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16 April 2015 @ 11:44 pm
VT revelations.  
NEO – Why America Is Being Targeted
April 10, 2015 by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor with New Eastern Outlook
[ Editor’s Note:  Get ready for another barnburner from Gordon below, and fasten your seatbelt. He takes us down the Yellow Brick Road of American political corruption with the writing technique of a Fellini movie.
The Ted Cruz material at the end, about his being a Christian Zionist whacko, compliments of his even whackier dad, is something corporate media has somehow managed not to find, even though it comes right out of the horse’s mouth. Or is it that they don’t want us to know — or was it that someone ordered them not to tell us.
As you might expect, this piece is a hint that we need to take the gloves off in the coming political season, as the various sellouts and bottom dwellers are paraded before us, as if there were real options for us among them.
So far, it looks like the usual political conundrum we face at election time — we are damned with either one on key security issues, and only have choices on the fluff stuff, with the exception of some of the economic issues. I hope that all the candidates have a campaign season like they have never endured. They have earned it, and so have we…
Jim W. Dean]

The world is filled with extremist groups, both political and religious. One such group, “strange bedfellows” as seen by many, threatens nuclear annihilation of the planet.
This group or cult, centered in America and Britain, subservient to Israel, has both great financial and political power and access to several nuclear arsenals.
Some of this has been done through key individuals within the defense establishments of the US and Great Britain, others through nuclear armed terror groups in their thrall and more frighteningly, through their leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, the most dangerous terrorist leader in the world today.
Anyone failing to note the current set of conflicts, ISIS in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya, the death cult that has taken control of Kiev, Boko Harum, Al Shebab, all dancing to the same tune, would be remiss.
This is all the work of the “Masters of the Universe,” managed and controlled by an international network of blackmailed and bribed diplomats and military leaders, men like NATO commander General Breedlove or women like the State Department’s Victoria Nuland, aided and abetted by security services, with mountains of drug cartel cash and backed by occultist fanatics.

The Iran Settlement
The response to this week’s announcement of a nuclear settlement with Iran was predictable. The world cheered, Iran faces a new political landscape and American companies are lining up for oil and gas contracts, filling Tehran’s best hotels.
Others, however, turn every incident to their purpose, one both dark and nefarious. In fact, likely as not, their fingerprints are on these incidents, be it shootings in Paris or Nairobi or the downing of an airliner in the French Alps. To those who worship chaos theory, a day without a disaster is a day lost.
With Iran officially disarmed, having agreed to a process that eliminates any possibility for the development of nuclear weapons, one must examine the rationale for the entire process, that of placing sanctions on Iran, that and the years of negotiations which, when examined in the light of day, were both time consuming, amusing and useless.

It Was Never Iran
Iran had, by every international standard, according to every intelligence estimate, every report, no nuclear weapons program at all. They didn’t have one, they hadn’t had one for many years and they appeared not to be seeking to begin one either.
All stories to the contrary were and are simply lies, easily proven, self-evident but not benign in origin or purpose.

The Armageddon Machine
As long as focus could be put on the purported threat from Iran, the real threat, that of Israel and her nuclear arsenal, could be ignored. That time is gone. Israel is a lynchpin for the “Armageddon machine.”
Take these established facts into consideration:
* Israel is proven to have developed powerful thermonuclear weapons, some 5 megatons or more, using uranium and plutonium stolen from stockpiles in the United States and reconfigured using data secured through the espionage of not just Jonathan Pollard but moles within the US Department of Energy, according to highly placed sources in both the IAEA and FBI.
* Israel, in combination with India, has developed nuclear delivery systems capable of hitting any target in North America. Intelligence reports indicate that Israel has 3 fully armed silos with intercontinental ballistic missiles useful only for an attack on North America, armed with nuclear warheads capable of totally destroying Washington, Chicago and New York City. They will eventually have 7 more according to sources in India and Pakistan, stored in silos built by American aid dollars.
* Israel’s “David’s Sling” anti-missile system, built entirely from American designs stolen through espionage, is useful only against retaliatory ICBMs fired from Russia, China, Pakistan or the United States. The system is totally useless against short range missiles or Hamas’ “bottle rockets.” Protection from nuclear retaliation is only required for nations intending a nuclear “first strike.”
* Israel has, over the past 15 years, built both a large underground civil defense system and fully nuclear hardened command and control capability. Israel is armed and prepared for an Israeli initiated nuclear war, not the terror attacks, real or imagined, most clearly staged, Israel wrings it’s bloody hands over.
* Associated with these facilities is a nuclear warfare capability using both ICBM’s and shorter range missiles capable of hitting Rome (a target Israel has publicly threatened in the past with nuclear destruction..Martin van Creveld), London, Paris and Moscow and advanced American aircraft given to Israel that are capable of delivering nuclear weapons.
* Israel’s allegiance with extremist groups in the US, the evangelical Dominionists, a luciferian apocalypse cult tied closely to the Tea Party and Israel lobby, led by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, has given them access to not only tons of weapons grade nuclear material and detailed plans for weapons of mass destruction but moreover has aligned them with elements in the US capable of decapitating the American government as well, not for the first time as evidence by the murder of President John Kennedy, the truncated “elections” of 2000 and 2004 and other incidents less public.

