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19 March 2015 @ 08:44 am
Do senior UK regime members have an antidote?  
Sofia Smallstorm Reveals Chemtrails Link to Synthetic Biology – Morgellons (2)

From 9/11 Truth to Chemtrails Truth, Sofia Smallstorm provides another uncomfortable reality that goes far beyond climate modification and lines in the sky.
Morgellons Alien Photos Lesions

Fibers manufactured inside the body – Click to Enlarge

Cross-domain bacteria (CDB) are “alien” pathogens deliberately bio-engineered and introduced into the global environment as a New Biology not found in nature. bio-engineered CDB exhibit properties of all three basic domains of life on earth: bacteria, archaea, and eukaryote.

Sofia Smallstorm’s excellent presentation of cross-domain life forms, motives and consequences – From Chemtrails to Pseudo Life – The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology

Sofia’s second VIDEO explains the effects of HAARP and covert applications of Electromagnetic technology in “The Dark Agenda of Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life”

Overview of the Three Domains in the “Natural” World:

1) The archaea domain CDB features exhibit extreme resistance to destruction by heat and acidic compounds. Pyrolobus fumarii, which holds the upper temperature limit for life at 113 °C (235 °F) and was found living in hydrothermal vents; species of Picrophilus, which were isolated from acidic soils in Japan and are the most acid-tolerant organisms known—capable of growth at around pH 0; and the methanogens, which produce methane gas as a metabolic by-product and are found in anaerobic environments, such as in marshes, hot springs, and the guts of animals, including humans.

2) The eukaryote domain. CDB features are fungal organisms that includes microorganisms such as yeasts and molds as well as the more familiar mushrooms. These organisms are classified as a kingdom, Fungi, which is separate from plants, animals, protists, and bacteria.

3) The Bacterium domain CDB features include any of a group of microscopic single-celled organisms that live in enormous numbers in almost every environment on Earth, from deep-sea vents to deep below Earth’s surface to the digestive tracts of humans.

♦ “ALIEN” BACTERIA: SELF-REPLICATING, SUB-MICRON, LIFE FORMS: A May 17, 2014 description of Cross-Domain Bacteria (CDB) Isolation, by Clifford E. Carnicom

♦ IS EVERYONE ON EARTH INFECTED?: Wine/Peroxide Test For Presence of CDB Pathogens:

“I state clearly again that the pathogenic forms under investigation are repeatedly showing up in the general population, regardless of whether certain “skin anomalies” [Morgellons] are present or not.” .

the general population is involved whether they would like to know of it or not. The pathogens found have now been discovered repeatedly across all major body systems and functions, including skin, blood, hair, saliva, dental(gum), digestive, ear and urinary samples.” – Cliff Carnicom

These sub-micron sized filaments are engineered, synthetic life-forms most famously associated with “Morgellons syndrome.” – an insidious systemic disease that manifests in a small percentage of victims as bizarre skin lesions where fibers are mysteriously manufactured inside the body before erupting through the skin.

The vast majority of victims infected with CDB may manifest no skin lesions or apparent symptoms. The Carnicom group, however, has devised a simple test to determine if victims who have not yet exhibited Morgellons skin lesions have actually been infected with CDB without knowing it. The shocking results indicate that every asymptomatic volunteer who submitted to the astringent “wine test” was found to be infected with the CDB when expectorant samples were examined under microscopy.

GEOENGINEERING and BIOENGINEERING: The Unmistakeable Link – Cliff Carnicom’s presentation at the 2011 Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference.

Former government scientist, Cliff Carnicom’s 2005 documentary, AEROSOL CRIMES continues to provide the most complete description of the destructive assault and terrorism of aerosol bioengineering and geoengineering now contaminating the global environment with increasing consequences to public health and planetary sustainability.

In 2006, Dr. Randy Wymore’s research into “Morgellons Syndrome” revealed unusual fibers and skin lesions could not have been delusional parasitosis The CDC was involved for a while but ultimately engineered a coverup when Dr. Wymore’s research began to agree with Cliff Carnicom’s findings on cross-domain, bio-engineered microbes.


