce the support provided to terrorists by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Justice and Development Party government.
The protestors rallied in front of Galatasaray School in Taksim area, denouncing the terrorist organization Jabhet al-Nusra and the government of the Justice and Development Party.
Speeches delivered during the protest held the Justice and Development Party responsible for the massacres committed against Syrian people, calling for stopping all the military and logistic support provided by the Party to ISIS, Jabhet al-Nusra, and ISIS terrorists.
On a relevant note, similar protests denouncing the support provided by Erdogan and his government to terrorists were also held in Antioch, Iskenderun, Samandag, Ankara, Izmir, Mersin, Tunceli.
Another protest was organized in Istanbul by supports of Beshiktash FC to denounce the massacre committed by terrorists in the town of Eshtabraq in Syria and condemn the role played by the Justice and Development Party government in this massacre.
These protests follow a protest that was held on Thursday in the town of Samandag in Iskenderun area, in which the participants also condemned Erdogan’s government for its support for terrorism and held it responsible for the massacres committed by terrorists in Syria.
Hazem Sabbagh
clothcapclothcap on May 2nd, 2015 03:41 pm (UTC)
The Myth of the Secular, Pro-Democracy Syrian Rebel
You know, we started helping the rebels, whatever they are, and they’re certainly not fighting for democracy, given their sponsorship, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, as far back as early spring of last year, 2012, without saying it publicly.–Zbigniew Brzezinski*
By Stephen Gowans 2013
Asked to justify his support for what his interlocutor called “Islamo-fascists,” a leftist sympathetic to the Syrian rebellion replied, “I’m not supporting radical Islamists. I support the Free Syrian Army’s fight for democracy.” With al-Qaeda aligned jihadists beheading some of their enemies and eating the organs of others, that’s the best case supporters of the Syrian rebellion can make these days. Unlike the radical Islamists, who dominate the rebellion and want to build a theocracy atop the hoped-for ruins of Syria’s secular Arab nationalist regime, the uprising’s Western leftist supporters are against dictatorship and for democracy. That’s why, they say, they’re backing the FSA.
But much as they believe they’re on the side on the angels, they’re not. The idea that the FSA is the secular, democratic front of a popular uprising ignores a number of problems, from a misunderstanding of what the FSA is, to blindness to the democratic reforms already carried out in Syria, to an unwarranted fondness for a political arrangement that would open the doors to US domination of Syria.
The “moderate” rebels
Let’s begin with the misunderstanding about the Free Syrian Army. There’s nothing secular about the FSA, and nothing democratic about it, either. The US-backed rebel army exists, according to its leaders, for one reason—to remove Bashar al-Assad as president. [1] Its sole program, then, is negative, without positive (either democratic or secular) aspirations.
You don’t have to be committed to a secular society to belong to the FSA. Indeed, according to Reuters, the organization’s military command is “Islamist dominated”. [2] The Associated Press says that “Many of the participating groups have strong Islamist agendas, and some have fought in ways that could scare away Western backers. They include the Tawheed Brigade, whose ideology is similar to that of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Falcons of Damascus, an ultraconservative Islamist group.” [3] The Wall Street Journal reports that Brig. Gen. Mithkal Albtaish, an FSA leader, says that the organization is “dominated by Islamist groups that are in close coordination with al Nusra,” [4] the al-Qaeda aligned terrorist group. The idea, then, that the FSA is secular is mistaken.
Neither does the FSA have a political program committed to democracy. “Eliminate Assad” does not necessarily mean “create democracy.” It could mean “create theocracy” or “create a US-puppet regime.” Hence, what the FSA wants to replace Assad with, is not defined, but given that the organization is backed, armed, supported and guided by the United States, its European satellites, and Arab royalist dictators (an iconoclast has dubbed the loose alliance of rebel groups the Foreign Supplied Army) we can guess that the answer is: whatever the FSA’s backers, prime among them Washington, say. And let’s be clear. The FSA’s goal isn’t to eliminate Assad per se, but the policies Assad and his allies are committed to: economic nationalism; anti-colonialism; alliance with Iran; and so on, about which more in a moment. It is inconceivable that the United States and its FSA marionette would tolerate a successor to Assad who maintained Assad’s foreign and economic policies.
US foreign policy
Continues https://gowans.wordpress.com/2013/06/28/the-myth-of-the-secular-pro-democracy-syrian-rebel/
clothcapclothcap on May 2nd, 2015 05:22 pm (UTC)
The “vetted, moderate rebels” of the Free Syrian Army – Who and where are they?
September 11, 2014 radioyaran
You have probably heard that the US is (once again) considering to boost the support for the “moderate” rebels in Syria. These rebels are supposed to fight at once the Syrian Army and its affiliate forces (the NDF, the lebanese Hezbollah) and the “Islamic State” militia.
Very often when the phrase “moderate rebels” is used by western politicians and media it occurs in verbal connection with the “Free Syrian Army”, but what/who exactly is this moderate “Army”?
If one bothers to read through battlefield news all over Syria it becomes clear that the major anti-government forces are all radical sectarian Islamists, mostly Salafis. At best you can distinguish between Pro Saudi and “less Pro Saudi” Salafis, but what does this have to do with “moderate”?
In particular the major rebel forces are:
The “Islamic State” (former ISIS or ISIL)
The al Qaeda affiliate Nusra Front or “Jabhat al Nusra” (JAN), designated as terrorist organization by the US
The “Islamic Front” (IF)
The IF is an umbrella group featuring as its major factions the “Ahrar al Sham” (which just lost its entire leadership), the “Liwa al Tauheed” (whose leader was killed a few months ago) and Jaish al Islam (Army of Islam).
