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24 April 2014 @ 09:40 am
Couple of relevant 'money matters' posts from Zerohedge  
Why Putin Is Smiling At The Bond Market's Blockade Of Russia
Tyler Durden

One of the recurring themes the western media regurgitates at every opportunity is that while the western "diplomatic" sanctions against Russia are clearly a joke, one thing that will severely cripple the economy is the capital market embargo that has struck Russian companies, which are facing $115 billion of debt due over the next 12 months.

Recall that not a single Russian Eurobond issue has successfully priced since Russia's peaceful annexation of Crimea. Surely there is no way Russia can afford to let its major corporations - the nexus of its petroleum trade - go insolvent, which is why Putin will have to restrain himself and beg western investors to come back and chase appetiziing Russian yields (with other people's money of course). Turns out this line of thought is completely wrong.

Bloomberg explains:
Russian companies, facing $115 billion of debt due over the next 12 months, will have the funds even as bond markets shut because of the Ukraine crisis, according to Moody’s Investors Service and Fitch Ratings.Firms will have about $100 billion in cash and earnings at their disposal during the next 18 months, Moody’s said in an analysis of 47 businesses April 11. Almost all 55 companies examined by Fitch are “well placed” to withstand a closed refinancing market for the rest of 2014, it said in a note on April 16. Banks have more than $20 billion in foreign currency to lend as the tensions prompted customers to convert their ruble savings, ZAO Raiffeisenbank said.
The amount of cash on balances of Russian companies, committed credit lines from banks and the operating cash flows they will get is sufficient for the companies to comfortably service their liabilities,” Denis Perevezentsev, an analyst at Moody’s in Moscow, said by phone on April 17.

So, Russia can comfortably extend its Ukraine campaign well into 2015? Truly great news for Kiev, which is already bankrupt, and which is scrambling to get every last bcf of gas it can get its hands on before  Gazprom finally pulls the plug in under a month.
Ah, the miracles of positive cash flow... and how quickly it eliminates any so-called political leverage the bearer of the world's reserve currency thought it may have had, leading ultimately to this.

Central Banks Have Realized Their Worst Nightmares Are Approaching
Phoenix Capital Research

Central Bankers will never openly admit that they or their policies have failed. Moreover, they do not rush into sudden tightening (more on this in a moment). But one can begin to notice subtle changes in their language and actions that indicate they have noticed what’s happening in Japan (the failure of the BoJ’s “shock and awe” QE program to generate growth).
Nowhere is this more clear than at the US’s Federal Reserve or Fed. Indeed, starting in August 2013, various Fed officials began questioning the efficacy of QE.
First came the San Francisco Fed with a study revealing that QE generally doesn’t appear to generate economic growth:
Asset purchase programs like QE2 appear to have, at best, moderate effects on economic growth and inflation. Research suggests that the key reason these effects are limited is that bond market segmentation is small.
Moreover, the magnitude of LSAP effects depends greatly on expectations for interest rate policy, but those effects are weaker and more uncertain than conventional interest rate policy. This suggests that communication about the beginning of federal funds rate increases will have stronger effects than guidance about the end of asset purchases.

A few months later, the former Fed official in charge of the Fed’s first round of QE, penned a Wall Street Journal article stating that QE was in fact a Wall Street bailout.
I can only say: I'm sorry, America. As a former Federal Reserve official, I was responsible for executing the centerpiece program of the Fed's first plunge into the bond-buying experiment known as quantitative easing. The central bank continues to spin QE as a tool for helping Main Street. But I've come to recognize the program for what it really is: the greatest backdoor Wall Street bailout of all time…
It wasn't long before my old doubts resurfaced. Despite the Fed's rhetoric, my program [QE] wasn't helping to make credit any more accessible for the average American. The banks were only issuing fewer and fewer loans. More insidiously, whatever credit they were extending wasn't getting much cheaper. QE may have been driving down the wholesale cost for banks to make loans, but Wall Street was pocketing most of the extra cash.

Around this time, the Fed began to taper QE first by $10 billion in December… and another $10 billion in January. By this point even uber-dove Fed President Bill Dudley (he formerly claimed inflation is low because iPads are getting cheaper) even admitted the following:
We don't understand fully how large-scale asset purchase programs work to ease financial market conditions—is it the effect of the purchases on the portfolios of private investors, or alternatively is the major channel one of signaling?

At this point, Ben Bernanke handed off the reins for Fed Chairman to Janet Yellen. Yellen has since continued Bernanke’s tapering projects, reducing the monthly QE spend from $65 billion to $55 billion.The failure of the Bank of Japan’s massive QE program and the Fed’s decision to taper are not unrelated. Take a look at the timeline.

April 2013: Japan announces a “shock and awe” QE program.
August 2013: San Francisco Fed economists (where future Chairman of the Fed Janet Yellen is President) write a study showing QE is ineffective at generating economic growth.
November 2013: Former Fed officials admit QE was not meant to help Main Street.
December 2013: the Fed begins to taper its QE programs by $10 billion
January 2014: Bernanke’s last FOMC as Fed Chairman, Fed announces another $10 billion taper
March 2014: Janet Yellen takes over at the Fed and announces another $10 billion QE taper.

This represents a tectonic shift in the financial markets. It does not mean that Central Banks will never engage in QE again. But it does show that they are increasingly aware that QE is no longer the “be all, end all” for monetary policy.

Investors take note. One of the primary market props of the last five years is being removed. What happens when the markets finally catch on?

This concludes this article, swing by www.gainspainscapital.com for a FREE investment reports Protect Your Portfolio, which outlines how to protect your portfolio from bear market collapses.
Best Regards
Phoenix Capital Research

clothcapclothcap on April 24th, 2014 09:55 am (UTC)
Twitz on Thursday
Balkan news ?@NewsBalkan
Medicines #Donetsk #SOS https://m.facebook.com/andrij.skut/posts/874545382571056

Tactical Things ?@Tactical_Things
Bombing of Syrian Red Crescent Convoy Implicates NATO in War Crimes http://www.globalresearch.ca/bombing-of-syrian-red-crescent-convoy-implicates-nato-in-war-crimes/5378924

#Ukraine coal miners on strike, refuse to pay Kiev coup damages bill http://rt.com/news/154432-coal-miners-strike-ukraine/

Umami ?@MediaExposedDay
Sure enough 2 secs to find if " Poland nervous bout #Russian Invasion " claimed by @wolfblitzer http://www.dw.de/polish-economy-can-fend-off-russian-storm/a-17480455 … "have little to fear"

Report Top Hollywood Executives allegedly operating Sex Child Abuse Ring - @CNN @wolfblitzer Childhood Dictator Pics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3r2VHWLrk8

HRI Mark ?@HRIMark
"Evidence of undercover Russian troops in Ukraine debunked" has a couple of updates as some media retract: http://wp.me/p1w0fz-2Bt

Chris Sedlmair ?@Chris_Sedlmair
Drive East: NATO, CSTO Now In Direct Confrontation http://ln.is/nblo.gs/T20p6

Press TV ?@PressTV
‘Russia should bolster ties with BRICS’ http://goo.gl/wn01eB

‘Violence across #Iraq leaves 13 dead’ http://goo.gl/F8jq6t

Russia warns Ukraine over May 25 vote http://goo.gl/fpmIhc
"To call an election without finding some common ground with the east and the south of Ukraine, I think, is very destructive for the country,"

'Int’l media silent on #Bahrain atrocities' http://shar.es/TDA4g

Cynthia McKinney ?@cynthiamckinney
Mike Hourigan discovered the organ trafficking by Israel a decade ago. Remember the box of corneas CNN found in... http://fb.me/32GxbpNq9

RT ?@RT_com
#Ukraine coal miners on strike, refuse to pay Kiev coup damages bill http://on.rt.com/6otc0p

BREAKING: Gunmen attack self defense forces in Eastern #Ukraine http://on.rt.com/5gms5h
“Law enforcement agencies are working on the eradication of all groups currently active in Kramatorsk, Slavyansk and other cities of the Donetsk and the Lugansk Regions,” coup-appointed First Vice-President Vitaly Yarema told journalists.
2 people killed

US Navy cancels charity projects in Crimea http://on.rt.com/zwyfw1

Britain wasted £34 billion on military interventions since Cold War http://on.rt.com/45e1zi

Family awarded $3 million in first US #fracking trial http://on.rt.com/gcwqb1

jose nascimento ?@45Zoroastro
#Kiev must immediately deescalate east #Ukraine crisis, call back troops - Moscow | @scoopit http://sco.lt/83yutV

#Russian warning as #Ukraine says it will 'liquidate' rebels http://dailym.ai/1mASBll

#US denies 'running the show' in #Ukraine http://goo.gl/lBKRl4

gigialdred ?@timberblind
Russian Leader Warns, “Get All Money Out Of Western Banks Now!” http://worldtruth.tv/russian-leader-warns-get-all-money-out-of-western-banks-now/

Breaking News ?@breakingnewssy
Al-Nusra and ‘Free Army’ eliminate the leader of ISIL in Daraa http://bit.ly/1hmPqwJ

Révolutions Info ?@revolution_info
Microsoft OneDrive Secretly Modifies your BackUp Files: Until now, our privacy has been viola... http://bit.ly/1jEN612

Ivan Watson ?@IvanCNN
Dutch fighter jets intercept 2 Russian bombers in their airspace http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/23/world/europe/russian-bombers-intercepted/index.html

Partisangirl ?@Partisangirl
Looks like #Erdogan may go ahead with using ISIS in a false flag on a tomb to start a war with #Syria http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/erdogan-confirms-aid-to-turkish-military-post-inside-syria.aspx?pageID=238&nID=65477&NewsCatID=352

Libya 360° ?@libya360
Three charged conspiring to smuggle chemical lab equipment to Syria http://wp.me/p2ggYY-4aT
US prosecutors have charged a 72-year-old Pennsylvania man Harold Rinko, the owner of Global Parts Supply, which exported illegal goods, and brothers Ahmad Deri, a UK national and Moawea Diri, Syrian national for smuggling contraband via third states.