* Is this Alien Biology engineered by humans, extra-terrestrials or a synthesis of humans and extra-terrestrials?
* Is the covert agenda to infect the Global population and other natural Earth systems with Alien Biology?
* Is the Alien Biology an agenda of “Control”, Extermination or both?
* Is an undisclosed vaccine available to protect the perpetrators from being infected with the Alien Biology?

Original source Chemtrails Planet

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clothcapclothcap on March 19th, 2015 08:55 am (UTC)
LJ Tags
Curious LJ's policy on tags. Seems you are allowed only one and that has to be from their list? I tagged this "morgellons" but it was not allowed.

Haven't had word yet on a resolution to the comments producing an error yet.
clothcapclothcap on March 19th, 2015 10:59 am (UTC)
Can we sue the Cameron regime yet?
Big thanks to Sofia Smallstorm.

Watching the 1st vid, there is a test of tree bark from a dying pine that shows
Aluminium 387 mg per kg
Barium 18.4 mg per kg
Strontium 113 mg per kg
Titanium 15.2 mg per kg

Thousands of times above normal. If chem trails do that to a tree what are they doing to us?

GM trees being tested.

(Anonymous) on March 20th, 2015 09:55 am (UTC)
Re: Can we sue the Cameron regime yet?
I dread to think what they are doing to us. It seems like they are putting things into us via the vaccines and the spraying and then I wonder if the GM foods feed whatever is there. Anything they are pushing like crazy isn't good for us. You can be sure of that!

The spraying needs to be stopped. Even growing our own food to eat doesn't protect us from this because everything is being contaminated.

I was thinking that the big advantage of the sort of researchers there is that they are free to follow their findings wherever they lead. Unlike the controlled MSS (main stream scientists?) who work in their little compartments (because it is designed that way...right hand mustn't know what the left is doing)However, when these dots are joined, when you step back and see the bigger picture, it is even more terrifying than glimpsing a bit at a time.

clothcapclothcap on March 19th, 2015 11:11 am (UTC)
How to Kill the Illuminati/New World Order.
Anonymous Official Movie 2015 (2015 US Edition)


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clothcapclothcap on March 19th, 2015 11:21 am (UTC)
Nuke 'em?
Putin accuses US over Ukraine coup
March 17, 2015
Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the US of masterminding the armed coup that led to the ousting of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich last year.
In an interview for a new documentary, the Russian president said Americans tried to hide behind Europeans.
“The trick of the situation was that outwardly the [Ukrainian] opposition was supported mostly by the Europeans. But we knew for sure that the real masterminds were our American friends,” President Putin said in the documentary, ‘Crimea - The Way Home,’ aired by Rossiya 1 news channel.
“They helped training the nationalists, their armed groups, in Western Ukraine, in Poland and to some extent in Lithuania,” he added.
“They facilitated the armed coup.”
The West spared no effort to prevent Crimea’s reunification with Russia, “by any means, in any format and under any scheme,” he noted.
According to Mr Putin, this approach was far from being the best dealing with any country, and a post-Soviet country like Ukraine specifically. Such countries have a short record of living under a new political system and remain fragile. Violating constitutional order in such a country inevitably deal a lot of damage to its statehood, the president said.
“The law was thrown away and crashed. And the consequences were grave indeed. Part of the country agreed to it, while another part wouldn’t accept it. The country was shattered,” Putin explained, as quoted by Rt.com.
In the more than two-hour-long documentary, President Putin also accused the beneficiaries of the coup of planning an assassination of then-President Yanukovich who was overthrown in February 2014 and said Russia was prepared to act to ensure his escape.
More http://www.nation.co.ke/news/world/Putin-accuses-US-over-Ukraine-coup/-/1068/2657280/-/ngwlb4/-/index.html
clothcapclothcap on March 19th, 2015 11:34 am (UTC)
Pak's intended hanging of Shafqat Hussain
The kid Pakistan was going to hang has been given a temporary reprieve while the Pakis that were going to hang him "investigate" the circumstances.
If he is not "legally" murdered by them he owes Jamila Hanan a big thank you.