Another umbrella organization is the “Syrian Revolutionary Front” (SRF) headed by (another) Saudi favourite called Jamal Maarouf. In addition to Maarouf being labeled “highway robber” by some other rebel factions, he openly declares support for and coordination with the Salafis of JAN, so again there is no way to view the SRF as “moderate”.
But never underestimate the “creativity” of Syrias rebels and their US- and (mostly Wahhabi) GCC-Backers: In order to confuse the international audience and create the impression that there are indeed rebels other than the above mentioned three which were exposed as clearly non-moderate, yet more rebel organization names were created.
One which was meant to give itself the pretense of being Syrian nationalist, liberal and non-sectarian is the “Southern Front”. The Southern Front is said to consist of 49 different factions and 30.000 fighters. At the second look however it becomes clear that the two major factions of this Front are the above mentioned SRF of Jamal Maarouf who praises the Nusra Front and the Yarmouk Brigade that took Unifil peacekeepers as hostages. Plus, the Yarmouk brigade strongly cooperates with JAN:
Interestingly the Southern Front was sidelined by the Nusra and many of its fighters joined the latter:
This is finally how Aron Lund comments the “honesty” behind the Southern Fronts non-extremism/non-sectarianism:
“Rather than an initiative from the rebels themselves, word is that it was foreign officials that called on rebel commanders to sign a statement declaring their opposition to extremism, saying it was a precondition for getting more guns and money. Since beggars can’t be choosers, the commanders then collectively shrugged their shoulders and signed—but not so much to declare a new alliance as to help U.S. officials tick all the right boxes in their reports back home, hoping that this would unlock another crate of guns.”
Finally, the newest “unified” rebel umbrella organization is the “Revolutionary Command Council“, featuring 18 rebel factions, but it suffices to read the names of SRF and “Jaish al Islam” (Army of Islam) to know that outright Salafis and those who proudly declare to cooperate with them are definitely not qualified to be called moderates.
Summarizing, we see that there are six major rebel “joint ventures”: ISIS, JAN, Islamic Front, SRF, Southern Front and the Revolutionary Command Council. And we see that none of them is moderate. So, what exactly is the “Free Syrian Army”? Who are it´s leading commanders?
More http://radioyaran.com/2014/09/11/the-vetted-moderate-rebels-of-the-free-syrian-army-who-and-where-are-they/
clothcapclothcap on May 2nd, 2015 07:55 pm (UTC)
Why is the Yarmouk camp suffering? The true reasons, not western propaganda
April 11, 2015
After posting the article below I found this very recent (April 6th, 2015) 2minute video clip containing interviews with Palestinians from inside the camp. Hear for yourself how two of them explicitly thank the Syrian Army:
Reading through western (and probably Gulf states) media these days one could think that Syrian President Assad and “his” army (otherwise known as the Syrian Arab Army) from one day to the next simply decided to destroy the Yarmouk refugee camp and kill its Palestinian inhabitants through a siege and bombardment.
The same sources go as far as claiming that the recent take over of the mostly abandoned camp through the IS militia even serves Assads interests.
The silly and easily refutable fairy tale of Assad secretly collaborating with IS is achieving sort of an “evergreen” status among many of the above mentioned media:
It´s time to shed some light on what has been going on in the Yarmouk camp since the beginning of the Syrian civil war.
Here http://radioyaran.com/2015/04/11/why-is-the-yarmouk-camp-suffering-the-true-reasons-not-western-propaganda/
clothcapclothcap on May 2nd, 2015 07:56 pm (UTC)
Obama Plans to ‘Fight ISIS’ by Arming ISIS
So-called "moderate" Syrian rebels are openly aligned with Islamic State militants
September 10, 2014 by Paul Joseph Watson
President Barack Obama is set to announce his plan to combat ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria by arming so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels despite the fact that such militants have openly aligned themselves with Islamic State fighters.
“Obama has told congressional lawmakers that he has the authority to proceed with much of his plan without their formal approval,” reports the Associated Press. “However, he is seeking authorization from Congress for the train-and-equip operation for Syrian rebels, a request he first made earlier this summer.”
Obama is expected to unveil the plan to send weapons to FSA fighters during a prime time speech later tonight.
The lunacy of such a policy is illustrated by the fact that Bassel Idriss, commander of an FSA-run rebel brigade, recently admitted that Washington-backed “moderate” rebels are still collaborating with ISIS.
“We are collaborating with the Islamic State and the Nusra Front by attacking the Syrian Army’s gatherings in … Qalamoun,” Idriss told Lebanon’s Daily Star. “Let’s face it: The Nusra Front is the biggest power present right now in Qalamoun and we as FSA would collaborate on any mission they launch as long as it coincides with our values.”
A July report in Stars and Stripes also documented how the 1,000 strong Dawud Brigade, which had previously fought alongside the FSA against the Assad regime, defected in its entirety to join ISIS.
Also in July it emerged that “several factions within the FSA, including Ahl Al Athar, Ibin al-Qa’im” had “handed over its weapons to the Islamic State in large numbers” and pledged allegiance to ISIS.
Islamic State fighter Abu Atheer also told Al-Jazeera, “We are buying weapons from the FSA. we bought 200 anti-aircraft missiles and Koncourse anti tank weapons. We have good relations with our brothers in the FSA. For us, the infidels are those who cooperate with the West to fight Islam.”
More http://www.infowars.com/obama-plans-to-fight-isis-by-arming-isis/
clothcapclothcap on May 2nd, 2015 10:23 pm (UTC)
Soros' coven attempted framing of the Syrian Army, Ghouta and those 000s photos
[S. Power is a zio and one of Soros' coven that includes Clinton, Rice and Nuland, "allegedly"]

