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Why Is Cameron Allowing Us To Be Poisoned?

[Mail this to your local regime gov. rep and ask why they are allowing GMOs in our food.]

World Health Organization Won’t Back Down From Study Linking Monsanto to Cancer
By Derrick BrozeThe scientists behind a recent World Health Organization study which concluded the herbicide glyphosate “probably” causes cancer, say they stand behind their assessment. The comments come in response to criticisms from Monsanto Co., who said the study was based on “junk science”. The main ingredient in Monsanto’s Round Up product is glyphosate. Monsanto executives said they are reviewing their options as they move forward.
Aaron Blair, a scientist emeritus at the National Cancer Institute and lead author of the study, told Reuters,“There was sufficient evidence in animals, limited evidence in humans and strong supporting evidence showing DNA mutations and damaged chromosomes.” The WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) published their study of glyphosate on March 20, finding that the popular herbicide may contribute to non-hodgkins lymphoma.
IARC report was published in The Lancet Oncology detailing evaluations of organophosphate pesticides and herbicides. The report concluded that there was “limited evidence of carcinogenicity in humans for non-Hodgkin lymphoma.” The evidence for this conclusion was pulled from studies of exposure to the chemical in the US, Canada and Sweden published since 2001.

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The researchers found “convincing evidence that glyphosate can also cause cancer in laboratory animals.” The report points out that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) had originally classified glyphosate as possibly carcinogenic to humans in 1985. The IARC Working Group evaluated the original EPA findings and more recent reports before concluding “there is sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity in experimental animals.” Despite the WHO’s findings, the EPA approved Monsanto’s use of glyphosate as recently as 2013.
The battle around glyphosate is also closely linked to the debate around Genetically Engineered or Modified foods. The herbicide is typically used on GM crops such as corn and soybeans that have been specifically modified to survive the harmful effects of the herbicide. Corporations like Monsanto are heavily invested in the success of the chemical. The herbicide has been found in food, water, and in the air in areas where it has been sprayed.
The Minister stated that a new national program would be launched encouraging Sri Lankan farmers to use organic fertilizer. The Ministry of Agriculture is hoping to plant 100,000 acres of land throughout the country using organic methods.
Monsanto spokesman Thomas Helscher stated,“There are no epidemiologic studies suggesting that exposures to glyphosate-based products are associated with renal disorders either in Sri Lanka or elsewhere. The paper presents a theory, the theory has not been tested, and there are a significant number of publications supported by data that make the Jayasumana hypothesis quite unlikely to be correct.” Despite promises from Monsanto, the evidence indicating dangers related to glyphosate continue to pile up.
With the USDA’s decision late last year to approve a new batch of genetically modified corn and soybean seeds designed to be resistant to glyphosate, we should expect to see an increase in herbicide use overall, and with it, many disastrous health effects. In fact, the approval by the USDA now partners DOW Chemical and Monsanto together, a move which will only further entrench the control that corporate entities have over governments.
Global Research


GMO Critics Vindicated: Biotech Corporations Were Pushing Fraud All Along
By Ethan A. Huff Global Research, March 31, 2015
Natural News
The sordid sequence of events that opened the floodgates for the genetic takeover of the American food supply — that is, the mass introduction of untested genetically-engineered (GE) food ingredients on the sly — is outlined in an eye-opening new book by American public interest lawyer Steve Druker, entitled Altered Genes, Twisted Truth.
Drudging up several decades’ worth of historical facts surrounding genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) and the way biotechnology companies got them onto the market without proper testing, Druker tells the true story about “Frankenfood” that you’ll never hear about on any of the major corporate new networks. From the very beginning, GMOs came to be a thing not because they are superior or safe, but because powerful interests got them there illicitly.
In the book’s foreword, award-winning humanitarian and leading primate expert Dr. Jane Goodall lauds Druker for bringing to light a number of important truths about GMOs, including that they have never undergone appropriate safety testing; have never been shown to be safe for human consumption; and were not even approved in accordance with federal law.

