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08 February 2015 @ 01:01 am
Working For The Zionist Agenda  
The psychopathic ambition to have a new world order with zionists and their selection of puppets at the helm knows no limits to the brutality committed, neither the method nor the cruelty and deception involved deters them from their chosen path, apparently adapting Weishaupt's plan for control of the world on which the Protocols of Zion appear to be based. As (hereditary?) leader of the Zionist Org. the Rothschilds' trans generational implementation of the plan has an Israel run by zionists as the facade, the puppets in the W. gov'ts, their national army leaders, NATO, UN leaders, divisions of the UN esp. UNEP and the Rothschilds' personal army of Freemasons and national secret services in their control, Amazing what a psycho with limitless finance can achieve against nature.
Historically conquerors impose a new religion that is submissive to them, the religion selected by the NWO promoters is luciferianism based on the Talmud- Kabalah books that embrace child sacrice and has the golden bull as their graven image.
How the current phase of the plan is being played involves total mayhem in the Ukraine, M.E.and N.A. with cruelty on a scale not seen since the world wars being the target with a greatly expanded Israel and puppet satellite regimes being the end game of this chapter. ISIS is an NWO weapon.

ISIS, Israel and US duplicity August 13, 2014
By  Brandon Martinez
Mainstream media wants us to believe ISIS sprung up out of a hole in the ground and became powerful enough to take over large cities without any assistance from the big powers. The ineptitude of that narrative is an insult to everyone’s intelligence.
The US government claims it has launched several air strikes against ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) militants in Iraq. These are the same ISIS militants that the US and its client states are supporting in Syria; the same breed and stock of militants they let loose like wild dogs to lynch Gaddafi and wreak havoc in Libya.
It is traditional US diplomacy to play a double game — on the one hand training, arming and financing terrorists to overthrow or destabilize non-compliant governments, while at the same time condemning those same malcontents when it is convenient to do so.
It is common knowledge that “al-Qaeda” got its start as CIA mercenaries against the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s. That fact didn’t stop President Bush from declaring his delusional and totally fraudulent “war on terror,” vowing to eliminate the CIA’s very own Frankenstein creation.
How do we really know what the US is doing in Iraq at the moment?
How do we know that they really are carrying out strikes against ISIS? How do US forces know who is ISIS and who isn’t? Do ISIS members wear bright pink uniforms so that they stand out in a crowd and can thus be precision targeted by American fighter jets? For all we know, these air strikes could be targeting Iraqi army and police forces that are fighting against ISIS militants. Maybe the plan is to covertly help ISIS fragment and destabilize Iraq and exacerbate the country’s misery. Perhaps ISIS is being used as leverage against the unreliable puppets in Baghdad; one can picture Obama threatening al-Maliki that if he doesn’t follow Washington’s demands like a blind mule more ISIS fighters will be flooded into the country. This whole thing could also be an Orwellian bluff designed to deflect attention from Israel’s biennial ritual slaughter in Gaza.
ISIS’s presence in Iraq is being used as an excuse to continue to bomb that beleaguered and thoroughly victimized nation. Obviously Washington doesn’t give a damn if the people of Iraq fall victim to ISIS; in fact Washington would love nothing more than a few more Iraqi corpses. Only a fool would believe that Washington cares about the well-being of Iraqis after extinguishing the lives of close to two million of them since the genocidal 2003 invasion and relegating millions more to lives of misery and despair. America wants to keep Iraq in a state of perpetual decay, unable to assert its own interests or do much of anything without Washington’s assistance.
Yes, US foreign policy doesn’t make much sense. US policies vis-a-vis the Middle East aren’t logical because those policies are not intended to serve any true US national interest, but rather to expedite Israel’s regional objectives, which constitute a Machiavellian grand plan of divide and rule.
The mainstream media wants us to believe ISIS sprung up out of a hole in the ground and became powerful enough to take over large cities without any assistance from the big powers. The ineptitude of that narrative is an insult to everyone’s intelligence.
ISIS Fraud!
Reports are circulating which suggest that ISIS’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was trained by the Israeli Mossad in psychological warfare; that he is essentially an actor playing the role of “Islamic radical.” It wouldn’t be the first time a Zionist asset posed as an Islamic radical in order to blacken the name of Islam. Shortly after 9/11 an American Jew named Adam Pearlman started calling himself Adam Gadahn. He grew a scary Islamic beard and then allegedly joined al-Qaeda, becoming the group’s “spokesman” and PR man. Gadahn appeared in numerous menacing al-Qaeda videos preaching “jihad” against America, but his cover was blown when an Orange County newspaper revealed him to be the grandson of a prominent Zionist who sat on the Board of Directors of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, Zionism’s main Hasbara propaganda arm in the US.
ISIS’s true intention, many claim, is to incite sectarian divide in Israel’s neighbouring states, thereby advancing Tel Aviv’s Oded Yinon plan for the balkanizing and fracturing of its regional foes. Is it any coincidence that ISIS and its affiliates have targeted Libya, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon with the most furor, while leaving the corrupt, US-backed dictatorships in Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc., alone. Not to mention ISIS’s complete lack of action against Israel or the US.
"Regarding the current manufactured crises in Syria and Iraq, the mainstream media presents viewers with nonsensical and inconsequential debates about “moderate” and “extremist” rebel fighters, as if there is such a thing as a “moderate” rebel who is nonetheless armed to the teeth and attempting to overthrow a sovereign state through force of arms."
What goes unstated on these pitiful mainstream media programs is the basic common sense that the United States has no right to stick its nose in the internal affairs of other countries. A US military presence or action of any kind in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, and everywhere else Washington has endeavored to insert its poisonous tentacles, is a breach of sovereignty and constitutes a crime against peace. What if China started taking unilateral military action in the US, attempting to change the course of political developments through military intervention, against the wishes of most American people? Do Americans ever ask themselves that question when they mindlessly chant, “support the troops”?