Taking Down America
It has to be clear to all that renewing the Cold War through gangsterism and propaganda is part of a conspiracy. This is certainly no theory.
What is less clear is that the United States is far more a targeted nation than even Russia.
* Continued manipulation of events has kept American military spending at or above Cold War levels with no visible enemy. Though some choose to ignore America’s role in 9/11, and its full and total complicity in every terror organization since the founding of the post-Nazi era Gladio groups of the 1970s onward, any reasonable analysis of events clearly shows America at war around the world with itself.
* The systematic economic destabilization of America, beginning with “Reaganomics” in the 1980s, has left a nation with extreme class and economic divisions, little or no industrial base and no control over its own currency, banking or economic system — a recipe for disaster.
* With the use of more and more radical genetically modified crops at a time when every major water source in America is under attack, aquifers depleted and poisoned by fracking, coastlines ravaged by massive oil spills, the Great Lakes increasingly contaminated, food supplies and even drinking water may disappear overnight — a process that may well have already begun.
* The systematic subjugation of every American governmental process by groups, ostensibly representing global corporate or banking interests, observably with a dark agenda, including massive depopulation and climate change, is a reality of life for any politically-active American.

Ted Cruz
Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz is a US Senator, born in Calgary, Alberta, part of Canada or so we are told, who wants to be president. He is the current Republican front runner for president in 2016 and to those who fail to study, he has disguised himself as a political and fiscal conservative. He is anything but.
Cruz is the son and inheritor of Rafael Cruz, director of the Purifying Fire International Ministry, a “Dominionist/Reconstructionist” religious group. Cruz and his followers share the father’s religious ideals, but what are these “ideals?”
* Elimination of the American state to be replaced by a theocratic dictatorship based on “biblical law.”
* Elimination of all “impure” or “nominal” Christians, including the expulsion and imprisonment of African Americans or “deviants” who stray from traditional Christian values.
* Cruz supports mandatory attendance at approved only churches. Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, Mormonism and other forms of belief would not only be banned but followers would be sentenced to death by stoning.
* “Reconstructed” America would then conquer the earth in a nuclear war enslaving non-believers and racially inferior types who would “serve the righteous.”

These beliefs are no secret, his father repeats these heresies and espouses these same minimally treasonous and more than insane beliefs to all that will listen.
Cruz, who heads the senate committee that oversees America’s courts espouses essentially a version of Sharia Law for the US. However the biblical laws Cruz is sworn to enact are of his own authorship.
He and his personal confidant, Christ himself, stand ready to pass laws and pronounce judgement “on the fly.” Compared to rule by Cruz and his megalomaniac henchmen, an alien invasion might seem desirable.
Cruz who heads the senate committee that oversees space research and exploration believes that earth is 6000 years old and that men and dinosaurs walked the earth together, believes this and states this with some regularity. To Cruz, all teaching of non-biblical history and science is the work of Satan and the anti-Christ, who he believes is Barack Obama.
Millions of Americans cheer when he speaks of silencing women and chastising homosexuals. What he says less often is that, upon the death of his father, Ted Cruz will assume the kingship of America, anointed by Christ himself, who came to Cruz and promises him eternal life.
If you want to know how America will fall, perhaps this man, Ted Cruz, may well bring that about. Gambling boss Sheldon Adelson has promised $5 billion to get Cruz elected. That kind of money can finance more than one 9/11.