Jamila Hanan retweeted
Great news RT @HamidMirGEO: "Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan confirmed to me that Shafqat Hussain will not be hanged tmrw"

Edited at 2015-03-19 05:14 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on March 19th, 2015 12:44 pm (UTC)
Just musing.

With the zio NWO there is always more than one reason for each malignant step they take.
Why would they want to increase the metal content in soil and so plants and in our bodies by ingestion and inhalation?
Plants fare badly in aluminium toxified soil. Enemies of humanity corp'ns like Monsanto are creating a market for their patented aluminium resistant crops that fulfill the programmed death of humans, part of the Rothschild NWO agenda.
Microwaves, as well as being cancer inducers have been shown to influence mood in different ways according to frequency. Microwave transmitters can be seen by most people a short walk from where they live, understood to be purely for cell phone signals, they aren't, the signal wavelength can be varied.
Mind control?
Metal reacts violently to microwaves.
Population reduction? Keep your tinfoil hat handy.
GM to replace natural plants (trees, grasses such as wheat,rice soy is ~90% GM worldwide) that succumb to the toxins being sprayed every day overhead.
I don't know how the brain responds to long wave signals, perhaps metalized brain tissue is more receptive, so HAARP can be used to effect what? GM humans? Local death
Morgellons seems to be part of the programmed death programme. There must be an antidote as our enemies are not suicidal.
In us, it is not so hard to clean out the toxins, see the next comment. A start is to eat porridge.
From soil?
From the air is easy. Pilots that are participating can be persuaded to tell us what their instructions are. Then the chain of instruction can be traced up the hierarchy tree. It goes higher than our cuckoo in the nest regimes.
clothcapclothcap on March 19th, 2015 01:16 pm (UTC)
Foods That Remove Metal Toxins From the Body
Last Updated: Jan 28, 2015 By Joel Le Blanc
[...] Consult with your health care provider before combining natural remedies with prescription medications.
Foods That Remove Metal Toxins From the Body Chlorella can be added to smoothies to make a healthy detoxifying drink. Photo Credit Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images
Chlorella is a green algae rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and chlorophyll. In a study published in "Nutrition Research and Practice" by the Korean Ewha Womans University in 2009, researchers investigated the detoxifying properties of chlorella in animals given high doses of the heavy metal cadmium. Chlorella reduced the amount of cadmium that became lodged into the cellular tissues of the animals and increased the levels of cadmium that were detoxified through the urine and feces. Chlorella when taken internally can counteract the toxic and dangerous effects of heavy metals and aid in their safe excretion from the body.
[...] Pectin is a form of soluble fiber that is found in many fruits, including apples, pears and citrus. In a clinical trial published in "Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine" in 2008, children with high levels were given pectin supplements to test the detoxification properties of the fiber. Children given pectin had significantly lower levels of lead in the blood, and the excretion of lead through the urine increased by up to 132 percent. Eating pectin-rich fruits in the diet helps with digestion and liver health, supporting proper detoxification by binding toxins and heavy metals and carrying them out of the body.
[...] Milk thistle seeds are used in Western herbal medicine as a protective and toning plant for the liver. In a study published in "The Journal of Biological Research" in 2000, researchers tested the effects of both garlic and milk thistle seeds on animals poisoned with high doses of mercury. In the animals treated with milk thistle seeds, the liver organs were protected against some of the harmful effects of the mercury. Taking milk thistle seeds as a supplement or a herbal tea helps to prevent heavy metal toxicity and supports the functional health of the liver.
[...] According to research published in "The Korean Journal of Medical Science" in 1987, garlic aids in the detoxification of heavy metals. Researchers from Korea University administered garlic to animals poisoned with heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium. Garlic protected organs from heavy metal toxicity with comparable efficacy to standard prescription drugs and aided in the excretion of cadmium through the feces and urine. Crushed garlic should be consumed fresh, uncooked to preserve its medicinal actions, or it can be taken as a dietary supplement.
[ed. Do they displace iron?]

