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05 March 2015 @ 10:41 am
Multi zionist led regime sponsored terrorism against autonomous countries  
Insight - Syria's Nusra Front may leave Qaeda to form new entity
By Mariam Karouny BEIRUT Wed Mar 4, 2015
(Reuters) - Leaders of Syria's Nusra Front are considering cutting their links with al Qaeda to form a new entity backed by some Gulf states trying to topple President Bashar al-Assad, sources said.
Sources within and close to Nusra said that Qatar, which enjoys good relations with the group, is encouraging the group to go ahead with the move, which would give Nusra a boost in funding.
The exercise could transform Nusra from a weakened militia group into a force capable of taking on Islamic State at a time when it is under pressure from bombing raids and advances by Kurdish and Iraqi military forces.
It could also boost the influence of Qatar and its allies in the campaign to oust Assad, in line with the Gulf state's growing diplomatic ambitions in the region. Qatari officials were not available for comment.
While it awaits the final word from its decision-making Shoura council, Nusra is not wasting time. It has turned on small non-jihadi groups, seizing their territory and forcing them to disarm so as to consolidate Nusra's power in northern Syria and pave the way for the new group.
Intelligence officials from Gulf states including Qatar have met the leader of Nusra, Abu Mohamad al-Golani, several times in the past few months to encourage him to abandon al Qaeda and to discuss what support they could provide, the sources said.
They promised funding once it happens.
"A new entity will see the light soon, which will include Nusra and Jaysh al Muhajereen wel Ansar and other small brigades," said Muzamjer al-Sham, a prominent jihadi figure who is close to Nusra and other Islamist groups in Syria.
"The name of Nusra will be abandoned. It will disengage from al Qaeda. But not all the Nusra emirs agree and that is why the announcement has been delayed," said Sham.
A source close to the foreign ministry confirmed that Qatar wanted Nusra to become a purely Syrian force not linked to al Qaeda.
"They are promising Nusra more support, i.e. money, supplies etc, once they let go of the Qaeda ties," the official said.
The Qatari-led bid to rebrand Nusra and to provide it with new support could further complicate the war in Syria as the United States prepares to arm and train non-jihadist rebels to fight Islamic State.
The Nusra Front is listed as a terrorist group by the United States and has been sanctioned by the United Nations Security Council. But for Qatar at least, rebranding Nusra would remove legal obstacles to supporting it.
Full uk.reuters.com/article/2015/03/04/uk-mideast-crisis-nusra-insight-idUKKBN0M00G620150304

So all a terrorist gang has to do to get delisted is change its name then the state sponsors of terrorism, Bilderberg-zionist subject countries (UK and its commonwealth countries, US and its puppet countries, EU, IL) would feel themselves free to throw tax funds, weapons, military and intelligence assistance at the no-longer-terrorist gang.
I wonder which psycho think tank came up with that idea, one of (former PNAC founder and chair) zionist Kristol's  such as the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research or the Foreign Policy Initiative or Soros' CFR? The complicit MSM will sell the covin.
Remember that Syria has a popular, democratically elected government and it is a sovereign country. Cameron and his Bilderberg - zionist cronies ignore international law and repeatedly commit crimes not least interference in the affairs of sovereign countries such as sponsoring and directly and indirectly supporting terrorism to defeat elected gov'ts for the purpose of profit and to advance the zionist - neocon global hegemony agenda. For this a very long jail sentence in a Guantanamo like camp would be fitting imo.

