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22 April 2015 @ 07:52 pm
Yemen Atrocity  
Saudi massacre of Yemen: important articles and interviews
Eva Bartlett INGAZA
This is unbearable. the criminal sauds have been bombing Yemen since March 26, nearly a month now—at least 2700 Yemenis have been killed, the vast majority civilians.
“I don’t think the Saudi officials are taking into consideration how many innocent lives are being lost, and in such gruesome ways. The weapons depot which was targeted today, (the district) is actually a residentila settlement. …There’ve been many videos uploaded on social media which show families screaming in terror….the video of the actual airstrike shows some who were not so lucky…about 40 people were killed, those who were injured suffered sever injuries.
Due to the impact of the explosion, rocks were catapulted and hurled on top of entire families, many of them suffered fractured skulls.”
~Sanaa Press TV reporter

Apr 21, 2015, Eric Draitser Youtube channel
“Eric Draitser of StopImperialism.org appears on Press TV to provide his analysis of the continuing Saudi airstrikes on Yemen. He explains that, aside form the ghastly humanitarian crisis the aggression has created, Saudi Arabia has done little to break the Houthi-Saleh alliance. Draitser also comments on the central role of the US in this war, and the fact that Washington has provided both political and military support, including the placement of major naval assets off the coast of Yemen.”

Feroze Mithiborwala:

“The body language of the Saudi military spokesperson and all the Generals sitting around was hardly one of victory or :Mission Accomplished”. It was about an embarrassing situation where after round the clock bombing, scud missiles and worse, the Houthis led Alliance have not been pushed out of a single city or town that they held. The Saudis have as usual totally misjudged the situation on the ground in Yemen and the new Yemeni patriotic forces have triumphed and will now rule the country for the good of the Yemeni nation. Yemen is now out of the Saudi-US orbit and is now part of the Arch of the Resistance.

The fact that the Saudis have announced an end to their war code-named “Decisive Storm” after a 3 week bombing campaign and now call it “Operation Restoration Hope” (All very American sounding) means that we are heading for a political solution and an agreement between the Saudi-led and the Iranian-led blocs is on the cards. The possibility of a Government of National unity with all stake holders being involved is now a possibility and this was the main demand of the Houthi-led revolution in any case. The new government will be devoid of many of the old faces and a new Yemeni leadership will take over the reins of power. In the coming years, Yemen will head to become a strong independent nation, free of the Saudi-US axis.

A political agreement between the Houthis-Ali-salh and the Saudi backed Hadi and Islah and others such as the Baathists and Naseerites, could lead to the formation of a government in Sanaa. These combined forces one having reached a power sharing accord will then be capable of dealing with the Isis.-Qaeda in Yemen. The Saudi-backed Arab forces have already stepped back in Yemen by calling of the air-strikes which have really made no great difference on the ground.

If the Saudis have other plans to keep on destabilising Yemen, then there will be a major blowback from Yemen, especially the North, with the monarchy itself facing dire consequences.

The saudis have clearly failed to attain a decisive result in the operation Un-Decisive Storm. It was one little Yemen, the poorest country in the Arab world, vs all the thugs,monarchs and dictators – and the small guy won …….”

Source https://ingaza.wordpress.com/2015/04/22/saudi-massacre-of-yemen-important-articles-and-interviews/


The War on Yemen: Where Oil and Geopolitics Mix, Mahdi Nazemroaya, Apr 9, 2015

At War against Its Own People: Saudi Arabia’s Other War, Eric Draitser, Apr 13, 2015
Latest "official" casualties, at least 944 murdered, 3,487 injured. Mostly civilians.