A. Smith ?@360CNN
In the @KimDotcom Megaupload Case, it looks like Barack Obama NEVER EVEN ATTENDED LAW SCHOOL http://is.gd/gLyDcv

BRIAR Secure mobile messaging anywhere. P2P encrypted msgs and forums https://briarproject.org/

Bitmessage is a P2P encrypted message protocal, open source, multi-platform and free https://bitmessage.org/wiki/Main_Page
clothcapclothcap on April 24th, 2014 10:10 am (UTC)
Fighting Breaks Out As Ukraine Deploys Tanks, APCs, Troops In Slavyansk: Deaths Reported
Tyler Durden
A day after the acting government in Kiev announced the Geneva agreement is void and that it would once again send special forces to deal with "terrorists" in east Ukraine, it had made good on its promise and over the past few hours, Ukrainian tanks, APCs and other special forces troops took control of a checkpoint north of Slavyansk on Thursday, following what numerous reports confirm was an exchange of gunfire.
Continues http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-04-24/fighting-breaks-out-ukraine-deploys-tanks-apcs-troops-slavyansk-deaths-reported
Conflicting reports. Reuters - no shots heard, AP, RT report fighting, @GazetaRu at least six people have been killed
clothcapclothcap on April 24th, 2014 11:22 am (UTC)
Putin Says "Use Of Force In Ukraine Will Have Consequences" As Column Of Military Vehicles Seen Head
As expected, Russia has responded to the latest "anti-terrorist" escalation in Ukraine both diplomatically and militarily.
Use of force against public in Ukraine would be a “very serious crime,” Russian President Vladimir Putin says at meeting w/ media in St. Petersburg.
Putin said consequences for people involved will depend on how vents evolve in Ukraine
Putin adds that events in eastern Ukraine could have happened in Crimea, show Russia was right to support referendum there and says that the Geneva accord is not being followed as extremist groups in Ukraine refuse to disarm
.. and militarily. A YouTube clip released moments ago and taken in the Rostov region, shows a large column of military vehicles moving in the direction of Donetsk region. On the highway M-4 are seen tanks, armored personnel carriers and infantry. Following the column are 12 combat helicopters. Written on the sides of vehicles "peacekeeping mission."
Vid http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-04-24/putin-says-use-force-ukraine-will-have-consequences-column-military-vehicles-seen-he
clothcapclothcap on April 24th, 2014 11:40 am (UTC)
Other from Zerohedge
Eight Energy Myths Explained
Republicans, Democrats, and environmentalists all have favorite energy myths. Even Peak Oil believers have favorite energy myths. The following are a few common mis-beliefs, coming from a variety of energy perspectives. From to "The fact that oil producers are talking about wanting to export crude oil means that the US has more than enough crude oil for its own needs" to "the unlimited supply of renewables", the following 'facts' may just be a little too much for some to bear.

James Clapper Begins Propaganda Tour After Students Identify Edward Snowden As "Personal Hero"
The 'alarming' trend of college students accurately identifying Edward Snowden as a hero has given James Clapper a panic attack. So much so, that he is taking time away from protecting us from “terrorists” (a term that now apparently includes folks at the Bundy Ranch according to Harry Reid) to embark upon a propaganda speaking tour of U.S. college campuses to demonstrate to those silly young kids that Snowden is no hero, but actually a traitorous villain.

Russia May Halt Oil Supplies On Ukraine Theft
First it was concerns over whether Ukraine would 'steal' gas supplies bound for Europe as it passed through pipelines in the country and now, as bills remain unpaid, a Transneft unit is threatening to halt Ukraine oil products supply due to pipeline theft. As Bloomberg reports, 57.9k tons of oil products have been lost from theft in Ukraine and "Transneft expresses hope that the Ukrainian authorities can evaluate the risks of the current situation and not allow a negative scenario to develop."
Regardless of the bull and bluster coming out of the EU, US and UK RU has the Ukraine junta by the short and curlies.
clothcapclothcap on April 24th, 2014 12:15 pm (UTC)
Wall Street Greed and the Corrupt Global Banking Cartel: Too Big to Prosecute? Not for a California
By Ellen Brown
Sixteen of the world’s largest banks have been caught colluding to rig global interest rates. Why are we doing business with a corrupt global banking cartel?
United States Attorney General Eric Holder has declared that the too-big-to-fail Wall Street banks are too big to prosecute. But an outraged California jury might have different ideas. As noted in the California legal newspaper The Daily Journal:
California juries are not bashful – they have been known to render massive punitive damages awards that dwarf the award of compensatory (actual) damages. For example, in one securities fraud case jurors awarded $5.7 million in compensatory damages and $165 million in punitive damages. . . . And in a tobacco case with $5.5 million in compensatory damages, the jury awarded $3 billion in punitive damages . . . .
The question, then, is how to get Wall Street banks before a California jury. How about charging them with common law fraud and breach of contract? That’s what the FDIC just did in its massive 24-count civil suit for damages for LIBOR manipulation, filed in March 2014 against sixteen of the world’s largest banks, including the three largest US banks – JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup.
LIBOR (the London Interbank Offering Rate) is the benchmark rate at which banks themselves can borrow. It is a crucial rate involved in over $400 trillion in derivatives called interest-rate swaps, and it is set by the sixteen private megabanks behind closed doors.
The biggest victims of interest-rate swaps have been local governments, universities, pension funds, and other public entities. The banks have made renegotiating these deals prohibitively expensive, and renegotiation itself is an inadequate remedy. It is the equivalent of the grocer giving you an extra potato when you catch him cheating on the scales. A legal action for fraud is a more fitting and effective remedy. Fraud is grounds both for rescission (calling off the deal) as well as restitution (damages), and in appropriate cases punitive damages.
Trapped in a Fraud
Nationally, municipalities and other large non-profits are thought to have as much as $300 billion in outstanding swap contracts based on LIBOR, deals in which they are trapped due to prohibitive termination fees. According to a 2010 report by the SEIU(Service Employees International Union):
The overall effect is staggering. Banks are estimated to have collected as much as $28 billion in termination fees alone from state and local governments over the past two years. This does not even begin to account for the outsized net payments that state and local governments are now making to the banks. . . .Continues
While the press have reported numerous stories of cities like Detroit, caught with high termination payments, the reality is there are hundreds (maybe even thousands) more cities, counties, utility districts, school districts and state governments with swap agreements [that] are causing cash strapped local and city governments to pay millions of dollars in unneeded fees directly to Wall Street.
All of these entities could have damage claims for fraud, breach of contract and rescission; and that is true whether or not they negotiated directly with one of the LIBOR-rigging banks.
Continues http://www.globalresearch.ca/wall-street-greed-and-the-corrupt-global-banking-cartel-too-big-to-prosecute-not-for-a-california-jury/5378967
Includes and explanation of how swaps work.
clothcapclothcap on April 24th, 2014 01:02 pm (UTC)
Ukraine, fascist junta attacks mostly unarmed federalists
RT ?@RT_com
URGENT: #Ukraine army tanks, APCs & speical forces deployed in #Slavyansk, fighting reported; details to follow http://pic.twitter.com/jwwEMOtFcZ

BREAKING: Fighting as Ukrainian armored vehicles enter defiant Slavyansk http://on.rt.com/2wayt1

BREAKING: Military op underway in #Slavyansk -@GazetaRu reports up to 6 dead in 2 attacks on checkpoints http://on.rt.com/2wayt1

IMAGE: Black smoke at checkpoint in #Slavyansk as Ukrainian armored vehicles enter city http://on.rt.com/2wayt1 http://pic.twitter.com/vF9KhxF42m
[Federalist agitators burning tyres to slow down the fascists]

IMAGE: Ukraine army helicopter traverses flaming #Slavyansk checkpoint during 'anti-terror op' http://on.rt.com/2wayt http://pic.twitter.com/h71YGrYaEW

DEVELOPING: Reports mobile networks down; schools, kindergartens closed in #Slavyansk as Kiev military op underway http://on.rt.com/2wayt1

PHOTO: Ukraine army chopper buzzes Artemovsk, 40km south of #Slavyansk "anti-terror" op scene http://on.rt.com/2wayt1 http://pic.twitter.com/oa0w0lqPio

URGENT: Five self-defense forces dead, one policeman injured, three checkpoints destroyed in #Slavyansk "anti-terror" op - Kiev Interior Min

PHOTO: #Slavyansk checkpoint attacked by Ukraine army http://on.rt.com/2wayt1 http://pic.twitter.com/0zj20WPI9N (via @GrahamWP_UK )

PHOTO: #Slavyansk checkpoint attack aftermath, Kiev army just left scene - @GrahamWP_UK http://on.rt.com/1q9y34 http://twitter.com/RT_com/status/459272414107422720/photo/1pic.twitter.com/1LohhWbUta

MORE: #Ukraine Interior Ministry reports "3 checkpoints destroyed" in #Slavyansk "anti-terror op", dubs 5 killed as "terrorists"