Have UK forces been active in destroying Syrian infrastructure the way the US-NATOCIA forces have? Is there evidence that can be used to get Cameron and Hague before the ICC?
clothcapclothcap on March 5th, 2015 11:26 am (UTC)
In Putin's words
Meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club
October 24, 2014 Sochi
[...] The measures taken against those who refuse to submit are well-known and have been tried and tested many times. They include use of force, economic and propaganda pressure, meddling in domestic affairs, and appeals to a kind of ‘supra-legal’ legitimacy when they need to justify illegal intervention in this or that conflict or toppling inconvenient regimes. Of late, we have increasing evidence too that outright blackmail has been used with regard to a number of leaders. It is not for nothing that ‘big brother’ is spending billions of dollars on keeping the whole world, including its own closest allies, under surveillance.
Let’s ask ourselves, how comfortable are we with this, how safe are we, how happy living in this world, and how fair and rational has it become? Maybe, we have no real reasons to worry, argue and ask awkward questions? Maybe the United States’ exceptional position and the way they are carrying out their leadership really is a blessing for us all, and their meddling in events all around the world is bringing peace, prosperity, progress, growth and democracy, and we should maybe just relax and enjoy it all?
Let me say that this is not the case, absolutely not the case.
clothcapclothcap on March 5th, 2015 11:27 am (UTC)
Russia: Israel is training ISIS terrorists
Posted by VNN on December 12, 2014
In an interview with Iranian state television, Alexander Prokhanov said that Mossad agents were training ISIS fighters in Syria and Iraq.
A top aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday accused Israel and the United States of training the Islamic State in order to undermine Moscow’s interests in the Middle East.
More: http://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Top-Putin-aide-Mossad-training-ISIS-terrorists-in-Iraq-Syria-383964
Via VNN http://www.veteransnewsnow.com/2014/12/12/512796russia-israel-is-training-isis-terrorists/
clothcapclothcap on March 5th, 2015 11:28 am (UTC)
UN Reveals Israeli Links With Syrian Rebels
Posted by VNN on December 9, 2014
Why is Israel supporting Syrian Rebels?
Reports by UN observers in the Golan submitted to 15 members of Security Council detail regular contact between IDF officers and armed Syrian opposition figures at the border.
Reports by UN observers in the Golan submitted to 15 members of Security Council detail regular contact between IDF officers and armed Syrian opposition figures at the border.
By Barak Ravid December 08, 2014 “ICH” – “Haaretz“
Reports by UN observers in the Golan Heights over the past 18 months reveal the type and extent of cooperation between Israel and Syrian opposition figures. The reports, submitted to the 15 members of the UN Security Council and available on the UN’s website, detail regular contacts held on the border between IDF officers and soldiers and Syrian rebels.
More http://www.veteransnewsnow.com/2014/12/09/512587-un-reveals-israeli-links-with-syrian-rebels/
clothcapclothcap on March 5th, 2015 11:42 am (UTC)
Al-Qaeda, Saudi Arabia and Israel
Posted by VNN on February 5, 2015
America’s neocons might have some explaining to do about why they have carried water not just for the Israelis but for Israel’s de facto allies in Saudi Arabia.
By Robert Parry Consortium News
The disclosure that convicted al-Qaeda operative Zacarias Moussaoui has identified leading members of the Saudi government as financers of the terrorist network potentially reshapes how Americans will perceive events in the Middle East and creates a risk for Israel’s Likud government which has forged an unlikely alliance with some of these same Saudis.
According to a story in the New York Times on Wednesday, Moussaoui said in a prison deposition that he was directed in 1998 or 1999 by Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan to create a digital database of the group’s donors and that the list included Prince Turki al-Faisal, then Saudi intelligence chief; Prince Bandar bin Sultan, longtime Saudi ambassador to the United States; Prince al-Waleed bin Talal, a prominent billionaire investor; and many leading clerics.
“Sheikh Osama wanted to keep a record who give money,” Moussaoui said in imperfect English — “who is to be listened to or who contributed to the jihad.”
Although Moussaoui’s credibility came under immediate attack from the Saudi kingdom, his assertions mesh with accounts from members of the U.S. Congress who have seen a secret portion of the 9/11 report that addresses alleged Saudi support for al-Qaeda.