clothcapclothcap on April 22nd, 2015 07:22 pm (UTC)
Zero Hedge Tyler Durden
Mission Dis-Accomplished? Saudis Resume Bombing Yemen
Less than 24 hours after Yemen announced an end to Operation Decisive Storm and its airstrikes on Yemen - in hopes of initiating Operation New Hope aimed at resuming a political process - The NY Times reports, warplanes from a Saudi-led military coalition conducted airstrikes in the southwestern Yemeni city of Taiz on Wednesday. Mission Dis-accomplished or Operation 'Empire Strikes Back'?
More http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-04-22/mission-dis-accomplished-saudis-resume-bombing-yemen
clothcapclothcap on April 22nd, 2015 07:39 pm (UTC)
When Did We All Become Murderers?
04/22/2015 Submitted by Raul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth blog,
Appalled doesn’t cover it. Disgusted won’t do either. Angry doesn’t come close. Maybe I have yet to learn of a word that would express my feelings on the following topic. There’s a disease, an epidemic, that spreads through out the western world. We are all turning into accomplices to murder. And I still believe we are better than that. Just perhaps not all of us.
The US, and the rest of the west, have made plenty enemies already without needing to create their own out of thin air – as if there were ever a need to create enemies. But that’s still what we’ve been doing in many places in the world, including Ukraine. And there’s an entire multi-billion machine working just to make us think what someone else wants us to think about these ‘enemies’.
These days, when you call someone ‘pro-Russian’, that’s about on on the same level as ‘murderer’, rapist, things like that. And that must be why the western press once again resorts to ‘pro-Russian’ as a swear word, or even curse, in reporting on the murders of at least 10 people in Ukraine over the past 3 months. As far as we can see, all were considered ‘allies’ of former President Yanukovych (whatever ‘allies’ may mean in this context) and 2 were journalists (of whom at least 1 was also a historian).
Yanukovych was (or is, actually) not a saint. He was the utterly corrupt president of a country that has been utterly corrupt for a very long time. It still is today, and it’s getting worse, fast. Whereas Russia didn’t feel it had the right or need to interfere in the country, the west did. Its interference culminated in the ouster of Yanukovych in late February 2014, and the introduction of a ‘government’ that is extremely pro-western and extremely anti-anything-’that has anything to do’-with Russia (including the language).
First, we saw the US install its puppet Yatsenyuk as PM (we know about this through leaked tapes of US Dep. Secretary Victoria Nuland). ‘Yats’ to this day has never been elected to office by ‘his’ people (or any other people, for that matter) . A few months later came oligarch Poroshenko as president, who was.
Both men have been instrumental in waging a very bloody and deadly war against a significant segment (a third) of their own population, in east Ukraine. This warfare has coincided with an ever more blatant propaganda war against anything-’that has anything to do’-with Russia, both in Ukraine and across the west. Need I repeat not one of the accusations against Russia has, still to date, ever been substantiated, despite the best spy satellites etc. equipment in human history?
More http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-04-22/when-did-we-all-become-murderers
Highly recommended
clothcapclothcap on April 22nd, 2015 07:47 pm (UTC)
Lavrov: Russia prevented foreign military intervention in Syria
Moscow, SANA – Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Wednesday that his country made significant achievements regarding Syria by preventing foreign military intervention in this country.
During an interview with Russian media representatives, Lavrov said “we presented initiatives for inter-Syrian consultations, and the Moscow Principles were adopted which provided room for wider UN activity.”
He stressed the need to combat terrorism systematically without double standards and within a strategy approved by the international community.
The Russian official said that it is odd that some countries are helping Iraq in its battle against terrorism and at the same time they refuse to coordinate with the Syrian government, adding that the US had declared war on ISIS, yet it refuses to communicate with the Syrian government in this regard.
He highlighted that Russia had provided more efficient support to the Syrian and Iraqi security agencies and armies in their battle against terrorism than the US, and that the US refuses to admit that its policies in Iraq, Syria, and Libya have actually resulted in the emergence of the ISIS, as Al Qaeda is a result of similar US policies in the region.
Mohammad Nassr / Hazem Sabbagh
clothcapclothcap on April 22nd, 2015 07:50 pm (UTC)
Increasing numbers of terrorists killed as army targets more of their positions
Provinces, SANA –The army and armed forces carried out more operations targeting positions of terrorist organizations in areas all around the country, killing increasing numbers of their members and leaving their hideouts destroyed.