FIRST VIDEO: #Slavyansk checkpoint attack aftermath, Kiev forces in "anti-terror operation" http://youtu.be/Q04-toIpB_k http://pic.twitter.com/XnuScBsShM

DETAILS: #Ukraine army tanks, APCs deployed in #Slavyansk as Kiev military op underway http://youtu.be/QYRrWNaVdsI

BREAKING: Putin: Kiev authorities are junta if they use force against civilians http://on.rt.com/v11xra

PHOTO: #Slavyansk checkpoint, man shouts at #Ukraine army 'we are friends' - via @GrahamWP_UK http://pic.twitter.com/nk1AQH7MRR http://on.rt.com/1q9y34

VIDEO: #Slavyansk checkpoint attack aftermath, Kiev forces leaving scene http://youtu.be/qrPK6cNNLI8 http://pic.twitter.com/hnwnxliTsZ

IMAGE: Ukraine troop trophy photo-op at burning #Slavyansk checkpoint http://on.rt.com/2wayt1 http://pic.twitter.com/vsMxbyvJB3

Video: Ukrainian troops APCs, choppers amid burning checkpoint in #Slavyansk http://youtu.be/3Px_Ocv92V0 http://pic.twitter.com/0d1Yz3YwlW

Edited at 2014-04-24 01:51 pm (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on April 24th, 2014 01:09 pm (UTC)
Twitz other than RT
Press TV ?@PressTV
US, EU 'led color revolution' in #Ukraine http://shar.es/TOriX

#Palestinian doctors treat wounded #children in a hospital following an #airstrike by #Israeli #warplanes in Beit http://twitpic.com/e1xnmq

UN chief warns of grave #Syria situation http://shar.es/TO5oY
Balkan news ?@NewsBalkan
Self-defense of Donbass live stream http://m.ustream.tv/channel/bg-studio1

Checkpoint in Slavyansk burning after the attack of Ukrainian army & special forces on protesters today: http://youtu.be/G9L-Y6-kClg

Slavyansk checkpoint #Ukraine #KievAttacking http://pic.twitter.com/OIphWyIdi3

Kiev sent special forces today on protesters in Slavyansk.Unconf: Mayor wounded.A woman shot in her breasts. #Ukraine http:/pic.twitter.com/dNEAOgvp8I

Kiev's sniper in Slavyansk. Reports of dead and wounded people. #Ukraine #KievAttacking http://pic.twitter.com/RGsPb9xDZX

RT@AlenaUstimenko Slavyansk: ppl leaving workplaces & homes,going to barricades to stand as live shields.So proud of our residents!

RT@JustErmina Military of Ukraine decided not to block Slovyansk.Getting in city from several directions,with air support & armored vehicles

Slavyansk: Kiev's special forces have burned 3 bariccades and killed 5 protesters until now. #Ukraine http://pic.twitter.com/iBzgABtysK

18 yrs old Aleksey Lubnin killed at bariccade in Slavyansk by Kiev's death squads. He was NOT a terrorist. #Ukraine http://pic.twitter.com/WOPCE7FdXi

RT@JustErmina At the checkpoint from Izyum to Slavyansk, National Guard of Ukraine did not let ambulances pass through.

Ppl reinforcing barricade after deadly attack of Kiev with snipers & tanks.Sign says:"Referendum! No to NATO&fascism" http://pic.twitter.com/icpwq0PzvO

Presser:Donetsk called for mobilisation of Donbass,after latest deadly crackdown of protests by Kiev's army. #Ukraine pic.twitter.com/57Sk3NWCCR
Nat'l Security News ?@NatSecNews
Ukraine Says Army Base Attacked By Russian-Led Group http://www.businessinsider.com/ukraine-says-army-base-attacked-by-russian-led-group-2014-4

Russia Warns Ukraine of Potential Military Response http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/24/wor

Ukrainian Troops Make Push Into East Ukraine Town Held By Trained Pro-Russia Gunman http://www.businessinsider.com/ukrainian-troops-are-moving-in-on-slaviansk-2014-4
Net News Global ?@Net_News_Global
Early footage of Sloviansk checkpoint attack: http://youtu.be/NPd7MnSThfk via @YouTube

NNG: Forty militants surrender to Syrian army near Homs http://bit.ly/1tEL6xU

electra ?@electradiffusa
Does Washington want war with Russia? - World Socialist Web Site: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2014/04/24/pers-a24.html
Enrique Ferro ?@HarryFerro
Nulandistan | @scoopit http://sco.lt/83YWCP

Sanctions on Canada Would Follow Russia Bank Moves: Ambassador | @scoopit http://sco.lt/5RBxnV

Yanukovych demands to return Ukraine's military forces to permanent bases | @scoopit http://sco.lt/5kUgdt

Protesters in Luhansk announce establishing joint headquarters | @scoopit http://sco.lt/6iO35V

Western sanctions can bring Russia long-awaited infinite relief | @scoopit http://sco.lt/9GD1PN

Moscow to meet Ukraine for energy talks as European Union frees gas for Kiev | Latest News & Updates... | @scoopit http://sco.lt/8Ks38L

Ten Things You Need To Know About The 'Extremism' Of Tony Blair | @scoopit http://sco.lt/6EIZIf

oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: This Is How Empires Collapse | @scoopit http://sco.lt/6y8mo5
A. Smith ?@360CNN
Did Obama just wake up and have a Brain Fart? He's Citing Article 5 War Treaty with Japan vs China over tiny Diaoyu Islands

Révolutions Info ?@revolution_info
#yemen Yemen to Pay Families of Civilians Killed in Airstrikes - ABC News (blog): Houston Chronicl... http://bit.ly/1jEVvSc

Tactical Things ?@Tactical_Things
‘Kiev envisions regional feuds ruled by oligarchs with private armies’ http://rt.com/op-edge/154456-regional-politics-ukraine-oligarchs/
The zio-globalists' plan for the planet in miniature.

Why Putin Is Smiling At The Bond Market’s Blockade Of Russia - http://www.infowars.com/why-putin-is-smiling-at-the-bond-markets-blockade-of-russia-2/

Petri Krohn ?@PetriKrohn
#Donbass People's Army gains 2 more BMD tanks in #Slovyansk, #Donetsk http://pic.twitter.com/1qjtgnEqdq
clothcapclothcap on April 24th, 2014 02:14 pm (UTC)
Breaking News ?@breakingnewssy
#Breaking_News: #Damascus: a mortar shell landed around the province square and no casualties were reported. http://bit.ly/1lHJYZj

#Breaking_News: #Lavrov: #Washington and European Union try to implement a revolution in #Ukraine. http://bit.ly/PvHnTa

Jordan Amends Anti-Terror Law to Face Syria Fallout http://bit.ly/1rnPE7Y
nsnbc international ?@nsnbc
Fees drive rise in UK students who want to study abroad http://wp.me/p3dxDt-c8z

Internet Governance: How 11 Nations Will Control the World Wide Web http://wp.me/p3dxDt-c8J

Fatah-Hamas deal nightmare for US http://shar.es/TOCvp

Why the White House and Tel Aviv Fear the Dismantling of the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian Reconciliation http://nsnbc.me/2014/04/23/why-the-white-house-and-tel-aviv-fear-the-dismantling-of-the-palestinian-authority-and-palestinian-reconciliation/

Chris Sedlmair ?@Chris_Sedlmair
Fatah and Hamas mend fences http://ln.is/nblo.gs/IfBU0

NATO Blackmailing All CSTO Members: Secretary General http://ln.is/nblo.gs/8JDkA

electra ?@electradiffusa
Shale Gas Fracking and America’s Proxy War against Russia: Joe Biden Promotes Fracking On Ukraine Trip http://shar.es/TO9N2

BOMBSHELL! Former CIA Officer Testifies That Obama 'Switched Sides' In War On Terror In Libya http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/blog/?p=19024

Hatuxka ?@Hatuxka
Russians may recall that #NATO General Bouchard thanked the W media 4 being an important partner in the operation (destruction of) in #Libya
Balkan news ?@NewsBalkan
Presser:Donetsk called for mobilisation of Donbass,after latest deadly crackdown of protests by Kiev's army. #Ukraine http://pic.twitter.com/57Sk3NWCCR

Ukrainian forces moving artillery pieces between Zaporozhye and Mariupol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDceuy5aKvM

Ppl reinforcing barricade after deadly attack of Kiev with snipers & tanks.Sign says:"Referendum! No to NATO&fascism" http://pic.twitter.com/icpwq0PzvO

Many prominent anti-Kiev protesters reporting that they have received threats by phone.Ukraine's army killed unarmed people in Slovyansk http://www.radiovesti.ru/article/show/article_id/134534

No medication,insulin etc for days in Slavyansk hospital,and yet #Kiev is sending snipers & tanks & not allowing ambulances to pass through
Nat'l Security News ?@NatSecNews
Intelligence agency billing fraud proves costly http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/apr/

#Ukraine's SBU confirmed that #Russia was planning on killing 100-200 civilians as pretext for invasion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhgEoQKz2dA (in Russian?)
[Kerry said?]

