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04 April 2015 @ 03:05 pm
Working for the yankee dollar  
The West Recruits Terrorists: 25,000 ISIS Fighters from Foreign Countries since Mid-2014. UN Report
By Joachim Hagopian
Global Research, April 04, 2015
According to a just released UN report that monitors al Qaeda and ISIS terrorist groups, from the time ISIS splashed onto the headlines last June in its infamous trek southward from Syria into Iraq to take over the second largest city Mosul without encountering any opposition, a whopping 20,000 foreign recruits from over 100 countries – that’s most nations on earth – have since converged on Iraq and Syria alone to join up as terrorists ostensibly fighting to rid the Middle East of the so called Western infidels. Another 5000 new recruits from foreign countries are additionally fighting in other war zones like Libya and now Yemen.

During the Reagan-Bush administration the US through the CIA created and began backing the terrorist organization that came to be known as al Qaeda in early 1980’s Afghanistan as the US proxy mercenary ally successfully fighting our cold war enemy the Soviet Union. Then the US-NATO under Clinton successfully deployed al Qaeda as the US proxy mercenaries in the Balkans during the 1990’s. Then at the time of 9/11 when the Bush neocons used 19 box-cutting Moslem stooges (15 from Saudi Arabia) as their war on terror proxy mercenary ally to successfully carry out their false flag attack on the United States, an estimated al Qaeda core membership consisted of less than 1,000. The neocons in charge have since caused two costly US war defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan, producing two devastated failed states that are still mired in US caused sectarian civil war violence. Now in 2015 if this UN report’s numbers are to be believed, the neocons finally turned what they had created into what they wanted all along – their forever war on terror.
An International Business Times article from last September estimated that only 2300 ISIS fighters were from foreign countries. In just a half year that number according to the UN has swelled apparently up to 25000, multiplying more than ten times. The latest UN figures cite a 71% increase in foreign recruits since mid-last year. In any event, if the UN report is at all accurate, an exponential increase in the number of foreigners from around the world are becoming Islamic State terrorists. What does that say about the West’s so called “war on terror?” Much like the so called war on drugs, it’s a contrived “war” that that’s never won, but has incarcerated millions most often poor minorities into the sprawling US prison industrial complex while the international crime syndicate called the US federal government continues profiting billions from another “unwinnable” war. War on terror is used much the same way, the only profiteers are the military industrial complex of the US arms industry, the sprawling private contractor industry, and the ever-growing security complex industry. The primary victims are mostly innocent Middle Eastern Moslems living in nations caught in an imperialistic blood for oil endgame.
Though most of the Islamic State forces are from the Middle East and North Africa, increasingly “radicalized” members from Western nations are entering Syria and Iraq through US ally-NATO member Turkey. Islamic extremists have been historically trained inside Turkey along with other allies like Jordan. The obvious concern is that after these recruited extremists hone their terrorist skills fighting in places like Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen, they will soon be returning home to commit terrorist acts on Western soil. Recall in January the Hebdo terrorists apparently had recently returned home from training in Yemen,  prior to initiating their killing spree in France. The likelihood of a false flag occurring inside the United States and/or Europe allegedly perpetrated by returning Islamic State terrorists remains high. At least that is what this latest UN report and the Washington feds would want us to believe. It’s all part of the fabricated war on terror. This scenario in turn would be the convenient crisis used to unleash martial law.
How much danger to us do these mounting numbers of Islamic jihadists pose is debatable. Part of the sinister propagandist strategy since 9/11 is to falsely inflate the risks of becoming a victim of terrorism as justification for eliminating civil liberties in order to create fascist totalitarian security states at home in Western nations. When Americans stand a 55 times more chance of being murdered by cops terrorizing their own fellow citizens they’re supposedly protecting than actually dying from so called terrorists, the predatory, gluttonously corrupt security state renders Americans far less secure than any Moslem terrorist. So artificially hyping up an alarming exponential growth rate of Islamic terrorists feeds right into the New World Order agenda to increase global totalitarianism and domestic tyranny while masquerading behind the litany of Western draconian counterterrorism laws.
Meanwhile, evidence that the US-Israeli-Saudi connection has not only created but continues to finance, arm and train al Qaeda and ISIS is undisputable. Over the last six months the US military has been caught repeatedly maintaining the ISIS supply line in both Iraq and Syria with regular air drops of arms, ammo and food supplies.