An army unit targeted several hideouts of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists north of Tal al-Mal, one of the most important points leading to the strategic al-Harra in the north western countryside of Daraa, a military source said.
A numbers of terrorists were killed or injured in the operations, which also left arms and ammunition of various types destroyed, the source told SANA.
Another army unit carried out a special operation against dens of terrorists linked to Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations in the area surrounding Bir Um al-Daraj and west of al-Bajabjeh neighborhood in Daraa al-Balad in the city of Daraa. Many members of those groups were killed.
The Takfiri terrorist organizations acknowledged on their social media pages the death of 15 of their members during the army operations in Daraa.
Earlier on Tuesday, over 40 terrorists were killed in Busr al-Hareer in the countryside of the province.
The army targeted terrorists’ positions in Kuweris and Deir Hafer in Aleppo’s southern and eastern countryside, destroying 7 vehicles loaded with weapons, ammunition and explosives and killing a number of terrorists.
The army also targeted terrorists’ positions and concentrations in Rasm al-Sayala, Ramla and al-Manara to the south-east of Aleppo city, killing and injuring a number of terrorists and destroying 5 of their vehicles.
Social media pages affiliated to the terrorist groups confessed that a number of terrorists, including field commanders, were killed in the process.
In the neighboring Quneitra province, an army unit destroyed vehicles equipped with machine guns in al-Ajraf village and killed numbers of terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra and other organizations.
An Army unit eliminated a number of terrorists who were members in “Ahrar al-Sham Islamic Movement” and destroyed their vehicles and ammunition in Eyn al-Tina village southeast of Quneitra.
Terrorist organizations admitted on their social media pages the death of many of their members, among them Mohammed Moussa Abu Omar.
Army units carried out a number of operations in several areas in Homs province, killing and injuring scores of terrorists and destroying their hideouts and concentrations.
A military source told SANA that the army killed and injured a number of terrorists and destroyed their weapons and vehicles in Rajm al-Qasr, Rajm al-Aley, al-Madraja al-Gharbyehh and Umm Sahreej in Homs eastern countryside.
Other army units targeted terrorists’ hideouts in Howsis in Mount Shaer and in Keysin in al-Rastan, killing a number of terrorists and destroying many of their vehicles.
Army units killed a number of terrorists in al-Khashabiyeh, Jabal al-Sayyad and the area east of Morek town in the countryside of the central Hama province.
Army kills dozens of Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS terrorists in many areas
Full report http://www.sana.sy/en/?p=37109
clothcapclothcap on April 22nd, 2015 07:52 pm (UTC)
ISIS Origins
Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State
An Iraqi officer planned Islamic State's takeover in Syria and SPIEGEL has been given exclusive access to his papers. They portray an organization that, while seemingly driven by religious fanaticism, is actually coldly calculating.
By Christoph Reuter
Saddam's handiwork?
clothcapclothcap on April 22nd, 2015 07:55 pm (UTC)
Human trfficking deaths. Blame game. Criminal negligence?
Ukip leader, speaking on ITV News at Ten, warns against ‘waves of millions’ of people from Africa coming to Europe
20 April 2015 Rowena Mason, political correspondent
Nigel Farage has warned against “waves of millions” of people from Africa coming to Europe if the EU agrees a common policy for tackling migrant deaths in the Mediterranean.
In the wake of two boat disasters in which hundreds of migrants have drowned, the Ukip leader said he opposed EU action to address the problem as it could lead to a common migration policy.
The UK government has until now resisted EU search and rescue efforts but David Cameron signalled this week that he will be in favour of the UK joining joint action when he attends a meeting of leaders on Thursday.
But in comments on ITV News at Ten, Farage said he thought the UK could send in the Royal Navy but should have no part in the EU-wide efforts.
Farage said: “I’m happy to send the Royal Navy, I’m happy to stop people drowning in the Mediterranean. But it needs the cooperation of the Italian and Greek governments to say we cannot accept an unlimited number of people crossing over. If that message is not sent, many millions of people will come.”
Farage said he could not be “accused of being closed-minded” as he had been in favour of accepting some Christian refugees from Syria.
“But waves of millions of people coming from north Africa seeking a better life in Europe, if that links in on Thursday to a new common migration policy then whilst on one hand it may appear to be the decent thing to do, I think you’ll find overwhelmingly public opinion will say we simply can’t,” he said.
On Sunday, Farage blamed Cameron’s part in removing Muammar Gaddafi from Libya for causing the movement of migrants and said he thought the UK could take some Christian refugees.
More http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/apr/20/nigel-farage-opposes-eu-action-to-tackle-migrant-deaths-in-mediterranean