Fail Caesar: Exposing the Anti-Syria Photo Propaganda {Masterlist}
November 8, 2014 last edits March 19 21
Fail Caesar part 2: Re-Considering The Victims
November 16-17, 2014 updated March 20, 2015

Libyan Terror Spreads in the Maghreb
March 30, 2015
Ever since Libya's government was destroyed, strangely enough the country has been something of a basket case, with unchecked Islamist terrorism spreading all across North Africa, besides into Syria and beyond. Mali, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt - AQIM, LIFG, Belhaj, Daesh/ISIS, etc. and fighting in Libya itself ... I myself don't have much to say yet, but commentator H dropped these links in comments elsewhere I'll use as a starter, and at least a place for more related comments.

Syria Chlorine Allegations: What Killed the Talebs?
Initial Summary of Findings Regarding the Alleged Chlorine Attack of March 16
by Adam Larson, with contributors
April 23, 2015
[...] Here we will outline four key findings:
-Clinical signs point away from chlorine and from aerial delivery and towards a locally-administered drug overdose.
-A disturbingly unsuccessful medical effort helped seal the six deaths.
-The Talebs probably did not come from the unexplained massacre site.
Activist-Terrorist cooperation in providing the narrative blaming the Syrian government.

The Ghouta Massacre's Sarin Myth, Brightly Lit
Exploring Kafr Batna’s … Rebel Gas Chambers?
May 22, 2014 By Adam Larson

Ghouta Massacres by District, Part 1: Moadamiyeh al-Sham
Ghouta Massacres (plural) by District
Part 1: Moadamiyeh al-Sham
May 1, 2015
We start in West Ghouta with the outlier attack on Moadamiyeh al-Sham (various spelling - Google translates Wage Offensive of Greater Syria).
Mass starvation due to regime-imposed food blockade alleged, starting to make news with dead babies just after the Aug. 21 incident ... clearly an issue with food distribution within the rebel-administered disaster area.

Ghouta Massacres By District, Part 5: Ain Tarma
May 2

In depth. Very revealing.

