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Tweets back to 20th

Comrade Misanthrope
Chad Nelson
Jesus, I just found out that Google disabled 's ads because of their Abu Ghraib photos.
[google and cia appear joined at the hip]
BHL Blog
ICYMI:New post: The Marginal Cases Argument for Open Immigration,

Révolutions Info
Forest of Dean, UK community farmers resist land grab: ...

Chris Sedlmair
“Dangerous Areas”: Ukraine To Fortify Borders With Russia, Transdniester
Bipartisan Drone Privacy Bill Back on the Table
Here’s What Is in the Senate’s Cybersecurity Bill

RT America
GRAPHIC: Dallas police shoot unarmed mentally ill man on his porch, footage reveals [vid]

21st Century Wire
Round Table Discussion Saturday Secret Space Program Conference:

Karol Bolivariana
Ferrari Sheppard
Thanks to body cams, we now have high resolution point-of-view footage of police killings. All that's missing is a justice system.
Libia vive un caos programado Un artículo escrito por Pablo Jofré Leal

Alistair Gray
Read this from @NafeezAhmed to grasp "the truly colossal scale of corruption across powerful British institutions"

Land Destroyer
#Netanyahu stays put, use as provocateur vs. #Iran still in play. Keep this in mind...
big-pharma can cure #cancer and other diseases, but for a price...
Compensation for the loss of their lucrative killer cures.

Press TV
Amnesty takes legal action against US, UK eavesdropping
Tell @BarackObama: The #USA is ready for a fair justice system! Act now:
@tedcruz “absolutely unfit” to run for White House because of his ignorance on climate change: California governor
Israel bulldozers conduct incursion of Rafah in Gaza
Israel shoots 30 Palestinian children since January: Report
'Obama will continue backing Israel'
Yemen on edge of civil war: UN envoy
Don't miss the full episode of this evening's the Debate on "Bush and Blair war crimes"
Foreign-backed militants captured four airmen after a Syrian military helicopter crashes in the Idlib province
Israel team in France over Iran nuclear talks
@CIA chief warns Iran of 'tremendous costs' if it pursues nuclear ‘breakout’ capability
[Even looks a bit like Netanyahu.]

Never forget what the #US & #NATO did to #Serbia

Today in 1943: the entire population of Katyn in Russia is burnt alive by German occupation forces.
That US neocons never guessed the 2003 Iraq invasion would increase Iran and Hezbollah influence (shooting selves in the foot)-surprised?
Fer Gunay
Yemen is the next front in which US stands on the same sides with #SaudiArabia & #Al-Qaeda. How is anyone expected to trust their intentions
Petraeus proving #US priority has never been Al-Qaeda or #ISIS, goal to stay in #Iraq to prevent Iran influence always been real goal #syria

Activist Post
Study Questions Accuracy of Many Breast Cancer Biopsies:
The White House wouldn't need to exempt itself from FOIA if it had nothing to hide.
The Pirate Bay's new network is making ISP blocks useless
Hello Biometrics: Windows 10 to Add Facial Recognition, Iris Scans and Fingerprint Reader
Monsanto's pesticides, herbicides and GMOs are polluting the soil, air and water, but the EPA wants to ban wood stoves in rural areas?
Environmentalists have been duped into fighting global warming skeptics as their main enemy instead of actual polluters.
3 months from now, Obama's robosigned 4-yr extension of the PATRIOT Act's annual sunset clauses expires. Expect State terror.
10 Charts Which Show We Are Much Worse Off Than Just Before The Last Economic Crisis
Police departments hiring immigrants as officers
Russian Crimea: One Year Later
Sometimes I think we're contributing to an agenda that requires the discrediting and destruction of America to bring in world government.
Who are these monsters who still think it's okay to raid and cage people for having a medicinal plant?
Hacker claims to have proof that CIA ran anthrax attacks to build case for Iraq war
What’s Your “Daily Value” of Glyphosate?

Meanwhile in #Kiev oligarch Kolomoysky brought in "Dnepr1"to protect his business assets against #Poroshenko #Ukraine
RT's WWII Tweets
Mar 22, 1944 Lithuanian partisan Melnikaite awarded Hero of USSR. Tortured and executed by Germans, betrayed no one.
#NAF Basurin: #Ukraine violated #Minsk 36 times today. #Shirokino shelled for more than an hour.

Karol en Red
twink tank
Seriously … what did I tell you

Balkan news
Video of the protest against "Blair's govt" in #Belgrade tdy, ppl holding pics of Putin:

Net News Global
ISIS beheads five Peshmerga elements in Mosul
Zionists` grip over Hollywood
Military helicopter crashes in Idleb after technical malfunction
The Washington Post Needs a Reality Check
Ecuador president blasts Washington`s interference
Ecuador’s President Accuses CIA of Involvement in Opposition Protests
French President: Russia Is a "Friendly Country"
["NATO can GF. Now pay me for the Mistrals so I can get back to the anti RU rhetoric."]
Fighting Intensifies in Syria’s Western Mountains; SAA and Hezbollah Advance at Al-Zabadani
Bill Maher justifies Netanyahu’s racism by saying U.S. has done much worse
EU, US Say Time for Iran to Take `Difficult Decisions` on Nuclear Program
70 ISIL terrorists killed northern Samara
Tribal fighters kill 3 suicide bombers in Salahuddin
ISIS rocket attack kills 2 civilians, wounds 5 in al-Baghdadi
Washington`s Empire Is Cracking
AVAAZ rebels uses chemical weapons in Golan. Do you Know about this?
Romania to Stop Importing Russian Gas Next Month
Peeps rec *NOT* signing #Avaaz petitions they played huge role in turning Libya over to #ISIS
#AVAAZ und der Terrorist Hadi Al Abdallah fordern NATO-Bomben auf Syrien mit ihrer...
 Hands OFF Syria
Avaaz - Warmongering, blood thirsty organisation with a hidden agenda... This article about Avaaz is from 2012,
Is South Korea Switching Sides?

