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Tweetz to April 1st

Trita Parsi ‏Mar 29
Western diplomat tells me Saudi has decided to provide al-Nusra (al-qaeda) in Syria with whatever it needs.
WW3 Updates
-The EU has called for a halt of the attack on Yemen by Saudi Arabia. A distinct split from the US position.
-US coalition bombs Iraq-i “Al-Hashd al Sha’bi” and kills its fighters who were advancing against ISIS in Tikrit.
-Washington’s closest ally in the middle east (Saudi Arabia) has ordered Muslims to destroy all churches in the gulf.
CAUTION: Horrific footage from Saudi bombing of a market in Kitaf. … No military targets nearby.
Putin surprisingly comes out in support of Gulf nation’s bombing campaign of Yemen.
Turkey deployed anti-air missiles (Hawk) against Syria-n planes attempting to bomb terrorist targets in Idleb. SyAAF had to pull out.
Covered Up by US " news " Israeli forces kidnapping Palestinian Kids
[Feb. 285, 30 under 18]
Yemen-Houthi & supporter army capture large part of Aden, street fighting going on . Pro-Saudi army depo targeted
Fer Gunay
Things heating up in Turkey. Militias on the street in Istanbul. Situation quite tense

Press TV
28 killed, dozens wounded in Saudi-led attack in Yemen’s province of Hudaydah BREAKING
Death toll from ISIL massacre in Syria climbs to 48
Breaking News Witnesses: Ansarullah, allied army units advancing into KhorMaksar, central Aden

Révolutions Info
Egypt Obama releases frozen military aid to Egypt - 89.3 KPCC: 89.3 KPCCObama releases fr...

RT America
Carter: ‘Too early to say’ US is winning against ISIS as Iraqis liberate Tikrit

British firms could be linked to slavery, murder and ecological abuse overseas – NGO
[UK regime & Glencore mentioned]
General ejection: Deputy Prime Minister Clegg set to lose seat, poll indicates
[To another freemason]
BICOM CEO resigns, scrutiny on pro-Israel lobby’s political & media clout
[UK's AIPAC. Expendable Israel (biggest distraction if wwIII is averted), writing is on the wall, Netanyahu seems to be forcing it. Ship jumpers should increase.]

Nope this is not Aprilfools prank: Monsanto pledges $4mn to save monarch butterflies
Years in the making: Palestine officially joins ICC
UPDATE: PEMEX confirms 1 dead, 16 injured in fire on Gulf of Mexico oil platform
‘If Greece leaves the EU, that may not be a bad thing for the euro’ – Warren Buffett
[having bet against it staying?]
Syria, Iraq turned into ‘international finishing school for extremists’ – UN report
[UK, US, IL trained in Turkey and Jordan. In Syria, Raqqa, Homs and Aleppo would be the finishing "schools"]

Spirit of Gezi
Heavy clashes in Gazi neighbourhood of Istanbul SafakYayla BerkinElvanMRZine
Sami Ramadani سامي ‏
Houthis & domestic allies are only force that can stabilise Yemen & stop alQaeda & ISIS from taking over. That's why Saudi launched war

Karol con Yemen
Vee Dubs
U.S. allies humiliate Obama, rush to join China’s new bank

Enrique Ferro
Bogus history The BIG lie that lead us into WWI
‘Extradite Obama to Israel, lock the b*stard up’: UKIP candidate resigns over FB post
Iceland: Four prominent bankers convicted of financial fraud. Can Russia do the same?
Economic analogue of USSR takes real shape
Is Europe Pushing Greece Toward Russia?
Even America's ‘Media Watchdogs' Hide U.S.'s Ukrainian Nazification & Ethnic Cleansing By Eric Zuesse
The Great Game in Afghanistan (Twenty-First-Century Update) And The U.S. Is Losing Out  By Dilip Hiro
OpEdNews Article: Article: Sociopathic Capitalism
OpEdNews Article: Article: A Middle East Holocaust

Activist Post

40 martyrs in a massacre perpetrated by «IS» in Salamiyah countryside
Foreign_ministry: statement of human rights commission about Idlib is a fabrication
Foreign_ministry calls security council for condemning the massacre committed by gunmen agaist people of Mabooja village

Jamila Hanan
Yemen: Escalating violence has killed 361 people, injured 1,345 – many of whom are civilians
Hussain Albukhaiti
After finishing with military targets NOW we will see a total destruction of Yemen infrastructure by the Saudi/US led air strike.just watch
If we all found a way to ditch the fossil fuels there'd be nothing much left to drive the wars. Save the planet and save humanity too.
[co2 demonisation is not the way]
No ethics or moral standards or honesty in politics. Just hypocrisy worldwide sending us all down the road to Hell.
Ammar Al-Aulaqi

Houthi Almasirah TV:" New air strikes on Mazrak IDP camp today." This camp is for the internally displaced by previous wars.
KefayaWar 62 Yemeni children KILLED in ONE week! And the world didn't even flinch, yet we wonder why there so many terrorists in OurYemen?
Hamza Shiban
"The ancient treasure of Sana'a in Yemen: One of the world's most beautiful cities is being bombed" KefayaWar

Volunteer: Ukraine's only chance that Donbass remain within the state border is that ATO soldiers join NAF and march on Kiev together

Ashley VivaSAA Syria
Rana Harbi
I'll just leave this here

Simple question: How are Palestinian fishermen supposed to make a living if Israel won't let them fish more than 3 miles off the Gaza coast?

ISIS Offensive in East Hama Forestalled by the NDF; 3 Civilians Burnt Alive:
the Lemniscat
Why is US helping destroy the Syrian Army and the Houthi rebels, the only forces who are countering the rise of Al-Qaeda in Syria and Yemen?
[For the love of Netanyahu and the Beast...]

Mike Prysner
US deaths by police in March higher than most YEARLY totals of US troop deaths in Afghanistan. Think about that.

Net News Global
Obama Is Surrounded by a Gallery of Rogues
Hadi's FM: almost whole Yemen army backs Houthis, only some parts of the army in Hadramawt and near Marib back Hadi
Reuters: Yemeni Houthi fighters in tanks reach central Aden (Khor Maksar)
China’s SWIFT Alternative and the Death of the Dollar
Russian Bases Springing up in America`s Backyard!

Chris Sedlmair
Obama Declares Cyberattacks a 'National Emergency
Germany Ready To Deploy Troops To Ukraine, Russian Border…Again
Neo fascists and German military?
Ukraine Refuses To Extradite Poroshenko Pal Saakashvili To Georgia

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