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14 July 2014 @ 10:21 am
Toward a Europe Whole and Free (To Loot)  
This article presented by NEO summarises what is happening in the conflict between the permanent gov'ts' frontispiece, Bilderberg and the Russian gov't. In effect there is a corporations' war in progress that began in earnest with the destruction of Iraq. Expect the unexpected from Russia. Nationalisation of financial institutions and heavy financial impositions on globalist corp'ns are just two of the weapons that could be employed if Bilderberg causes sanctions to be imposed that are more than flea bites.
By Tony Cartalucci

When the special interests who created and direct the agenda of the European Union disagree with member states, the true nature of this supranational enterprise becomes painfully apparent – one of dictatorial special interests pursing regional policy that benefits none of its individual member states. No example of this can be clearer than the dispute that has emerged over the construction of Russia’s South Stream natural gas pipeline set to run through Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, and Italy.

The pipeline produces a large number of benefits for each of the nations it passes through, as well as for energy markets on either end of the pipeline. For the people and governments of these nations set to benefit most from the pipeline, the deal is an attractive, long-term investment. For the special interests that have created and currently direct the EU – on the other hand – it poses as a direct threat to their designs of continued expansion and corporate-financier hegemony beyond the collective borders of today’s EU.

For the hegemon, coexistence and collaboration are not options – thus the benefits of the South Stream pipeline escape them. Instead, these hegemonic special interests seek to control their own pipeline and energy markets on either side of it, and this can be seen developing along several fronts including the Southern Corridor Project, beginning in Azerbaijan along the Caspian Sea.

Energy and foreign policy expert Sinan Ulgen of the US government and corporate-financier funded Carnegie Europe think-tank complained about the disparity between the EU Commission’s stance, and that of individual EU member states in an Anadolu Agency (AA) article titled, “Russian South Stream gas pipeline divides EU,” stating:

“…the EU’s main concern about South Stream is that the project would increase its dependence on Russian gas. Last year a third of its consumed gas was supplied by Russia.

Additionally the AA article would state:
While the European Commission opposes Russia’s South Stream gas pipeline project, certain EU countries like Austria and Italy continue to openly support the world’s most expensive pipeline project, which aims to transport Russian gas by bypassing Ukraine.
For the last two years, Russia has signed bilateral agreements with Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Greece, Slovenia, Austria and Croatia for the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline, which is estimated to cost nearly US$40 billion according to the Moscow Times. Gazprom recently announced however that it was abandoning construction of the Italian portion of the pipeline.
These agreements were deemed a breach of EU anti-trust law by the European Commission in December. And, in April, following the annexation of the Crimean peninsula by Russia, the European Parliament voted for the South Stream project to be stopped.

AA would also cite another corporate-financier funded think tank, Chatham House – also complaining about EU members pursuing their own interests in contradiction to the EU Commission’s dictates. The unelected EU Commission appears to be pursing its own extraterritorial geopolitical pursuits ahead of those of the individual member states and their respective populations. That corporate-financier funded “think tanks” are focused on this “divide” and championing the EU Commission’s agenda over that of the individual EU members it allegedly represents fully exposes the EU for what it truly is, a dysfunctional supranational dictatorship.

And what is done in the name of the EU by its institutions like the EU Commission, which admittedly does not represent the best interests or desires of those it claims to represent, unfortunately and perhaps unfairly reflects on the EU as a whole. For example, and as part of the energy debate, the current EU support of the regime occupying Kiev, Ukraine, taints all of Europe, even as many EU member states attempt to move cautiously or even in opposition to the greater agenda the EU Commission and others are pursuing.

While the EU promotes itself as a bastion of freedom, stability, and prosperity, it appears increasingly more like a hegemonic bloc, dictating to, rather than acting as a representative of, the European people. The slogan “Toward a Europe Whole and Free” rings hollow when the EU Commission begins dictating policy to individual states, and curtailing progress that benefits both individual nations and their people.