US Empire now has a long history of deploying al Qaeda/ISIS as its proxy war mercenaries on the ground in Afghanistan, the Balkans, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia and now Yemen. They have been covertly paid Empire ponds for the purpose of increasing US global hegemony and dominance on the geopolitics chessboard at humanity’s expense. Moreover, CIA and military intelligence from US Special Operations currently involved in dirty secret little wars in sub-Saharan Africa have been linked to al Qaeda offshoots like Boco Haram spreading southward across that continent.
Another question to ponder is why are so many young people from so many countries including the West willing to risk their lives fighting in some far off land? Some might claim that Islam attracts fanaticism and violent extremism. This Islamophobia is more a propaganda tool that with a broad bigoted stroke has turned the so called war on terror into a war on Islam. Moslems are being used as convenient scapegoats for the neocon criminal architects of this war on terror. The mercenary ISIS thugs that the US media propagandizes as Sunni Moslem militia are not religious at all.
Who are these newly enlisted ISIS recruits? Young adventurists, misguided lost souls and idealists, angry anti-American sentiment harnessed by ISIS propagandist social media outreach, spawned from poor economies worldwide that offer little stability or opportunity, and those individuals who have witnessed the US Empire’s brutality up close, all of these may become motivating factors that bolster the recent large recruitment numbers.
But the real senseless tragedy since 9/11 in all these years of growing violence and terror is the six plus trillion US taxpayer dollars that’s been wasted creating the deadly gridlocked mess in both Iraq and Afghanistan marking the two longest running wars in US history have only contributed to creating more terrorists and a far more armed and dangerous world. It’s no accident that where thousands of innocent lives have been lost to US terror from the skies that Obama’s killer drones continue inflicting is exactly where the number of ISIS forces are dramatically rising. So if drones are supposed to decrease the number of terrorists (at a killing rate of innocent civilians of 96%), clearly it’s having the reverse effect. The word if is used here because it’s more likely that US drone warfare is being waged to ensure that more terrorists are in fact created.
Always the US installed puppet governments never gain support or popularity from the people because they serve the larger interests of transnational corporations and US global hegemony rather than the well-being of their nations. Thus in every case populist movements inevitably emerge as freedom fighting groups opposing the corrupt, weak US puppet governments. These so called insurgents are righteously fighting to take back their homeland from their Western oppressors. We saw it in Vietnam, and more recently in Afghanistan twice, Iraq, Ukraine, and now Yemen. US imperialism is the true enemy of the people. Where no religious divisions occurred in the Middle East amongst various Muslim sects before, US imperialism has regularly used the old divide and conquer strategy to pit Moslem against Moslem, ethnicity against ethnicity, Western forces including fake ISIS enemy-mercenary ally against Eastern forces supported by Iran, Russia and China. Turning groups within a nation that co-existed peacefully for centuries into sudden enemies has been the Empire’s calling card.
With up to a million and a half Iraqis dead and hundreds of thousands more perished in Afghanistan, Syria and Libya, and now in Yemen dying every day, the quality of life for the native populations in all these countries where the US-NATO forces have intervened is far worse than ever before, leaving demolished failed states in the West’s destructive path. The murderous aggression of US foreign policy has only created more terrorists who often understandably seek revenge from losing family members killed by US Empire. Yet ever since the inside job of 9/11, the Israeli-Saudi-US-NATO axis of evil as the globalist international crime syndicate that’s infiltrated and taken over the West has successfully and willfully spread its devastating lethal agenda to destabilize every targeted nation in the Middle East and North Africa and beyond, purposely polarizing the entire planet into a West versus East military confrontation now teetering on the edge of World War III. It has forced Russia, China, Iran and Syria into forming a defensive alliance for its very survival. The bottom line result of the neocons’ global war on terror has led directly to more global terror than ever before in human history. What is agonizingly clearer as time goes on is that it’s all been perpetrated by diabolical NWO design.
Global Research http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-west-recruits-terrorists-25000-isis-fighters-from-foreign-countries-since-mid-2014-un-report/5440512
clothcapclothcap on April 4th, 2015 02:17 pm (UTC)
US Sponsored Torture:
Former Guantanamo Prison Chief Geoffrey Miller Faces French Court Inquiry
Global Research, April 04, 2015
Guantanamo prison ex-chief Geoffrey Miller has been summoned by a French court over the use of torture in the detention facility a decade ago, following a lawsuit from two French citizens who were former inmates of the infamous military jail.
French citizens Nizar Sassi and Mourad Benchellali have filed a lawsuit in a French court against the former Guantanamo chief, demanding a criminal probe into his actions.
On Thursday, the court granted the complaint, summoning the former American general to France for a hearing.
