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Climate Game Changer. Dust to Rust

Humans add ~4ppm CO2 to the atmosphere, annually increasing, and are responsible for the av. 1.9 ppm that remain in the air from the  sum of ~102ppm annual emissions. This has caused the planet to warm and cool at intervals last century with a net warming of around 0.6C. The fantasy has failed to find credible evidence instead relying on models adjusted to show support for the fantasy when they are homogenised. They in fact blitz the temperature line and most of the white space for a large margin either side of it.

Note how the models rapidly diverge to cover every eventuality. In the real world T cooled slightly as a trend from from 2003. CO2 increased steadily. Oops.

That and a whole load of scientists saying, "I believe..." with a lot of lies and propaganda almost totally excluding negativity in a seemingly dogmatic endeavor has caused governments and financiers to see the possibility of separating the public from vast sums. Many have gained and are gaining immense profit from the deception. They may be eco-criminals that are causing great harm to the climate, people, biomass, and business in a frenetic financial feeding frenzy and power grab.

What has been revealed and is available for confirmation is that vast quantities of dust from the Sahara (and probably other parts of Africa) were carried to the stratosphere and deposited on the Bahamas. Presumably the ocean as well. The news was given to me by AGW propagandist National Geographic in the Diving the Labyrinth series. A stalactite was recovered from a deep "blue hole", a cave collapse that produces the familiar circular hole except these are linked to the ocean. The stalactite was bisected and annular rings similar to tree rings were seen. Among the rings were narrow dark bands at intervals that put them at the time of very rapid climate change. They were found to be iron of identical composition as Saharan sand that contains iron. The Bahamas contain many dry holes so verification should be simple.

How can a "bit" of sand cause rapid climate change? The Gulf Stream flows between the islands and Central America. Were the iron rich dust to be deposited in the ocean it would likely have several rapid effects on the current. Decreasing clarity would rapidly decrease penetration of solar radiation, the surface layer rapidly warming shallowly while deeper water was being caused to cool.
A second effect, with the dust having a low mass it would sink slowly so causing prolonged iron enrichment and driving extensive algae bloom, a further depletion of solar radiation.
The third I can think of is initial "dimming" as the dust travelled and fell through the atmosphere followed by increased cloudiness due to the higher evaporation rate of the warmer surface water.
How may the current get stopped? The colder water at a lesser depth causes the warm Gulf Stream to flow more shallowly with a greater breadth. In its weakened state local ocean currents would likely have an influence to slow and vary that interfere with the flow slowing it by friction. The air currents that drive it would certainly be influenced, possibly driving it more slowly and much of it tending to gyre in the Mexican Gulf, possibly the air currents that drive it shifting direction so that its path around Florida is deflected or blocked.
With no or a far weaker Gulf Stream the flow of warm water poleward is decreased, sea ice extends southwards enhancing the increased cloud albedo. Winters quickly extend south, becoming colder and more enduring. Welcome to the start of advancing glaciaciation

The deposition of iron shown in the rings strongly indicates large sandstorms and so drought probably for more than a decade, the thickness of the iron bands should indicate the minimum term. There has been 15 years of drought in E. Africa. There were large sandstorms early in the 19th century.

Dust as a tipping element: The Bodélé Depression, Chad
Dust plays a vital role in climate and biophysical feedbacks in the Earth system. One source of dust, the Bodélé Depression in Chad, is estimated to produce about half the mineral aerosols emitted from the Sahara, which is the world's largest source. By using a variety of new remote sensing data, regional modeling, trajectory models, chemical analyses of dust, and future climate simulations, we investigate the current and past sensitivity of the Bodélé. We show that minor adjustments to small features of the atmospheric circulation, such as the Bodélé Low-Level Jet, could profoundly alter the behavior of this feature. Dust production during the mid-Holocene ceased completely from this key source region. Although subject to a great deal of uncertainty, some simulations of the 21st century indicate the potential for a substantial increase in dust production by the end of the century in comparison with current values.

African Droughts and Dust Transport to the Caribbean: Climate Change Implications
Great quantities of African dust are carried over large areas of the Atlantic and to the Caribbean during much of the year. Measurements made from 1965 to 1998 in Barbados trade winds show large interannual changes that are highly anticorrelated with rainfall in the Soudano-Sahel, a region that has suffered varying degrees of drought since 1970. Regression estimates based on long-term rainfall data suggest that dust concentrations were sharply lower during much of the 20th century before 1970, when rainfall was more normal. Because of the great sensitivity of dust emissions to climate, future changes in climate could result in large changes in emissions from African and other arid regions that, in turn, could lead to impacts on climate over large areas.

Note, I have only a small knowledge of the GS and am still on a steep learning curve. I may change the above as I learn more.

The courageous (mad? :) ) people that risked their lives to get the stalactite sample have my thanks.
The alarmist channel's website for the "Diving the labyrinth" docu is here.

From the "Facts" page:
Stalagmites and stalactites are mineral formations deposited in a cave by surface water.

·    Stalagmites and stalactites’ shape and chemistry capture a biography of the surface environment, including how much it rained, what chemicals were in the rain and soil, and temperature.
·    Stalactites and stalagmites stop growing when a cave floods.
·    A red dust forms a thick layer in the cave wall, indicating that at one time, the island’s surface was covered with red dust.
·    The red dust originated from the Sahara desert, about 6437 kilometres away.
·    Stalagmites sometimes reveal tree like rings, with each strata signifying years of growth.
·    The Bahamas stalagmite grew at a rate of 10 thousandth of a millimetre a year.
·    The Bahamas stalagmite has a bands of iron, possibly from the Sahara, corresponding with several of the Heinrich events
·    Heinrich events are global climate changes.
·    Sahara dust has been correlated with six Heinrich events from the last 80000 years.
*At the very end of the analysis, the geologist informed us the iron bands had been matched to that from the Saharan sand.

My favourite pic here.

What to do? CO2 has been greening the planet, including the Sahara. More CO2 means more biomass. Suppressing the production of what could be a glacial advance deterrent is criminal. The next 100,000 or so years of glaciation is due anytime, maybe the next major dust storm will start it.
Money must be diverted from gang-green to greening the Sahara. Oil spread on sand is not only a dust deterrent but also a moisture detainer and fertiliser. Money needs to be spent now on getting water to the arid regions. Money needs to be spent on greening the desert regions instead of lining the pockets of sharks and con men.

The science is settled however the supposed unimpeachable decide it to be.
Every politician and advisor that has promoted or voted for anything green that has cost the taxpayer needs to be investigated for financial interest. And all of the commissioners, the IPCC, UNEP, the upper hierarchy of the UN, every scientist that has received public finance, all the big banks and on and on. It is going to be an interesting year. China doesn't look to be an favourable refuge, they kill criminals. S. America or a bought ally in S. Africa perhaps?


Lord Oxburgh conducted the CRU whitewash. Chairman of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association and the wind energy company Falck Renewables, said prior to this inquiry, "what we don't want to see is in two years' time the government simply becoming bored with climate change after we've invested a lot of our shareholders' money"

Further, do not be misled just because he appeared on a Greenpeace platform saying "Governments in developed countries need to introduce taxes, regulations or plans such as the European Union carbon trading scheme to increase the cost of emitting CO2. This is the only way that technologies such as bio-fuel, carbon sequestration, the use of hydrogen as a fuel and wave, tidal, wind and solar power would displace the use of oil, coal and gas. None of this is going to happen if the market is left to itself"

Because, more recently, just before being appointed to lead the Inquiry, Lord Oxburgh made his impartiality known in a speech in the House of Lords, as reported in HANSARD

(Thanks Bomber the Cat here)
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