The EU, in this light, appears more of an autocratic oligarchical consolidation of regional power and resources, not a democratic collaboration between nations. A slogan like “Toward a Europe Whole and Free” appears then to represent Europe, but only from the perspective of special interests seeking to loot the region collectively, rather than nation-by-nation. The dysfunction and dictatorial nature of the EU Commission and other apparatuses within the supranational bloc serve as a cautionary example for other nations seeking to construct their own alliances – from Asia’s ASEAN-AEC (Asian Economic Community), to regional alliances between Russia, China and with nations along their peripheries.

Alliances that include obligations that usurp national sovereignty are not alliances at all, they are hegemonic infiltration by special interests who would rather see a village place their valuables in a single safe for them to crack and loot, rather than take the time and trouble to rob each individual home. Europe must decide whether it will continue along a path of internal conflict with its alleged EU representatives tainting their collective populations, cultures, and histories, or reform the EU into an institution that allows collaboration and national sovereignty to exist in tandem.

Source journal-neo.org/2014/07/12/toward-a-europe-whole-and-free-to-loot/

New Eastern Outlook

clothcapclothcap on July 14th, 2014 08:14 pm (UTC)
So, You Want to Know the Truth About 9/11?
By Gordon Duff
In recent weeks, intelligence agencies of France, Russia and Britain along with key members of the UN’s nuclear non-proliferation organization, the IAEA, have leaked critical documents outlining not only that 9/11 was a nuclear event but the science and specifics of the event itself. From a Press TV article last week:
“A virtual stream of leaks is a clear sign that, in the light of events in the Ukraine, Syria and Iraq, the “rule book” is being thrown out. From a discussion of the real 9/11 report, citing the use of nuclear weapons, the official finding of the United States Department of Energy:
‘Again the original Sandia report that I read stated that it was a salted or enhanced radiation device, not just a standard low level nuke. The report only identified the type of primary used being in the W-54 series of primary boosters made at Hanford. The secondary radiation enhancement part of the weapons used was eradicated from the text.’”
The last paragraph from a vetted source with access at the highest levels is a powerful statement, not just because it sits atop an article loaded with details the public has never seen but that it is also framed with hard science no one but a few nuclear weapons insiders have ever gotten close to.
The article goes on to describe, in detail, how a “thermometric” nuclear weapon was used, the specifics of design and how the money to fund the project was allocated without knowledge of congress or the president.
We are now prepared to go further. This piece of the puzzle will cover where the weapons were placed and what we could find out about who knew. The basis for the information below is the 2003 United States Department of Energy/Sandia Labs report on the nuclear events surrounding 9/11.
What you will read below has never been made public. However it is known and has been for many years. This, in itself, is a key concern and one we find as damning as the other revelations you will soon learn.
The following questions were submitted to a group of investigators that were at Ground Zero, some dressed as first responders, some as utility workers. They are in photos seen on the internet, some of which they took themselves.
The team includes nuclear physicists, intelligence personnel specializing in nuclear proliferation threats and federal law enforcement.
The answers are theirs, the questions are mine.
Q: Can you describe the investigation process trying to figure out where the “devices” were planted to bring down the towers?
A: Buildings 4, 5 & 6 were place in white moving vans with monthly parking passes strategically located in the correct parking spots in the lower parking garages of buildings 4, 5&6. About 1 nuke per 16 floors for the smaller buildings with a 150 foot fire ball radius for gutting the inside floors.
The nuclear weapons for buildings 1 & 2 were placed in the lower sub-basement elevator shafts and another set at or above floor 45 in the elevator shaft machine room on that floor. The higher nuke produced the really big dust cloud around the 45th floor.
The WTC 1 & 2 nukes were boosted and salted for needed enhanced of thermal and EMP effects ETC.
To clarify this answer, language from the Department of Energy study describing Thermometric weapons is needed:
“It is called a “Nuclear Thermobaric bomb”. This is what the 10,000lb bomb is that the B-2 was modified for. It uses a 1 kiloton primary surrounded by over 5,000 lbs. of iron oxide in powdered form. The devices are placed into a thick steel case, similar in looks to the Fat Man Bomb used on Hiroshima in 1945. The iron oxide or thermite is used as a secondary to make a very large heat wave blast.