Cameron and Clegg admit axing search and rescue in Mediterranean has failed
UK government backed decision in October to scale back search and rescue operations, arguing they encouraged migrants to board perilous boats
22 April 2015 Rowena Mason Political correspondent
David Cameron and Nick Clegg have acknowledged that the EU’s decision to scale back search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean has not worked after two disasters in which hundreds of migrants died trying to reach Italy.
The UK government strongly backed the EU’s decision in October last year to move from routine search and rescue to a coastguard service, arguing that the old system was creating an “unintended pull factor” that meant migrants were boarding perilous boats in Africa in the hope of being rescued before reaching Europe.
However, the prime minister has now admitted the EU’s operations that replaced search and rescue have not been successful, as the number of migrant deaths has risen substantially since the EU took over responsibility for sea patrols from the Italians.
European leaders will attend a summit in Brussels on Thursday aiming to resolve the growing crisis, with hundreds of people already drowned in the Mediterranean this year.
Writing for the Guardian, Clegg also said the decision was taken with good intentions but it “now looks to have been wrong”.
More http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/apr/22/cameron-and-clegg-admit-axeing-search-and-rescue-in-mediterranean-has-failed
(Anonymous) on May 22nd, 2015 08:43 pm (UTC)
Re: Human trfficking deaths. Blame game. Criminal negligence?
I seriously doubt that any of the UK government are capable of good intentions and am convinced that MEPs certainly aren't. Since when did any of these trough guzzlers (both groups) do anything to show that they have any concern for the welfare of anyone but themselves and their own? Their actions at every turn belie their words. Simple as.