A Guide To The Heavy Metal Cleanse
[...] Vitamin C
Vitamin C supports the body’s detoxification process. It helps protect your immune system from the mobilized toxins as they leave your body. Take 1000mg of Vitamin C daily, after meals and separately from Chlorella.
More good advice http://www.justcleansing.com/heavy-metal-cleanse.htm

Just water for 2 or 3 days, nothing else gets rid of damaged white blood cells that reduces aging symptoms and improves immunity to disease. Don't know how it works out with apples and apple juice.
(A Swiss apple stem cell extract has shown remarkable results in reducing skin aging symptoms.)
clothcapclothcap on March 19th, 2015 01:20 pm (UTC)
Detox 2
Cleaning Toxic Heavy Metals from your Body
By Ellen A. 2008-07-29
Heavy metal toxicity can cause or contribute to a long list of diseases including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, other brain and neurological disorders, along with cancers.
We all want to be healthy and even though many are following healthy dietary guidelines, they can still have serious health problems. Why is this so? One reason may be toxic heavy metals such as mercury, aluminium, cadmium, arsenic, lead, tin and other metal poisons that unfortunately are present in our environment and invade our body's everyday.
The fact is that heavy metal toxicity can cause or contribute to a long list of diseases including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, other brain and neurological disorders, along with cancers.
Although the medical community recognises acute heavy metal toxicity there are far more people suffering from chronic exposure which we face everyday. This has become one of the most pressing health hazards of today.
Symptoms of toxic build-up can include Fatigue, digestive distress, aching joints, depression, impaired blood sugar regulation, miscarriage, infertility, premature births, pre-eclampsia, hypertension, cancer etc. In fact Health authorities estimate that at least 90% of all chronic diseases can be attributed to environmental pollution in one way or another.
Are you aware of the amount of heavy metals you are exposed to on a daily basis? We are exposed through the air we breathe, the food we eat, the utensils and products we use. From innocent looking cookware to children's toys. Vaccinations, dental work, insecticides, cleaning products, jewelery, industrial plants, burning jet fuel, the list goes on. Want more proof, a 2004 study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that blood samples from newborns contained an average of 287 toxins, including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides and Teflon chemicals.
So how do we avoid heavy metal exposure and clear them out of our bodies?
First you need to identify sources of metal exposure and limit your exposure. For example, avoid person care products and cosmetics with aluminium, use glass, titanium and lead-free pots and enamels- aluminium and Teflon are well known health dangers, filter your water, don't smoke or expose yourself to second hand smoke, remove mercury fillings etc.
Second you need to remove the toxic burden in your body and take the heavy metals out of your body that don't belong there. A cleaner healthier body heals and repairs itself. The best source I have found to do this is purified activated liquid zeolite.
The zeolite must be purified and activated which means the zeolite mineral cage has been cleaned out and is activated to have a strong negative charge to attract the positive charged heavy metals in your body. They are then trapped in the cage and safely and effectively excreted them from your body in your urine. The small molecular size of the zeolite only attracts particles such as heavy metals and toxins so vital minerals and vitamins are not removed which has been a problem with other chelating methods.
30 years has gone into this research and development of this dietary supplement to provide a 100% safe and non-toxic solution. This technology has only been developed in the last 3 years and is spreading like wild fire because it is scientifically based and proven to work. This is truly a huge advancement and breakthrough in removing the heavy metal burden on our body.
More details http://www.disabled-world.com/artman/publish/toxic-metals.shtml