Further complicating the predicament for Saudi Arabia is that, more recently, Saudi and other Persian Gulf oil sheikdoms have been identified as backers of Sunni militants fighting in Syria to overthrow the largely secular regime of President Bashar al-Assad. The major rebel force benefiting from this support is al-Nusra Front, al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria.
In other words, the Saudis appear to have continued a covert relationship with al-Qaeda-connected jihadists to the present day.
The Israeli Exposure
And, like the Saudis, the Israelis have sided with the Sunni militants in Syria because the Israelis share the Saudi view that Iran and the so-called “Shiite crescent” – reaching from Tehran and Baghdad to Damascus and Beirut – is the greatest threat to their interests in the Middle East.
That shared concern has pushed Israel and Saudi Arabia into a de facto alliance, though the collaboration between Jerusalem and Riyadh has been mostly kept out of the public eye. Still, it has occasionally peeked out from under the covers as the two governments deploy their complementary assets – Saudi oil and money and Israeli political and media clout – in areas where they have mutual interests.
In recent years, these historic enemies have cooperated in their joint disdain for the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt (which was overthrown in 2013), in seeking the ouster of the Assad regime in Syria, and in pressing for a more hostile U.S. posture toward Iran.
Israel and Saudi Arabia also have collaborated in efforts to put the squeeze on Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, who is deemed a key supporter of both Iran and Syria. The Saudis have used their power over oil production to drive down prices and hurt Russia’s economy, while U.S. neoconservatives – who share Israel’s geopolitical world view – were at the forefront of the coup that ousted Ukraine’s pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014.
The behind-the-scenes Israeli-Saudi alliance has put the two governments – uncomfortably at times – on the side of Sunni jihadists battling Shiite influence in Syria, Lebanon and even Iraq. On Jan. 18, 2015, for instance, Israel attacked Lebanese-Iranian advisers assisting Assad’s government in Syria, killing several members of Hezbollah and an Iranian general. These military advisors were engaged in operations against al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front.
Meanwhile, Israel has refrained from attacking Nusra Front militants who have seized Syrian territory near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. One source familiar with U.S. intelligence information on Syria told me that Israel has a “non-aggression pact” with these Nusra forces.
Continues under.
Full http://www.veteransnewsnow.com/2015/02/05/515092al-qaeda-saudi-arabia-and-israel/
clothcapclothcap on March 5th, 2015 11:44 am (UTC)
Re: Al-Qaeda, Saudi Arabia and Israel
An Odd Alliance
Israel’s odd-couple alliances with Sunni interests have evolved over the past several years, as Israel and Saudi Arabia emerged as strange bedfellows in the geopolitical struggle against Shiite-ruled Iran and its allies in Iraq, Syria and southern Lebanon. In Syria, for instance, senior Israelis have made clear they would prefer Sunni extremists to prevail in the civil war rather than Assad, who is an Alawite, a branch of Shiite Islam.
In September 2013, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren, then a close adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told the Jerusalem Post that Israel favored the Sunni extremists over Assad.
“The greatest danger to Israel is by the strategic arc that extends from Tehran, to Damascus to Beirut. And we saw the Assad regime as the keystone in that arc,” Oren told the Jerusalem Post in an interview. “We always wanted Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran.” He said this was the case even if the “bad guys” were affiliated with al-Qaeda.
And, in June 2014, speaking as a former ambassador at an Aspen Institute conference, Oren expanded on his position, saying Israel would even prefer a victory by the brutal Islamic State over continuation of the Iranian-backed Assad in Syria. “From Israel’s perspective, if there’s got to be an evil that’s got to prevail, let the Sunni evil prevail,” Oren said.
Continues with "Skepticism and Doubt"
[With total disregard of the will of the majority in Syria.]
clothcapclothcap on March 5th, 2015 12:07 pm (UTC)
The creation of the war on terror
Israeli False Flags and the Attack on Rev. Stephen Sizer
By Brandon Martinez on February 3, 2015
Truth cannot prevail so long as the Neocon-Zionist clique which usurped the Bush administration and instigated the calamitous ‘war of civilizations’ by way of monstrous lies and deceit is running the show in Washington and other epicenters of power that effectively dominate the world at the present time.
By Brandon Martinez
