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17 March 2014 @ 09:11 am
Whilst zionist sock puppets blow hot air and take advantage at home...  
Crimeans overwhelmingly vote for joining Russia
Crimean population has overwhelmingly voted to break away from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation with a turnout of more than 80 percent.
The Election Commission in Crimea announced late on Sunday that 93 percent of participants voted for joining Russia in a referendum that created controversy in Europe and beyond.
According to authorities, some 40 percent of Crimea’s ethnic Tatar population also took part in the referendum and the voting process went on smoothly amid tight security.
The United States and the European Union have rejected the referendum, which they claim is against Ukraine's constitution and international law.
However, Valeriy Ryazanski, head of Russian upper house of parliament's observers in Crimea said the results were successful and legitimate and could be considered confirmed.
More and vid http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/03/16/354962/crimea-votes-for-joining-russia/

More Ukrainian cities call for secession vote

Bilderberg's army NATO et al are losing control of their terrorists leaving their mercs with the option to play along with the neo nazis or pull out.

If Ukrainian radicals blow up pipeline from Russia, Europe will be in trouble

In Syria they have lost control

Jihadists flock to Yemen warns analysts
Now that Saudi Arabia has disengaged itself from Jihadists in Syria over fear that such a policy will in the longer term actually generate more instability across the region, analysts have come out of the woodwork, warning that Syria’s veteran jihadists could now be flocking to Yemen.
If the United States of America and the Saudi government thought prudent to back moderate militias in Syria by offering military aid and training, it appears now that such policies could have played directly into the hands of al-Qaeda, as the group found in Syria rebel fighters a precious recruitment pool. Hardened by months of ground operations, well-trained and very capable Jihadist are said to have been enrolled by the terror group in order to feed its global terror war machine.


Tunisian terrorist returning from Syria: What is happening in Syria is not a revolution
Tunis, (SANA) – A Tunisian terrorist nicknamed Abu Qussai who was recruited to fight alongside terrorists in Syria said that what is happening in Syria is not a revolution nor a fight for a cause; rather it’s a ruination of Arab countries and part of an international gam89e.

Syria: A "Stalemate" When One Side Is Advancing?
[...] How can this be a "stalemate" when one side is advancing on three important fronts?
[...] Saudi Arabia seems to be trying to desperately clean house in the run up to the visit by Obama, going so far as to demand that all Saudi citizens fighting in Syria return home and "turn themselves in". This, though, is nothing more than cover for the fact that desertions from the militants seem to be increasing as more and more fighters become disgusted with the politics and infighting.

Will the [US Pilgrims'] CFR's sock puppet Obama back off or is WWIII necessary because of the total SNAFU state of rack and ruin the US and its economy is in? The situation seems to have provided Obama with the opportunity to become the facade dictator of the US police state.
Obama Declares a National Emergency: Crimea Self-Determination Constitutes a “Threat To US National Security”
Or is it that "While gutting State funds,Obama  secretly spent $BILLIONS for Ukraine neo-nazi coup takeover" (via A. Smith @360CNN) may provide just cause for Obama to be lynched by patriots, a red line crossed and his puppeteers willing to let the dogs have his bones for failing - again? Whatever, he is calling for a state of emergency ahead of the intended time IMO using excuses as real as Cameoron's justification for destroying Libya and assassinating Gaddafi.
In reality it is the actions of the Pilgrims' Bilderberg directed CIA and NATO, various neocon AIPAC a holes in the Pentagon and like McCain sanctioned by Obama on behalf of the Pilgrims' Soros controlled CFR that constitutes the real threat, and the Fed's never ending devaluation of the dollar and theft of gold. [Is the UK's other half really still in the corporate BoE?].