The French judge’s decision might set a precedent for more prosecutions of US military personnel who served at Guantanamo Bay.
“The door has opened for civilian and military officials to be prosecuted over international crimes committed in Guantanamo,” the former Guantanamo prisoners’ lawyer William Bourdon said. “This decision can only… lead to other leaders being summoned,” Bourdon said as cited by AFP.
Sassi and Benchellali were some of the first prisoners incarcerated in Guantanamo in late 2001, after their arrest in Afghanistan by US forces. Sassi was released in 2004, Benchellali was set free in 2005, and both were brought back to France.
In a report submitted to a French court in 2014, the former Gitmo inmates accused Geoffrey Miller of “an authorized and systematic plan of torture and ill-treatment of persons deprived of their freedom without any charge and without basic rights.”
More http://www.globalresearch.ca/us-sponsored-torture-former-guantanamo-prison-chief-geoffrey-miller-faces-french-court-inquiry/5440730
clothcapclothcap on April 4th, 2015 02:53 pm (UTC)
In Yemen the “Axis of Kindness” shows the True Face of the Empire and proves Lenin right
By The Saker
Global Research, April 04, 2015
The Vineyard Saker
The headlines out of Yemen really say it all:
U.S. pulling last of its Special Operations forces out of Yemen (and destroy their equipment in the process)
Russia’s Yemen consulate damaged amid Saudi-led airstrikes – embassy source
Russian evacuation plane denied landing in Yemen, diverts to Cairo
Chinese military disembark in port of Aden, Yemen, to guard evacuation – official
Yemen crisis: Foreigners’ tales of escape
Saudi Arabia, Yemen won’t hamper Russians’ evacuation from Sanaa
All this can be summarized like so: the US made an unholy mess of yet another country, was the first to run, and now everybody runs, except for Russian and Chinese forces who try to evacuate their nationals. Yet another major foreign policy success for Obama who had presented Yemen as the shining example of anti-terrorism done right.
In the meantime, the local al-Qaeda franchise is using the Saudi-lead aggression to liberate its members from prison, the US continues to pretend to bomb al-Qaeda in Iraq while supporting the same al-Qaeda in Syria and Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Israel are jointly bombing the Shia in Yemen and Iran is accused of interfering in Yemeni affairs. How utterly crazy AngloZionist policies have become?!
More http://www.globalresearch.ca/in-yemen-the-axis-of-kindness-shows-the-true-face-of-the-empire-and-proves-lenin-right/5440733
clothcapclothcap on April 4th, 2015 03:23 pm (UTC)
Russia Threatens Nuclear War To Drive NATO Out Of Baltics
Polina Tikhonova April 03, 2015
Russia has threatened to use nuclear force against the United States and its allies if NATO moves more forces into the Baltic states or if attempts are made to return Crimea to Ukraine.
Russia Threatens Nuclear War To Drive NATO Out Of Baltics
Russia has threatened to use nuclear force against the United States and its allies if NATO moves more forces into the Baltic states or if attempts are made to return Crimea to Ukraine.
A meeting that took place behind closed doors between intelligence figures in the town of Torgau, Saxony (Germany) last month, reportedly revealed that the Russian President Vladimir Putin will view any attempt from NATO’s side to return Crimea to Ukraine or to step up its presence in the Baltics as declaration of war and threatened a “spectrum of responses from nuclear to non-military” to retain his control in the region.
According to notes seen by The Times and made by the US party at the Elbe Group meeting, Putin is also planning imminent “destabilizing actions” in the Baltic states in order to withstand NATO’s promise to defend pro-Western countries from Russian expansionism.
According to the notes, it would most likely be “destabilizing actions that would be even harder to trace back to Russia than those of eastern Ukraine,” and added that “the same conditions that existed in Ukraine and caused Russia to take action there” exist in the three Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia), where a large percentage of people regard themselves as ethically Russian.
Such disturbances could include cyberattacks and triggering local ethnic tensions in all three countries, which was done in Crimea by the Kremlin last year. The notes also suggest Russia would avoid “injections of troops and heavy weapons in favor of other tools.”
A year after annexing the Crimea peninsula, Putin admitted in an interview aired on March 15 that he ordered the Russian troops to execute a well-planned operation to take over Crimea. Furthermore, Putin admitted that “we were ready to do this” when asked about his willingness to use Russia’s nuclear forces.
“The United States should understand it would also be at risk”
The notes also said that Russia’s security experts tend to believe that the US wants to destroy their country at any cost. “In this type of scenario, the United States should also understand it would also be at risk,” the document said.
More http://www.valuewalk.com/2015/04/russia-threatens-nuclear-war/
Via Yahoo. Semi propaganda.
The overall impression is that Putin is far from ruffled by anglo-US sabre rattling. "Screw me once shame on you," remembering how NATO and the EUUSUKITFR alliance was launched against Libya.
clothcapclothcap on April 4th, 2015 06:17 pm (UTC)
Tonight Saudi bombs hit a home, killed 9 & injured 5 of 1 family, 9 were kids. Photo of names & ages. Yemen Sanaa