[...] In April 2002, PNAC neocons sought to capitalize on the 9/11 attacks to expedite their agenda of Iraq’s destruction, calling on President Bush in a written plea to “support Israel” in its “war on terrorism” by accelerating “plans for removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq.”Israeli citizens Perle, Feith and Wurmser effectively put their wet dreams of warinto practice by entering senior policy-making positions in the US administration of George W. Bush, leading the drive for the war in Iraq alongside the Israeli fifth columnist Paul Wolfowitz who in turn was a high ranking Pentagon official under Bush. Researchers fingered Feith’s ‘Office of Special Plans’ in the Pentagonas the fountainhead of disinformation and propaganda about Iraq’s non-existent “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” a devious ploy also promoted in Neocon-Zionist literature throughout the 1990s.
And who devised the ‘war on terror’? Despite popular belief among leftists, that ominous philosophy’s birthplace was not in the dysfunctional brain of George W. Bush. Rather, it first emerged at the Jonathan Institute’s‘ Conference on International Terrorism’ held in 1979 in Jerusalem. That group was spearheaded by Israeli politicians of the Likudnik persuasion, principally Benjamin Netanyahu, who endeavored to export their propagandistic memes about ‘terrorism’ to the West, hoping Western governments would do Israel’s bidding in the region. The foundry of lies and untruths sponsored by Netanyahu and his neocon minions in Washington was ultimately calculated to delegitimize Arab/Muslim resistance to Israeli imperial expansion and aggression, hence the widespread dissemination via Zionist-owned media venues of the erroneous contention that ‘Islamic terrorism’ is a unique threat facing the West. In actual fact, the biggest perpetrators and patrons of terrorist violence in the world are the Zionists, the Americans and their allies.
clothcapclothcap on March 5th, 2015 01:26 pm (UTC)
Will Israel ever stop its terrorism?
Netanyahu’s Ugly Israel
By Stephen Lendman Global Research, March 04, 2015
Israel is a rogue terror state by any standard. No amount of speechmaking changes reality.
They want supreme hegemonic regional control. They’re willing to wage genocidal wars to achieve objectives – including use of nuclear, chemical, biological and other banned weapons.
Their Machiavellian extremism threatens world peace and stability. Netanyahu is the tip of the iceberg.
Netanyahu came to Washington to convince Congress, the US public and his own population about a nonexistent Iranian threat.
He knows Iran threatens no one. Its nuclear program is peaceful. It has no military component. His own Mossad says so. So does US intelligence annually.
Claiming an existential Iranian threat is a ruse – a Big Lie. None exists. Netanyahu is a serial liar. He wants pro-Western stooge governance replacing Iranian sovereign independence.
He’s willing to massacre millions of Iranians to rule the region unchallenged. His madness could launch nuclear war.
At the same time, his goon squads terrorize Palestinians daily.
Every day is Kristallnacht in Palestine. So-called Israeli security forces terrorize Palestinians with impunity. So do radicalized settlers with full state support and encouragement.
Gaza remains lawlessly besieged. An Israeli caused humanitarian disaster worsens daily.
West Bank and East Jerusalem Palestinian communities are virtual war zones – subjected to daily terrorizing incursions.
Fear is pervasive. Collective punishment is official Israeli policy. So is institutionalized racism worse than anything experienced in apartheid South Africa.
Peaceful public demonstrations are brutally attacked. Free expression and movement are prohibited.
Population centers are isolated. Borders are closed. Militarized occupation prohibits normal daily life.
Palestinians face rascist discrimination, land theft, bulldozed homes, regular terror attacks, targeted killings, mass arrests, wrongful imprisonments, torture, punitive taxes, impoverishment, indentured servitude, ethnic cleansing and slow-motion genocide.
Palestinians wanting to live free on their own land in their own country are called terrorists. Fishermen are attacked at sea.
So are farmers working their land. Their crops, livestock and orchards are lawlessly destroyed.
Israeli goon squads shoot Palestinian children for target practice. Fundamental civil and human rights are denied.
Few services are provided. Vital ones are lacking or inadequate. Palestinian lawmakers are imprisoned for belonging to the wrong party.
Israeli democracy is pure fantasy.
More http://www.globalresearch.ca/netanyahus-ugly-israel/5434822
clothcapclothcap on March 5th, 2015 01:38 pm (UTC)
Barb Weir interviews moderate Syrian rebels
Posted by VNN on February 21, 2015