Is the Western world FINALLY waking up?
If central gov'ts controlled by luciferian freemason zionists and their royal mates with their economies controlled by equally corrupt zionist central banks are allowed to continue to hold sway over a country's destiny then no. It is all down to Russia standing up to the thugs, so to speak.
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clothcapclothcap on March 17th, 2014 09:14 am (UTC)
West using Crimea to hide real intentions
Any competent military or Intel professional would tell you that the West knew that the result of it's coup in Kiev would be for Russians in the Eastern part of the country to seek protection from Russia. Why? Because they do not want to fall under the control of the new axis of evil.
Why would they allow US missiles and military bases staged on their territory, 'legalized' Right Sector terrorists incorporated into Ukraine's secret service and prosecutor's offices, and becoming perpetual serfs to the EU and IMF as their curtain of exploitation descends upon them?
"The West wants their money, and they are planning to get it. Their plan was to load Ukraine up with loans, watching it bankrupt itself via a combination of mismanagement and looting which is all to common in the region. The West is just as corrupt, the difference being there was more to steal from their people...or I should say, there was until lately. They have been looking East for greener pastures to prop up their failing economies. The foreign bogeyman is the age old diversion for discontent at home."
We are getting reports of the Kiev coup government agreeing on the quick EU/IMF loan at lightening speed with no public input whatsoever. Those who have taken over know that Ukraine is going to be divided between the haves, and the have nots. And they plan to be among the haves, as literally occupation troops inside their own country.
More http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/03/17/354999/west-using-crimea-to-hide-real-intentions/
Russia gets Crimea and Eastern + Southern Ukraine, Obama gets his dictatorship, the CIA-zionist IMF gets the money except wait - Putin demanded of the US that the Ukraine be federalised with considerable autonomy granted to all the states -
I don't see an Obama - Putin double act here, maybe I'm not looking at it in the right way.
clothcapclothcap on March 17th, 2014 09:16 am (UTC)
Not where is it but why is it
Cindy ?@ladynthedesert [https://twitter.com/jan_olson/status/445340232049635328/photo/1 ]
Israel Prepares for Possible Attack by Hijacked Flight 370! Mother of Al...: http://youtu.be/yHXKWauYfVA
Then Bush, Cheney and the house of Saud?

Edited at 2014-03-19 11:42 am (UTC)
clothcapclothcap on March 17th, 2014 09:24 am (UTC)
Recent twits
Steiner ?@Steiner1776
Breaking! Sources say the south-east of #Ukraine is demanding their own referendum,they want to be part of #Russia as well v @PaulaSlier_RT

Quociente Cultural® ?@Dputamadre
Ukraine is Full of Crimeans :)) RT @Navsteva: More Ukraine cities call for secession http://shar.es/RzMD4 via @sharethis

Enrique Ferro ?@HarryFerro
Ron Paul slams US on Crimea crisis and says Russia sanctions are 'an act of war' | @scoopit http://sco.lt/4uWfGT

Washington Has Set The World On A Path To War | @scoopit http://sco.lt/7v17ir

What the Western-backed regime is planning for Ukrainian workers - World Socialist Web Site | @scoopit http://sco.lt/7etYwb

McCain, Durbin Demand U.S. Arm Junta Government in Ukraine | @scoopit http://sco.lt/7z3uKH

Land Destroyer: West to Punish Crimea for Fleeing Regime in Kiev | @scoopit http://sco.lt/6t8YJF

Nat'l Security News ?@NatSecNews
RT @EuromaidanPR: The first target of Putin’s #Russia is not only #Crimea, but all Eastern and Southern #Ukraine http://wp.me/p4gJLv-1g5

Land Destroyer ?@LandDestroyer
#Crimea independence vote not recognized by West because of "speed/illegality" of referendum - yet they recognize Nazi blitz-coup in #Kiev?

#Cameron #Obama's combined mandate to sit in office does not add up to 95% of eligible voters - yet won't recognize #Crimea results.
Enrique Ferro ?@HarryFerro
Partition of Libya looms as fight for oil sparks vicious new divide | @scoopit http://sco.lt/8njJ2n

Hatuxka ?@Hatuxka
Three years after the invasion of western Libya, the country (completely) collapses #LIBYA March 13, 2014 #NATO http://youtu.be/0HP2957iOZk

The Way Frozen Bank Accounts are used by the West | New Eastern Outlook http://journal-neo.org/2014/03/05/rus-kak-zamorozhenny-e-bankovskie-scheta-ispol-zuyutsya-zapadom/

