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Getting stung by ecotard governance - Coal, the future

For every OAP that sits shivering in winter due to fuel poverty (this winter is likely to be worse than last) a climate advisor and an MP should be jailed.

Daily Mirror, 17 August 2010
Experts warned households to brace themselves for a rise of up to £115 – taking the typical gas and electricity bill to more than £1,300 a year.
A sharp rise in wholesale energy costs – up 62% since last December – means it’s almost certain that prices will go up, with the only question being when.
Meanwhile “green” levies, that account for around half the average bill, are expected to increase to fund Government energy efficiency schemes and a new wave of “clean” power stations.
Mark Todd, director of the website, had a stark warning.
He said: “There seems to be an almost unstoppable upward trend in the market with prices creeping up remorselessly.”
Derek Lickorish, chairman of the Fuel Poverty Advisory Group, warned it could lead to a surge in “fuel poor” households – those spending at least 10% of their income on gas and electricity.
The number already stands at 4.6 million in England alone.
He said: “For every 1% increase in prices, another 40,000 households find themselves in fuel poverty. The Government and suppliers must do more.”

Also see

Electricity from wind costs 3 - 4 times that from conventional (coal/gas/nuke) not including the proposed 22 billion in infrastructure upgrade to handle the tens of thousands more turbines Mad Huhne will need to meet the eco fascist EU's targets.
Not including subsidies e.g. past 100% for offshore wind.

As well as NOT REDUCING CO2 EMISSIONS, NOT REDUCING COAL/OIL/GAS IMPORTS, BEING A HUGELY EXPENSIVE BOONDOGGLE, now we learn that wind turbines are being used as a subsidy rip-off scam in another way. Experts say that over-generous subsidies mean hundreds of turbines are going up on sites that are simply not breezy enough. Daily Mail, 17 August 2010


Idle thought, I wonder whether the wind farms in the N. Sea and off Spain's coast, in the US and Canada had anything to do with jet stream slowdown that caused the Russian, Paki, Chinese disasters?


Scripps Howard News Service, 17 August 2010

For all the talk of electricity produced by windmills and solar arrays, the U.S. Department of Energy has seen the future of electric power generation and it's coal.
More than half of the U.S.'s electricity comes from coal and, says the DOE, will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. That's because of two reasons: There's a lot of it and it's relatively cheap. Nor is the supply prone to interruption like oil, wind and solar.
Despite the government's best efforts, coal produces 20 times the electricity of renewable fuels other than hydropower. The power industry is betting that will continue to be the case. According to the Associated Press, since 2008 16 coal-fired plants have been completed and 16 more are under construction.
And if, as DOE predicts, the efficiency of coal-fired plants nearly doubles in the next 10 to 15 years those power sources will be even more attractive. Unhappily, the goal of "clean coal" remains elusive. The ability of the industry to remove pollutants like sulfur, nitrogen and mercury and to capture greenhouse gases still lags behind the nation's demand for power.
The industry seems to doubt that capability will ever catch up. The Obama administration directed $3.4 billion in stimulus money to spur construction of clean-coal plants yet, as the AP points out, "new investments in traditional coal plants total at least 10 times that amount -- more than $35 billion."

China, one coal fired plant per week till 2030, India won't be far behind. Now the US is seeing the light and the eco fascists and their banker controllers are losing ground fast. Except in the UK.


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