When a pregnant woman is broken in half in Odessa, it is done by a follower of Cruz, of Netanyahu, a believer in the occult, a fantasist steeped in murderous delusion.
When children are slaughtered in Kenya, a plane driven into the ground in France and hundreds burned or beheaded across the Middle East or Africa, the “unseen hand” is not so unseen.
Never fail to note the satellite telephones, the anti-aircraft guns, the sparkling new $40,000 trucks and the tanks of fuel where no fuel exists.
Note how monsters walk the earth, both acknowledged and unseen, above the laws of men and their gods.

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clothcapclothcap on April 17th, 2015 01:15 pm (UTC)
How Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor was concealed from the U.S. – Ha’aretz
April 15, 2015
"Avner Cohen, and Bill Burr are releasing a new trove of old Israeli nuke documents this week from George Washington University." ...Amir Oren
… from the CNI website, … originally from Haaretz
Lauching crusie missiles from a small sub is a major technology feat
[ Editor’s Note: My, my… looks like we have another “why now” analysis to do. We have the new Dolphin sub delivery with obvious nuclear tip cruise missile capability met with a big yawn by corporate media.
And then comes our barnburner find about Germany funding the Israeli nuke program early on, in violation of many international agreements.
Then “poof”… out of the blue comes this Dimona background piece with, well known Israeli authors.
What the hell is going on here? Amir Oren makes the tie in with the Russian S300 deal right in his first line. You just can’t make this stuff up.
This is a good stroll back down the Israeli yellow brick road. We are finding no acknowledgement of yesterday’s German-Israel nuke article in mass media. In two more days, we will conclude an organized stand down, if that remains the case. It might be time to activate the phone trees to the German embassy and our State Department, and share our concerns.
[Update: We found The Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/germany/11535629/West-Germany-secretly-funded-Israels-nuclear-bomb-despite-Israel-denials.html seems to have been the first in mass media platform to pick up the German story. The Asia Times has a very good English translation, but it is a blog site that hides it’s ownership and management.]
The German story is a thread that we are going to pull. We already have more, but don’t want to move too fast and start reaching. A week from now, we will know a lot more… Jim W. Dean ]
Amir Oren, Ha’aretz – One of the most fascinating historical turning points in the saga of nuclear development in the Middle East links Israel to Iran.
The current prospect of the Iranians purchasing Russian S-300 ground-to-air missiles to protect their nuclear facilities from an Israeli or American attack shares a striking similarity to Israel’s purchase of American Hawk missiles to defend its own nuclear reactor in Dimona.
Fulfilling that wish was the real aim of a deal that the government of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion sought to strike in the late 1950s and early 1960s from the Kennedy and Eisenhower administrations.
Beyond the official explanation — the need to defend Israeli air force bases, population centers and reserve recruits from Egyptian aerial bombing – there was another unseen aspect of the deal, relating to Dimona.
The Hawk missiles also served to defend the nuclear reactor located there, and during the 1967 Six-Day War were deployed to bring down an Israeli plane piloted by Captain Yoram Harpaz that strayed into the airspace around the reactor after being hit over Jordan during a bombing raid.
Many of the details surrounding Israel’s nuclear story have already been revealed through research and via the declassification of secret information [first by author Stephen Green’s books], including information released by the U.S. government – but there was more to be mined.
Nuclear history researchers Avner Cohen, and Bill Burr are releasing a new trove of old documents this week on the Website of the National Security Archive of George Washington University in Washington, providing new angles on the story.
Two of them are especially eyebrow-lifting: The role played by Richard Kerry, (the father of current U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry) and the story behind the birth of the tale that the Dimona reactor was ‘only’ a textile factory.
Continues http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/04/15/how-israels-dimona-nuclear-reactor-was-concealed-from-the-u-s-haaretz/
clothcapclothcap on April 17th, 2015 01:44 pm (UTC)
Re: How Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor was concealed from the U.S. – Ha’aretz
Nuclear Education Series: Dimona Classified
June 1, 2014
By Gordon Duff and the DGSE (French Intelligence Classified Material Partially Redacted)
clothcapclothcap on April 17th, 2015 01:50 pm (UTC)
Can nuclear proof bunkers withstand successive nuke detonations? Can they withstand the latest earthquake bombs (bunker busters) followed by a nuke?
clothcapclothcap on April 17th, 2015 02:11 pm (UTC)
Strange Bedfellows: The Nazi – Israel Nuclear Partnership
April 15, 2015 by Gordon Duff, … with Jeff Smith
Former IAEA investigator, nuclear physicist and VT editor, Jeff Smith fills in the blanks
The interview below discusses recent revelations from the German press tying that nation to the covert funding of Israel’s nuclear weapons program. The organization discussed, the DVD, was brought to light during the Thatcher government when her economic advisor, Christopher Story (Edward Harle) helped place them on the radar. Similarly, in the US, President Ronald Reagan’s Intelligence Coordinator, Lee Wanta began intelligence operations against the DVD.
From a classified White Paper on the DVD:
Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst
Christopher Story, longtime associate of my good friend, Lee Wanta, was an agent of Britain’s secret services, something not included in his official biography but true none the less. Story, a respected lecturer on global currency issues and intelligence, told of an organization formed during the late 1920s, formed of a coalition between the Bush family in the US, then part of the Harriman/Rothschild banking cartel of New York/City of London, and the “Hitler Project”, so aptly written about by Webster Tarpley in his Unauthorized Biography of George H.W. Bush.
According to Story, this group which controlled the Federal Reserve in the United States and the majority of the world’s central banks served an agenda of world conquest, both overt and covert. Story cited Hitler as a “puppet” of the organization that would later be called the DVD. British Prime Minister Edward Heath was a DVD operative as was Prime Minister Tony Blair and a significant number of high ranking British politicians.