Oliver Holmes
Sarah El Deeb
How Yemen's US-backed ex-dictator is tearing his country apart - by Richard spencer http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/yemen/11502027/How-Yemens-US-backed-ex-dictator-is-tearing-his-country-apart.html
We condemn the killing of 4 more RedCrescent workers in Syria and Yemen. We call for a stop to these attacks http://ow.ly/LbYPv
W.G. Dunlop
Alleged Iraq antiquities being destroyed in IS video clearly replicas, metal rebar being a fairly recent invention.

Al-Qaeda captures major army base in southeast Yemen - reports http://on.rt.com/fpr2y2
More Muslims than Christians by 2070? http://on.rt.com/05024z
Russia’s to give multi-billion dollar military aid to Tajiks to fight ISIS http://on.rt.com/cxz4nj

Press TV
All Iran sanctions to be lifted upon deal implementation: Araqchi http://ptv.io/1qNH
Hezbollah hits ISIL base in Syria's Qalamoun region: Source http://ptv.io/1qNB

ليبيا ستنتصر ‏
Libyan army is closing in on Tripoli ✌

Petri Krohn
@gbazov Ukrainian website did a superb job highlighting the most outrageous parts of new law http://www.octpib.info/News.aspx?idNews=18976
Charles Adler
KenyaAttack This happened to 147 human beings at a school in Kenya. If u think the world needs to know, re-tweet.
Alex Bukovsky
Lithuania and Poland thanked Russia for evacuating their nationals fr Yemen . Ukraine just ignored the fact.

Ousted Yemen regime officials accuse Russia of delivering weapons to Houthi rebels & army during latest flights to Sanaa
E | Resistance
Yemen Houthi's and YemenArmy advance towards the island of 'alAmaal'

Anissa Naouai
Let the games begin “@INTHENOWRT: FIFA pours cold water on US hawks who want to strip Russia of World Cup Event” https://youtu.be/JmNTM_PclxA

The situation of 199 wanted in Damascus and its countryside has been settled.
Moscow: we will supply Iran with air defense systems after lifting sanctions.
“ISIS” commits massacres in Yarmouk refugee camp http://bit.ly/1J4wNcy Damascus

nsnbc international
Gladio Operation behind Hostage taking of Turkish Prosecutor? http://wp.me/p3dxDt-gaG

Ashley VivaSAA Syria
Phil Greaves
Dubiously funded "Syria campaign" appears to have no ties to any indiegneous Syrian organisations, yet plenty with foreign NGO's.
Leaked memo from US Embassy in Yemen to CIA: Iran is not arming Houthis. WikiLeaks https://www.wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/09SANAA2186_a.html

Robina Creaser
Fredi Terés
They leave to future generations the task, and most of the cost, of making safe sites that have been nuclear polluted half-way to eternity.
[They... NATO, Pentagon, US, UK, FR etc.]
Prosecutors’ probe into MH-17 disaster not trustworthy — Dutch journalist. http://tass.ru/en/world/787207

Diana Bauer
@ahmabd55 Khalifa Belqasim Haftar is a CIA agent ! http://www.presstv.com/detail/2014/06

Net News Global
Bashar Isham AlAssad
Yemen: 22 Yemenis killed on Friday by SaudiArabia, 14 killed were children. with @UN @hrw @UNICEF silent support.

Karol en Red
Phil Butler
Jesus --- Cost of NATO's New Brussels HQ – A Paltry $1.4 Bn http://russia-insider.com/en/cost-natos-new-brussels-hq-paltry-14-bn/5308
Alex Bukovsky
Crimea's water supply just became fully independent fr Ukraine after Kiev cut off water to punish locals 4 seceding http://www.vesti.ru/videos/show/vid/641012/

halil drebbi
Libyan government will request Arab League intervention: Libya PM http://www.thecairopost.com/news/144107/news/libyan-government-will-request-arab-league-intervention-libya-pm
http://globalresearch.ca/the-eu-commission-should-impose-sanctions-on-israel-until-it-dismantles-settlements-and-ratifies-the-nuclear-non-proliferation-treaty/5440515 EU should impose Sanctions on Israel until it Dismantles Settlements & Ratifies the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty
clothcapclothcap on April 4th, 2015 08:21 pm (UTC)
“AVAAZ, “White Helmets”, HRW, PHR, Amnesty & More:
Humanitarians for War on Syria”