Does Putin Want a War? http://nationalinterest.org/commentary/does-putin-want-war-10327

Steiner ?@Steiner1776
#Ukraine #Donetsk people's republic announces general mobilization after #Kiev regime attack on #Sloviansk http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_04_24/Ukraine-Separatist-leadership-in-Donetsk-region-announces-general-mobilization-1059/

#Ukraine According to RT #Kiev is not using ukrainian regulars but 5000 #PravySector members to storm #Sloviansk http://rt.com/news/eastern-ukraine-army-operation-680/

#Ukraine #Sloviansk Also #fascist #Kiev forces are getting active help from #NATO through intelligence http://rt.com/news/eastern-ukraine-army-operation-680/h

Révolutions Info ?@revolution_info
#Arabspring US turns blind eye to HR violations in Bahrain: Analyst - Press TV: Press TVUS tur... http://bit.ly/1jTPum7

English Pravda.Ru ?@engpravda
Putin: Kiev authorities commit crimes against their own people: Moscow quickly responded to the offensive of t... http://bit.ly/1jTS6Ao

Tactical Things ?@Tactical_Things
US inciting civil war in #Venezuela to get its oil – Bolivia’s Morales http://rt.com/news/154464-bolivia-us-civil-war-venezuela/
clothcapclothcap on April 24th, 2014 06:34 pm (UTC)
Balkan news ?@NewsBalkan
24.04.2014. Video of "American mercenaries" in ?rtemovsk http://youtu.be/cZmAw-TuWIk

Donetsk regional council deputies demanded from Kiev authorities to cease military action & withdraw armed forces from the region.

EU's Secret.of Energy asked EU Council to examine legality of bilat. agreement on construction of S.Stream,which Serbia signed with Gazprom

Tactical Things ?@Tactical_Things
Kiev Declares War http://sjlendman.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/kiev-declares-war.html

De-escalation in Ukraine as seen by Joe Biden - ONE CRAZY AMERICAN? http://www.voltairenet.org/a183456

New York Times Admits It Pushed Fabricated Evidence about #Iraq, #Syria and Ukraine: ADMITS LYING http://www.globalresearch.ca/new-york-times-admits-it-pushed-fabricated-evidence-about-iraq-syria-and-ukraine/5379049

Hatuxka ?@Hatuxka
Backlash Against Privatization Is Growing In States And Cities Across The US http://ln.is/zite.to/M8e1a

Report on Benghazi US Changed Sides Supported Al Qaeda #Libya http://ln.is/feedly.com/e/BrgDm

Nat'l Security News ?@NatSecNews
Russian espionage in Germany rising sharply, says Berlin http://intelnews.org/2014/04/24/01-1461/

Senate panel: Homeland Security's top watchdog altered reports http://www.theday.com/article/20140424/NWS13/304249341/1044

Inside the ‘DarkMarket’ Prototype, a Silk Road the FBI Can Never Seize http://www.wired.com/2014/04/darkmarket/

Here's Why The EU Isn't Going To Approve Tough Sanctions On Russia Right Now http://www.businessinsider.com/eu-and-sanctions-on-russia-2014-4

Will Putin Force President Obama to Reset His Missile Defense Plans for Eastern Europe? http://complex.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2014/04/23/will_putin_push_obama_to_reset_his_missile_defense_plans_for_eastern_europe

RT ?@RT_com
Mass shop closures, armed self-defense on entry roads to #Slovyansk -city 'braces for further conflict' (via @graham) http://on.rt.com/1q9y34

‘Feed the troops, motherf*****!’ Angry locals ‘bomb’ RT report at #Slavyansk barricade attack scene http://youtu.be/V09SNfNdSE4

MORE: Kiev’s 'anti-terror op' has over 1K armed troops, 160 tanks, over 230 APCs, aircraft - Russian Defense Minister http://on.rt.com/fficmv

CORRECTION: Kiev “anti-terror op” deploys 11K troops, 160 tanks, over 230 APCs, aircraft - Russian Defense Min http://on.rt.com/fficmv

Leaflets dropped on #Slavyansk, warn residents of ‘Russian terrorists’ (via @Lukeharding1968) http://on.rt.com/1q9y34 pic.twitter.com/6P0wHTm9c8

MORE: Israel to impose economic sanctions on Palestinian Authority – reports http://on.rt.com/eyfccd

Producer of Russian TV show vanishes in #Ukraine as ‘saboteurs posing as journalists’ detained http://on.rt.com/3zmo0z

C.J. Chivers ?@cjchivers
Mayor of separatist administration in Slovyansk, #ukraine says 1 dead, 1 wounded in govt attack today. (Not up to 5 dead as UKR gov claimed)

In Slovyansk, UKR gov operation thus far has been tactically limited. City firmly in separatist hands, & now quiet. Seps report 1-3 KIA.

Sign warns of landmines in forest at edge of Slovyansk. #ukraine http://instagram.com/p/nLHMrLIOFy/

Sep mayor in Slovyansk says UKR gov attackd w ~150 troops, many BTRs & helos, but were repelled, in part bc mines laid in field blocked way

21st Century Wire ?@21WIRE
#Hitler Debate Heats Up As New Evidence is Presented About His Escape to #Argentina http://21stcenturywire.com/2014/04/24/hitler-debate-heats-up-as-new-evidence-is-presented-about-his-escape-to-argentina/ … @21WIRE pic.twitter.com/duKgDlHKqu

Steiner ?@Steiner1776
#Ukraine Locals accuse ukrainian army of stealing food and supplies from #Sloviansk blockpost http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YusiAMVjV8

Chris Sedlmair ?@Chris_Sedlmair
Romania: NATO Commander Discusses Article 5 War Plans http://ln.is/nblo.gs/0mk0e

Source: #Ukraine junta militants, many of whom are #NATO mercenaries, stop ambulances hurrying to city #Slavyansk and steal medication

MORE: NATO war games in Poland, Baltic not helping normalization of #Ukraine situation - Russian Defense Min http://on.rt.com/fficmv
clothcapclothcap on April 24th, 2014 06:51 pm (UTC)
Press TV ?@PressTV
#Qaeda likely to launch false-flag #chemicalattack attack in #Syria: Analyst http://goo.gl/CpiDSo

#Bahrain #court sentences four protesters to seven years http://goo.gl/gtjaEE

#US, #fascist allies behind #Kiev #crisis: Analyst http://goo.gl/Az5Cj6

#US intends to ‘#balkanize#Russia: Analyst http://goo.gl/fla0yn

#Turkey sends #troops, tanks to protect tomb in #Syria http://goo.gl/nVSqlJ
Net News Global ?@Net_News_Global
NNG: 3 US physicians killed in Kabul hospital shooting http://bit.ly/1jUB7hc

NNG: US, EU orchestrated color revolution in Ukraine: Russia http://bit.ly/1l79jJp

NNG: CSTO to Suspend Dialogue With NATO Due to Ukrainian Crisis http://bit.ly/1l7ppTj

NNG: 11 killed, 27 injured in Iraq bomb blast http://bit.ly/1l7YI0C

NNG: Pakistani fighter jets kill 37 militants http://bit.ly/1l7YIh8

Netanyahu's driver accused of serially raping young girls under 12 - Israel News, Ynetnews http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4512792,00.html
nsnbc international ?@nsnbc
China “cautions” Obama after bellicose Statements about the Diaoyu Dao http://wp.me/p3dxDt-c8Y

Stop War Crimes ?@StopWarCrimes
New on MoA: Ukraine: Anyone Interested In A Larger War? http://ift.tt/1iR5fw4

Hussam ?@Hussamov11
Power has been out in #Aleppo for 7 days now. Water out for 5 days.

jose nascimento ?@45Zoroastro
Ukrainian Jews look to Israel as anti-Semitism escalates - Haaretz: HaaretzUkrainian Jews look to Israel as an... http://bit.ly/QBo23S
Viedoklis ?@Viedoklis_lv
Exactly Like 7 Years Ago? 2014 Is Turning Out To Be Eerily Similar To 2007 http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-04-24/exactly-7-years-ago-2014-turning-out-be-eerily-similar-2007

Ukraine Gives Russia 48-Hr Ultimatum Or "We Will Fight" http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-04-24/ukraine-gives-russia-48-hr-ultimatum-or-we-will-fight
Activist Post ?@ActivistPost
Pentagon Papers Whistleblower Says Americans Have 'Lost the Republic' http://motherboard.vice.com/read/pentagon-papers-whistleblower-says-americans-have-lost-the-republic

Will SWAT teams arrest bankers who owe $3 trillion for bailouts? http://shar.es/T9P1o

An Unprecedented Plague Has Hit Oranges And Another Has Hit Bananas http://po.st/IQ6Tkl

#BundyRanch: The #Agenda21 "Shot" Heard Round The World http://po.st/lPX4GY
RT ?@RT_com
More than pirates ‘n’ pasties: Cornish get same minority rights as Scots http://on.rt.com/of7k8c

Gazprom sends Ukraine $11.4bn bill for unshipped gas http://on.rt.com/nbfwd9 pic.twitter.com/oD5QTvmCux

Vice journalist @simonostrovsky freed currently on way to Donetsk (via @belangerjf) http://on.rt.com/1q9y34 pic.twitter.com/DLW5kPIGYx
Enrique Ferro ?@HarryFerro
Obama’s killing fields in Yemen | @scoopit http://sco.lt/8yFMOn

Umami ?@MediaExposedDay
" Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Job Loss, Lower Wages and Higher Drug Prices " http://www.citizen.org/TPP
Nat'l Security News ?@NatSecNews
US may charge ex-Blackwater guard with murder for Iraq massacre http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/04/23/us-usa-iraq-blackwater-idUSBREA3M1RL20140423

Protesters in Ukraine guard biggest weapons cache in eastern Europe http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/apr/24/protesters-ukraine-weapons-cache-mine