Sāṭeʿ ساطع
SANA English
It is worth noting that passenger rail services in #Syria have been halted since 2011
Mom who had swine flu jab while pregnant says it triggered narcolepsy

Tactical Things
How Did They Know? Examining 9/11 Foreknowledge of WTC Building 7’s Destruction
the Lemniscat
#Ceasefire? "A Ukraine missile hit the train station in Donetsk. Ukrainian artillery shelled all morning."

Petri Krohn retweeted
Charles Shoebridge
"Russian made" Buk shrapnel suggests pro Russia rebels downed #MH17, says BBC … NB Ignored by BBC, Ukraine also has Buk
[Bilderberg's Broadcasting Co is a propaganda outlet.]
Marcel van den Berg
If RTL is right and fragment is of 9M317 missile it is highly likely BUK M1-2 was used, only in use by Russia. #MH17

green heart
YouTube Clips Of Syrian Chemical Attacks Are Back - Meet The Man Behind The Propaganda -
If Israel Drops Two_State_Solution Britain Must Officially Recognize Palestine : DPM Nick Clegg -
Iran Leader: Iran Doesn't Need Zionist_Corporations To Prosper -
Ali Hussein EL Helou
Chomsky, BDS And The Jewish Left Paradigm
Daily Mail Online
Russia's new supersonic bomber can outrun Britain's best fighter jet

Snow in Kurdistan Iraq?! Winter, you are drunk, go home!
[Is that the name of the HAARP operator?]
Tweets From Aleppo
Most recent map of #Aleppo #SAA positions

[The Aleppo cauldron]

A. Smith ‏@360CNN
The Butcher of Gaza, Netanyahu publicly described his Genocide of the Gaza Strip as simply Mowing the Lawn of Palestinian Women and Children
John Churchilly
Judge Rules #USA Must Release Photos Of Prisoner Abuse In #IRAQ
Putin to Attend WWII Victory Celebrations in China

Rebranding Al Qaeda as moderate- My article on the US-Qatari failed attempt to arm #JabhatAlNusra directly New Eastern Outlook

ISIS has #drones, it's official
[The reason for the US to claim it lost contact with the one the SAA shotdown?]
Supersonic plane delivering 400 next-gen tanks anywhere on Earth: Secret Russian program leak
US news website calls Google arm of the US State Dept., accuses of censorship
‘Nature’s revenge’: Dead Sea surrounded by 3,000+ sinkholes growing at alarming rate
Apple of Discord: FDA approves GMO fruit as safe to eat, stirs debate
US news website accuses Google of censorship over photos of Abu Ghraib, dead Ukrainians
[Will the US holocaust museum that displayed some pics of torture alleged to be by the Syrian gov display these?]

Gabrielle Tree, PhD
How one becomes evil:

Lisa Karpova retweeted
Gato Preto
Worldwide Campaign of Murder and Terror: Nato's Action Plan in Ukraine is Right Out of Dr Strangelove John Pilger

Scott Horton retweeted
The Onion
Top Story: U.S. Worried About Living Up To Netanyahu Campaign Promises
Josh Marshall
Ted Cruz to announce prez run at school founded by man who said 9/11 was God's righteous punishment for abortion, feminism and the gays.
will kill 4 spring
British elite lose their minds after one of their own says something totally obvious and reasonable about the world.

Enrique Ferro
OpEdNews Quicklink: Putin accuses US over Ukraine coup
[Getting interesting]
OpEdNews Article: Article: Weaponizing Wikipedia- What Invasion Scale Troll Weapons Look Like
OpEdNews Quicklink: The Coming Color Revolution Chaos in Kyrgyzstan
Why The Western Alliance Is Ending By Eric Zuesse
Tariq Ali: The Claim That Democracy Is Tied to Capitalism Is a Lie
A Premeditated War With Russia? -
A Guide to Washington's Covert Agenda in the Ukraine
Le Pen right wing party expects local election gains, public to snub Hollande End the Lie – Indepe...
Eight Great Reads at the Journal of 9/11 Studies
Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, It Didn't Work in Afghanistan, So Let's Do It in Mexico. TomDispatch
US Combat Forces, FBI and CIA in Ukraine: Vice President Biden Congratulates Poroshenko for Violatin...
Fort Russ: EU Ukraine policy: "stupidity on a grand scale"
Fort Russ: Kolomoysky seizes Ukrnafta in Kiev, calls for federalization, hearts Novorossia, ignores

Ashley VivaSAA Syria
Israel To Finally Face ICC Over War Crimes In Gaza -

Libya 360°
Excerpts from US Delegation Visit to Syria, Feb 2015
Trials Resumed for Former Jamahiriya Officials, Saif Gaddafi Absent

Al Fatah original
Tribal Leaders Refuse to Acknowledge Decisions from Exclusive Dialogs Taking Place Outside the Country
HoR in Tobruk Suspend Participation in UNSMIL Dialog

Argentina helicopter crash: first footage of mid-air collision

nsnbc international
Georgians hold Top-Posts in Ukraine: Georgian Fighters observed in Donbass

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