Tim Anderson graphic

Rick Sterling on the war-mongering “humanitarian” interventionalists…
(no, they haven’t *forgotten* Libya, they were instrumental in engineering the death and destruction in Libya, as they are doing in Syria)
Mar 31, 2015, Counter Punch
“A massive campaign in support of foreign intervention against Syria is underway. The goal is to prepare the public for a “No Fly Zone” enforced by US and other military powers. This is how the invasion of Iraq began. This is how the public was prepared for the US/NATO air attack on Libya.
The results of western ‘regime change’ in Iraq and Libya have been disastrous. Both actions have dramatically reduced the security, health, education and living standards of the populations, created anarchy and mayhem, and resulted in the explosion of sectarianism and violence in the region. Now the Western/NATO/Israeli and Gulf powers, supported by major intervention-inclined humanitarian organizations, want to do the same in Syria. Is this positive or a repeat of past disasters?
Who are the Humanitarian Interventionists?
Major non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the campaign include Avaaz, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), “White Helmets” also known as “Syria Civil Defence, “The Syria Campaign” , Amnesty International etc.. These campaigns are well funded and in accord with the efforts of John McCain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others who are explicit in wanting “regime change” in Syria. Turkey continues to press for the No Fly Zone as the US and Turkey launch another round of training “moderate rebels” at bases in Turkey.
Today March 30, 2015 Avaaz is ramping up its campaign trying to reach 1 million people signing a petition for a “Save Zone” in Syria.
“Life Saving” No Fly Zone?
Avaaz organizer John Tye explained the rationale for the Syria No Fly Zone petition in a lengthy letter. He argues that a No Fly Zone (NFZ) will “save lives” and help “stop the carnage”. In sharp contrast, here is what General Carter Ham, the head of AFRICOM when the ‘no-fly zone’ over Libya was enforced, said on “Face the Nation”
Continues https://ingaza.wordpress.com/2015/04/01/avaaz-white-helmets-hrw-phr-amnesty-more-humanitarians-for-war-on-syria/

Petitioning Prime Minister Stephen Harper and 37 others
Withdraw from the US-led coalition for war in Iraq and Syria!
351 needed to reach 1,000

Edited at 2015-04-05 03:42 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on April 5th, 2015 08:35 am (UTC)
Archons And Mind Parasites And Extremophiles, Oh My!
[Are we being deliberately infected with a mind control parasite?]
[...] And that brings me to my point. We have all been stung by this beast of medical science. Vaccination is designed to apparently replace what nature has already installed within the expressions of the body as the natural immune response to outside influences. One has no allergy to bee stings, for instance, unless one is stung by the bee, which delivers its disease-causing agents through a stinging injection. Spiders penetrate by a stinging bite, as do dogs with rabies. Tetanus and hepatitis thrive many places, but can only enter the body through a stinging penetration of the skin (or through the penetration of intercourse, i.e. the exchange of bodily fluids). The vaccination needle is the simulated, weaponized sexual appendage of the science of modern medicine. We are violated by it, raped by it; we are injected (stung) with substances and DNA that would never otherwise have the capacity to enter our bodies and mix with our substance. We are literally being grafted like fruit trees with the foundational building blocks of the gene expression and DNA of other life forms, including that of our fellow man as with the injection of cloned human diploid cells (including DNA and proteins) from various aborted fetal tissues, human albumin (from blood), rhesus monkey fetal lung cells, continuous (cloned) line of monkey kidney cells, rhesus monkey fetal diploid cells, simian cancer virus-40 (and at least 79 others), vesicle fluid from calf skins, calf serum, bovine serum, bovine fetal serum, U.S. sourced bovine extract, washed sheep red blood cells (RBC’s), chick embryo, chick embryonic fluid, chicken protein, mouse serum proteins, guinea pig embryo cells, shark squalene, gelatin, hydrolized gelatin, processed gelatin, lactose, and others. These are just a few of the ingredients that you have been infected with by stingers called needles.
Vaccination is, in its most simple description, the purposeful infection of the body with foreign particles and substances. Whether those substances are good or bad, beneficial or harmful, therapeutic or deadly does not remove the fact that vaccination is nothing more than purposeful infection with disease. This is not contagion, for a vaccinated person is not necessarily contagious, though some “shedding” of the vaccine does take place after infection (vaccination). The injection of peanut oils and lactose as ingredients in vaccines, for instance, is certainly linked to localized milk and peanut allergies that are not spreadable as contagious infection to others, but are rather local reactions to otherwise harmless foods, if only they were eaten instead of injected past any natural barriers. Thus, we must think outside of the box we are placed into by media education and realize that infection is a neutral word that actually also represents any forcing of so-called “medicine” into the body.
But consider how the body then might react to monkey kidney tissue or cow blood being injected into it, bypassing the natural protective barriers for such agents through the deep, penetrating sting of the inoculation needle. It is well known that even the Rh factor of some human blood types prevents negative and positive bloods from mixing to create life. The mother’s body will literally attack the newly formed embryo of a different blood type (Rh) to kill it as a foreign infection. So imagine how incompatible your body and its blood and fluid is to cow, monkey, pig, sheep, insect, and other animal blood and protein products used in vaccines, which have no other way to enter and infect your body but through the penetrating sting of vaccination.

