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Light at the end of the dark tunnel of luciferian zionist creation.

The 4 fantasies Zionists must sustain and propagate as fact are becoming transparent
Light at the end of the dark tunnel of luciferian zionist creation. Perhaps.
It is wrong to call the enemy jews as many zionists are not and most jews are not the enemy. If the following assessment holds true perhaps more dark days are in store before the threat to humanity posed by the "chosen ones" (i.e. chosen by lucifer) set us against each other and ourselves as seen in world wars, civil wars, religious wars, land and resource battles, power struggles and false flags.

One has to wonder why the jews that worship god rather than the bull don't rename their cult so as to separate them from the luciferians? Perhaps dupes would be appropriate as for the rest of the tunnel vision public, collectively dupes or goy conned by complicit medias and politicians.

In for a Penny, in for a Pound?
By Richard Edmondson
Examining the possibility of a major false flag as public perceptions about Jews and Israel undergo a radical shift
In the lead-up to this year’s Super Bowl–which, of course, was held this past Sunday without incident–a number of websites and videos
(here, here, and here, for instance) speculated on the possibility of a false flag attack, possibly nuclear, occurring at the event.
This of course is not new. Similar speculations were posited leading up to previous Super Bowls–in 2014, 2013, and probably earlier years as well.
Though the predictions didn’t prove true this year either (and most of those who made them, I would guess, are glad they didn’t), there is nonetheless cause for concern, and the idea that Israel might do something totally insane, like attempting to pull off a nuclear false flag attack, is by no means an absurd or irrational fear.
Israel and its supporters in Western countries have enormous amounts of capital invested in perpetuating certain beliefs long held by the public–and when acceptance of these beliefs erodes or begins to erode, as we see happening now, and as more and more people discard them as they begin sorting through lingering questions as to why certain things are the way they are, an unsettling sense that the house is collapsing is likely going to set in for Zionists.
For Israel and its Jewish supporters in Western countries this can, and will, eventually lead to feelings of desperation. Losing one’s long-held grip on the world is not a comforting thought. It’s not a loss some people are able to take lying down, and as Israel sinks further and further into the status of world pariah–and as perceptions of Jews continue to change, in part as a result of that–the odds that somebody in power is going to make a decision to do something insanely stupid go sharply up.
There is an old saying: “in for a penny, in for a pound.” It means a person who undertakes an enterprise is intent upon completing it–no matter what the cost. A philosophy like that held by someone with a growing sense of desperation makes for a rather dangerous person, one you’d want to avoid if at all possible.
Getting the public to retain certain beliefs is vital, and astute observers will have long been aware that prodigious amounts of Jewish time and effort seem to be poured into the endeavor of shaping public perceptions. Not surprising, then, that the Hebrew language gives us the word “hasbara.”
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