Americans should “support the troops” by demanding they be brought back home from every last cave and crevasse they are currently occupying across the globe.
david_ben_gurion_ethnic_cleansingWhat also goes unmentioned by the chirping air-heads of the mainstream media, for obvious reasons, is that many of the problems in the Middle East wouldn’t exist if not for the establishment of “Israel” in 1948 on the blood and bones of the Palestinians. Much of the unrest in the region stems from that original sin. The bellicose, racist regime in Tel Aviv is bent not only on the conquest of the Middle East but the whole world, as pronounced in coded language by Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion in a 1962 interview published in Look Magazine.
In the interview Ben-Gurion outlined his vision for the future, predicting that by 1987 all countries and continents, with the exception of the Soviet Union, “will become united in a world alliance, at whose disposal will be an international police force. All armies will be abolished, and there will be no more wars.” Ben-Gurion continued his grandiose presage, stating that “In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah.”
In other words, Ben-Gurion envisioned Jerusalem to be the cornerstone of a global government led by Zionists.
Is  it any wonder that the United States, the home of close to half the world’s Jews, has been acting as Israel’s New World Order strong-arm against all who dare to resist the Zionists’ diabolical globalist scheme?
Source http://www.veteransnewsnow.com/2014/08/13/509305-isis-israel-and-us-duplicity/ © Brandon Martinez