Top Al Qaeda commander relocates to Syria http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/04/24/top-al-qaeda-commander-relocates-to-syria/
Tactical Things ?@Tactical_Things
CIA Is Quietly Ramping Up Aid To Syrian Rebels - #CIA KILLING MORE CIVILIANS? http://www.infowars.com/cia-is-quietly-ramping-up-aid-to-syrian-rebels/
clothcapclothcap on April 24th, 2014 11:36 pm (UTC)
Russia: Putin Silver One Kilo Coins Launched
Silver coins with the face of Russian President Vladimir Putin are being minted in Russia. The coins weigh one kilogram (1kg – 2.2lb) and are being launched by the Art Grani foundry to mark Crimea’s reincorporation into Russia.
The private mint that produces the coins said it is planning to present some of them to the Russian leadership. The coins are commemorative in nature and are a limited edition of 500 silver coins initially. The factory states that some of the coins may be sold, but they won’t be used as currency.
Putin’s face is on one side of the coin while the other shows a map of the Crimean Peninsula, Moscow daily Komsomolskaya Pravda reports. Factory director Vladimir Vasyuhin explains that by bringing the Crimean peninsula “back home”, Putin had “demonstrated the qualities of a wise strategist and politician”.
“Crimea’s reunification with Russia was a historic event which we decided to embody in a souvenir collection of coins,” Vasyukhin told the Itar-Tass news agency.
The peninsula that has hosted Russia’s Black Sea fleet throughout its history was part of Russia for centuries before Ukrainian-born Soviet leader Nikita S. Khrushchev transferred it to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1954.
It made little difference to which republic the peninsula belonged when all 15 were united within the Soviet Union. But after the Soviet breakup in 1991, Russia was forced to lease back its military bases from Ukraine and lost governing authority over the predominantly ethnic Russian population of 2 million.
The first issue of 25 of the commemorative coins, which are the size of a hockey puck and weigh 1 kilo each, will be given to Kremlin officials, Itar-Tass said.
Neither the foundry nor the Russian news sources that wrote about the special “Crimea 2014 Collection” said how much the coins will cost or when a broader quantity will be available to collectors and the general public.
Each coin has 120 millimeters in diameter and is 11 millimeters thick. The embossed images are 4 millimeters high. Each coin will have its own number and will be made of 925 grade silver or 92.5% purity.
Silver at less than $20/oz remains very undervalued. It remains undervalued versus stocks, bonds and indeed gold. An allocation to silver in a portfolio will help protect and grow wealth in the coming years.
clothcapclothcap on April 24th, 2014 11:38 pm (UTC)
Some RT
Prosecutors seeking additional $13 billion in BoA fraud case
US Justice Department prosecutors will soon ask for more than $13 billion from Bank of America after conducting a number of federal and state investigations into the financial institution’s pre-2008 financial crisis practice of selling home loan-backed bonds, Bloomberg reported Thursday. Negotiations have been ongoing, the sources said, but such a settlement would come in addition to a $9.5 billion sum the bank agreed to pay last month to squelch Federal Housing Finance agency claims. Bank of America is one of eight US banks currently under investigation by US prosecutors for allegedly misleading investors about the quality of bonds connected to residential mortgages as housing prices.

Over 92% of Syrian chemical weapons stockpile removed, destroyed
The international team overseeing the elimination of Syria's chemical weapon stockpile reports that 92.5 percent of the chemical material has been removed and destroyed. “I welcome the significant progress of the last three weeks, and I strongly encourage the Syrian authorities to conclude the removal operations as part of their efforts to achieve the June 30, 2014 deadline. Particular thanks goes to member states for their steadfast support,” said Sigrid Kaag, special coordination for the joint mission of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the United Nations. The mission’s website also reports that Syrian authorities also destroyed buildings, equipment and empty mustard gas containers, and decontaminated other containers in a number of chemical weapons storage and production sites.

Bundy ranch stand-off: Government helicopters shot cattle multiple times 'for fun'

New leaks expose how the FBI directed Anonymous’ hacks
clothcapclothcap on April 24th, 2014 11:45 pm (UTC)
Keiser 591 & 592
[KR591] Keiser Report: Margret Thatcher? Anti-Christ!
In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the rentier rising from the dead, generation debt and harvesting the young with student debt. In the second half, Max interviews Ross Ashcroft about the housing super bubble in London and what it means to the rest of the economy to have a rentier class in charge.


[KR592] Keiser Report: Zombie Banks, Debt Schools
We discuss how with a university education, one may steal the whole railroad but will also leave the student heavily in debt with tumbling starting salaries. In the second half, Max interviews Jan Skoyles of the Real Asset Company about China’s gold, international payment systems, bail-ins and Getting REAL.

clothcapclothcap on April 25th, 2014 01:04 am (UTC)
There's probably no industrial civilization on Kepler-186f (1)
When reading stuff like Black Sun Rising or listening to various similar themed vids, bear this in mind:
There's probably no industrial civilization on Kepler-186f
Yesterday, the environmentalists-Leninists were celebrating Vladimir Lenin's birthday once again – or the Earth Day, as these watermelons (green on the surface, red inside) like to call it in order to superficially look hip and modern. We would hear that there is no Planet B again, and so on.
Well, just a few days earlier, NASA's Kepler spacecraft announced the discovery of Kepler-186f which is pretty much nothing else than such Planet Earth B, the most Earth-like habitable-zone planet discovered so far. The alternative home is located 492 light years from us. At the current speed, Voyager spacecrafts would get there in (20,000 times 500) one million years (which is still short relatively to the lifetime of a star or a planet) but let's hope that in the future, we will have speedier spaceships (and ETs should have faster ones, too).
Their mother star, Kepler-186, is a main-sequence M1-type dwarf star whose radius as well as mass is 1/2 of the Sun's values but the luminosity is 1/25 of that of the Sun. The surface temperature, below 4,000 kelvins, is cooler than the Sun's temperature and all these numbers combine to the fact that at the orbital radius of 0.5 AU (4 light minutes), Kepler-186f is in the habitable zone. The temperature should allow liquid water which seems "enough" for those who believe that ETs are almost everywhere. The size of the planet exceeds the Earth just by 11% – so it's almost a twin sister.
Hontas Farmer thinks that the probability that an industrial civilization is thriving over there exceeds 50%. Not bad (he or she even claims to see some intelligent pattern in some electromagnetic noise). I suppose that the reasoning is that life has to exist there sometime in the future or the past and we might be more advanced or less advanced than them, with the chances for both options at 50%. Count me as a skeptic, my guess would be well below 1%.
We have clearly entered the era in which planets with physical characteristics extremely close to Earth's may be discovered pretty often. I have personally no doubt that the Earth's temperature plus minus 10% or so is just fine for life; the size of the Earth plus minus dozens of percent (and perhaps plus minus an order of magnitude) is OK for life, too. And I have no doubt that there are billions of planets just in the Milky Way that have these OK enough characteristics.
So why don't I believe that the smart ETs "probably" live on such a random planet?
My main reason is the simplest empirical one, one that Enrico Fermi pointed out. We haven't seen too many ETs or their signals here on Earth. If civilizations on habitable-zone planets routinely get to the point we are enjoying here and now, many of them should have sent at least some spacecrafts to all good enough planets that are at most 1,000 light years from them. Note that it's enough to reach the required industrial power – to send these thousands of spacecrafts – once. I don't need to assume that the civilizations survive for millions of years.

clothcapclothcap on April 25th, 2014 01:06 am (UTC)
Re: There's probably no industrial civilization on Kepler-186f (1)
2 Continued/
But we haven't been contacted by the "ambassador spacecraft" sent from Kepler-186f. We haven't been contacted by any "ambassador spacecraft" from the hundreds of other hypothetical planets where life should be much more advanced than ours and that are about as close as Kepler-186f. It seems bizarre to me. I think that a universe – or the Earth – drowning in the cosmic sea of hi-tech planets simply looks very different from ours.
The absence of non-bogus observations of ETs on Earth as of today seems to be the most important approximate measurement of the concentration of ETs that we seem to have, I think. It's a "negative" measurement. The most important "positive" piece of evidence indicating that ET life should be common is the fact that life began to evolve relatively quickly here on Earth. If some unlikely processes that may be fixed by repetition were needed during the creation of life, it would be far more likely that we find ourselves living on a planet whose star is going to die soon – a star that is as old as you can get. It doesn't seem to be the case.
However, the birth of life may have depended on some unlikely conditions that cannot be improved by waiting. The composition of chemicals – heavier elements, perhaps some special compounds, and possibly even some simpler or more complex organic molecules (or panspermia-like seeds distibuted by comets, asteroids, and dust, but only in some regions of the galaxy) – we have here on Earth may be rare. Some debris from several different types of dying stars could have met at a single point (on the Earth) and this just doesn't happen too often – and it will be happening even less frequently as the Universe keeps on expanding and diluting and stars keep on dying.
I have used this analogy before. The RNA/DNA/protein-like complex molecules that are needed for life may be as rare in the Milky Way as good string theory groups are rare on Earth. To establish a meaningful string theory group, you need to concentrate and accumulate the intellectual resources. In a similar way, certain – many – economic activities require some concentration of the capital. Because of the required concentration, these things just won't occur and can't occur everywhere.
The number of precise enough measurements of the number of ET civilizations – or the amount of robust enough evidence of any kind, including very indirect theoretical arguments – is extremely low which means that our prior beliefs – also known as prejudices – are obviously playing a very important role for our opinions about the number of advanced ET civilizations. Needless to say, I will instantly turn the coat once we start to watch our third alien TV channel if not earlier than that. ;-) But so far, the idea that we're very special – and perhaps the only ones in the Milky Way or perhaps the visible Universe (and there may even be some reasons why it is so), seems to admit a rather natural model that is compatible with all the evidence I am aware of.
Many people seem to be convinced about the idea that the "ETs are almost everywhere" because they think that they can disprove the idea that life is very rare. The main difference between them and myself is that I think that their disproof is just invalid. They believe that the "fast start of life" here on Earth immediately implies the "fast start on every good enough planet". But it's just not necessarily so – there may be differences in the "genetic setup" of the Earth, some very special detailed properties that planets either possess or (usually) not possess from the very beginning and the Earth's "genetic predispositions" simply could be extremely special and rare.
On the other hand, I feel that the advocates of "ET life everywhere" often hold beliefs that are in conflict with our observations of zero ET signals and ambassadors accessible to all of our tools of detection by 2014 AD. I think that their belief that an O(1) fraction of the hospitable-zone planets inevitably turns into the home of superadvanced civilizations predicts certain observations of ETs that our actual observations have refuted.
Thanks Lubos
clothcapclothcap on April 25th, 2014 01:22 am (UTC)
Cooler heads - Climate Change
Does a Recent Peer-Reviewed Study Say It’s Okay to Lie about Climate Change?
Does a recent science paper say it’s okay to lie about climate change if that’s what it takes to ratify climate treaties? No. But the study is quite silly, going to heroic mathematical lengths to prove what most of us learned on the playground: liars can win friends and influence people — until they get caught.
Today’s Climatewire ($) reviews the study, “Information Manipulation and Climate Agreements,” which some skeptical blogs had denounced for advocating dishonesty in a good cause.
Climatewire reports that the researchers — Fuhai Hong of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and Xiaojian Zhao of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology — issued a statement online saying their objective was only to explain why certain parties have incentives to exaggerate climate change damages, not to justify lying about climate change.
Critics may have read only the study’s abstract, most of which does seem to take a permissive or even approving view of deliberate exaggeration (i.e. lying)
Details http://www.globalwarming.org/2014/04/24/does-a-recent-peer-reviewed-study-say-its-okay-to-lie-about-climate-change/