clothcapclothcap on March 19th, 2015 01:21 pm (UTC)
Detox 3
My fav. is Lemon juice and olive oil.
Olive Oil and Lemon Juice Detox
By Angie Rayfield, eHow Contributor
Some people believe that natural detox diets can help the body release toxins blamed for fatigue, headaches, nausea and a multitude of chronic conditions. The olive oil and lemon juice detox is intended to help cleanse the liver and gallbladder, clearing stored bile, cholesterol and gallstones.
How to Detox
There are many versions of the olive oil and lemon juice detox. The simplest version is more of a home remedy than a detox regimen. It should used if you are experiencing symptoms such as intermittent abdominal pain, indigestion, gas, constipation or nausea. Mix 1 cup of olive oil with 1 cup of lemon juice. Take 2 tablespoons of the mixture three times a day, before each meal. You should expect to see results within five days.
A true detox is slightly more involved and would last anywhere from three to seven days. You will need olive oil, fresh organic lemon juice, organic apples and apple juice, prune juice and an herbal laxative. During the three-day detox, you can have all the apples and apple juice you like, but no other foods. During a seven-day cleanse, you may include other fruits and vegetables but avoid meat, dairy, wheat products as well as sugar and caffeine.
On the final day, drink 1 cup of prune juice with dinner and take an herbal laxative about an hour later. Before going to bed, mix a half-cup of olive oil with an equal amount of fresh organic lemon juice in a shaker at room temperature. Drink the entire cup of liquid. Lie on your right side at least 30 minutes with your knees to your chest. When you wake up in the morning, take the herbal laxative again, and follow up with another cup of prune juice about 30 minutes later. Be prepared for a rather urgent need to go to the bathroom at some point during the day.
Theory here http://www.ehow.com/way_5499725_olive-oil-lemon-juice-detox.html
clothcapclothcap on March 19th, 2015 01:45 pm (UTC)
Aluminum Toxicity in Soil Acidity. Noneed for GM crops.
By John Brennan, eHow Contributor
Aluminum constitutes about seven percent of Earth's crust by mass, so it's an abundant element. Aluminum is easily oxidized, however, so it's almost invariably found combined with other elements -- in the aluminosilicate minerals found in clays, for example. As the soil becomes more acidic, aluminum becomes more soluble and can become toxic to plants exposed to these conditions.
Effects of Acidity
Aluminum hydroxides like the mineral gibbsite are very insoluble at neutral or alkaline pH. As the pH decreases, however, the excess of hydrogen ions can combine with the hydroxide ions to form water, yielding water and aluminum +3 ions in solution; consequently, the aluminum becomes much more soluble. The same is true for aluminum in other forms in the soil. These aluminum +3 ions in solution are the form that may be toxic to plants.
The roots exhibit the first signs of aluminum toxicity; as the concentration of aluminum ions increases, root growth is inhibited. The roots become stubby and brittle and lose much of their ability to take up nutrients and water. Aluminum is especially effective in reducing uptake of calcium, a nutrient vital to plant growth. Once the plant can no longer obtain all the nutrients it needs, it may begin to exhibit other signs of nutrient deficiency, including stunted shoot growth and yellowing or chlorosis of the leaves.
The way in which high aluminum levels poison plants is an area of ongoing investigation. Relatively little aluminum penetrates as far as the plants' leaves, so the mechanism primarily involves the root cells. One area of debate involves the degree to which the aluminum ions enter the symplast, the cytoplasm of root cells. Among other effects, aluminum ions can potentially make the plant cell walls more rigid, inhibit DNA replication, interfere with various enzymes, modify the structure of the cell membrane and interfere with nutrient uptake.
Aluminum Tolerance
Plant tolerance for high aluminum levels varies between species and cultivars; genetically, some plants are more resistant than others. Some plants secrete acids from their roots that bind the aluminum ions, rendering them inactive. Wheat, for example, can release malates (salts of malic acid), while many legumes can release citrate and buckwheat can secrete oxalate. Increased levels of aluminum can trigger responses in the plant that cause the secretion of these acids so that the plant need not squander energy by producing them continuously.