Nasa-funded study: industrial civilisation headed for 'irreversible collapse'? | @scoopit http://sco.lt/97k1iL
[Due to banksters' massive fraud with the currency pyramid and oversold metals, the CO2 nonsense foisted on us by Bilderberg's idealogue EC and its sycophantic clingons like Blair and Cameoron, CFR's Bush & Obama, the Pilgrim royalty and of course used to suck the life blood out of countries by the banksters, the main sponsors of CO2 hypotheses]
clothcapclothcap on March 17th, 2014 01:46 pm (UTC)
Penny posted -
NATO's killers in Syria: Will Trade Golan in exchange for no fly zone enforcement
Can it be anymore clear that the 'opposition' is not Syrian? Not that I need to remind regular readers here.
Can it be anymore clear that the so called opposition has been supported by, cooperated with and continues to collude with Israel. Israel is not afraid of Islamists for the simple reason they are on the same team.
That fact is abundantly clear!
Haaretz- Syrian Opposition willing to trade Golan claims for Israeli Military support

How will things change in Crimea if it joins Russia
The answer, judging by this WP- Europe article is, thing will change for the better.
For the heck of a lot better!
Definitely better then choking down the IMF reforms- already requiring pensions to be halved
Let's read on http://pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.ca/2014/03/how-will-things-change-in-crimea-if-it.html

Ukraine coup junta dissolves Crimean Parliament- Drone down & more

Crosstalk: Spinning Ukraine: Pepe Escobar (guest)
(Anonymous) on March 17th, 2014 02:01 pm (UTC)
Putin's popularity next to plunge like Russian economy.
Russian government admits economy in crisis as Ukraine weighs.

"MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's government acknowledged for the first time on Monday that the economy was in crisis, undermining earlier attempts by officials to suggest albeit weakening growth could weather sanctions over Ukraine.

Moscow markets wait to see the full scale of western measures over the seizure of Ukraine's Crimea and support of its referendum to join Russia, after losing billions of dollars in recent weeks in state and corporate money.

For weeks, Russian officials have said the confrontation between Moscow and the West over Ukraine that threatens economic sanctions and asset freezes would "weigh on the economy".

Although not speaking directly about the impact from the conflict, Deputy Economy Minister Sergei Belyakov said on Monday the economy was in trouble.

"The economic situation shows clear signs of a crisis," Belyakov told a local business conference.

European officials have said they are determined to hit Russia for its actions in Crimea, imposing sanctions including travel bans and asset freezes on those responsible. The United States is expected to take similar steps on Monday."

clothcapclothcap on March 17th, 2014 04:25 pm (UTC)
Re: Putin's popularity next to plunge like Russian economy.
Russia isn't Iran, however it was obvious that sanctions against Iran did nothing to dent Ahmadinejad's authority and harmed only the little people, a crime against humanity and illegal.
Russia will simply find new markets and stop sending its gas to the West, China and India for example, or quadruple the price of it. The Russian market will be lost forever.
Obama can't open his mouth without lying. I wonder what the real reasons for the arm waving are.
Interesting that an arrest warrant has been issued for Soros, he and his wicked witches were behind funding with tax dollars and inflaming the faux Arab Spring with Ukraine named as a target at the time.

