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16 February 2015 @ 08:25 am
Tech (1) Smart Meters Conspiracy  

Utility Commissioner’s Emails Reveal Smart Meter Conspiracy

Dees Illustration
Josh del Sol Activist Post

FAT CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG: Evidence has now been made public of illegal actions and collusion between former California Public Utilities Commission president Michael Peevey and utility PG&E, as criminal investigations continue.
As part of a federal and state investigation into what appears to be systemic corruption involving former senior executives at PG&E and the California Public Utilities Commission, 65,000 emails have been publicly released, revealing collusion and conspiracy.
Former commission president Michael Peevey and former PG&E Vice President Brian Cherry are wishing investigators would have been kept in the dark. The pair privately discussed problems with so-called “smart” meters, violating their own rules of procedure while admitting to health harm and overbilling problems which several thousand Californians had been warning about since 2010.
Details continue to surface, as press and researchers continue to delve into the mountain of collusion.
It is perhaps justly ironic that we now see, made public, the private email correspondence of those who have teamed up to deploy technology which, according to a 2012 US Congressional Research report, facilitates unprecedented in-home surveillance.
Here are some highlights from their correspondence:
1) Peevey knew – since 2010 – that “smart” meters can cause physical harm.
And he believed PG&E should do something about it, albeit “quietly”. However, instead of regulating the utility to ensure public safety, he deferred his lawful duty to PG&E – the entity causing the harm.
From a 2010 email:


“Peevey wanted PG&E to keep it quiet,” writes Sandi Maurer, Director of the EMF Safety Network. “He didn’t want other customers, or the rest of the world to know there’s a problem with smart meters causing customers pain.”
2) Peevey said after a “smart” meter was installed on his vacation home, his bill more than doubled.
Sunday’s LA Times reported this one. “Obviously something is wrong,” Peevey wrote to Cherry in 2011. “I would like an explanation.”
PG&E reacted immediately to perform a “deep dive investigation” into the billing situation at the 3,118-square-foot Sea Ranch home on the Northern California coast.
There have been tens of thousands of billing complaints in California, revealing a widespread, systemic overbilling problem which appears to be the case everywhere “smart” meters are installed.
3) Peevey and Cherry colluded to permanently delay hearings until the “smart” meter rollout was completed.
As noted in EMF Safety Network’s January 22 appeal for rehearing, an email from Cherry to Tom Bottorff – a senior VP who left in disgrace but received $1.1M in severance pay – outlines the CPUC conspiracy to delay “smart” meter hearings until all “smart” meters had already been installed:
Mike [Peevey, the CPUC president] grumbled about the CCSF PFM [City and County of San Francisco Petition for Modification] and the folks in Sebastopool [sic] who want to delay SmartMeter implementation. He implied that this wasn’t going to happen and that by the time the Commission got around to acting on it, we would have installed all of our meters.


In fact, not all of the “smart” meters have been installed in California – as thousands of customers have refused and 57 local governments don’t want them – and there are now obvious issues with those that were installed.
Thanks to multi-year efforts of advocate groups like EMF Safety Network and StopSmartMeters!, the cat is now out of the bag as to how dangerous and corrupt the grand plans of people like Michael Peevey have been. The CPUC and PG&E knew that people were being harmed and they colluded to silence the truth.

The story continues to unfold
We encourage you to stay tuned as more revelations come out by the day. With the judge-shopping scandal, ex-Commissioner Peevey’s home computers, hard drives and smart phones were seized in January by investigators. This has already led to more evidence of collusion in the multi-billion dollar bailout of the San Onofre nuclear power plant in 2013.
As utility and political leaders from around the country toasted Michael Peevey last night on a “job well done”, truth advocates will continue to sift through emails. We can only guess what will be revealed in the coming months. However, it appears that it won’t be a comfortable retirement for those who broke their own rules and brushed aside safety in order to push through the multi-billion dollar boondoggle that is the wireless “smart” grid.

Josh del Sol is the director and producer of Take Back Your Power, a revelatory documentary feature film uncovering the worldwide ‘smart’ metering and grid agenda. Watch the film and subscribe to updates at www.takebackyourpower.net, and follow him via twitter @TBYPfilm.