The ISIS comedy continues…
Much of the Western world has reluctantly signed up with America’s counterfeit crusade against the radical group. And now Japan has been suckered into the madness...
By Brandon Martinez
One can’t help but laugh at the way in which our loathsome leaders try to pull the wool over our eyes time and again.
These cowards in high places have resorted to fantastical lies and clownish frauds to keep us complacent and ignorant.
This latest chicanery should make you grin.
Just hours after Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made an “anti-terrorism” pact with Israel and pledged $200 million towards the anti-ISIS coalition led by the United States, ISIS released a video threatening to kill two Japanese hostages.
The infamous British-accented Islamic State fighter, who allegedly beheaded a string of hostages over recent months including American photojournalist James Foley, appears in a new video demanding a ransom of $200 million in exchange for the release of the two Japanese captives.
“[Israeli PM] Netanyahu warned [Japanese PM] Abe that Japan could become a target of terrorism,” writes Dr. Patrick Slattery in an article on David Duke’s website,“and almost on cue, within a matter of hours ISIS released a video featuring two Japanese hostages in orange jumpsuits and a knife-wielding masked man who announced in British English that the Japanese [captives] would be killed if a $200 million ransom is not paid in 72 hours.”
What timing! What convenience!
ISIS seems to have ready-made beheading videos designed to whip up a furorin every country ongod’s green earth. Americans, Frenchmen, Brits and now Japanese – it’s like they have a repository of prisoners from around the world, at-the-ready to be used as bait for further incitement.
ISIS’s string pullers in Washington and Tel Aviv are trying to drag the whole world into their farcical stage-play.Thanks to a slew of ‘beheading videos’ and contrived ‘terror incidents’ that struck a number of Western capitals in recent months, much of the Western world has reluctantly signed up with America’s counterfeit crusade against the radical group. And now Japan has been suckered into the madness.
As Slattery points out in the aforesaid article, the new ISIS video, like the myriad of replicas before it, appears to have beenfaked. The shadows are wrong and the wind affects the two Japanese captives differently.
Continues http://www.veteransnewsnow.com/2015/01/22/514773the-isis-comedy-continues/ © Brandon Martinez
clothcapclothcap on February 8th, 2015 01:04 am (UTC)
The perfect debt slave
Excerpt from The NWO - Mass Mind Control.
Imagine that you want people to go along with your plans, to never defy you or challenge you. You want them to play your game on your terms. How would you achieve it?
[...] According to Riesman, most people in the modern world are "other-directed". The greatest influence in their lives is their peer group. They have no core values and follow whatever is in vogue at a particular moment. Their stance could flip from one moment to the next depending on the people around them. As Riesman wrote, "The other-directed person wants to be loved rather than esteemed." They want to relate to others and be in emotional accord with them. They are the typical employees of large corporations - malleable, compliant, docile, easily controlled, willing to perform the humiliating 9-5 routine indefinitely. They are too busy interacting with their peers to worry about bad government, conspiracies, unlawful and unmerited authority. In other words, they are suckers, willing to tolerate any nonsense so long as it doesn't threaten their position in their peer group. They will join popular, trendy protest groups providing their friends are doing the same. Anxiety, rather than guilt, is their main affliction. They are a herd, a flock, moving in whatever random direction the most purposeful of them has chosen to go in at a particular moment. They're highly impressionable and gullible, perfect victims for advertising manipulation and the latest fads. Fundamentally, they are rudderless, have no internal values, are continually buffeted by the winds of fashion. Deep down they are profoundly lonely and in constant need of others to give them a sense of purpose. These people are Riesman's "lonely crowd." They are the perfect members of a consumer society, and have little to offer in the way of creativity, spiritual awareness, or human greatness.
clothcapclothcap on February 8th, 2015 01:07 am (UTC)
Lawsuit says Caltech Provost and others ignored Israeli spying
and then retaliated against whistleblower
By Alison Weir
Dr. Troian’s allegations describe subversion of one of America’s most important scientific institutions and provide a potential case study of how U.S. taxpayer funded scientific technology is stolen by Israel.
If Americans Knew
Following is a deeply disturbing excerpt from a civil lawsuit filed by a Caltech professor against Caltech, often named the world’s top research university. Caltech’s official name is the California Institute of Technology.
According to the lawsuit, a small coterie of Caltech professors and administrators ignored Israeli spying and theft of taxpayer-funded U.S. technology and then retaliated against the professor for reporting it.
