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Snapshot - Ukraine, MENA via twitz

Ariel Paz ?@MateCosido
+ proof #Kiev using illegal #WhitePhosphorus bombs against eastern civ's w/full #US #NATO support RT @pavelredpride

Retweeted by Karol en Red
Despicable yet not surprising, HRW's @KenRoth white-washing ISIS & tweeting in their favor.

@KenRoth's tweet isnt very surprising given HRW's blatant flirting w/the head-cutting death squads in #Syria. US imperialist mouth piece.

RT ?@RT_com
BREAKING: Unity of #Iraq state now under question, developments very worrying – Lavrov

MORE: #Iraq developments show total failure of American-British 'adventure' - Lavrov

Option of using peacekeeping forces in #Ukraine out of the question, situation hasn’t gone that far yet – Lavrov

#LAVROV: Events in #Iraq are result of actions carried out by US, UK, situation out of control

Radical Raid: Iraqi troops, civilians flee as militants take control of cities (VIDEO) #Iraq

Press TV ?@PressTV
Tribesmen retake #Mosul area from #ISIL #Daesh #al-Qaeda

#UNSC condemns #Takfiri attack on #Mosul

#US #drone killings after soldier release #Pakistan #Waziristan #Bergdahl

Clashes resume on #Rwanda-DRC border

#West #economic fall raised #suicide rates

‘200 killed in #Ukraine military ops’

'#UN to blame for #Iraq mayhem'

Over 12m #US casualties in #Syria

Dylan ?@ProSyriana
From the site of the terrorist bombing in Wadi Aldahb #Homs, where at least 10 were killed many other injured. #Syria

YusufYerkel ?@YusufYerkel
(Correction) Prime minister Maliki asked US to launch strikes against ISIL last month but Washington refused according to New York Times

Fer Gunay ?@FiratGunay
3000 fighters arrived in Musul send by #Anbar tribes.. #irak

Breaking News ?@breakingnewssy
#Aleppo: water returns gradually to some of the city’s neighborhoods.

Gleb Bazov ?@gbazov
#BREAKING - #Moscow calls for immediate investigation into the #Ukraine use of prohibited weapons in #Slavyansk. #NOVOROSSIYA Ok, and???????

#NOVOROSSIYA #UKRAINE - #DPR assigned #Pavlenko acting #Slavyansk mayor. Immediate needs: fixing electricity, water, evacuating civilians

#IMPORTANT #NOVOROSSIYA - #Ukraine #Euromaidan Propaganda now confirming use of "incendiary mines." Says "standard" ammo. WTF?

Révolutions Info ?@revolution_info
RT @Occupy_USA City Agrees To Largest Occupy Wall Street Settlement Ever - Gothamist: NY1City Agr... #OWS #Occupy

[W. propaganda outlet] Sky News Newsdesk ?@SkyNewsBreak
Reuters: Ukraine's interior minister accuses Russia of allowing three tanks to cross the border into Eastern Ukraine to help separatists

Raja Chemayel ?@RajaChemayel
Even a virgin lady cannot drive a car in #SaudiArabia , while in #Israel a confirmed -prostitute became a Minister.. #Zionism is progressive

The Interpreter ?@Interpreter_Mag
BREAKING: Multiple reports that a bus has exploded outside city admin building in #Donetsk #Ukraine

Rami ?@RamiAlLolah
Reports #ISIS is storming Division 17 in #Raqqah as we speak.. #Syria

Catherina ?@Catherina_News
TT @kp_steshin: They continue to burn up #Semenovka with phosforous. Full moon. The forces of evil reign supreme. #Slavyansk

Balkan news ?@NewsBalkan
VIDEO: Kiev's regime bombing Semenovka with phosporus bombs #Ukraine #SaveDonbassPeople

Horacio Calderón ?@horaciocalderon
#Iraq conflict: "All options open to fight insurgents - #Obama" / Quo vadis Obama?: Sic transit gloria mundi!!!:
[except for boots on ground, drones...]

Bricio Segovia ?@briciosegovia
BREAKING: Bomb explodes in the car of the President of the #Donetsk's Republic Parliament. Two of his counselors die in the blast. #Ukraine

Gogi Gogi ?@GogiGogi12
@GBabeuf @MarkSleboda1 It was the car of Denis Pushilin. Two deputies were wounded. Unconfirmed.

