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Whilst zionist sock puppets blow hot air and take advantage at home...

Crimeans overwhelmingly vote for joining Russia
Crimean population has overwhelmingly voted to break away from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation with a turnout of more than 80 percent.
The Election Commission in Crimea announced late on Sunday that 93 percent of participants voted for joining Russia in a referendum that created controversy in Europe and beyond.
According to authorities, some 40 percent of Crimea’s ethnic Tatar population also took part in the referendum and the voting process went on smoothly amid tight security.
The United States and the European Union have rejected the referendum, which they claim is against Ukraine's constitution and international law.
However, Valeriy Ryazanski, head of Russian upper house of parliament's observers in Crimea said the results were successful and legitimate and could be considered confirmed.
More and vid

More Ukrainian cities call for secession vote

Bilderberg's army NATO et al are losing control of their terrorists leaving their mercs with the option to play along with the neo nazis or pull out.

If Ukrainian radicals blow up pipeline from Russia, Europe will be in trouble

In Syria they have lost control

Jihadists flock to Yemen warns analysts
Now that Saudi Arabia has disengaged itself from Jihadists in Syria over fear that such a policy will in the longer term actually generate more instability across the region, analysts have come out of the woodwork, warning that Syria’s veteran jihadists could now be flocking to Yemen.
If the United States of America and the Saudi government thought prudent to back moderate militias in Syria by offering military aid and training, it appears now that such policies could have played directly into the hands of al-Qaeda, as the group found in Syria rebel fighters a precious recruitment pool. Hardened by months of ground operations, well-trained and very capable Jihadist are said to have been enrolled by the terror group in order to feed its global terror war machine.


Tunisian terrorist returning from Syria: What is happening in Syria is not a revolution
Tunis, (SANA) – A Tunisian terrorist nicknamed Abu Qussai who was recruited to fight alongside terrorists in Syria said that what is happening in Syria is not a revolution nor a fight for a cause; rather it’s a ruination of Arab countries and part of an international gam89e.

Syria: A "Stalemate" When One Side Is Advancing?
[...] How can this be a "stalemate" when one side is advancing on three important fronts?
[...] Saudi Arabia seems to be trying to desperately clean house in the run up to the visit by Obama, going so far as to demand that all Saudi citizens fighting in Syria return home and "turn themselves in". This, though, is nothing more than cover for the fact that desertions from the militants seem to be increasing as more and more fighters become disgusted with the politics and infighting.

Will the [US Pilgrims'] CFR's sock puppet Obama back off or is WWIII necessary because of the total SNAFU state of rack and ruin the US and its economy is in? The situation seems to have provided Obama with the opportunity to become the facade dictator of the US police state.
Obama Declares a National Emergency: Crimea Self-Determination Constitutes a “Threat To US National Security”
Or is it that "While gutting State funds,Obama  secretly spent $BILLIONS for Ukraine neo-nazi coup takeover" (via A. Smith @360CNN) may provide just cause for Obama to be lynched by patriots, a red line crossed and his puppeteers willing to let the dogs have his bones for failing - again? Whatever, he is calling for a state of emergency ahead of the intended time IMO using excuses as real as Cameoron's justification for destroying Libya and assassinating Gaddafi.
In reality it is the actions of the Pilgrims' Bilderberg directed CIA and NATO, various neocon AIPAC a holes in the Pentagon and like McCain sanctioned by Obama on behalf of the Pilgrims' Soros controlled CFR that constitutes the real threat, and the Fed's never ending devaluation of the dollar and theft of gold. [Is the UK's other half really still in the corporate BoE?].

Is the Western world FINALLY waking up?
If central gov'ts controlled by luciferian freemason zionists and their royal mates with their economies controlled by equally corrupt zionist central banks are allowed to continue to hold sway over a country's destiny then no. It is all down to Russia standing up to the thugs, so to speak.
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