On Global Warming, Could Administration & Its Cheerleaders Be Any More Out of Touch with American People?
Secretary of State John Kerry: “Climate change can now be considered the world’s largest weapon of mass destruction, perhaps even, the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.” It is, moreover, “the greatest challenge of our generation.”
EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy: “If we don’t start dealing with climate change, which is the biggest public health challenge we face, as well as the biggest economic challenge we face…then I think we’re losing for the next generation and also for our own, frankly.”
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: “Climate change is the worst problem facing the world today.”
Rolling Stone reporter Jeff Goodell: Climate change is “the greatest challenge human civilization has ever faced.”
MSNBC host Chris Hayes: “The scientific consensus is that human civilization cannot survive in any recognizable form a temperature increase this century more than 2 degrees Celsius.”
Last, but certainly not least:
Here http://www.globalwarming.org/2014/04/24/on-global-warming-could-administration-its-cheerleaders-be-any-more-out-of-touch-with-american-people/
clothcapclothcap on April 25th, 2014 01:39 am (UTC)
Clues for 9/11 Terror Trading
[...] “Detecting Informed Trading Activities in the Options Markets.“ One more time the three scientists present evidence for insider trading related to the 9/11 terror attacks.
By Lars Schall
The new version of “Detecting Informed Trading Activities in the Options Markets,“ that was made available to the public on April 7, 2014, can be downloaded as a PDF document here.
A general introduction into the work by Chesney et al., that I wrote for Asia Times Online under the headline “Insider trading 9/11 … the facts laid bare,” can be found here. Moreover, you can find here an interview that I’ve also conducted for Asia Times Online with Paul Zarembka, professor for economics at the State University of New York, in which he discusses the findings of three scientific papers on the 9/11 insider trading issue, amongst them the work by Chesney and his two colleagues.
When asked about the difference between the latest version of that work and the ones before, Paul Zarembka replied:
The difference in the present version of the Chesney, et al., paper from the 2010 and 2011 versions is that the airline sector is highlighted in the main paper, while a Supplemental Appendix is now used to focus on the financial sector, and some other firms. In other words, the discussion is now, for the most part, split and the main paper is shortened thereby. The methodology used and data reported earlier are unchanged, but some important new data are provided for the financial sector that were not reported earlier.
Within the airline sector over the period 1996 to 2006, as before, eight of fifteen cases with evidence for informed trades relate to the events of September 11, 2001. Within the financial sector the earlier evidence remains, but now in the Appendix. There is, however, more extensive analysis to cover the period of the 2007-2009 financial meltdown. In fact, lots of significant evidence is obtained for that period. The expanded list of firms analyzed includes AIG, Bear Stearns, Fannie May, Freddie Mac, Goldman Sachs, Lehman, Wachovia, and Wells Fargo, along with HSBC and five centered in Europe. The Appendix could be converted in the future to a regular stand-alone paper focusing on finance.
One useful addition in the current version (due to an anonymous reviewer’s suggestion) is to examine cases of unpredictable natural disasters in order to ascertain whether the methodology employed would report informed trades even then. If so, the methodology would be called into question. The results actually confirm the methodology because informed trades were not, in fact, in evidence. The five events considered were central European floods (2002, with AMD as an affected company with option data available), hurricane Katrina (2005, ExxonMobil), eruption of Eyjafjallajökull (2010, FedEx), Deepwater Horizon oil spill (2010, BP), and Fukushima earthquake (2011, BP again).
[...] If we want to go underneath the empirical results, I reported in my own piece in 2011 (“Evidence of Insider Trading before September 11th Re-examined” — see here) that we now have more evidence about the put options on American Airlines on September 10th. Basically, the issue is how to reconcile evidence of insider or informed trading in that stock against information the U.S. government released in 2009 as to the responsibility of one particular options newsletter.
Continues http://www.larsschall.com/2014/04/23/clues-for-911-terror-trading/
Related posts:
Terror Trading 9/11 “Terror Trading 9/11“ by Lars Schall and Michael Leitner is a video dedicated to the topic of the alleged informed trading activities...
9/11 Insider Trading Revisited There are a couple of unresolved issues when it comes to the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. Two of them: the...
Re: Deutsche Bank Alex Brown and 9/11 Insider Trading I had the feeling that there was one final thing left for me to do regarding my research of informed trading activities...
clothcapclothcap on April 25th, 2014 09:48 am (UTC)
Civil war looms as fighting rages in eastern Ukraine LIVE UPDATES

Kiev’s troops remain in eastern Ukraine as the OSCE mission starts its work on “de-escalating” the situation on the ground. Anti-government protesters are unwilling to leave the seized buildings, demanding that the troops are pulled out first.
Thursday, April 24
21:39 GMT:
US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has said that “reports of military activity” near the Russian-Ukrainian border are worrisome. Earlier on Thursday Russia began extensive military exercises near the Ukrainian border following the escalation of violence in eastern Ukraine.
“This is dangerously destabilizing and it's very provocative. It does not de-escalate. In fact these activities escalate. They make it more difficult to try to find a diplomatic, peaceful resolution to that issue," Hagel said, adding that he was trying to arrange a phone call with Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.
20:36 GMT:
Washington should force the current Kiev leadership to “immediately” stop military operations in the south-east of the country, the Russian Foreign Ministry says.
“We hope the US will finally take urgent measures in the interests of de-escalation of the situation in accordance with the provisions of the Geneva Declaration of April 17. Washington should force the current Ukrainian leadership to immediately stop military operations in the south-east, to ensure withdrawal of Ukraine’s armed force units and security forces to their permanent deployment locations.”
“We hope that Washington understands the entire extent of their responsibility for the events,” noted the Russian Foreign Ministry.
19:12 GMT:
Ukrainian forces must respect international standards on use of force, Amnesty International said on its website responding to reports of fatal shootings of anti-government activists at several checkpoints in Slavyansk.
“International standards on the use of force and firearms are clear – law enforcement officials should resort to the use of firearms only in defence against an imminent threat of death or serious injury. They should apply other non-violent means before resorting to the use of force, and the use of firearms must always be the last resort. When the use of force and firearms is unavoidable they must exercise restraint and take steps to minimize damage and injury and preserve life,” Heather McGill, Ukraine Researcher at Amnesty International, has said.
Amnesty stressed that “an independent, impartial investigation should be launched into the events leading up to today’s reported loss of life at checkpoints around Slavyansk,” adding that “if it is found the Ukrainian forces violated international standards and resorted to arbitrary or abusive use of force, they must be brought to justice.”
Blasting the seizure of public buildings and detaining of foreign journalists by the local “pro-Russian armed group” as “human rights abuse,” the Amnesty added that “this must not be met with human rights violations by Ukrainian security forces.”
18:49 GMT:
Russian senators have drafted a proposal to send a “peacekeeping contingent” to southeast Ukraine to avoid bloodshed in the region, Izvestiya reports, citing Federation Council member Valery Shnyakin.
Shnyakin, who is the deputy chair of the council’s international committee, said that all countries interested in the peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian crisis should take part in talks on the proposed peacekeeping force.
“We must urgently put Russia, the US, the EU and Ukraine at the negotiation table and negotiate deploying a peacekeeping contingent to the southeast [of Ukraine]. We are now drafting this proposal and it will be brought up for discussion at the Federation Council session on April 29, and in case the situation escalates even more, it could happen earlier,” Shnyakin was quoted as saying.