/continues under
clothcapclothcap on April 5th, 2015 08:36 am (UTC)
Re: Archons And Mind Parasites And Extremophiles, Oh My!
But let’s not stop there. For other ingredients within vaccines also have no hope of forcibly entering past your body’s defenses without the sting of a nurse or pharmacy technician with a couple of weeks of government sponsered training and indoctrination mixed with a healthy dose of cognitive dissonance. The arrogant advocate for vaccination is always one who’s livelihood depends on delivering it, no differently than those animals and insects that sting or bite in protection of their own livelihood… or to spread parasites. And the propaganda machine of fallacy and quack science fills the heads of those who subject themselves and their own children to such violations of the natural law as vaccines are.
Full https://realitybloger.wordpress.com/2015/02/04/archons-and-mind-parasites-and-extremophiles-oh-my/

Reading the full presentation is recommended. My only bitch, if the theory holds water then a lot of people I wish to see punished severely may be victims. If the zio neocon military and their scientists have been experimenting and implementing then they must have developed a cure.
The only "however" I see is that psychopathic human nature, a trans generational road map and unlimited currency are as capable of producing the manifested symptoms as any mechanical or biological (or combo) interference in the brain's chemistry.
If the crazies are in fact using such tech it is sheer madness. Biology follows a path of development that can only temporarily be interfered with. A modified parasite would revert to true or as near as it could get in the long term. The consequences of its evolution could be devastating or beneficial. As seen with antibiotics, roundup, Chernobyl, nature defeats artificial interference.
If I get time and inclination I'll write a digest, a summary for the science-speak challenged.
clothcapclothcap on April 5th, 2015 12:47 pm (UTC)
Happy Easter.
[Another pagan festival kidnapped by the marketeers.]
clothcapclothcap on April 5th, 2015 01:06 pm (UTC)
Scott Horton
.@ForeignAffairs Oh please. _This_ is the book on Iran's nuclear program: Manufactured Crisis by @GarethPorter http://www.amazon.com/Manufactured-Crisis-Untold-Story-Nuclear/dp/1935982338
Pieter Van Ostaeyen
As expected: After Iraqi army and Shia militia take over Tikrit waves of looting and lynching http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKBN0MU1DP20150403?irpc=932

Chris Sedlmair
France Assists In Herding Georgia Into NATO http://ln.is/wordpress.com/zueg4
U.S. Deploys F-15s For Impending Conflict In Europe http://ln.is/wordpress.com/RnmDo

green heart
VivaSAA Rafiq
Syria'n Arab Army mopping up ops in Homs Governorate against ISIS rats continue http://on.fb.me/1GboTzz

Gabrielle Tree, PhD
Monsanto Is in Hot Water - Again http://truth-out.org/news/item/29992-monsanto-is-in-hot-water-again

Press TV
Greece mulling nationalizing banks, adopting new currency: Sources http://ptv.io/1qO0
Houthi Ansarullah fighters say can target Saudi oil facilities http://ptv.io/1qOM
[a desired objective of the aggressors?]

Turkish lawyers clash with police in front of a court in Istanbul http://bit.ly/1NJdtCv

halil drebbi
Julie Lenarz
Turkish journalist receives jail sentence for 'liking Erdoğan insult' on Facebook. http://bit.ly/1D3Sgl1

The deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it for Iraq's non existent WMD's http://zite.to/1GtYQSP

Russia to supply gas to Ukraine despite $5bn debt http://on.rt.com/3h78dk
Turkey grants police & governors more power in new law http://on.rt.com/r7vnoi

Mustafa al-Najafi
Huge numbers turn out in London streets calling for the end of the war on Yemen by Saudi & their allies

Activist Post
India to Use Weaponized Drones For Crowd Control http://po.st/Vrp91j
Once cannabis is legalized, the entire war on drugs is over. This scares the crap out of mercenaries who depend on prohibition.
[mercenaries= banks, CIA, politicians, pharms industry, vulture charities etc.]
Pirate Bay To Open Its Own .PIRATE Domain Name Registry http://torrentfreak.com/pirate-bay-to-open-its-own-pirate-domain-name-registry-150401/

Révolutions Info
Iraqi PM: Armies have no chance against IS if it keeps recruiting foreigners: http://tmsnrt.rs/19ZIGUI

Jamila Hanan
Amel Ahmed
AQAP spokesman says they have fighters in Aden: "When we finish houthis we will turn our rifle to Hadi again."
[as prescribed by dr death netanyahu?]
Ammar Basha
DecisiveStorm parachuted more Weapons into Aden. Yemen Army captured many boxes.
amal suqaf
Sanaa is under heavy airstrikes & explosions by OpDecisiveStorm, explosions are heard every few minutes, it's the worst night!
Ammar Al-Aulaqi ‏@ammar82 18h18 hours ago
I used to do that, sit comfortably on my couch watching news about the suffering &wars in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan &Syria. Now living it

Tatjana Dimitrijevic
IMF admits: we failed to realise the damage austerity would do to Greece http://gu.com/p/3gc7g/stw
[lying zio cia pigsh.ts. They admitted in writing a year or 2 ago that the imf loan programme causes instability and unrest, a desired outcome.]