Caltech Provost Edward Stolper, who has ties to Israel and received an honorary degree from one of its universities, seems to have been one of those leading the charge.
The lawsuit is by a distinguished physicist named Dr. Sandra Troian, who was recruited from Princeton, has won numerous scientific awards, and serves on national and international scientific boards. In her suit Dr. Troian says that an Israeli postdoctoral student blatantly violated US laws and transmitted information on potential space technology to Israel.
According to Troian, when she reported these violations, some Caltech administrators and professors ignored the Israeli’s extensive violations, and then, enabled by diverse cronies and subordinates, launched an escalating retaliatory campaign against her for trying to stop the Israeli’s illegal activities. Some of the actions described below were remarkably petty, others of considerable significance.
The complaint, filed November 13th, 2014, describes the course of events in illuminating and excruciating detail. The statement also says that Stolper and others worked to impede information from reaching the FBI, which was investigating possible Israeli spying and infiltration at Caltech.
clothcapclothcap on February 8th, 2015 01:10 am (UTC)
The Day Israel Attacked America
October 31, 2014 By Richard Belfield
Al Jazeera investigates the shocking truth behind a deadly Israeli attack on a US naval vessel
[...] In Texas we interviewed Bobby Ray Inman, an intelligence officer with a glittering track record at the CIA, Naval Intelligence and as a former director of the NSA. My contacts in the UK intelligence world had always told me “he is one of the good guys” and I quickly discovered why. He was frank and clear.
The top Israeli commanders, he explained, had known exactly what they were doing when they attacked the Liberty and when it came to holding them to account, the US government rolled over for them.
clothcapclothcap on February 8th, 2015 01:12 am (UTC)
Lebensraum in Palestine
A U.S. diplomatic convoy was attacked Friday in the West Bank by Jewish settlers...
by Brian Cloughley Asia Times
The Security Council determines that the policy and practices of Israel in establishing settlements in the Palestinian and other Arab territories occupied since 1967 have no legal validity and constitute a serious obstruction to achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East. – United Nations Security Council Resolution 446, 1979.
A U.S. diplomatic convoy was attacked Friday in the West Bank by Jewish settlers throwing rocks, Israeli news reports said. – Los Angeles Times January 2, 2015.
Imagine the uproar, the news media hysteria, the White House shrieks of righteous rage and the Congressional threats of dire vengeance if a group of US consular officials had been attacked in Russia or Venezuela. Even if such an incident had taken place in a country such as Australia, Britain or Canada there would have been a hullabaloo and massive media cover.
But when, as reported by Associated Press, “Jewish settlers attacked American consular officials Friday [January 2] during a visit the officials made to the West Bank as part of an investigation into claims of damage to Palestinian agricultural property,” there was mild and entirely uncritical media comment and merely an expression of “deep concern” by the State Department. After all, the US officials were only pelted with rocks and their vehicles were struck only with clubs.
It is interesting to examine the reason for the rock-pelted visit to the Palestinian village of Turmus Ayya by US diplomatic officials, because this was not a minor matter of “damage to agricultural property.” It involved them looking at the area where 5,000 olive tree saplings had been uprooted and scores of ancient olive trees chopped down. All these were the property of Palestinians who own the land on which they grew. Those who destroyed the trees and the livelihoods of hundreds of Palestinians were illegal Israel settlers on land taken by force from its Palestinian owners. The conduct of these settlers is supported root and branch by the Israeli government and the US Congress.
U.S. vetoes U.N. resolution declaring Israeli settlements illegal.
clothcapclothcap on February 8th, 2015 01:18 am (UTC)
Palestinian Civil Society Condemns Canadian Government
Disinformation and Repression Against BDS Boycott Movement
By BDS Movement Global Research, February 05, 2015
BDS Movement
The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), the largest coalition of Palestinian civil society organisations that leads the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, has condemned the Canadian government’s ramped up disinformation campaign and repressive measures against the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian rights.
BDS is a global, Palestinian-led nonviolent human rights movement that aims to apply pressure on Israel, as was done on apartheid South Africa, to fully comply with its obligations under international law.
clothcapclothcap on February 8th, 2015 01:21 am (UTC)
Tyler Durden's Zero Hedge 1
Greece Exposes The Global Economy's Achilles Heel
The new Greek political party, known as Syriza, the Coalition of the Radical Left, has done the unthinkable: they've dared to speak the truth.

