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Does the CIA plan a Syrian style terror war in Ukraine?

“Only fools believe what they are told, when it is clear that much else is being hidden.”…Anonymous

Someone decided to pull the plug on the four-way Ukraine talks on planned for this week. Kiev has decided to invade its own country. We all knew that a pro-referendum movement in the East Ukraine was a certainty.
The Kiev coup government in their early braggart days were quite open about their plans for suppressing the Russian population in the East. They began by immediately banning the language in state affairs. But that was just the start of the race to tear the country apart.
Dimitry Yarosh was the loudest loose cannon, and an MP to boot. As leader of the 15,000 Right Sector nationalists responsible for much of the violence in the Kiev coup, he was organizing the consolidation of the 50,000- to 60,000-strong nationalists into a new National Guard, where they would have access to heavier weapons and get on the public payroll.
He further stated that he was seeking the Interior Minister job so he could use his nationalist mobsters to eliminate their opponents. The Russians in the East were scared to death. We have not forgotten how quiet all the Western coup-supporters were about pushing for an immediate outside investigation of the coup violence on the Maidan, including who was behind it. US Intel obviously knew, but they weren’t telling.
We have all watched a fairly non-violent people’s revolt unroll over the past few days, with protestors and local police being very careful to avoid casualties. Some units have even mutinied and gone over to the people, including one Berkut unit wearing St. George’s ribbons, who was happily cheered by the crowd as they returned to their headquarters. Missing from view were the nationalist street toughs, like we saw in Kiev last month savagely attacking unarmed riot police.
We also saw them using tactics in which they have obviously been trained. Yet, there were no cries from the West to find out who was behind this violent takeover by the anti-Yanukovich forces. Later came the email intercepts of false flag attacks being planned out of the American embassy in coordination with the coup-government… to blame on the Russians.
A diplomatic focus for decreasing tensions had already been decided upon by Kerry and Lavrov. First up was a new constitution. But things began to get dragged out to give Kiev time to try to consolidate power, which would give it the upper hand in negotiations. Kiev had even decided to bring the European gas supplies to a crisis by not paying a dime for their current supplies, hoping to trigger a cut-off that the West could turn into a Russian-bear propaganda coup. The US must have given its OK to do this.
That did not work out. Putin counter-attacked masterfully with his carefully crafted letter to Russia’s 18 European customers that they had better focus more attention on Ukraine’s current gas bills, as Russia was not planning to suffer alone, but preferred to make that a group activity.
Despite a continuing barrage of hyped accusations from Kiev and the US State Department about the pending Russian invasion of Ukraine, the West was losing the propaganda war, outside of those who were backing the coup. NATO’s General Breedlove killed his credibility with his attempt to use satellite images of last year’s Russian/Ukraine military exercises, and claiming they were proof of a current invasion force at the ready. Obama made it worse by not asking for Breedlove’s resignation.
The huge sanctions-hype investment by Washington and a few Euro allies was also crumbing. The EU business community, who has been longtime customers of Gazprom, wanted no part of it. Western corporate media downplayed the huge trade surplus the EU had with Russia, where all the monies paid for Russian gas funded the $110 billion surplus and all the export jobs that went with it. No one really wanted a trade war but the dummies in DC. Imagine that.
So we fast forward to Ukraine’s going from a moderate response and negotiations with those leading the referendum push, to announcing they would pursue a military solution. And they said this AFTER Lavrov warned that any military action would threaten the four-party talks for this week.
What had changed did not take long to discover. Although the CIA denies that John Brennan was in Kiev, it is apparent that he was. He held meetings not only with the government, but also the security people… and a good number of them, too… which assured that word would leak out as it did. The communist MP members were quick to hear about it, and the former regime security heads still have inside connections and were filled in on the talks.
One can assume that Russian Intel also had long ears, as they would not have put Yanukovich out front to carry the ball on spilling the beans to the media on Brennan’s visit. I would not be surprised to see another phone call intercept on YouTube this week — the smoking gun kind.
But I sense some panic with Brennan risking a trip to Kiev, which he must have known could not be kept secret. I have to expect that the US feels it must bait Russia into coming into East Ukraine to stem the credibility drain on US prestige. Brennan had to have gone there to guarantee that if they could get a war going, then the US could jump in militarily, and that would trigger the major sanctions they really want against Russia.
And here are more of the clues. The mutinies among the security forces in the East must have rattled Kiev, even though they should have expected it. After all, it is a majority-Russian region. We next heard Right Sector’s Dimitry Yarosh is calling up his “army” to get ready to purify the East.
Then President Turchinov strangely claimed he is deploying a reservist regiment of 350 to begin operations. Where, I ask, are the regular army units? Interim Interior Minister, Arsen Avakov, has announced the creation of special Interior ministry units based on “civilian components” all across Ukraine, in order to tackle separatist moods.
On his Facebook page Avakov says Kiev is ready “to attract” 12,000 into the new force that will be given arms, equipment and supervision, and he further claims that East Ukraine will get the first taste of this unit. Does that sound like he is deploying Army units to you?
Are these 12,000 Yarosh’s Right Sector thugs, or another group in addition to them? Did Brennan promise to fly in some of the CIA terror proxies they have stashed all over, like the Chechens who would be close by, and a sure bet for baiting the Russians?
Color me suspicious, but I smell some pre-staging here for two possibilities. The Army is being held back in reserve as these disposable throw away troops and “special units” are being move forward. Is Kiev worried that if the army were deployed it might go over to the people, taking their heavy weapons with them? And could it be a good way to get rid of Right Sector in the process?
Has the CIA, in punishment for Russia’s support for Syria, decided to bring a Syrian-style terror war to East Ukraine to draw the Russians into a long fight using America’s new favorite weapon, terrorist proxy troops?
Who will be paying for this war? The IMF has not funded it. NATO doesn’t want to fund anything. So that leaves the American taxpayer and the Pentagon, who are already under a squeezed budget. But with a war-happy Congress, how hard do you think it would be to get deficit appropriation voted through Congress… a few hours maybe?
Getting a shooting conflict going would also fix another problem which the new coup-government would like to avoid now… having an election. They are already being seen as the gang that can’t shoot straight, and their Western-puppet credentials have now been stamped in public. What I am seeing here is a group that only sees a future for itself as an occupation force in their own country… a sad fate for the long suffering Ukrainians.

Jim W. Dean
Hosted by New Eastern Outlook
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