Ashley VivaSAA Syria
The Mass Deception
Fight Dirty: How to Become a Backyard Garden Guerrilla Even If You’ve Never Grown a Tomato http://www.theorganicprepper.ca/fight-dirty-how-to-become-a-backyard-garden-guerrilla-even-if-youve-never-grown-a-tomato-04032015
Curious as to why a media org has control over Chelsea Manning's Twitter and why she thanked a bunch of fake limited hangout types.
The Abu Ghraib photos are some of the most disgusting, awful things I have ever seen. America's shame. Something is wrong with humanity.

World Economic Forum
ICYMI: Video: Can we alter our DNA to live longer? http://wef.ch/19LLqVU

Karol en Red
Malema for president of South Africa and Iran replacing India in BRICS would improve BRICS alot
Hisham Al-Omeisy
Massive explosion in north of capital now. How big? It friggin shook south of the damn capital Sana'a Yemen
[US still testing its 15 ton bomb?]

Diana Bauer
Ex CIA agent explains how Zionists & Illuminatis play with your money - http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2iuexm_ex-cia-agent-explains-how-zionists-illuminatis-play-with-your-money_people
clothcapclothcap on April 5th, 2015 01:07 pm (UTC)
Raja Chemayel
e L Z i ö n
How Your Tax Dollars Pay For Israel's Illegal Settlements http://bit.ly/19lBFND
You may simply summarise the wars in Syria , as such : "Secularism against Sectarianism" !!
WW3 Updates
Boats flying French flag fired at people in Aden. The illusion of a Arab-only coalition falls apart.
[piloted by yanks?]
Supporters of Assad in Syria are multi-confessional and multi-ethnic his opponents come from (only) one sect. explain that !!

Net News Global
Iraq Live Update
Iraqi MoI Al-Ghabban: Federal police sacrifices included 20 martyrs and over 100 injured during Tikrit liberation ops
Obama administration launches campaign against anti-Iran legislation http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2015/04/04/404589/Hold-fire-on-Iran-Obama-asks-Congress
“Obama is a war criminal multiple times over. He’s a serial liar and moral coward” http://wp.me/pozqY-1id6
[definition of most politicians]
Ruptly Newsroom
WATCH NOW: Forces loyal to ousted-Hadi enter Aden on tanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHwGO07yPHI
`Hezbollah destroys ISIL base in Syria` http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2015/04/04/404591/Hezbollah-destroys-ISIL-base-in-Qalamoun
What the Western MSM is calling "Syrian rebels" in Idlib city Syria are in fact Chechen Alqaeda terrorists
Palestinian factions’ alliance: ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra committed massacres in Yarmouk http://www.sana.sy/en/?p=34753
IIT Turkey News
Saudi warplanes airdrop more arms to militants in Yemen http://dlvr.it/9Fbmqd
Nasser Arrabyee
Saudi Arabia is launching an extermination war to "help" Yemen be "democratic" and have "legitimate" president
Inner City Press
At UNSC after Yemen meeting, the absence of UN envoy Benomar is noted - Saudi ousting him, BanKiMoon etc giving in?
Palestinian factions’ alliance: ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra committed massacres in Yarmouk http://www.sana.sy/en/?p=34753
Update 5-The army hits many terrorists’ dens in Idleb city and other areas across the country http://www.sana.sy/en/?p=34709

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clothcapclothcap on April 5th, 2015 01:49 pm (UTC)
Brace Yourself for Oil Shock Future. It Won't Be Pretty
The current drop in oil prices won't help economic growth, it sets the stage for a succession of oil shocks that may run the world economy into ground
Chris Martenson (Peak Prosperity)
Dec 12 2014
The absolutely stunning drop in oil prices, which hit a new recent low, is really important to both track and understand
There are two issues here, one near term and one long.
In the near term, lower oil prices will help consumers have extra money for other purposes. If they're smart, they'll pay down debts and save money. If they aren't, they'll simply redirect it to other purchases.
The other side of the coin, however, is that the energy producers will take exactly offsetting losses to their revenues which will nullify any broad economic gains. If or when you read about how the lower oil prices will be a big boost to GDP, you'll be reading almost pure spin.
The only countries that receive a pure economic gain from lower oil prices will be those without any domestic oil producers. Japan and Greece should be loving the price declines, but Greece more than Japan because the fall in the yen has almost exactly matched the fall in oil. Oil is cheaper, but so is the yen; so it costs about the same amount of yen to get the same amount of oil. So, not much help for the Japanese on that score.
The shale oil producers in the US are remarkable in several ways, but quite a few producers were simply not profitable enterprises at $100 oil. A fair number of the marginal operators are going to be complete disasters — as in bankrupt — at $63 oil.
Over the long term, say 2-3 years, these lower oil prices will spell big trouble because a lot of expensive but essential oil projects are being hurriedly shelved.
If the global oil business could not seriously advance global oil output with oil over $110 a barrel, what do we think might happen now that oil is $40 lower? Obviously, reserve replacement and additional output are both going to suffer.
The basic idea here is that, in a couple of years, the world will find itself with less oil coming out of the ground than it does today. Unless....unless oil prices recover and quickly! If they don't, and deflation has indeed taken over, the global economy is surely headed for recession. And if producers cannot find it within themselves to cut production, then the world will have too much oil, keeping prices low.
And this is how today's low oil prices are setting the stage for the next oil price shock.
More http://russia-insider.com/en/2014/12/13/1782?page=0%2C1

How does this figure in the illegal aggression against Yemen?