It converts neutrons into infrared thermal heat energy, reducing fallout. It is an “infrared neutron bomb”. If you place several tons of iron oxide around a small nuke it will turn it into a massive enhanced radiation weapon. The neutron bomb is not the only enhanced weapon. There is an entire series of these devices such as the X-ray bomb and the EMP bomb. All primaries are nuclear. The secondaries vary depending on need or use.”
clothcapclothcap on July 14th, 2014 08:15 pm (UTC)
Re: So, You Want to Know the Truth About 9/11?
Q: In what manner and positions were members of this team involved in the investigation of 9/11?
A: United Nations teams were in New York at the time, call that a coincidence. This was the IAEA of which several of us are linked. Additionally, we include more than one federal agency and one international police agency, all of whom were directly involved. FBI Agent Mike Dick was lead for that agency and deeply involved. Recently, the FBI “mistakenly” listed him as an armed fugitive in what we believe to be an attempt to silence him. He is seen as a danger to those involved in the planning.
Q: Who in Washington that wasn’t already involved in planning 9/11 learned about the use of nukes?
A: All shadow government officials, key congressmen and senators, key Federal judges and most of the generals at the DOD those at higher levels at the CIA etc.
Who knew in advance and was in on it I don’t know but other people do. This is why everybody involved is”lawyered up” to their noses and the lawyers have told everyone to shut up period.
Q: What was their rationale for a decade of silence?
A: This is what our investigation concluded; continuation of government, blackmail, re-election, ETC. Beginning in 2003, every person who worked on the Department of Energy 9/11 Report was threatened, paid off or blackmailed. What is being done to Mike Dick now by the FBI, all of which is over hiding the truth about 9/11, we had been subjected to started in 2003. Our families were threatened, our pets killed, you know the drill.
Q: Did anyone actually believe, since it was concluded that 9/11 was a nuclear event, that Al Qaeda was actually involved?
A: No, and if they have them now it is because we gave them to them and they are our nukes not theirs. It has all been a Total False Flag. The key power players all know the truth. This is how they started WW1, 2, Korea and Vietnam. Nobody talked then either. Taking out people that don’t go with the flow is standard US politics since Lincoln. Just ask JFK. RFK. JFK Junior. ETC. The gangsters only play dirty.
Our investigation revealed that 911 was a Corporate/Wall Street coup de etat. So many people were involved that no one will ever believe the truth. Even if Mike Dick does a book deal they will smear him as a nut job. Remember there is no proof. It all disappeared down a very big rabbit hole. Just like with JFK. We will never know the truth. The only thing that you can do is educate the people so it can’t happen again.
However the next time it will be a nuke and they will flaunt that it was a nuke. The trick will be who and how they blame them. Remember the Anthrax letters and who got blamed. It is called pin the tail on the Donkey by the FBI.
What you read above, combined with recent revelations that support, not only this hypothesis but name names involved in the theft of 350 nuclear warheads from the Pantex facility in Amarillo, Texas, inexorably opens a door to what has been a very dark period in world history.
Alone, this information is only anecdotal. Like any trained intelligence agent working a “source,” a journalist has to build not only trust but also has to learn to corroborate facts. In today’s world of “bumper sticker” headlines and “CNN,” there is no room in the mainstream media for this kind of work.
What is critical is that we have, after a decade, left behind what Professor Jim Fetzer calls “9/11 Half-Truthers.” The real investigators have come forward; people are putting their careers, their and their family’s lives on the line. They tell us they are doing it because they don’t want to see it happen again.
Privately they tell me they believe it will happen and these are the people who would know. Then, when I hear Dick Cheney describe his believe that nuclear terrorism is inevitable, I look at his role in this attack.
clothcapclothcap on July 14th, 2014 08:16 pm (UTC)
Jamila Hanan
Said Shoaib @saidshouib Destruction of 560 house completely and 12800 partially pic.twitter.com/vxVMJLS5fP

#Gaza: The ongoing Zionist aggression on Gaza left until now : 171 martyrs and 1200 injury.

RT ?@RT_com
1 killed, 2 injured: Russia vows response to #Ukraine shelling Russian city http://on.rt.com/zfizad pic.twitter.com/AbshUua2GS
(Anonymous) on July 17th, 2014 08:50 am (UTC)
Russian mushroomskept in the dark and fed shit.