More below
clothcapclothcap on April 25th, 2014 09:51 am (UTC)
Re: Civil war looms as fighting rages in eastern Ukraine LIVE UPDATES
18:34 GMT:
The German government has frozen military exports to Russia in connection with the situation in Ukraine, Germany’s Economy Ministry reportedly said in response to a request of the opposition Greens party.
According to German media, 69 export requests worth 5.18 million euro ($7.16 million) have been blocked.
“Because of the current political circumstances, no export licenses for defense goods for Russia are being granted. Furthermore, Germany has launched a study into what can be done about export licenses previously granted,” the ministry replied to the Greens’ request, Reuters reported.
17:51 GMT:
War in eastern Ukraine must be prevented “at all costs,” Itar-Tass reported UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon as saying.
Ban’s spokesman told journalists that all sides involved in the conflict in Ukraine must stick to the Geneva agreements of April 17, refrain from violence, repression and provocative actions.
Saying that he is “deeply concerned that the situation could quickly spin out of control with unpredictable consequences,” the UN secretary-general said that “military action must be avoided at all costs.”
17:42 GMT:
The actions of the Kiev authorities in eastern Ukraine make the legitimacy of the upcoming Ukrainian early elections “questionable,” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told journalists Thursday.
“The way the situation is developing in Ukraine, such criminal actions ordered by those in Kiev, they a priori put the legitimacy of the elections set for May under a serious question mark,” Peskov said.
17:32 GMT:
National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (SNBO) officials say the military operation in eastern Ukraine will continue “in stages.”
“The anti-terrorist operation will continue. It will be carried out in several stages. We cannot unveil these stages. Today one of those active stages took place. It fulfilled its objective,” deputy secretary of the SNBO, Victoria Syumar, told Hromadske TV on Thursday.
clothcapclothcap on April 25th, 2014 09:55 am (UTC)
Kerry clutches at straws to portray Russia as bad guy in east Ukraine
US Secretary of State John Kerry has threatened Russia with more sanctions, blaming it for the escalation of violence in Ukraine. The military offensive by Kiev's interim government in the country's east was, however, not mentioned.
In a surprise address on Thursday, Kerry dismissed any possibility that population of the eastern part of Ukraine might be not happy with the results of the coup against a corrupt government and with those who took power by force in Kiev.
“The world knows that peaceful protesters don’t come armed with grenade launchers and automatic weapons,” Kerry said.
Two months ago, Washington cheered for protesters even as they used weapons and bottle bombs to achieve their goal of overthrowing the government. Those protests were still peaceful in the eyes of the US political elite. Kerry then called on Yanukovich to protect all of the people he served and make a choice “for a compromise and dialogue versus violence and mayhem.”
This time Kerry did not call on the interim authorities in Kiev to have a dialogue with the east, dismissing the idea people there might be dissatisfied with the coup-imposed government. He claims the protests in the east of Ukraine are totally orchestrated by Russia.
Kerry’s description of protesters is that they are people armed with weapons “the latest issue from the Russian arsenal, hiding the insignias on their brand new matching military uniforms, and speaking in dialects that every local knows comes from thousands of miles away.”
In his speech, Kerry was citing a number of pieces of so-called evidence – the most notorious of which was a photo set supposedly proving the involvement of Russian special forces in the Ukraine uprising.
“Some of the individual special operations personnel, who were active on Russia’s behalf in Chechnya, Georgia and Crimea have been photographed in Slavyansk, Donetsk, and [Lugansk],” he said.
There’s no confirmation to date that those were the same people and that they took direct orders from Moscow. The New York Times, which made the photo set public on Monday, had to come up with a softener two days later - ‘Scrutiny Over Photos Said to Tie Russia Units to Ukraine’, where it admitted failing to properly verify the Kiev photo dossier.
More Kerry BS http://rt.com/news/154752-kerry-speech-blames-russia/
clothcapclothcap on April 25th, 2014 10:32 am (UTC)
New Eastern Outlook - N. Korea
Current Political and Economic Relations between China and North Korea
The strengthening of traditionally friendly relations with China, “formed by previous generations of leaders of the two countries remains the unchanged position of the Party and government of North Korea”. This is the sentiment expressed by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in his congratulatory telegram sent on September 30, 2013 to China’s President Xi Jinping, on the occasion of the 64th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Kim Jong-un believes that, “the traditional relations of friendship and cooperation” between North Korea and China “will be further developed through the joint efforts of the parties, governments and peoples of the two countries.”
Continues http://journal-neo.org/2014/04/23/rus-tekushhie-politiko-e-konomicheskie-otnosheniya-knr-s-kndr/
Konstantin Asmolov

The Next Phase of Russia’s Policy on the Korean Peninsula and in Relations with the DPRK
At present, Russian-North Korean relations are experiencing a sort of renaissance, which stands out in contrast against the background of the recent cold snap. After all, even during the celebration in the DPRK of the 60 year anniversary of the end of the “hot phase” of the Korean War in July, 2013, Moscow decided to demonstrate its negative attitude toward North Korea’s third nuclear test in February, 2013, as well as its “adventurous” behavior during the acute military and political crisis on the Korean Peninsula in March and April of the same year, and maintained only a modest Russian presence at this event. China, despite its own irritation for the same reasons, also sent the third highest ranking member in the PRC’s hierarchy to Pyongyang during the aforementioned celebration, who was at the side of the DPRK’s young leader, Kim Jong Un, throughout.
In this context, the North Koreans took unprecedented steps to demonstrate their intention to strengthen bilateral relations with Russia within the framework of the holiday events. The program of large scale athletic and artistic representations of “Arirang” began with a scene symbolizing friendship between our peoples, accompanied by a slogan on the “live” platform: “Korean-Russian friendship – From generation to generation”. Even more significant was the episode during the military parade, when (for the first time in history!) the North Koreans acknowledged the participation of Soviet troops in the Korean War with gratitude. A large banner with the image of a Korean soldier, a Chinese volunteer, and a pilot with a Slavic appearance in a helmet in profile was driven along the stands on a truck. The caption under the banner read: “Thanks to all who fought together with us”.
At a reception hosted on the same day, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK, Pak Ui-Chun, said directly to his Russian guest: “Did you see the symbol at the parade?… tell S.V. Lavrov, that we ‘aren’t hiding anything’”.
It appears that this message was heard in Moscow. Since 2014, there has been a flurry of bilateral contacts at a high level
Continues http://journal-neo.org/2014/04/24/rus-novaya-faza-politiki-rossii-na-korejskom-poluostrove-i-v-otnosheniyah-s-kndr/
Alexander Vorontsov

Edited at 2014-04-25 10:43 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on April 25th, 2014 10:42 am (UTC)
Unelected Regime Begins Killing Spree in Eastern Ukraine
Deadly clashed broke out as the unelected regime occupying Kiev attempted to restart what it is calling “anti-terror” operations in eastern Ukraine where anti-fascist protesters have begun rising up. Several have been killed during clashes in the eastern Ukrainian town of Slavyansk where Kiev has set armored vehicles and helicopter gunships upon its own population.
The Western media continues to refer to those opposing the unelected regime in Kiev as “pro-Russian,” and continues to insist that the uprising in the east is either backed by Moscow or in fact, being carried out directly by Russians operating in Ukrainian territory. However, the US and EU have failed categorically to prove such claims with evidence, and have since been caught circulating falsified images and news in attempts to bolster their claims.
The current regime in Kiev came to power at the height of the so-called “Euromaidan” protests where admittedly armed Neo-Nazi militants seized power, ransacking the headquarters of their political opponents and driving out the elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych. While the armed, violent seizure of power was initially covered up by the Western media, the BBC itself would later admit in a short video report that indeed armed Neo-Nazi militants spearheaded the coup.
The nature of the regime in Kiev is also being papered over by the Western media, covering up the fact that the two main opposition parties that seized power, Svoboda and “Fatherland,” are in fact led by a collection of Neo-Nazis, bigots, racists, and anti-Semites. In a desperate attempt to cover up this lack of legitimacy, the West has sent many high level officials including a leading US Senator and the US Vice President to Kiev to lend both political and material support.
The latest visit by Vice President Joseph Biden appears to have been timed specifically to help coordinate a renewed push into eastern Ukraine, after Ukrainian troops surrendered en masse last week – refusing to carry out operations against their fellow countrymen. Reports indicate that Kiev has now turned to fanatical ultra-right militant groups in an attempt to put down growing unrest against the unelected regime. The Voice of Russia reported in its article, “Ukrainian Right Sector says it will join crackdown on pro-federalization protesters,” that:
The ultranationalist Ukrainian Right Sector movement said Thursday members of organization will join paramilitary units currently being formed to crackdown on pro-federalization protests in eastern Ukraine. The movement said in a statement on its website that its members will join so-called “battalions of territorial defense” and military units.
Right Sector was an important force at the Euromaidan protests that began in November in Kiev. Its members were notorious for using clubs, Molotov cocktails, and firearms against Ukrainian police during the protests, and for wearing Nazi-inspired insignia.