From the chaos in Iraq, the commercial interest side of the zionist NWO plundered freely. Afghanistan, the drugs trade prospered amazingly after the suppression of the Taliban, still massive rare earth deposits to be plundered. Libya, the plan went awry but now seems back on track with a division of the country forecast. Egypt for the zionist Israeli expansion plan looks to be on course with US friendly army in power. Ukraine? I think it served its purpose hence Obama backing off fast but NAsTO is miffed. I don't think Putin willingly went along as his plan stops the encirclement of Russia.
clothcapclothcap on March 18th, 2014 01:04 am (UTC)
The Eurasian Chessboard: Brzezinski Mapped Out “The Battle for Ukraine” in 1997
By Chris Ernesto March 16, 2014
It’s all about maintaining the US position as the world’s sole superpower
Why would the United States run the risk of siding with anti-Semitic, neo-Nazis in Ukraine?
One of the keys may be found by looking back at Zbigniew Brzezinski’s 1997 book, The Grand Chessboard in which he wrote, “Ukraine, a new and important space on the Eurasian chessboard, is a geopolitical pivot because its very existence as an independent country helps to transform Russia. Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire.”
“However, if Moscow regains control over Ukraine, with its 52 million people and major resources as well as access to the Black Sea, Russia automatically again regains the wherewithal to become a powerful imperial state, spanning Europe and Asia.”
The former national security advisor to Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1981 and top foreign policy advisor to Barack Obama, Brzezinski wrote that US policy should be “unapologetic” in perpetuating “America’s own dominant position for at least a generation and preferably longer still.”
Brzezinski delved into the importance of little known Ukraine by explaining in his 1997 book, “Geopolitical pivots are the states whose importance is derived not from their power and motivation but rather from their sensitive location… which in some cases gives them a special role in either defining access to important areas or in denying resources to a significant player.”
“Ukraine, Azerbaijan, South Korea, Turkey and Iran play the role of critically important geopolitical pivots,” he wrote in The Grand Chessboard, a book viewed by many as a blueprint for US world domination.
Brzezinski wrote that Eurasia is “the chessboard on which the struggle for global primacy continues to be played,” and that “it is imperative that no Eurasian challenger emerges, capable of dominating Eurasia and thus also of challenging America.”
Understanding Brzezinski’s long-term view of Ukraine makes it easier to comprehend why the US has given $5 billion to Ukraine since 1991, and why today it is hyper-concerned about having Ukraine remain in its sphere of influence.
It may also help explain why in the past year the US and many of its media outlets have feverishly demonized Vladimir Putin.
By prominently highlighting the mistreatment of activist group Pussy Riot, incessantly condemning Russia’s regressive position on gay rights, and excessively focusing on substandard accommodations at the Sochi Olympic Games, the Obama administration has cleverly distracted the public from delving into US support of the ultra-nationalist, neo-Nazi factions of the Ukrainian opposition, and has made it palatable for Americans to accept the US narrative on Ukraine.
More http://networkedblogs.com/USR1O
clothcapclothcap on March 18th, 2014 01:32 am (UTC)
Re: The Eurasian Chessboard: Brzezinski Mapped Out “The Battle for Ukraine” in 1997
Then there is the gold desperate desperado NWO zionist banksters wanted to get their hands on so that they could show Germany more than fresh air in the Fed vaults. It has probably been melted into bars already, the luciferians give not a jot about history.
And the mineral wealth.
And the IMF debt slavery plan.
clothcapclothcap on March 18th, 2014 01:36 am (UTC)
[Maintaining maximum mendacity] McCain:
'Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country'
Sen. John McCain returned from a trip to Ukraine on Sunday, calling for "a fundamental re-assessment" of the United States' relationship with Russian Vladimir Putin.
“No more reset buttons," McCain told Candy Crowley on CNN's "State of the Union." “No more reset buttons, no more ‘Tell Vladimir I’ll be more flexible.’ Treat him for what he is. That does not mean re-ignition of the Cold War. But it does mean treating him in the way that we understand an individual who believes in restoring the old Russian empire.”
McCain, who has been critical of the Obama administration's response to the crisis in Crimea, said the White House should target Russia's oil exports.
"Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country,” McCain said. “It’s kleptocracy, it’s corruption. It’s a nation that’s really only dependent upon oil and gas for their economy. And so economic sanctions are important. Get some military assistance to Ukrainians, at least so they can defend themselves. Resume the missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic. Look at Moldova and Georgia, both of whom are occupied by Russian troops as we speak, a path toward membership in NATO.”
Full BS http://news.yahoo.com/mccain-ukraine-crimea-160807712.html
clothcapclothcap on March 18th, 2014 02:48 am (UTC)
Zeroing in on Ukraine
Tyler Durden Zerohedge

Crimea Will Formally Apply To Join Russia Tomorrow After 95.5% Support Referendum; US, UK, EU Reject Results

Obama Issues Executive Order Freezing Assets Of Seven Putin Aides
As was largely expected, the first retaliation by Obama has arrived, courtesy of a just issued Executive Order by the president, in which he has blocked and frozen "all property and interests in property that are in the United States, that hereafter come within the United States, or that are or hereafter come within the possession or control of any United States person" (i.e. assets) of not only the pre-coup Ukraine president Yanukovich and the Crimean leader Aksyonov, including all Russians that operate in the Russian arms industry, but most notably seven Putin aides. Not Putin himself of course - that would be too "escalatory"...