Syria? Please, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Syrian Syrian rebel. And there weren’t that many to start with.
Global Research reports that the US will send up to 1000 troops to train moderate Syrian rebels at centers in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar this spring. After much searching, I was able to find three of the prospective trainees and talk to them about their expectations.
[...] Muwe: Well, ISIL, ISIS, the Islamic state – whatever you want to call it – they’re paying even better and getting their money from the same places as us. It’s not fair!
Barb Weir is the pseudonym of a satire writer and social justice advocate in the San Francisco Bay Area.
clothcapclothcap on March 5th, 2015 01:39 pm (UTC)
The Rise of German Imperialism and the Phony “Russian Threat”
Posted by James Petras on December 6, 2014
Just as the Soviets turned the tide of war in Stalingrad, the Russian people, past the first two years of a bootstrap operation will survive, thrive and become once again a beacon of hope to all people looking to get from under the tyranny of US-NATO militarism and German-EU economic dictates.
[...] While President Bush and Clinton were heralding a “new world order”, based on unipolar military supremacy, Germany advanced its new imperial order by exercising its political and economic levers. Each of the two power centers, Germany and the US, shared the common quest of rapidly incorporating the new capitalist regimes into their regional organizations –the European Union (EU) and NATO– and extending their reach globally. Given the reactionary origins and trajectory into vassalage of the Eastern, Baltic and Balkan regimes, and given their political fears of a popular reaction to the loss of employment, welfare and independence resulting from their implementation of savage neoliberal “shock policies”, the client rulers immediately “applied” for membership as subordinate members of the EU and NATO, trading sovereignty, markets and national ownership of the means of production for economic handouts and the ‘free’ movement of labor, an escape valve for the millions of newly unemployed workers. German and English capital got millions of skilled immigrant workers at below labor market wages, and unimpeded access to markets and resources.
[...] The US and Germany see the Ukraine conquest as of extreme value in itself but also as the key to launching an all-out offensive to strangle Russia’s economy via sanctions and dumping oil and to militarily threaten Russia. The strategic goal is to reduce the Russian population to poverty and to re-activate the quasi-moribund opposition to overthrow the Putin government and return Russia to permanent vassalage. The US and German imperial elite, looking beyond Russia, believe that if they control Russia, they can encircle ,isolate and attack China from the West as well as the East.
Wild-eyed fanatics they are not. But as rabid proponents of a permanent war to end Russia’s presence in Europe and to undermine China’s emergence as a world power, they are willing to go to the brink of a nuclear war.
clothcapclothcap on March 5th, 2015 02:27 pm (UTC)
Kornet, What American and Israel Don’t Want to Talk About
Posted by Gordon Duff on February 28, 2015
Why Israel is using ISIS against Lebanon and Hezbollah
By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
In 2003, the US raced into Iraq with the unstoppable Abrams tank, using highly secret depleted uranium armor, capable of stopping anything. Within a week, 30 of our tanks were knocked out.
Israel, in 2006, got it’s ass handed to it in Lebanon by 300 Hezbollah fighters using Kornet missiles. Today, there is no FSA or “Free Syrian Army” because their entire armored force was wiped out in days. This is why the war in Syria has turned to the US, Britain and Israel backing ISIS and holding the people of Iraq and Syria hostage in their towns and cities.
How, might we ask, can American generals and US Senators meet with Al Qaeda, our generals (retired) lead ISIS units while American pilots are bombing from above? How can America knock out ISIS and Al Nusra supply convoys while American built C130 aircraft from the CIA, IDF and British Army drop weapons and supplies to the enemy?
Welcome to the “Middle East War Games,” 1990 – Forever” sponsored by Sheldon Adelson, John McCain, the drug cartels of the world and America’s Republican Party.
Source + vid of Kornet in action http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/02/28/kornet-what-american-and-israel-dont-want-to-talk-about/
clothcapclothcap on March 5th, 2015 02:29 pm (UTC)
Tweetz March 4
Sibel Edmonds
“US-NATO Empire trying to shift the blame 4 the ensuing political & econ crises on the ultimate fall country-Russia" http://bit.ly/17O5EgB
Voice from Palestine
12 yo boy, arrested & blindfolded, taken to unknown location, parents not notified Palestine