The interview:
Gordon: What does the IAEA know about the relationship between Israel and Germany?
Jeff Smith: The Israelis make the nukes for Germany and Germany gives them subs in exchange etc. Dimona was built by France and Germany in exchange for stolen US nuclear weapons technology smuggled out the back door of the US by Israel.
Gordon: You have watched Michael Shrimpton’s case from the beginning. Do you believe he was railroaded?
Jeff Smith: Mr. Shrimpton was on to something much bigger that involved Israel, the UK and Germany over a secret German clandestine nuclear weapons program, and they had to shut him up. He got set up, just like the Boston bomber did. It looks like he got off lucky with only 1 year in jail. I hope the book he writes while in jail is a good one. (Dr. No Take 2.) The squeal.
Gordon: What is the back story regarding Fukushima?
Jeff Smith: The Fujitsu-mu power plant disaster in Japan was probably done by Mossad to keep the covert Japanese weapons program under their control.
Gordon: If Germany and Japan have covert nuclear weapons programs, what is the IAEA’s secret list, you know, other than Israel? What nations were sold stolen nuclear pits taken from the Pantex facility?
Jeff Smith: Most likely there are several other countries that are involved in this nuclear conspiracy including the Ukraine, Koreas N and S, Taiwan, India, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Saudi, ETC. It starts to put the context on the stolen US nuclear pits and just how big the operation was or is and why they took out Roland Carnaby in Houston. Israel is the open back door (the elephant in the room) to getting around IAEA NNP. They bribe everybody with small tactical nukes to keep them in line and vote against the Palestinians.
Gordon: You say Israel uses tactical nukes as party favors? Who are their stooges in Washington, not just congress, but those involved directly in the theft of nuclear weapons?
Jeff Smith: This is why they will never sign the NNP treaty or ever allow inspection. Richardson’s role at DOE under Clinton is now becoming more interesting. Along with Tom Countryman’s head of NNP at State. This explains why the FBI watched him so closely.
Gordon: You had said that so much nuclear material was being stolen that “the lobby” openly pushed to stop the MOX fuel program?
Continues http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/04/15/strange-bedfellows-the-nazi-israel-nuclear-partnership/
Fascinating. Insight into the duplicity of EU and US leaders in dealings with a rogue nuclear power.
Is Putin still matey with Rothschild, surmised owner of Israel?
clothcapclothcap on April 17th, 2015 06:22 pm (UTC)
Noam Chomsky: We’re facing a new Cold War
The linguist and philosopher on the warped coverage of Putin's Russia and the ways we whitewash our war crimes
By Noam Chomsky
April 16, 2015 "ICH" - "Jacobin" -Earlier this month, Dan Falcone and Saul Isaacson, both high school educators, sat down with Noam Chomsky in his Cambridge, MA office. In a brief conversation, edited and condensed here for clarity, they covered a wide range of topics — the projection of US power abroad and the stories told to justify it; COINTELPRO and domestic repression; the failures of the mainstream media; the West’s posture toward Putin; and much more. As always, we’re happy to publish Professor Chomsky’s invaluable insights.
Continues http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article41568.htm