Some commercial cures from a quick Bing
Charcoal Green® Soil D•Tox™ (BC - Powder)Charcoal Green® Soil D•Tox™ (BC - POWDER) is an Activated Charcoal Powder specially manufactured for agricultural applications from select Bituminous Coal (BC). Effectively decontaminates soil from chemical spills, pre-emergent herbicides, pesticide, and fertilizer applications.
Charcoal Green® Soil D•Tox™ (Wood - Powder)Charcoal Green® Soil D•Tox™ (WOOD - POWDER) is an Activated Charcoal Powder specially manufactured from WOOD for agricultural applications. It is widely used in agriculture as a soil amendment to protect and enhance plant growth and vigor, and promote seed germination. Effectively decontaminate soil from chemical spills, pre-emergent herbicides, pesticide, and fertilizer applications. Widely used on golf greens, for turf grass management, and rye grass seed production.

Soil Detox
Lawns and gardens that have been destroyed by chemical fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides cannot support the microbial life needed to help plants uptake minerals and nutrients. To help restore abused soil, we offer soil detox products such as Biogize SD and worm castings.
Additionally, trees can be helped back to normal with tree treatment, and established plants may benefit from a dose of worm castings. Both tree treatment and worm castings are good for restoring populations of beneficial soil microorganisms.
clothcapclothcap on March 19th, 2015 01:58 pm (UTC)
Seems from the above that crop rotation is the ideal, totally contra to the big agri philosophy of having county sized fields of mono crop culture against nature, or, if the enemy of humanity Monsanto has its way, country sized fields.
clothcapclothcap on March 19th, 2015 02:06 pm (UTC)
Forest of Dean, UK community farmers resist land grab
ON one side is a millionaire land-grabber propped up by fellow rich landowners, councillors, a judge, planning officers, freemasons and a recently retired police inspector... and on the other a group of gardeners of Yorkley Court Community Farm backed by much of the wider community. The siege is on now, which side will prevail?
In the past five years, the community has successfully defended the public forest from two UK Government attempts to dispose of it - and the rest of the English Public Forest Estate - to privateers. The Tory MP, Mark Harper, in early 2011 tried to parcel the Forest of Dean off to a private trust. The total supporting his idea would probably not have extended beyond two figures. He was escorted away from his own public meeting by police in February 2011, such was the fierce opposition.
The man rumoured to be in place to head that aborted trust, a multi-millionaire landowner called Brian Bennett, is now at war with much of the populace thanks to his attempts to force a group of so-called "eco-farmers" off a previously derelict tract of land. (He has already made himself unpopular with a number of other land-grabs in the locality.)
Bennett, the owner of a "business village", several "solar farms" (ie fields full of glass and metal), and mooted housing development sites just beyond the threshold of the hallowed, still public, Forest of Dean, initially in 2012 seemed to be going all out to befriend the Reclaim The Fields gardener and food sovereignty activists when they started clearing the brambles, planting crops and putting up yurts and treehouses on a strip of the 200-acre Yorkley Court Farm, between the small town of Lydney and village of Yorkley in Gloucestershire (about one mile from the edge of the Forest of Dean itself). He brought wine and heavy plant machinery so they could clear rubble and prepare the ground.
The farmers now believe he helped them get set up so he could buy the land for a reduced price from the solicitor who had claimed 'adverse possession' of it - in 2013, he snapped up a £2 million piece of real estate for £755,000. Last July he surprised them by engaging a team of "common law" bailiffs to break into the farmhouse, backed by a security firm and an informal private army of hired muscle recruited from local pubs by fellow landowners. After a 58-hour stand-off during which the occupiers, helped by locals, forced the bailiffs and security off the land, and prevented the police from taking sides, the farmers got an injunction against Bennett and the solicitor, Richard Tolson.