the Lemniscat
"We are not terrorists. Govts arming & supporting Ukrainian Nazis are the terrorists" Ukraine Spain
Nuclear weapons : who has what at a glance http://www.armscontrol.org/factsheets/Nuclearweaponswhohaswhat
Doesn't Minsk agreement say foreign troops must leave Ukrainian territory? 600 US Paratroopers to Arrive in Ukraine http://russia-insider.com/en/2015/03/04/4100

Quociente Cultural®
US Ambassador to Cyprus relieved of duty after tweeting that Cypriot President Anastasiades was link... | @scoopit http://ln.is/www.scoop.it/t/saif-/wpCYy

Horacio Calderón
#IslamicState. released a manual (#Counterintelligence) titled “How to Tweet Safely Without Giving out Your Location to #NSA” to avoid intel

Enrique Ferro
‘We should absolutely consider lethal aid’ to Ukraine – US Gen. Martin Dempsey | @scoopit http://sco.lt/7Ewleb
[incitement to break international law]
6 NATO ships to stage war games in Black Sea @scoopit http://sco.lt/6Phtcv
Saudi Arabia execution rate 'truly unprecedented' - Amnesty Intl @scoopit http://sco.lt/6TT56H
Security experts shape Russian strategy to counter color revolutions - report @scoopit http://sco.lt/8U4zCb

Hatuxka retweeted
Leith Abou Fadel
So, Qatar funds and arms Jabhat Al-Nusra (Syrian Al-Qaeda); Qatar is allied with the U.S.; Al-Qaeda is the enemy of the U.S. - Dafuq?
Paul Joseph Watson
The new leader of ISIS in Libya met with @SenJohnMcCain http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/mar/3/frank-gaffney-jr-us-backed-rebel-reportedly-leads-/#ixzz3TQRrEFcK%A0

Asem Khalil
RT @davidicke: Kerry defends Israel at UN Human Rights Council: http://bit.ly/1FQZUhi

BREAKING UPDATE: 16 miners found dead after explosion in Donetsk, E.Ukraine - DPR officials http://on.rt.com/qbmmsy

Press TV
China denies its cargo ship detained by Colombia was trafficking weapons http://ptv.io/1pAY
Israeli settlers storm the al-Aqsa Mosque compound for Talmudic rituals http://ptv.io/1pAe

Business as usual? #HSBC must clean up its own affairs, says Chancellor Osborne http://on.rt.com/d81xro
[wonder how much that cost the bandit's bank]
#Ukraine’s sovereignty has been shattered. Is a frozen conflict the best we can hope for? Crosstalk+ https://soundcloud.com/rttv/ceasefire-hold-ct

Leon: Worsening humanitarian situation in #Libya, including Warshafana, Benghazi, calls for a stronger commitment of the Int'l. community
Leon: The situation is deteriorating rapidly, #Libya can no longer afford to allow the political crisis and armed conflict to fester longer

Activist Post
Today I learned that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is a member of the Bush-Walker banking family.