Edited at 2015-05-02 10:26 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on May 3rd, 2015 09:28 am (UTC)
Death toll from U.S.-led strike rises to 52 civilians in Syria
[Murdered while the US generals try with bombs to maintain the level of ISIS (2/3 foreign recruits)at a level where they can't win but can still weaken the SAA.]
May 2, 2015 Reuters
The death toll from an air strike by U.S.-led forces on the northern Syrian province of Aleppo has risen to 52 including seven children, a group monitoring the conflict said on Saturday.
Rami Abdulrahman, who runs the British-based Observatory for Human Rights, said the death toll from Friday’s strike was the highest civilian loss in a single attack by U.S. and Arab forces since they started air raids against hardline Islamist militant groups in Syria such as Islamic State.
U.S.-led forces are also targeting the group in Iraq.
The Britain-based Observatory said the raid had mistakenly struck civilians in a village on the eastern banks of the Euphrates River in Aleppo province, killing members of at least six families.
U.S.-led strikes had killed at least 66 civilians in Syria from the start of the raids on Sept. 23 until Friday’s strike, which brought the total to at least 118. The campaign has also killed nearly 2,000 Islamic State fighters, the Observatory said.
The group said at least 13 people were still missing from Friday’s raid.
h/t michaellee2009
The US is entering Syrian airspace and bombing Syrian civilians without permission from the democratic Syrian government nor the despicable zio UN. Banditry Israeli regime style.
clothcapclothcap on May 3rd, 2015 09:47 am (UTC)
Chomsky: 'International law cannot be enforced against great powers’
April 19, 2015 RT
While the International Criminal Court investigates and sentences African dictators, any of the crimes the US commits like the invasion of Iraq, which has destabilized an entire region, go unpunished, philosopher Noam Chomsky tells RT.
RT:During a congressional hearing [on April 15, officially titled ‘Confronting Russia’s Weaponization of Information’], House Foreign Affairs Committee chair Ed Royce said, “The Russian media is now dividing societies abroad and, in fact, weaponizing information.” Where is that coming from? Is it a genuine fear or fear of alternative opinions?
Noam Chomsky: He’s talking about the Russian media but if there were any imaginable possibility of honesty, he could be talking about the American media, for which that is correct. Take the New York Times -- the greatest newspaper in the world. Take one example, at the first article that appeared today, that the tentative [nuclear] agreement with Iran was reached. It’s a thinkpiece, by Peter Baker, one of their main analysts. He discusses in it the main reasons to distrust Iran, the crimes of Iran. It’s very interesting to look at. The most interesting one is the charge that Iran is destabilizing the Middle East because it’s supporting militias which have killed American soldiers in Iraq. That’s kind of as if, in 1943, the Nazi press had criticized England because it was destabilizing Europe for supporting partisans who were killing German soldiers. In other words, the assumption is, when the United States invades, it kills a couple hundred thousand people, destroys the country, elicits sectarian conflicts that are now tearing Iraq and the region apart, that’s stabilization. If someone resists that tact, that’s destabilization.

Transcript http://rt.com/usa/250729-complete-chomsky-rt-interview/
Criticised in the comments
clothcapclothcap on May 3rd, 2015 10:02 am (UTC)
Western cabal of psychopathy all guilty of using terrorism in Syria
The objective is to bring down the democratically elected government for the profit of the corporations and to extend the Israeli regime's influence beyond Palestine and Saudi Arabia.
The US, UK, Israel, Saudi, Turkey and NATO are all guilty.
They have all committed acts of war. Only Syria, Iran and Russia's restraint in not responding in kind (gods know why) has avoided a region wide conflict that would very quickly spread to Europe and beyond.
Biden's Buck-Passing Confession
Biden says Erdoğan admitted ISIL mistake
4th Oct 2014 Tolga Tanış - Washington, Hurriyet
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has said that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan admitted mistakes that paved the way for the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).
"President Erdoğan told me, he is an old friend, said you were right, we let too many people through, now we are trying to seal the border," Biden said during a speech on foreign policy at Harvard Kennedy School on Oct. 2.
While speaking to the students for nearly an hour and a half, Biden defended the U.S. foreign policy, stressing that the White House was not late to move against the rise of the ISIL. He said that the regional allies of the U.S, determined to take down Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, "poured hundreds of millions dollars, and tens thousands of tones of weapons into anyone who would fight against al-Assad, accepted the people who would be in supply for Al Nusra and Al Qaeda and extremist elements of jihadists coming from other parts of the world."
"Our biggest problem is our allies. Our allies in the region were our largest problem in Syria. The Turks, we’re great friends and I have a great relationship with Erdoğan that I spent a lot of time with. The Saudis, The Emiratis etc... What were they doing?" Biden asked.
"So now what is happening, all of sudden everybody is awakened," Biden added, claiming that like Turkey admitted its mistakes, Saudi Arabia and Qatar stopped the funding of jihadists.
"Now we have and the president has been able to put together a coalition of our Sunni neighbors, because America can’t once again go in to a Muslim nation and be the aggressive. It has to be led by Sunnis to go and attack a Sunni organization," Biden said.
Full http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/biden-says-erdogan-admitted-isil-mistake.aspx?pageID=238&nID=72530&NewsCatID=359
How can these enemies of humanity, maggots that use terrorism to cause the downfall of elected and popular governments be eradicated?

Edited at 2015-05-03 10:06 am (UTC)