Europe/Russian Stocks Surge Most In 6 Weeks On US/EU Sanctions

Russia Hints It May Force Ukraine Into Default, "May Ask Ukraine For Its $20 Billion Share For Ex-Soviet Debt"
Rook to G7, check.
Pidgeon playing checkers response time.

European Union Joins Obama, Sanctions 21 Russian, Crimean Officials
Just a few short hours after Obama issued an executive order declaring sanctions against a select group of Russians and Ukrainians, here comes the EU, whose unelected leaders have just slammed not only those Crimeans and pro-Russian Ukrainians who dared to organize and execute the Crimean referendum vote in which the population overwhelmingly voted to support becoming part of Russia, but in keeping with the US, also launched a salvo making it quite clear that neither Russian politicians nor various Russian military commanders are welcome to park their assets, or buy houses in the EU as of this moment. Needless to say, one person, Germany's chancellor Angela Merkel, is already dreading what the Russian response to this latest escalation will be, and grudgingly stated that "RUSSIA FORCED EU'S HAND WITH CRIMEA BALLOT." Perhaps, and perhaps Russia will be "forced" to if not freeze German gas exports as a result of this diplomatic move, then just happen to pull an Amazon Prime, and hike prices by a few dozen percent. We will find out shortly.

Putin Responds To US, European Sanctions: Signs Order Recognizing Crimea As Sovereign State
So much for de-escalating:
Surely to precede Putin's own executive order recognizing Crimea as the latest member of the Russian Federation. And as for those "crippling" sanctions, via the FT, here is the locals reall think and why the Russian stock market is soaring as we reported earlier.
clothcapclothcap on March 18th, 2014 04:02 am (UTC)
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back — Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Craig Roberts
Washington’s plan to seize Ukraine and to evict Russia from its Black Sea naval base has come amiss. But as Lenin said, “two steps forward, one step back.”
Do you remember all the tough talk coming from John Kerry, the White House Fool, Hilary Clinton, and the lickspittle Merkel about the harsh sanctions that would “badly damage” the Russian economy unless Russia prevented the referendum vote in Crimea? Well, it was all bullshit, more hot air from the White House sock puppet and the lickspittle German chancellor who is a disgrace to the German nation. As the Russians kept telling John Kerry, sanctions on Russia would destroy Europe and do little damage to Russia.
I wish the Russians had kept this to themselves. I was looking forward to the Washington morons destroying NATO by closing down the European economy.
Of course, after pretending that they were macho tough guys, something that Washington’s presstitute media could hype as sanctions had to be imposed, so Washington came up with sanctions, not on Russia, but on eleven individuals: the deposed Ukrainian president, an advisor to the deposed president, 2 Crimean officials, and 7 Russians.
The choice of the officials is an utter mystery. The seven Russians are a Putin aid, a Putin adviser, four members of the Russian parliament (Duma) and a deputy prime minister. What any of these people had to do with the referendum in Crimea, no one knows.
More http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/03/17/two-steps-forward-one-step-back-paul-craig-roberts/
clothcapclothcap on March 18th, 2014 04:16 am (UTC)
Who shut the West's eyes on Ukraine’s far right?
When CNN’ Christiane Amanpour was countering the arguments of the veteran expert on Russia and the Soviet Union, Stephen Cohen, she used the classical arguments of all appeasers and Holocaust deniers. Judge for yourself. Here is when Stephen Cohen had to say: "There’s a small but resolute right-wing nationalist movement in Ukraine."
Its quasi fascist, and its dictating terms to this parliament in Kiev – which is not legitimate in law, international or constitutional." Having heard this, Christiane Amanpour retorted by saying that one should not call ALL Ukrainians neo-Nazis or fascists. In this way she echoed many similar claims from the West’s political leaders: from Barak Obama to the EU’s chief diplomat Catherine Ashton who allowed herself to be photographed with some of the most racist leaders of Ukraine’s ultra right.
So, are they all fascists? Indeed, they are not. Even in Adolph Hitler’s Germany between 1933 and 1945 people with Nazi views might not even make up a majority. The Nazis never won absolute majority at the relatively fair elections held in Germany in 1920s and the beginning of the 30s. But certainly it does not take off the responsibility from the German people for what happened to their own country and other countries of Europe in that period.
Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_03_11/Seeds-of-impunity-who-shut-the-west-s-eyes-on-Ukraine-s-far-right-2751/
clothcapclothcap on March 18th, 2014 04:19 am (UTC)
Cynthia Mar 16, 2014 commenting at MoA
Strangely enough, in ITALY there is a poll as important as in Crimea; however, mass media has decided or been instructed to totally ignore it.
Four million Venetians will go to the polls and vote on whether Veneto, one of Italy’s three wealthiest regions, should secede from Italy and become an “independent and sovereign federal republic.”
They also vote on leaving the EU with their new republic, leaving NATO, leaving the EURO.
This must scare the EU leaders so much that they decided not to have it covered in the news, to not cause ideas in other regions as well.
So far only very little coverage in the media:
clothcapclothcap on March 18th, 2014 01:50 pm (UTC)
US seek to hide deadly drone attacks in Yemen, civilians killed by mistake
The almost weekly US anti -terror attacks in Yemen and Pakistan rarely make American newspapers' headlines. But when there are claims that innocent civilians have died in a drone strike mistake it creates news around the world. In one of those deadly drone attacks in Yemen on a convoy of 11 trucks carrying 60 men to a wedding, between 12 and 17 people were killed in four vehicles and many others wounded turning the wedding procession into a slaughter.