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clothcapclothcap on April 5th, 2015 02:00 pm (UTC)
EU Taxpayers to Finance Ukraine Border Wall
The electric fence with barbed wire and mines will be 2,000 kilometres in length and cost around €100 million. The project will be financed mainly by EU taxpayers’ money
(German Economic News) Translated for RI by Anita Zalaldinova
In early April Ukraine will begin to build a wall on the border with Russia. Construction is expected to extend in particular to Kharkiv and Lugansk. Lugansk is a rebel-held city. The construction work could lead to a new escalation in eastern Ukraine. Funds for the construction of the wall come from European taxpayers.
The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine will start the construction works of a wall along the Ukrainian–Russian border in early April. This concerns in particular the areas of Kharkiv and Lugansk. It was announced by the Chief of the State Border Guard, Oleh Slobodian, on Saturday at a press conference in Kiev, the news agency Ukrinform reports. However, it is unclear how the construction in the Lugansk region will be carried out, as the area is controlled by rebels. If the construction work in Lugansk were really to begin, this would automatically lead to a renewed escalation.
In September 2014 the Ukrainian interim Prime Minister Arseny “Jaz” Yatsenyuk announced plans to build a wall after the Berlin model on the border with Russia. Only in this way could a truly national border be created, said Yatsenyuk. The electric fence with barbed wire and mines will be 2,000 kilometres in length and cost around €100 million. The project will be financed mainly by EU taxpayers’ money.
Following a request from the German Economic News, a spokesperson for the EU External Action Service, Maja Kocijancic, stated that the EU is providing the funds for the construction of the wall. However, since the expenses are not earmarked, the EU cannot prevent this money from being used for the construction of border fortifications: “The EU supports integrated border management in Ukraine, in particular through budget aid worth €60 million. The payouts [...] are uncommitted. The amount of the new payment is not yet known. This program was approved in 2010. The financing agreement was signed in 2011. That “Wall” project was not part of the conditionality.”
No protest at the proposed construction? More proof the unconstitutional EC is a pro-fascist watermelon millstone.
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Greece Invites Russia to Take Part in Bidding Process for Natural Gas
The Energy Minister of Greece stated on Tuesday that the Russian energy giant will participate in the tender for deep-water oil and gas production in Greece. This concerns 20 offshore blocks in the Ionian Sea and the southern part of Crete island
(German Economic News) Translated for RI by Anita Zalaldinova
The Greek Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis shortly after his visit to Moscow announced that Russian energy companies will participate in a tender for oil and gas exploration off the Greek coast. Previously, Athens had prolonged the bidding process for two months to give the Russian energy giant an opportunity to participate.
More http://russia-insider.com/en/greece-invites-russia-take-part-bidding-process-natural-gas/5293
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Opponents of Iran deal received millions from pro-Israel donors: Report
Republican opponents of a framework agreement with Iran received millions in campaign donations in 2014 from pro-Israel billionaires and other influential American donors, according to a report.
Republicans, now in control of both chambers of US Congress, are more ardently pro-Israel than ever before as they collected more money during the 2014 election from individuals and political action committees considered pro-Israel than their Democratic counterparts, the New York Times reports, citing data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.
The GOP opponents of the nuclear talks are echoing concerns by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who warned American lawmakers in a congressional address early last month that the White House was negotiating “a very bad deal” with Iran.
More http://presstv.com/Detail/2015/04/05/404770/US-critics-of-Iran-deal-received-millions
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Saudi Arabia to raze around 100 villages at Yemen border
Saudi Arabia plans to raze to the ground around one hundred villages in areas near the border with Yemen, amid airstrikes on the impoverished country.
According to the Saudi-owned al-Hayat newspaper on Sunday, out of 96 border villages targeted for demolition, as many as 10 of them have been destroyed since Riyadh started its airstrikes on Yemen.
The border guard chief in the area, Hassan Aqili, said the decision is to prevent the empty houses in the villages from turning into "a safe haven for traffickers and infiltrators," the Saudi newspaper reported.
More http://presstv.com/Detail/2015/04/05/404807/KSA-to-raze-100-villages-at-Yemen-border