Sukant Chandan
More questions arising from the #Cage - #Emwazi - #AsimQureshi - #mi5 scandal. http://sonsofmalcolm.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/did-moazzam-begg-meet-andor-train.html

The Final Call News
‘They executed that man’: Eyewitnesses call fatal Los Angeles police shooting of homeless man unwarranted http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/National_News_2/article_102169.shtml

Scott Horton
The seven racist e-mails the Justice Department highlighted in its report on Ferguson police http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2015/03/04/the-seven-racist-e-mails-the-justice-department-highlighted-in-its-report-on-ferguson-police/

Net News Global
Despite Russian Warnings, US Will Deploy a Battalion to Ukraine by the End of the Week http://www.globalresearch.ca/despite-russian-warnings-us-will-deploy-a-battalion-to-ukraine-by-the-end-of-the-week/5434755
Harald Doornbos
So cause all moderate rebels were defeated, we make Al-Qaeda in #Syria change it's name &then they are the moderates. http://uk.reuters.com/article/2015/03/04/uk-mideast-crisis-nusra-insight-idUKKBN0M00G620150304
["Insight - Syria's Nusra Front may leave Qaeda to form new entity." Remember the UK regime is party to this.]
clothcapclothcap on March 5th, 2015 02:59 pm (UTC)
Zionist Things Fall Apart
By Jonas E. Alexis on March 5, 2015
Alexander Solzhenitsyn: "The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world."
The Zionist fellowship is fading. Last February, the Jewish Daily Forward did not hesitate to say that Netanyahu “has badly damaged relations between the two countries and destroyed any semblance of trust between the leaders of two of the closest allies on earth.”[1]
AIPAC’s “credibility and political power,” the magazine continued to say, was “severely shaken.”[2]
Furthermore, Christian Zionists are also shifting their views and are slowly but surely beginning to realize that something is fundamentally and demonstrably wrong with the Israeli narrative. Quoting the Middle East Quarterly, Jon Basil Utley of the American Conservative writes,
“How quickly things change. The days of taking evangelical support for Israel for granted are over … anti-Israel Christians are penetrating the evangelical world at its soft underbelly, the millennial generation.
“Young believers are rebelling against … the excessive biblical literalism of their parents … as they strive to imitate Jesus’s stand with the oppressed and downtrodden.”[3]
Certainly this is good news, and it simply shows that the Zionist kingdom is not as invincible as people think it is. If you still think so, keep reading.