U.S. showed 60 fakes from Russian media

"American site Examiner.com 60 showed the most obvious and obviously false "facts" (full article here), operated by Russian media reports on the situation in the east of Ukraine. Among feykmeykerov were such giants as RIA-Novosti, Russia Today and the Russian newspaper.

Russian propaganda machine continues its aggressive information war against Ukraine, in order to justify their actions in Ukraine. Fabricated information is disseminated through all possible channels - from print media and leading politicians, to the army of bots in social networks and blog platforms."

clothcapclothcap on July 17th, 2014 06:33 pm (UTC)
Russian jets shoot down Ukrainian warplane over Ukraine: Kiev military
By Richard Balmforth
KIEV (Reuters) - Russian jets shot down a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter plane that was on military operations over the east of Ukraine, where government forces are fighting to quell a pro-Russian separatist rebellion, the Ukrainian military said on Thursday.
It was the first time Ukraine had directly accused Russia of using air power in the war. In a previous attack on a military transporter, which it said was launched from Russia, Kiev was unable to specify whether it came from landbased missiles or airborne.
Russia's defence ministry declined to comment on Thursday's accusation by Kiev.
The Ukrainian Defence Ministry said the plane was brought down on Wednesday night near Amvrosiyivka, about 15 km (about 9 milles) from the border with Russia, by rockets which hit it in the tail as it wheeled away from the border.
"It is likely that this was carried out by air-to-air rockets from the Russian airforce which were patrolling the border in a pair," the ministry said in a statement on its website.
The pilot safely ejected, Andriy Lysenko, a spokesman for the National Defence and Security Council, told journalists.
More http://news.yahoo.com/russian-jet-shoots-down-ukrainian-warplane-over-ukraine-101707138.html
clothcapclothcap on July 18th, 2014 10:56 am (UTC)
Ukraine: We did not shoot at any plane
KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine's president says his country's armed forces did not shoot at any airborne targets, after reports that a Malaysian Airlines plane went down over Ukraine.
President Petro Poroshenko says Thursday "we do not exclude that this plane was shot down, and we stress that the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not take action against any airborne targets."
Poroshenko said "we are sure that those who are guilty in this tragedy will be held responsible."
THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.
A Ukrainian official said a passenger plane carrying 295 people was shot down Thursday over a town in the east of the country, and Malaysian Airlines tweeted that it lost contact with one of its flights over Ukrainian airspace.
Anton Gerashenko, an adviser to Ukraine's interior minister, said on his Facebook page the plane was flying at an altitude of 10,000 meters (33,000 feet). He also said it was hit by a missile fired from a Buk launcher, which can fire missiles up to an altitude of 22,000 meters (72,000 feet).
More http://news.yahoo.com/ukraine-did-not-shoot-plane-162417249--finance.html
clothcapclothcap on July 18th, 2014 12:03 pm (UTC)
MH17: Hillary Clinton says Russian-backed rebels likely shot down plane
From Warren Murray
Former US secretary of state declares 'Putin has gone too far' as White House criticises Kremlin's arming of Ukraine separatists
The White House has reacted to the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine by criticising Russia's support for separatist rebels and urging the Kremlin to take "concrete steps" to ease tensions in the country.
A series of remarks by Barack Obama, Joe Biden and John Kerry stopped short of directly blaming pro-Russia rebels for the missile attack on a civilian airliner that killed 298 people.
But Hillary Clinton, the former US secretary of state, was more potent in her statements, saying in a television interview that indications pointed at the Russian-backed side and action was needed to "put [Vladimir] Putin on notice that he has gone too far and we are not going to stand idly by".
Gosh. It wasn't the Iranians. Clinton has nowt to say about US gov support for a junta that is killing its civilians by the hundreds nor the $5 bil invested in it. Is the IMF loan or US taxes paying for the merc armies the junta is using to murder innocents?

Audio “Proof” of Ukrainian Rebel Responsibility for Malaysian Flight Downing is Fake
Justin Raimondo
clothcapclothcap on July 18th, 2014 12:18 pm (UTC)
Twitz Friday
[Will Malaysia declare war on Porky's junta?]