Steiner ?@Steiner1776
#Donetsk Minivan of #DNR Chairman Denis Pushilin exploded. He was not inside yet 4 ppl wounded one serious via @dnrpress #Ukraine

#Ukraine English transcript to #Semenovka incendiary shelling … Special thanks to @gbazov

#Ukraine #Slavyansk Self defense ambushed #Kiev regime forces(Airborne Brigade). 2 of them killed, 21 wounded via @tohub

Sophia ?@les_politiques
If Erdogan had not opened the border so widely to topple Assad it wld not have been possible for ISIS 2 gain strength

Baghdad Invest ?@baghdadinvest
Good to see a fightback. Iraqi's gather to volunteer for military service in #Baghdad

Novorossiya Rises ?@Novorossiyan
Russian foreign ministry says #Ukraine's accusation that Russian tanks have crossed the border is an invention

A. Smith ?@360CNN
Just as I predicted earlier, Obama @Whitehouse sponsored,armed al Nusra ISIS 'Rebels' destroying DOZENS of Churches using USA TOW Missiles

#Zionist corrupt Obama @Whitehouse MAKES IT A CRIME to feed the homeless in 33 USA Citys #IMPEACHOBAMA

JuanSinTierra ?@juan_ma56
Gazprom to halt gas to Ukraine if no payment of $1.95 bln before Monday. It's due time, Poker Face

Azadeh Moaveni ?@AzadehMoaveni
@Hayder_alKhoei tells @IranWire1: As Iraqis grow frustrated w/ lack of US support, they'll be forced to rely more heavily on Iran

FLASH NEWS: T-64 convoy arrives #Donetsk....oooops...i guess that Donetsk is not surrounded after all :))

Errrr...forgot video :D HERE is T-64 convoy arriving #Donetsk:

Balkan news ?@NewsBalkan
Leader of Donetsk Republic Pushilin was NOT hurt in assasination attempt on him. His guard injured in explosion in minibus near RSA bldg

shinobi ?@shinobi22427722
Jeezes pathetic worms of #kiev uses carbombs agains #Donetsk When country leaders start to use this , it means they lost !! @gbazov

JahnHlipinsky ?@Hlipinsky
close to the government of #Donetsk exploded car. firing is ongoing. supposed attempt on the head of the republic #ato #stopukranianarmy

Alex Bukovsky ?@BungeeWedgie
For #Ukraine propaganda use only: on the right is a Ukranian army T-64 and on the left a "Russian T-72" in Donietsk

Baghdad Invest ?@baghdadinvest
Elite forces with professional training in counter-terrorism has arrived at the outskirts of the city of #Mosul.

Tactical Things ?@Tactical_Things
GM floodgate to open? EU ministers back deal to let nations decide fate of crops - EU PUSHES FRANKENSTEIN FOOD?

Jerry Liet ?@jerryliet
BREAKING UPDATE: Minibus explosion was targeting the leader of #Donetsk Republic Pushilin, but failed, His guard was injured.

Dr Shahid ?@DR_SHAHID
#IRAQ: #ISIS: #ALQAEDA: #UNSC UN Official Tells Security Council: No Immediate #Baghdad Threat …"

Catherina ?@Catherina_News
Phosphorus bombs again in Mashmet District #Slavyansk RT @zexep

Cynthia McKinney ?@cynthiamckinney
Ukraine's new President is just like the U.S. likes--formerly on the U.S. payroll.

Club des Cordeliers ?@cordeliers
Shameless Tablet whitewashes Bandera: "killed Jews but not fundamentally anti-Semitic"; only killed "pro-Soviet Jews"

Révolutions Info ?@revolution_info
#Syria Car Bomb Kills at Least 7 in Central Syria - ABC News: Car Bomb Kills at Least 7 in Cen... #arabrevolution

Ivan Storm ?@Ivan__Storm
According to #Strelkov #Ukraine forces blocked water supply of Slavyansk. Next anti-humanitarian act. @OSCE

Balkan news ?@NewsBalkan
Water queue in Slavyansk today. #Ukraine #SaveDonbass #StopUkrainianArmy

RT ?@RT_com
#Iraq violence pushes oil prices to a 9-month high
[Saudi, Qatar, oil corps will be pleased with their investments...]