Russia has been suspended from G8 - France’s FM Fabius
Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has said the Group of Eight suspended Russia’s participation in their meetings. However, President Putin is still invited to visit France on June 6.
The other seven members of the group had already suspended preparations for a G-8 summit that Russia is scheduled to host in June in Sochi over the situation in Crimea.
Laurent Fabius went further today, telling Europe-1 radio that “concerning the G-8 ... we decided to suspend Russia’s participation, and it is envisaged that all the other countries, the seven leading countries, will unite without Russia”
Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_03_18/Russia-has-been-suspended-from-G8-France-s-FM-Fabious-3886/

US, NATO not canceling July military drills in Ukraine despite tension inside nation
The US Army in partner with NATO are not canceling a July military drill in Ukraine despite the present tension inside the nation. Planning for Rapid Trident 2014, a huge USAREUR managed multinational exercise, is still going to take place, according to a US Air Force spokesman.
clothcapclothcap on March 18th, 2014 01:53 pm (UTC)
Ukraine: Wet Noodle Sanctions And Pressure For Constitutional Reform
As documented yesterday the "leaked" Russian non-paper which demanded constitutional reform in the Ukraine and more autonomy for its regions was at least partially accepted by Secretary of State Kerry:
"In a phone call with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, their second since unsuccessful face-to-face talks on Friday in London, Kerry urged Russia "to support efforts by Ukrainians across the spectrum to address power sharing and decentralization through a constitutional reform process that is broadly inclusive and protects the rights of minorities," the State Department said."
That Kerry "urged Russia" is just a silly diversion. The idea of such changes in the Ukrainian constitution clearly came from the Russian side and were already part of the February 21 agreement which the U.S. supported coup government broke.
Full http://www.moonofalabama.org/2014/03/ukraine-wet-noodle-sanctions-and-pressure-for-constitutional-reform.html
Some comments
Uh whats going on now?
Russia recognice Crimea as a "independent statehood"?
So its not going to Russia?
Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 17, 2014 2:54:39 PM | 28

The Russians know this, and while they do the diplomatic tango with the west, they know it's all for image, and that the only way to stop western aggression is by effectively countering their moves on the ground. This is what they are doing in the Ukraine.
Posted by: scalawag | Mar 17, 2014 2:49:00 PM | 27