5 Things To Ponder: Intriguing Erudition
"Conditions in the global economy are clearly abnormal. The policymaker response to those conditions is extraordinary, with minimal focus on an all-out push for higher growth. Instead, the primary focus is on boosting “inflation” with repeated doses of bondbuying, stock-buying and super-low interest rates"
"A trait you'll see among the world's best investors is the willingness -- even desire -- to talk about their mistakes. They analyze what went wrong, why they were mistaken, and how they can learn from their errors so they don't repeat them. Everyone makes mistakes, but they seem to grasp what most of us have a hard time admitting: It's your (and my) fault."

Yanis Varoufakis Sums Up Europe In One Sentence
"A clueless political personnel, in denial of the systemic nature of the crisis, is pursuing policies akin to carpet-bombing the economy of proud European nations in order to save them."

‘Secret’ Gold Repatriation: the Banksters’ Newest Bullion Scam
Posted by : Sprott Money
Post date: 02/07/2015 - 07:59
Many previous commentaries have detailed the mounting crises faced by the One Bank in its own paper-bullion markets. Invariably, these “crises” are 100% self-created. This is easily...

"We Just Need To Print More Money" Bank Of Japan's New Board Member Clarifies Endgame
The Abe administration nominated a major proponent of reflationary monetary policy to the central bank’s board, buttressing Governor Haruhiko Kuroda’s efforts to save the nation from the dread of deflation. As Bloomberg reports, economist Yutaka Harada, who will replace Ryuzo Miyao, has said Japan can beat deflation by printing money in a 2013 book "Reflationary Policy Revives Japan’s Economy." So far that is not working so try harder... “The nomination is a good news for Kuroda... he will keep a majority on the board and win what he wants." Why such good news? As deputy director at the finance ministry’s Policy Research Institute, Harada exclaimed, "we just need to print money."
For those that don't know deflation describes an increase in a currency's value. The reverse of gov'ts stealing by inflation on behalf of corporations.

US Attorney General Has A Message For The American Markets: Beware Of Foreign Spies
Following the arrest of 3 Russians on Wall Street for alleged spying, the message from John Carlin, assistant US attorney general for National Security, is clear, "they want what you have." The "they" are multiple foreign nations spying on the US financial markets and the "what you have" is, according to Carlin, financial markets that are "the envy of the world." As we explained recently, it appears the pretext for the scapegoat of the next possible (June rate hike-inspired?) market crash is being prepared, as Carlin confirms, "it's not just the Russians, there are multiple foreign nations that want to gather as much information about" the stock market as possible. When asked why, his response, "they are doing this for a number of reasons."

Edited at 2015-02-08 01:25 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on February 8th, 2015 01:23 am (UTC)
Tyler Durden's Zero Hedge 2
Turkish Lira Crashes To New Record Lows, Erdogan Slams "New York Times Owners"
Following his outburst at the "independence" of the Turkish Central Bank earlier this week (which crashed the Lira), President Erdogan has opened his mouth again this morning...
So the blame for his nation's weakness is an independent central bank and the NY Times...

Shameless! Meet 7 Congressmen Who Joined Lobbying Firms Less Than A Month After Leaving Office
If there was a walk of shame for so-called Congressional “representatives,” this list would serve as an excellent starting point. Their actions serve as definitive proof that the vast majority of politicians are only in it for money and power. They could care less about “public service” or being statesmen. If that was truly their calling in life, they wouldn’t immediately turn around and join lobbying firms the moment they leave office. Yet all they do is cash in. That’s all they ever do. The most amazing part about this article is that “by law, ex-House members are required to wait one year before they can officially lobby lawmakers on the Hill.” Naturally, professional liars and thieves won’t let something as pedestrian as ethics or rules get in the way. If there’s one thing politicians are good at, it’s finding loopholes.

Guest Post: How Vaccine Hysteria Could Spark A Totalitarian Nightmare
At the end of the day, the issue here is one of freedom, and freedom is the freedom to choose – even if we make a bad choice. The argument that I must vaccinate my children for the good of the community is not only scientifically questionable, it is an unethical precept. It is the argument all dictators and totalitarians have used. “Comrade, you must work tirelessly for the good of the collective. You must give up your money and property for the good of the collective, and now … you must allow us to inject your children with what we deem is good for the collective.” If American’s don’t stand up against this, then we are lost. Because we have lost ownership of ourselves. Our bodies are no longer solely ours – we and our children are able to be commandeered for the “greater good.”

A Man You’ve Never Heard of Saved Your Life
Posted by: George Washington
Fascinating History