Then, in February, a county court judge granted Bennett possession of the land, despite a pending Land Registry tribunal. The farmers were told to leave last Thursday (March 12, 2015) but instead built a series of impressive barricades, enlisted the village's support at a meeting held at the Bailey Inn in Yorkley, and on Sunday held their community open gardening day as usual.
Those on the land enjoy widespread support from the people of the Forest of Dean because they have practiced what they preach - they have helped folks with their gardens, they have set up a food hub where producers can sell their veg at supermarket-beating prices, and they have a vision of sustainable living and food growing which, if they were allowed to carry on in peace, could feed the entire populace.
And also locals know there is something very dodgy going on with the land ownership and the support Bennett enjoys from all those in his pocket, and the pillars of the local ruling class. The last confirmed owner died without direct male heirs about a century ago, but since the 1980s a gaggle of Bristol-based solicitors have collected rents from tenant farmers purportedly on behalf of a trust. A trust which may well not really exist. In 2010, the solicitors hired a land agent to kick off most of the tenants, start trashing the land and intimidating and threatening walkers (there are five public footpaths running through the farm).
Must read http://libcom.org/news/forest-dean-uk-community-farmers-resist-land-grab-18032015
Is he connected to Monsanto? Rothschild? Or just for the ganggreen subsidies?
clothcapclothcap on March 19th, 2015 02:25 pm (UTC)
Breaking the Resistance with Terrorism and Proxy Wars
With the situation in the Middle East seemingly spinning out of control, many political observers are left wondering what it all means. The war in Syria has been at the forefront of the news since 2011, and rightly so, as Syria has become the epicenter of a larger regional conflict, particularly with the ascendance of ISIS in the last year.
Undoubtedly, the mainstream acceptance of the ISIS threat has changed the strategic calculus vis-à-vis Syria, as the US prepares to launch yet another open-ended war, ostensibly to defeat it. And, while many in the West are willing to buy the ISIS narrative and pretext for war, they do so with little understanding or recognition of the larger geopolitical contours of this conflict. Essentially, almost everyone ignores the fact that ISIS and Syria-Iraq is only one theater of conflict in the broader regional war being waged by the US-NATO-GCC-Israel axis. Also of vital importance is an understanding of the proxy war against Iran (and all Shia in the region), being fomented by the very same terror and finance networks that have spread the ISIS disease in Syria.
In attempting to unravel the complex web of relations between the terror groups operating throughout the region, important commonalities begin to emerge. Not only are many of these groups directly or tangentially related to each other, their shadowy connections to western intelligence bring into stark relief an intricate mosaic of terror that is part of a broader strategy of sectarianism designed to destroy the “Axis of Resistance” which unites Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah. In so doing, these terror groups and their patrons hope to internationalize the war in Syria, and its destructive consequences.
Terrorism as a Weapon in Syria and Iraq
[Ends with] But it remains paramount for all those interested in peace to make these connections, to understand the broad outlines of this vast covert war taking place. To see a war in Syria in isolation is to misunderstand its very nature. To see ISIS alone as the problem is to completely misread the essence of the conflict. This is a battle for regional hegemony, and in order to attain it, the Empire is employing every tool in the imperial toolkit, with terrorism being one of the most effective.
Continues http://journal-neo.org/2015/03/17/breaking-the-resistance-with-terrorism-and-proxy-wars/
I think that is understood by most that follow even obliquely the ongoing destruction of countries by IL, NATOCIA, the US, Fr and the UK and the terrorists they guide and provide for.