Yes. I guess Russia applies Syrian lessions. So in Ukraine, there were civil self defense groups immediately.
Putin recognizes Crimea as independent state formally avoiding the accusation of annexation. South Eastern Ukraine now can do the same.
Western Ukraine, the Kiew government now can decide if they wish to fight. Down that road is World War III.
Posted by: somebody | Mar 17, 2014 3:06:06 PM | 30
What I've got from MoA comments and posts is that Crimea needs Ukraine. East and south will do nicely. Federalisation will allow the states to continue supplying Crimea independent of a federal gov't without the need for annexation. I suspect Putin will annexe Crimea as it is essential wrt a presence in the Black Sea and the zionist imperialism has shown its vulnerability. It would also allow Russia to continue to be Eurasian with a say in European affairs down the road. However there are advantages to annexing east and south. It would leave the EU and US with an unpredictable little Korea type country. Putin is keeping the options open, probably dependent on what kind of gov't gets installed when the junta is obliged to hold elections.
clothcapclothcap on March 18th, 2014 02:54 pm (UTC)
Sanctions on Russia oil to ratchet up oil prices: Iran Oil Minister
Iran’s Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh has warned of sharp oil price hikes if the United States imposes sanctions on the Russian oil sector in reaction to Crimea’s secession from Ukraine.
“If the Russia events become serious, oil prices will pick up sharply,” Zanganeh said on Tuesday.
US President Barack Obama has warned of harsh sanctions against Russia if Moscow continues to undermine Ukraine’s independence.
On Monday, Obama froze the assets of top Russian officials in the US, adding, “If Russia continues to interfere in Ukraine, we stand ready to impose further sanctions.”
Zanganeh said it is unlikely that the US will be able to impose sanctions on Russian oil.
“It is impossible for such a thing to happen because the market could not sustain the exclusion of Russian oil,” he said.
Full http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/03/18/355181/russia-sanctions-to-bump-up-oil-prices/
Good for the black death dealers

Ukraine gearing up for war over Crimea
The Ukrainian government has adopted an emergency military buildup and called up reservists as part of preparations for a war, one day after Crimea voted to secede from Ukraine and join Russia.
Ukraine’s parliament agreed to earmark USD 600 million from the country’s budget for the purchase of weapons, reparation of military hardware and improvement of training over the coming three months.
Good for the weapons of death dealers
Banksters already took their first bite with the gold. The second will come with the IMF loans
clothcapclothcap on March 18th, 2014 02:57 pm (UTC)
Ukraine - events moving quickly
The Next One: Moldova's Transnistria Region Said To Seek Russian Accession
Many had feared (or expected), fallout from Crimea's referendum and subsequent accession to Russia may embolden ethnic minorities in many bordering nations to seek self-determination. It appears that is taking place in Moldova where Vedomosti reports that Mikhail Burla, head of the Transnistria region's legislature, has asked Russia's Duma for draft laws on accession to Russia to be altered to allow the region to join. The timing of this move is surreal as headlines appeared this morning that Europe is looking to speed up its "association" with Moldova. In a 2006 referendum, over 97% of Transnistrians voted to join Russia...
Fleeing the zionist axis of evil

Putin Formally Annexes Crimea, City Of Sevastopol To Russian Federation
And there it is:
And futures, stocks, and risk in general is soaring, sending the Kremlin precisely the message it needs to know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Perhaps if Russia had annexed all of Ukraine, or the Baltics, or maybe even Poland, the S&P would have soared over 2000 already?

Ukraine Hikes Tensions Again, Says Russian Army Concentrated Near East Border For "Quick Invasion"
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/18/2014 - 09:08
On the heels of reports that:
The Eastern Ukraine Kharkiv region's governor Baluta warns:
And all of this after Putin confirmed that West's sanctions are "irresponsible and aggressive and we will respond properly."

"Putin Did The Right Thing" Says Marc Faber, But Fears China Implications More
While Marc Faber is adamant that "there’s lots of funny things that are happening in China. And when the whole thing unwinds it will be a disaster," it is his comments with regard Ukraine (and Russia) that are worth paying significant new attention to. As The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report editor notes in this brief Bloomberg TV interview, if you put yourself in Putin's shoes "he did the right thing from his perspective," given Crimea's strategic importance. However, as Faber concludes, "Crimea moving to Russia gives essentially a signal to China that one day they can also move and seize some territory that they perceive belongs to them."
clothcapclothcap on March 19th, 2014 12:31 am (UTC)
Stop Nato Rick Rozoff
Britain Offers Warplanes For NATO Baltic Buildup
BBC News March 17, 2014
Hammond announces UK offer of RAF Typhoons to Nato
The UK is to offer Royal Air Force Typhoon aircraft to Nato “air policing” efforts in the east of Europe following Russian action in Crimea, the defence secretary has announced.
Philip Hammond said the aircraft would be available from late April to bolster the Polish contribution to the routine Nato defensive operations over Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
He was speaking during his department’s question session on 17 March 2014, after Conservative MP Sir Edward Leigh reflected that it was a relief Ukraine had not been made a Nato member “otherwise we might now be involved in a European war”.
Full http://rickrozoff.wordpress.com/2014/03/18/britain-offers-warplanes-for-nato-baltic-buildup/