Edited at 2015-02-08 01:27 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on February 8th, 2015 01:29 am (UTC)
“Mainstream Reporters are Always Pro-War”: Brian Williams’ Lie: The Bigger Picture
Star News Anchor’s Fib In Context
By Washington's Blog
Global Research, February 07, 2015
What should we make of Brian Williams’ admission that he lied about his helicopter being forced down in Iraq?
Initially, he may have lied about other things, as well.
But there’s a bigger story here …
Mainstream reporters are ALWAYS pro-war, acting as cheerleaders for the military-industrial complex and propagandists for the government.
Digby notes today that Williams’ Iraq lie served the pro-war narrative:
The lie about William’s getting shot down reinforced several ideas and narratives.
Details http://www.globalresearch.ca/mainstream-reporters-are-always-pro-war-brian-williams-lie-the-bigger-picture/5430074
clothcapclothcap on February 8th, 2015 03:00 am (UTC)
Israeli False Flags and the Attack on Rev. Stephen Sizer
Israeli False Flags and the Attack on Rev. Stephen Sizer
February 3
Truth cannot prevail so long as the Neocon-Zionist clique which usurped the Bush administration and instigated the calamitous ‘war of civilizations’ by way of monstrous lies and deceit is running the show in Washington and other epicenters of power that effectively dominate the world at the present time.
By Brandon Martinez
The counterfeit hoopla surrounding the Charlie Hebdo ‘free speech’ saga was further undermined this week when a prominent British vicar posted an article on Facebook linking Israel to the 9/11 attacks, for which he is now ‘under investigation.’
Stephen Sizer, a well-known reverend of Christ Church, Virginia Water, posted the Wikispooks article“9/11: Israel Did It” on Facebook and subsequently asked, “Is this [research] anti-Semitic?”
“It raises so many questions,” he added.
Stephen Robert Sizer is the incumbent of the Anglican parish of Christ Church, Virginia Water, in Surrey, England.
Sizer eventually removed the post under mounting pressure from his Diocese and Britain’s Jewish lobby, but affirmed his right to freedom of speech and inquiry.
“It is essential the public become convinced of what happened before and after 9/11,” Sizer http://www.jewishnews.co.uk/show-evidence-israel-wasnt-behind-911-asks-vicar-stephen-sizer/ told Jewish News Online. “Inevitably the truth will upset many people if it is shown by further investigation that the official explanations are shown to be deficient.” Suppressing discussion of Israel’s role in 9/11 will only “fuel suspicion,” the outspoken preacher stressed.
Sizer is barking up the right tree, hence the frenzied reaction from Zionists and those under their sway.
Mainstream outlets such as the BBC, The Telegraph, The Daily Mirror as well as a number of overt Zionist sources piled on the principled man of god by running identical smear stories about this manufactured ‘scandal.’ The articles in question emphasize that Sizer is ‘being investigated’ for the posting, as if it is a crime to promote an article that calls attention to Israeli false flag terrorism. The hit-pieces also prominently quote a spokesman from the Board of Deputies of British Jews, a thuggish Zionist hate-gang who have attacked Sizer as an ‘anti-Semite’ on numerous occasions. But none of the articles or the Israeli fifth columnists they champion addresses the evidence of Israel’s involvement in the 9/11 attacks.
Israel’s fingerprints do indeed appear to be all over the events of 9/11. And judging by the Zionist state’s past behaviour, it should not come as a surprise to learn that 9/11 was in some way organized by Israel’s secret agencies who have on plenty of previous occasions executed false flag attacks aimed at framing their Arab/Muslim adversaries, thereby inducing adverse reactions towards their foes from the West.
Continues with "A History of Deception"
(Anonymous) on February 8th, 2015 10:27 am (UTC)
hi CC,

I did send you a memish-mashssage just after you started reposting saying what a sight for sore eyes you are but it doesn't seem to have reached you. I hope this one does!

I have been taking advantage of following up your links again and totally concur with opinions expressed in your cam piece.

Hope you and yours are all well, It is great to be reading from you again.

clothcapclothcap on February 8th, 2015 12:05 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your masshages :) There is so much to catch up on that I haven't had time to go back through previous post messages but I did eventually find your first one for which thanks. Hope you had a nice holiday and life is treating you well despite those that are poisoning and enslaving us.
The problem is that the lowlifes' global hegemony plan is being outed on so many fronts together with the financial mess they've created for themselves, us and the world with the currencies, commodities and metals manipulation and the scams derived from the CO2 lies. In their place I would delete all the think tanks they pay for. A single intelligent school kid would do better. Without the support of the public, in fact with a public rapidly turning hostile as they begin to see how they've been deceived by politicians, civil 'servants', royalty and nobility, the justice systems and the media together with the Chinese, Russians, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon etc not complying with the plan it seems the zionists and neocon hawks are finding genocide and mass murder using controlled regimes like the the UK and its commonwealth, the US, France and greedy and power hungry regimes and mercenaries, terrorists and the misplaced loyalty of rank and file military to stamp the will of the privileged on the masses is proving to be less than the ideal way to conquer the world. Probably Putin's leadership has found the way to pull the rug out from under them by accelerating the collapse of the dollar. Denying them temporary salvation by stalemating NATO and tolerating the economic pain, the two main weapons of the NWOers are being neutralised leaving a global war the only option open in their collective dumbness. Because Russia has refused to respond to all provocations the initiative to make the first strike is with Rockefellers' Bilderbergers that include sociopathic dolts like Cameron, Sarkozy, Bush, Netanyaho etc. As the Russians are well ahead of the lowlifes it is inconceivable that the NWO could survive a global war.
I doubt the BRICS would accept a backdown and return to a normal human condition leaving the West to drown in the cesspool the collective somnambulants, entertainment enthralled and the "but what can I do" and "so what" brigade and jobsworhties have allowed the lowlifes to create.
Anticipating a victory for BRICS I have to wonder what misguided scheme the flotsam of humanity will produce to use a BRICS victory to progress the NWO plot?