Edited at 2015-03-19 02:26 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on March 19th, 2015 03:22 pm (UTC)
RT front page picks 1
Russia signs major alliance treaty with South Ossetia, pledges military protection
The presidents of Russia and South Ossetia have signed a key treaty according to which the two nations will partially join their military forces, and Russia will provide full military protection to its ally.
The treaty introducing the collective security principle was signed by Vladimir Putin and Leonid Tibilov on Wednesday, after the two presidents held talks in Moscow.
Vladimir Putin said the document was another step not only in improving mutual legal systems, but also in economic development between the two nations. Leonid Tibilov added the friendship between the two countries and the stepping up of integration processes, were an answer to threats and challenges existing in the modern world.
“We know the Russian Federation is the only guarantor for our people and for our republic,” Tibilov said, adding that South Ossetia supported all Moscow’s political moves, such as the reunification with the republic of Crimea one year ago.
More http://rt.com/politics/241929-russia-ossetia-treaty-alliance/
Commented - bruce-wayne
Tom, Russia intends to pass Russian gas through North Korea into South Korea. From there possibly to Japan.
Oh and by the way, Germany, France, Italy, Britain are joining China's AIIB bank. This apparently against the will of the US. "Friends".
Seems the UK oligarchs are rebelling against the zios and owned US neocons.

Kremlin awaits Europe reaction to Ukraine’s Donbass status laws - Peskov
Moscow expects its European partners from the ‘Normandy Four’ to give their appraisals of the freshly-approved Ukrainian laws on self-rule in the southeastern regions.
“We have not yet heard any judgments on the part of our colleagues and partners. We still hope that such judgments will appear,” Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.
He added that if the Minsk peace accords are undermined as a result of Kiev actions the situation would demand urgent involvement of all guarantors of the ceasefire.
“We support any dialogue,” Peskov stated. However, he said that at the moment the Normandy Four had not yet agreed on a new meeting.
He also said that if the presence of US and British military advisers in Ukraine, if true, did not contribute to the security in this country.
Details http://rt.com/politics/242205-russia-ukraine-laws-status/

Global carmakers suspend supplying Russia on ruble slide

Russia and China to open joint e-commerce platform in summer
Russian online payment system Yandex.Money is to start processing payments for China’s online platform TradeEase, which is aimed at increasing cross-border trade between the two countries.
The project is expected to have a turnover of $830,000 in the first 3 months after it starts in the summer.
The platform will be launched by China’s PayEase payment service, Bank of China, China’s Heilongjiang province and the border city of Suifenhe, Vedomosti reported on Thursday.
Russia's NWO is working out a damn site less bloody than the zios. Copying the good bits, avoiding the bad.
clothcapclothcap on March 19th, 2015 03:23 pm (UTC)
RT front page picks 2
‘ECB injects billions into doomed to failure eurozone’
Instead of investing money into the real economy and helping those suffering in Southern Europe, the ECB is pouring money into financial markets to be used for further speculation, Ernst Wolff, economic journalist and author, told RT.
RT: What's the justification for spending so much money on the ECB new building during a time of austerity?
Ernst Wolff: Nobody knows that. Spending €1.3 billion on a building is kind of crazy but the politics of the ECB have been kind of crazy lately. But what we see now is that anger is really boiling over.
[Feeding the enemy, (the beast for the religious types).]

Quoi?! British DNA is 40% French, Oxford study finds
The best bits of course. That gives us the right to own France according to Khazar jew philosophy.

If Damascus falls, Europe won’t be far behind – US senator
As a new report details the devastation wrought upon Syria by four years of rebellion, a Virginia state senator who once thanked the Syrian government for defending Christians is worried about the fate of Damascus, the Middle East and Europe.
“If Damascus falls, the dreaded black and white flag of ISIS will fly” over Syria, Virginia state Senator Richard Black told RT. “Within a period of months after the fall of Damascus, Jordan will fall and Lebanon will fall,” he said, adding that the self-proclaimed Islamic State would then target Europe next.
Black is no stranger to the Syrian crisis. Last year, he wrote a letter thanking the government in Damascus for a “gallant and effective campaign” to liberate Christian villages on the border with Lebanon. Most Americans are not aware that Christianity started in present-day Syria, he pointed out.
Continues http://rt.com/news/242061-senator-isis-damascus-europe/
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Monsanto settles 7 lawsuits after 2013 GMO-wheat scare
Only 7?