Smart Meters: What Consumers Can Do To Get Them Removed
clothcapclothcap on February 16th, 2015 08:30 am (UTC)
Researchers Discover Glyphosate Herbicide in Honey, Soy Sauce
How ubiquitous is Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide, really? Researchers have discovered that a chemical in the world’s most used herbicide – RoundUp – is tainting the world’s food supply at large. It was recently found that this chemical, known as glyphosate, is present concerning amounts in honey and soy sauce.
For the study, researchers from Abraxis LLC and Boston University purchased sample sizes of various foods to analyze
69 samples of honey
26 samples of pancake and corn syrup
28 samples of soy sauce
11 samples of soy milk
20 samples of tofu
The minimum limit of quantification (LOQ) of the method were determined for honey, pancake syrup, and corn syrup to be 15 ppb; soy sauce, soy milk, and tofu 75 ppb. What this means is that products could have contained minimal levels of glyphosate even though they turned up negative.
While glyphosate residues above the limit weren’t detected in the soy milk, pancake and corn syrup, and tofu, shocking residues were found in the honey. Of the 69 honey samples tested, 41 of them (59%) had glyphosate concentrations above the method LOQ (15 ppb), with a concentration range between 17 and 163 ppb and a mean of 64 ppb.
And it wasn’t just commercial honey that was tainted; 5 of the 11 samples of organic honey contained high levels of glyphosate – with a range of 26 to 93 ppb and a mean of 50 ppb.
Sustainable Pulse Director Henry Rowlands reacted Thursday to the published results;
“This sad news shows just how widespread glyphosate is in our food. With the increase in GM crops being cultivated worldwide it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid. If you ask anyone if they feel there should be ‘allowed’ levels of toxic chemicals such as glyphosate in their bodies the answer will of course always be ‘No’. It is a fact that the scientific and regulatory process cannot evidence ‘safe’ levels for these chemicals.”
Sustainable Pulse notes:
“The results showed that honey from countries that permit GM crops contained far more glyphosate than honey from countries which limit or prohibit the cultivation of GM crops, with the levels in the U.S. by far the highest.”
Approximately 1 billion pounds of pesticides are sprayed on crops in the United States alone every single year, with much of it containing glyphosate. Regulators as well as Monsanto claim that this ingredient is excreted from the body, but numerous studies have shown that not only is it causing numerous health problems, but it is showing up in urine samples, blood samples, and even breast milk.
Despite testing for hundreds of pesticides in food commodities, the USDA does not test for glyphosate residues.
clothcapclothcap on February 16th, 2015 08:40 am (UTC)
Why you should never eat a bacon sandwich:
Why you should never eat a bacon sandwich: what you can - and can't - eat
Butter can be good for you but don’t fry with olive oil. We speak to experts to consider the latest findings that flip our food wisdom on its head
If they got it wrong why should we trust them now? Use common sense ahead of what scientist tell you.
(Anonymous) on February 16th, 2015 09:48 pm (UTC)
Re: Why you should never eat a bacon sandwich:
I had a physiologist friend (a father of a good friend) who told me that if you ate all sorts of food in moderation you would get the full serve of required nutrients for good health. He didn't follow his own advice and enjoyed food from the frying pan followed by jelly and icecream. When he didn't turn up at the Med school one morning and didn't answer phone calls someone went up to his house to investigate. He died from a massive heart attack and was found dead on the floor of his kitchen with his burning and overboiled pot of milk for his full milk coffee before bed still being heated by gas. This was in 1987 and he was only 61 yrs old.
clothcapclothcap on February 19th, 2015 10:15 pm (UTC)
Re: Why you should never eat a bacon sandwich:
Some people follow their tongue rather than common sense. Your psysiologist friend gave good advice although how true it is today I don't know with Monsanto poisoning esp. globalist NWO supporting corp'ns' products, Pepsi, Kellogs etc with no option to avoid them due to the massively funded campaign against labelling.
Then there is beef and milk polluted with antibiotics and growth hormones and gods know what else is in our food. And now glyphosphates. Aspartame is still in the market and in a host of products despite being found harmful.

Edited at 2015-02-19 10:44 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous) on February 16th, 2015 08:21 pm (UTC)
Smart meters.
I had a smart meter installed some months back and noticed that despite using very little electricity (just can't afford it) my bill increased noticeably.
clothcapclothcap on February 19th, 2015 10:42 pm (UTC)
Re: Smart meters.
The actual smart meters themselves will not cut your usage or your bill but it is hoped that enabling consumers to see the costs of energy usage in real time will encourage us to use energy more efficiently, which will lead to a reduction in both consumption and costs.
Smart meters will be available to both prepay and credit meter customers and there will be no installation or set up fees.
The cost of the meter and its maintenance will be covered by our energy bill, in the same way that we pay for existing meters.

I would suggest that the cost of installation, wi-fi and people, including GCHQ, to monitor your usage is what increased your bill.
Get info like from here
then contact your energy supplier and ask them how much it costs to get it rmoved. They will try to say that replacement non smart meters are not available, tell them you'll find a supplier that will replace it then.
If you can't find a willing supplier contact Citizens Adviceand your MP for further help.
The Cameron regime is determined to have them in every home so he can be forewarned of when the people are coming to get him...

Those that are clued in, don't be bullied, they are not compulsory.

The smart meter revolution
Do I have to have a smart meter?
No. The Government requires suppliers to roll out smart meters as standard to homes and small businesses across Britain by 2020 but there is no legal obligation on individuals to have one. At British Gas we’re committed to upgrading all our customers by taking steps to reach everyone.
What if I don’t want smart meters?
Just let us know about it. If one of our customers informs us that they’re opposed to having smart meters installed, we’ll simply take them off our roll-out list.