Gleb Bazov ?@gbazov
#NOVOROSSIYA #DPR #UkraineTerrorism- One of the wounded in a terrorist act in #Donetsk dies in hospital.

Huge explosion at army checkpoint outside Libya's Benghazi kills 2 army officials

RT America ?@RT_America
US airstrikes to support Iranian Revolutionary Guard's offensive in Iraq?

Gleb Bazov ?@gbazov
BTW, in case u were concerned or wondering, ALL 3 T-64s are safe and sound and roaring with diesel fumes. #Kiev #Junta wishes it could hit 1

Activist Post ?@ActivistPost
NY Bill to Legalize #Hemp Goes to Gov. Cuomo's Desk

Chris Sedlmair ?@Chris_Sedlmair
insurgents in #mosul claim 2 b baathists, not #ISIS. confirmations? behavior of fighters not rats-like #Syria #Iraq

benwedeman ?@bencnn
1975 Saigon moment: US official: US contractors are being evacuated from a military air base in Balad, north of Baghdad #Iraq

Steiner ?@Steiner1776
#Ukraine #US made M15 smoke grenades containing white phosphorus were used in #Odessa massacre

Dan Murphy ?@bungdan
Pat Lang thinks it likely the Douri's are leading the ISIS surge in the field.

Novorossiya Rises ?@Novorossiyan
#Kiev killed this little girl. The fucking butchers.

john f ?@71johnny
@BarrosoEU @PrimeMinisterGE Your next stop should be the Hague. Donbas is EU lowest moment and that is saying something.#NoToNATO #USgoHome

Edward Dark ?@edwardedark
Rebels are shelling heavily the besieged Shiite towns of Nibol & Zahra' north of Aleppo, home to 70,000 people #Syria

zerohedge ?@zerohedge
Norad Admits F-22 Fighter Jets Intercepted 4 Russian Bombers 50 Miles Off California Coast

Charles Edward Frith ?@charlesfrith
France's PM Hollande dancing with sword in Saudi, along with worlds leading promoter of terrorism in Iraq

Libya 360° ?@libya360
US, UK Death Squads are Tearing Iraq Apart

Sally Eastman ?@sallyeastman1
Why has no talking head mentioned that the ramp up to war in #Iraq had consistently been trumpeted by hacks & stooges #McCain & #Graham

Nat'l Security News ?@NatSecNews
The #NatSec Newsletter is out! … Stories via @DVIDSHub @ArmsControlWonk

Andy Worthington ?@GuantanamoAndy
Engineered hysteria regarding the Taliban/Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap - The latest newsletter

Johnnyboy ?@johnyboytheman
Russia to introduce UN Security Council resolution aimed at stopping violence in Ukraine

Anatoly Karlin ?@akarlin88
No, Russia hasn't send 3 T-72s into Ukraine. … That's a T-64BV, is mostly used by Ukraine. #fb

Robert Stuart ?@cerumol
.@Partisangirl Escalation of complaint re: Panorama 'Saving Syria's Children' to BBC Trust …

Priyanka Boghani ?@priyankaboghani
still didn't see ISIL coming? RT @jaredbkeller: The U.S. has been secretly flying drones over Iraq

Activist Post ?@ActivistPost
Meet the Artificial Intelligence Program That's Learning Everything #tech

Chris ? Sedlmair ?@Chris_Sedlmair
U.S.’s [zionists'] Rice: NATO Must Boost Military Spending Against Russia

NATO Conducts Emergency Meeting Over [the shit it created in] Iraq

Breaking News: Syrian Air Defence Forces attacked an ISIL (ISIS) convoy at the border with Iraq

Jenan Moussa ?@jenanmoussa
More US made humvees taken from Iraq to #Syria by ISIS -->

RT ?@RT_com
US contractors being relocated due to security concerns amid #Iraq violence - State Dept

jose nascimento ?@45Zoroastro
#US claims its spies were caught "flat footed" by #ISIS invasion of #Iraq, a lie - they armed/funded/staged this army themselves!
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