clothcapclothcap on April 22nd, 2015 07:57 pm (UTC)
Opinion: Europe Should Protect People, Not Borders
By Maximilian Popp, Spiegel
The mass deaths of refugees like those seen this weekend on the European Union's external borders is not a consequence of politicians looking away. We are in fact causing the problem with our Fortress Europe policies.
Workers at the Warsaw headquarters of Frontex, the European border protection agency, track every single irregular boat crossing and every vessel filled with refugees. Since December 2013, the authority has spent hundreds of millions of euros deploying drones and satellites to surveil the borders.
The EU registers everything that happens near its borders. In contrast to the claims that are often made, they do not look away when refugees die. They are watching very closely. And what is happening here is not negligent behavior. They are deliberately killing refugees.
People have been perishing as they sought to flee to Europe for years now. They drown in the Mediterranean, bleed to death on the border fences of the Spanish North African conclaves of Ceuta and Melilla or freeze to death in the mountains between Hungary and Ukraine. But the European public still doesn't appear to be entirely aware of the dimensions of this humanitarian catastrophe. We have become accomplices to one of the biggest crimes to take place in European postwar history.
Barbarism in the Name of Europe
It's possible that 20 years from now, courts or historians will be addressing this dark chapter. When that happens, it won't just be politicians in Brussels, Berlin and Paris who come under pressure. We the people will also have to answer uncomfortable questions about what we did to try to stop this barbarism that was committed in all our names.
More http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/opinion-europe-should-protect-people-not-borders-a-1029594.html
clothcapclothcap on April 22nd, 2015 07:59 pm (UTC)
Revealed: child sex abuse gang 'with tentacles that go round the world'
Full details of paedophile ring’s activity can be reported for first time after trial of two of them, John Denham and Matthew Stansfield, ended with convictions
22 April 2015 Steven Morris and agency
Seven members of a paedophile gang were involved in the rape and abuse of babies, toddlers and children in attacks that were streamed on the internet and seen on every continent.
The sex ring – described as having “tentacles that go round the world” – preyed on the families of the children they targeted, in one case grooming a mother and father before their baby was born.
More http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/apr/22/child-sex-paedophile-abuse-gang-revealed-trial-two-convictions
clothcapclothcap on April 22nd, 2015 08:02 pm (UTC)
Crooked Corporations and their Political enablers
The People Pay, Corporations Cash In: Problems Plague EU Medical Research Initiative
The EU spends billions in subsidies on pharmaceutical research, with funds going to the Innovative Medicines Initiative, an alliance of corporations and universities with the aim of developing new drugs. Its record has been disastrous.
It was a good idea -- at least in theory. The European Commission wanted to create a program with billions in funding to subsidize universities, smaller research institutions and drug manufacturers. The goal was to collaborate in the development of essential medicines. But an investigation by SPIEGEL ONLINE, Swiss public broadcaster SRF and the Belgian daily newspaper De Standaard shows that the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), funded with more than €2.5 billion ($2.74 billion) in taxpayer money, has been used almost exclusively to subsidize the pharmaceutical industry through the circuitous route of research.
Details http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/imi-in-eu-project-citizens-count-corporations-cash-in-a-1025550.html
clothcapclothcap on April 22nd, 2015 08:24 pm (UTC)
Hundreds of Children Brain Damaged by the Swine Flu Vaccine
-to Receive $90 Million in Financial Compensation from UK Government
By Mike Adams
Global Research, April 21, 2015
Natural News 20 April 2015
The swine flu vaccine caused severe brain damage in over 800 children across Europe, and the UK government has now agreed to pay $90 million in compensation to those victims as part of a vaccine injury settlement.
This is the same swine flu vaccine that the entire mainstream media ridiculously insists never causes any harm whatsoever. From the quack science section of the Washington Post to the big pharma sellout pages of the New York Times, every U.S. mainstream media outlet exists in a state of total vaccine injury denialism, pushing toxic vaccines that provably harm children.
“Across Europe, more than 800 children are so far known to have been made ill by the vaccine,” reports the International Business Times.
The vaccine caused narcolepsy and cataplexy in hundreds of children. Both are signs of neurological damage caused by vaccine additives which include mercury, aluminum, MSG, antibiotics and even formaldehyde.
As the IBTimes reports:
"Narcolepsy affects a person’s sleeping cycle, leaving them unable to sleep for more than 90 minutes at a time, and causing them to fall unconscious during the day. The condition damages mental function and memory, and can lead to hallucinations and mental illness.
Cataplexy causes a person to lose consciousness when they are experiencing heightened emotion, including when they are laughing."
See the animated educational video here: If car companies operated like vaccine companies.
Children brain damaged in Norway, too
“Norway has seen more than 170 reported cases of children developing narcolepsy after receiving the Pandemrix vaccine,” reports the Global Post. “The government has so far paid $13 million to 86 victims, including 60 children…”
Just as in the USA and everywhere else, a contrived swine flu panic campaign was launched by the WHO and the CDC, creating widespread fear that would sell more vaccines. (Disneyland measles operation, anyone?)
As the Global Post write:
"Back in 2009, the Norwegian health authorities urged everyone, not just at-risk groups, to receive vaccinations after the World Health Organization designated swine flu a pandemic."
More than 2 million Norwegians, or 45 percent of the country’s population, were given Pandemrix in an unprecedented drive. The vaccine is produced by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and was used to inoculate up to 30 million people in 47 other European countries.
Vaccine damage is Big Pharma’s route to selling more medications
More http://www.globalresearch.ca/hundreds-of-children-brain-damaged-by-the-swine-flu-vaccine-to-receive-90-million-in-financial-compensation-from-uk-government/5444329
clothcapclothcap on April 22nd, 2015 09:14 pm (UTC)
Zero Hedge asking the impossibe
Prosecute the Fed Res (a Khazar mafia tool)
Exposed: The Real Market Manipulator Behind The Flash Crash
"To find the real source of the system's excessive fragility, the regulators will need to look much closer to home... The Federal Reserve remains the largest market manipulator ever, and the desperate yield-chasing, hair-trigger markets that it created were the primary cause of that crash and the inevitable ones yet to come."
More http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-04-22/exposed-real-market-manipulator-behind-flash-crash