Veterans Today Poll
Should U.S. political leaders who approved and supported C.I.A. torture be indicted and prosecuted?
Yes (83%, 8,912 Votes)
No (17%, 1,822 Votes)
Total Voters: 10,734
clothcapclothcap on March 5th, 2015 03:02 pm (UTC)
The National Summit to reasses the U.S.-Israel "special relationship"
took place at the National Press Club on March 7th, 2014 and aired on C-SPAN. The nonpartisan symposium examined the impact of the U.S.-Israel relationship on Americans. Speakers and attendees included military, diplomatic, intelligence, academic, governmental, research organization and economic experts, as well as former and current members of Congress.
Videos of the whole program and by individual speaker and link to transcripts.
Via VT
clothcapclothcap on March 5th, 2015 03:27 pm (UTC)
Why the Rise of Fascism is Again the Issue
By John Pilger
Feb 27 "ICH" - The recent 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz was a reminder of the great crime of fascism, whose Nazi iconography is embedded in our consciousness. Fascism is preserved as history, as flickering footage of goose-stepping blackshirts, their criminality terrible and clear. Yet in the same liberal societies, whose war-making elites urge us never to forget, the accelerating danger of a modern kind of fascism is suppressed; for it is their fascism.
"To initiate a war of aggression...," said the Nuremberg Tribunal judges in 1946, "is not only an international crime, it is the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole."
Had the Nazis not invaded Europe, Auschwitz and the Holocaust would not have happened. Had the United States and its satellites not initiated their war of aggression in Iraq in 2003, almost a million people would be alive today; and Islamic State, or ISIS, would not have us in thrall to its savagery. They are the progeny of modern fascism, weaned by the bombs, bloodbaths and lies that are the surreal theatre known as news.
Like the fascism of the 1930s and 1940s, big lies are delivered with the precision of a metronome: thanks to an omnipresent, repetitive media and its virulent censorship by omission. Take the catastrophe in Libya.
In 2011, Nato launched 9,700 "strike sorties" against Libya, of which more than a third were aimed at civilian targets. Uranium warheads were used; the cities of Misurata and Sirte were carpet-bombed. The Red Cross identified mass graves, and Unicef reported that "most [of the children killed] were under the age of ten".
The public sodomising of the Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi with a "rebel" bayonet was greeted by the then US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, with the words: "We came, we saw, he died." His murder, like the destruction of his country, was justified with a familiar big lie; he was planning "genocide" against his own people. "We knew... that if we waited one more day," said President Obama, "Benghazi, a city the size of Charlotte, could suffer a massacre that would have reverberated across the region and stained the conscience of the world."
This was the fabrication of Islamist militias facing defeat by Libyan government forces. They told Reuters there would be "a real bloodbath, a massacre like we saw in Rwanda". Reported on March 14, 2011, the lie provided the first spark for Nato's inferno, described by David Cameron as a "humanitarian intervention".
Secretly supplied and trained by Britain's SAS, many of the "rebels" would become ISIS, whose latest video offering shows the beheading of 21 Coptic Christian workers seized in Sirte, the city destroyed on their behalf by Nato bombers.
For Obama, Cameron and Hollande, Gaddafi's true crime was Libya's economic independence and his declared intention to stop selling Africa's greatest oil reserves in US dollars. The petrodollar is a pillar of American imperial power. Gaddafi audaciously planned to underwrite a common African currency backed by gold, establish an all-Africa bank and promote economic union among poor countries with prized resources. Whether or not this would happen, the very notion was intolerable to the US as it prepared to "enter" Africa and bribe African governments with military "partnerships".
Following Nato's attack under cover of a Security Council resolution, Obama, wrote Garikai Chengu, "confiscated $30 billion from Libya's Central Bank, which Gaddafi had earmarked for the establishment of an African Central Bank and the African gold backed dinar currency".
The "humanitarian war" against Libya drew on a model close to western liberal hearts, especially in the media. In 1999, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair sent Nato to bomb Serbia, because, they lied, the Serbs were committing "genocide" against ethnic Albanians in the secessionist province of Kosovo. David Scheffer, US ambassador-at-large for war crimes [sic], claimed that as many as "225,000 ethnic Albanian men aged between 14 and 59" might have been murdered. Both Clinton and Blair evoked the Holocaust and "the spirit of the Second World War".
Continues http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article41117.htm
clothcapclothcap on March 5th, 2015 03:38 pm (UTC)
Re: Why the Rise of Fascism is Again the Issue
"To initiate a war of aggression...," said the Nuremberg Tribunal judges in 1946, "is not only an international crime, it is the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole."

Blair took part in initiating the destruction of Iraq. Cameron initiated the destruction of Libya. Both were wars of aggression. Neither has faced any consequence for their action. Neither has been ostracized by by the MSM nor their peers.
Is the UK destined to be led by war criminals appointed by freemason/illuminati mafia?
clothcapclothcap on March 5th, 2015 04:02 pm (UTC)
From my email
Mark Conrad @markconradhack
Breaking news: #OpMidland detectives raid home of former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor. See @ExaroNews for more. http://www.exaronews.com/articles/5510/police-raid-harvey-proctor-s-home-under-operation-midland

Tom Pride @ThomasPride
Shameful Britain: cancer patient told to attend work interviews or lose benefits just weeks before she dies https://tompride.wordpress.com/2014/12/16/terminal-cancer-patients-now-expected-to-attend-work-interviews-or-lose-welfare-support/

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