One has to wonder what Strong has been up to in China. Is he still loyal to the enemies of humanity?

Edited at 2015-02-08 04:09 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous) on February 8th, 2015 06:44 pm (UTC)
Re: A01A
Oops! What an awful outcome from attempting to correct a typo lol
Still, you know what I meant, obviously.

Yeah, the poisoning continues with the (non-existent, figment of our imagination?) spraying now set to make them a profit on the side it seems


And I am still slaving away to keep the leeches at the top in the style to which they may soon (hopefully) have to become unaccustomed

It's great that so manhy more people seem to be waking up to the deception... if slowly. What is worrying is wondering just how brutal natural born psychopaths and chosenites ( I liked that!)will get as their backs are pushed ever closer to the wall.

Regards, A01A
Reply to: A01A - clothcap on February 8th, 2015 07:23 pm (UTC) (Expand)
clothcapclothcap on February 8th, 2015 01:09 pm (UTC)
The Super-Rich Can't Hide From the Rest of Us
They're getting ready to run away from the mess they've helped create.
By Michael Winship / AlterNet February 4
My friend Craig Zobel just premiered his new movie at the Sundance Film Festival. Z for Zachariah is based on a young adult novel from the '70s about a post-apocalyptic world and a woman who lives on a farm in a remote valley. A geographic anomaly, the valley has been isolated and protected from the nuclear radiation that devastated the rest of humanity. But then a man arrives, and a while later, another. You'll have to see it.
Craig's movie is the latest in a long line of stories about faraway, idyllic places trying to fend off human wrongdoing, from Aristophanes' Cloud Cuckoo Land and the pre-serpent-and-apple Garden of Eden to the Shangri-La of James Hilton's novel, Lost Horizon. In the classic 1937 movie version, Shangri-La's High Lama says to the hero, a British diplomat, "Look at the world today. Is there anything more pitiful? What madness there is! What blindness! What unintelligent leadership! A scurrying mass of bewildered humanity, crashing headlong against each other, propelled by an orgy of greed and brutality."
Sounds like a typical night at Fox News.
Z for Zachariah was filmed on New Zealand's South Island, about as close to a paradise on Earth as I've ever been. Which apparently is part of the reason why, according to former hedge fund director Robert Johnson, "I know hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway."
And not just a getaway for a couple of weeks of vacation fun. No, the British newspaper the Guardian reports, "With growing inequality and the civil unrest from Ferguson and the Occupy protests fresh in people's mind, the world's super rich are already preparing for the consequences."
In other words, they're getting ready to run away from the mess they've helped create. But instead of holding off the barbarians at the gates, they are the barbarians. Take your ill-gotten gains behind the walls of your Fortress of Solitude, you ubermensches, and pull up the drawbridge behind you.
Johnson's remarks about hedge fund managers seeking refuge were made at another greed fest, the annual World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, high in the Alps, the perfect combination of attitude and altitude. He's head of the Institute of New Economic Thinking, a board member of both the Economic Policy Institute and the Campaign for America's Future, and a former managing director at Soros Fund Management.
Jim Wallis, founder and president of the Christian social justice organization Sojourners, was at Davos, too, and has a more benign view of the proceedings. He's on the conference's Global Action Values Council, which holds daily sessions on ethics. But writing in the Huffington Post, he too saw evidence that the rich and influential are running scared:
"Those who control the world seemed to feel, and be, out of control and unsure how to deal with growing and frightening global instabilities and the violence that keeps emerging. Terrorism and blatant inexcusable barbarism arise out of grievances and injustices that nobody wants to confront or seem to know how to address. In theological language, sin begets sin, and we don't seem to know how to deal with that."
Continues in the next comment box
clothcapclothcap on February 8th, 2015 01:17 pm (UTC)
Re: The Super-Rich Can't Hide From the Rest of Us