Dear CFTC: This Is The Market Manipulating "Spoofing" Taking Place In The E-Mini Just Today
Dear CFTC:
Just because we know how serious you are in your quest to root out all market rigging, or as you put it in your charge against Navinder Sarao "manipulation or attempt to manipulate the price of the intra-day contract price for the near month of the E-mini S&P," we have decided together with Nanex to once again give you a helping hand, and point out all the spoofing that has taken place in the E-mini or ES. Just today

More http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-04-22/dear-cftc-market-manipulating-spoofing-taking-place-e-mini-just-today
clothcapclothcap on April 22nd, 2015 10:58 pm (UTC)
Turkish Student Sentenced To Prison For Retweeting Satirical Article
With Turkish enforcement now granted a green light to detain anyone, for any reason, the next inevitable crackdown was only a matter of time - that on free speech. Overnight we got a vivid example of just that when a university student in southern Turkey has been handed a one-year suspended sentence for retweeting a satirical article about a governor from Zaytung, a mock news portal in Turkey, daily Cumhuriyet has reported.
More http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-04-22/turkish-student-sentenced-prison-retweeting-satirical-article
clothcapclothcap on April 22nd, 2015 11:07 pm (UTC)
On the radio. Tesco posted a 6.4 bil loss.
Perhaps moving his HQ out of the UK using the EC subjugation referendum as the excuse was preplanned?
clothcapclothcap on April 23rd, 2015 01:21 am (UTC)
Net News Global
Fighting, airstrikes continue in Yemen despite declared halt of air raids http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2015-04/22/c_134174832.htm
Stagecraft: ISIS Video "Execution" of Ethiopians in Libya Appears Fake http://www.globalresearch.ca/stagecraft-isis-video-execution-of-ethiopians-in-libya-appears-fake/5444466
It's so obvious that Ansarullah is government of Yemen, Saudi Aawsat now calls Hadi's guys "resistance" forces http://www.aawsat.net/2015/04/article55343035/opinion-has-operation-decisive-storm-succeeded
Ukraine as I Knew It Is Over Forever http://russia-insider.com/en/10-reasons-ukraine-dead/5826
Russian Blogosphere Survey for April 22, 2015 http://fortruss.blogspot.de/2015/04/russia
Houthi Rebels Take Over Military Base in Yemen’s Taiz http://sputniknews.com/middleeast/20150422/1021221560.html
The 1 Minute Guide to the War in Donbass http://russia-insider.com/en/1-minute-guide-war-donbass/5721
Poland Buys Patriot Missiles as NATO Ramps Up Military Capacity http://sputniknews.com/military/20150422/1021216653.html
Ukrainian Officials Turn Access to Combat Zone Into Big Business http://sputniknews.com/europe/20150422/1021223738.html
Saudi-Coalition Warships Still Targeting Yemen`s Aden http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13940202001092

Révolutions Info
Former US nukes commander's steps to keep Ukraine Crisis from mushrooming ... - Scholars and Rogues: ... http://bit.ly/1cZQQhV

21st Century Wire
Dark Journalist & Timothy Good - Intel Sources Reveal Startling UFO Contacts! https://youtu.be/seWsinyjwD4

English Pravda.Ru
Ex-CIA officer Ray McGovern: V-E Day celebration spoiled by Washington's support for Ukrainian revolution: The... http://bit.ly/1ySkHTw

Chris Sedlmair
Strategic Partnership: U.S. Leads Six Months Of Military Exercises In Ukraine https://rickrozoff.wordpress.com/2015/04/22/strategic-partnership-u-s-leads-six-months-of-military-exercises-in-ukraine

Karol en Red
@JournalNEO @Karol_en_Red Indeed. The @guardian supports Neo-Nazis these days.