The use of fanatical, irregular forces, armored vehicles, and aircraft including warplanes and helicopter gunships, signifies an escalation of violence by Kiev against its own people through the use of clearly disproportionate force aimed at terrorizing the population. That the United States and European Union have spent the past 3 years engaged in what they called the “responsibility to protect” in both Libya and Syria, and are now backing a regime that is arraying military forces against its own people, marks a new low in both the impartial application of “international law” and the perceived legitimacy of the Western nations now increasingly involved in Ukraine’s political crisis.
Continues with West’s Hypocrisy: Libya vs. Ukraine
Tony Cartalucci
clothcapclothcap on April 25th, 2014 10:52 am (UTC)
Sky News echoes propaganda from the UKR junta and Kerry
Russia Wants World War Three, Says Ukraine
Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has accused Russia of wanting to start "a third world war".
Mr Yatseniuk said that Russia wanted to occupy Ukraine "militarily and politically", creating a conflict that would spread to the rest of Europe.
"Attempts at military conflict in Ukraine will lead to a military conflict in Europe," Mr Yatseniuk told the interim cabinet in remarks broadcast live.
"The world has not yet forgotten World War Two, but Russia already wants to start World War Three."
Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama said he would consult key European leaders later on the possibility of imposing new sanctions against Russia.
Speaking in Seoul, Mr Obama said he wanted to coordinate a united approach with Western US allies.
The president spoke after US Secretary of State John Kerry accused Russia of "deception" and "destabilisation" in Ukraine and hinted at more sanctions .
More + vid https://uk.news.yahoo.com/russia-wants-world-war-three-says-ukraine-092801667.html
clothcapclothcap on April 25th, 2014 11:05 am (UTC)
Madeleine McCann Probers Focus on Child Sex Attacker
LONDON – Detectives are investigating whether Madeleine McCann, the toddler who vanished in Portugal seven years ago, may have been abducted by a serial sex attacker.
One of the suspect’s victims was a 10-year-old girl who was assaulted in 2005 in the same resort where Madeleine went missing.
Scotland Yard has recently learned for the first time of five sexual assaults, and one attempted sexual assault, on British girls between 2004 and 2006. Police say they attach particular significance to one of the attacks: the sexual assault in 2005 of a British 10-year-old girl in Praia de Luz, the resort where Madeleine’s family were staying. That attack was not reported at the time.
[...] Senior British detectives have expressed frustration with the slow pace of the judicial process, and the cooperation they have received from their Portuguese counterparts.
Portuguese authorities have resisted British requests to form a joint investigation team.
In March police appealed for help regarding 12 cases of a male intruder entering vacation homes between 2004 and 2010. The man sexually assaulted five British girls aged between 7 and 10 in their beds.
They said that witnesses described the suspect as tanned, with short untidy hair. He spoke in English with a foreign accident, and smelled strongly.
Scotland Yard has still not established the identity of a man seen by three witnesses carrying a child fitting Madeleine’s description on the night that she disappeared.
clothcapclothcap on April 25th, 2014 11:21 am (UTC)
As Ukraine ends truce, is Russian invasion next?
Katrina Bishop
Ukraine's government has declared the end of its Easter truce with armed separatists, heightening concerns of an escalation in the region's crisis - and the possibility of Russian intervention.
Ukraine, Russia, the U.S. and European Union signed an agreement calling for a de-escalation of the conflict last week, after weeks of turmoil near Ukraine's border with Russia.
But on Wednesday, Ukraine's First Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Yarema said the truce was formally over, according to Reuters, and the government was relaunching its "anti-terrorist operation" against pro-Russian separatists.
The rebels are thought by many to be influenced by Russia – or even be Russian soldiers -- and continue to occupy state buildings in towns and cities across eastern Ukraine.
"The (truce) deal achieved in Geneva never looked particularly promising, and nobody knows what is going to happen now," Liza Ermolenko, emerging markets economist at Capital Economics, told CNBC on Wednesday.
Ermolenko warned that a large military campaign by Ukraine against the separatists would be risky, because it could give Russia a reason to send its troops across the border.
Barclays analysts Eldar Vakhitov and Daniel Hewitt agreed. "Continued violent incidents in eastern Ukraine are increasing the chances of Russian military intervention, even if it is hardly justified given low support from local population," they said in a note.
Alastair Newton, senior political analyst at Nomura International, stressed that markets were underestimating the risk of overt Russian military action. However, he added that "at this stage at least", it was unlikely Russian President Vladimir Putin would want to get drawn in.
"Although he (Putin) may – or may not - be able to control pro-Russian activists in eastern Ukraine, he can't necessarily control the reaction either of the Ukrainian authorities or of the ultra-right nationalists in Ukraine," Newton said.
"Things could spin out of hand. If they do, he may be forced by his own commitment to move into eastern Ukraine to protect Russian speakers there from perceived threat to life or limb."
More http://www.cnbc.com/id/101605684
Surprisingly moderate in terms of propaganda and false info.
clothcapclothcap on April 25th, 2014 12:31 pm (UTC)
Nat'l Security News
RT @Stratfor: Sitrep: #Ukraine: Donetsk People's Republic Mobilizes Separatists http://ow.ly/w79bQ

Activist Post
YES - California #GMO Labeling Bill Passes Senate Committee http://po.st/aL8Fqq

Public Citizen #TPP - Extends patent , keeping Generic Drugs off Market http://www.citizen.org/TPP Not reported on @MSNBC

nsnbc international
PLEASE SHARE: 400 % Spike in Rare Birth Defects Near Leaking Hanford Nuclear Site, Washington nsnbc international: http://nsnbc.me/2014/04/24/400-spike-in-rare-birth-defects-near-leaking-hanford-nuclear-site/

HRI Mark
Human rights standards by which to judge Ukrainian actions in #Slavyansk http://wp.me/P1w0fz-2BP

English Pravda.Ru
John Kerry says Russia is guilty of Ukraine's crime against humanity: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry accus... http://bit.ly/1laSSMb

Slavyansk self-defense forces regain control of all checkpoints: Representatives of self-defense forces of the... http://bit.ly/1ig6Z2a

Révolutions Info
#OccupyGreece Greeks launched 20,120 protests in four years of IMF loan agreements: Loans agr... http://bit.ly/1igh5A0

Malicious Chrome Extension Hijacks CryptoCurrencies and Wallets: Although the number of malic... http://bit.ly/1jKiGdY

Press TV
‘Iran backs presidential vote in #Syriahttp://goo.gl/yVw2Il

‘Tide turning in favor of #Syria army’ http://goo.gl/JgVpgI

Warhol art exhumed from floppy disks http://goo.gl/Yhrp6Z

‘Swiss companies keen to invest in #Iranhttp://goo.gl/tzMq9Z

Robina Creaser
MT @veromeanstruth The facists think we are too placid to rebel; unless we prove them wrong, nothing will stop the barstards.

URGENT: #Kerry's 'prosecutorial' RT comment unacceptable - Lavrov http://on.rt.com/2zlvtq

#LAVROV: Kerry's comment about RT unacceptable and ill-mannered http://on.rt.com/2zlvtq

Fenia Yfandi
Supreme Court Calls Lying by Politicians an Expression of Their Religion http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/borowitzreport/2014/04/supreme-court-calls-lying-by-politicians-an-expression-of-their-religion.html
"By a 5–4 majority, the Court struck down an Ohio law that would make it harder to lie in political ads, arguing instead that “any attempt to restrict or punish lying by politicians is an unconstitutional infringement on a religion they have practiced for decades."
The Court’s decision won praise from politicians of both parties, with many saying that the Justices’ recognition of lying as a religion was "long overdue."
Writing for the majority, Chief Justice John Roberts argued, "For politicians, lying is a religious observance akin to attending a church or a synagogue, except that they do it seven days a week."

Veterans Push To Test Marijuana As a Life-Saving Treatment for Crippling PTSD http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/04/23/veterans-push-to-test-marijuana-as-a-life-saving-treatment-for-crippling-ptsd/

Is the President Being Blackmailed? http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/04/23/is-the-president-being-blackmailed/

Missing Plane Mystery Solved? http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/04/24/mh370solved/

Ukraine Charade on Parade and Psyops, too http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/04/24/ukraine-charade-on-parade-and-psyops-too/

How the UK is secretly helping to stoke the flames of war in Syria - Stop the War Coalition: http://www.stopwar.org.uk/videos/how-the-uk-is-secretly-helping-to-stoke-the-flames-of-war-in-syria
While it was undoubtedly a huge victory for anti-war and peace activism, peace activists should not be complacent about the Government parliamentary defeat on military intervention in Syria. The Government continues to arm and train the rebels in Syria, which many experts have warned will escalate the fighting, lengthen the conflict, lead to more deaths and empower the most extreme and violent groups. Peace activists need to step up and draw attention to the UK’s ongoing destructive role in Syria and pressure the Government to stop interfering and instead work to deescalate the conflict.

Press TV – Who Wins the Battle over Ukraine

Al Fatah original
They Came, They Murdered, They Covered It Up part 1 and 2 http://wp.me/p1LRsJ-38m
clothcapclothcap on April 25th, 2014 12:40 pm (UTC)
Abel Danger 4-23-2014 Capt Sherlock Solves MH370
One trip to Malaysia by Abel Danger halts Wild Goose Chase and redirects search to landing site of Serco's Boeing. Vietnam-Phuket-Singapore triangle exposes Inmarsat TRIDENT DECEPTION involving DRONED AIRLINER in advance of DoD droning of all military jets. April 22, 2014: Subject to contract, United States Marine Field McConnell is offering to demonstrate how Serco director Maureen Baginski allegedly arranged a Cross-Key Hijack of MH 370 by moving Sheraton hit and triage teams through Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Chicago, Perth and Toronto airports and having them hijack a Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot from a uFly 777 simulator using crossed access keys in the custody of the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company. Pat Tillman was assassinated 10 years ago today.
Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/BMHC2CSi

Edited at 2014-04-25 02:34 pm (UTC)