English Pravda.Ru ?@engpravda
Russian radars record active operation of Ukrainian air defense: Russian radio equipment recorded a radar stat... http://bit.ly/1piwBfl
[If the Ruskies got it you can be damn sure our cuckoos in the nest gov'ts got it too]

Democracy Now!
Glenn Greenwald ?@ggreenwald NBC News Pulls Veteran Reporter - @AymanM - from Gaza After Witnessing Israeli Attack on Children https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/07/17/nbc-removes-ayman-mohyeldin-gaza-coverage-witnesses-israeli-beach-killing-four-boys/

Sharif Kouddous ?@sharifkouddous 8th floor of Jowhara, that houses 30 journalists from Watania News Agency was hit with 3 Apache strikes at 7am today pic.twitter.com/uLGatUojHb
[Dahab, Egypt?]

Tactical Things ?@Tactical_Things
Who shot down the Malaysian jet over Ukraine? http://www.voltairenet.org/a184786

Net News Global
Vera Van Horne ?@VeraVanHorne Air Traffic Controller Carlos who showed it was Kiev that shot down #MH17. His family in Kiev was threatened. pic.twitter.com/DYhbJ67wz1

SpeedBird ?@SpeedBird_NCL Spanish air controller reports that 2 Ukraine military jets were following #MH17 minutes before aircrash: pic.twitter.com/4YUCMGFPrC

Joep ?@_Joep Hello @twitter @Support, why is the account of @spainbuca, airtraffic controller in Kiev suspended?

Gray Cardinal
MFA Russia ?@mfa_russia FM Sergey Lavrov: "#Russia will insist on transparent, independent investigation in Boeing 777 air crash" — http://en.itar-tass.com/russia/741303

Carlos ?@agent_of_change
Yet again, Israel takes "an eye for an eyelash", to use Avi Shlaim's expression. Death toll in Gaza is 200-plus, vast majority civilians.

Robina Creaser
Crimea&East ?@IndependentKrym @russian_market yesterday MH17 was clearly diverted from its usual route and made to fly right into the warzone pic.twitter.com/tK4dv03GtT

Partisangirl ?@Partisangirl
Remember how much @BBCWorld pretended to care about #Palestinians when it was pushing for war in #Syria http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-26085336

nsnbc international ?@nsnbc
Islamic State Seized Syrian Gas and Oil Fields in Homs and Deir Ez-Zor http://wp.me/p3dxDt-ddJ