Moldova: Transdniester, Gagauzia Announce Formal Independence
Rustavi 2 March 18, 2014
Moldova`s two regions claim independence aiming to join Russia
Following the developments in Ukraine`s Crimea, which has claimed independence and now aspires to join Russia, Moldova`s self-proclaimed region of Trandniester has also expressed its intention to join the Russian Federation.
The region has already applied to Russia to accept it in its borders. Trandniester broke away from Moldova in 1990 and its residents voted in favour of joining Russia in a referendum held in 2006.
Another region of Moldova, Gagauzia, has also announced its determination to split from the country. The Gagauzia administration has already announced the formation of its army. Gagauzia is an autonomous region of Moldova, which conducted referendum last February supporting separation from Moldova.
Moldovan government has assessed the referendum as illegal and illegitimate and even adopted a law, which prohibits conduct of such plebiscite on the territory of the country.
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South Ossetia Warns Of “Naked Nazi Dictatorship” In Ukraine
Republic News Agency Republic of South Ossetia
At the session of the political Council of the party «Unity» was condemned the illegal actions of radicals in Ukraine
Today, March 13, in the office of the political party “Unity” was held the enlarged meeting of the political council with the participation of MPs and party activists.
At the meeting was agreed the date of holding the congress, where will be approved the list of candidates to the Parliament of the Republic of South Ossetia.
The primary focus of the discussion was the question on the situation in the Crimea and Ukraine as a whole. The participants unanimously condemned the illegal actions of nationalist extremists in Ukraine and urged to support the party in an effort to prevent the spread of neo-Nazism in the 21st century.
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Another one bites the pavement
“Rigged Markets” and the Crimes of Wall Street: Banker Suicides, The Prequel to Global Financial Collapse
The onset of the great depression of the 1930's brought a spike in banker suicides, Will Rogers noted of the time, “When Wall Street took that tail spin, you had to stand in line to get a window to jump out of, and speculators were selling space for bodies in the East River.
Winston Churchill – the day after Black Friday – observed, “Under my very window a gentleman cast himself down fifteen stories and was dashed to pieces, causing a wild commotion and the arrival of the fire brigade,”
Nearly Eighty-five years later the phenomenon of banker suicides appears to have returned.
The week of January 20th would be the last for Swiss Re AG communications director Tim Dickenson but wouldn’t be the last in a string of deaths and suicides for International bankers.
Just days after Dickenson’s death on January 26, police found former Deutsche Bank executive Bill Broeksmit in his South Kensington London home after he’d hung himself.
The next day on January 27, JP Morgan senior manager Gabriel Magee, jumped 500 feet to his death from JP Morgan’s central London Headquarters he was a 39-year-old
A few days later on January 29, Chief Economist for Seattle based Russel investments, Mike Dueker, was reported missing by friends, he was found later at the base of a 50 foot embankment. Police called it a suicide.
On February 4th, in a bizarre manner of death, the coroner ruled Suicide for Richard Talley, 57 who founded American Title Services in Centennial, Colorado. He had a total of eight wounds to his body and head – the method of death – a Nail Gun.
Last week on, February 17th, Dennis Li Junjie jumped to his death, shortly after lunch, from a the roof of the Asian headquarters for JP Morgan – he was only 33.
In the last eight months there have been at least 12 reported deaths of bankers perishing under questionable circumstances.
High stress banking careers are being blamed for the recent suicides. However, the answer may not be that simple.
Returning to the program, via Skype from his New York office, to give us insight into these deaths is Gerald Celente publisher of the Trends Journal.
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