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Patrick Henningsen relates the painful truth

The Painful Truth: Washington DC Thugs Have Already Crossed the Rubicon
One of the key underlying postulates of overseas wars has been somewhat lost on many Americans who have been conditioned through top-down political and mass media narratives over the years, to only see geopolitical and military events in binary form – freedom vs fascism, good vs evil, capitalism vs communist, and west vs east. The concept not mentioned in that list has been fundamental throughout history, and it is as follows: what is endorsed overseas will eventually come home to roost.

Think about it. The decades-long phase we’ve all witnessed – of the United States Federal Government’s hyper-militarisation overseas is already firmly planted on US soil.
Think about how much money and resources were spent by the US Federal government in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, Egypt and now in the Ukraine, on 1) intelligence gathering, and 2) counterintelligence, and 3) social and political subversion, 4) intentional destabilisation, or 5) an end-run hostile takeover of government, and 6) the installation of a puppet regime . You have to ask yourself whether or not they can, or have already, deployed these same measures here in the United States. At the very least, we already know for certain that the US Federal government has already done the first three things in that list.
Think about how out of control expenditures by the Federal government on Afghanistan and Iraq have further plunged the country into a bottomless debt hole, all but bankrupted the United States. Some would contend that this very same process is being repeated inside the United States.
Think about how both politicians and the public caved-in to accept the hundreds of billions of dollars in no-bid contracts handed out in Afghanistan and Iraq, handed out to ‘friends of the administration’, many of which turned out to be financial black holes which produced very little in terms of value, and in many cases were billing for good and services which never existed. One must ask whether or not this kind of epic waste and opaque financial oversight is systemic with some of the Federal government’s more bloated budget agencies, namely the Department of Homeland Security – now the largest department of the US federal government – an organisation which did not even exist before 2001, which somehow manages to siphon off $60 billion each year – mostly on contracts awarded by the DHS, but no one seems to know where it actually goes and what ‘results’ are being delivered. Like Iraq and Afghanistan, the standard protocol is not to ask.
[Continues listing the various evil acts committed in the name of the administration...]

It’s important to note that all of the above was conjured, defined and implemented into policy by politicians, lawyers, corporations and think tanks. Their reshaping of reality and redefining what is legal, or ethical – has taken place far outside of the democratic process. The American people were never really consulted.
How long before American citizens are classed as collateral damage on their own shores?
If you allow it to happen overseas, then you can expect it’s only a matter of time before it happens here.

The Rubicon has already been crossed.
(Watch the video below for some additional historical context)
Brasscheck TV Shades of the Roman Empire

The Roman Empire functioned well as long as its military was overseas fighting foreigners.
Then the army “crossed the Rubicon” and that changed everything.
The US military has cross the Rubicon too and is poised to be used anytime against citizens.  All that’s missing is an “incident” to justify it.
Government maniacs have been scheming for ways to use the US military against American citizens for decades now. The law prevented it, but that didn’t stop them from planning and slowly and steadily eroding what’s considered “normal”. Oliver North, George Bush’s henchman, played a big role in this planning, as did Dick “Darth Vader” Cheney.
This video covers the important and little appreciated fact that the command structure to wage war against Americans on American soil now exists.
Watch this video of Congressman Brad Sherman on the eve of the 2008 Banker Bailout:
READ MORE POLICE STATE NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Police State Files

Reading the full essay is recommended
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