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Mr Cameron! Timeline of UNEP and UN IPCC fraud

What follows is a letter to an Australian Green senator with attachments as a timeline of eco fraud with a climategate "inquiry" reference.

Emphasis is mine.

To: Senator Christine Milne
cc All federal parliamentary Greens, All federal MP's, newspaper editors, Friends

Dear Senator Milne:

Your senate Greens colleagues, Scott Ludlam (August 12th, 2009) and Sarah Hanson-Young (no date) advised me by Australia Post that you are responsible for the Greens' climate policy. Although they, like all MP's, remain personally responsible for their every vote in parliament, it is clear you are driving the Greens party's climate agenda.

Please refer to the attached brief Timeline of UNEP and UN IPCC fraud.

This supplements extensive fully referenced documents previously sent you itemising UN IPCC falsities and fraudulent corruption of science and climate.

Contrary to your letter of September 28th, 2009, the UN IPCC has no scientifically measured real world evidence that human production of CO2 caused Earth's latest, modest, cyclic warming that ended around 1998. I please request that you justify your statement and position by advising of one specific piece of scientifically measured real-world evidence proving human production of carbon dioxide caused global warming.

Given overwhelming and growing evidence of UN IPCC fraud sent to you, I conclude your position is either consciously fraudulent or misguided. Assuming for now that your politics is motivated by care rather than your care motivated by your politics, I hope you will care enough to change your policy to base it on scientific facts and true environmental and humanitarian needs.

Malcolm Roberts
BE (Hons), MBA (Chicago) Fellow AICD, MAIM, MAusIMM, MAME (USA), MIMM (UK), Fellow ASQ (USA, Aust)

Download links for the following PDFs
The Eco Fraud - Part 1: A Timeline of international fraud &
Climategate 'Inquiry' References

Sample from "The Eco Fraud":

1976 Pacific Climate Shift. Sudden small rise in temperatures, clearly natural.

1980 Villach, Austria Conference. UNEP invited national governments to send scientists to its climate conference.
Draft declaration stating that global warming was caused by human production of carbon dioxide, CO2 (from burning fuels containing carbon) was thrust on scientists by conference bureaucrats. Scientists refuse to sign, citing no evidence.

1985 Villach Conference. UNEP bypassed national governments and directly invited select scientists to its repeat conference. Produced declaration claiming global warming was occurring due to human production of CO2 from burning fuels containing carbon. Bert Bolin virtually single-handedly wrote conference report claiming human production of carbon dioxide caused global warming despite no evidence for that claim.

1988 UNEP combines with UN’s World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to establish the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC). Bert Bolin !rst UN IPCC Chair. UN IPCC’s role defined as finding the risk of human causation of global warming. (Link to archived copy). Note: non-governmental and not accountable to governments.

1991 UN IPCC provides its first report - reputedly based on Bert Bolin’s Villach report. Claims global warming
due to human production of CO2 despite no evidence.

1992 Maurice Strong, Secretary General of the Earth Summit, Rio De Janeiro. Dramatically successful in creating a political issue by careful stage managing, media manipulation, networking and effective use of NGO’s reportedly cultivated by Maurice Strong. With no evidence global warming and human production of CO2 become political issue when NGO’s and other groups led concerted campaign that falsely appeared to be grass roots.

1995 Second UN IPCC report. UN IPCC scientists clearly conclude there is no evidence linking human production of carbon dioxide with global warming yet final report written by UN IPCC bureaucrats states, quote: “The balance of evidence suggests a discernible human influence on global climate”.
Roberts (2009), page 10, sourced from UN IPCC, 1995 report.

1997 Kyoto Protocol. Maurice Strong is reportedly godfather of the Kyoto Protocol driving introduction of carbon trading despite no scientific evidence linking human production of CO2 as cause of global warming.

2001 Third UN IPCC report to governments. Uses fraudulent hockey stick graph to falsely claim unusual global warming caused by human production of CO2. With no scientific evidence, the graph was fabricated to omit world-wide scientific recognition of Earth’s previous recent natural cyclic periods that were far warmer. Graph bypassed scientific peer review. Subsequently scientifically discredited worldwide. After the graph is seared in people’s frightened minds world-wide, UN IPCC quietly withdraws

Full document linked above.

Above taken from
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