Edited at 2014-07-18 12:22 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on July 18th, 2014 12:50 pm (UTC)
Putin's plane could be original target?
[...] Amid the versions of the reasons of the crash of the MA Boeing 777, officials with the Russian Federal Aviation Agency, Rosaviation, believe that the passenger jetliner was shot down. The original target could be the airplane of Russian President Putin.
"The presidential jetliner and the Malaysian Boeing intersected at the same point and at the same echelon. This happened near Warsaw, on 330th echelon at an altitude of 10,100 meters. Air Force One was there at 16:21 MSK, the Malaysian plane - at 15:44 MSK," an anonymous source said.
"The contours of the two aircraft are generally similar, the linear dimensions are also very similar, and as for coloring, it looks almost identical at a remote distance," the source said.
Afterwards, an official spokesman for Rosaviation that the agency never comments on the routes of Air Force One.
Advisor to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Anton Gerashchenko, said that the plane was shot down with anti-aircraft missile system Buk.
clothcapclothcap on July 18th, 2014 01:02 pm (UTC)
TOP URGENT Misurata Criminals Plan to Use SARIN Gas on Tripoli
From JoanneM 17 July
Today the tribes of Libya report from their people inside that the Misurata Militias (Islamic Extremists and other criminal factions) are planning to hit Tripoli with Sarin gas tomorrow [Today].
The reason for this attack is that the radicals are losing their control over Libya, the Libyan army and the tribes are gaining ground in Libya as they have the full support of at least 90% of the Libyan people who have suffered under anarchy and no security (rape, illegal imprisonment, murder, theft, etc) since NATO destroyed their country. Even those who joined the false revolution are joining the fight against what they call the "occupiers" of their country (radical Islamists).
It should be stated that the entire of Libya and that includes all the tribes and tribal leaders have disowned Misurata some months ago and do not recognize Misurata as part of Libya. The crimes against humanity and the thousands tortured to death in illegal prisons, human organ trafficking, rape and other crimes constantly being committed by these criminals in Misurata make them unacceptable to the Libyan people.
Last but certainly not least, the Tribes of Libya report that supporting these criminal acts and attacks by the Misurata psychopaths are the US, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
How is that the US was fully ready to attack Syria for the supposed use of Sarin gas and yet are supporting and NOT speaking out about the use of Sarin gas against innocent Libya civilians.
Full http://libyanwarthetruth.com/top-urgent-misurata-criminals-plan-use-sarin-gas-tripoli
clothcapclothcap on July 18th, 2014 01:14 pm (UTC)
Malaysia Airlines crash: video claims to show missile launcher being smuggled into Russia
Footage purports to show a Buk missile launcher, allegedly used by pro-Russian rebels to knock down flight MH17, being smuggled away into Russia with two missiles missing
How difficult would it be for Porky's gang with Western intelligence services' assistance to fake this?
clothcapclothcap on July 18th, 2014 01:39 pm (UTC)
Ukraine air traffic controller suggests Kiev military shot down passenger plane
Not known where the order to shoot down the plane originated from
by eTurboNews
ETN received information from an air traffic controller in Kiev on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.
This Kiev air traffic controller is a citizen of Spain and was working in the Ukraine. He was taken off duty as a civil air-traffic controller along with other foreigners immediately after a Malaysia Airlines passenger aircraft was shot down over the Eastern Ukraine killing 295 passengers and crew on board.
The air traffic controller suggested in a private evaluation and basing it on military sources in Kiev, that the Ukrainian military was behind this shoot down. Radar records were immediately confiscated after it became clear a passenger jet was shot down.
Military air traffic controllers in internal communication acknowledged the military was involved, and some military chatter said they did not know where the order to shoot down the plane originated from.
Obviously it happened after a series of errors, since the very same plane was escorted by two Ukrainian fighter jets until 3 minutes before it disappeared from radar.
Radar screen shots also show an unexplained change of course of the Malaysian Boeing. The change of course took the aircraft directly over the Eastern Ukraine conflict region.
Some tweets received suggest this may have been a secret military uprising against the current Ukrainian president under the direction of formerly-jailed Prime Minister Timoshenko
According to other rumors, the black box for this crashed Malaysian Airlines flight was taken by Donetsk separatists. A spokesperson for the rebel group said this black box would be sent to the Interstate Aviation Committee headquartered in Moscow.
The First Deputy Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk, Andrew Purgin, stated that the flight recorders of the crashed aircraft will be transferred to Moscow for examination.
Sources say the Rebel group leadership hopes this would confirm the Ukrainian military actually shot down this aircraft. This was reported by the news agency Interfax-Ukraine.
ETN statement: The information in this article is independently confirmed and based on the statement of one airline controller and other tweets received.
(Anonymous) on July 18th, 2014 11:55 pm (UTC)
Re: Ukraine air traffic controller suggests Kiev military shot down passenger plane
Lies: Spanish Flight Operations Officer from Kiev Informed about Ukrainian Planes Involved in Boeing Tragedy.

"Yet, the Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise has informed StopFake that they do not have a flight operations officer with such name among their workers. Aleksei Pesternikov, deputy CEO of the Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise has confirmed that all flight operations officers in the company are citizens of Ukraine."
clothcapclothcap on July 18th, 2014 02:22 pm (UTC)
Viedoklis ?@Viedoklis_lv
BUSTED! Ukraine Caught Trying to 'Frame Russia' for Shooting Down Malays...: http://youtu.be/28MrASx-RiM

Ana Gomes, MEP
Nickolay E. MLADENOV ?@nmladenov BREAKING: @UNIraq & @OHCHR release report on human rights violations in #Iraq, including possible war crimes, crimes against humanity

Belal - Gaza ?@Belalmd12 Artillery and naval shelling today is part of the scorched earth tactic, likely to continue for a couple of days before any solid invasion.