Robert Johnson recognizes that rampant inequality could be the death of us all. "People need to know there are possibilities for their children, that they will have the same opportunity as anyone else," he said at Davos. "There is a wicked feedback loop. Politicians who get more money tend to use it to get even more money."
That's the money they get from the plutocrats who pull their strings; in the past three elections alone, the financial sector has given $256 million to Republicans and $153 million to Democrats. USA Today recently editorialized, "Wall Street got its swagger back not long after the bailout, which is no surprise. Its culture is built on greed and ego. What is more surprising is how quickly Congress again became Wall Street's errand boy."
That's not really surprising either. Dangle enough cash before their hungry eyes and most elected officials turn into Labradoodles begging for stray bits of bacon. In exchange for treats, in just the last few weeks, the wealthy have been granted a ten-fold increase in campaign contribution limits, a weakening of the Dodd-Frank bank reform law, proposed legislation to hinder environmental and other safety regulations by weighing them down with burdensome cost-benefit analyses, and the move to fast-track trade treaties that will make the rich richer while sucking more jobs from America. And that's on top of the tax breaks and loopholes that have allowed the 1 percent to horde excess billions, rather than paying their fair share of taxes or investing those dollars in jobs and better wages, education, infrastructure, rebuilding the middle class and helping the poor.
Instead of spending their mega-fortunes on luxury hiding places to escape the mob, better to use that money to improve the conditions that have the populace thinking about tar and feathers or worse. But as DePaul University's Paul Buchheit writes, "Even though corporate profits are at their highest level in 85 years, corporations aren't pumping it back into the economy. Instead they're holding it. S&P companies last year spent an incredible 95% of their profits on stock buybacks to enrich executives and shareholders."
Continues http://www.alternet.org/economy/super-rich-cant-hide-rest-us
In actual fact when the upper the echelon of the West's hierarchy that isn't part of or controlled by the NWOers, particularly in the military get some balls it is doubtful whether the super rich that have been vacuuming the world's wealth (in accordance with the Pilgrims' progress of the zionist scheme for world domination) will survive.
(Anonymous) on February 8th, 2015 02:43 pm (UTC)
Europeans Laugh as Lavrov Talks Ukraine.
How pitiful it is to be a Russian living in today's Soviet Union...
"In the span of 45 minutes today, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov rewrote the history of the Cold War, accused the West of fomenting a coup in Ukraine and declared himself a champion of the United Nations Charter. The crowd here in Germany laughed at and then booed him, but he didn’t seem to care".
clothcapclothcap on February 8th, 2015 04:07 pm (UTC)
Re: Europeans Laugh as Lavrov Talks Ukraine.
Nuland, 5 billion to fascist thugs to stage a coup, both sides shot in the square likely by mercenaries provided by NATO-CIA, selected a nazi to run the country, US, UK and the EU backed exactly what the NATO savages were unleashed to correct in Libya, bombing civilians (although Libya was based on Cameron's lies), controlled media repeatedly echo lies that Poroshenko utters every time he opens his mouth and now are talking of arming the Ukrainian junta, yet another crime against international law.
The Ukraine junta consistently fail to pay Russia for gas legitimately bought on credit while stealing gas routed to the EU.
Wonder how much Soros has made betting on the country's collapse?
Doesn't all that give you a clue who the real baddies are in reality or are you so smitten with your devotion to luciferian zionism that you have lost all sense of reality?

Edited at 2015-02-08 04:28 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on February 8th, 2015 03:44 pm (UTC)
Obama Is Right: Christian Violence Is Just as Bad as Muslim Violence
If anything, the president understated the case.
By Zaid Jilani / AlterNet February 6
This week, President Obama met with Muslim leaders in a private political meeting for the first time in his six-year presidency. The meeting set off predicatable angry reactions from the political right, with Fox News' Sean Hannity even saying he wished Obama had demanded that the leaders publicly denounce radical Islam. Obama further raised the hackles of the Christian right when he said at the National Prayer Breakfast that no religion has a monopoly on violence, saying, "And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. Slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ."
The reaction to these comments was apoplectic. Rush Limbaugh called it an “insult” to Christianity; the Tea Party News Network said Obama threw “Christians under the bus”; the Daily Caller surmised that Obama's remarks were designed to “curb” criticism of Islam.
[...] If anything, Obama didn't go far enough in his remarks. Christianist violence isn't a relic of the Crusades; it continues today, and in many of its forms is just as violent as what we are seeing from ISIS.
Failed to mention zionist jew violence against Palestinian goy. Luciferian Bilderberg - NATO - Pentagon genocide and mass murder against any country on the zionist menu.