GMOs are illegal: Their secret introduction into the food supply was an illicit con from the very start
When they were first being developed back in the early 1980s, GMOs were hailed as the solution to world hunger. Their proponents argued, and still do, that conventional and organic food crops are inferior, and that GMOs address the problems of drought and pestilence that lead to reduced yields, and in some cases food shortages.
But the science behind these claims is lacking, and many scientists and researchers at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) who were tasked with reviewing GMO safety and effectiveness prior to their commercial approval vocalized this. As explained in Druker’s book, the concerns of these FDA scientists were largely ignored, and GMOs were rammed through the system illegally.
“[I]nformation that Druker pried from the agency’s files through a lawsuit revealed that [the agency] apparently ignored (and covered up) the concerns of its own scientists and then violated a federal statute and its own regulations by permitting GE foods to be marketed without any testing whatsoever,” writes Dr. Goodall.

Genetic engineering isn’t the same as cross-breeding and hybridization
Another popular, but unsubstantiated, claim about GMOs is that they are substantially equivalent to their non-GMO counterparts (except when it comes to patent protection; in this case, GMOs are regarded as substantially different in order to accommodate obscene corporate profits). As explained in the book, biotech companies have intentionally misled the public on the differences between artificial genetic engineering and cross-breeding, resulting in mass confusion.
“This very real difference between GM plants and their conventional counterparts is one of the basic truths that biotech proponents have endeavored to obscure,” says Dr. Goodall. “As part of the process, they portrayed the various concerns as merely the ignorant opinions of misinformed individuals — and derided them as not only unscientific, but anti-science.”
“They then set to work to convince the public and government officials, through the dissemination of false information, that there was an overwhelming expert consensus, based on solid evidence, that the new foods were safe. Yet this, as Druker points out, was clearly not true.”

GMO skeptics aren’t anti-science — the biotechnology industry is!
In its most recent issue, National Geographic magazine brazenly asserted that anyone who questions the safety or benefits of GMOs is “anti-science.” The mainstream media and government health authorities are constantly throwing around this buzzword in an attempt to silence anyone who opposes the golden calves of modern society, whether they be GMOs or things like pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and fluoride.
If you take the time to investigate the supposed “science” backing GMOs, you will quickly realize that none of it holds any water. Nearly every published study that supposedly backs the safety of GMOs, in fact, can be directly traced back to the industries pushing GMOs. Evidence of long-term GMO safety is non-existent, and the only trials conducted for longer than 90 days were pioneered by independent scientists, many of whom have reported serious risks associated with GMOs.
“Contrary to the assertions of its proponents, the massive enterprise to reconfigure the genetic core of the world’s food supply is not based on sound science but on the systematic subversion of science — and it would collapse if subjected to an open airing of the facts,” maintains Druker about this highly corrupt industry.

Criminal TTIP trade agreement will allow more illegal GMOs to enter Europe from US
Druker’s book is an evidence-based goldmine that counters all the prevailing myths about GMO safety using actual science. Contrary to what the “experts” often claim, altering plant organisms with foreign genes and toxic bacteria is an imprecise “science” (if you can even call it science), and the risks of this largely undefined technology are vast.
And to make matters worse, the spread of GMOs is continuing all around the world, even in places like Europe where GMOs are largely banned. The so-called “Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership”, or TTIP, for instance, threatens to bypass European law by creating a special trade partnership between Europe and North America.
According to The Centre for Research on Globalization, one of the key points in the ongoing TTIP negotiation process (which is largely taking place in secret, without public scrutiny) involves reducing the existing barriers that prohibit North American grains and other foodstuffs (many of which are GMO) from being exported to Europe.
“TTIP is an attempted corporate coup d’etat where big business on both sides of the Atlantic is trying to achieve in secret negotiations what it could not get in open and democratic processes — from watering down food safety standards to rolling back regulations in the financial sector,” reads a cited quote by Pia Eberhardt from the lobby-watchdog group Corporate Europe Observancy.
Global Research
To learn more about the dangers of TTIP, visit:
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