Chris ? Sedlmair
Olivier Fehr (EN) ?@ofehr_en I am no expert here, but some people find these marks consistent with use of fighterjet canon... pic.twitter.com/Cm8bcO9xC8

Charles Shoebridge ?@ShoebridgeC Jul 15 outside BBC's London HQ, crowd angry at pro #Israel BBC bias. Protests unreported by BBC so far ht @HojabrAfshar pic.twitter.com/G43dWBTR4S

Tactical Things ?@Tactical_Things
Kiev Losing, Sanctions Flopped, Airliner Down, War Back On? ... http://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/2014/07/kiev-losing-sanctions-flopped-airliner.html

Kiev deployed powerful anti-air systems to E. Ukraine ahead of the Malaysian plane crash http://rt.com/news/173636-buk-malaysian-plane-crash/

Sentletse ?@Sentletse The US and its puppet Ban Ki-Moon urge Nazi Israel to minimize civilians casualties in Gaza. They're saying, "Kill them, but not too much."

Hatuxka ?@Hatuxka
20 civilians killed in Lugansk shelling by junta - City Hall http://ln.is/feedly.com/e/47KNk

Lavrov: Russia won’t take control of Malaysian plane’s black boxes http://ln.is/feedly.com/e/njLn6

Public Appeal to uncover source of funding for the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion #Ukraine http://ln.is/feedly.com/e/ZO4s4

English Pravda.Ru ?@engpravda
Ukraine and Russia to terminate trade relations completely: Ukrainian Prime Yatsenyuk believes that trade betw... http://bit.ly/1lbQ5zB

Gleb Bazov ?@gbazov 35m @SasaPavlic @Steiner1776 Sasa, the fact is, they just killed 20 civilians in Lugansk JUST TODAY - this is happening EVERY DAY.

Lisa Karpova
Babay ?@Truth_Seeker_11 #Malaysian flight #MH17 was flying at lower altitude than normal after ukrainian dispatchers instructed it to do so - airline representative

sormiou ?@sormiou12
Operation Bibi Rescue, by @GiladAtzmon http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/operation-bibi-rescue.html

green heart
Syrian Perspective ?@SyrianperNews
Gaza is today's Warsaw ghetto - Agreed Update: death toll hits 267 after the death of Ahmed al-Bahnasawi, 25,... http://fb.me/2kSLXcEW2

@maridosa_ This dirty Nazi has to be taught a painful lesson. #FuckIsrael #FreePalestine http://pic.twitter.com/habV9hbLV2
(Anonymous) on July 30th, 2014 04:31 am (UTC)
A man after your own heart clothcap.
"Roberts’ views on foreign policy are predictably isolationist and alarmist, assigning blame for every crisis to the work of a hidden hand attempting to lead the US into conflict. Roberts is also firmly pro-Putin, blaming the Ukraine crisis and the Syria civil war on a neocon plot. On the October 2013 edition of Truth Jihad, a 9/11 truth podcast on which he’s been a guest on several occasions, Roberts told the program’s host (Kevin Barrett) that all human rights NGOs working in Russia are part of a “US fifth column” working to undermine Putin. He went on to assert that “Washington supports the Muslim terrorists, the Czech-ans (sic)”, as a false flag operation designed to destabilize Russia, and that this is somehow connected to US Syria policy. His tone growing increasingly heated, Robert then blamed this on “neocons”, saying “the neocons are the worst thing that ever happened to the United States. (They’re) really the scum of the earth… They should all be picked up and shipped out of the country. They all belong in Israel. That’s where they should be. Pick ‘em up, ship ‘em to Israel, revoke their passports. If they can revoke the passport of Snowden, who’s a national hero, they can certainly revoke the passports of the neocons and ship them to Israel which is where they belong.” Roberts then agreed with the host’s observation that saying such things, criticizing international bankers, or “questioning the official story of 9/11″ were sufficient to get one unjustly labeled an anti-Semite. The interview concluded with the two agreeing that, when the other side needs to resort to using that label, you can be certain that you’re in the right."