‘Goldman advising on economy like Dracula on running a blood bank’ – @meadwaj http://on.rt.com/2iu0wl
Lavrov: It's true, I told David Miliband not to lecture me http://on.rt.com/fvdfsq
Yes we can: US capable of ‘penetrating’ Russian air defenses in Iran if necessary - Obama http://on.rt.com/k37ehe

ISIS building online ‘cult with wicked motive’ – counter terror chief http://on.rt.com/uot8pr

the Lemniscat
Syria's Jaafari: Saudi Arabia and Zionism are the roots of terrorism, extremism and the culture of hate in this world
Miners protest surrounds Presidential Administration building of Ukraine in Kiev
WATCH: http://ow.ly/LXdXo
Lavrov: "daash" is the main enemy of Russia http://www.almanar.com.lb/devstory.php
@kalindama: American& Israeli forces will participate in exercises of the Greek armed forces http://es.kke.gr/es/articles/Por-primera-vez-fuerzas-estadounidenses-e-israelies-participaran-en-los-ejercicios-de-las-fuerzas-armadas-griegas-INIOHOS-2015/

Press TV
Iran nuclear deal: Can US be trusted? http://ptv.io/1rBR
UPDATE Demonstrators say Saudi Arabia is tool and agent of US, Israel. Yemen
Thousands of people take to streets of Sana'a to condemn Saudi aggression

Rolando Segura
Rutas del tráfico. Más de 170 mil migrantes salieron por puertos Libia Mediterráneo.
clothcapclothcap on April 23rd, 2015 10:09 am (UTC)
Britain’s Cameron Government Under the Helm of the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI)
A Cameron government CFI lobby would collude with Netanyahu against Obama administration - to continue illegal settlements?
April 20, 2015 By Anthony Bellchambers
Global Research
Conservative Friends of Israel, abbreviated to CFI, is a British parliamentary group affiliated to the Conservative Party, which is dedicated to strengthening business, cultural and political ties between the United Kingdom and Israel. CFI is an unincorporated association.
According to the Channel 4 documentary Dispatches – Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby, around 80% of Conservative MPs are members of the CFI. In 1995 Conservative politician Robert Rhodes James called it “the largest organisation in Western Europe dedicated to the cause of the people of Israel”.
In 2007 the Political Director stated it had over 2000 members and registered supporters. In 2009, at least half of the shadow cabinet were members of the group according to a Dispatches documentary. Its membership includes:
David Cameron, Iain Duncan-Smith, Liam Fox, William Hague and Malcolm Rifkind.
David Cameron, then newly elected leader of the Conservative Party, addressed the CFI annual business lunch on 30 January 2006, whose audience included half of the Conservative Parliamentary Party. As part of his speech, he stated “I am proud not just to be a Conservative, but a Conservative friend of Israel ..”
The Dispatches documentary claimed members of the group and their companies have donated over £10 million to the Conservative party between 2001 and 2009. Dispatches described the CFI as “beyond doubt the most well-connected and probably the best funded of all Westminster lobbying groups”.
‘In 2010 the Conservative Foreign Secretary, William Hague, changed the law of ‘universal jurisdiction’ under pressure from the Israeli government to allow the war crimes arrest law to be amended specifically to facilitate the free entry to Britain of Israeli politicians and military personnel.’
‘In 2011 Defence Secretary Liam Fox resigned after a week of pressure over his working relationship with friend and self-styled adviser Adam Werritty. Mr Fox was being investigated amid claims he broke the ministerial code.In a letter to David Cameron, Mr Fox said he had “mistakenly allowed” personal and professional responsibilities to be “blurred”. Mr Cameron said he was very sorry to see him go. The defence secretary has been under pressure since it emerged that Mr Werritty, a lobbyist, had met him on 18 foreign trips despite having no official role. Mr Werritty, a former flatmate of Mr Fox and the best man at his wedding, handed out business cards suggesting he was his adviser and was present at meetings Mr Fox had with military figures, diplomats and defence contractors.’
‘In February 2015 former Secretary for Defence, Malcolm Rifkind claimed to have no salary and to be self-employed when discussing with what he thought were representatives of a Chinese company that wanted to buy influence in the UK parliament. Rifkind offered to get them access to British ambassadors for £5,000 to £8,000 per half day’s work. The people turned out to be journalists for The Daily Telegraph and Channel 4 News who recorded the conversations. As a result Rifkind was suspended from the party while the matter was investigated.
More http://www.globalresearch.ca/britains-cameron-government-under-the-helm-of-the-conservative-friends-of-israel-cfi/5443854